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Part 77 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"OUR WORLD......"
There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I Love You.

"Haww... So gayi...?" she left surprised seeing Ohnu sleeping while wd careful steps Dev walked inside
"Haan... Thak gayi thi toh car mein hi so gayi..." Dev spoke in low voice so that it couldn't disturb Ohnu but it made Shilpa smiled when Dev carefully made Ohnu laye on bed
"Aisa kya kiya in mahotarma ne..." sitting beside Ohnu she asked wd a smile as Dev stood next to her
"Bahoot kheli aaj yeh... I think isse pets bahoot pasand hain...??" sitting in front of her he asked smilingly on which she nodded in Yes wd a smile while removing Ohnu's sandles "Tabhi yeh un birds aur rabbits k saath khel rahi thi park mein..." he chuckled remembering that scene
"Isne zyada tang toh nehi kiya na...?" Shilpa asked wd a smile
"Pagal ho... Iske saath itna maza aaya naa ki tum soch bhi nehi sakti... Bahoot masti karti hai yeh... Par har baat pe isse tum zaroor chaahiye thi..." as Dev said this smilingly she caressed Ohnu's hairs lovingly when Armaan came from balcony after finishing the call
"Oye... Kahan tha tu...??" Armaan's voice made both of them to look at him

"Yeh toh mujhe tujhse puchna chaahiye... Tu kahan tha subhe se??" Dev questioned back in serious tone while standing up which made Armaan to look at Shilpa who hide her giggles
"Actually... Main so raha tha..." as he answered in calm tone Dev shook his head
"Tujhse expect bhi kya kar sakte hain... Acha vo sab chod mujhe tujhse kuch zaroori baat karni hai..." Dev said in meaningful tone which he guessed so he gave a nod in Yes "Acha tu jaldi se ready hokar mujhe neeche mil... Main bhi aata hoon ready hokar..." saying this Dev moved towards the door when
"Acha sunn... Direct peeche milte hain..." Armaan's voice stopped Dev who gave a nod and turned to leave when something clicked inside his brain regarding Armaan's phone but before he could call Armaan's eyes landed on Ohaana who is sleeping now
"Isse... Kya huaa??" getting worried he sat on other side of Ohnu
"Armaan... Kuch nehi huaa... Khelne k baad thak gayi thi isliye so rahi hai..." looking at him she replied in normal voice on which he gave a kiss on Ohnu's forehead
"Toh... Shaadi mein nehi jaaygi yeh... Phir iske saath yahan rahega kaun??" he asked confusedly while caressing Ohnu's hairs softly
"Armaan main hoon na... Aap ready ho jao bas... Varna Rehaan pareshaan hoga..." pulling the blanket on Ohnu she replied normally
"Hmm..." he gave a nod in Yes unnoticing Dev who observed Arsh's normal behaviour
"I think sab thik ho gaya hai dono k bich... Thank god... Kuch toh akal aayi dono ko..." Dev thought wd a smile and then shaking his head left the room where as Arsh were busy wd their daughter
"Armaan... Aap ready kyun nehi ho jaate??" Shilpa scolded while standing up from the bed
"Kitna chik chik karti ho yaar tum... Ho jaaunga..." moving down from bed he said in relaxed tone making her to shook head
"Mujhe nehi pata... Aapko jo karna hai karo... Main jaa rahi hoon ready hone..." saying this she went towards cupboard where he also followed
"Main help karoon..." wd a teasing grin he hugged her from behind who smiled slowly
"Nehi... Pehle aap khudki help karlo... Phir meri karna..." searching her clothes in cupboard she replied wd teasing smile still not pushing him who have hugged her from back

"How about tum meri help kardo... Aur main tumhaari..." nuzzling his face on her neck he mumble huskily on which she smiled shyly while moving her one hand on his hairs to caress it which only left him Want her!!
"Idea bura nehi hai... Par..." facing him she said in teasing tone making him to pull her closer by her waist
"Par...??" he looked at her questioningly on which wdout replying him she moved her hands on his shirt's button which she opened wd teasing smile only to make him grin
"Par yeh... Ki itna time nehi hai humaare paas... Toh aap khud ready ho jaao..." he gaped as she pushed him in her cheerful mood "Aur main jaa rahi hoon Aditi ko uske.. Bangles dene..." saying this wd a giggle she picked a box
"Shilpa... Tumhe toh main..." but before he could catch her she ran out wd a giggle making him to shook his head "Isse huaa kya hai... Subhe se alag hi behave kar rahi hai... Matlab accha hai... Par kal raat aisa huaa kya?? Jisse yeh easily maan gayi..." he mumbled while scratching his head in fact in b/w trying to remember also about last night "Damm...! Kuch yaad bhi nehi aa raha hai" he shook his head while moving towards the bed where on edge his clothes were kept, wdin ten minutes he got ready in his Armani suit only two things are left and that is Blazer & tie, he picked his tie to wear when Shilpa entered inside
"Aree... Waah... Aap toh ready bhi ho gayye..." hearing her teasing voice he looked at her wd fake angry face while putting his tie around his neck
Aine sikh liya ne dil diya choriyan
Ae mann diya ne kamzroiyan... (x2)
"Tumhe isse kya... Tum jaao... Apna kaam karo jaise humesha karti ho..." he taunted in calm tone facing the dressing mirror which made her to hide her smile who shaking her head moved towards Ohaana
"Lo yeh ab tak so rahi hai..." as she said in normal tone he looked back at her then his eyes landed on Ohaana
"Shilpa kahin isse bukhar toh nehi ho gaya..." walking towards her he asked in worried tone making her giggle
"Kya Armaan aap bhi... Bilkul thik hai yeh... Bas khelne ki wajah se so rahi hai... Ruko jagaati hoon..." touching Ohnu's forehead she replied smilingly coz of his extra care
"Are you sure..." he asked for confirmation coz he is still not satisfied
"Of course Armaan... Dekhiye iski body bilkul normal hai... Aap kuch zyada soch rahen hain..." she said normally as he stood beside her "Aap kaho toh jaga doon main..." as she asked for his satisfaction he gave a nod in No after touching Ohnu's forehead
"Isse sone do thodi der aur... Tab tak tum ready ho jaao varna phir tumhe time nehi milega..." he said in calm tone forwarding his tie to her who smiled and took it slowly
"Aur yeh aap khud nehi kar sakte...?" she knowingly asked just to see his reaction
"Kyun... Jab biwi hai toh khud kyun karoon..." saying this he grasped her wrist and took her near the dressing table
"Haan haan... Biwiya toh hoti hi Tie pehnaane k liye... Nai" as she asked in taunting way while putting the tie around his neck who grinned nodding in Yes
"Of course... Aakhir kabhi toh tum meri biwi lago..." putting his hands around her waist he said smilingly making her to shook her head wd a smile when he started blowing air on her face who eyed him not to do this, he was calmly staring her who was busy in making the knot when out of blue something from back flashed inside his brain regarding tie... Yes the same two moments where she pretended she didn't knew how to wear tie just to stay closer to him
Naina nu pata hai, naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir mildi saaza hai...
"Ho gaya... Ab agar aapka ho gaya ho toh..." but before she could order him, he chuckled remembering her both moments while she was only staring him confusedly "Armaan... Aap pagal ho gayye hain kya?" seeing him laughing she asked in disbelief
"Gosh... Shilpa tum..." controlling his laugh he looked at her wd a smile which made her to look at him questioningly when he pulled her closer by her waist smilingly "I love you... More than anything" as he said happily she got confused when he gave a lingering kiss on her cheek who got more confused now
"Armaan... Aap thik toh ho...??" moving back she asked bemusedly on which he gave a nod in Yes moving to kiss her again "Nehi... Mujhe ready hona hai... Aur aapko neeche jaana hai toh... Please dur rahiye" stepping back she warned on which he shook his head
"Acha mera blazer toh do..." ignoring her words he said in calm tone while wearing his wrist watch
"Haan... Yeh main kar sakti hoon..." she said wd a smile and picking his blazer from bed she forwarded to him who instead taking he opened his arms hinting her to make him wear "Aapna... Ohaana se kam nehi ho..." wd a giggle she made him wear that blazer
"Beti hai meri.. Toh kuch toh mere jaisi hogi..." he said in teasing way holding her waist firmly who was putting the scarlet cloth on his blazer's pocket
"Kuch nehi puri..." as she said this he grinned and bend to kiss her on which she slapped his cheek lightly who narrowed his bows "Ho gaya... Ab aap neeche jaao..." saying this wd a smile she stepped back only to pulled back again by him
"Jaaunga... Pehle is thappad ka badla toh le loon..." wd a smirk he caged her who rolled her eyes
"Yeh baat hai..." as she asked teasingly he gave a nod in Yes "Hmmm... Toh phir..." saying this smilingly she tip toed and gave a kiss on his cheek who grinned "Ab jao..." stepping back she said wd a smile on which he gave a nod in Yes while putting his hands inside his pant's pocket
"Par you know... Ab mood nehi kar raha hai" wd a fake thoughtful look he said on which shaking her head she went towards the cupbaord for her clothes
"Hmmm... Toh phir sochiye kya karna hai... Jab Rehaan call karega tab bol dena mood nehi tha.." hearing her taunt a smile escaped from his lips who slowly turned towards the dressing for his hairs where as she was taking out her clothes from cupboard, after gelling up his hairs he sprayed some perfume on himself then looked back at Shilpa who just threw her bangles on the couch which made him smiled seeing her removing her earings Gosh! She is making him crazy for her more he thought staring at her calmly when last night's events flashed inside his brain How he was trying to convince her and How she reacted but the question was still common that What went in last night after he was unconcious?? That today she is behaving normal he thought
"Ek baar aur puchke dekhta hoon..." thinking this he moved to ask again when his cell phone rang flashing Rehaan so shaking his head he recieved the call but before he could say Hello Rehaan started scolding "Haan... Mere bhai main aa raha hoon..." as he said wd a smile hearing Rehaan's scolding voice Shilpa giggled seeing his face who eyed her to be quiet, he was about to go out when he saw Shilpa struggling wd her blouse's back of string
"Tch!!" she muttered annoyingly trying to pull it when she felt his hand on hers which made her heartbeat increased who slowly looked back at him
"Nehi yaar main ready ho gaya hoon... Bas aa raha hoon..." opening her strings he replied in calm tone to Rehaan while Shilpa thought to thank him but before she could say thank you he pecked on her lips who got startled when he mouthed I Love You and left the room still talking on phone leaving her blushed there
"Hmm... Ab zara main ready ho jaaun... Phir uske baad apni iklauti ko jagaaun..." saying this to herself smilingly she looked back at Ohaana who is sleeping soundlessly and locking the door she started getting ready

Night Time
23:56 PM
In Lawn
"Toh... Ab Anita kab wapas aaygi...??" Dev questioned to Armaan who was playing wd his phone
"Next month... Saari proceedings puri karke..." loosening his tie he replied in calm tone while keeping his back against the chair post, they both were sitting in lawn's sitting area after their dinner got over
"Chal accha hai... Yeh matter bhi solve ho gaya..." Dev took a sigh of relief looking at the sky
"Haan... Yaar..." he smiled looking at Dev
"Aur Finally Rehaan-Surbhi ki shaadi bhi ho gayi... Ab kya reh gaya hai..." Dev calculated
"Tu toh aise bol raha hai... Jaise duniya ki saari problems hum dono ko hi solve karna padta tha..." Armaan joked only to get a smack in return on his arm
"Bakwaas band kar... Aur yeh bata teri aur Shilpa ki problem solve huyi ki nehi... Kyunki maine notice kiya sab thik hai tum dono k bich?" he asked doubtfully on which he gave a smile nodding in Yes calmly "Kaise??" he asked curiously
"Tera idea use kiya..." Armaan replied wd ease which made Dev frown
"Konsa waala??" he asked frowningly
"Areee heyyy... Laalaa...laaalaaa... Mere saamne waali khidki mein... Ik chand ka tukda rehta hai... Afsos yeh hai... Ki vo humse... Kuch ukhda ukhda rehta hai..." instead to reply he sang coolly which made Dev laughed
"Sachmein tune yeh try kiya??" he still didn't believed on which Armaan gave a nod in Yes staring him "Armaan sach bol..." he asked in warning tone which made Armaan smiled
"Pata nehi kaise... Par maan gayi... Important toh yehi haina... Toh chod tu vo sab" replying this calmly he kept his phone on table which made Dev to nod in Yes smilingly thinking Thank god everything is okay b/w them... But Armaan's mind was only thinking about last night which was still blank for him, his confusion can only be clear by Shilpa who only knows what happened last night when
"Acha yeh toh bata... Tune Rohit se yeh kyun kaha... Ki tu next month Singapore wapas aa raha hai...??" hearing Dev's question he looked at him after coming out from his thought
"Haan jaa hi toh raha hoon naa..." he replied in calm tone making Dev angry
"Dimaag kharaab hai tera... Abhi just three weeks ago tu aaya hai... Aur ab jaayga... Phirse" Dev looked at him angrily who shook his head wd a smile "Armaan main serious hoon... Ek baar Ohaana aur Shilpa k baare mein toh sochta..." he scolded on which he gave a calm look to him "Sabse badi baat..." but he was immediately stopped by Armaan's next word
"Dev... Main unhe lekar hi jaa raha hoon... As a small vacation..." as he answered in chilled out tone Dev looked at him surprisingly
"Sach mein??" he asked wd a smile on which he gave a nod in Yes calmly
"Haan... Maine to Ohaana ka passport VISA sab ready karwaane ko de diya hai... Jo agle pandra din baad milegi... So next month hum Singapore jaayenge" hearing Armaan's words Dev smiled widely
"Aree waah mere... Hero... Dimaag aa gaya tere andar haan..." Dev teased while giving him side hug
"Aur sunn mere paas ek aur plan hai... Family outing ka" sitting properly Armaan said in excited tone making Dev curious who raised his bows "Its long time... Jab humari family saath hai... Toh maine socha hai ki Rehaan-Surbhi k reception k baad hum... Humaari family ko ek long holiday pe le jaayenge... Aur wahan Dadu-Dadi ka Anniversary celebrate karenge... Jo next week k end mein hai... So... What's say" his face was excited one which made Dev excited too
"Awesome!!" he showed his thumbs up "Par hum unko lekar kahan jaayenge??" he asked wd confusion on which Armaan started thinking
"Hmm... Goa kaisa rehega" Armaan suggested thoughtfully
"Mast... Par humna Kerela bhi chalenge haan" Dev siad jovially making him smile
"Perfect... Aur last mein Mumbai... Phir main Singapore then back in Bhopal..." as he said coolly Dev chuckled
"Ohhh... Ek jagah rukna bhi hai ki... Bas ghoomte hi rehna hai..." Dev mocked on which he chuckled
"See... Bahoot kar liya kaam aur bahoot kama liye paise... Do saal apni family se dur rehne k baad... Ab main unke saath rehna chaahta hoon... Aur yeh time enjoy karna chaahta hoon..." saying this coolly he hugged Dev from side who smiled
"Aree waah... Do saal itna dur rehne k baad huaa realise tujhe... Par bhool gaya tu dus saal se zyada dur raha hai unse..." he teased looking at him who smiled
"Aree uswaqt realise nehi huaa tha ki tum log kitne important ho... Par mere yaadaast aane aur jaane waale scenes ne proove kiya ki tum logo k bina... Armaan Malik kuch nehi hai" wd a satisfying smile he gave a side hug to Dev who smiled when Armaan gave a kiss to his cheek who laughed
"Aur tere bina hum Maliks..." saying this Dev hugged back which made Armaan smiled
"So... Chal... Dad aur Dadu ko plan bataate hain..." standing up Armaan said excitedly while Dev also stood up
"Nehi main kya soch raha hoon... Kyun na hum unko direct surprise dyen..." as Dev suggested Armaan smiled
"Done..." saying this Armaan picked his phone from the table and they both started walking towards Palace
"Flights book karten hain phir" Dev looked at him who gave a nod in Yes while forwarding his fisted hand towards Dev who cheered wd his fisted hand... They both walked towards their respective rooms noticing the silence in palace coz everyone is sleeping now after all they danced and enjoyed the function wd happiness which made them tired,
Yes the wedding was over now declaring Rehaan-Surbhi as husband wife Officially, Well it was not easy to reached at this level but they managed after all they both balanced their relationship from past sixteen years... And about Arsh they both were at peace since they patch up in fact things got more normal than before, after Armaan's exit from room she changed herself in Aqua blue & Yellow mix pink lehengalooking beautiful even wdout any make up & jwellery, she was about to do her make up & wear her jwelleries when her little devil woke up which became another task for her where as in downstairs the wedding was going wd full swing everyone were busy in the wedding which was going to take place in palace's backside which was fully decorated wd curtains & stars also there where some designs made up like Taj Mahal according to Surbhi's taste infact where they will marry it was a big white dome tent just for Surbhi and this idea was from Armaan who knew about Rehaan-Surbhi's wedding wish, Armaan Dev & other Boys were busy wd the Groom in wedding, all the boys were teasing him except Armaan who was supporting Rehaan they all were talking when a message peeped on Armaan's phone which was from Surbhi showing 'Mr. Khan.. Shilpa ko bhejo main neeche nehi aa paa rahi hoon' as he read this he frowned So excusing himself from everyone he came on side and called Surbhi

"Hello! Mr Khan... Aap Shilpa ko kyun nehi bhej rahe??" as he recieved her call she started her questions "Aapko pata haina... Main uske bina... Neeche nehi aa sakti..." she questioned again
"Easy... Surbhi... Aur tum kya bol rahi thi... Clear karo zara..." standing far away from that loud music he asked confusedly
"Allah miya... What's wrong wd you Mr Khan... Kya clear karoon main...?" getting angry she walked near the dressing table almost ready for her most awaited wedding
"Pagal ho tum... Stupid... Clear karo matlab.. Yeh batao huaa kya hai...??" he asked in annoying tone while walking towards the palace
"Mr Khan... Bahoot kuch huaa hai... Main almost ready ho chuki hoon..." she answered wd cute sad face while looking at herself in mirror who is not fully but was ready in her Red & Golden wedding dress
"Toh??" he frowned
"Toh Mr Khan... Aap toh keh rahen hain...??" she made an shocking face
"Stop over reacting Surbhi... Ab batao matter kya hai...??" he asked in tired tone looking at his wrist watch coz just fifteen minutes left for their wedding
"Matter yeh hai Mr Khan ki... Wait kar rahin hoon main Shilpa ka yahan kabse... Aur mere room k bahar sab mera wait kar rahen hain... Par main nehi jaa sakti kyunki... Meri Nath(Nose ring) jo maine galti se Shilpa k hand bag mein daal di thi Lucknow mein shopping karte time vo uske paas hai... Jisse vo laane waali thi... Vo nehi laayi and most important vo khud bhi nehi aayi aur naa uska phone lag raha hai... Yahan maine kisiko bataya nehi varna sab mujhe hi sunaate... Toh bahaana bana diya ki touch up karne k baad main aati hoon... Par" she was saying & saying wdout taking any break & which was beyond Armaan's level of patience so he interrupted
"Toh ab mujhe kya karna hai yeh batao??" he directly came to the point
"Aapko yaah toh Shilpa ko mere paas laana hai yaah phir meri Nath lekar khud aapko mere paas aana hai bas... By the way vo hai kahan... Aur aayi kyun nehi ab tak??" she questioned confusedly
"Main bhi yehi soch raha hoon..." he said confusedly entering inside the Palace which was almost empty coz everyone were busy outside "Jab main nikla tha... Tab toh jaane waali thi ready hone phir abi tak kyun.. Nehi aayi pata nehi...??" he thought wd a frown
"Jo bhi ho Mr Khan kuch kijiye.. Varna main apna most awaited wedding miss kar dungi..." she requested in her cute tone which made him smile
"Nehi aisa kuch nehi hoga... Main dekhta hoon..." saying this smilingly he ascended on stairs
"Haan... Dekhta nehi... Karunga boliye..." she almost ordered him who smiled
"Haan meri maa... Acha jab tak tum andar ho baaki sabko bahar kyun nehi bhej deti kuch bahaana banaake... So that Shilpa ko easy pade aane mein" he suggested in normal tone
"Good idea... Mr Khan... Varna bahoot sawaal karenge yeh log humse" she said smilingly
"Toh aisa kaam karte hi kyun ho dono... Stupids... Kya zaroorat thi uske bag mein rakhne ki aur jab rakh hi diya tha toh yaad se le leti... Aur usko bhi dimaag nehi hai... Jo khud yaad karke dede" he scolded while reaching near his room
"Mr Khan hum dono hi bahoot hi busy the toh time nehi mila..." she took their side which made him to roll his eyes
Neend udd jaave
Chain chad jaave
Ishq di fakeri
Jad lag jaave...
"Whatever... Main Shilpa ko bhejta hoon" saying this he hung up the call as opened his room's door only to left awestruck finding this sight where Shilpa was almost pleading to Ohaana to get ready but her reluctant daughter was not in a mood, Shilpa was kneeling on floor while wd crossed arms Ohnu was sitting on bed
"Ohnu kyun nehi sunn rahi tum meri...??" a tired Shilpa asked wd pleading look which made Armaan to hide his smile understanding Why she didn't went to Surbhi's room!
"Nai... Oohnu... Ko... Nai jaana..." their reluctant daughter refused to go
"Dekho baby... Surbhi aunty k paas mumma ka jaana bahoot zaroori hai... Aur agar Ohnu nehi ready hogi toh mumma kaise jaaygi..." standing up she tried again to convince her who is not at all in mood to move out of the room
"Nai... Ohnu ko yeh... Dless nai... Peenna" she denied wd pout which made Shilpa to held her head making Armaan chuckled who approached towards them grabbing their attention
"Kya ho gaya hai... Koi mujhe batayga??" he asked calmly as he stood beside Shilpa who looked at him wd her cute 'Pareshaan' look
"Armaan dekho na yeh ready nehi ho rahi hai... Kabse mujhe ghuma k rakkha hai... Isnne... Sunti hi nehi hai" she complained which made Armaan to look at Ohaana who now stood on bed nodding her head in No
"Acha hai... Aakhir tumhe bhi toh pata chale... Ki dusro ko ghuma k rakhna kya hota hai... Haina Princess" taunting her coolly he stood in front of Ohnu who smiled seeing her father in front of her while Shilpa's jaw dropped
"Armaan" she hit his arm lightly who smiled and shaking his head concentrated on Ohaana
"Acha Princess... Aap kyun nehi jaana chaahte neeche??" he asked in cute tone while holding her shoulders firmly
"Papa vo..." hearing Papa a smile reached on his lips coz whenever he hears this word from her mouth he feels an unknown pride inside his heart "Neeche... Sab... Shout kar... Te hain... Aur... Aur... Usse Ohnu k... Ears ko pain hota hai... Head bhi pain hota hai..." she replied in her kiddish tone which made Armaan smiled while Shilpa looked at her wd open mouth
"Haww... Mumma ko toh aapne dress... Reason bataaya..." Shilpa asked wd fake anger
"I think tum inti important nehi ho" as he teased got a smack in return on his back from his angry wife
"Haan dless b..." Ohnu complained which made Arsh smiled
"Ohhh toh yeh baat hai..." saying this he sat on bed while making her sat on his lap "Yeh toh big waali problem ho gayi hai... Toh ab kya karen?" he asked in cute thoughtful look
"Pata nai..." she looked at him wd cute face while Shilpa smiled seeing them
"Hmm... Chalo hum dono kuch sochte hain... Tab tak Dear Mumma aap kyun na ready ho jaayen... Kyunki aapko Surbhi Aunty ko unka kuch important dene jaana hai..." looking up at Shilpa he said meaningfully which made her eyes widened
"Aree haan... Aur main toh abhi tak ready bhi nehi huyi..." saying this worriedly she stood in front of the mirror while looking at herself which made Armaan giggle who now noticed her, She is looking so gorgeous wdout any make up or something
"Vaise tumhe ready hone ki zaroorat toh nehi hai... Par dusro k liye ho sakti ho..." hearing his flirting line a smile reached her lips who was wearing her bangles
"I think aapko kissi aur pe dhyaan dena chaahiye" looking back at him she said meaningfully while gesturing him to look at Ohaana who was thinking something wd cute face
"Aree haan... Acha Princess aapko yeh dress kyun nehi pehenni...??" he asked normally staring down at her
"Ku ki... Vo dless... Muje pinch karegi..." she complained pointing on couch where her dress was put, it was a cute sky blue frok wd cute white sandles
"Aapko kaise pata ki vo dress aapko pinch karegi... Aapne toh dress try bhi nehi kiya..." hugging her firmly from behind he asked in cute tone which made Ohnu to look at the dress thoughtfuly
"Par... Vo pinch karegi toh??" she questioned again
"Aree Princess ek baar try toh karo... Nehi pinch karegi..." making her stood on bed he stood on floor "Aur dekhna jab mumma... Ready karegi toh bilkul nehi pinch karegi" he said smilingly while tucking some strand of hairs behind her ear who smiled
"Aur... Noise??" her question made Shilpa giggle while Armaan pressed his lips to think for some better answer
"Hmmm... Uska bhi solution hai Papa k paas... Aap bas ready ho jaao..." he said smartly on which Ohaana thought for sometime then gave a nod in Yes
"Okay..." she smiled which made Armaan to take sigh of relief while Shilpa shook her head smilingly who just wore her bangles
"Okay then... Bracelet tum isse ready kardo..." looking back at Shilpa he said in cool tone while glancing at his wrist watch
"Mumma k... Two two... Names hai...?" Ohaana's question made Armaan to look at her amusingly while Shilpa's hand stopped in middle to pick her earings coz of hearing her question
"Haan aapko nehi pata... Mumma ko sab Bracelet bhi bulaate hain... In fact aap chaho toh aap bhi Bracelet bula sakte ho... Mumma ko accha lagega" he said teasingly only to hear Shilpa's warning tone 'Armaan' which only made him show his devil grin

"To mumma ko... Abse... Bbbrree... Brace... Ate bolun..." her kiddish tone made him chuckled while Shilpa walked towards them
"Haan... Bracelet..." he corrected smilingly pinching her nose lovingly when Shilpa showed her warning glare to him who ignored concentrating on his 'Iklauti Daughter'
"Nehi Babu... Aap Mumma ko Mumma hi kaho... Papa toh bas aise hi bol rahen hain" looking at Ohaana she said in loving tone which made her confuse while he shook his head wd a grin
"Nehi Princess... Aise hi kyun bolunga main... Jaise main aapko Princess bulaata hoon.. Vaise hi mumma ko main Bracelet bulaata hoon... Toh socho kitna maza aayga jab Papa aur Princess milkar Mumma ko... Bracelet bulaayenge..." he said in cutest tone which made Ohaana smiled widely
"Haan..." she gave a nod wd wide smile while Shilpa looked at Armaan angrily
"Then give me a five" saying this he showed his hand to Ohaana who wd a giggle hifive wd him
"Mumma aaj se... Acelet" as she said in her kiddish tone he laughed while Shilpa held her head
"Braaacccleeettt" he emphasised so that she could easily learn
"Braaaccceleeettt... Bracelet" she repeated cutely which made him smile
"Exactly..." he smiled widely which made her giggle while Shilpa fumed
"Kya exactly... Armaan khabardaar agar aapne meri beti ko Bracelet bulaana sikhaaya toh..." making him look at her by his elbow she scolded
"Kyun kya problem hai Bracelet bulaane mein... Kitna sweet name hai... Aur vaise bhi yeh naam toh sab jaante hai... Toh meri beti kyun peeche rahe" crossing his arms he said coolly "Haina Ohnu??" as he asked wd cute face Ohaana nodded in Yes smilingly
"Jee nehi... Aapki wajah se har kisiko pata chala hai... Koi Bracelet Didi bulaata hai toh koi Bracelet aunty" hearing her cute annoyed voice he pressed his lips to control his chuckle
"Toh ab Ohaana... Bracelet Mumma bulaaygi..." he said nonchantly only to get a glare in return
"Nehi bilkul nehi... Ohnu agar aapne mujhe Bracelet mumma bulaaya toh main aap dono se baat nehi karungi..." saying this wd grumpy look she turned to go when he gripped her wrist stopping her who looked back at him
"Toh phir mat karo... Par main toh Bracelet bulaaunga" he said calmly making her to glare him
"Haan toh thik hai... Nehi karungi... Huh!" watching her cute pout he felt to pull her in a rib crashing hug but he stopped himself
"Nehi... Ohnu Mumma bulaaygi..." hearing their daughter's voice Arsh looked at her
"Awww... Mera baccha... Mumma loves you" she hugged her daughter lovingly
"Ohnu loves mumma too" hearing Ohnu's kiddish tone Armaan smiled
"Papa ko koi kyun nehi puch raha hai..." hugging both from behind he said wd cute pout which made Shilpa to look back at him while Ohnu was trying to understand their fight
"Kyunki... Papa deserve nehi karte" Shilpa said in fake anger making him smile
"Aaah.. My heart broke" pretending hurt he said while keeping his both hands on his heart which made Shilpa to hide her smile where as Ohnu was staring them innocently
"Achi baat hai..." saying this in fake anger she corrected Ohaana's hairs while shaking his head Armaan smiled when his cell phone rang where Surbhi was calling which made him to held his head
"Aree... Shilpa suno yaar... Tum isse ready karo... Aur jaldi se Surbhi ki vo jo... Nose ring hai ustak pahucha do... Varna vo mujhe pagal kardegi" he almost requested which made Shilpa to look at him wd a smile coz of his annoying look
"Armaan... Main kaise jaa sakti hoon... Abhi toh mujhe isse ready karna hai phir khud bhi hona hai..." she said normally while walking towards Ohaana's dress
"Aree Surbhi... Wait kar rahi hai yaar" he followed her confusedly
"Hmm... Toh yeh lo... Jaao aap usse dekar aao... Aur main yahan yeh sab sambhalti hoon" taking out a small box from the dressing drawer which she had put to give Surbhi, she said in extra sweet tone
"What?? Main... No ways" he directly refused while standing behind her who looking back at him forwarded the box calmly
"Armaan option nehi hai... Main kaise jaa sakti hoon... Kyunki mujhe ready hona hai aapki iklauti ko ready karna hai... Phir yeh sab thik karke aana hai..." she put her reasons forward making him to think about it "Aur tab tak late ho jaayga... Isse accha aap jao usse dekar aao... Varna shaadi kaisi hogi uski" she suggested calmly keeping the box on his hand who looked at her reluctantly "So..." her sentence left incomplete coz of his voice
"Thik hai... Thik hai... Mai kar dunga... Par tum promise karo ki... Ohnu aur khudko ready karne k baad chup chaap neeche aaogi... Yeh sab thik vik baad mein karna..." he almost ordered pointing at her who shook her head wd a smile
"Okay fine... Ab aap please jaayenge..." saying this in extra sweet tone she showed him the door
"Haan haan jaata hoon..." pretending angry he moved towards the door reluctantly where as wd a smile Shilpa moved towards Ohnu who is sitting on bed cutely
"Ab... Chalo... Aapko ready karten hain..." making her stand on bed's edge she said in excited tone
"Haan..." she smiled when behind from Shilpa Armaan came back
"Aur ek baat..." hearing his sudden voice Shilpa looked back confusedly while Ohnu smiled
"Kya...??" she asked confusedly when he gave a kiss on Ohaana's cheek who giggled
"I love you Princess..." wd a wide smile he said making Shilpa to shook her head smilingly
"Love you... Tooo... Papa..." saying this cutely Ohnu gave a kiss on his cheek who grinned
"Bye... Princess" giving side hug to her he ran out as Shilpa showed him her angry look coz of his late timing and after Armaan's exit from room she made Ohaana ready for the wedding then making her busy wd some story book she too got ready in her Aqua blue & Yellow mix pink lehenga which she corrected on right place, she also did a bun of her hairs and has put long dangling earings, her make up was simple one but if anyone could see they would definately praised her coz she is looking extremely Gorgeous!...
Where as here Armaan reached outside Surbhi's room where no one was there So he texted Surbhi about his appearence and as she read the door opened slowly showing Armaan who left surprised seeing Tanveer Nazma & Humaira here

"Mujhe laga tum akeli ho...??" he asked wd a smile while giving her box to Nazma who giggled
"Aree bhaijaan... Aise kaise inhe akela chod dete... Bhaag jaati toh..." as Nazma joked he laughed loudly while Surbhi's eyes came out hearing this which made Humaira giggled
"I agree wd you... Tamatar... Koi bharosa nehi iska" hifiving wd Nazma he teased Surbhi who making a cute angry face snatched the box from Nazma's hand and started wearing her Nose ring
"Vaise Jammy... Shilpa kahan hai... Jabse gayi hai dikhi nehi??" Tanveer's question made him to look at her
"Haan Mr Khan??" Surbhi too questioned while doing her touch ups
"Aree vo... Ohaana k saath busy hai... Isliye time nehi mila usko... Par ab tum ready hokar neeche aao... Main jaa raha hoon" informing them politely he turned towards the door when
"Aree Mr Khan suniye..." Surbhi's voice made him stopped at the entrance
"Kya huaa...??" he asked calmly turning at her who is now fully ready in her wedding dress looking like a Goddess!
"Thank you..." as she said smilingly he shook his head wd a smile when she walked beside him "Aur kyun naa... Aap mujhe khud neeche tak le chalen..??" she gripped his arm smilingly
"Jii nehi vo mera kaam nehi hai..." removing her hand slowly he replied in calm tone which made Surbhi pout while other three giggled
"Acha yeh toh bata do main kaisi lag rahi hoon??" Surbhi asked excitedly which made him to look at her from head to toe "Mr Khan aap sach mein... Ajeeb hain... Aaj aapko bina mere puche bataana chaahiye... Ki main kaisi lag rahi hoon aur ek aap hain... Jinse puchna padta hai" hearing her taunt he chuckled
"See... Jab koi beautiful lagta hai toh taarif apne aap nikalti hai... Aur jab koi nehi lag raha tab kya bol sakte hain" as he teased her meaningfully Surbhi looked at him in disbelief where other three laughed
"Bhaijaan..." Nazma giggled
"Mr Khan... Aap... Huh!" making an angry face she walked inside
"Thik hai phir... Neeche milte hain... Bye" saying this normally he went out leaving Surbhi shocked
"Wapas aakar... Bhi nehi bola... How rude... I am sure Shilpa ko toh notice bhi nehi kiya hoga..." she was cursing him while putting her duppatta on her head where as they three were giggling coz Armaan just entered again wd slow steps which she didn't noticed "Mujhe aisa lagta hai... Aaahhh" she was blabbering when from behind he shook her abruptly by her shoulders who got scared "Mr Khan??" she looked at him shockingly who chuckled seeing her expressions while other three laughed loudly
"Mrs Rehaan Khan... Apne ab tak ki life mein... Aaj aap sabse zyada khubsoorat lag rahin hai... Aur maine yeh isliye nehi kaha... Kyunki..." he was saying this wd a smile while staring at her on mirror who smiled slowly
"Kyunki??" she asked excitedly staring at him from mirror
"Emm... Kyunki..." he started thinking which made girls giggle when Surbhi asked him again "Aree... Kyunki... Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..." and it made them laugh loudly where as Surbhi made a pouted face which made him chuckled "Okay... Peace... Aree vo isliye... Kyunki kuch cheeze kahi nehi jaati... Aur tum itni beautiful lag rahi hona... Ki main bata nehi sakta... Like i am speechless or something... Aur usse bhi important tum toh jaanti hona... Ki main tumhe zyada notice nehi karta" hearing this she giggled shyly
"I love you... Mr Khan" she said smilingly on which he gave a side hug to her lovingly
"Yaah... Love you too..." parting from hug he said wd a smile "Okay then girls... Jaata hoon.. Varna Rehaan chodega nehi mujhe... So..." looking at them he said in hurried tone while stepping back towards the door where as Surbhi & other three were watching him smilingly "Neeche milte hain... Bye" saying this coolly he ran out from there which made the girls laugh seeing his speed, Armaan reached outside where the wedding had started but as he reached Rehaan started questioning that Why he came late? And where is Shilpa & Ohaana?? But somehow Armaan convinced they will be here wd Surbhi at anytime... The function had started wd few rituals in b/w Aditi came wd her little boy which took everyone's interest who started wishing Dev-Aditi, Armaan was busy wd Rahul-Muskaan when Ohaana came there
"Papa..." hearing her cute voice three of them looked down
"Heyy Princess..." he smiled while picking her up "Aap toh bahoot beautiful lag rahe ho..." he complemented while tucking her hairs on side "Acha ab pinch kar rahi hai yeh dress??" he asked calmly on which she gave a nod in No while encircling her hands around his neck
"Oyee... Kitni pyaari hai yeh" Muskaan said smilingly while koochi kooing her cheek who made a face but showed her cute smile slowly
"Tha...nk you...!" hearing her kiddish tone RM giggled
"Sooo cute... Aajao" Muskaan said smilingly while taking her from Armaan
"Oye... Sambhal k" Rahul warned as she took Ohnu on her hold
"Haan haan thik hai..." she made a face seeing Rahul which made Armaan giggle "Ohaana aaj toh aap bahoot beautiful lag rahe ho... Mujhse bhi zyada... Kisne ready kiya aapko?" she asked cutely which made Ohaana to stare her for seconds
"Mumma ne..." she replied slowly making Muskaan smile
"Vaise Muskaan tu roz bhi achi nehi lagti" Rahul joked while caressing Ohnu's hairs lovingly
"Tu chupkar..." as she glared he chuckled "Acha Ohaana aapki Mumma kaha hai?" she asked in kiddish tone on which Ohaana looked at Armaan who smiled as if asking what happened??
"Mumma... Vo rahi... Surbi... Auntyyy... K paas" after thinking for while she pointed towards the entrance as she saw Surbhi is coming wd other girls, her face was hidden by her long transparent veil
"Vahan thodi mumma hai" Muskaan giggled spoting only the bride & other girls even Armaan also got frowned not finding her
"Yeh ab kahan reh gayi..." he thought wd a frown while staring at the bride when Shilpa came there and gripped Surbhi's hand
"Kahan thi tum...?? Kabse wait kar rahi thi main... Baat nehi karni mujhe tumse..." hearing Surbhi's low scolding voice a smile reached her lips
"Sorryy baba... Vo main Ohaana mein busy thi..." she whispered in low voice wd a smile, while they both were walking slowly slowly
"Ohoo... Busy mumma..." she teased on which Shilpa lightly smacked her arm "Vaise kya baat hai koi aaj gazab dhaa raha hai" hearing this Shilpa eyed her shyly(Surbhi's duppata was a net one from which she can see everyone)
O mast maula mast kalandar
Tu hawa ka ek bawandar...
"Apni baat kar rahi ho..." as Shilpa retorted she blushed where as Armaan was fully mesmerised by Shilpa's beauty, the way she have carry the dress & jewelries was making her more Beautiful her hairs are tied in bun wd few strands of hairs falling, her eyes were shinning wd black khol & mascara he couldn't stop himself to stare her
"Deko... Mumma aa gayi" Ohnu's kiddish tone made RM giggle
"Haan vo toh dekh liya humne" Rahul spoke smilingly while caressing her head lovingly
"Surbhi... Just imagine... Agar abhi isiwaqt Rehaan bhaag jaaye toh??" hearing her teasing voice Surbhi's eyes widened where as Tanveer Nazma & Humaira giggled who were standing behind Surbhi
"Kyaa??" she immediately stopped wd shock look which took everyone's attention
"Aree kya huaa??" Ayaan asked loudly as he saw them stop
"Kuch nehi... Bhaijaan" Nazma replied politely while Shilpa eyed Surbhi to walk
"Tum bhi na Surbhi... Serious ho jaati ho... Main toh bas mazaak kar rahi thi..." Shilpa whispered in low voice on her ear who glared
"Aur tum dusro ki jaan le leti ho... I am sure yeh Mr Khan ki sangat ka asar hai" she whispered back which made her giggle where as Armaan & Rehaan both were thinking what they are talking?? "Acha suno naa... Mujhe dar lag raha hai" she mumble in low voice which made Shilpa frown even Nazma also got confused who was standing at her other side
"Aree don't worryy humaari honewaali... Bhabhijaan... Dar kyun rahi ho... Rehaan bhaijaan ko aapse zyada dar lag raha hoga..." as Nazma whispered Shilpa & Surbhi both giggled
"Jaanti hoon... Par main us dar ki nehi bidaai waali dar ki baat kar rahi thi... Kyunki mujhe pata hai us time mujhe rona nehi aayga... Kyunki main khush hoon... Toh mujhe dar lag raha hai ki aage kya hoga jab main nehi roungi..." hearing this Humaira and other girls laughed while Shilpa giggled following by Nazma and seeing this scene everyone guessed about their happiness

"Kitni khubsoorat lag rahi hai aaj Shilpa" Armaan praised in his heart while staring at his wife who is mumbling something on Surbhi's ear wd a smile
"Surbhi vo main baad mein bataaungi... Ki tab tum kya karna... Abhi sab log dekh rahe hain... So ab chup" Shilpa mummble near her ear who gave a nod in Yes coz they both reached at the ritual place, all the girls stood on Surbhi's side while on groom's side many of them standing including Armaan Ayaan Dev etc. After few minutes the wedding started which ended till hours and in b/w Arsh didn't got time to interact wd each other also in whole time Ohaana was wd her father only, finally the wedding got over and dinner started where the newly wedded couple were having their dinner including all the guest & family members, Armaan was wd Ohaana who only wants to eat wd her parents so he texted her 'Kahan ho yaar?? Ohaana ko humaare saath dinner karna hai... Varna vo toh chu bhi nehi rahi hai khaane ko... Jaldi aao' reading this she excused from Ananya Aditi and other ladies, Armaan was sitting one of a table wd Dev Anant & Ohaana (Actually the dinner hall was made in style of restuarant, like it had many tables wd four chairs in Royal style and Armaan was sitting one of a corner side)
"Aree... Ohaana... Khaalo na.. Dekho Anant bhai ne kaise finish kar diya apna dinner... Tum bhi karlona" Dev said in kiddish tone looking at Ohnu who is sitting beside Armaan while Anant stood as he finished his dinner
"Haan... Ohaana dekho mera ho gaya... Ab main mumma k paas jaa raha hoon..." Anant said cutely
"Nai... Baaiii... Ohnu ko mumma chaahiye" Ohnu denied cutely which made Anant smile
"Koi baat nehi... Tum abhi choti hona... Toh chalega maasi k saath khaaogi... Main toh big boy hoon... Aur tumhe time jaayga big girl banane mein" hearing Anant's words Dev Armaan both chuckled
"Samajh gayye Champion..." Armaan ruffled his hairs who giggled and bidding bye to them Anant ran towards Aditi
"Papa..." feeling a tug on his blazer's end Armaan looked beside where his little girl is sitting "Mumma toh bolti hai... Ki Ohnu... Big girl hai... Phir... Baaiii ne kyun kaha... Ohnu choti hai??" as she asked innocently Dev laughed while Armaan started thinking What to answer her??
"Haan... Papa bataiye" Dev prompted teasingly which only made him to show his glare
"Kyunki.." but before he could answer Dev's cell phone rang flashing Rohit's name
"Armaan... Rohit" Dev looked at him wd serious face
"Soch kya raha hai... Utha naa..." he immediately said on which nodding in Yes Dev picked the call while he was patiently waiting for the news of Anita's case
"Papa bolo..." Ohnu's voice made him looked at her
"Haan... Beta bas do minute..." saying this he looked back at Dev who stood and excusing from here went outside to talk properly, Armaan can see him from the glass wall he was worried about the case coz it's all about Anita & her Baby
"Papa... Bolo main big girl hoon naa..." Ohnu's nudge made him look away from Dev and then it hit his head that his daughter is waiting for her answer
"Haan Princess... Mumma sahi bolti hai ki aap big girl ho... Par Anant bhai se toh chote hona... Isiliye unhone kaha aapko" making her sat on his lap he answered in her same tone which made her convinced
"Toh main... Big girl hoon naa??" she again asked cutely which made him smiled who gave a kiss on her cheek
"Haan.. Princess vo..." but again his sentence left incomplete just coz of Shilpa who came there wd serious look
"Kya huaa isse Armaan...??" Shilpa asked while taking a chair beside them
"Mumma..." Ohnu smiled widely extending her little hand towards her who smiled
"Haan mumma ki jaan... Bolo" pinching her nose lightly she said cutely which made Ohnu giggle while Armaan smiled shaking his head
"Main big girl hoon mumma... Papa ne bola..." she replied in her kiddish tone which made Shilpa smile who observed her untouched food plate
"Haan dikh raha hai kitni badi ho tum... Khud khaana toh nehi kha sakti... Aur har chiz k liye mumma papa chaahiye... Haina" hearing this Ohnu made a pouted face while Armaan shook his head
"Toh kya huaa... Mere liye toh Princess kabhi choti hai... Toh kabhi badi..." hugging her he interrupted in loving tone which made Ohnu smiled
"Par abhi toh choti haina... Jisse apna dinner time pe karna chaahiye" taking her food plate on her lap she said wd a normally "Par tum mujhe yeh batao tumne dinner kyun nehi kiya??" she asked in her fake strict voice looking at her who looked up at Armaan
"Ohnu ko.. Mumma Papa k saath... Kaana hai" Ohnu's innocent reply made Shilpa amused while Armaan kissed on her head lovingly
"Papa ko bhi Ohnu aur Mumma k saath khaana hai..." he too said in same Ohnu's tone which was enough for Shilpa to giggle at both
"Acha agar Mumma mana kar de toh...??" her fake serious question made the duo to think something while she forwarded a morsel spoon ful food towards Ohaana's mouth who looked up at Armaan as if asking what to do??
"Vaise zyada farq toh nehi padega... Par hum dono ka wait... Waste jaayga haina... Princess" his teasing voice made Shilpa smile while Ohaana took that morsel inside her mouth coz she knew she is wd her family
"Haa... Aur...aur... Mam bolti hai... Ki...sabko...apne mumma papa k saath... Dii...diner...karna.. Chaaiyee" hearing her cute answer a smile reached on Arsh's face who looked at each other smilingly
"Exactly... When a family eats together stays together..." giving a small kiss on her head he said smilingly while Ohnu was chewing her food calmly
"Haan aur..." but before Ohnu could complete her sentence Shilpa gave a another morsel
"Acha bahoot boliya... Ab khaane pe dhyaan do dono... Aap bhi..." saying this normally Shilpa looked at her husband who gave a pout kiss lovingly only to get a glare in return when
"Aur mumma papa??" Ohaana questioned innocently staring up at both
"Aree... Princess Papa mumma khaayenge... Par pehle Ohnu finish karegi tabhi... Kyunki uske baad aapko hume story bhi toh sunaana hai..." he diverted her mind smilingly
"Okay... Toh Ohnu... Kilaaygi mumma papa ko..." hearing her innocent words Arsh giggled
"Awww... Mera baby..." Shilpa said in loving tone putting her frok's sleeves up on her little shoulder coz it had fell a little "Acha yeh lo... Khaao..." forwarding a morsel she said smilingly and obeying her mother's words she took that bite inside where as Armaan smiled at his little family's reunion
"Main bhi..." Armaan's little kid voice made her to eye him "Shilpa... Mujhe bhi" he teased knowingly
Bujh ke yoon andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya...?
"Haan... Zaroor mere paas bas yehi kaam haina... Aap dono ko khilaane ka" she said sarcastically which was enough for him to chuckle
"Hum dono tumhaari pehli priority hain... Toh hume toh khilaana hi chaahiye" saying this coolly he winked making her smile shyly "Aur agar tum nehi khilaaogi toh kaun khilaayga??" he asked meaningfully just to see her blush who shook her head smilingly when
"Ohnu kilaaygi..." Ohnu's voice made them look down at her "Ohnu kilaaygi papa ko" her words made Arsh giggle
"See... Tumse zyada meri beti mujhse pyaar karti hai... So ab mujhe tumhaari zaroorat nehi hai" playing wd Ohaana's hairs he said in fake serious tone which made her to gawped at him
"Hmmm... Dekhenge" as she said meaningfully he hide his smile "Pehle toh aap finish karo..." giving another morsel to Ohaana she said calmly
"Mumma... Aaj aap bahoot... Preeety lag rahe ho" Ohaana commented in her kiddish tone which made Armaan to stare Shilpa wd a smile coz actually she is looking Gorgeous!
"Par Ohnu... Mumma se zyada preety lag rahi hai..." Shilpa said smilingly while making her drink water
"Nehi... Actually aaj dono hi preety lag rahe ho..." he said smilingly to both
"Cheesy lines" Shilpa said in uninterested voice which made him to shook his head smilingly when his eyes landed on Dev who was still talking wd Rohit and it made him serious which Shilpa observed "Kya huaa Armaan??" she asked calmly while making Ohnu to take a bite from morsel
"Kuch nehi..." he said in normal tone but soon he realised he can't hide anything now "Actually..." she was concentrating on Ohnu when his voice made her look up at him "Aaj Anita k case ka final hearing tha... So main wait kar raha hoon... Ki kya huaa hoga... Dev Rohit se baat kar raha hai... Isiliye pareshaan hoon thoda sa" he answered calmly which made her serious too


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