Monday, 11 March 2019

Part 78 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I Love You.

"I hope sab thik ho..." she said in understanding voice making him to gave a nod in Yes calmly but from heart he is happy that she easily understood him which wasn't expected from her specially in this matter "Acha ab aap khayenge kuch??" she asked normally on which he was about to reply when his cell phone rang flashing Anita and seeing this he looked at her who was making Ohaana to finish her food
"Shilpa..." hearing his voice she looked up at him "Anita ka call hai..." his slow voice made her smile "Aur Ohaana" he mumble in low voice making her to look down at their daughter
"Aap uthalo... Main isse handle karti hoon..." she said in very cool way which made an urge inside him to pull her in rib crashing hug but right now he only gave a flying kiss to her
"Main aata hoon..." saying this smilingly he made Ohaana sat on chair and he stood up which made Ohnu to look at him questioningly "Actually Princess... Papa ko ek bahoot important kaam hai... Toh papa abhi aayen haan" bending to her level he said smilingly which made Ohnu to gave a nod in Yes innocently

"See... Ohnu big girl hai" Shilpa said in loving tone which made him smile
"Yeh bhi koi bataane waali baat hai..." saying this smilingly he gave a kiss on Ohnu's cheek who smiled widely "Acha Papa abhi aaye... Tab tak aap mumma ko vo Turtle waali story sunaado... Thik hai" he said smilingly which made Ohaana smiled widely
"Konsi story??" Shilpa frowned
"Abhi Princess sunaaygi... Bye" saying this he went from coz of Anita's constant call while Shilpa looked at Ohaana who started her Turtle story which made her mother giggle and they both got busy wd each other, where as Armaan got to know from Anita that she won the case her husband got jail for domestic voilence also she got divorced & her property back and these all made Armaan happy also relieved from Anita's case, after few minutes of talking he hung up the phone when Dev spotted him and they both sat outside in lawn area discussing about the case even they dine there only, Armaan also talked wd Rohit asking about case where as inside everyone retired to their rooms after dinner and here they both also went to their respective rooms after making plans for the vacation, Armaan left surprised as he walked inside the room coz his Wife & Daughter were still awake but what made him smile was Shilpa's cute anger on Ohaana
"Ohaana... Maarungi main... Chalo so jao ab..." Shilpa warned angrily while pointing at her mischivious daughter who was standing on bed
"Nai... Mumma.. Muje neennu nehi aa rahi hai" she refused to sleep while jumping on bed where as removing his shoes he closed the door carefully
"Par Ohnu baby... Raat bahoot ho chuki hai ab aapko sona chaahiye... Aur dekho mumma ko change bhi karna hai" she tried to say sweetly while looking at herself who was still on her wedding clothes where as Ohnu has changed in her green night jump suit
"Toh... Mumma change karlo... Ohnu wait kar...regi" hearing her nonchantic answer Shilpa crossed her arms tiredly where as keeping his blazer on couch he stood behind his wife who didn't noticed him but Ohaana saw him and was about to take his name happily when he gestured her to quiet
Re kabira maan jaa
Re fakira mann jaa
Aaja tujhko pukare
Teri parchaiyan...
"Ohaana... Main last time warn kar rahi hoon..." she pointed her index finger at Ohnu who giggled seeing Armaan "Aap has rahe ho... Kitne badtameez hogaye ho aap... Main... Aaahhh" she was scolding her when Armaan hugged her from behind who got startled "Armaan..." she looked up at him surprisingly who wdout wasting any second gave a kiss on her cheek only to get back a glare in return when he moved to kiss her again
"Papa..." Ohnu's happy voice broke their moment and she pushed him who shaking his head moved towards his daughter
"Yes Papa ki jaan..." saying this lovingly he climbed on bed where she sat smilingly "Bolo kya chal raha hai...??" he asked calmly as she sat on his lap
"Kuch nehi... Bas aapki beti ka pura plan hai raat bhar uski mumma ko jagaane ka..." crossing her arms she replied in taunting way which made him to look at Ohaana
"Ku ki... Ohnu ko neennu nehi aa rahi hai" hearing Ohnu's reply he chuckled and made her sat on another side of him against the bed post
"Aapko pata hai... Papa ko bhi neend nehi aa rahi hai..." as he said coolly a wide smile reached on Ohnu's lips where as Shilpa looked at them tiredly
"Haan kyun aaygi aap dono ko neend... Aakhir dophar mein dono aaraam se soye jo ho... Ek main hi parso se jaag rahi hoon..." hearing her taunt he hide his smile while Ohnu stared her mother cutely "Par jo bhi ho... Ab main jaa rahi hoon change karne... Phir soungi... Chaahe aap dono jaago yaa so jao... I don't care..." saying this normally she turned to change when
"Aree Shilpa... Suno toh..." his voice made her look back at him "Baad mein change karna... Pehle idhar aaona..." he patted on his other side which made her narrowed her bows "Shilpa please..." he requested in cute tone making her smile who wdout saying anything sat on bed beside him while Ohnu was sitting another side of him
"Kya huaa...?" she questioned confusedly on which he didn't answered instead taking her one hand he entwined wd his which made her confused when from other hand he pulled Ohnu closer to him making her puzzled now "Armaan??" she looked at him bemusedly while looking at her he passed a satisfied smile to her then looked down at Ohaana
"Princess aapne mumma ko... Vo turtle waali story sunaayi...?" instead to answer her he asked calmly to Ohaana who looked up at her parents wd a smile where as Shilpa was confused coz of his sudden reaction and he was still holding her hand firmly
"Haan... Sunaayi... Aur...aur... Mumma ko accchi lagi... Haina mumma" replying this innocently she looked at Shilpa who pulling her legs up on bed sat comfortably and gripped Armaan's hand firmly which only made him smile
"Haan... Babu... Mumma ko bahoot acchi lagi..." she replied wd a smile while caressing Ohnu's cheek lovingly
"Wow... Great haan Ohaana... Aap toh bahoot smart ho... Accha ab mujhe yeh batao... Aapne aaj subhe se kya kya kiya... Papa k bina??" he asked in loving tone while playing wd her hairs lovingly
"Vo toh... So...sochna...padega" as she replied innocently Arsh giggled
"Haan... Aap araam se socho... Phir bataana..." he said smilingly looking at her who gave a nod in Yes wd a smile and started thinking where as Shilpa giggled seeing this
"Accha mujhe yeh batao... Us din aapke saare kapde itne gande kyun the??" she asked in her fake serious tone which made Ohnu to look up at Armaan who thought for something
"Konse din...??" he knowingly asked as if really forgot
"Acha... Main parso raat ki baat kar rahi hoon... Jab mujhe Ohaana k saare kapde gande mile the washroom mein..." she referred about that rainy night which made Ohaana to first look up at her father for her support then back at her mother cutely
"Aree vo..." he tried to make any story when she glared and then looked down at Ohaana
"Mumma... Vo.. Mai plan...tts ko rain se... Bacha rahi thi toh...main unhe... Ummmbrellla... De rahi thi" Ohnu replied innocently
"Kyaa??" she got confused hearing this when Armaan chuckled
"Main batata hoon..." looking at her he said wd a smile and in a minute narrated everything
"Haww..." she looked at both amusedly "Mujhe us din jagaaya kyun nehi" she looked at them wd her fake anger
"Aap so rahe the mumma... Toh aapko... Diss...turbbb... Nai kiya" as Ohnu answered innocently a smile broke on her lips
"See... Kitne smart hai hum dono..." caressing Ohnu's head he said smilingly while staring her who smiled
"Haan... Aur buddhu bhi... Kya zaroorat thi baarish mein bheegne ki... Bimaar pad jaate toh dono" hearing her scold they both looked at her
"Sorrryy mumma" she apologised cutely which made Arsh smiled
"Hmmm... It's okay... Ab tum chalo so jaao..." Shilpa said in loving tone when Armaan sneaked his one hand on her waist who got startled "Armaaan..." she mumbled while eyeing him who grinned
"Par Mumma... Muje neend nai... Aaa rahi hai..." Ohnu's voice made them look down at her and before Shilpa could say something Armaan took out his phone
"Princess... Aapne kaha tha naa... Ki aapko Dora movie dekhni hai... Toh yeh lo dekho aapki Dora ko..." opening a cartoon movie for her he said smilingly which made her excited
"Haan... Ismein... Dora ko... Ko jaati hai" she said excitedly making him chuckled who gave a nod in Yes and gave the phone to her who started watching the movie
"Armaan iswaqt isse sona chaahiye... Aur aap isse movie dikhaane ki... Baa" but before she could scold more he pulled her closer by her bare waist who directly landed on his chest "Armaan..." she mumble shockingly also eyed him for Ohaana's presence
"Trust me... Aaj tum bahoot khoobsurat lag rahi ho..." tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear he said wd a smile which made her smile slowly who forgot she was angry and moved her one hand on his face
"Lagta hai... Aaj notice kiya... Mr ne" she said in teasing tone while caressing his cheek who wd closed his eyes and touched his forehead wd hers
"Naahh... Notice toh main humesha karta hoon... In fact main tumhe notice nehi karta tumhe mehsoos karta hoon.." brushing his nose tip wd her cheek he whispered softly
"Cheesy lines..." as she said teasingly he moved back
"Yaar tum hamesha... Mood spoil karti ho mera... Jao mujhe tumse baat nehi karni" he said annoyingly and looked away from her who giggled seeing his face
"Okay... Tab main change karne jaa rahi hoon" saying this coolly she turn to go when he gripped her hand
"Shilpa kya yaar tum hamesha chod k jaati ho mujhe..." he complained like a kid which made her smile
"Armaan chod k kahan... Main toh bas change karne jaa rahi hoon... Kyunki bahoot heavy sa lag raha hai mujhe is dress mein" she said normally while pointing at herself making him to stare her calmly
"Thik hai change kar lena... Par abhi thodi der toh baitho mere paas..." he insisted like Ohaana which she can't refused so shaking her head she sat beside him wd a smile
"Lo yehin hoon main... Ab bolo kya baat hai..." holding his arm firmly she asked coolly while he showed his dimples seeing her close to him
"Zaroori nehi jab koi baat ho tabhi... Mujhe tum chaahiye..." giving a soft kiss on her temple he said in loving tone which made her smile
"Lagta hai... Koi bahoot acche mood mein hai" ruffling his hairs she asked in loving tone making him smile
"Haan... Actually iswaqt tum dono mere saath hona toh... Acha lag raha hai... Like... I am feeling complete" he whispered blissfully while keeping his head on bed post which made her giggle who kept her head on his chest
"Aapko ab aisa lag raha hai..." she whispered smilingly while playing wd his tie who just hummed and put his hand on Ohnu's shoulder who is watching the movie but her eyes were getting heavy coz of sleep "Par aapko pata hai... Mujhe yeh feeling bahoot pehle hi aa gayi thi jab aap... Aur Ohnu mere saath the" looking up at him she said cutely then pinched his nose who looked down at her wd a smile
"Exactly vo hum the... Ab hain..." gripping her hand he said in loving tone which made her to stare him wd a smile "See... I think i expect a kiss??" making a cute face he said smilingly on which she giggled and wdout wasting any second give a tight kiss on his cheek who grinned but the thing which they didn't noticed was Their daughter is sleeping now wd her head on his thigh "I love you..." he said lovingly while nuzzling his face on her cheek who blushed
"Armaaan... Ohaana" pushing him lightly she eyed which made him to look down only to find Ohaana's eyes closed while her head resting on his thigh "Haww yeh toh so gayi..." she said amusedly as she saw their daughter sleeping soundlessly

"Dekha... Cartoon dekhte dekhte so gayi..." he was saying this wd a smile while switching off his phone which he put on nearby table wdout disturbing his Princess "Ab toh thik haina...??" he looked at her calmly who smiled caressing Ohnu's hairs lovingly
"Haan... Ab main jaakar change kar leti hoon..." hearing this Armaan looked at her wd serious look
"Kya problem hai... Thodi der baithi raho na... Mujhe accha lag raha hai tum dono k paas..." as he said this wd serious face a smile reached her lips who plant a small kiss on his chin signaling she is here only
"Idhar hi toh hoon... Par aap mujhe batao yeh suddenly... Kaise aapko mere paas rehna hai...?" her question made him chuckled who put his head against the bed post while encircling his hand around her back
"Aree yeh kaisa sawaal huaa... Bas rehna hai matlab rehna hai..." he replied stubbornly which made her to shook her head "Do saal vaise bhi dur raha hoon... Ab aur nehi... You know aisa koi pal nehi tha jab tum dono mere dimaag mein nehi aate the..." he shared his feelings which made her smile coz last night he took out all his feelings "Har ghadi sirf tum dono k baare mein sochta rehta tha..." he was saying in calm tone while playing wd Ohnu's hairs
"Jaise...??" holding his hand she questioned smilingly when he entwined their hands and looked at her calmly
Re kabira maan jaa
Re fakira mann jaa
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi
Kaisa harjaiyan...
"Jaise... Ki Tum isko sambhaal bhi paati hogi ki nehi... Aur Tumhe mere bina neend bhi aati hogi ki nehi..." hearing this a smile reached her lips who stared his face lovingly "You know... Jab bhi main kisi chote bacche ko dekhta tha... Mujhe meri Beti yaad aati thi... Sochta tha ki pata nehi daudti bhi hogi ki nehi... Usse khaane mein kya pasand hoga... Vo tumhe pareshaan toh nehi karti hogi naa zyaada... Kahin yahan bhaagti hogi yaah soti hogi... Yehi sab cheeze mujhe... Aur connect karti thi tum dono se" he was saying in calm yet soft tone while playing wd their daughter's little fingers where as Shilpa was staring him wd Awe!Embarrassed "Kabhi kabhi mann karta tha bhaag k aa jaaun tum dono k paas... Sab kuch chod ke... Par aisa karta toh problem hojaati naa... Jail waali... So drop kar diya" as he said calmly she smiled and was quiet coz she want to hear more when he look at her "Kya huaa??" he frowned
"Aapko kaam k bich hum yaad aa jaate the??" her innocent question made him chuckled
"Of course... Milti thi Bracelet... But mostly jab free rehta tha tab chaahe koi bhi tension ho tum logo ka sabse uper hota tha... You know... Itni saari tension hoti thi ki main keh nehi sakta tumhe... Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta tha ki kahin tum dono kisi musibat mein toh nehi ho... Aur kabhi kabhi aise sapne aate the ki main bata nehi sakta... Aur" he was saying this emotionally which made her smile who put her hand on his
"Aur...??" keeping her head on his chest she asked softly
"Aur... Ek baar toh itna ajeeb sapna dekha ki main bata nehi sakta... It was" but before he could share more her giggle made him stopped "Kya huaa?? Aise kyun has rahi ho??" he asked confusedly on which putting her palms on her mouth she giggled while moving back "Shilpa...??" he narrowed his bows
"Sorryy... Sorrryyy" she apologised still giggling "Actually vo..." she was about to explain when he got angry
"Rehne do tum... Yahan main apni feelings share kar raha hoon... Aur tumhe hassi aa rahi hai great..." hearing his angry voice she became serious "You know what mujhe tumse baat hi nehi karni" saying this he looked away from her who pressed her lips to control her smile
"Armaan main toh bas... Isliye has rahi thi ki... Humesha apni feelings nehi sharne karne waala mera pati aaj share kar raha hai" she explained smilingly but it only made him more angry
"Iska matlab main tumse kuch nehi share karoon haina... Toh thik hai jaao tumhe jo karna hai karo... Main apni beti k paas hoon..." hearing his grumpy voice her mouth dropped open where as ignoring her he made Ohnu laye properly on bed
"Armaan... Suniye" she tried to grab his attention while holding his arm who completely ignored her and gave a small kiss on Ohaana's head "Thik hai... Nehi baat karni naa... Toh main jaa rahi hoon change karne" saying this in fake anger she moved to stood when he gripped her wrist stopping her who smiled at her win
"Tum jaan bujhkar karti hona yeh sab... So that main akela ho jaaun" he said disappointingly while looking at her who wd a smile sat beside him
"Nehi bilkul nehi... Agar aapko akela chodna hota toh kal hi chali jaati... Aur aap itna gussa kyun ho gayye..." cupping his face she said in loving tone making him to put his hands around her waist
"Sorryy... Tum jaanti hona mera gussa... Kuch bhi bol deta ho... Par tum" but before he could say something she put her palm on his lips
"Masti kar rahi thi main Armaan..." she said wd a smile while putting her hand down "Mujhe acha lag raha tha jab aap bol rahe the... Toh bataaiye naa... Kya sapna dekha tha aapne..." looking at him she asked in loving tone while caressing his face by her hands where as putting his both hands around her waist he pulled her more closer to him almost sticking to her
"Maine dekha... Ki ek room hai jahan tum lock ho... Vahan bahoot saara paani tha jo badhta hi jaa raha tha..." his voice was soft one which was making her felt loved coz of his loving side whose one hand opened her back's one string and his other hand was holding her firmly "Vo paani bahoot badh raha tha... Itna ki tum dub jaati... Par tumne us sapne mein kisi ki help nehi lii... Naa chilla rahi thi na mujhe bula rahi thi... Sirf chup chap khadi ro rahi thi... As if chaahti ho dubna... Aur idhar main paaglo ki tarah tumhe dhundh raha tha" hearing his cute sad voice a smile reached her lips who cupped his face
"Phir aage..." she caressed his cheek lovingly
"Phir pata nehi kaise ek bahoot bada tufaan aaya... Aur tum gayab thi..." he whispered softly while nuzzling his nose tip on her cheek who smiled slowly
"Phir..." she further asked while encircling her hands around his neck
"Phir kya... Jab tum nehi mili toh main bhi nehi mila... Aur saath mein Ohaana ko bhi gayab kar diya maine" hearing his chilled out tone she looked back at him shockingly
"Armaan... Agar main nehi bachi toh aapko kya zaroorat thi aisa kuch karne ki aur specially Ohnu ko lekar" she scolded him while smacking his chest lightly who chuckled pulling her closer
"Tum jaanti ho Shilpa... Tumhaare bina main nehi reh sakta aur agar main nehi reh sakta toh Ohnu humaare bina kaise rahegi so... Jab tum nehi toh hum bhi nehi" he said in soft tone giving a kiss on her cheek who shook her head in disbelief
"How selfish Armaan... At least Ohnu k baare mein toh soch lete..." she said wd her fake grumpy look which made him to hug her completely
"Jab hum hi nehi rahenge... Toh sochega kaun..." he whispered softly still hugging her who smiled responding equally
"Acha agar ho gaya ho toh main change karne jaaun..." giving a kiss on his neck she asked smilingly on which he gave a nod in No "Main toh jaaungi... Chahe kuch bhi karlo..." pushing him lightly she moved down from bed and stood in front of the dresser where he also came silently "Subhe se yeh irritating si dress pehni hai maine... Ab aur bardaast nehi kar sakti" she was saying this while removing her one earing when he stood behind her and held her hand who got confused
"Toh nikaal do kisne roka hai... Vaise bhi tum inke bina bhi hot lagogi..." hearing his shameless comment she smacked his hand wd a blush
"Ho gaya ab main change kar loon??" looking at him from the mirror she asked in fake uninterested voice which made him grin who put his hand on her waist
"Toh main help karta hoon naa..." nuzzling his nose tip on her neck he whispered huskily which made her heartbeat increased but controlling it she faced him
"Kyun mere haath nehi hai...?" crossing her arms she asked wd teasing smile on which he put his both hands around her waist
"Hain par... Vo mere liye hain... Tum bas mujhe batao... Kal raat kya huaa tha... Kyunki mujhe sach mein kuch yaad nehi aa raha hai" he said in calm tone while removing her other earing carefully
"Armaan... Zaroori nehi hai..." she said wd a smile while putting her hands on his shoulder
"Acha... Matlab ek baar phir main suspense mein rahoon... Aur sochun ki kya huaa tha us raat... Jaise pehle sochta tha ki kya huaa tha un cheh mahino aur teen saalo mein..." as he said in annoying tone she looked at his face silently Thinking Yes of course he is talking about those days when he didn't got back his memory fully and was struggling wd it

Re kabira
Re kabira
Re faqeera...
"Armaan... Aap bhi naa... Vo alag baat thi aur yeh alag... Aur yeh sab chod k... Kyun naa aap meri help karne mein dhyaan de" saying this she started opening his tie's knot who smiled at her this side "Dekho naa... Kitna irritating hai yeh sab" she said in irritating tone on which shaking his head he pulled her closer by her waist smilingly
"Mujhe toh nehi lag raha hai..." keeping her earings on table he said in calm tone where as his opened tie was hanging on his neck still
"Haan khud pehenna padta tab naa..." as she said sarcastically he chuckled and moving closer to her he moved his hand to remove her other jwelleries "Acha Armaan... Anita k case kya huaa...??" she asked wd serious look which made him to look at her smilingly
"She won... Aur ab sab kuch thik hai vahan... Next week or month tak vo India mein hogi... Apne baby k saath" he informed calmly while sitting on dressing table after removing her all jwelleries who opened her hairs slowly
"Thank god... Acha jab vo India aaygi... Tab aap mujhe usse milaayenge naa...?" she asked excitedly staring him who thought for sometime
"Nehi... Tum milogi usse toh apne jaisa bana dogi" he joked in calm tone which made her mouth dropped
"Achaa... Toh phir nehi milna mujhe... Aur aapse baat bhi nehi karni" saying this angrily she turned to change which made him to hide his smile
"Par Meri... Wify... Suno toh..." he followed her who wdout saying anything threw her duppatta on his face "Oyyye Hoyyee... Kya karne ka iraada hai..." he asked in teasing tone while following her who shot him an angry look "Aree yaar tum toh serious hogayi... Main toh bas mazaak kar raha tha..." keeping her duppatta on dressing chair he stood closer to her who ignoring him moved towards the cupboard "Shilpa... Sorrryyy... Yaar" he stood behind her while apologising wd serious look when she turned back at him wd crossed hands and angry glare which made him grinned who slowly carefully moved towards her "Par tum khud hi logically socho... Agar tum usse apne jaisa bana dogi toh mujhe usse pyaar nehi ho jaayga... So isiliye tum dono ka naa milna hi sahi hai" hearing this her mouth dropped making him grin "I know tum samajhti ho ki gusse mein tum cute lagti ho... But trust me mujhe tum... Mujhe pyaar karti huye zyada cute lagti ho" caging her b/w him and the cupboard he said wd a smile which made her to raised her bows amusingly "Tum tabhi acchi lagti ho... Jab tum shaanti se mujhe dekhti ho..." moving closer to her he whispered in teasing way on which she put her hands on his chest stopping him who chuckled "Tum mujhe tabbhi acchi lagti ho... Jab tum vo jhoota natak karti ho ki tumhe tie banani nehi aati..." as he whispered softly while brushing their noses her mouth dropped opened
"Armaan..." she looked at him in disbelief where as he smiled seeing her expression "Aisa kuch nehi hai... Aur kab kiya maine aisa kuch??" she asked wd an attitude making him lean more closer to her
"Acha yaad dilaaun...?? Ki khud yaad karogi..." taking his tie from his neck he put around her waist then pulled closer by her waist who looked at him wd a shy smile coz she remembered the times when she used to grab his attention after his accident and when she fell from him "Armaan mujhe tie banaani nehi aati... Bachpan mein kiya tha ab bhool gayi... Aap mujhe sikhaayenge..." hearing his mimicking of her she blushed
"Armaan please..." wd a blush she hide her face on his chest who wd a teasing grin hugged her tightly
"Aur yaad dilaaun...??" he just asked to tease her more who smacked his chest lightly
"Zaroorat nehi hai..." saying this she part from hug and looked at him smilingly
"Par main chaahta hoon tumhe sab yaad dilaaun... Like jab tum vo jhoote bahaane banaati thi mera attention grab karne k liye..." he said calmly which made her embarrased who opened her mouth to explain that when he caged her in his arms after he threw his tie inside the cupboard "Koi faida nehi hai... Coz i already know... Why you did that..." he said in understanding tone tucking her strand of hairs aside which made her smile
"Hmmm... Hogaya... Ab please aap dur hatenge... Mujhe change karna hai..." pushing him lightly she said in extra sweet voice making him annoyed now
"Aree yaar Shilpa... Tumna..." he looked at her wd cute angry face which made her giggle who taking her night clothes gave a kiss on his dimple
"Main aayi... Armaan" saying this smilingly she went in washroom to change where as shaking his head he sat on couch
"Samajh mein nehi aata yeh ladki... Suddenly kaise maan gayi..." he thought confusedly while opening his first two shirt's buttons "Sach mein kuch bada huaa hoga kal raat... Varna aise kaise yeh maan gayi..." he mumble doubtfully coz still on his back of head he was thinking how suddenly she changed her decision "Par Armaan... She trusts you... And most important loves you... Aise kaise sab kharaab hone deti... Haan tedhi hai yeh... Par maan bhi toh jaati hai..." his mind said which made him convinced somewhere but he was trying to remember last night, few minutes passed he was still trying to remember when Shilpa came out from washroom after ready in her night dress pink kurti & dark pink tights while her hairs opened

"Armaan aapne change nehi kiya abhi tak...??" she frowned seeing him still on his old clothes and hearing her voice he looked up at her
"Ek baar phir puchke dekhta hoon..." he thought mentally staring at her who wd a smile sat beside him
"Kyaa huaa...?? Change nehi karna kya??" she questioned again while encircling her hand around his arm
"Vo sab chodo tum... Bataao naa... Kal raat huaa kya tha?? Jisse tum bina manaaye maan gayi...??" hearing his hurried question a smile reached her lips who pretended to think
"Emm... Bas yuhin... Mujhe laga hum bahoot zyaada ladne lage hain... Aur iska asar Ohnu pe hoga" staring up at him she said normally
"Matlab sirf Ohnu k liye maani ho tum...?" his next question made her smile guessing about his insecurity
"Nehi... Humare liye... Vo kya haina bahoot zyada time hogaya tha humaare ladaai ko... So thak gayi thi... Toh socha patch up kar loon" hearing her chilled out voice he chuckled and engulfed her into a rib crashing hug
"Iska matlab tum bhi sochti ho... Humaare liye?" he asked just to tease her who part from hug wd grumpy look
"Yaani aapko mujhpe bharosa nehi hai... Haina??" she looked at him wd angry look which made him smile who put his hand on her shoulder
"Haan... Kaise kar sakta hoon bharosa... Jab tum humesha negative sochne k baad ek din positive sochogi toh kya keh sakta hoon..." hearing this she smacked on his chest lightly who pecked her cheek
"Acha ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai... Toh chalo sote hain..." saying this tiredly she stood to go when he gripped her wrist and pulled her on his lap "Armaan...??" she looked at him surprisingly
"You know jabse is room mein aaya hoon... Tabse keh rahi thi... Ki change karna hai... Change karna hai... Aur ab sona hai..." holding her by her waist he complain which made her giggle who put her hands around his neck
"Haan... Kyunki Mr Husband mujhe neend aa rahi hai... Parso se jaag rahi hoon... Sirf aapki wajah se" pinching his nose lightly she said in loving tone
"Really... Vo kaise... Jahan tak mujhe yaad hai parso... Tak toh tum normal thi infact mere sab kuch bataane k bawajood... Tum chilled out thi... Neende toh meri udi hui thi... Tumhaare sudden quiet reaction se" as he complained cutely staring at her she giggled playing wd his hairs
"Main thodi quiet thi... Main toh normal hi thi... Par... Aapki neende kyun uddi thi??" still playing wd his hairs she asked smilingly on which he nuzzled his face on her neck

Re kabira maan jaa
Re fakira mann jaa
Aaja tujhko pukare
Teri parchaiyan...
"Kyunki tumne humesha ki tarah mujhe ghuma k rakkha tha but ab clear hoon main... Par tum batao tum kyun nehi soyi thi... Maine toh dekha tha tum araam se soyi thi?" he questioned staring up at her while caressing her side of neck who smiled wd closed eyes
"Haan soyi thi... Par dimaag mein sirf yeh chal raha tha... Kyun aapne mujhe Anita k baare mein nehi bataaya..." she replied slowly caressing his face who felt that guilt again
"I am sorry... Vo..." he tried to explain when she put her palm on his lips stopping him who narrowed his bows
"I know already... Har baar explain karne ki zaroorat nehi hai Armaan... Main toh sirf inform kar rahi thi ki usdin... Aapke sab bataane par bhi mujhe neend nehi aa rahi thi kyunki mujhe laga aapko mujhpe bharosa hi nehi hai..." she was saying this softly still her palm was on his lips who tried to clear again but she didn't let him "Par kal subhe jo huaa... Usse laga humaare bich understanding hi nehi hai... Phir ek hi pal mein realise bhi ho gaya ki hai... Understsnding humaare bich" removing her palm she said softly and brushed their noses lovingly
"Vo kaise??" he questioned wd closed eyes still dazed by her open side
"Bas yuhin... Laga ki yeh choti si problem hai jisse thik toh karna hi padega..." she replied wd a smile staring down at him who pulled her face more closer to him by her side of face
"Aur kal raat... Kya huaa tha??" he asked dazedly while caressing her cheeks sensuously who closed her eyes feeling his touches "Bolo na Shilpa..." he mumble huskily while hiding his face on crook of her neck who was caressing his hairs wd closed eyes but soon she opened it quickly coz of getting tired
"Armaan..." she called softly which made him hummed still lost in her fragrance when she part him who looked up at her wd a frown "Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." as she said this smilingly he made a face which was enough for her to giggle "Bahoot thak gayi hoon na..." she said wd cute sad face which made him to shook his head who kissed on her chin
"Fine... But usse pehle... Mujhe ek kiss chaahiye" he demanded wd teasing grin on which wdout saying anything she gave a lingering peck on his lips who moved to take her into a passionating kiss but before he could do that she moved back smilingly knowing very well if they start where it will lead them!
"Ab main sone jaaun.." she looked at him wd cute tired face on which he shook his head wd a smile
"Tumne koi option hi nehi choda hai..." hearing this she giggled and giving a kiss on his cheek stood up where as he laid on couch smilingly
"Chalo... Armaan..." she looked at him confusedly on which ignoring her he kept his hands under his head "Armaan... Aap chal kyun nehi rahen hain??" sitting beside him she nudged confusedly
"Kyunki mujhe yahan sona hai... Haan agar tumhe vahan sona hai toh so jao..." he said in chilled out tone wd closed eyes which made her to stare him quietly
"Acha thik hai... Main jaati hoon..." saying this knowingly she stood to go but somewhere she want that he should stop her? "Aree yeh... Armaan rok kyun nehi rahen hai mujhe?" she thought wd pouted lips still staring at his calm face
"Okay good night" wdout opening his eyes he wished which made her jaw dropped
"Haan... Good night" she wished back in her angry voice which made him to hide his smile and ignoring him she turned to go "Chahe sab kuch yaad aaye naa aaye... Apni yeh Sadu side nehi chodenge..." she cursed him mentally while walking towards the bed "Ab toh yeh bhi nehi keh sakti... Ki... I miss my old Armaan..." she thought closing the lights and pulled the comforter on Ohnu "Khadoos... Armaan" cursing him she laid on bed beside Ohaana but somewhere she was expecting him to come beside her but ten minutes passed still no move from him and getting angry she closed her eyes which took her in a sleep, she was trying to sleep when she felt his hand on her waist who knew it's her Husband's handLOL
"How mean... Main wait kar raha tha ki ab tum aaogi... Par tum jaisi patthar dil ladki ko meri fikar kahan..." hearing his complain from her back a smile broke onto her lips "Chaahe bhale hi main... Intezaar karta rahoon" as he said this she turned her position at him smilingly
"Achaa... Aur kya kya hai??" caressing his cheek she asked wd a smile
"Aur... Tum bahoot mean ho" pulling her closer by her waist he whispered softly which made her giggle
"Aww... I love you..." saying this lovingly she hugged him who wd a smile engulfed her more into him "Aapko nehi lagta aapko mujhe kuch kehna chaahiye..." when she didn't heard his Love you too she herself asked staring up at his face who caressed her hairs lovingly
"Main keh toh deta... But you know naa... Mere kehne ka style kuch alag hai..." he replied meaningfully planting a kiss on her forehead who smiled knowing very well what he is talking about "Par vo main abhi nehi kahunga... Baad mein... Par tum sojao... After all tumhe neend jo aa rahi hai" he knowingly teased her who giggled and closed her eyes where as laying straight he stared the ceiling calmly when she put her head on his chest making him smile
"Armaan... Aapne kaha tha... Ki un do saalo mein aapne mere liye bahoot se Bracelets liye the... Vo kahan hai...?" she asked slowly while playing wd his shirt's buttons who grinned
"Tum pehle yeh batao... Kya sach mein tumhe neend aa rahi hai... Yaah phir mujhse bhaag rahi ho...??" looking down at her he asked wd a grin on which she looked up at him
"Bhaagna hota toh... Aise chipki nehi hoti aapse" as he heard her words broke wd a chuckle when she laid properly facing him
"Haan yeh bhi hai... Par tum so hi nehi rahi ho toh main kya karoon" staring her he said in calm tone
"Mujhe neend aa rahi hai... Par pehle mere sawaal ka jawab do..." she insisted cutely which made him smile who shook his head and laid straight
"Hmmm... Let me think..." wd a smile he started thinking where he kept that box when it clicked inside his brain that it was her who had packed his bag also kept that Bracelet box "Box toh isne hi rakkha tha... Kahin isne dekha toh nehi... Naahh... Yeh kaise ho sakta hai... Varna yeh puchti nehi..." he thought confusedly wdout realising that his wife is sleeping now "Puchke dekhta hoon..." thinking this he turned his position at her "Shilpa usse tumne..." but as he saw her sleeping peacefuly a smile curved onto his lips "And Tinkerbell fell on her Beauty Sleep" he muttered softly while caressing her face and planting a small kiss on her nose tip he also tried to sleep but it was next to impossible so he tried to remember about last night, still thinking about that night he dozed off!

Three Months Later
Back to Bhopal
Arsh's Home Sweet Home
11:15 PM
Chaahaton ka mazaa
Faasalon mein nahin
Aa chupa loon tumhein
Hauslon mein kahin...
"Ohnu... Maarungi main... Chalo so jaao..." an angry Shilpa warned her little Princess who was not willing to sleep
"Nai Mumma... Muje neenu nai aa rahi hai..." she refused while throwing the blanket from her which made Shilpa to held her head who was sitting beside her
"Ohnu... Bahoot badmaash ho chuki ho... Aise koi karta hai Mumma k saath..." as she said in angry tone Ohnu sat up
"Mumma... Bad...maaash... Kya hota hai...??" moving closer to her she asked innocently making Shilpa smiled who pulled her on her lap
"Badmaash... Matlab... Vo bacche jo bad... Hote hain.. Jo apne mumma ko tang karte hai.." she replied in kiddish tone while pinching her nose lovingly
"Par... Ohnu bad girl nai hai... Vo toh mumma ko nai karti... Tttang..." Ohnu's words made her giggle who cuddled her lovingly
"Haan... Tum toh bahoot sharif ho... Apne Papa jaisi..." she said smilingly caressing her hairs who smiled
"Haan... Main Papa jaisi hoon..." Ohnu said happily looking up at her
"Haww... Matlab Ohnu mumma jaisi nehi hai..?" hearing her mother's fake sad tone she shook her head
"Nai... Ohnu mumma jaisi b hai..." and this made Shilpa smiled who hugged her lovingly
"Aww... Mumma ka baccha..." she said in loving tone kissing her cheek who giggled seeing her mother smiling "Acha ab toh mumma ki baat sunlo... Aur so jaao... Ek good girl ki tarah" she said in cute tone which made Ohnu to give a nod in Yes
"Okay Mumma..." saying this she laid back on bed smilingly and seeing this Shilpa smiled who put the blanket on her
"Yeh hui naa... Princess waali baat... Ab chalo so jaao..." caressing her hairs lovingly she said wd a smile
"Stt...orry... Mumma..." Ohnu requested wd cute smile which was enough for her mother to laye down wd a giggle
"Haan... Sunaati hoon... Par aap promise karo aap so jaaoge..." she put her condition
"Okayy..." Ohnu said happily which made her chuckled who laying properly took her in hug
"Hmm toh sunno..." she started smilingly when Out of blue
"Mumma... Papa... Kaha... Hai...??" Ohnu's question interrupted her who looked at the wall clock which was showing 11:15 now "Vo abbi... Apna... Exam.. De rahe hai.. Mumma?" her another question made her to look down at Ohnu who was staring at her innocently
"Haan baby... Jab finish ho jaayga tab aa jaayenge..." caressing her cheek she said lovingly on which a wide smile reached her lips
"Toh mai... Papa k liye jaagu??" her cute excited voice made her chuckled
"Nai... Agar aap jaagoge... Toh subhe school kaise jaaoge... Aur agar school nai jaaoge toh big girl kaise banoge" she manipulated
"Toh main... So jaaun??" she asked innocently making Shilpa giggle
"Haan... Varna Papa kahenge... Ki kyun meri Princess ko jaga rakha hai..." as she said this Ohnu giggled while hugging her mother "Mera Babu... Ab so jao.. Mumma story sunaaygi... Hmmm" caressing her hairs lovingly she said cutely
"Par mumma... Kal toh Ohnu ka... Holiday hai... Toh main... School... Kaise jaaungi?" and this made Shilpa giggle at Ohnu's smartness
"Hmmm... Baat toh sahi hai... Par kal hum... Ghoomne bhi toh jaayenge... Isiliye aapko jaldi sona chaahiye... So that aap kal subhe jaldi utho..." she explained cutely which somewhere convinced her
"Okay... Toh ab story... Sunao... Vo b... ek Princess ki..." she demanded in happy tone making her smile at her innocence
"Thik hai ab apni aankhen band karo..." looking down at her she said smilingly which made Ohnu to close her eyes smilingly "Yeh hui naa baat... Ab so jaao" patting her back lightly she said in loving tone
"Mai so rahi hoon... Ab aap... Stoo...ryy sunaao..." hearing her cute angry voice she giggled
"Haan... Sunaati hoon meri Iklauti... Toh suno... Ek bade se town mein ek Raja aur ek Rani rehte the... Unki ek cute si choti si Princess rehti thi..." she started smilingly
"Meri jaisi thi...?" her question made Shilpa giggled
"Haan... Bilkul aapki jaisi..." pinching her nose tip lovingly she answered "Jo bahoot shararati thi... Aur masti bhi karti thi" and like this she started telling her story which took Ohnu in soundless sleep making Shilpa relieved who putting the blanket above her switched off her room's lights not before checking Shao Pao & Toy who were sleeping on their respective baskets inside Ohnu's room where as Breezer was laying outside Arsh's room "Yeh toh so gayi... Par abhi tak Armaan kyun nehi aaye..." she mumble worriedly after closing the door of Ohnu's room "Barah bajne waale hain yeh abhi tak nehi aaye... Thodi der baad humaari 9th anniversary bhi shuru ho jaaygi..." she thought wd cute sad face staring at the wall clock which striked direct 11:40 (Yes today is their 9th anniversary) "Par Shilpa yeh toh tere liye accha huaa naa... Isse tu Armaan k liye ek accha sa surprise bhi plan kar sakti hai... Aur kal k liye sorry bhi bol sakti hai..." her mind suggested who nodded wd a smile and went inside kitchen where she had already made his favorite food, stirring the food she arranged dinner table in Lawn tent also decorated wd lights & balloons, the tent was looking beautiful the way she decorated was amazing! it looks like a candle light dinner, there were two chairs put beside the table which she has decorated wd roses & candles and around the tent white curtains were moving wd the wind also the yellow lights which she had put everywhere in backyard even on plants, she was so engrossed in her work that she forgot the time 00:34 "Finally ho gaya..." taking a sigh she looked at the decorations happily then at her wrist watch which showed the time and seeing this she got worried "Itna time ho gaya Armaan abhi tak nehi aaye..." switching the lights off she left the backyard and moved inside the hall where she sat on sofa only to wait for him "Kya abhi bhi vo gussa hain... Meri us baat k liye" she thought confusedly "Tune kaam hi aisa kiya hai... Jisse uska gussa jayaz hai... Kya pata isiliye gusse mein ghar nehi aaya ho... Par tu yeh kyun bhool rahi hai jhagde ki shuruaat usne hi ki thi..." her mind taunted her who made a cute sad face remembering last night "Kya Armaan... Isiliye abhi tak nehi aaye??" she asked to herself sadly looking down at the space "Nehi Shilpa yeh tu bhi jaanti hai... Armaan aaj kal apne hospital k kaam mein busy hain.. Isiliye vo tujhe time nehi de paa rahen hain... Aur kya pata kisi kaam mein busy ho... Kal bhi toh kaam k hi chakkar mein vo matter huaa tha" her heart took his side which convinced her "Acha tabhi vo anniversary bhool gaya aur... Pichle ek hafte se isse avoid kar raha hai... Aur jab tune apna stand liya toh tujhe hi sunna diya" her mind argued which made her guilty "Par yeh galat thi... Aur Armaan ne sunaaya hi toh nehi... Infact kuch bola bhi nehi iske bolne k baad" her heart argued which resulted her mind & heart in an argument "Offoo!!" she held her head tiredly and diverted herself on a magazine while waiting for him, reading the magazine when her eyes closed down she didn't realised and after half an hour Armaan returned back tiredly only to find his wife laying on sofa in her night blue kurti and white patiyaala, closing the door of the house he walked towards her

"Yeh yahan... Kyun so rahi hai...??" approaching towards her he mumble wd a frown "I am sure mera wait karte karte soyi hogi..." bending to her level he whispered slowly and seeing her sleeping peacefuly a smile reached his lips who caressed her hairs lovingly "Kyun karti ho mera wait yaar" he thought while staring her face Happy Anniversary... Wify" watching her face calmly he whispered wd a smile coz just few hours ago he saw the date in his phone and instantly he remembered about their anniversary also scolded himself mentally for not remembering it, when out of blue yesterday's incident came back inside his head which made him to pull his hand back "Kya pata aise... Hi so gayi ho... Varna isse thodi farq padta hai... Mere hone se... Regret jo karti hai mujhe" he whispered in hurt angry tone and was about to stand when his finger tucked wd her hairs "Tch!!" he carefully detangle it which disturbed Shilpa's nap who opened her eyes slowly but as he detangled she completely woke up surprisingly
Sab se upar likha
Hai tere naam ko
Khwahishon se jude
Silsilon mein kahin...
"Armaan aap kab aaye...??" she immediately sat up confusedly which made him to stood up following by her
"Jab tum so rahi thi..." he replied in calm tone stepping back a little which she observed
"Oh sorry... Vo main aapka..." but before she could say more he interrupted
"Koi baat nehi..." saying this he turned to go which made her hurt somewhere but loosing not her cool she stopped him
"Armaan khaana lagaaun...??" she asked slowly only to make him stop
"Nai Shilpa... Mujhe bhook nehi hai... Bahoot thak gaya hoon... So ab direct sounga..." he replied in tired tone while rubbing his back of neck which made her heart sank
"Par Armaan maine dinner..." she opened her mouth to inform but stopped herself coz she was about to disclose the surprise
"I know tumne dinner nehi kiya hoga... So tum kar lo main change kar leta hoon..." saying this calmly he went inside their room leaving her hurt there who quietly sat back on sofa
"Armaan aap acche se jaante hai... Ki mai aapke bina nehi khaati phir bhi aisa kiya kyun..??" she mumble hurtfully staring the space "See... Kya kar k gaya vo... Teri mehenat bhi nehi dekhi usne naa tujhe wish kiya... Yehi hota hai Shilpa ek shaadi mein... Shuru shuru sab accha lagta hai phir tufaan hi aate hain... Agar tune meri baat sunn li hoti uswaqt aur chali jaati isko chodke... Toh aaj tujhe yeh face nehi karna padta... Tum dono k rishte mein pyaar kam.. Ladaai zyada hoti hai... Par ab tu kuch nehi kar sakti... Kyunki tu majboor hai" her mind scolded her for this situation "Tujhe teri beti k liye bhi sochna hai... Bahoot hi buri condition mein hai tu iswaqt... Vo waqt gaya jab vo khud manaane aata tha... Yeh toh yeh bhi bhool gaya ki har baar tune is relation ko bachaane ki koshish ki hai... Vo tu thi jo humesha sambhalti hai... Jerk Ladke..." her mind was so angry on him that she blasted on her who laid back on sofa while pulling her knees up, her heart cannot fight back wd mind coz it broke only bcoz of Armaan's ignorance "Main bhi abse koshish nehi karungi... Dekhte hain kaise chalta hai yeh relation humaara..." she thought while laying straight wd moist eyes and turning her position she closed her eyes sadly when the decorations which she have put in backyard clicked inside her brain which made her eyes snapped opened "Oh.. No... Armaan ka gift toh bahar hi rakhha hai..." she immediately sat up worriedly "Agar subhe unhone dekh liya toh...?" she asked to herself confusedly "Toh achi baat hai.. Usse realise toh hona chaahiye ki tune kya plan kiya tha tum dono k liye... Par usko thodi realise hoga... Anniversary toh sirf teri haina... Vo toh accha huaa tune dinner bahar nehi rakkha tha.. Varna waste hota..." her mind mocked at her who stood up immediately "Haan... Par ek baar jaake check toh karle... Ki sab thik hai... Ki nehi" as her mind suggested she immediately ran inside their room only to find it empty, she checked the wardrobe then looked out of the window on backyard where lights were already off by her "I think..." turning back she mumble confusedly when she saw he moved out of the washroom while rubbing his hairs wd towel, she guessed he might took shower coz he have now changed himself on black T & track pant also his hairs were wet
"Tumne khaana kha bhi liya??" seeing her staring him he asked in calm tone while keeping the towel on side where as hearing his question she felt to slap him but controlling it she moved towards her side of bed which made him to raise his bows
"Haan... Ab soungi..." wdout looking at him she replied strictly making him confused by her reaction "Good night" wishing him she laid on bed and pulled the blanket above her also showed her back to him who was a little confused by her behavior
"Abhi tak toh normal thi phir kya huaa isse" he thought laying on his side of bed and then looked at her face calmly who again turned her back at him "Isse kya hua??" he thought seeing her like this "Good night!" he knowingly said in calm tone just to see her reaction who didn't reacted on it in fact completely ignored him, he was waiting for her reaction still staring her back "I think so gayi..." he whispered thoughtfully seeing her quiet so switching the night bulbs off he turned his back at her and tried to sleep where as here she was trying to fought back her tears
"Dekha... Koi farq nehi pada inhen... Naa wish kiya aur na acche se baat ki... Infact yeh kaise soch liya main inke bina khaungi... Baat hi nehi karni mujhe inse" cursing him she closed her eyes remembering the last three months after Rehaan-Surbhi's marriage which went beautifuly perfect!Smile And next day was their Reception which was going to take place on that same palace, after that night Armaan was the first person to woke up in next morning but to his surprise he found Ohnu on couch who was reading her school books and that made him smiled where as seeing him Ohnu got happy so he made her ready then himself also got ready on his jog clothes and he took his daughter wd him for jog wdout disturbing Shilpa who was sleeping soundlessly, after two hours Shilpa woke up tiredly only to find herself alone on bed which made her frown but thinking they might be out she took shower and got ready, reaching out in hall she found all the ladies & guest were enjoying the time even teasing Surbhi who was blushing first time in History So Shilpa also joined them but she was not teasing her instead talking wd Aaysha Shagun n all, In afternoon she stepped inside her room where she found Armaan who was searching something inside their bags & cupboard where as Ohnu was playing wd her grand parents & Yohaan inside their room enjoying the time


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