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Part 79 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Love is like a Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it.."
Teri lagan mein
Sab hai gawaaya
Iss tarah se mujhko
Jeena aaya...

"Armaan aapne yeh kya haal bana k rakkha hai room ka...??" hearing her angry voice he turned back at her slowly
"Actually Shilpa... Main vo Bracelet box dhundh raha hoon... Jo maine tumhe diya tha... Kaha rakkha hai tumne?" he asked confusedly still checking inside her bag who hide her smile and slowly walked towards him
"Konsa box Armaan.. Mujhe toh koi box yaad nehi hai jo aapne mujhe diya ho pack karne k liye" standing beside him she replied in fake innocent tone which made him to look at her wd confusion
"Shilpa sachmein maine tumhe di thi ek box rakhne k liye... Yaad karo... Na thikse..." he tried to make her remember who started pretending to think "Maine kaha tha... Us box ko mere bag mein rakhne k liye..." he said wd serious face

"Mujhe toh kuch yaad nehi Armaan" she pretended innocent which made him annoyed
"Aree aise kaise yaad nehi hai yaar... Maine tumhe hi diya... Tha" he got annoyed now making her smile
"Armaan jhoot mat boliye... Jab aap aisa kuch laaye hi nehi hai... Toh mujhe kyun blame kar rahen hai..." hearing this he got angry now
"Fine nehi laaya main..." getting angry he sat on edge of the bed which made her smile
"Shilpa ab bas... Mazaak zyada ho raha hai.." her mind scolded her who wd a smile started arranging the clothes which he have scattered on bed "Acha yeh sab toh thik kardo..." she requested in cute tone making him look up at her
"Sorry... Par sach mein mai laaya tha..." standing up he apologised which made her giggle "Haan tumhe toh hassi hi aaygi naa..." saying this he too started helping her who didn't said a word until they cleaned the room actually she is enjoying his adorable looks
"Ho gaya..." she smile widely as they finished their work
"Pheww..." he slumped on bed wd closed eyes still trying to remember the Bracelets, he was laying straight wd closed eyes which made her to adore him more now
"Acha subhe subhe aap dono baap beti kahan gayye the...??" she asked normally while opening the dressing drawer
"Jog pe..." he replied still wd closed eyes
"Acha... Aur kya kya kiya dono ne subhe se??" taking out that Bracelet box carefully she asked in calm tone
"Hmm... Hum dono bas ghum rahe the masti kar rahe the... Usse fishes pasand hai toh dekh rahe the... Aur bhi bahoot kuch kiya" he was replying calmly still wd closed eyes where as hiding the box behind her back she approached towards him
"Mujhe kyun nehi liya saath mein" sitting beside his head she asked in cute grumpy tone which made him to opened his eyes wd a chuckle
"Ohnu ne socha ki mumma so rahi hai disturb nehi karte aur maine socha..." staring up at her he replied in calm tone but soon stopped making her frown
"Socha...??" she asked confusedly making him smile who put his head on her lap
"Socha..." he started slowly staring up at her face who gave a nod in Yes "Ki... Tumhe sone dete hai... Kyunki ki tum thaki hui thi... Aur saath mein agar abhi so logi toh raat k liye accha hai mere..." replying this teasingly he winked at the end which made her beetroot red
"Armaan..." she smacked his head lightly still blushing
"Oyyee hoyyee..." saying this lovingly he hide his face on her waist where her saari was disturbing his nose tip to touch her waist
"Vaise Armaan..." caressing his hairs slowly she started in normal tone on which he just hummed wd closed eyes "Aapne sachmein... Vo box mere bag mein rakkha tha...??" she knowingly asked wd a grin while keeping the box beside her from back
"Haan yaar... Rakkha toh tha... Par pata nehi kahan gaya..." he replied confusedly playing wd her fingers
"May be ghar pe hoga..." she pretended innocent while closing his eyes by her other hand
"Hmmm..." he hummed wd closed eyes

"Agar main kahun... Vo mere paas hai toh..." taking out a Bracelet from box she brushed on his face wd a giggle which made his eyes snapped opened
"Shilpa yeh toh...??" sitting up he looked at her shockingly when she showed the box wd a laugh "Matlab tumhe mil gaya tha...??" staring her he asked in shocked voice on which she nodded in Yes still giggling "Tumne... Mujhe..." he almost glared her who laughed putting the box b/w them
"Kya karoon.. Mujhe aapka gussa... Bahoot pasand hai" putting her hands around his neck she said in loving tone making him smile who pulled her closer by her waist
"Acha... Tumhe mera... Gussa pasand hain..." saying this teasingly he tickled on her waist who giggled
"Armaan..." pushing him she glared making him smiled who pulled her on his lap
"Acha mujhe... Yeh batao tumhe yeh mila kaise... Aur kab??" he asked in calm tone while hugging her from back who looked up at him wd a smile
"Hmmm... Yeh mujhe ussi din mil gaya tha... Jis din Surbhi bhaagi thi... Gir gaya tha yeh... Tab mujhe pata chala mera Pati sach bhi bolta hai" pinching his nose tip she replied lovingly which made him chuckled who bit her ear lightly
"Main sach bolta hoon okay..." he defended himself wd cute angry face making her turn at him wd a giggle
"Haan thik hai... Samajh gayi main... Par aap mujhe yeh batao... Aapko itni saari Bracelets lene ki kya jarurat thi??" facing him she questioned wd crossed hands when he caged her in his arms wd a grin
"Tum vo chodo... Yeh batao tumhe kaise lage yeh??" he questioned back nuzzling his face on her neck who giggled
"Thik hi hai... I mean kuch khaas nehi hai..." making fake serious face she answered on which he raised his bows as if asking Yes or No "Haan... I mean mere type ki nehi hai" she said again hiding her smile
"Acha..." Nodding in Yes he pulled her closer by her waist seductively
"Haan.. Aaahhh Armaan" she was answering when he hide his face on her neck and bit her lightly which made her gasp
"Nehi accha laga toh koi baat nehi... Par mujhe accha laga toh le liya... Aur ab tum isse roz pehenogi" facing her he said softly while caressing her cheek who smiled slowly
"Agar nehi pehna toh..." putting her hands around his neck she asked teasingly making him to made a thoughtful look
"Hmm... Toh main zyada kuch nehi karunga bas mera nazuk sa... Dil toot jaayga" hearing his dramatic words she giggled
"Aww... Main aisa nehi hone de sakti..." saying this dramatically she gave a kiss on his cheek lovingly who showed his dimples more
"Hmm... Par mujhe isse bada kuch chaahiye... You know" bending to her rosy lips he whispered in dazed tone making her blush when he moved to take her lips into his lostly, he thought she will move back so he was going slow but to his surprise cupping his face she herself moved ahead to kiss him who was a little shocked but as her lips were moving he concentrated on her so pulling her more closer by her bare waist he kissed her hungrily coz since they started fighting he was dying to have her, she can felt his hurriedness coz he was not willing to let her lips go away from his and if he is living in next seconds took it also their kiss was turning passionate now coz her hands were busy on his head which was arousing him to no ends So his lips automatically started doing magic to her sometimes smooching sucking bitting drinking and licking her mouth, living her lips he started kissing on her neck whose saari's end was fall by him and still kissing her he laid them on bed wd him above, she was moaning by his kisses who have now entwined their hands and was busy on smooching her skin when his phone's rings made Shilpa to opened her eyes where as he was completely lost in her

"Aaa... Armaan... Phone... Armaan" getting back her breaths she called him who ignored while kissing her shoulder also pulling her blouse down from there "Armaan... Koi emergency hui toh..." trying to push him she said in serious voice on which kissing her chin he faced her
"Hone do..." moving to take her lips hungrily he whispered dazedly but before his lips could touch it she put her palm on his lips stopping him who opened his eyes questioningly
"Nehi... Koi important kaam hoga... Chalo uthaao..." she almost ordered him who rolling his eyes sat up receiving the call
"Hello...!" in an uninteresting tone he said while wd a smile she sat up noticing her condition whose saari was almost out from her, her blouse was almost lowered till her shoulders and wd a shying smile she corrected herself "Haan... Ruko main aata hoon... Chal bye" saying this calmly he hung up the phone
"Kiska phone tha Armaan...??" she asked in normal tone looking at him who showed his angry face which made her giggle "Aap bahar jaa rahe ho...?" she knowingly teased which he ignored while moving down from the bed
"Haan jaa raha hoon... Par tum mujhse baat mat karo..." looking back at her he said in strict voice
"Kyun..?? Maine kya kiya??" pulling her knees near her chest she asked innocently which made him to show his glare
"Haan tum toh kuch karti hi nehi..." wearing his shoes he said in sarcastic way which made her giggle who moved down from bed "Acha... Mujhe abhi kuch reception ki... Arrangements dekhne jaana hai... Toh main jaa raha hoon..." taking back his phone from table he informed calmly while nodding in Yes she stepped closer to him
"Okay... Par aap mujhe yeh batao... Aap aise hi jaaoge?" crossing her arms she asked while hiding her smile on which he frowned
"Matlab...?" he exclaimed on which wd a smile she stepped closer to him who raised his bows when she buttoned his third fourth buttons and corrected his hairs which she had messed up
"Ab thik hai..." she smiled rubbing her lipstick mark from his neck who grinned while pulling her closer to him also noticing her swollen lips "Ab jao..." scanning him she said smilingly on which he plant a kiss on her nose tip and before she could react he sucked her swollen lips softly leaving her breathless who stared his face dazedly
"Jaata hoon... Par raat ko tumse aaj ka badla lunga..." saying this he lived her who shook her head wd shy smile
"Tab ka tab dekhenge... Abhi jao..." she said wd an attitude on which he moved closer to her
"You just wait & watch... Bye" giving her challenging look he left the room which made her smile who shaking her head started arranging the Bracelets inside the box and then took out Armaan & Ohaana's clothes for Surbhi-Rehaan's Reception, Evening came where all guests were busy to get dressed for Reception even Surbhi was too while Aditi was handling the new member of Maliks, Anant & Ohaana were enjoying the time wd their grand parents infact in whole day they were chatting & playing wd Billy Dadi & Dadu while Ananya was taking care of Aditi where as Shilpa was wd Surbhi who was sharing her excitement, the time came when everyone started getting ready for the Celebration... Shilpa went to take Ohaana to get ready but she refused to go coz she wanted to stay wd her grand parents who after lots of loving doving her convinced Ohnu to go wd her mother and then she went wd Shilpa to get ready, it was a very hard task for Shilpa to make her little devil ready who was constantly talking & talking about her father & grand parents but some how Shilpa managed to ready her and also she got ready in the theme colour which Surbhi have decided for her Reception, reaching at the venue which was going in palace's big hall she looked at everyone who have wore the same Navy Blue colour dress code then she looked down at her Baby who is looking like an angel in her Dark blue cute frok gown wd her hairs opened only two clips were put on her head she is looking so beautiful right now just like her mother, wearing a golden & dark blue lehenga wd her hairs opened & few ornaments she is looking Gorgeous! Ohnu gripped her finger as they started walking towards Aditi who was busy wd Aaysha Muskaan Nikkita Anjali & Shagun(They were sitting on corner side of a table which was very huge)

"Acha suno... Yahan vahan bhagna mat... Sirf mumma k saath rehna... Thik hai..." Shilpa said normally as they both were walking and hearing this Ohnu looked up at her mother
" Papa k.. Saat... Nai rayegi... Ohnu??" hearing her question she looked down wd a smile
"Kyun nehi rahegi... Zaroor rahegi Ohnu unke saath... Bas vo dikh toh jaayen... Phir chali jaana" she assured smilingly which made Ohnu smile widely
"Toh... Toh..unko.. Ohne karo" as she suggested innocently Shilpa giggled
"Vo phone hota hai Ohnu... Aur unko phone karne ki zaroorat nehi hai... Vo yehin mil jaayenge bas aap chalte raho..." saying this smilingly she took her towards Aditi & other five
"Hey Shilpa..." Aaysha smiled seeing her who took a chair beside Muskaan
"Hi..." she smiled back while making Ohnu sat one of a chair which was beside Aditi and she was about to say something when
"Toh toh... Main unko... Dundu??" still looking up her mother she asked in her kiddish tone which took other woman's attention and before Shilpa could answer her Aditi spoke
"Kisse dhundne ki baat kar rahi hai meri Arshi...?" Aditi asked in loving tone bending to her level who smiled seeing her
"Papa ko... Maassii" Ohnu's cute reply made Aditi to kiss on her cheek lovingly
"Ab kahan kho gaya vo...?" Shagun looked at Shilpa teasingly who was sitting in front of her
"Aree kuch nehi isse Armaan k paas jaana hai... Toh maine kaha yehin kahin honge dhundh lo" hearing Shilpa's normal reply they all giggled
"Vaise Ohaana... Wow!! Kya dikh rahi ho aaj tum..." Nikkita commented smilingly
"Thank you..." Ohnu said wd a smile making them giggle
"Vaise aapki dress toh bahoot preety hai... Kisne diya?" Aaysha asked in kiddish tone making Ohnu to first look down at her dress then up at them
"Papa ne..." she replied cutely while holding her dress
"Hmmm... Matlab Armaan ko finally kuch ladkiyo k shopping ka knowledge huaa" as Shagun joked they all giggled
"Vaise Shilpa tu mujhe ek baat bata??" looking at Shilpa Muskaan asked coolly
"Haan bolona" she gave a sweet smile to her
"Kal yeh tujhe dhundh rahi thi Shaadi mein... Aur aaj Armaan ko... Toh mujhe yeh bata ki kab aisa hoga ki hum tum teeno ko saath mein dekhenge??" hearing her teasing voice Shilpa shook her head where as others smiled
"Vaise dekh toh abhi bhi sakte ho... Konse ankhen band ki hui hai tum logo ne" Shilpa's retort made Aditi laughed while others giggled
"Haan... Par saath mein thodi dikh rahe ho" Anjali joined Muskaan just to tease Shilpa who was not in mood to get teased
"Saath mein toh tum aur Atul bhi nehi dikhte par hona" as she teased Anjali got flushed where as others laughed
"Haayee" Nikita hifived Muskaan happily who hooted in low tone so that it could not disturb anyone
"Mumma... Papa..." Ohnu's tug on her duppata made them look at her
"Haan baby vo yehin hai" tucking her hairs behind her ear she said in loving tone
"Acha ruko abhi bulaate hain tumhaare Papa ko..." Aaysha spoke wd sweet smile
"Par tum unse milkar karogi kya... Isse acha tum humaare saath raho... Hum masti karenge" Shagun tried to manipulate her who gave nod in No
"Nai.. Ohnu ko Papa k paas jaana hai" hearing her cute voice she smiled
"Haan... Dhundenge na unko... Tum bas ruko..." Aditi said smilingly caressing her hairs lovingly who smiled widely
"Vo toh raha Armaan... Usse dhundhne ki kya zaroorat hai" Nikki's point made them to look near stairs where Armaan was talking wd Adi & KV
"Miss Ohaana Armaan Malik... Vo rahe tumhaare Papa" Muskaan said in kiddish tone pointing there which made Ohnu to look back happily
"Mumma... Main.. Papa k paas... Jaa rayi huu..." saying this to Shilpa she jumped on floor from chair making her mother to hold her but she immediately ran from there
"Ohnu... Sambhal k" Shilpa said worriedly as she saw Ohnu running towards Armaan while holding her gown which made the girls to adore her
"Chod vo pahuch jaaygi... Konsa dur hai" Aditi said wd a smile which made Shilpa to gave a nod in Yes but she was watching her until she stood beside Armaan who have wore a royal Kurta and white pant which was making him more handsome Actually Armaan had already got ready before Shilpa & Ohaana
"Tu bakwaas band kar yaar... Kitna paka raha hai... Yeh Dekhna" Aditya almost requested to KV who showed his glares to him while Armaan shook his head
"Paka nehi... Tum dono ko bore hone se bacha raha hoon..." KV defended himself
"Ohh... Accha" Aditya smacked his head on which KV argued and Armaan held his head
"Kya yeh dono bhi... Kabse dimaag kharaab kar rahen hain" he mumble under his breath tiredly when he felt a tug on his pant who looked down only to find his little Princess staring up at him wd a smile
"Papa..." as she said in her kiddish tone a smile reached on his lips

Teri hansi
Meri khushi
Meri khushi tu hi...
"Oh... Meri Princess" saying this smilingly he picked her up who puts her little hands on his shoulder and holding her firmly he moved a little away from boys so that he can give his all time to his One and only daughter "Kya beautiful lag rahi hai meri Princess is Pretty dress mein..." pinching her nose he kissed on her cheek lovingly who giggled
"Papa... B bea...u...tiful lag rahen hain..." as she repeated cutely after giving him a kiss on his dimple he laughed hearing her cute words
"Thank you... Par... Aapko pata hai Beautiful word hum girls ko bolte hain... Boys ko kuch aur kehte hain" he corrected smilingly on which she showed her beautiful smile
"Toh boys ko kya kehte hain??" she asked cutely staring up at him who made a thoughtful look
"Ummm... Unko Shayad... Handsome kehte hain..." he replied doubtfuly which was definitely a fake doubt just to show her who looked at him
"" she tried to pronounce which made him chuckle
"Andsome nehi... Handsome" he corrected wd a smile "Acha aise bolo..." he emphasized the word so that she could repeat
" Ha..ndsome" as she completed he gave a kiss on her cheek lovingly
"Perfect..." he smiled
"Papa... Hum kab... Aao pao... Eezer... Aur Toy... K paas jaayenge?" she asked in her kiddish way which made him smile
"Voo... Kya haina... Hum abhi nehi jaayenge... Pehle Ohnu Papa Mumma aur baaki sab yaani Dadu Daadi bade Daadu badi Dadi Chachu Maasi Anant aur Yohaan... Hum sab ek long holiday pe jaayenge..." playing wd her little fingers he told excitedly which made her smile
"" she asked wd wide smile on which he gave a smiling nod to her
"Haa... Chota sa family vaccation hoga..." he replied smilingly which made her happy "Acha ab mujhe yeh batao... Aap aaye kaise... I mean mumma kahan hain...?" siding her hairs aside lovingly he asked in normal voice
"Mumma... Maassi k saat hai..." she replied cutely which made him to look around for Shilpa "Papa..." seeing him looking for her mother she tapped on his cheek who looked at her "Vahan hain... Deko..." she pointed where Shilpa is talking wd Shivanya standing one side of hall and as he saw her a smile reached his lips
"Hmm... Mumma toh aapki tarah lag rahin hain... Beautiful" looking back at her he said in lost tone which made her giggle
"Papa b... Acche lag rahe hain" hearing her words he kissed on her cheek lovingly
"Love you..." he said smilingly which made her to kiss back on his cheek and they both giggled enjoying this moment when the time came for Newly Married couplewho arrived on stage taking everyone's attention
"Subbi... Aunty..." Ohnu said smilingly as she saw Surbhi
"Vo Subbi nehi champion... Surbhi aunty hai" he corrected while pinching her nose lovingly who made a face where as Shilpa was talking wd Shivanya but when her eyes landed on father daughter duo she couldn't stop herself to go towards them not before taking an excuse from Shivanya "Acha mujhe yeh batao... Aapko kahan jaana hai... Holiday pe?" he asked in an excited voice which made Ohnu happy
"Muje... Ummm... Haa... Beachh... Pe jaana hai" hearing her excitement he chuckled coz he have already choosed Goa
"Not a bad idea... Thik hai phir hum vahin ghumne jaayenge" he assuard in calm tone when Shilpa came there
"Kahan ghoomne jaane ki baat ho rahi hai...??" Shilpa's question made the duo to look at her
"Mumma hum..." but before she could reply Armaan kept his palm on her lips stoping her who looked at him wd cute confusion look even Shilpa to frowned
"Princess vo humaara secret hai... Hum mumma ko baad mein bataayenge..." he whispered in low voice on her ear who smiled while Shilpa also heard this but pretended normal
"Matlab... Hum mumma ko... Sur...prise denge" Ohnu also said in same tone moving closer to his ear who smiled seeing her copying him while Shilpa hiding her smile pretended she was trying to hear them
"Haan... Toh yeh secret hai humara" he whispered back while his eyes were fixed on his wife who raised her bows as if asking 'What's going on'
"Koi mujhe batayga kya baat kar rahe the aap log...??" moving closer to them she asked in fake serious voice crossing her hands
"Kuch nai mumma..." Ohnu's normal cool voice made Arsh smiled
"Haan kuch bhi toh nehi huaa... Tum bolo kahan thi??" instead to answer her he asked in cool voice
"Yehin thi... Aur aapne dhyaan nehi diya Ohnu ki sandle gir rahi hai" replying him she showed him Ohnu's leg where her one sandle was slipping down and hearing this he tried to look down
"Shilpa mujhe kaise dikhega... Maine toh isse uthaaya haina..." he defended himself which made her to shook her head
"Haan thik hai... Yeh kaam bhi mujhe hi karna hoga..." saying this she put Ohnu's gown a little up and buckled Ohnu's sandle who giggled wd Armaan "Ohnu maarungi main... Hilo mat" she lightly slapped her leg who was moving her leg
"Sorrryyy mumma..." Ohnu's innocent apology made Armaan to kiss on her cheek
"It's okay..." he said in loving tone while Shilpa looked at him after finishing her work
"Armaan.. Sorry vo mujhe keh rahi hai..." She said in her strict tone making Armaan grin
"Kya farq padta hai... Tum aur Main ek hi toh hain" hearing his meaningful words a smile reached on her lips who shaking her head corrected his Kurta's cloth "Acha Princess... Mumma zyada acchi lag rahi hai ki Papa??" he asked in kiddish voice which made Ohnu to look at him then at Shilpa who waited for her answer
"Dekh lena... Vo mujhe bolegi... Haina Baby" correcting Ohnu's sleeve Shilpa said in loving tone
"Haan... Mumma... Bea...utiful hai" she repeated Shilpa's words who smiled widely
"Aww... Meri Babyyy..." she gave a kiss on her chubby cheek
"Haww... Matlab Papa Handsome nehi hai Ohnu?" making a fake sad face he looked at Ohnu who stared him innocently
"Haan haina... Papa... Hands...ome" as she replied cutely he grinned even Shilpa also smiled
"Haww... Tab mumma kya hai phir?" Shilpa gave a fake sad look which put Ohnu in confusion who looked at both innocently while Arsh was smiling at her cute look
"Mumma Papa... Dono... Aaaccche... Lag rahe... Hain" her innocent answer made Arsh chuckled who adorably kissed her cheeks at the same time
"Par Ohaana sabse beautiful lag rahi hai... Haina Armaan" holding her little hand she said smilingly
"Yeh koi puchne waali baat hai" blowing air on her face he said lovingly which made Ohnu giggle while Shilpa was smiling where as from far most of Arsh's close ones were adoring their little family eg. Billy & Ananya who were sitting one of a chair but staring at Arsh smilingly
"Acha lag raha haina Ananya... Inhe dekh kar" Billy spoke smilingly
"Haan toh... Pure do saal baad mera Armaan apne family k saath hai... Acha toh lagega... Aur vaise bhi main humesha se yehi dekhna chahti thi... Mere Armaan aur Dev ki family..." still looking at them she said wd contented smile which made Billy to gave her side hug where as the second one is Nikkita & group
"Dekh tujhe teeno ko dekhna tha naa saath mein ab dekhle" Nikki elbowed Muskaan who was already smiling at Arsh
"Hmmm... Acche lag rahen hain..." she said wd a smile staring at Arsh who were enjoying the time wd their daughter and like this the function was going joyfully, everyone were giving blessigs to the Newly Wed couple and when the time came of Arsh to met wd the couple situation automatically changed more fun specially when Surbhi saw Ohaana, they were on stage where the couple was standing wd Arsh and Ohnu but seeing her Surbhi said something which left Rehaan embarrassed, Actually she direct ordered him that before their first anniversary she want to become a mother and hearing this Rehaan felt embarrassed while Shilpa smacked on her shoulder scolding Think before speak but Yes in this matter Armaan's full support was wd Surbhi, even he also ordered Rehaan the same which made Surbhi happy but Shilpa-Rehaan were only smiling at them mumbling Crazy making this scene more joyful & fun, and after clicking pictures wd the newly couple Arsh left the stage not before Surbhi clicked numbers of pics wd Ohaana who was like some doll to her, the function was going perfectly and till the end of the function Ohaana was wd her grand parents even Armaan was also there, he was looking around at everyone when his eyes landed on drink section which took his mind to that night which he didn't remembered
"Hmm... Try kar Armaan kuch yaad aayga us raat k baare mein" he thought while tapping on table and started recalling the night "Main jaa raha tha... KV aur Avi milen unse drinks li... Phir sambhaalte huye room ki taraf badha... Aur..." he mumbled thoughtfully recalling the night and slowly slowly that blur images got cleared making his eyes widen as the flashback of that night flashed inside his brain...


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