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Part 7:Will You Ever Love Me?

  'Mr.Mallik''."Mr.Mallik"'.he came out of the bad dream'he was sweating badly'the fear of losing her forever'.he saw a nurse calling him'he answered "yes"'."Sir you have to sign these papers'.so that if anything happens to your wife the hospital will not be responsible for her death'."'..He signed the papers'"sister 'is she ok'.please save her please'.."'"Sir we are giving our best to save your wife and the rest is in god's hands"'.the nurse went away'.Armaan called up Rahul and said him to come as soon as possible'

 Rahul reached there within 20 minutes'seeing Armaan sitting on the floor and his hand on his knees and tears continuously flowing and he was staring blankly at the floor'"Armaan'everything will be alright don't worry I m here"'."Rahul'why does it always happens to me'and this is again my fault'Mom's accident was also because of me' I lost her ' I can't lose Riddhima' Sab mere Wajah se hua pehle mom ki death aura b riddhima ki halat bhi thik nahi hai'.every time'and every thing is done by me'its my fault'Kyun bhagwan mujhe nahi uthaleta'if I m dead it will be good for everyone '  I m really bad'mom why did you go away..Why did you not take me with you?".'


A little boy was playing with his mom'he was playing hide and seek with her in the garden'As armaan hid himself behind a tree his mom started to search for him'.As she could see him she was going towards the tree but unfortunately she slipped in the mud and fell down and her head hit the tree'"Mamma"'Armaan shouted seeing his mother unconscious 'he went towards her and said "Mama I m here catch me'I promise to listen to you'. I will be a good boy' I will eat everything'.please mamma open your eyes please"'.but she never opened her eyes'.

End of flashback

"Armaan you are not responsible for your mom's death'.it was just an accident'And here also if you had known that Riddhima had asthma you would never do such things'please don't blame yourself"'said rahul'.but armaan was not answering him anymore'he was just seeing Riddhima'he was just thinking what he had done'how could he do that to her'how could he harm an innocent cute angel like her'he did not want to live anymore'.he just want his mom by his side'and he wanted Riddhima too'.Seeing the condition of RIddhima from the glass pane that so many tubes attached to her body'it ached his heart 'as she is getting hurt'he felt the pain in his body'he just wanted her and no one'.he just wanted her happiness'he was not able to speak any more'voice was not coming out of his mouth'

Dr.Shubhankar came out of the operation theatre'..seeing this Armaan said.."uncle Riddhima is ok na'.can I talk to her'please I need to talk to her'uncle please say something"'."Armaan 'Riddhima is in observation'I can only say after twelve hours'but I can assure you that she is out of danger and just wait for twelve hours'she needs rest and sleep any kind of mental stress may hamper her health'"'."Thank you uncle'thank you'I m really grateful to you"'"Its ok armaan'we are doctors and this is our work please don't worry'"'.he went away saying this to Armaan'

As the hours were passing armaan felt as years'every second was like an hour to him'he was going restless'He knew that Riddhima is out of danger'but he still fears of losing her'Rahul told him to eat something but he did not as he wanted Riddhima to talk to him'see her fit and then he would think of eating something. As he was adamant rahul couldn't force him to eat'he cancelled all the meetings. After 10 to 11 hours passed Riddhima gained consciousness. The doctors checked her up and then he was allowed to meet her'seeing her pale face and seeing her weak he wanted to kill himself'he went towards her sat on a chair beside her bed..he couldn't look into her eyes as if he looked at her he cannot control himself'he will break into pieces '"ummm'Are you ok?"'"Thank you Mr.mallik'.i m really grateful to see that you look after your wife well'"'she answered sarcastically'she sat up as she was tired of sleeping'hearing her answer he could not hold back his tears'he burst out in front of riddhima'"Riddhima I m sorry'.I didn't know you have asthma'I know I always hurt you'I always make you cry'I m very bad'I should have died before... I m very bad'because of me my mom died and now because of me you are here' I hate myself'. I don't deserve to live'. I don't '."'he cried like a kid in front of Riddhima'She was shocked to see him like that'seeing him in tears'her eyes welled up seeing him like that'.Armaan covered his face with his hands as he thought that seeing his face she will hate him more'Riddhima raised her hands towards his face'"Armaan move your hand'Please don't cry'who said you are bad'you are a bit naughty'not a bit'.but very naughty'but you are not bad'being a guy how can you cry'stop crying like a kid"'.She said to light up the moment as he was going on crying'and she couldn't see her husband crying'he hugged her tightly and said "Promise me that you will never leave me'if I do anything wrong, hurt you, make you cry give me punishment'but please don't leave me please"'he begged to her hiding his face in her shoulder'"Armaan first get up and sit properly"'he sat and looked at her'"Armaan I promise you that I will not leave you'and you want punishment right?...then keep your room clean as you are very dirty I cant clean the mess everyday.."'"I promise" he smiled a bit'"Thank you riddhima for forgiving me'I know I don't deserve but still you forgave me"'."Armaan  enough is enough just stop it now"'she said smiling towards him'"Riddhima I will call up dad and inform him as I did not inform him till now"'"Armaan '.no'please don't do that 'my dad is also there if he gets to know he will be tensed and it may effect his health and t love him please don't say him'please"'"Ok' I will not tell him anything'"'.

Rahul and Muskaan  came inside and asked about her health while armaan excused himself as he had to sign the discharge paers'"Rahul and Muskaan thanks a lot for coming'"'"Its ok riddhima'take care of yourself and Armaan too..he is not at all strong'he is very weak from his heart'please be with him'he has not even drink a drop of water till he apologized to you as please look after him also'. I know he is a bit kiddish but please don't leave him'he has already suffered very much'"'."Rahul don't worry I will take care of him and myself too'"'"Bye Riddhima  we are taking your leave"'"Ya bye and thanks again for coming"'They left

Riddhima and Armaan took care of each other'they still fought but she loved the tit-bits 'they became friends and shared everything'Armaan did not dare to flirt with Maya or any other girl as he was paying more attention towards Riddhima as she was not well and he was very much enjoying her company

His dad and father-in-law came back after a week'armaan was called by his dad as he needed to say a very important thing to Armaan'.he went inside his dad's room..his father said him to lock the door'he saw a serious look on his dad's face'"Dad'what happened?...anything serious?"'"Armaan I need to tell you a truth'its regarding Riddhima'please listen to me carefully"'.



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