Monday, 25 March 2019

part 8 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan shouting outside the bathroom door: boo'pleaseeee'
Armaan realizes that shilpa at no cost would come out when he is around.. he stands outside and explains himself.. shilpa pouts'
She slowly opens the ddor.. and comes out *still pouting*..armaan holds her by her waist and looks at her tear stained cheeks'
Armaan : m sorry boo.. I din mean to hurt you..
Shilpa nods'
Armaan: I love you..
Shilpa looks at armaan in the eyes.. she finds them full of love and apology..
Shilpa nods again'and says.. hmm.. i love you too *pouting* but im still angry'
Armaan kisses her on her forehead.. I promise ill make it up to you..
Shilpa keeps looking that those dreamy eyes..
Armaan: oye dhanno..

Shilpa: kya?
Armaan: I love you'
Shilap smiles.. i love you to armaan'.:)
Armaan runs down his finger from her forehead to her cheeks.. Forcing shilpa to blush' he smiles lovingly looking at her..
He steps forward' shilpa looks at him.. armaan bends a bits.. and takes her into a kiss'
Shilpa pushes armaan
Shilpa: enuff now..go get ready..gotta go 2da hospital and send anu to school as well'
Armaa:wat?u kiddin me?hellooo..i hope u remember..i had a weddin 2 attend.. tat too sterdae.. and to top tat..twas my weddin..wat makes you think I'l b going to the hospital.. thume jaana hai to..plzz'oh..n btw..anu ko bi holidae hai'
Shilpa: oh relli'hu said so'
Armaan:ummm'me??!!! Self declared holiday u c'
Shilpa: hmmm..i c..n sits on d bed'
Armaan: oye..nahi jaana'
Shilpa: who kya hai na armaan'my backz hurtin me sooo bad'oucchhh'
Armaan: oh relli..back hurtin ha?.. can I b of any service to u ma'am'
Shilpa: oh..yes..sure plese'y not.. just dust everything..sweep n swop..cook..and..ummm..lemme c'??!!!wat else???..i suppose tats it'*giggles*
Armaan: dhano ki bacchi..and starts chasin her..
Shilpa runs into anu room.. where shez fast asleep'armaan gestures her to come out..she nods her head in a no'armaan calls her out again'she repeats the d same..armaan gets annoyed and turns around and starts walkin..
Shilpa: oh shit'
And runs after armaan..
Shilpa: armaan..armaan'
Armaan turns around.. hez lips curve into a sly smile..n holds her tight and starts tickling her..
Shilpa: **giggling**.. no'
And stops tickling..
Shilpa: *disappointd* ok?
Shilpa:ok?tats it?
Armaans smiles again'
Armaan: unhaan..tats not it..and carries her in his arms and walks back into their room..
Shilpa blushes'

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