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Part 80 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I am not perfect. I'll annoy you,say you stupid things, even make fun of you, but you'll never find someone who truly loves you as much as I really do"

In Arsh's room
Tum jo aaye
Zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab
Ishq meri zaat ban gayi...

"Kya ho raha hai yeh humaare bich... Kuch nehi samajh paa rahi main... Itna distance kaise aa gaya humaare bich...??" a tensed Shilpa questioned herself mentally while sitting on edge of the bed "Hum aise toh nehi the na Armaan... Haan humaare bich bahoot si galat femiyaan aayi... Par aakhir mein humaara ek dusre k uper vishwash jeeta... Chaahe vo Dairy waala scene ho yaah Kiya waala... Harbaar humne ek dusre ko dur jaane se roka tha... Phir ab kya ho raha hai??" her heart was in big confusion First coz of her strange behavior, Second coz of Armaan "Most important yeh tujhe kya huaa hai... Jo

tune ek baar bhi Armaan ki nehi sunni...?" her heart questioned her who looked down at space "Kyunki usne iske emotions ko tab samjha jab vo video dekha usne..." her mind answered angrily "Nehi.. Armaan usse dekhne se pehle hi samajh gayye the... Tabhi toh unhone car lock ki thi... So that tum dono sab kuch short out kar sako..." her heart took Armaan's side "Wrong... Usse video pehle hi mil chuka tha... Tabhi usne baat karne ki sochi... Par usse pehle tu kyun bhool rahi hai usne tujhe kuch naa bataakar sabko bata diya... This means tu kuch nehi hai uske liye..." her mind showed the negative sides which made Shilpa stiff for minutes when out of blue the loud thunder of clouds broke her chain of thoughts "Suddenly... Mausam kaise change huaa...??" standing up she mumble confusedly when she saw the heavy rainfall outside the balcony which made her feet automatically approached towards the balcony, standing beside the swing she watched this chilled windy rains "Armaan... Main miss kar rahin hoon aapko... Kyun sab kuch badal gaya... Ek hi pal mein" she thought watching the rain drops which were also splashing on her face who closed her eyes wd a smile "Tu chaahe toh... Sab kuch thik kar sakti hai... Maanti hoon tera gussa jaayaz hai... Par yeh bhi sach hai ki agar Armaan tujhe nehi bataate apne yaadaast aane k baare mein toh tu kabhi nehi jaan paati... Ki unko sab yaad aa gaya hai... Vo chaahte toh tujhe nehi bata sakte the... Par phir bhi bataaya..." her heart tried to show her positive side "Par der se... Kyun usne pehle nehi bataya... Chaahta toh pehle bhi bata sakta tha... Bahoot time tha tum dono k paas phir kyun nehi bola" her mind reminded "Kya pata... Vo un saare moments ko enjoy karna chaahte the... Aur phir unhe jaana pada... Vaise bhi tum dono contact mein bhi toh nehi the..." her heart argued "Wrong... Enjoy toh vo bata k bhi kar sakta tha... Yeh kya rokti usko... Aur Anita k baare mein bhool mat" her mind mocked angrily which made her heart fight back and this create a pain inside her brain "Ssshhh... Mujhe kisiki nehi sunni" closing her ears she mumble painfully coz of her headache when suddenly she heard loud thunder of clouds while the rain started falling Cats & Dogs, Shilpa looked at the rains lostly coz it made her remind of some beautiful moments b/w them, not one or two there are dozen of moments but few are very special to her heart, in fact there are three beautiful moments of their life which made them more closer to each other, and it was from their every phase which only left them close to each others heart, like in first they had lost their first baby (Yes after they returned from Kerela) but still their faith on love connected them together, in second they were in Bhopal when she was trying to gain his attention by her love while he was learning about her at that time, and the third one was more beautiful than all which happened after Ohaana's birth who was one year old at that time, every moment left an impact on them for each other

First One
MM @ 00:10 AM
Sapne teri chaahaton ke
Sapne teri chaahaton ke...

"Yeh Armaan abhi tak kyun nehi aaye... Itni tez baarish ho rahi hai..." looking out of the window Shilpa thought worriedly playing wd her Teal colour duppatta's end Yes she had wore a teal colour Churidaar dress wd her hairs opened straight "I hope vo thik ho..." she prayed wd fear watching the heavy rainfall "Aur uper se phone bhi toh nehi utha rahe..." she cursed him while looking outside the window from hall Actually the thing is they had small cute fight in morning regarding Why she never calls him?? On which she tried to put her reasons forward but he refused to listen anything and directly went in Sanjeevani, here she was only thinking about them since morning but as the rainfall started in evening she was trying to call him who didn't received but now its getting late which was only making her worried especially after her miscarriage and Shao Pao's loss she don't want to loose him "Subhe se 100 missed calls de chuki hoon.. Lekin phir bhi inhone ek baar jo meri call pick ki ho..." she mumbled worriedly staring outside where she saw a bike entered inside the Mansion "Armaan..." a wide smile reached on her lips as she saw him who removed his helmet from his head "Haww... Yeh toh bheeg gayye hain" she mumble as she stood on entrance finding him fully drenched in rain whose yellow shirt was clinging to him like second skin, she waited for him to come in but instead to come inside he stood beside his bike while opening his arms as if feeling the rain, she became confused seeing this coz first time he is taking interest in it but soon her confusion turned into a smile as she saw him smiling who pushed his hairs behind by his hands still smiling and witnessing this scene she couldn't stop herself to ran towards him
"Aree Bracelet sambhal k..." he said loudly as he saw her running towards him and hearing him she slowed down which made him chuckled
"Armaan... Aap bheeg rahen hain... Kuch ho gaya toh..." she started scolding as she faced him who shook his head wd a smile coz she is fully drenched now just like him
"Toh tum hona... Mujhe sambhaalne k liye" pulling her closer by her waist he said wd a smile who frowned seeing his romantic side coz in morning he was angry
"Haan vo toh main sambhaal lungi... Par aap itne late kyun aaye Armaan?? Aur mera phone kyun nehi utha rahe the... Jaante bhi ho kitna pareshaan thi main??" wd her cute pout she questioned while he pulled her more closer by her waist resulting her hands rest on his chest who smiled slowly
"Kaam tha Bracelet... Varna zaroor dhyaan deta... Vaise tum kyun nehi soyi abhi tak..." caging her in his arms he asked in loving tone
"Kaise soti... Aap aaye jo nehi the aur uper se subhe gusse mein gayye the toh... Neend nehi aa rahi thi..." she replied slowly which made him chuckled
"Kya Bracelet tum bhi... Tumse gussa kabhi nehi ho sakta main and most important... Maine tumhaare 100 missed calls dekhe the... Which showed how much you loves me..." gripping her one hand in his fist he replied coolly on which she gawped
"Haww... Jab dekha tha toh... Uthaaya kyun nehi??" smacking on his chest lightly she asked on which he twirled her slowly whose back touched his hard rock chest "Armaan..." she looked back at him surprisingly
"Haan bolo Armaan ki jaan..." holding her firmly by her waist he asked in husky tone nuzzling his nose tip on her face
"Armaan baarish ho rahi hai aur aapko romance sujh raha hai..." turning around she asked in her cute anger
"Haan... Toh baarish mein hi toh humara romance shuru huaa tha..." as he said teasingly a blush formed on her cheeks remembering their first Kiss
"Par... Mujhe thand lag rahi hai aur main bimaar nehi hona chaahti..." hearing this he laughed caging her in his arms
"Haan vo toh hai... Main khud nehi chaahta aisa kuch ho..." clearing the drops from her face he whispered lovingly on which she gripped his shirt tightly on her fist coz of shiver "Toh ab kya karen??" asking this wd thoughtful look he moved his face more closer to her who knew what he is upto
"Toh phir andar chalte hai..." saying this lovingly she sided his hairs from his forehead who chuckled moving to kiss her "Armaan... Hum bahar hai koi dekh lega toh.." as she warned he grinned and pulled her in a passionate hug
"Toh kya huaa..." he replied coolly while hugging her shivering body more passionately which only left her smiling whose hands moved on his back
"Aapka gussa kaise shaant huaa Armaan..??" she questioned in slow voice still wd eyes closed while he realised how her body is shivering so he slowly parted from the hug
"Tumhe dekh k..." as he answered wd a smile she giggled
"Cheesy lines..." pinching his nose lightly she teased on which he rolled his eyes and grabbed her hand in his while walking towards the house
"Pata nehi kyun... Tumhe sab kuch cheesy lagta hai... Jabki main toh sach hi kehta hoon..." looking down at her he asked calmly which made her smiled
"Haan... Kyunki mujhe dekh k kaise aapka gussa shaant ho sakta hai... Aap khud subhe mujhse jhagad k gayye the..." she explained wd an attitude which made him to shook his head while they both reached inside the house
"Simple hai Bracelet... First tumhaare itne saare missed calls se mera gussa gaya aur tumhe itni raat ko mera wait karte dekh mera gussa ek dum gayab ho gaya... And most important tumhe itna tempting dekh k" keeping his one hand on her shoulder he answered in cool voice which made her smile when he gave a kiss on her cheek who eyed him not to do this coz they are on stairs but ignoring her he lifted her on his arms as they reached up
"Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly
"Ssshhh..." he shushed her while moving towards their room which was soon locked by his leg
"Armaan... Aap kyun kabhi nehi sunte meri..." she scolded as he dropped her on couch
"Kyunki main tumse Pyaar karta hoon..." his reply made her annoyed who giving a grumpy look stood to change when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him
"Ab kya??" she looked at him angrily who caged her in his arms
"Tumhe thand lag rahi thi na..." as he asked this wd teasing grin she looked at him suspiciously "Aur mujhe bhi thand lag rahi hai... What a coincident na" hearing his teasing words she got what he is upto So shaking her head she tried to push him
"Armaan..." she showed her fake glare on which he grinned
"I love you Armaan ki Jaan" giving sloppy kisses on her cheeks he mumble huskily which made her anger vanished
"I love you too Bracelet ki jaan..." wd a giggle she gave a tight kiss on his cheek who grinned mumbling Oyyyee Hoyyyeee and nuzzling his face on her neck he threw her duppatta on floor which made her trembled, and what goes ahead made them more closer to each other... So that was one of a memory where she got how much they love each other even after their Loss of baby & Shao pao Yes they fight cutely but also in the end it stays for just short span of time which was also his another style to love her unconditionally

The Second One
Night Time
Arsh's Sweet Home
Dekhti hoon ab kayi
Din hai sona aur
Chaandi raat ban gayi...
"Gosh!! Kitni baarish ho rahi hai yaar..." an annoyed Armaan entered inside their house only to find all the lights were off in hall "So gayyi kya... Yeh??" he mumble confusedly while opening the door of their room which was empty "Kahan jaa sakti hai...??" he thought looking around in room where no trace of Shilpa found, he searched her everywhere in house even Breezer also but not even their sound was heard which made his heartbeat increased who ran to check the last place of this house which was terrace, All the negatives thoughts were coming inside his brain like Is she stuck somewhere?? Or anyone kidnapped her?? Or she went to meet Surbhi?? So where the hell she can go?? And thinking these all he reached on terrace "Thank god!!" he took a sigh as he found Breezer sleeping at the entrance of the terrece but seeing him he woke up
"Boww..." he stood while barking & jumping on him who smiled
"Oaky... Samajh gaya yaar..." he chuckled as Breezer was trying to jump on him "Shilpa kahan hai...??" he asked in loving tone while caressing his head who jumping around him ran towards the door outside the Gym & Swimming pool room, shaking his head he followed while noticing the Swimming pool's glass door which he slide opened but immediately it clicked She can't be here coz it already looked empty "Yahan nehi hai... Toh kahan hain...??" he mumble wd a frown as he found Gym room also empty while Breezer sat near the door of Gym (Their terrace was a big terrace where First a empty sitting room comes which had two gallery rooms, at one side their Swimming pool room & at other side Gym room, these both are opposite sides of terrace and in b/w them a gallery exist which directly leads to a door and was connected to another terrace which was an open area, it was not that big but in Medium size and these all made up of glass) "Lo yeh toh yahan baith gaya... Ab usko kahan dhundhoon..." he shook his head noticing Breezer when his eyes caught her blur image from the glass of that another terrece "Kahin... Yeh baarish mein??" mumbling this he opened the door only to find Shilpa drenching in rain wd her opened arms which made him angry "Abhi bimaar padegi yeh..." he muttered in strict tone while approaching towards her, the heavy rainfall made him fully drenched who was calmly observing her, her transparent white dress was clinging to her body like second skin Yes her curves can be easily seen from her dress who have wore a white transparent Kurti wd white tights, her hairs are opened which now became wet coz of this cold rain and seeing this something unknown tickling sensation ran inside his heart "Shilpa..." as she heard his strict voice she immediately turned while sidding her hairs abruptly which splashed water on his face who blinked his eyes
"Armaan... Aap kab aaye... Aur" she looked at him scaredly who showed his angry glare
"Shut up!! Itni raat ko... Aise baarish mein bheegne ka kya matlab hai... Did you know what time is it??" he asked in angry tone on which she gulped
"Armaan.. Vo main neeche akeli thi... Toh main uper aa gayi..." she explained herself still trembling
"Haan... Aur aate hi baarish mein bheeg gayi... Haina..." hearing his taunt she looked down while correcting her transparent dress while he observed she is shivering "Chalo andar jaao..." this time he said in calm tone seeing her trembling
"Main vo..." she opened her mouth to explain again when he showed his angry glare which made her to nod in Yes quietly "Par Armaan... Itni tez baarish hai... Aur kitna romantic weather hai... Aur aap..." but before she could complete her sentence he crossed his arms which made her quiet who shaking her head moved to go when her leg slipped "Aaahhh.." she directly landed on him who became startled holding her firmly by her waist
"Tum.. Thik toh ho..." his voice was slow one coz of her body touch, Yes his body felt that magical current inside him whose hands were firmly holding her waist, she slowly looked up at his face whose expression was dazed one, their eyes were lost in each other while their bodies sticked together, Shilpa's hands were holding his blazer firmly while Armaan's hands were holding her waist from above her transparent cloth which was making an urge inside his heart to tear her cloths and threw away from her body just to explore her, his face was lowering towards her wet tempting lips which made Shilpa to close her eyes wd feel after all she is going to feel her Armaan's love after long time, Armaan's mind was only focusing on her even his heart started desiring her when the cloud's thunder made Shilpa more closer to him whose lips were about to touch her ones but as this wild thought came inside his brain that 'To make her his right here only' his eyes snapped opened and he stepped back immediately which made her disappoint who looked down wd a blush where as he was staring every where but not on her "Jao tum andar... Aur jaake change karlo" wdout looking at her he said in his strict tone which was enough for her to ran from there blushingly "Kya karne waala tha main... Stupid me" cursing himself mentally he shook his head and moved to lock the doors of the house also to check switches windows etc. While Breezer was following him obediently where as inside their room Shilpa had changed herself in warm night cloths which was a white Kurti wd white tights above her anklet
"Mujhe bura kyun nehi lag raha hai... Jabki Armaan ne kadam peeche liya..." drying her wet hairs wd towel she mumble to herself confusedly "Kyunki peeche k saath saath aage... Bhi toh aaye the pagal... Aur sab se badi baat... Itne mahine baad vo tere karib aaye... Isse zyada aur tujhe kya chaahiye" as her heart said to her a blush formed on her face "Matlab main apne mission mein dheere dheere successful ho rahi hoon" wd a smile she thought still rubbing her hairs when Armaan entered inside the room wd annoyed look which made her turned back him who shaking his head loosen his tie
"Itni tez baarish... Pata nehi kya sujhi thi isko jo bheegne chali gayi... Aur saath mein mujhe bhi bheega diya" cursing her mentally he moved towards the wardrobe for towel
"Armaan kya chaahiye... Main dhundhoon..." moving towards him she asked in slow voice which made him look at her who looked down slowly remembering their moment on terracebut as he looked at her their moment came back inside his head which not only made his heart weak in front of her but also to make her his right now and as this came inside his head he looked away from her
"Nehi kuch nehi..." saying this he picked a towel which made her smile
"Acha.. Toh khaana lagaaon...?" she asked slowly while observing his face coz she can see he is avoiding her
"Nehi... Bas tum... Ek hot coffee le aao... Hum dono k liye bas..." he said in calm tone while wipping his face wd towel
"Par aap khaana kyun nehi khaayenge...??" as she questioned cutely he shot a glare which made her gulped "Laati hoon..." saying this slowly she went out to bring coffee where as wipping himself wd towel he changed himself in warm night clothes and sat on bed calmly
"Hmm... Kya ho jaata hai mujhe isse dekh kar... And most important kaise itne.. Wild thoughts aa rahen hain dimaag mein isko lekar..." he asked to himself confusedly coz since he has touched her waist his heart was dying to feel her again "Zyada iske aas paas raha naa... Toh zaroor pagal ho jaaunga main" saying this to himself he laid straight on bed "Par rehna toh tujhe hai hi... Vo bhi puri zindagi" his mind said to him who closed his eyes feeling tired & a little cold coz of outside's rainy weather... Few minutes later he dozed off while she entered wd coffees & sandwiches for them but as she saw him sleeping peacefully a smile curved on her face
"Lo yeh toh so gayye..." she giggled as she kept the trey on couch "Ab iska kya hoga...?" she looked down at the trey confusedly when she thought to wake him for it, at least a try so bending on him slowly she moved to wake him but as she saw his face her heartbeat skipped "Kab aap samjhenge ki... Main aapko kitna miss karti hoon... Ki main is intezar mein hoon... Kab aap mujhe pure dilse accept karenge" she thought while staring him lovingly and unknowingly her hand moved towards his face to caress but before it could touch his face he turned his position which made her to move back instantly "Kya kar rahi thi tu... Abhi uthta naa... Toh teri khabar leta... Pagal" her mind scolded her who nodding in Yes turned to keep the trey back in kitchen, keeping that she went to check Breezer who was sleeping peacefully outside their room's door So shaking her head wd a smile she came back in their room where she put off the lights except the night bulbs then putting the comforter above them she closed her eyes feeling cold somewhere her heart was craving for him and want to hug him but she can't do this or else he will misunderstand her "Kya din aa gayye hain tere... Pehle isse dur soti thi phir iske karib... Aur ab dekho phir dur ho gayye tum dono..." her mind mocked at her who wd a pout pulled the comforter more up when she felt his hand on her waist which made her eyes snapped opened, she was about to turn back shockingly when his hold tightened on her waist while snuggling more closer to her whose heartbeat skipped and she slowly faced him whose face was just two inches away from her, a small smile came on her lips as she saw his calm face "Hmm.. Yeh huyi naa kuch monsoon waali baat" she thought wd a smile and staring him when she dozed off she didn't realised... So that was another phase of their life where she was craving for him who was unaware of it, her patience level for him was increasing but care he realise that but somewhere Armaan have already started developing feelings for her, it was the time before they went back in Mumbai

And The Third One
@ 11:45 PM
O sudh-budh khoyi hai
Khoyi maine
Haan jaan gawaayi
Gawaayi maine...
"Hmm... Acha weather haina Armaan...??" rubbing her arms she asked wd a smile while staring at the sea
"Haan..." he mumble in normal tone still playing wd Ohaana who was laughing while tapping his cheeks (Their little family is sitting on beach as usual Arsh's fav spot)
"Armaan... Aapko yaad hai... Jab hum yahan aaye the... Jab aap mujhe lene mere ghar aaye the... Aur humara jhagda huaa tha... Phir short out bhi kar liya tha... Mere bday k ek din baad..." she was saying this wd a smile while pulling her knees closer to her but Armaan was busy wd his Princess who is loving her father's attention while standing on his lap "Aur kaise aapne... Mera bday best banaya tha... Haan ek din baad hi sahi par banaaya tha" she giggled remembering that time
"Muaaah..." Armaan ruffled Ohnu's hairs who giggled while playing wd his hairs too
"Muaaa..." hearing Ohnu's repeat he chuckled lifting her up who laughed
"Isiliye yeh beach bahoot special hai mere liye.. Kyunki yahan saare acche pal hai humaare haina..." she didn't realised he was not paying any attention to her words "Specially mere bdays" she smiled while correcting her blue & black colour saari
"Konsa waala... Vo club waala... Ki humaare jhagde waala..." he asked in normal tone cuddling Ohaana who giggled
"Dono..." she replied wd smile but soon her expression changed into confusion registering his words who also realised what he blurted out
"Armaan... Soch samajhkar bolna chaahiye tha... Ab yeh pura dimaag use karegi... Aur pata lagaygi ki mujhe kaise yaad hai..." he scolded himself mentally then looked at her who was already staring him quizically "I mean... Jo humaare jhagde k baad hum hotel gayye the... Vo waala... Sorry club nikal gaya galti se..." he corrected carefully which convinced her coz she didn't paid any attention on that words in fact she didn't thought about much
"Of course wahi waali Armaan.." she said in her cute tone making him smile who from inside took a sigh when
"Booo..." Ohaana's loud cheerful tone made both of them to look down at their one year old little bundle who wants their attention
"Aww... Mera baby mumma chaahiye..." in her cute tone she bend to pick her who was sitting on Armaan's lap
"Naa..." she nodded her head in No while hiding herself on Armaan who laughed loudly where as Shilpa's jaw dropped hearing her No
"Haww... Mumma k paas nehi aaogi..." she asked wd cute pout which made Ohnu giggle
"Maa... Maaa..." opening her arms she took her name cutely which made Arsh giggle
"Aww... Mera baby..." taking Ohnu on her lap she gave a kiss on her chubby cheeks who stood on her lap holding her mother's shoulders for support while Armaan folded his Dark Teal colour's shirt's sleeves till his elbow also cleard the sand from his light brown formal pant, meanwhile Shilpa pulled Ohnu's red jacket more closer to her who have wore a cute rose pink colour frok wd a red soft nylon jacket and cute pink shoes & white shocks while on her head two pink clips were put for her hairs which were falling on her forehead(She didn't have long hairs but yes her hairs reached till her nape also it is thick & soft like her mother)
"Muaaa..." Shilpa's mouth hung open as she heard Ohnu's word while Armaan hide his smile
"Armaan yeh... Aapne sikhaaya na isko..." she looked at him who moved closer to her nodding in Yes "Aapna... Bilkul pagal hai... Aur kya sikhaaya aapne meri princess ko...??" like a Hitler she asked on which he was about to reply when Ohnu started blowing air on her face which made Shilpa shocked while Armaan chuckled
"Yeh..." giving a kiss on her cheek he replied cheekly
"Aap isse bigaadenge... Dekh lena..." shaking her head she said wd a smile on which he smiled
"Muaaahhh..." as Armaan said lovingly Ohnu also repeated this which made Shilpa to held her head but from inside she is happy coz of their family moment which only happened coz of Armaan, Actually the thing is Shilpa's parents had arranged a get together for their daughters & son in laws which went very enjoyable for everyone, after bidding bye to Malhotras they departed for home but Armaan instead to go house took them on beach for their family moment where they now sitted on that same spot where Arsh always spent their moment... After walking on beach wd little mischievous Ohaana who was willing to go towards the beach also to grab the sand on which Shilpa scolded her but her Supercool Daddy was there to take her side which resulted Arsh in a banter Then finally they left the beach and now was stuck in a long Traffic jam of Mumbai wd cloudy & Rainy weather, they were inside their car wd Ohaana on Shilpa's lap while Armaan was sitting calmly on driving seat
"Yeh so kyun nehi rahi hai Armaan...?" she questioned confusedly noticing Ohaana who was playing wd Shilpa's phone infact was trying to eat it "Ohnu... Maarungi main..." she scolded her while pulling the phone down which made her daughter to make a face
"Pata nehi... Subhe se sirf khel hi rahi hai..." he answered smilingly while caressing Ohnu's soft hairs who looked up at her father
"Paaa... Aaa" looking up at him she forwarded the phone to him cutely which made Arsh giggled
"Khel chuki... Ab idhar aao..." taking the phone from her hand he put that on side and took her on lap who felt joy coming back on his lap
"Mummmummm..." hearing her sound he chuckled making her stand on his lap lovingly where as Shilpa was looking out of the window to see the traffic which was still on its place coz of this stormy rain
"Armaan mujhe toh nehi lagta... Traffic clear hogi... Aur tufaan ki wajah se shayad hi koi car apni jagah se hile... Aur Saath mein yeh baarish" she said in worried tone looking at him who was playing wd Ohnu
"Don't worry yaar... Traffic hi toh hai... Nikal jaaygi" he said in calm tone making Ohnu sat on his lap
"Par Armaan kitni raat ho gayi hai... Aur" and before she could complete her sentence he kept his palm on her lips stopping her who narrowed her bows
"Tumhe nehi lagta hume yeh moment enjoy karna chaahiye..." as he said this she removed his palm
"Ismein... Enjoy jaisa kya hai...??" she asked in extra sweet tone on which he smiled
"Hum..." hearing his reply she frowned when he grabbed her one hand and pulled her closer to him "Yeh... Pal... Aur humaara Saath khaas hai... Varna kisse pata kal kya ho jaaye... You know Kal Ho Na Ho types" as he said wd satisfying smile she lightly slapped his cheek
"Aapko nehi lagta... Aap kuch zyada hi Filmy ho gayye hain..." wd cute face she scolded on which he chuckled
"Kya karen... Sangat ka asar toh hoga hi... Toh... Dekhlo ho gaya" tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he said wd smile which made her giggle "Tum dono k saath... Mujhe har vo pal jeena hai... Jinmein Sirf Tum dono ho..." she smiled at his love filled words
"Aww... I love you" saying this she gave a tight kiss on his cheek who grinned
"Sheyy... Tumhaari lips stick ka mark reh jayga..." making a fake disgusting face he rubbed his cheek by his one hand while other was holding Ohnu firmly who was tapping on steering
"Acha.. Toh yeh baat hai... Ab aana kabhi mere paas... Huh!!" she also said in fake angry tone which made him smile
"Main... Tumhaare paas kyun aaun... Jab mere paas meri beti hai" hearing his cool voice she gaped at him who lifted Ohnu up which only made her giggle
"Aaa... Aaa" Ohnu was enjoying while clapping where as Shaking her head Shilpa looked away from them wd a smile, the duo were busy in each other while Shilpa was waiting for the traffic to clear "Maaa... Aaa" after few minutes she extended her little hand towards Shilpa hinting her that she is feeling sleeping now
"Haan... Khelne kudne k liye Papa k saath... Tum sirf sone aao Mumma k paas... Haina" she taunted in Kiddish tone while taking her from Armaan who smiled at them
"Maa..." hugging her mother she closed her eyes feeling sleepy which made Shilpa to plant a kiss on her head lovingly while watching them Armaan smiled when he saw the traffic got cleared so he started the car swiftly
"Vaise... Ek baat toh bataana bhool hi gaya tha..." hearing his serious voice Shilpa looked at him confusedly when he stopped his car on corner side of road making her more confuse
"Arm..." but before she could take his name he moved closer to her living an inch's distance b/w their lips which made her heartbeat skipped who thought he is going to kiss her
"Nehi rehne do..." looking away from her he mumble in serious tone which made her disappoint coz she thought he will kiss her but when he looked away her heart sank who looked down wd disappointment "Actually keh hi deta hoon..." cupping her face suddenly he mumble wd a smirk and before she could react he took her in a soulful kiss making her surprised who after few seconds responded also tried to hold Ohaana firmly "I... Love you too" pecking on her lips after their kiss he whispered softly and sitting back on his seat he started the car wd a grin where as Shilpa was trying to hide her blush concentrating on her little one year daughter who is sleeping soundlessly and busy wd their satisfying feelings they reached home safely... That was the moment where Shilpa had seen his both calm & cool side on that time she didn't understand but now she knew he had gain back his memory at that time, that moment was special coz their little family first time went on beach after Ohnu's birth so it was very special for Arsh
Back to Present
Haan tujhko basaya
Hai dhadkan mein
Saanware... saanware...
"Aapke saath bitaaya har lamha special hai... Jabse shaadi hui hai tabse... Har ek pal khubsoorat hai Armaan... Un saare palo mein maine aapko paaya hai... Aur aapne badla hai mujhe... Har baar... Toh phir kyun main aapse bhaag rahin hoon... Rehna toh mujhe aapke saath hi hai" crossing her arms she thought wd a smile watching the rains "Haan aapne galti ki... Aur maine aapko maaf bhi kar diya hai... Par jo dar hai mera... Aapko khone ka vo nehi jaa raha uska kya karoon??" she questioned herself mentally while staring down emotionally "I think hume baat karke short out kar lena chaahiye" she mumble softly holding the swing's stand when she heard a little loud voice of door closing which made her startled who turned back immediately and what she saw made her confused "Armaan..." she frowned finding Armaan against the door whose forehead was kept on door as if trying to balance himself

"Aaahhh..." he winced holding his head while stepping back carefully and seeing this Shilpa ran inside near him
"Armaan... Kya huaa... Aap thik toh haina...??" holding his hand which was kept on his head she asked in worried tone making him to pull down his hand slowly
"Kkuch... Nehi... Main thik hoon" trying to balance himself he replied wd his eyes closed which made her more worried
"Armaan... Aap aise kyun...??" she held him immediately as she saw he was about to fell back
"Shilpa... Please iswaqt nehi..." pushing her lightly he said in painful voice while rubbing his head trying to sooth his aching brain which happened coz of that hard drink
"Armaan... Aapne drink ki hai...??" her shocking question made him stiff for a minute but soon he remembered how she said those hurtful words to him which made him angry also the drink was taking troll on his head
"Haan ki hai... Toh..." facing her he asked sternly which made her scared Coz she never ever expected this from him, No matter what happen he never does this specially knowing very well she gets scared of drunk people
"Armaan... Aapko pata bhi hai.. Aapne kya kiya hai... Ek baar Ohaana... Huhhh!!" but before she could blast on him he jerked her by her shoulders towards him which only made her frightened coz of his angry blood shot eyes
"Haan.. Mujhe pata hai maine kya kiya hai... Par kya tum jaanti ho... Tum kya kar rahi ho humaare saath" he said in angry tone while piercing his teeth which made her frightened coz of his drunken state "Har baar ghuma k rakh deti ho humaare rishte ko... Har baar" leaving her shoulders he yelled hurtfully which was enough for her to understand Why he got drunk?? But never in their eight years of marriage he did something like this, which ever problems came he was normal then how on earth he drunk now?? Why?? Is this problem is bigger than before ones, which made him to drink, What if he get habbit of it and started drinking daily, Nooo she can't let this happen coz it will only destroy Arsh's life not to forget Ohaana, These thoughts were coming inside her brain
"Armaan... Aap... Pehle baith jaao... Hum subhe baat karenge... Abhi aap rest karo..." moving hesitatingly towards him she tried to hold his hand carefuly but yes from inside she is fearing of him
Zindagi bewafaa hai
Yeh maana magar...
"Rest... Vo hi toh nehi hai... Shilpa..." giving a sad smile he said softly staring her who looked at him guiltfuly "Kyunki tum mere paas nehi ho..." in an emotional tone he said while grabbing her hand who just stared him quietly when he faced her "Ohh... Sorryyy... Main bhool gaya tha... Sorrryyy... Tum toh darti hona..." stepping back he apologised while balancing himself
"Armaan..." she ran towards him who was about to fall back but he held the couch for support stopping her by his raised hand
"I am fine Shilpa... I am fine... Bas you know... Naa thoda fisal gaya tha... But haan sorryyy for this..." he said in his subconscious state standing properly but seeing him she got more worried so she ran to held him forgeting about her fears
"Aap pehle... Yahan aaiyeee..." gripping his arm she said worriedly on which he just stared her thinking about her in this unconscious state also!
"Par tumhe..." he whispered softly when she put her palm on his lips stopping him
"Baad mein bolna... Pehle chalo baitho yahan..." saying this in her usual strict way she made him sat on couch where as he was only staring her "Kya haalat bana k rakkhi hai apni..." she scolded while clearing his face by her hands which made him to close his eyes where as sitting beside him she cleared his strained cheeks
"Main tumhaare bina mar jaaunga Shilpa" grabbing her both hands he whispered tearfully which made her to stare him lovingly "Please mujhe chodke mat jaana kabhi... Please" he requested wd moist eyes staring her who was numb wd his emotional state "I promise... Mai kabhi aisa kuch nehi karunga... Jisse tumhe hurt ho..." kneeling infront of her he promised fearly as if she will go away from her "Aur aaj mai... Peene nehi waala tha... Vo toh... Vo toh Avi aur KV juice mein drinks mila k le jaa rahe the... Toh pi liya... But i promise main aisa kuch nehi karunga next time" saying this innocently he promised like Ohaana which was enough to melt her heart "I know maine... Bahoot si galtiyaa ki hai... Tumhe naa batakar kuch bhi... Par mera yakeen karo Shilpa... Main tumhe sab kuch khud hi bataana chaahta tha... Par har baar koi naa koi problem bich mein aati thi... Jaise" he was saying this wd moist eyes in fact wdout taking any break also staring up at her who is smitten by his love again
"Ssshhh... Shaant..." cupping his cheeks she looked down at him lovingly whose tears wasn't stopping
Chhod kar raah mein
Jaaoge tum agar...
"No... Let me speak first... Varna dobaara tum sunogi nehi... Bhaag jaaogi..." gripping her both hands he said in broken tone which made her to stare him lovingly
"Aapko aisa kyun lagta hai main bhaag jaaungi...?" in loving tone she asked while caressing his hairs who sniffed "Main toh yehin hoon naa Armaan... Aur kyun jaaungi main aapko chod k... Aap toh meri jaan ho... Mere Armaan ho..." in her cute cheerful tone she said moving her face closer to him who just stared her
"I can't trust you..." he mumble slowly which made her smile "Tum jaa sakti ho... Kyunki maine galti... Hi itni badi ki hai... I know.. Mujhe tumhe bata dena chaahiye tha... Par... Par..." he was saying this while fighting back wd his tears "Samajh mein nehi aa raha tha... Kaise kahun... Tum khush thi uswaqt Shilpa... Kaise bataata... Ki mujhe sab yaad aa gaya hai" looking down on floor he said emotionally which made her to stare him wd moist eyes "Main already bahoot struggle kar raha tha... Un saare moments ko collect karne ki jo missed thi humari... Life se..." looking up at her he started "Tum nehi jaanti Shilpa... Jab mujhe yaad aaya tha... Khud par bahoot gussa aaya tha... Ki kaise maine tumhe itni takleef di... Mere accident k baad... Main tumhe blame bhi nehi kar sakta tha kyunki jaanta tha... Ki tumne jo kiya mere liye kiya... Aur khudko bhi nehi bol sakta tha... Kyunki mujhe yaad nehi tha... Shilpa tum nehi samjhogi... Ki pehle cheh mahine bhoolne k baad tumhe paakar jiya tha main... Uswaqt bhi sochta tha ki... Kya huaa hoga un cheh mahhino mein... Aur jab teen saal bhula tha... Tab bhi... Sochta tha ki kya huaa hoga... Har baar khudse ladta tha... Aur jab sab yaad aaya... Main baat nehi karna chaahta tha un moments k baare mein... Kyunki mujhe un sab yaadon se dur kuch nayi aur puri yaaden banaani thi tumhaare saath Ohaana k saath... Tab kuch... Adhoora nehi chaahta tha main" he took out his all hidden pain in front of her who is speechless right now coz of his words "Tumhe bataana chaahta tha main.. Par jab bhi tumhaara vo cute sa face dekhta bhool jaata... Jab tum un teen saalo ka zikar karte waqt kuch... Alag kahaaniyaan banaati thi... Mujhe tumhe aur chidaane ka mann karta tha... Toh nehi bata paaya tha... Dev ko hospital mein hi pata chal gaya tha mere reaction se... Phir mujhe nehi pata kaise yeh baat sab jaan gayye... Mere liye tum important thi bas uswaqt... I know tumhara pura right hai mujhpar... Par... Par... Nehi bola tumhaare saath rehkar... Aur phir main Singapore chala gaya... Tumhe bina sach bataaye socha... Tha tumhe surprise dekar bataaunga par vaisa huaa nehi... I am sorry for that..." his long hidden confession made an urge inside her to kiss him right here but before she could do that he kept his head on her lap "Aur Anita... Vo sab itni suddenly huaa ki mauka nehi mila tumhe bataane ka... Phone pe nehi bataana chaahta tha... Kyunki main nehi chaahta tha ki tum misunderstood karo..." hearing his soft wet voice she caressed his hairs lovingly also cursing herself mentally that Why she didn't heard him before?? But it was not her fault coz he didn't told her before "Aur mujhe tumpe trust hai... Bahoot hai... Bas khone se darta hoon tumhe... Par pata nehi situation kya hogayi... Aur kal gusse mein bahoot kuch bol diya... So that tum kuch toh share karo... Mujhe tumhaari khaamoshi se bahoot dar lagta hai... Kyunki tumne mujhse haq se ladaai nehi ki..." a slow smile reached on corner of her lips hearing his cute sad voice who was staring at her wd moist eyes which made her too emotional "Aur trust me main sach mein sab kuch thik karna chaahta tha... I don't know vo video Aditi ne kab nikaala... Par usne bhi jaan bujhkar nehi nikaala ho..." but before he could complete his sentence she put her palm on his lips giving his broken voice rest
"Ssshhh..." gesturing him she cupped his face who was staring her wd moist eyes "Main samajh gayi... I am sorry... Itni problem create karne k liye humaare bich" clearing his tears she whispered softly but Yes her eyes were moist
"Nehi vo toh maine ki naa..." he mumble innocently wd moist eyes which made her to give a tearful smile
"Nehi... Humaari hai..." saying this lovingly she cupped his face who kept his both hands above her hands
Chheen laaunga main
Aasmaan se tumhein...
"Tum mujhe chod k toh nehi jaaogi naa... Main nehi reh paaunga tumhaare bina... Vo do saal mere liye bahoot tough the... Shilpa..." as he said tearfully she gave a nod in Yes sadly and wdout saying anything knelt in front of him who stared her quietly
"Mere liye bhi..." she mumble softly while clearing his face lovingly who cried as he took her in rib crushing hug, she smiled wd tears seeing this side of her husband who is So innocent and sensitive from inside, her hands were caressing his back to sooth him who has hiden his face on her hairs wd closed eyes as if feeling her, after few minutes she parted from the hug carefully coz his hold was strong on her back but she managed to part slowly "Ab aapko rest karna chaahiye... Haina" siding his hairs from his forehead she said wd a smile on which he grabbed her hands
"But I love you..." as he confessed innocently a small giggle escaped from her lips
"I know..." giving a kiss to his both cheeks she mumble softly on which he kept his head on her shoulder
"Main tumhaare... Bina nehi reh paaunga..." pulling her closer by her waist he mumble tiredly while hiding his face on crook of her neck who gasped by his sudden contact of nose tip
"Armaan aapko... Ab sona chaahiye..." caressing his hairs she whispered softly on which he looked back at her slowly
"Tum rahogi naa mere saath...??" he asked wd a fear but she can see his eyes were getting tired
"Haan... Ab chalo..." gripping his wrist she stood up which he followed but as he stood his head started spinning
"Aaahhh..." he held his head which made her to give him support
"Armaan... Kya huaa...??" she asked in worried tone while making him sat on bed
"Mera sar dukh raha hai..." he held his head while replying her who now sat comfortably on bed and threw her duppata on side
"Accha... Toh phir chalo... Aaraam karo... Aao..." saying this in her strict tone she kept pillows properly when he gripped her one hand and pulled her closer to him firmly that made her almost close to him
"Promise me tum nehi jaaogi...??" as he questioned again innocently she held her head
"Haan baba... Nehi jaaungi... Kabhi nehi jaaungi... I promise..." cupping his face she answered wd a smile on which he opened his mouth to ask something when she gave kisses below his eyes which made him relaxed also it removed his fear "Aur kuch..." rubbing his lower lip softly by her thumb she asked smilingly on which he gave a nod in Yes when she pecked his lips lightly and hugging him she planted few kisses on his neck who wd closed eyes took her in a hug dazedly "Ab ho gaya... Toh chalo so jaao... Main yehin hoon" parting from hug slowly she said wd a smile on which wdout saying anything he layed down on bed tiredly which made her smiled who was about to opened his shirt's buttons when he kept his head on her lap, She is surprised by his move but knowing about his sleeping nature she shook her head "Armaan..." she smiled caressing his soft hairs who have now circled his one hand around her waist while laying against his stomach
"Hhmmm..." he mumble in sleepy tone which made her giggle
"I think Armaan drink karne k baad aur zyada expressive ho jaate hain... Saath mein cute bhi" she was caressing his hairs lovingly while thinking this when he gripped her hand firmly and put on his cheek still sleeping in fact he also mumble her name which made her giggle "Ajeeb hai yeh pyaar bhi... Ki aaj aapse darne ki wajaye aur gussa hone k wajaaye... Aappe pyaar aa raha hai Armaan... Specially yeh sunne k baad ki aapne mujhe kyun nehi bataaya" she was massaging his head lovingly while thinking this and automatically she forgot everything "Bas ab koi problem nehi chaahti main humaare bich... Ek normal si life chaahti hoon... Bas" she mumbled caressing his eyes lovingly when she felt his slow deep breath "So gayyee..." she smiled ruffling his head and making his head to laye properly on pillow she opened his shirt's buttons to make him relax, moving down from bed she removed his shoes and pulled the comforter up on him then putting the lights off she laid beside him wd a smile "Har rishte mein problems aati hai... Differences Misunderstandings aati hai... Par uska yeh matlab nehi ki unhe tod do... Yaah phir dur jaao... Unhe toh acche se samajh kar solve karna padta hai... Aur humaara rishta toh aisa hai... Jahan yeh problems toh normal hai... Infact agar problems naa ho toh ek problem hai..." putting her cheek on her entwined hands she thought wd a smile while staring his calm face "Kyunki hum ek dusre k aur karib tabhi aate hain... Jab in problems ko samajh lete hain... Aur problems toh life ka hissa hai... Jinhe samjhkar chalna hi toh life hai..." she thought smilingly and laid straight while staring the cieling "Maana ki har rishte mein pyaar aur saath hona zaroori hai... Par kahin na kahin us pyaar aur vishwaash ka test dena bhi zaroori hai... Sab kuch accha ho yeh zaroori hai par sab kuch accha karne k liye vishwaash bhi zaroori hai... Aur vaise bhi kehten haina... Zyada meetha khaaoge toh diabetes ho jaayga... Ussi tarah mere aur Armaan k bich zaroori nehi humesha pyaar rahe... Zaroori toh yeh hai ki khatti meethi takraar k baad ussi pyaar ko banaaye rakkhen... Bas" closing her eyes she thought wd a smile when she felt his hand on her waist who turned her position at him wd a smile, giving a lingering kiss to his cheek she dozed off also excited for next morning coz she want to short out everything b/w them coz next morning he will be conscious enough to understand everything...!
Flashback ends
"Ab jaake sab clear huaa... Vaise acha hi huaa tha... Varna Shilpa ka toh impossible tha manana" he thought wd a smile as he got to know about that night which gave a peace inside his head "Par vo already maani hui lag rahi thi... Varna uska darna toh confirm tha... Yaani meri Bracelet mujhse bahoot pyaar karti hai..." his heart said wd contented smile "Par abhi bhi ek question reh gaya hai... Ki maine aisa kya keh diya jo Shilpa ko sunna tha??" he thought wd serious look when Ananya's voice made him come out from his thoughts and concentrate on his family
"Acha suno... Yahan se direct ab tum Mumbai chaloge humaare saath... Baad mein jaana Bhopal" Ananya almost ordered Armaan who is sitting beside her while Ohnu was sitting on her lap
"Par..." he was about to refused when it clicked inside his brain that Yes he have already decided about spending time wd them so it will be surprise for his family
"Haan beta... Ab tu kahin nehi jaayga... Thoda sa toh humaare saath reh... Do saal se teri kami hai ghar mein" caressing his hairs lovingly Daadi spoke which made Armaan smile
"Ab agar aap keh rahe ho toh thik hai..." hugging his Daadi he agreed which made Billy & Ananya chuckled
"Aur haan.. Abhi yeh humaare paas rahegi... Jab sone lagegi toh tumhaare kamre mein pahucha dunga" Billy commanded calmly while looking at Ohaana whom Ananya was making to eat her dinner and Anant was playing wd Daadu
"Ek kaam karo apne paas hi rakkho jab mood kare le aana" surrending it he said in chilled out tone making the elders giggle like this function got over wd lots of fun, Shilpa was about to check Ohaana when a message peeped in her phone
"Armaan ka message...?" she frowned seeing his message "Bahar aao... Mujhe kuch kaam hai" she readed his message "Ab inko bahar kya kaam hai..." saying this confusedly she went out of the Palace only to find Armaan standing against the car's door and as he saw her a smile curved onto his lips who have now changed his clothes in a casual blue gray shirt wd white denim jeans and seeing him she thought he is going somewhere


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