Sunday, 17 March 2019

Part 81 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


You meet one true person in life and your whole life changes forever.

"Kya huaa aapne mujhe yahan kyun bulaaya...? Aur aap kahin jaa rahe hain??" she questioned confusedly as she stood in front of him who wdout saying anything opened the car's door "Armaan??" she looked at him wd a frown as he opened the door calmly
"Aree yaar baitho toh... Kitne questions puchti ho tum..." he gave her annoyed look which made her to cross her arms
"Kyun naa puchun... Sab andar hain.. Aur sone jaa rahen hain... Par aapko bahar kyun jaana hai... Uper se Ohnu bhi nehi dikh rahi hai..." she started her lecture only to made him to roll his eyes
"Shilpa Ohaana mom dad k saath hai... Aur baaki sabko sona hai toh sone do... Par mujhe long drive pe jaana hai toh... Tumhe toh chalna hi padega..." answering her he almost ordered which made her to shook her head in disbelief
"Long drive vo bhi... Ispe... Aapka dimaag thik toh hai?" pointing at her Lehenga she looked at him angrily who shook his head

Soona hoga na yeh
Do dilon ka nagar...

"Yaar kitni kich kich karne lagi ho tum... Chalo bhi... Aur kitni beautiful lag rahi ho... Iss dress mein... Jab mujhe problem nehi hai toh tumhe bhi nehi honi chaahiye" caging her in his arms he said in loving tone which only made her to smack his chest lightly
"Haan zarur khud toh change karke aaye ho toh problem kyun hogi" keeping her hands on his chest she said in sarcastic way which made him to kiss on her nose tip
"Please Shilpa mere liye... Pakka hum jaldi wapas aa jaayenge..." in a cutest way he requested which made her giggle who giving a kiss on his cheek nodded in Yes
"Thik hai... Par jaldi aayenge... Kyunki baarish bhi hone k chances hain" as she agreed a grin formed on his face who moved to kiss her when she moved her head back "Nehi... Chalo ab..." pushing him she sat inside the car which made him chuckle who taking a sigh sat inside the car and took away their car from the palace, in whole way they were bantering over small topics when he stopped the car in front of a ice-cream parlour, taking the ice creams they stood against their car's bonnet talking about here & there topics when he thought to inform her about Dev & His plan for vacation so as they finished their ice creams he told about the plan which made her fully surprised "Armaan... Are you serious... I mean itna long vacation kaun plan karta hai??" she looked at him still in surprise
"Armaan Malik... Aur problem kya hai... Long vacation mein??" he argued
"Armaan problem kuch nehi hai... Par Ohnu ne abhi abhi school join kiya hai aur Anant ka bhi school miss ho jaayga" she tried to make him understand calmly
"Vo sab main nehi jaanta... Bas mujhe mere family k saath time spend karna hai matlab karna hai... That's it" he announced clearly which made her to shook her head knowing very well she can't fight over this wd him
"Accha thik hai samajh gayi... Par yeh toh bataaiye jaana kab hai...?" gripping his arm she asked in loving tone which made him cool again who gripping her hand started walking
"Kal shaamko... Vaise bhi packing toh sab kal tak kar hi lenge... Haina" looking at her he replied smilingly on which she gave nod in Yes wd a smile while they both were walking on footpath slowly enjoying this peaceful windy weather where the cool breeze was touching their faces
"Haan... I think kal shaam tak sab nikal jaayenge... Even Surbhi aur Rehaan bhi..." she spoke thoughtfully while Armaan was looking around on the trees & Sky as if wondering something
"Shilpa... Ohaana ka birthday next month haina...??" his out of blue question made her a little surprise
"Haan... Hai toh... Par kyun pucha...?" she asked smilingly while gripping his arm who looked at her
"Kyunki... Ohnu three years complete karke... Four ki ho jaaygi... Aur yeh uska dusra Birthday hoga mere saath... So..." coming in front of her he said excitedly which made her amused "Maine kuch plan kiya hai... Humaari Ohaana k liye" as he said this excitedly she giggled at his childish excited face
"Really kya??" she asked curiously which made him grin
"Sorry... Vo main tumhe nehi bataunga... Actually yeh tumhaare liye bhi surprise hai... Jo main Ohnu k birthday k hi din... Disclose karunga" hearing his cool voice she pouted
"Kyun... Birthday toh Ohaana ka hai... Phir aap mujhe kyun nehi bataayenge...?" she questioned cutely making him to circle her back by his hands lovingly
"Bataunga... Pehle Singapore pahuchne toh do..." pecking on her cheek he whispered smilingly
"Singapore??" she narrowed her bows on which shaking his head he lightly slapped her head
"Kyunki uswaqt hum wahin honge yaar... According to my calculation... Ohnu ka birthday Singapore mein padega..." his thoughtful answer made her think about their vacation more deeply
"Matlab pure ek mahine Goa aur Kerela ghoomne k baad hum Singapore jaayenge... That to for 15 days?" she looked at him shockingly
"So what...? Agar mera mood kiya toh hum ek mahine rukenge Singapore mein" hearing his chilled out voice she stared him in disbelief
"Means... Pehle Bhopal se Ajemer... Ajmer se Goa... Goa se Kerela... Kerela se Mumbai... Phir Mumbai se Singapore... Then Singapore se back in Bhopal...??" she calculated by counting her fingers while wd a smile he put his one hand on her waist and started walking slowly "Matlab Armaan... Hum pure do mahine sirf ghoomenge??" she looked at him wd shocked look which made him smile
"Yes...!" he grinned winningly which made her to stare his face in disbelief
"Armaan itna time..." but before she could start her rant he kissed on her cheek lovingly
"Just forget about that... And now please concentrate on me" hearing this she let it go and shaking her head continued walking wd him who started another topic relating from Surbhi's reception, they were talking when it clicked inside his head about that night so he thought to clear it "Tumhe pata hai... Mujhe yaad aa gaya hai... Us raat k baare mein..." as he said calmly she looked at him wd a smile

"Hmmm... Toh award doon?" hearing this he lightly smacked her shoulder "Aaaww Armaan?" she giggled amusingly
"Toh suno dhyaan se... Haan toh main kya keh raha tha... Haan... Toh mujhe sab kuch yaad hai... Par kuch cheeze samjhi nehi hai" he said thoughtfuly which made her smile coz she recalled Ohaana who also react like this
"Jaise??" she questioned smilingly while they both turned back towards their car
"Jaise tum mujhe dekh kar dari nehi... Aise kaise tum maan gayi in fact mere drink karne k baad toh tumhe mujhe kamre se dhakke dekar nikaalna chaahiye tha but tumne aisa nehi kiya instead itne acche se mujhe handle kiya... Itna ki... I am falling for you more...??" standing in front of her he questioned confusedly which made her smile from deep down of her heart "Aur tumne kaha tha... Ki maine aisa kuch kaha tha... Jisse tum maan gayi... Kyaa??" he looked at her still in confusion who giggled "Shilpa... I am serious yaar" he gave an annoying look which made her to move closer to him smilingly
"Vo kya haina..." she was about to answer but cloud's loud thunder made them look up at sky which was hiding behind the dark clouds "Armaan... I think baarish hogi... Chalo yahan se varna raaste block ho jaayenge" looking back at him she said in worried voice
"Par Shilpa mere questions??" but ignoring it she gripped his wrist
"Chalo..." as she said this he took a sigh and started walking towards their car which was standing just a little away from them, Armaan opening the door sat inside but before Shilpa could sat her Bracelet fell near the wheel which she bend to pick but in a seconds rain started falling in speed which made her drenched "Tch!" she made a face picking the bracelet
"Shilpa yaar jaldi andar aao..." he said in worried voice but as she sat inside the car wd grumpy look a chuckle escaped from his mouth seeing her drenched
"Armaan aapko... Hassi aa rahi hai... Yahan mujhe thand lag rahi hai... Aur aapko... Huh!" rubbing her both shoulders wd quivering lips she said angrily which made him worried
"Ohhh Sorrry... But tum itni hot lag rahi ho main kya bolun..." hearing this she almost showed her glare wd a pout "Okay okay... Main AC off karta hoon..." saying this he switched off the AC and started his car while enjoying her looks "Vaise vo Bracelet gira kaise??" he asked normally to divert her mind but it only made her more angry
"Pata nehi par... Yeh sab aapki wajah se hua... Naa aap mujhe yahan laate naa vo stupid Bracelet girta... Aur na hi mai bheegti... Par sirf aapki wajah se main bheeg gayi... Aur dekho ab main is stupid si chipchipi dress mein baithi hoon..." looking down at herself she made a disgusted face which was enough for his chuckle "Haan... Has lijiye... Khud toh sukhe huye haina... Tabhi realise nehi ho raha hai... Ki mujhe thand lag rahi hogi... Huh!" crossing her arms she taunted on which he shook his head wd a smile while focusing on road where the rain has blocked everything so he drived carefully
"Vaise tumhe sachmein thand lag rahi hai??" looking at her he asked in soft tone on which she gave him uninterested look while rubbing her arms feeling the shiver which he observed "Shilpa...?" he asked in strict voice on which she looked at him
"Nehi Armaan mujhe kyun thand lagegi... Main toh volcano k paas baithi hoon na..." she replied in sarcastic way while he pressed his lips to control his laugh and in whole way she was cursing him & the weather which he was enjoying coolly but yes he can feel she is shivering so he fasten his car, parking the car inside Palace they moved out and walked inside their room as soon as possible coz of Shilpa's condition, Armaan immediately switched on the heater for Shilpa who was shivering badly
"Tum jao... Jaldi se change karlo... Varna beemar padogi..." he said in worried tone and giving her the towel he opened the cupboard which was empty right now except few clothes of his & Ohaana
"Haan..." rubbing her hairs she nodded slowly
"Shilpa saare kapde kahan gayye yahan se??" looking back at her he asked confusedly making her to walk closer to him
"Aree maine sab pack kar diye kyunki... Mujhe laga kal subhe hume nikalna hai... Toh pehle hi pack karle liye" she replied normally making him to shook his head
"Tumna... Subhe nehi hume shaamko nikalna hai... Acha apne bag ki keys do... Main kapde nikaalta hoon tumhaare tab tak tum jao change karne..." saying this calmly he forwarded his hand for keys on which she started looking for it but she didn't find
"Yehin toh rakkhi thi... Pata nehi kahan gayi" she said confusedly checking inside the drawers while Armaan observed she is trembling coz of the cold wind which he himself can feel
"Acha rehne do... Tum yeh lo... Jakar change karo tab tak main dhundhta hoon..." picking up one of his night Gray T-shirt he gave on her hands and almost ordered her who first looked at him then at his T shirt
"Par Armaan main yeh kaise pehnungi??" she looked up at him confusedly
"Haath se Shilpa" as he mocked she made a face "Shilpa chup chap jaakar change karo... Varna bimaar padogi in geele kapdo mein..." he warned in strict voice
"Par Armaan mujhe thand lag rahi hai... Aur main sirf yeh T shirt kaise pehenungi..." she argued which only increased his temper
"Jaati ho ki main change kar doon... See mujhe gussa mat dilaao aur jaakar change karlo... Tab tak main hoon naa... Dhundh rahan hoon" he almost ordered which left no choice for her only to agree
"Thik hai par jaldi..." pointing her finger at him she got ready which made him smile who shook his head as she went inside the washroom to change while here he started looking for keys when
"Armaan..." hearing her voice he looked back at her whose head was peeping out from washroom door
"Kya huaa?" moving towards her he asked wd a frown

Khud ko kho kar
Tujhko paaya...
"Actually ek help chaahiye..." walking out she said in slow voice which made him to observe her who was still on her wet clothes except her duppata & jwelleries which were out(Only her golden waist chain was shinning on her bare waist) but her almost exposed skin is making a desire inside him
"Yeh bhi koi puchne waali baat hai wify..." he said wd a grin seeing her attractive magnetic look
"Okay... Toh phir yeh khol do khul nehi raha hai..." saying this she showed her backless blouse which made his heart beat increased seeing her exposed wet back where only one string was holding it while from down two hooks were closed and slowly he sided her hairs on her one shoulder who is standing normal as if she is used of it but actually its true, he carefuly opened her string who is standing normally until she felt his finger's smooth touch which made her heartbeat skipped, she was about to turn when she felt a soft kiss on her back "Armaan..." she gasped as he was kissing her back dazedly while his one hand sneaked on her bare waist smoothly leaving her whole weight on him who now started kissing her shoulder sensuously and pulled her closer to him more
"Tum kaho toh pura nikal doon..." pulling her sleeves a little down till her shoulders he whispered huskily
"Nehi..." staring up at him she refused softly which made him smile whose one hand opened the hooks of her backless blouse which almost became loose leaving her gasped and in a second she faced him while touching her back against the washroom wall
"Tumhi naa kaha tha... Help kar doon... Toh kardiya" brushing their lips he whispered in dazed tone as he saw her surprising look who puts her hands on his chest lostly when he moved to capture her lips but was stopped by her who turned her face away from him "Shilpa..." he looked at her wd a frown
"Maine kaha tha dori kholne k liye... Yeh sab karne k liye nehi..." seeing his cute look she said in teasing voice which made him to move more closer to her who now got stuck b/w him and the wall
"Par help karne k liye... Kuch toh banta hai..." brushing his nose tip on her lips he whispered in husky tone while his one hand moved his fingers sensuously on her waist who completely gave herself to him when his one finger traced her waistchain seductively and this made her to pull him more closer to her, seeing his spell working he grabbed the opportunity and immediately took her lips into his taking them in a soulful kiss, their kiss was turning passionate by each passing seconds his hands were feeling her curves whose both hands reached inside his head iginating a fire inside him who pressed her curves hastly only to feel her body tremble, feeling out of breath she broke the kiss which only make him want her so he started kissing on her exposed neck while his hands were busy on her curves, she was taking heavy breaths coz of his moves whose head now descended more while trying to remove her blouse which was almost out by his hurried hands when a loud thunder made Shilpa's eyes opened and she realised in what condition they are now, he was totally lost in her who lightly pushed him as he was about to take off her blouse and before he could react she ran inside washroom wd a smile where as he was stunned at her sudden move
"Mujhe beemar nehi hona geele kapdo mein..." hearing her voice from inside he got angry now while she locked the door from inside
"Haan toh main help kar raha tha na... Nikaalne mein" he said loudly wd angry voice but hearing this she giggled
"Haan mujhe pata hai kitni help karte aap... Aur ab please... Mujhe disturb mat kijiye" she said in teasing voice which put the fuel on fire
"Fine... Baat mat karna tum mujhse... Aur mere karib toh bilkul mat aana..." saying this angrily he walked away from washroom which made her giggle "Stupid... Pura mood spoil kar diya..." he mumbled angrily looking at door of washroom, he only knows how much he want her how much he desires for her from the time she was away from him his body & soul only needs her especially when she was in Lucknow and he was in Bhopal this long distances are always made him more closer to her even after their nine years of marriage, she can never understand since the time he got to know that she lived Ohnu wd him just to make them closer he wants to hug her tightly make love to her madly to love her pamper her etc. But this girl is Stupid, his chain of thoughts were broken by a loud noise from balcony as if something has fallen So he immediately ran to check but he found nothing except a pot broken which fell coz of wind & heavy rainfall, moving inside he closed the door of the balcony and removing his shoes he put off all the lights except two night bulbs which were dim one he was laying on bed straightly wd half leg hanging down when he heard the click of washroom door but he was angry on her so ignoring it he closed his eyes
"Armaan aap so gayye...??" she knowingly asked just to check his mood but when she didn't heard anything from him she understood he is angry "Aapko pata hai kitni thand hai... I mean jaise Snow gir raha ho bahar" picking up the hair dryer she started drying her hairs while he ignored her completely as if he is deaf but Shilpa was enjoying this scene "Hmmm... Koi toh sach mein gussa hai" after drying her hairs she walked towards him slowly steadly "Thik hai... Nehi baat karni toh mat karo par... Bed pe jagah toh do... Mujhe thand lag rahi hai aapke is T-shirt mein" standing near his leg she nudged him whose mind immediately imagined her only on his Gray full sleeves long T shirt which might be reach a little above her thighs(Which actually she is looking like) and imagining this his desires started trolling inside his head but immediately he shushed also where as getting no response from him she got angry and directly came above him almost leaning on him "Armaan... Suno toh..." laying above him she tapped on his cheek who opened his eyes only to find two Crystal Oceanetic Green orbs which made him to lost in her beauty whose hairs were hiding his face "Armaan..." as he felt her hot breath on his face he moved his one hand on her waist while other moved to remove her hairs which were hiding their faces
"Tum mere paas kya kar rahi ho...??" he asked in strict yet calm voice making her smile who caressed his cheek lovingly
Iss tarah se mujhko
Jeena aaya...
"Aise hi mera pati... Meri marzi" giving a kiss on his cheek she said in loving tone which made him to show his glares but ignoring it she bit his nose tip
"Shii..." he made a face while glaring her who giggled while putting her head on his chest whose anger vanished soon "Tum mujhse dur kyun nehi rehti..." putting his hands around her back he asked in fake strict tone when he felt her hot body above her T-shirt Sorry! His T-Shirt, he can felt her inner underneath the T-shirt when she sat up leaving him disappoint
"Kyun rahoon dur main aapse... Aap mere hubby ho" she retorted coolly as he sat up too in front of her
"Yaah right... Dekha tha thodi der pehle..." rolling his eyes he said in sarcastic way which made her giggle "Tumhara dimaag..." but before he could scold her she encircled her hands around his neck wd a smile, she was almost sitting on his lap who forgot all his angers seeing her Hot look!
"Oh mere Shona re... Shona re de dungi jaan khafa mat hona re..." he narrowed his bows as she started singing seductively "Maine tujhe zara der se jaana... Huaa qusoor juda ab hona re" pinching his nose lovingly she sang in dramatic way on which the corners of his mouth quirked up and pulled her closer to him more when she kissed his cheeks lovingly making him stare her dazedly "Hmm toh aapne kuch pucha tha yaad hai... Parso raat k baare mein" she said wd cute thoughtful look while he was only staring her dazedly but as he heard this he became serious
"Haan... Yehi ki..." but before he could complete his sentence she put her palm on his lips who narrowed his brows
"I know... I know..." she said smartly which made him amused "Hmm... Toh aapka pehla sawaal tha ki main dari kyun nehi aapko dekhkar... Toh iska answer hai" removing her palm she spoke thoughtfully while he put his both hands around her back but his eyes were fixed on her face amusingly "Main aapko dekh kar nehi dari kyunki... Pehle mujhe aapko dekhkar gussa aaya tha phir yaad aaya aree... Jab main nashe mein thi toh kaise mere hubby ne mujhe handle kiya tha... Aur phir mera saara gussa paani mein chala gaya aapko dekhkar" cupping his face she said lovingly which made him smile and at the end she planted a kiss on his nose tip who grinned
"Aur dusre swaal ka jawab?" holding her firmly he asked wd a smile on which she started thinking wd cute face making him chuckled who moved his hands on her back dazedly only to feel her skin above his t-shirt
"Toh aapke dusre sawaal ka jawab hai... Haan main maan gayi thi kyunki... Mujhe pehle hi realise ho gaya tha ki... Ek baar mujhe aapki sunni chaahiye thi... Jo humaare riste mein zaroori hai" as she replied this smilingly he pulled her more closer by her waist feeling loved "Aur isiliye jab aap bata rahe the toh maine sab bhula diya... Sirf humaare liye" she said softly moving her fingers on his scalps driving him more crazy who now closed his eyes
"Tum humesha se hi itni mature thi... Ki abhi abhi huyi ho... Par jahan tak mujhe yaad hai tum mature thi but jinmein hona chaahiye unko chodhkar" nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered in dazed tone which made her smile who was caressing his hairs lovingly
"Jaise...??" she asked wd closed eyes as he was kissing her neck lostly
"Hmmm... Vo samjhaane mein time jaayga... Tum teesra bolo" staring up at her he asked in calm tone which made her smile
"Nehi jab tak samjhaoge nehi... Main nehi bolungi" hearing her stubborn voice he shook his head and moved his one hand to cup her face
"Toh suno... Jaise tum mujhe chod k jaane ka sochti ho vo imaturity hai... Aur kabhi bhi mere romance ka kachra kar deti ho vo imaturity hai" tracing her lips dazedly he replied in calm voice which made her giggle
"Ohho... Toh yeh baat hai..." playing wd his shirt's button she asked smilingly which made him to gave a Nod in Yes
"Ab tum jawab do..." hearing his calm voice she smiled and gave a soft kiss near his lips who smiled slowly caressing her back
"Hmm toh teesre sawaal ka jawaab hai... Ki aapne vo sab kaha jo aapko... Humaare jhagde k hone k baad kehna chaahiye tha... Vo sab confess kiya jo mujhe sunna tha... So isiliye maine aapko maaf kar diya... Samjhe buddhu" she replied in chilled out tone and at the end pinched his nose who smiled coyly
"Jaise kya kaha tha...??" wd a teasing smile he looked at her who pretending to think moved her face near his cheek
"Jaise... I love you" saying this she bit his earlobe lovingly which made him to close his eyes smilingly feeling the romance b/w them again
"I love you too..." siding her hairs slowly he whispered in loving tone making her to move her hands seductively on his nape "Par iska matlab yeh nehi... Ki maine tumhe maaf kiya humaara moment spoil karne k liye..." hearing his fake serious voice she smiled "Main tumhe punish..." but before he could scold her more she captured his lips on hers and started kissing him lostly while he was taken aback by her move but soon he too responded equally, they were so lost in each other wd this passionate kiss that they didn't realised where their hands were busy like Shilpa's hands were busy on his back of hairs & shirt's collar while Armaan's one hand was holding her face and other was caressing her waist under the t shirt which only made her burn from inside, feeling out of breath she broke the kiss which definitely made him disappoint who moved to kiss her again when she hugged him tightly while catching her breaths where as soon his hands moved on her back and his head got buried in her hairs who placed a kiss on his shoulder breaking their hug

"Toh ab good night..." saying this cheerfully she moved away from him who was stunned at her words
"What??" he looked at her shockingly who giving a nod in Yes wd big smile moved back on bed
"Yes kyunki mujhe... Neend aa rahi hai..." pulling the quilt above her she said in nonchant way and quickly laid down hiding her smile where as he was staring her in disbelief
"How mean Yaar... I just hate you... And from now onwards don't come near ME!" saying this angrily he moved down from bed and waited for her response but when she didn't said anything he got more angry and sat at bottom edge of the bed frustratingly "Mood Spoiler... Zara si bhi parwa nehi hai apne Pati ki... Jo jabse wapas aaya hai Sirf apni Wife chaahta hai... Wahi pyaar aur care chaahta hai... Par nehi is patthar dil ladki ko... Sirf apni padi rehti hai... Jo jabse main aaya hoon Sirf lad rahi hai" cursing her mentally he looked at the space while controlling his desires which were provoked by her and soon killed by her only "Baat hi nehi karni mujhe isse..." he thought wd angry face when he felt two hands sneaked from back on his chest who didn't look back knowing who it could be
Teri hansi
Meri khushi
Meri khushi tu hi...
"Aapko pata hai... Armaan aap gusse mein... Aur bhi handsome lagte ho..." keeping her chin on his shoulder she said wd teasing smile when he calmly jerked away her hands "Oyyee Hoyyee itna gussa..." hitting him lightly on his back she hugged him "Aapka yeh side dekh kar na mujhe... Mera second husband yaad aa gaya... The rough & tough one Armaan... But the sensitive and caring Armaan" saying this cheerfuly she bit his earlobe making him to close his eyes controlling his wild side which only wants her badly where as seeing his unresponse she thought another trick So she also sat beside him whose eyes landed on her exposed legs which almost took his breath "You know... Vo bahoot gussa karta tha... Par na bahoot caring bhi tha vo... But vo side kabhi kabhi hi dikhta tha... Kyunki mostly vo gusse mein hi hota tha... Itna ki usne toh ek baar mujhe thappad bhi maara tha..." she knowingly teased him while gripping his arms who gave her an uninterested look
"Tumhe bhi return maar dena chaahiye tha... Hisaab barabar ho jaata" he suggested in calm tone removing her hands who smiled teasingly
"Kaise maarti... Usne buri tarah hurt jo kar diya tha... Ki bas shakal hi nehi dekhni thi mujhe uski..." she blurted out unintentionally which changed his expressions who looked at her wd serious look "I mean..." but before she could changed her sentence he interrupted
"Sach batana Shilpa uswaqt kya feel huaa tha...??" he asked demurely holding her one hand who first stared him then smiled
"Hmmm... Mujhe uswaqt bahoot accha laga tha... Ki mere pati ne... Mujhe pehli baar thappad maara tha... Toh soch rahi thi party doon par kaam mein itna busy hogayi ki bhool hi gayi main" she replied in her cheerful way gripping his arm but as she saw his serious face she sighed "Gussa nehi aaya tha aappe uswaqt... Bas bura laga tha Armaan... Ki aap kaise aisa kar sakte ho aapne toh mujhe suna hi nehi uswaqt... Trust tak nehi kiya mera bas maar diya... Cheh mahine saath mein rehne k bawjood aapko main galat lagi... Toh puri zindagi kaise rehte hum uswaqt yeh soch rahi thi... In fact... Thodi der tak toh yakeen hi nehi ho raha tha ki vo aap the... Aapki saari puraani baate yaad aa rahi thi jab aap kehte the ki... Ek kheech k maarunga... Bracelet tum maar khaogi mere haath se... Abhi maarunga mai etc etc... Sab ghoom raha tha dimaag mein" looking on floor she opened out her feelings emotionally where as he was feeling more guilty "Uswaqt aisa laga aap vo insaan ho hi nehi jisse maine pyaar kiya tha... Jaise yeh koi aur hai aur vo koi aur tha... Mujhe toh yeh tak lagne laga tha ki... Ab humaari life aise hi rahegi jahaan aap aise hi react karte aur main chup rehti... Aapne kaha tha ki mujhe aapko return maarna chaahiye tha par... Uswaqt aap mere liye kisi stranger se kam nehi the... Aappe mera koi right nehi tha... Aap toh mujhe Kiya k lagte the... So umeed chod di thi aapse... In fact maine toh descide kar liya tha... Kuch bhi ho jaaye mujhe aapki shakal hi nehi dekhni hai" hearing this his heart sank while she tried to grip her emotions which she is taking out wastely coz now it doesn't matter to them, coz its past now and what matters is their present where they are together now
"Kyun??" entwining their hands he questioned
"Armaan yeh sab chodiye aur..." she tried to avoid this topic but when he mumble Please making her silent
"Kyun nehi dekhni thi tumhe meri shakal...??" moving closer to her he asked in soft tone which made her to look at their locked hands which were kept on his thigh
"Kyunki agar mai aapko dekhti toh mujhe gussa aata... Aur yakeen ho jaata jo moments humne un teen saalo mein guzaare vo sab ek sapna tha aur usmein aap hi the jiske dil mein uswaqt Kiya thi... Jisse mujhe yakeen hota ki main aap dono k bich mein aayi hoon... Saath mein yeh bhi... Ki mera pyaar par se vishwaash uth jaata..." his hold tightened hearing this but he didn't utter a word instead he was staring at their hands Thinking that's why she took time to accept him again "Par ek baat ki khushi thi uswaqt Armaan..." she mumble softly which made him to stare her face whose head was bowed down "Ki thank god uswaqt humaara baby nehi huaa tha... Varna main kaise rehti main hi jaanti... Thank god mera miscarriage ho gaya tha uswaqt... Nehi toh mai pagal ho jaati uswaqt" she sniffed whispering this while he closed his eyes hearing this also his hold got more tight on her hand who soon realised where they are heading so she thought to lightened the situation "See aapne mujhe rula diya... I hate you" wipping her corner of tears she complained like a kid which made him smile slowly who wd a sigh pulled her hand more closer to his chest
"Jaanti ho jab mujhe yaad aaya tha sab kuch... Aur clearly sab samajh gaya tha... Tab uswaqt... Teen cheezo ko lekar mujhe tumpe gussa aaya aur... Teen cheezo ko lekar tumpar bahoot Pyaar... Itna ki bas chura k le jaaun tumhe kahin..." looking at her wd a smile he shared in calm tone which made her to move closer to him attentively "Puchogi nehi kya??" tucking her strand of hair aside he asked smilingly on which she mumble 'What' making him to cup her face "Pehle konsa sunogi... Gusse waala ki Pyaar waala...??" he questioned placing a small kiss on her chin who smiled wd closed her eyes
"Gussa... Main bhi dekhna chaahti hoon... Ki maine kya galti ki thi" staring at him she replied smilingly on which he smiled and stood in front of her who looked up at him wd full ears
"Hmm... Toh tumhaari pehli galti yeh thi... Ki... Tumne mujhse jhoot kaha tha... Ki Bracelet koi aur hai... Aur kuch khaas nehi tha humaare bich un teen saalon mein..." he started in calm tone while crossing his arms which made her mouth dropped who stood on bed on her knees wd her hands put on her waist angrily where as he stood right in front of her wd a smirk knowing very well they are going to land in a banter
"Excuse me...! Maine koi jhoot nehi bola aapse... Vo toh situation aisi thi ki mujhe bolna pada ki mujhe nehi pata Bracelet kaun hai... Aur kuch khaas nehi bhi bolna pada... Kyunki agar bolti ki kuch nehi bahoot khaas tha... Toh aap sochne ki koshish karte yaah phir mujhse gussa hokar aur dur ho jaate..." she cleared herself in angry tone when he put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him
"Aur agar... Aur karib aa jaata toh...?" blowing air on her face he questioned softly feeling her back who was still knelt on bed's edge while he was standing
"Impossible... Kyunki jab maine galti se... Bol diya tha ki main aapse pyaar karti hoon... Aap aur dur ho gayye the..." putting her hands around his neck she argued which made him chuckled
"First tumne yeh nehi kaha tha... Ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho... Tumne yeh kaha tha ki tumhe... Nafrat hai apne aapse ki tumhe mujh jaise insaan se pyaar hua..." pulling her closer to him by her waist almost sticking to her he reminded smilingly which not only made her smile but also she blushed a little which she tried to hide it "Aur vo sunne k baad main dur nehi... Aur karib aaya tha tumhaare... In fact ussi k baad se toh mujhe realise huaa mera love..." he whispered softly on her face who closed her eyes as he brushed their lips sensuously
Tosey naina jab se miley
Tosey naina jab se miley
Bann gaye silsile... (x2)

"Haan par..." she tried to argue still in dazed but his sudden move made her stop whose body burnt more as she felt his one hand inside her t-shirt on her back
"Let it be... Tumhaari dusri galti yeh thi... Ki..." caressing her back sensuously he whispered lostly while his eyes were fixed on her lips whose hands moved on his broad shoulders
"Ki..." she mumbled wd closed eyes feeling his nose tip on her cheeks but soon he faced her wd serious face
"Ki... Tumne itni aasaani se haar maan kar mujhe... Kiya k hawaale chod diya... Aur saath mein... Avni k reception k din tum mujhe chod k jaa rahi thi... Kya tumne uswaqt yeh nehi socha... Ki jab mujhe yaad aayega aur tumhe apne saath naa dekh kar mujhpar kya beetegi..." his serious voice made her eyes opened
"Armaan uswaqt mujhe wahi sahin laga... Kiya k time... Jab mujhe laga aap usse pyaar karte hain... Toh socha main kyun bich mein aaun aap dono k..." playing wd his shirt's button she defended herself slowly which made him to stare her calmly "Par aap yeh kyun bhool rahen hain... Ki jab mujhe pata chala aap usse pyaar nehi karte... Maine khud usse baat kar k samjhaaya tha... Aur jo aapko chodne ka decision tha... Vo mujhe uswaqt k haalaat ne bana diye the... Maine aage ka kuch nehi socha tha uswaqt aapke baare mein bhi nehi... Kyunki main pagal ho rahi thi uswaqt specially aapse... Thak gayi thi main... Bas kisi bhi tarah bhaagna chaahti thi aapse" hugging him she confessed emotionally which made him to hug her more tightly
"Kyun bhagna chaati thi?" playing wd her hairs he asked softly hiding his face on her nape
"Kyunki aapne mujhe tang karke rakkha tha bas..." pushing him she complained wd a pout which made him chuckle
"Really... Kaise??" crossing his arms he asked wd mischivious grin
"Don't pretened Armaan... Ki yaad nehi aapko... Ache se jaanti hoon main ki aap act kar rahen hain... So ab teesra sawaal puchiye" almost ordering she looked at him wd her cute pouted anger making him to shook his head smilingly
"Teesre waale k liye main tumhe punishment dunga... Yaad rakhna" he clearly warned putting his hands around her waist who showed him her one of a best expression; Attitude "Toh tumhaari teesri aur sabse badi galti hai ki... Tumne mujhe buri tarah do baar hurt kiya... Itna ki main helpless ho gaya tha... Khudse nafrat ho gayi thi mujhe... Aur bas regret kar raha tha..." hearing his complaining voice she got what he is talking about First: about that Udaipur night where she told him she regret their most powerful passionate night and Second must be that day where she left their house coz she thought she can't became a mother so she went to Surbhi's house
"Kya... Regret kiya aapne Armaan... Humaare moments...?" moving her hands on his chest she asked softly while directly staring into his eyes who pulled her wd such force that her soft chest pressed wd his hard rock leaving her gasp
"Nehi humaare moments nehi... Vo meri galtiyo ko regret kiya..." their lips were brushing wd each other as he was speaking where as she was lost in his deep blue eyes "Jaanti ho... Jis raat hum dobaara ek huye the... Vo mere liye uswaqt best moment tha... Ussi time mujhe lagne laga tha ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon..." moving towards her he whispered softly while they both were unaware that their bodies were lowering down on bed wd him above her "Us raat maine tumhe puri tarah se paa liya tha... Pehle se bhi zyada... Us raat maine tumhe tut k paaya tha Shilpa... Mehsoos karke apna banaaya tha... Sirf Physically hi nehi emotionally bhi tumhe apna banaya tha..." he whispered on her lips who now closed her eyes as her head rested on pillow "Par next morning tumne ek hi jhatke mein mujhe tod diya tha... Jaanti bhi ho us din main kitna khush tha..." nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered softly making her to move her both hands on his head
"Par main confuse... Thi... Armaan" gaining some voice she replied dazedly as he was kissing her neck feathery but hearing this he faced her
"Really... Confuse Shilpa... Vo tumne mujhe kar diya tha... Tum nehi jaanti tumhaare jaane k baad kitni der tak main vahan tha... Sirf tumhaare baare mein soch raha tha... Ki kyun tum mere karib aayi jab jaana tha..." hearing his serious voice she opened her eyes and stared him silently "Ussi din tumne mujhe sabse zyada hurt kiya tha... Soch raha tha ki kyun maine yeh hone diya... Jab tum regret kar rahi thi vo night... Aur tumhaari regret meri regret ban gayyi thi... Ki agar maine vo hone nehi diya hota toh peace hota mere life mein... Main pure din psreshaan tha... Itna ki main..." but before he could say more she put her palm on his lips who stared her quietly
"Jaanti hoon... Ki bahoot hurt kiya tha uswaqt... Apne insecurities k chalte... Par maine vo sab isliye nehi bola tha ki main kuch bhi regret karti hoon... Yeh toh aap bhi jaan gayye the uswaqt... Ki main kuch bhi sochti hoon..." she cleard in a go making him to kiss her palm(They never openly discussed about their Past mistakes or topics coz they thought they don't need to especially when they are together but now they realised Why their moments are special they thought to clear that little bits of mistakes also so that in future they don't repeat it) "Aur raha sawaal aapko hurt karne ka... Toh... You deserved that... Aapne mujhe bahoot rulaaya jo tha" removing her palm she said cutely and pinched his nose who chuckled while caressing her hairs lovingly "Aur... Dusre ka jo main aapko chod k gayi thi toh... Vo bhi meri insecurity thi... Aur yeh bhi aap jaante ho... Bas" moving her hands on his shoulder seductively she said in lost voice coz of his hand which moved inside her t-Shirt
"Yaah... I can understand... But... What if you'll live me... Like you always do... And if by chance... Tumhe koi misunderstanding ho gayi toh... Aur phir tum bhool jaaogi mujhe jaise humesha bhoolti ho... In fact main toh chahta tha tumhare life mein main sabse uper rahoon... Par" staring her he complained like a kid while his hand caressed her waist
"Par kya hubby??" she asked affectionally
"Yehi ki tumne mujhe sabse last mein rakkha hai..." seeing his cute adorable face a smile reached her lips
"Aapko aisa kyun lagta hai...??" she asked smilingly making him plant a kiss on her chin
"Bas aise hi... Tum kaam hi aisa karti ho... Kabhi iske baare mein sochti ho toh kabhi uske... But Armaan Malik k time sochte waqt tum thoda lazy ho jaati ho... Yeh sochkar ki.. Yeh kahaan jaayga yeh toh apna hi hai" his adorable complain made her laughed "See... Tumhe meri serious baat bhi joke lag rahi hai" seeing his cute angry face she felt an urge to kiss him which she did also
"Muuuaaah...!" giving a tight kiss on his cheek she looked at him smilingly where as he was taken aback by her gesture and was staring her questioningly "You know... Aap is duniya mein sabse pehle hain mere liye... Aapse zyada koi nehi..." hearing her confession a smile broke on his lips but making a straight face he stared her still angry look
"Main kaise maan loon..." he said wd fake serious voice which made her to put her index finger on her chin to think
"Hmmm... Mujhe nehi pata aapko kaise yakeen dilaana hai... Par main itna jaanti hoon ki" moving her hands on his hairs she whispered softly while holding her firmly he mumbled 'Ki' dazedly which made her smile who traced his side of face smilingly "Ki... FROM THE START... TILL THE END... SIRF TUM... ARMAAN!!" she whispered in very slow mode making his every heartbeat jumped wd happiness coz first time she said something like this in front of him specially to him! That was completely surprise for him who wd a smile pulled her closer to him more
"Ek baar aur kaho..." caressing her cheek he requested emotionally which made her smile shyly
"Hmmm... FTS... TTE... ST... A!!" hearing her mischivious voice he shook his head wd bored look
"Shilpa..." dragging her name he showed his cute abgry look making her giggle
"Nehi samjha... Ruko samjhaati hoon..." saying this mischiviously she pretended to think
"I know... FTS... From the start... TTE... Till the end...ST... Sirf tum... A... Armaan..." wd an uninterested voice he completed which made her smile
"Exactly!!... Toh bolo... Ab toh khush hona...??" she asked normally when she felt his hand moving up underneath the t-shirt
"Naah... Abhi tumhe tumhaari puraani galtiyo k liye pinishments deni hogi" pulling her closer he whispered in husky tone making her to pull him more closer by his collar coz of his hand
"Par maine... Sab... Clear kiya... Fir" trying to handle herself she somehow managed to ask coz her body was melting by his every move
"Jo bhi ho... Punishment toh milegi..." his thumb was playing wd her lower lips seductively while his eyes were fixed on her green orbs whose hands sensuously moved on his chest
"Chalega..." she somehow mumbled coz now his thumb was replaced by his lips "Armaan..." she gasped at their sudden contact of lips, he was brushing their lips while entwining their hands which made her to surrender herself "Armaan please..." she almost requested as his lips were giving butterfly kisses everywhere on her face except her needed lips who moved her one hand on his side of face and as he kept his lips on hers softly she herself took them into a passionate kiss, they were kissing like never before his body was becoming rigid by her hands moves which opened his shirt's buttons unknowingly while his lips took charge of their passionate kiss, as he felt her out of breath he lived her lips while panting on her face who was taking long deep breaths wd closed eyes making him lost in her glowing face when she moved her both hands on his exposed abs which made him smile knowing very well she want him too so wdout wasting any seconds he sucked her lower lip passionately making her to respond wd equal fervor, her both hands moved on his back sensuously under his opened shirt while his hands were itching to feel her skin, he have started smooching her lips now who was trying to reciprocate his moves but it was getting difficult for her to match his kiss whose lips were moving hungrily on hers and this kiss was stronger than anything they had ever shared in the past encounters "Armaa...aan..." she gasped breaking the kiss coz she felt out of breath, she was taking long deep breaths when he started rubbing his nose tip on her face seductively which made her hands to move up inside his hairs still her hands were inside his shirt whose head now deeped on her neck where he started planting numerous kisses, a smile reached her lips feeling his love & warmth after long time Actually she too needs him like he needs her whose body badly wants his skin against hes
"Shilpa... I love... You..." he was lost in her fragrance while smooching her throat whose head moves up showing more excess to his lips "You... Know..." facing her he moved his index finger on her throat whose upper body moves up feeling sensual trace of his finger which now slowly moved on her t-shirt's upper hem which have two three buttons closed "Tumne mere romance ka hamesha... Kachra kiya hai... Par..." opening first two buttons he hide his face on her neck "Ab aisa nehi hoga... Coz aaj main tumhe nehi... Jaane dunga..." lowering his head on her velly he whispered huskily while moving his one hand on her curve who hearing this opened her eyes slowly and a smile reached her lips but soon that turns into a grin, she thought to tease him a little just to check his patience

O sudh-budh khoyi hai
Khoyi maine
Haan jaan gawaayi
Gawaayi maine...
"Armaan... Vo... Mujhe na neend aa rahi hai..." pushing him wd her full force she said hastly and immediately sat up where as he was still laying there shockingly in fact he even looked at her wd stunned look
"What?? Neend...??" sitting beside her he asked shockingly on which making a fake innocent look she gave nod in Yes "Shilpa tum... I mean tumhe is moment kaise...??" he still didn't believed
"Armaan... Main kya karoon... Mujhe sach mein neend aa rahi hai..." hiding her smile she replied innocently which made him to look down at space confusedly thinking what to do coz his body & soul both needs her but if she is feeling sleepy he can't force anything on her
"Par..." he was trying to think something coz his control of patience was dying slowly seeing her exposed legs where as watching his adorable confusing face she couldn't control her laugh which definitely grab his attention who first stared her wd utter confusion then it clicked inside his brain that she was making his fun
"Omg! Armaan" she said still laughing but now he really got angry witnessing his romantic mood spoiled three times of this same night
"Yeh mazaak tha... Right??" in a control voice he asked to her who after controlling her laugh gave a nod to him still smiling
"Sorry main toh bas... Masti..." but before she could explain he interrupted
"Yaah right Shilpa... Masti... Tumhe wohi toh sujhta hai mera mood humesha spoil karke... Agar tumhe koi problem hai toh bol deti... Main khud tumhe sone deta... Par tumhe toh..." seeing his angry look she became serious and wdout wasting any seconds she directly sat in front of him by her knees "Sirf meri..." before his angry words make them fight she put her palm on his mouth stopping him who frowned
"Sorrryyy... Sorrry.. Main toh bas yunhin tease kar rahi thi Armaan... I didn't mean to..." removing her palm slowly she apologised in an innocent voice making him to looked away from her still angry "Armaan ab toh maine kaan bhi pakad liye... Dekho sorry bol rahi hoon naa..." she held her both ears and requested in cute tone
"Sorryy but ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai.." looking at her he told angrily
"Armaan... Sorry bola naa..." shifting closer to him she apologised wd cute sad look making him hard to control his self power which only wants her!
"Ehsaan kiya tumne..." as he said sarcastically she smacked his shoulder lightly wd a pout "See... Tum abhi bhi ladne k mood mein ho..." saying this he moved down from bed making her jaw drop, she took his name for his this move but ignoring her he stood in front of the glass door of balcony while seeing this she also followed
"Armaan sorrry..." hugging him from back she whispered innocently making him to concentrate on rain which was falling heavily "Main toh bas... Masti kar rahi thi... Aur aap serious ho gayye sorry naa..." she mumbled in her cute tone hugging him more tightly which somewhere convinced him but he thought to pretend a little "Armaan Kiss me..." she demanded while placing a kiss on his back who smiled finally melting by her one move especially her hands which were moving on his exposed chest coz his shirt's buttons were opened by her only
"Kyun...??" he questioned in fake serious voice while controlling himself not to respond on her seductive touch which she was doing on his chest Yes she was moving her hands up and down feeling his skin even his thudding heartbeat "Kyun Shilpa...??" removing her hands he asked again but in calm voice
"Kyun ki main keh rahi hoon" coming in front of him she replied wd attitude which made him to roll his eyes when she directly stood in front of him against the glass door
"Aur agar main mana kar dun toh...??" putting his hands on her both sides he asked in same tone too
"Aise kaise aap mana karenge... Pati hain aap mere... Toh aapko meri sunni chaahiye..." circling his neck by her hands she commanded which made him smile who jammed her b/w him and the door
"Tum meri sunti ho kya kabhi..." moving his face closer to her he whispered in fake strict tone on which she seductively moved down her hands on his chest who closed his eyes dazedly
"Agar nehi... Sunti toh..." tip toeing her feet she whispered huskily on his ear who narrowed his bows "Yeh nehi karti..." before he could react she bit his earlobe lightly who tried hard not to respond her touches but as she started kissing his neck while moving her hands on his back under his shirt he lost it!
"Kya nehi karti...??" he asked dazedly while putting his both hands on her back who kissed his jaw
"Bahoot kuch..." mumbling this she traced his side of face by her knuckles which sent a tingling sensation inside him whose both hands moved down and in a second he grabbed her both hands who smiled thinking she won!


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