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Part 82 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Love doesn't lie, people do. Love won't hurt you, but people will.Love doesn't leave, but lovers do.

"Toh phir karti raho..." entwining their hands he pressed it on the glass door beside her face who arched slowly and her chest went up making him lost in her again, their fronts were pressed together coz now she is stuck b/w him & the wall
"Armaaan..." she hitched wd close eyes as his face nuzzled on her side of face, he rubbed his lips over her cheek whose heart was pounding inside which he also can feel

"I know... Mera naam Armaan hai..." cupping her side of face he whispered smilingly which made her eyes opened and before she could say something he placed his lips on her warm & soft lips while leaving her hands who trembled wd a little bit of excitement of being kissed for which she had longed since they fought, he started kissing her hungrily who shuddered while leaning her back on the cold glass door, she felt his strong urgent kiss in her mouth which was making her knees weak "I want you Shilpa... I want you... Very.. Much" he whispered urgently in b/w their kiss and hearing this she pulled him more closer by his collar still kissing him in response, she broke the kiss feeling out of breath but he wasn't satisfied so he directly smooched her swollen lips who dig her nails on his collar bone making him to pressed himself more on her not leaving any single inch or space b/w them, she was responding to his smooches when she felt his hand on her waist which moved under her t-shirt and in a sensual way he touched her bare skin by his itching hand which slowly moved down on her exposed thigh and he an instant felt her shiver which left him in Awe as if it was for the first time, he pulled her closer to him by her thigh which made her breathless and leaving her lips he dig his face on her neck whose hands moved inside his hairs "Aaj tumhaara bachna naa... Zara impossible hai... Mujhse" showering kisses on her throat he whispered softly who gasped as he bit lightly on her collar bone
"Kyun...??" she managed to question still lost in their romantic moment and in an answer he pressed her body wd his while kissing her neck
"Coz i can't... Stop my inner demons..." replying this huskily he touched their foreheads while a soft smile reached her lips who gave a peck on his lips lightly and wdout wasting any second he took her again in a kiss making her want him more, still reciprocating she moved her hands on his broad shoulder and wdout realising she removed his shirt while Armaan didn't cared how she threw his shirt away from him, leaving her lips his head descended down on her throat who was chanting his name lostly when his hands moved down on her t shirt's end and lifted up a little where as she was so into the moment that she didn't realised when her t-shirt was threw out from her, his hands were busy in touching her where as she was completely lost under his spell but as she felt the cold wind touching her almost exposed body she opened her eyes quickly and got nervous
"Armaan..." she gasped loudly as he pressed his body on hers while jamming her both hands on the door beside her face
"Ssshhh..." whispering this he hide his face on her neck who was little nervous like this in front of him coz being exposed inside the blanket is different than standing almost exposed in front of him, his hands were tracing every curve of her body while kissing her whose hands fisted her hold on his hairs... She moaned as his head descended down making her knees weak, his desires were trolling inside his head who have lost all his self control which was leading him in fierce way coz his kisses on her bare body were getting impatient "Ar... M...aan..." she moaned his name in soothing way coz he did something pleasuring to her skin but her knees were definitely didn't had strength to stand so noticing her helpless condition he immediately lifted her up and took her towards their bed, it took them few minutes to start loving each other, her eyes closed down as he leaned over her while kissing her forehead eyes and her cheeks, he began to kiss her so passionately that she couldn't even tell that was he taking breaks in between or not, She felt herself being brushed by his body as he pulled the duvet over them; she shivered not from cold but from his touch and she smiled slowly as his impatient hand uncliped her upper inner and threw it way from her who gasped as their bare body pressed, she caressed his hairs lovingly who was lost in her while moving his fingers delicately downward halting at her waist area he kept his hand flatly over her abdomen, A very known fire burned in their souls as they reunited again, she withered like a baby and clashed her palm in his hair as he dropped his head on her neck who just want him "I Love you ... I love you soo much!" he whispered kissing her lips again, and moving down to her throat he started giving feather like kisses which made her more aroused, And soon they both couldn't hold up their desires they landed in the world where he and she existed, they loved each other as if it felt like eternity to them... they started loving each other wdout any break and wd equal participation, in a minute they went another world which was full of Love Passion & Desire... Making love to each other after long, they felt heaven and felt the love for each other all the more...! Tired & exhausted they were laying in each others arms wrapped in the duvet, Armaan was staring at the ceiling wd a contented look while playing wd Shilpa's hairs whose head was resting on his chest playing wd his fingers like sometimes entwining sometimes playing wd his ring, her gaze was fixed on his hand only but somewhere she is thinking about their Life like how they met and ended up like this after lots of Roller coaster rides while Armaan was smilingly enjoying this peaceful silence b/w them

Haan tujhko basaaya hai
Dhadkan mein
Saanware... (x2)

"Armaan.." hearing her loving voice he hummed in Yes while encircling his arms around her back "Aapne mujhe yeh toh bataya hi nehi... Ki meri kis baat pe aapko pyaar aaya tha?" she questioned in sleeping voice which made him smile
"Tha nehi hai..." caressing her head lovingly he corrected on which she looked up and gave a soft kiss on his chest lovingly
"Haan wahi... Ab bolo" keeping her head back on his chest she said smilingly
"Hmm... Actually tumhari har baat pe pyaar aaya tha but sabse zyada tab... Jab tumne confess kiya tha... To be frank i just loved ur lines... Uswaqt toh shock tha but ab yaad karta hoon toh... I feel proud on myself... Ki tum chah k bhi... Mujhse nafrat nehi kar sakti thi... Aur uswaqt tum beautiful bhi bahoot lag rahi thi..." he answered smilingly while caressing her hairs who smiled wd closed eyes but hearing his last line she opened it quickly
"Excuse me!... Main matlab ro rahi thi uswaqt aur aapko main beautiful lag rahi thi" hitting his chest lightly she said wd pouted lips which made him chuckled
"Haan toh... Tum itni beautiful lag rahi thi... Ki ab main regret karta hoon... Ki kyun tumhe maine uswaqt ek tight hug nehi di... Aur kiss nehi kiya... Kyunki tum usse apne aap shaant ho jaati... In fact jab jab tum mere saamne roti thi... Mujhe aur beautiful lagti thi... Kyunki isse tum weak hoke khud mere paas aa jaati thi... Mere bina kuch kiye... Khudko mujhe surrender bhi kar deti thi..." hearing his words she showed her angry glare wd open mouth which made him smile "Acha dusra bataaun..." moving closer to her he whispered wd a grin on which wd a grumpy look she turned her position
"Nehi koi zaroorat nehi..." she said in her cute angry voice which made him chuckle who looked at her from behind, laying by his elbow
"Main toh phir bhi bolunga..." hugging her tightly from behind he kept his head on hers who smiled slowly "Aur dusri yeh hai... Ki... Humaare lakho jhagde hone k baad bhi tum humesha mere saath hoti thi... In fact mere support mein... Mera khayaal rakhti thi... Mujhse chipki rehti thi... Like jab maine kaha tha ki main humari shaadi regret karta hoon... Tumhe regret karta hoon... Tumne phir bhi mujhpe trust kiya tha ki koi reason zaroor hoga... Aur mere paas aa rahi thi clear karne... Bhale hi uske baad kuch bhi huaa ho... Par tumhara mujhpe trust karna vo bhi uswaqt... Was unexpected" he whispered on her ears smilingly gripping her waist more tightly
"Vo toh isliye ki... Mujhe laga aap gusse mein kuch bhi bolte ho... Kya pata yeh bhi koi gussa ho..." her cute voice made him smile who kissed her cheek lovingly from behind
"Kya farq padta hai... Thi naa saath mein bas..." as he said this smilingly she turned at him wd a smile on her face
"Aur teesri...?" she questioned slowly which made him smile
"Ummm... Teesri..." making a fake serious face he started thinking on which she lightly smacked his chest who smiled pulling closer to him "Teesri yeh ki... Tum jab vo choti choti cheeze karti thi na mere liye... Like our small dates or dinners on our terrece & balcony... Not to forget... Tumhara vo mujhe normal karne k liye... Na chahte huye bhi mujhe pub le jaana sirf mujhe pehle jaisa banaane k liye... Vo sab tumhe aur pyaari banata tha... Aur mujhe tumpe aur pyaar aata tha..." hugging her tightly he told in loving tone which made her smile shyly "Par sabse zyada tum rote huye hi pyaari lagti thi..." he got a light slap on his cheek from her, as he spoke in teasing tone to her "Acha thik hai aur kuch sunna hai??" rubbing her back slowly he asked in teasing tone on which she moved more closer to him nodding in No making him smile and again they both landed again in silence when something striked inside her head
"Armaan... Mere liye ek... Gaana gao naa..." hearing her sleepy request he got astonished
"What...??" he looked down at her still astonished on which wd a smile she looked up
"Haan... Armaan... Gaana gaao na ek... Mere liye..." laying beside him properly she insisted in her cute voice which made him to face her
"Are you serious...?" he asked wd a frown on which she gave a nod in Yes "Par suddenly... Kaise??" as he questioned she shifted more closer to him
"Aise hi... Mujhe aapki awaaz mein gaana sunna hai... Aur vaise bhi aap gaate the mere liye pehle gaana... Toh gaao..." pinching his nose tip lightly she said in loving tone and in an answer he pulled her closer to him almost sticking to her who gasped slowly as she felt their bare bodies touched
"Ek do baar hi gaaya tha madam... Aur aap humesha ki baat kar rahi ho..." caressing her hairs lovingly he said wd a smile on which she pouted
"Armaan.. Please gaao naa... Mujhe bahoot mann kar raha hai... Aur vaise bhi mujhe neend bhi toh nehi aa rahi hai..." she whinned like a kid which made him grin
"Toh tumhaari... Neend bhagaane k liye... Hum kuch aur try karenge..." he said in husky voice while tracing her back seductively under the blanket but when she glared he smiled brushing their noses lovingly "Acha bolo... Konsa gaana sunna chahti ho... Meri Bracelet" as he asked in calm voice she hugged him smilingly
"Koi bhi... Jo aapko sahi lage..." she mumbled wd closed eyes still hugging him who wd a smile engulfed her more into him
"Hmmm..." kissing her head he hummed and started thinking for good songs but minutes passed he couldn't choose any song while Shilpa went into a peaceful sleep "Shilpa yaar gaane hi nehi samajh rahe... " he said in calm tone unaware of her current mode "Gaana chodo tum batao..." he was about to changed the topic when something clicked his head "Aree haan... Mujhe tumse yeh puchna tha ki... Kya hum humesha k liye Singapore shift ho jaayen??" he asked thoughtfully while waiting for her response but when he didn't heard anything he looked down only to find his Dear Wify sleeping soundlessly under his hold "Agar sona hi tha toh... Bola kyun gaane k liye... Stupid" mumbling this smilingly he kissed her cheek lovingly and cuddling her he also tried to sleep which happened after few minutes, Next morning was very busy one for everyone who were going back to their homes while Malik elders were still unaware about Armaan-Dev's surprise and bidding bye to everyone they left the palace wd the Newly married couple who were going for their HM in Taiwan, reaching in airport they took their respective flights but when Billy Dadu Dadi & Ananya heard announcement for Goa flight they left confused even Aditi also then Dev unfold their vacation plans which made them extremely surprise but Yaah they were happy also wd this news, they all were in flight enjoying their family trip while Shilpa was feeling contended seeing the happy faces of Armaan's family so she thought to thanked him
"Armaan... Aap dono ne yeh decision lekar accha kiya... Kyunki sab bahoot khush lag rahe hain" gripping his arm firmly she said wd a smile which took his attention who was playing wd Ohnu's little fingers
"Konsa decision??" looking at her he frowned
"Aree yehi ki puri family ko saath mein vacation le jaana..." she answered smilingly staring up at him who smiled slowly caressing Ohnu's head lovingly who was sleeping soundlessly while her head was put on his lap (Actually they are sitting on their seats where Arsh were sitting beside each other and Ohaana was sleeping near the window seat while her head was put on his thigh) "I mean yeh pehli baar hai na jab humaari puri family saath mein ek long vacation pe jaa rahi hai..." hearing her voice he entwined their fingers smilingly
"Tell me tum khush ho...?" he asked calmly which made her to nod in Yes
"Bahoot khush..." she smiled siding his hairs from his forehead who grinned
"Bas aur kya chaahiye..." he said coolly making her giggle
"Par... Abhi kuch keh nehi sakti... Dekhte hain aapke plans kya rang laayenge" she said in teasing voice making him to pinched her nose tip lovingly
"Aap bas dekhte rahiye... Mere plans bahoot kuch rang laayenge" saying this smilingly he moved to kiss her cheek who eyed him hinting that they are in flight where the lights were already off except the dim lights coz it's night "Kya farq padta hai... Sab vaise bhi so rahen hain" whispering this softly he kissed on her cheek who smiled shyly while mouthing I Love You to him who grinned, then holding his arm she put her head on his shoulder who smiled while putting his head on her enjoying this peaceful journey... Armaan had rent a beautiful cottage which was near the beach in Goa, the cottage was very beautiful & peaceful which Billy loved the most and which he praised also, as they reached inside the cottage... Their Goa family trip was wonderful wd each passing days and the bond which they has got more strong, they celebrated Dadu-Dadi's anniversary wd full swing it was all planned by Malik youngsters, Armaan had took care of decorations wd Anant & Ohaana while Dev had took care of other things and Shilpa-Aditi were busy to divert the attention of his grandparents so that they couldn't doubt about anything, and in this Ananya-Billy also helped, in evening Dadu-Dadi got the surprise which only left them speechless seeing the whole backyard's garden decorated wd balloons & their pics which were printed on anniversary hat (Which everyone has wore at that time) also there were small kids from NGO and few youngsters who were there for dance department, party went wd full fun wd Dev-Armaan singing and all dancers performing for them who got emotional

Dabi dabi si hansi
Honthon pe phansi hai
Gudgudi kar rahi hawa...

"Oye kya huaa??" Dev asked happily as he saw his Dadi wiped her corner of tears which took everyone's attention who were dancing
"Kyunki... Itna pyaar doge tum sab... Toh khushi k aansoon niklenge hi" gripping his hand affectionly she said which made Dev laughed while everyone giggled
"Oyyyee Hoyyee... Khushi k aansoon n all haan..." standing on her right side Armaan teased which made Dadi to slap his cheek lovingly while Dadu shook his head smilingly
"Aree yeh toh kuch nehi hai... Aage dekho hum dono kya karne waale hain aapke saath" Dev's exciting voice made Dadi confused
"Exactly..." Armaan hifived wd Dev
"Dekho tum dono maar khaaoge... Agar kuch aisa kiya..." Dadi warned seeing their grins
"Aree maa... Kuch nehi karenge dono... Aap fikar mat karo..." Ananya said in normal voice which made Dev chuckled
"Mom... Yaar... Aapko thodi pata hum kya karne waale hain" Dev spoke coolly on which Ananya shook her head
"Dekho tum dono ko jo karna hai karo.. Par apni dadi k saath karo... Mujhe bich mein mat laana" Dadu clearly announced
"Kyun... Aap kyun nehi... Infact hum jo karne waale hain vo specially aapke liye hi hai" putting his hand around Dadu's shoulder Armaan said in chilled out voice which made everyone curious
"By god! Aisa kya hai... Hume bhi bataona" Aditi asked excitedly
"Haan ab bata bhi do..." Billy too asked like a kid which made Shilpa giggle
"Kyaa bade dadu aur daadi ko... Meri tarah ek Ironman doge Chaachu?" Anant questioned happily which was enough for them to laugh
"Nehi... Mere Iron Hero... Kuch aur hai" Armaan said coolly making everyone more curious, the only person unaware about this anniversary & surprise thing was Ohaana who was sitting beside Ananya(who had held Yohaan on her arm firmly) trying to understand whose birthday it is Bade dadu or Badi dadi coz both of them were standing near the table where cake was kept
"Offo Armaan ab bata bhi do... At least Dev aap toh bolo" Shilpa insisted getting curious
"Naah... Hum chaahte hain... Pehle Dadu Dadi guess karen..." standing b/w his grandparents he said coolly

Oo.. halla macha rahi hai
Pagal si khwaishein
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah...

"Haan jab tak yeh dono guess nehi karenge... Hum nehi bolne waale" Dev too said in same tone making everyone more excited
"Par bhaiya kyun naa aap hi dono dikhado" one of a dancer insisted
"Haan bhaiya" other kids too shouted making both the brothers laugh
"Shaant ho jaao... Aur hume bolke koi faida nehi hai... Inko bolo... Tab kuch ho sakta hai" Making them quite Armaan said in calm tone which made the kids dancers even Aditi Shilpa too shouted
"Please guess karo" hearing their loud cheers Armaan's grandparents smiled and thought to make them quite
"Acha acha thik hai... Par koi hint toh do... Aise kaise hum guess karlen..." after making them quite Dadu asked smartly
"Acha toh yeh baat hai..." Dev looked at them wd a smirk
"Haan yehi baat hai... Ab bata tu" Dadi said wd attitude making everyone laugh
"Thik hai toh suno... Yeh vo chiz hai jo Dadu ka bahoot pehle Sapna huaa karta tha..." Armaan started calmly
"Aur phir... Ussi Sapne mein Dadi bhi shamil hogayi thi baad mein..." Dev continued while everyone were guessing it
"But kabhi bhi yeh Sapna pura nehi ho paaya tha... Kyunki yeh vo chiz hai jisse uswaqt paana mushkil tha... Par ab thoda easy hai..." as Armaan finished he found everyone thinking deeply except Dev who was trying to hold his laugh seeing their faces
"Kuch nehi sujh raha Armaan... Ab bata bhi do" Aditi said annoyingly
"Haan puttar... Zyada soch nehi paa rahin hoon" Dadi spoke lovingly while holding his hand
"Budhi jo ho rahi ho" hearing Dadu's tease they laughed "Aur tum dono bolo bhi varna peetoge mere haath se" as he warned both of them who hifived wd a chuckle

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagalpan hai
Sau baatein karta
Ye buddhu sa mann hai...(x2)
"Hume pata tha aap yehi bologe par koi nehi... Chalo bata deten hain" Dev spoke wd smile
"Wooo" everyone started jumping happily
"Toh... Teen geenne k baad... Sidha uper dekhna..." Armaan's excited voice made them excited too "So... Tik tik one... Tik tik... Two... And Three..." he was saying slowly which everyone were repeating and as he shouted at the end they all looked up at the Sky where it was written 'Happy Anniversary Dadu-Dadi' but what made everyone more excited was one black Chopper which was coming down behind their backyard's end where beach exist
"Wow!! Chopper" Aditi spoke excitedly while Shilpa looked at it surprisingly, it was also a big surprise for Ananya & Billy where as both the both the senior Maliks got emotional
"Woohhooo..." hooted the dancers making Armaan & Dev to repeat it as the Chopper touched the ground
"Armaan Dev... Yeh sab??" Dadu looked at both emotionally
"Dadu... Remember aapko... Humesha se ispe travel karna tha... But kabhi possible nehi ho paaya... Toh humne socha kyun na... Isse aakhir pura kar hi deyen" Dev replied smilingly which left everyone in Awe
"Waah mere shero...!! Kamaal kar diya tum dono ne... Infact jo main nehi kar paaya vo kiya..." Billy praised proudly on which Ananya smiled
"Haan..." Ananya gave a nod in Yes looking at both who smiled seeing their family happy
"By god! Superb haan..." Aditi said happily
"Mujhe toh abhi bhi vishwash nehi ho raha hai..." removing her corner of tear Dadi said in emotional plus happy voice which made Armaan to held her hand
"Toh aao... Vishwash dilaate hain..." gripping her hand firmly he took her towards the chopper following by Dev & Dadu and in minutes their grand parents sat inside the chopper, Dev also dragged their parents and pushed them inside the chopper which had space for five people including the driver So Anant also sat wd Malik elders and the Chopper flied up in the sky showing Goa's beautiful view
"By god! Mujhe bhi baithna hai..." Aditi insisted while holding Yohaan from Armaan's hand who chuckled
"Tumhe kya lagta hai... Aise hi hum kuch surprise chodenge..." putting his hand around her shoulder he said coolly which made Aditi confused when
"Papa... Dadu dadi... Aur... Aur... Sab... Udd ku... Gayye??" Ohaana's innocent question made both of them laugh
"Vo isliye... Kyunki... Unhe bahoot saare... Birds aur clouds dekhne the..." picking her up he replied smilingly
"Toh... Ohnu ko b... Bbbirds dekhne hain..." encircling her hands around his neck who kissed her cheek lovingly; she said in her kiddish tone while Aditi giggled where as Shilpa & Dev were bidding bye to other guest wd gifts & snacks
"Acha... Meri Princess ko birds dekhne hain..." as he asked lovingly Ohaana gave a nod in Yes smilingly
"Mujhe aur Yohaan ko bhi" Aditi joined them wd little Yohaan which made Armaan chuckled when another Chopper's voice made them look up only to find the Chopper stop at the same spot where the first one stopped "By god! Ek aur Chopper... Wow!!" she said happily which made Armaan laughed while Dev & Shilpa also walked to them as the guests left
Karne de khwaabon ko badmashiyaan
Chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan...
"Haan... Aur yeh aap sab k liye..." as he said smilingly a wide smile reached on Aditi's face even Shilpa too looked at him excitedly
"Wow! Matlab hum bhi..." she looked at Armaan excitedly who give a nod in Yes wd a chuckle seeing their excited faces
"Aur birds...?" Ohnu looked at him innocently which made Armaan to plant a kiss on her little nose tip
"Vo toh hum zaroor dekhenge" he replied in kiddish tone which made Ohaana giggle
"Haan toh phir chalo chalte hain..." taking Ohnu in his arms Dev said smilingly which made Aditi giggle and wd Aditi Yohaan & Ohaana, Dev approached towards the Chopper while Armaan looked at Shilpa who was just watching them silently which he observed
"Kya soch rahi ho...?" entwining their hands he asked softly which made her to look up at him quietly who kissed her cheek gesturing her to answer which made her smiled
"Yehi ki... I love you..." as she answered in calm plus loving voice he shook his head knowing very well she tried to divert his mind so he let it go the question and thought to ask later
"I know this already.. Ab chalo..." saying this smilingly he took her towards the Chopper and they all enjoyed the sky ride from where they saw the beautiful scenario of Goa, Ohaana was sitting on Armaan's lap asking many questions about those small insects(Means the trees, buildings, houses and the water) which he was answering also smilingly while Shilpa had gripped his hand wd little fear but was enjoying this ride wd her little family where as Dev was smilingly holding Yohaan coz Aditi's excitement was making him admired her, after hours of ride they had their dinner and their night ended wd fun & happiness... One week passed in Goa which went joyfully but Armaan observed one sudden change in Shilpa was her Silence, Yes most of the time she was quiet as if something was disturbing her, he thought to ask but always got busy in other works, even once he almost decided to confront her but got busy wd kids, then finally one day he thought to talk when they were alone on beach wd little Ohaana running ahead of her parents who were walking slowly slowly

Dhoondhe chalo
Kuch thikane naye
Hone de pagli-pagli si nadaaniyaan...

"Ohaana... Maarungi main agar paani k paas gayi toh..." hearing Shilpa's scold Ohaana stopped in middle (Coz she was going towards the sea)
"Par mumma... Muje paani... Me...jaana hai..." looking up at her mother she pointed at water which made Arsh smile
"Agar paani mein jaaoge toh... Vo jo badi waali fish hoti haina.. Vo khalegi aapko... Phir Mumma Papa kaise rahenge aapke bina..." bending to her level Shilpa said in loving tone which made her to stare them innocently
"Toh...toh... Fish... Muje kaa legi??" she asked in cute innocent way which made Armaan chuckled who was standing b/w the duo while Shilpa giggled at this
"Nehin... Agar aap vahan jaaoge tab zaroor khaaygi..." he said wd a smile which made Ohnu a little scared where as Shilpa hide her smile seeing her adorable face
"Toh toh... Ohnu nai jaaygi... Paani mein..." saying this smilingly she gripped Armaan's hand who smiled widely while Shilpa also smiled at her sudden change of mood
"Yeh hui naa baat..." ruffling her hairs lovingly he said while walking ahead wd Shilpa who was smiling at her, they were walking quietly but Ohaana was walking ahead of them while jumping around on sand which Arsh were enjoying when Armaan thought this is the right opportunity to talk wd her so taking a sigh he started slowly (Guessing her mood) "Shilpa... Ek baat puchun..." hearing his slow permission she looked up at him smilingly
"Hmm..." she hummed observing the peoples who were enjoying this sunny day in their cool sunny clothes (Arsh were also in some cool usual clothes like Armaan have wore a Gray opened shirt wd black vest underneath & brown half pant wd casual white shoes, while Shilpa have wore a normal Flower printed loose top & white ripped jeans, and Ohaana was in normal Aqua colour jump suit wd her cute white sandles)
"Kuch hai jo... Tum mujhse chupa rahi hona??" he directly asked which made her to look up at him wd a frown
"Nehi toh... Aisa kuch bhi nehi hai... Armaan..." she replied smilingly making him stop on his track
"Don't lie... Shilpa... I know... Kuch hai jo tumhe bother kar raha hai..." grasping her hand slowly he said in serious voice making her to stare him quietly "So tell me... What is it??" he asked in calm tone which made her to show him her fake smile while facing him
"Armaan aapko aisa kyun lag raha hai... Ki mujhe kuch bother kar raha hai...??" hearing her normal voice he showed his glare "Aree sach mein mere jaanu... Mujhe kuch nehi bother kar raha hai... Bas yuhin... Main humaare saare moments enjoy karna chaahti hoon... Isliye chup hoon" she answered his unasked question which was definitely unsatisfied him
"Agar nehi bataana chaahti toh bol do..." crossing his arms he looked away from her who wd a giggle hugged him
"Armaan jab koi baat hogi... Tabhi toh bataungi... Aap bhi naa.." she said smilingly still hugging him who shook his head knowing her very well
"Hmmm... Thik hai... Par agar tumne mujhse jhoot bola... Toh yaad rakh..." but before he could warned her more she interrupted
"Haan baba... Samajh gayi main... Par abhi aapko nehi lagta hume yeh beautiful si Sunny afternoon khoni nehi chaahiye" staring at him she said lovingly which made him smile while engulfing her into him
"I think... You are right... Par baad mein zaroor tumhe dekh lunga..." kissing her head he warned in fake serious tone on which she giggled and hugged him who wd a smile planted a kiss on her head, she parted smilingly when her eyes landed where Ohnu was standing few minutes ago "Acha ab..." but before he could say something she stopped him while looking around "Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked in serious tone seeing her looking around wd worriedness
"Armaan Ohnu kahan hai...??" her worried voice made him to look ahead whose heartbeat increased not finding Ohnu there
"Shilpa yehin kahin hogi..." he tried to make her relax coz she is getting panic "Khel rahi hogi... Tum itni..." his sentence was cutted by her worried voice
"Nehi Armaan... Ohaana... Nehi dikh rahi mujhe" looking around she said anxiously "Kahan jaa sakti hai vo... Agar vo kho gayi toh... Yaa fir agar usse kuch ho gaya toh... Armaan main uske bina kaise rahungi..." hearing her panic voice he pulled her closer to him by her shoulders
"Shilpa... Relax yaar... Kuch bhi mat bolo... Yehin kahin hogi... May be khel rahi hogi... Aur usse kuch nehi hoga... Don't worry" shaking her he tried her to calm but from inside his heartbeat was increasing thinking something bad "Main dhundhta hoon... Tum yehi raho tab tak... Main lekar aata hoon usse... Hmm..." saying this in calm voice he ran to search Ohaana leaving her there who also started looking for her daughter while trying to control her tears, he searched Ohnu around the beach but no sign of her found where as some negative thoughts started coming inside her head who was searching her daughter while fighting back her tears, Meanwhile Armaan wd thudding heart was searching Ohnu near beach side "I hope Ohnu thik ho... Please god..." he prayed looking around even his eyes also got moist not finding his daughter when his eyes spotted Ohaana who was trying to play wd two white fluffy rabbits "Thank god!" he took a sigh of relief as he saw his daughter normal & happy and wdout wasting a second he ran towards her quickly, reaching there he found an old couple sitting beside Ohaana under an umbrella tent while Ohnu was playing wd the rabbits excitedly "Princess..." hearing Armaan's worried voice Ohaana looked up while the couple also looked up at him wd a frown
Hosh mein rehna hai kyun
Rehne se hoga kya
Behoshiyon mein hai maza...
"Papa..." she stood up happily as he stood beside her while controlling his emotions, he only knows how he controlled his fear for thinking something negative
"Princess aap yahan kya kar rahe ho...??" kneeling beside her he asked in calm tone while holding her shoulders who wd a smile pointed towards rabbits
"Papa... Vo... Ohnu ko... Ra...bbbit... Dekna tha..." she replied slowly which made him to held his head while the couple stood up guessing about the situations "Toh Ohnu uske...paas aa gayi" hearing her innocent voice he immediately hugged her while controlling that fear which came few minutes ago
"Haan toh... Princess ek baar mumma papa ko bata dete... Vo aa jaate lene... Aaap aise hi aa gayye..." he said in loving tone while parting from hug "Jaante ho Mumma Papa kitne worried the aapke liye" as he said calmly she looked down mumbling Sorry in her kiddish tone "Koi baat nehi... Ab chalo kyunki Mumma bahoot... Worried hai aapke liye" saying this lovingly he stood up holding her little hand
"Mumma... Ohnu se... Gussa hai??" her innocent question made him smile while the old couple also smiled
"Nehi... Vo toh bahoot zyaada pareshaan hai aapke liye... Shayad ro bhi rahin hain..." bending to her level he replied in kiddish tone which made Ohnu tensed for her mother
"Actually humara ek rabbit... Wahin khelte khelte bhaag gaya tha... Jiska peecha karte karte shayad yeh yahaan aa gayi... Aur khelne lagi in dono k saath" the old man's voice made him to noticed them
"Oh Sorry... Maine dhyaan nehi diya aappe... Aur..." his words were interrupted by the old lady
"It's okay... Hum samajhte hain... Vaise... Bahoot pyaari hai yeh" she said in polite way on which he gave a smile to them when he felt a nudge on his hand
"Mumma k... Paas jaana... Hai..." Ohnu's little voice made him smile who bidding bye to the couple picked Ohnu on his arms
"Ab jaana hai Mumma k paas... Pehle toh nehi jaana tha" playing wd her hairs he said in loving voice which made Ohnu to show her cute anger
"Jaana tha na..." she argued on which he said Acha which resulted them to land in a cute banter while approaching towards Shilpa who almost got weak thinking about her daughter, she came back on the same spot where Ohnu was playing few minutes ago and was praying for her safety when she heard Ohnu & Armaan's giggle from behind which made her to turn back at them and as she saw Ohaana she immediately ran towards them, before Armaan could explain where was she, Shilpa took Ohnu in a hug while crying and seeing her mother crying Ohnu became confused but she also apologised in her cute tone which was enough for her mother to melt where as Armaan was watching them silently then he thought to join the duo
"See ab mil gayi naa... Toh ab mujhe bhi puchogi zara..." hearing his voice she looked up at her husband who also knelt b/w them
"I am sry Armaan main vo..." but before she could apologized he wd a smiled embraced her
"I know... Main bhi dar gaya tha..." caressing her hairs lovingly he whispered in soft voice which made her smile
"Thank you Armaan... Thank you" hugging him tightly she whispered emotionally making him to kiss her head lovingly while seeing her parents hugging Ohaana pouted
"Mai...b" as they heard her cute angry shout they parted slowly realising their one and only daughter's anger
"Oh... Sorry... Come here" pulling her closer to him he said smilingly on which wd happy face she hugged her Father which made Arsh giggle and hugging both Shilpa also finally felt happy seeing her daughter back to her but Yaah somewhere she was fearing to loose them... Then finally they return back to their cottage and joined other family members but they didn't informed this incident to anyone, after the dinner they were in their room where Ohaana was sleeping on Shilpa's lap who was not leaving her for seconds also and her this insecurity Armaan understood very well ! So as she made Ohnu sleep he took her outside the cottage just for walk which first she refused to go fearing about Ohaana but when he convinced everyone is here also put his phone beside Ohaana so that if she wake up he'll get to know through her phone which he connected wd his and hearing this she dishearteningly walk out wd him on back side of their cottage where the beach exist, they were walking slowly on beach side wdout any conversation b/w them which was a torture for Armaan who knew she must be thinking something stupid so he directly started to clear her mind

Oo.. bachkaani harkatein
Jo hoti hain hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah...

"Shilpa... Itna kyun soch rahi ho... Jo hona tha ho gaya... Ab toh Ohnu humaare paas haina..." stopping by her elbow he tried to make her insecurity vanish
"Haan hai... Par ek ajeeb sa hi dar hai... Armaan... Ki kahin usse kuch ho gaya toh... Kahin main usse kho na doon..." staring at him she almost said in emotional voice on which he held her shoulders firmly
"Kyun kho dogi... Vo humaari beti hai... Kuch nehi hoga... See abhi toh vo humaare paas bhi hai... Phir kyun fikar kar rahi ho" he assuard taking her hands in his firmly
"Armaan fikar kyun na karoon... Vo beti hai meri... Aaj aapne dekha nehi kaise vo kho gayi... Kahin sachmein vo..." but before she could say more he kept his palm on her lips
"Ssshhh... Kuch bhi mat bolo Shilpa..." cupping her face he whispered softly making her to hug him tightly "I know tum dari hui ho... Par kabhi bhi soch samajhkar bolna... Aur aise kaise vo kho jaygi... Hum dono haina... Dhyaan dene k liye fir?" his positive words finally worked on hers whose hold tightened on his back
"I am sorry Armaan... Bas vo kuch ajeeb khalaayon ki wajah se mujhe dar lag raha hai... Aap puch rahe the naa ki mujhe kuch bother kar raha tha?" still hugging him she asked wd moist eyes on which he tightened his hold on her back mumbling Hmmm "Armaan mujhe yehi bother kar raha tha kuch dino se... Ki kahin kuch kharaab naa ho jaaye... Kyunki sab itna acha chal raha hai... Ki mujhe ab dar lagne laga hai... Ki ab kuch ho gaya toh" staring up at him she shared her insecurity tearfully which made him a little shock but he didn't showed to her coz its not the right time
"Aisa kyun soch rahi ho... Kya tumhe humaare rishte pe yakeen nehi hai??" pulling her closer by her waist he asked in soft voice on which she gave a nod in Yes "Toh phir... Aisa kyun soch rahi ho... Jab tak hum dono saath hai kuch nehi hoga... Haan choti moti problems aayengi par... Agar hum Strong rahenge toh kuch nehi hoga..." hearing this she nodded in Yes while he tucked her strand of hairs behind her ear lovingly "Idhar baitho pehle..." taking her hand in his he made them knelt on cool sand while facing each other "Tumhe aise stupid khayaal wapas kaise aane lage?" staring her he asked in calm tone while grasping her both hands on his which made her only to stare him
"I am sorry... Par mujhe naa apni kismat pe bharosa nehi hai Armaan... Bahoot dar lagta hai" she sniffed making him smile who pulled her closer to him noticing the shine of moon on her beautiful face
"Stupid... Ussi kismat ki wajah se... Toh aaj hum saath hain... Ohaana humaari life mein hai... Itna underestimate mat karo humaare rishte ko..." kissing her forehead he said in loving tone on which she hugged him
"I am sorrry..." she mumbled kissing his side of neck which made him to engulfed her more closer to him

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagalpan hai
Sau baatein karta
Ye buddhu sa mann hai...(x2)

"It's okay... Now promise me... Ki aise panic nehi hogi" as he said this she stared his face for seconds then nodded in Yes "Aur jo aaj huaa... Usme itna sochne ki jarurat nehi hai... Kyunki galti humaari thi agar hum... Careless nehi hote toh yeh nehi hota... Isiliye hume abse careful hona padega... Specially Ohaana ko lekar" he said in loving tone which made her to give nod in Yes slowly "Sirf sar hi hilaati rahogi... Ki kuch kahogi bhi" he said in joking way which made her smile who gripped his shirt from front tightly
"Aap... Duniya k sabse kharab husband ho..." her adorable indirect complement made him grin who pulled her closer by her waist
"Thank you... For the complement..." kissing her nose tip he whispered smilingly which made her smiled
"Yeh complement nehi tha... Shonaa..." pinching her nose tip she said in loving tone which made him to make a face coz of 'Shona' word
"Shilpa... Yeh Shona vona... Mujhe mat kaha karo... Please..." making an irritated face he warned which made her giggle
"Aap toh mere Shona hi ho... Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye" koochy cooing his cheeks she moved closer to him who pulled her closer him by her waist then gave a kiss on her cheek
"Par yeh toh main tumhe... Bulaata hoon" he asked wd a teasing smile on which shaking her head she pecked his lips lightly whose lips curved into a grin
"Kya farq padta hai... Main aur aap ek hi toh hain" hearing this he chuckled coz she copied his lines which he used to say
"Yeh bhi hai..." brushing their noses he said smilingly which made her giggle "Acha iswaqt toh dimaag thik haina tumhara... Yaa abhi bhi kuch chal raha hai andar?" his question made her pretend to think
"Hmmm... Abhi toh... Mere mann mein yeh chal raha hai ki... Chalo Ohnu akeli hai..." as she said this he chuckled hearing her words
"Hmmm chalenge... Pehle tumhe punishment toh de deyen..." pulling her closer to his chest he said in calm tone where as hearing this she gave a questioning look "Lagta hai bhool gayi... Remember aaj afternoon mein hi tumne mujhse promise kiya tha... Ki tum mujhse jhoot nehi bol rahi ho... Par tumne jhoot bola ki tumhe kuch bother nehi kar raha hai..." as he explained in cool voice she kissed his cheek wdout wasting a second which made him surprised
"Sorryyy..." she apologised cutely while putting her hands around his neck
"Sorry nehi punishment milegi aur vo yeh hai ki... Tumhe mujhe wdout any break kiss karna hoga... That too... For more than ten minutes" he almost ordered just to make her blush who giggled nodding in Yes
"Yahaan...?" wd a blush she asked on which he rubbed his nose tip on her cheek who smiled
"Haan..." he whispered huskily on her ear who smiled shyly and pushed him a little by her hands which made him frown
"Lekin raat bahoot ho chuki hai..." saying this carefully she watched his reaction who have made an angry look "Armaan... Please abhi chalna chaahiye Ohnu akeli hai..." she tried to make him understand
"Aur meri Kiss??" hearing this she hide her smile
"Vo bhi mil jaaygi Par yahaan nehi... Abhi chalte hain..." gripping his wrist she stood up which he followed reluctantly and dragging him she walked towards the cottage
"Abhi toh jaane de raha hoon... Par... Baad mein mukadna mat..." he said in warning tone on which she giggled agreeing wd his words, they return back to their room where Ohnu was already sleeping and in minutes they joined her, as always Shilpa was sleeping in middle of them and also showed love to them first kissing her daughter's head then second hugging Armaan who slept after taking promise from her for the punishment Kiss... So after their Goa trip they went in Kerala for another vacation which was another surprise for his family, but they loved their plan while stepping in Kerala and in same cottage Shilpa remembered their old Kerala moments which she can never forget infact she also thanked Armaan to bringing them here, their vacation went perfectly while creating some new memories wd their family, they played teases enjoyed and shared best family moments in b/w Armaan forget about the punishment thing coz he was busy wd his family while Shilpa was cherishing every moments also shooing away her all insecurities, Arsh didn't got much time wd each other alone coz they were always busy wd their family only but one day Armaan thought to spend sometime wd Shilpa alone So he took her out for one day while Ohnu was enjoying the time wd his parents So no tension of her, They roam the old places of Kerala where they used to go when they were here before; Armaan was teasing her for every single scene which made her annoyed but she too tried to retort which failed coz of him, In afternoon he took her for a surprise... He took her on one of a Kerala's famous lake Backwaters where he had planned a lunch date for them on a boat house

"Wow... Boat house!!" she looked at him surprisingly as he removed his hand from her eyes who left surprise seeing the boat house "Armaan yeh... Kyun??" she asked wd an excited voice which made him giggle who pulled her closer by her waist (She have wore a white plus gray one piece wd black printed borders, her dress was a loose one which was reaching just above her anklet, she have made a loose pony of her hairs, where as Armaan was wearing a white shirt wd denim jeans)
"Aise hi... Meri Biwi meri marzi..." hearing this she giggled and put her hands around his neck
"Aapko pata hai... Aap mujhe bilkul pasand nehi hai..." she knowingly teased him who rolling his eyes picked her up "Armaan...??" she looked at him shockingly who wdout saying anything walked towards the boat's entrance stair "Armaan... Gir jaayenge hum" closing her eyes tightly she hided her face on his neck wd a fear which made him chuckled
"Kuch nehi hoga... Don't you trust me..." pulling her more closer to him he spoke smilingly on which still scared she gave nod in No wd closed eyes making him chuckle "Dekhten hai kab tak trust nehi karti..." saying this teasingly he entered on boat and dropped her on floor who slowly opened her eyes making him grin, she looked around the boat which was decorated wd flowers while the boat has already started "Agar aapki izazat ho toh... Andar chalen" as he whispered on her ear she looked at him who gripped her one hand and moved inside the house which consist two bedrooms attached together also there was a lunch table placed on corner side of room which had open balcony attached
"Par aapko yeh kyun sujha...??" she asked confusedly as they started walking inside the room wd entwined hands
"Aise hi... Pehle jabhi hum yahan aaye the... Tumne kaha tha tumhe... Boat house ride karna hai... Par bhool gayye the... Toh is baar yaad aa gaya mujhe... Toh le aaya... Yahaan" pulling her closer to him by her waist he answered calmly which made her smile (While they both entered inside the room which has two big closed windows & white curtains, the room had a big bed wd cozy comfortable blankets & pillows)
"Toh... Pehle bolte... Hum yahaan Ohaana aur baaki sab ko bhi le aate... Kitna acha lagta naa..." hearing her Stupid (According to him) talk he held his head which made her frown "Kya huaa??" she asked confusedly moving closer to him who sat on edge of the bed
"Kuch nehi main bas yeh soch raha hoon... Tum kabhi nehi sudhar sakti..." removing his shoes he said in uninterested tone which made her frown
"Kya matlab hai... Aapka zara clear karenge...?" sitting beside him she asked frowningly
"Rehne do tum nehi samjhogi" opening his white shirt's bottons he answered in calm tone which made her confused now so she gripped his arm tightly
"Agar aap samjhoge tabhi toh main samjhungi na... Jaanu" hearing her cheerful voice he shot his angry glare making her smile "Aree... Huaa kya bataaoge bhi..." she caressed his hairs lovingly while saying this when he removed her hand from his head
"Kya bataun... Yehi ki... Kaise tum mere romantic mood ko humesha spoil karti ho... Aur mujhe tum humesha last mein rakhti ho..." hearing his complain she pressed her lips to control her giggle
"Awww... Matlab mere... Pati Parmeshwar ko... Attention chaahiye meri..." pulling his one cheek lovingly she teased which made him to look away from her wd cute angry face
"Tum itni special nehi ho..." hearing this her mouth half opened
"How mean... Mr Akdu Sadu Malik... Aise koi kehta hai..." standing in front of him she spoke in angry voice on which he directly ignored her "Aap itni si baat ko itna kyun stretch kar rahe hain" hearing her scolding voice he stood up and came in front of her
"Tumhaare liye choti baat hogi par mere liye bahoot badi baat hai..." he said strictly making her to stare him in disbelief
"Aisa kya keh diya maine... Jo itni badi baat lag rahi hai aapko??" she argued putting her both hands on her waist and hearing this he got angry
"Main tumhe explain karna zaroori nehi samajhta... Kyunki tum kabhi nehi samjhogi..." saying this angrily he crossed his arms and looked away from her who was confused at first that why he is taking this so serious but when she saw his cute adorable face she understood, that Yes he brought her here coz he want to spend some time alone wd her but stupid she spoiled his romantic mood in a second
"Kuch soch Shilpa... Soch jaldi... Varna matter serious ho jaayga..." her mind said to her who was watching his face "Par kya karoon??" she bit her nail while thinking this she thought She will directly talk to him that's it! So moving behind him she tapped on his shoulder fearly "Armaan suniye toh..." she called but he ignored her who got angry so gripping his arm she made him to face her "Offo! Armaan... Aap bhi naa Ohaana se kam nehi ho... Ziddi hote jaa rahe hain..." she scolded looking at him who opened his mouth to fight back but she kept her palm on his lips stopping him "Chup bilkup chup.. Pehle suno meri baat..." moving closer to him she almost ordered him who wd a calm look stared her "Hmmm... Toh Mr Husband.. Main toh sirf aise hi keh rahi thi..." pulling her hand down she started in very cool voice while he was staring her calmly "Aur... Aap mere liye kitne pehle hain... Yeh mujhe proove karne ki zaroorat nehi hai" keeping her hands on his chest she moved closer to him whose mouth curved into a smile (Armaan already melted by her sudden move) and in an instant banged her wd his chest making her gasp "Armaan??" she looked up at him surprisingly
"Kyun??" he asked wd a smirk while caging her on his arms "Kyun... Tum mujhe proove nehi kar sakti?" he asked in calm voice on which she smiled slowly and wdout saying anything cup his one cheek who raised his bows when she gave a lingering kiss on his cheek making him grin "Itna kaafi nehi hai... Abhi toh tumhari punishment kiss bhi reh gayi hai..." hearing this her cheeks turned crimson
"Aapko apni baat manvaani bahoot acche se aati haina...?" circling his neck she asked smilingly on which he gave a nod in Yes pulling her more closer to him which made her giggle at his Childish behaviour
"Manvani bhi aati hai... Aur nibhani bhi..." tracing her side of neck he played wd her shoulder's sleeve
"Thik hai Mr... Aap bhi kya yaad rakhoge... Ki kitni romantic ladki se shaadi hui hai aapki" moving her hands on his chest seductively she whispered in teasing voice which made him smirk
"Let's see... Tum kitni romantic ho..." saying this huskily he kissed her on her ear who blushed
"Let's see... Nehi..." moving her hands on his exposed chest (Coz his shirt's buttons were already opened by him) "Let's feel..." whispering this huskily she removed his shirt and kissed near his lips whose hands automatically moved on her back wd closed eyes, he was about to kiss her when she pushed him a little making him stunned who looked at her incredulously
"Mujhe bhook lagi hai..." controlling her smile she almost ordered him who looked at her angrily coz she again spoiled their romance


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