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Part 83 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Let's see... Tum kitni romantic ho..." saying this huskily he kissed her on her ear who blushed
"Let's see... Nehi..." moving her hands on his exposed chest (Coz his shirt's buttons were already opened by him) "Let's feel..." whispering this huskily she removed his shirt and kissed near his lips whose hands automatically moved on her back wd closed eyes, he was about to kiss her when she pushed him a little making him stunned who looked at her incredulously
"Mujhe bhook lagi hai..." controlling her smile she almost ordered him who looked at her angrily coz she again spoiled their romance
"Toh phir jao... Vahan lunch rakkha hai... Khalo..." saying this angrily he picked his shirt from bed and started wearing it which made her gulped coz she was just trying to make him grumpy but it backfired her in return of his anger

"Armaan main toh sirf" stepping closer to him she tried to make him understand but he stepped back after buttoning his shirt buttons
"Agar tum kahogi yeh mazaak tha... Toh let it be... Main samajh gaya..." saying this angry he started wearing his shoes which made her to smack herself mentally
"Nehi... Sorryy..." gripping his hand she tried to apologise when he jerked her hand away coz for him it's enough, every time she kills his romantic mood like this only just bcoz he wants her or loves her she always does like this, he is not some kid or anyone on whom she makes fun.. He is her husband who just wants her attention and love but Heartless she never understand his feelings "Acha... Kaan pakdun... I am sorry Armaan..." holding her ears she apologised like kids which made him to ignore her "Please mujhe maaf kardo" her cute voice was melting his heart but showing not to her he stood straight
"It's okay... Par ab chalo mujhe bhi bhook lagi hai..." saying this calmly he turned to move towards the lunch table where as feeling guilty she thought to remend this scene coz she spoiled their moment again so she soon stood in front of him who looked at her confusedly
"I Love you..." saying this she hugged him tightly who stepped back a little "I know meri galti hai ki... Mood kharab kiya aapka... Par main toh bas masti kar rahi thi..." hugging him tightly she said in loving voice which made him respond to hug wd a smile
"Isiliye... Kehta hoon... I don't trust you..." hearing his words she looked at him who wd a smile tucked her hairs aside
"But i trust you... More than anything" she confessed in loving voice which was enough for him to smile when she gave a tight kiss on his cheek making him grin
"Toh ab lunch karen... Kyunki mujhe sachmein bhook lagi hai..." pulling her closer to him he said wd a smile making her to feel loved by his gestures
"Toh thodi der baad kha lena..." as she said this smilingly he frowned when she pulled him closer to her by his collar "Kyunki iswaqt main kaafi romantic mood mein hoon..." saying this huskily she bit his neck line who closed his eyes at her boldness
"Par mujhe..." but before he could stop her she took him in a demanding kiss which was enough for him to forget everything So he surrendered himself to her at last, their afternoon went in romance which was another experience for Shilpa coz of his intensity of passion (also Armaan gave punishment Kiss to her which he had almost ordered to Shilpa last night in fact he took more from thatWink) and then after spending a day wd each other wd fun romance & teasiness they came back home only to find Ohnu sleeping wd Ananya & Billy so wishing them good night they came back in their room where Shilpa changed herself in a plum color night dress and was about to sleep coz of tiredness but Armaan was still on his romantic side so he couldn't let her sleep whole night who at last gave herself again to his love which leaded them into another world of Glory!... Next few days went awesome for them like one night everyone went to attend one of Kerala's function in a big temple which they enjoyed the most and thought to spend sometime here which ended after two hours, everyone left for cottage in their cars except Arsh who were enjoying the time wd Ohaana on Kerala's beach coz Armaan's mood was not ready to go for cottage so he stopped his car on beach where Ohnu was making sand castle while sitting in front of Arsh who were enjoying this peaceful silence of this night when something came inside his head which he said out of blue that made Shilpa completely stunned, but he didn't started directly he starts in slow manner first observing Shilpa who is rubbing her arms feeling the cold wind(She was wearing a Kaanjivaram Dark blue & Gold saari wd her hairs tucked in Gajra pony, Armaan was in his normal clothes like a Black shirt wd denim jeans while Ohaana was wearing a cute teal blue frok till her knees and denim jacket wd her cute little white shoes)

Lafzon ke haseen
Dhaagon mein kahin...

"Acha Shilpa... Tumne kuch socha hai humaare liye" pulling her closer by her hand he asked in calm tone which made her to narrow her bows
"Humaare baare mein kya sochna?" she questioned wd a frown which made him to roll his eyes
"Shilpa yaar tumna..." slapping her head lightly he said in cool voice which was enough for her to smack his arm
"Kya main... Pehle clear karo... Ki humaare baare mein kya sochna hai" as she scolded he shook his head and moved his face closer to her
"Humaare baare mein matlab... Humaare future k baare mein... Ohaana k baare mein..." he whispered softly tucking her strand of hairs aside from her face who became confused now
"Armaan humaara future toh Ohaana hai... Aur Ohaana ka future hum" she cleard smilingly which made him to held his head coz she is acting like a dumb "Kyaa??" she looked at him questioningly
"Shilpa vo main janta hoon... Par main humaare baare mein bol raha tha... I mean tumhe nehi lagta ki ab hume... Humaare dusre bacche k baare mein sochna chaahiye" hearing this her eyes widen "Kyaa maine koi murder ki baat nehi ki hai jo tum itni badi kar rahi ho apni aankhen" he taunted calmly as he saw her shocked look "See Shilpa... Main koi aisi vaisi baat nehi kar raha hoon... Main Ohnu aur mere liye bol raha hoon" his voice turned soft while staring at Ohaana who was trying to make the castle perfect "Usse bhi toh bhai yaah behen chaahiye hoga..." turning his face at her he told calmly
"Armaan... Nehi... Abhi toh bilkul nehi..." she directly refused making him disappoint
"Kyun??" he exclaimed
"Kyunki... Abhi main sirf Ohaana pe concerntrate karna chaahti hoon... Vo choti hai abhi... Toh saara pyaar main usse dena chaahti hoon... Infact mere hisaab se toh... Mujhe ek hi baccha chaahiye bas" she clearly puts her decision in front of him who now became serious
"Shilpa yaar... Main samajhta hoon time k baare mein par... Ek baccha no ways... Mujhe at least do teen babies toh chaahiye hi..." his serious words made her a little shock
"Armaan... Do teen... No ways... Mujhe sirf ek hi baby chaahiye... Vo bhi sirf Ohaana... That's it..." she put her thought forward which not at all accepted by him
"Kyun par...??" he questioned in serious tone on which she looked at him calmly and thought to make him understand in calm way coz she knew if they talk about it more they will land in a fight which she don't want
"Armaan... Kyunki main chaahti hoon humaari sirf ek hi beti rahe... Jisse hum saara pyaar deyen... Jispe hum focus karen... Aur jiske liye hum soche... " she tried to make him understand politely but it only made him more serious on this topic
"Toh tumhe lagta hai ki... Agar humaara dusra baby hoga toh humaara pyaar kam ho jaayga... Yaah phir hum Ohaana ko neglect karenge...?" he scoffed which made her to nod in No coz he is taking her in wrong way
"Nehi Armaan... Main sirf yeh kehna chaahti hoon ki... Do bacche hone se problems badh jaaygi... First hum dono ko balance kaise karenge... Second agar ek pe dhyaan denge toh dusre ko problem hogi... Aur third if by chance in future un dono ne ek dusre ko accept nehi kiya toh" hearing her words he was discontended "And most important... Is zindagi ka koi bharosa nehi hai... Kal ko agar hum alag ho gayye... Yaa phir humaare bich koi problem aa gayi toh vo humaare baccho ko face karna padega jo main nehi chaahti..." as she blurted out she regreted in next second but she was late coz it already hurted him badly whose eyes shimmered wd a light ting of anger
"Toh tumne pura future dekh liya haina humaara... Ki kaise hum aage alag honge... Haina..." his voice was calm but she can sensed the taunt behind it
"Nehi Armaan... Maine toh..." she tried to explained but his angry look made her mouth shut
"Fine tumhe nehi chaahiye baby toh thik hai... Par har baar yeh jataana band karo... Ki tumhe mujhpe trust nehi hai yaah humaare rishte par..." he snarled which only made her guilty "And for god sake stop comparing your past life wd ours... Coz i am not the men you saw in your past... Soo stop COMPARING!!" he tried to say in calm way but anger was clearly visible on his face where as hearing this her head snapped look at him "Main sirf isliye keh raha tha... Kyunki maine apna aadha bachpan hostel mein guzaara hai... Dev aur main bhai toh the but itne connected nehi the jitne ab hain... Cousins mein mujhe involve hona pasand nehi... So ek tarah se akela hi raha hoon... Aur main uswaqt yehi sochta tha ki kaash koi chota bhai yaa behen hoti... At least koi toh hota share aur masti karne k liye..." he shared his deep down secret but in upset way which made her feel angry on herself but she is not wrong coz What she had faced in her childhood don't want that her daughter also face the same "Infact... Maine toh apni beti k vo do saal miss kar diye jismein usne apna first step liya hoga... Jab vo boli hogi first time... Yeh sab mujhe dekhna tha Shilpa aur mehsoos karni thi vo feelings... Dobaara bas puri tarah se vo feelings mehsoos karna chaahta tha... Bas..." he told about his lost moments which he want to spend again but wd full time "And forget me tum khud dekho na... Bachpan se apne bhai behen cousins aur apni badi family se connected ho... Infact sabse zyada close ho unke tum... Tab tum kaise keh sakti ho yeh... Ohaana abhi choti hai main maanta hoon aur main abhi nehi keh raha hoon... Baad mein jab vo cheh saat saal ki hogi tab... Coz main nehi chaahta meri beti khudko akela feel kare..." his every words were making some sense inside her but How will she make him understand that leaving wd long family is only creates Problems Pressures Misunderstandings & Fear "Agar tum nehi chaahti toh koi baat nehi... Hum dusra baby nehi plan karenge... Par iska matlab yeh nehi ki main apni beti se pyaar nehi karta... Aur iska yeh bhi matlab nehi ki tum humaare rishte ko humesha point karo... And most important agar tum mujhe lekar humesha doubt mein rehti ho ki main chod dunga tumhe... Yaah phir divorce ho jaayga humaara... Toh humaari beti ka kya hoga yaah humaare jhagde ki wajah se Ohaana ko suffer karna padega... Toh distance karlo mujhse... So that hum aisi kisi problem mein aaye hi naa... Aur saath honge toh sirf humaari beti k liye..." and his outburst made her stunned
"Armaan..." she looked at him shockingly who looked away from her wd gloomy face "Aap aisa kaise keh sakte ho...?" gripping his arm she said wd grim look but he thought its better to ignore her coz he don't want they fight in front of Ohaana who was fully occupied on her little castle "Main toh sirf..." she tried to control her breaking voice when he himself cutted her sentence
"Shilpa please iswaqt mera mood nehi hai... Tumse is topic pe discuss karne ka... So let it be" looking back her he said in calm way but yes he was Hurt! And hearing his these words she opened her mouth to explain when Ohnu stood up happily coz her castle is ready now
"Mummaa... Paapaa... Deko... Cas...tlllee...mera" running towards them she said excitedly which made Arsh to avoid their topic coz now their Symbol of Love wants their attention so they thought to avoid it
"Wow!! Vo apne banaaya hai...?" holding her firmly by her waist he asked in kiddish tone
"Haan..." she gave a nod in Yes happily
"Aur pura khudko ganda kar liya haina..." drying her sand filled hands Shilpa said in loving tone which made Ohaana giggle
"Haan... Todii toddi..." her cute answer made Armaan smiled who taking out his phone clicked some pictures of Ohaana & her castle "Mumma... Muje...neenu aa rahi hai..." hugging Shilpa she said in tired tone which made Shilpa smiled who patted her back lovingly when Armaan stood up while drying himself from sand
"Haan chalo... Ab ghar chalte hain... Late bhi ho raha hai..." he said in calm voice as Shilpa stood up wd Ohaana on her arms
"Mumma... Aapse... Flo...wer waali... Kusboo aa rahi hai..." her Gajra's smell made Ohaana smile but hearing her cute answer Arsh chuckled
"Haan... Kyunki mumma ne... Flowers lagaayen haina apne baalo mein..." she answered in cute tone after kissing her chubby cheek who smiled widely
"Isse mujhe do..." taking Ohnu on his arms he said calmly coz he noticed her struggle relating the saari which made Shilpa smiled seeing his care even they had a little problem b/w them
"Toh Ohnu ko bhi lagaana hai..." staring down at her mother she said innocently which made Shilpa giggle while they both walked towards their car which was not far from where they sat
"Don't worry... Kal Papa laayenge... Ohnu k liye bhi" as they sat inside the car he promised Ohaana who became happy hearing this while Shilpa smiled seeing her excited face, Ohnu was sitting on her lap who removing her Gajra put on Ohaana's hairs which made her happy making Arsh chuckled at her happy face and he drove the car away from beach, their whole way went wd Ohnu's non stop Bak Bak which was very good for them coz they forgot their fight but somewhere in back of their heads they were thinking about this topic... Till the time they reached in their room Ohnu was fast asleep so making her laye on bed they changed in night clothes silently and laid beside their daughter who is laying first time b/w her parents, Shilpa thought to clear everything but seeing his back faced her she drop the idea, they both were clearly aware that both of them were thinking about this topic but non of them have courage to short it out and their night ended like this only... For few days they both avoided each other especially Armaan who was not angry on her but was hurt by her and Shilpa was aware about it clearly but couldn't did anything coz according to her she is also not wrong in her place, Their small fight was becoming big by the way they are avoiding each other but it was also true that they didn't brought this issue in front of Ohnu or any other family members it was only b/w them, and by the time was passing their heads were cooling down So Shilpa thought to end this Stupid fight b/w them, she started behaving normal wd him who was confused in beginning but later became normal letting the topic go(But he was still Hurt)... After Kerala they came back Mumbai after spending their whole month of holiday, everything was going normal and cool wd the family...
Arsh were also normal wd each other but somewhere they didn't forgot about their fight especially Shilpa who wanted a conclusion over their fight but she didn't knew how to conclude it coz on his place he is right and on her place she is right, it's not like that she don't want their second child she wants but her problem is what if in Future something would happen to their marriage how will she handle two kids together?? it was all her past which was making her to think like this coz she had seen how it was hard for anyone to handle a big family and if parents fights kids has to suffer all this which she don't want wd her kids but she also don't want to hurt Armaan's emotions, then one day she thought to take advice from Aditi but in indirect way so when they both were sitting in Lawn area she thought to ask coz only two days left for their Singapore flight where she doesn't want any issue b/w them, she was reading a novel but also was thinking how to start when Armaan came there tiredly and sat beside Aditi who was reading a magazine but seeing him put it aside, they both were talking about here & there topics like school related collage related etc. while Shilpa was still thinking about their topic when Aditi said something which took her attention
"By god! Yaani tum aur Dev bahoot masti karte hoge saath mein bachpan se... Haina?" she asked still giggling at his collage related story
"Nehi... Dev aur main bachpan se hi alag rehna pasand karte the vo toh ab humari masti shuru hui hai jo bachpan mein nehi thi" he replied in calm tone putting his back against the chair post following by Aditi where as Shilpa was listening them but her eyes were also fixed on her novel

Piro rahaa hoon
Kabse main huzoor...

"Lo tum do bhai hokar alag rehna pasand karte the... Aur yahan main jo iklauti hokar ek bhai yaah behen ka wait karti thi... Ki ab mere bauji yaah phir maa ko mujhpe daya aa jaaye..." hearing her voice he laughed while giving his all attention to her
"Toh kabhi bola kyun nehi unse..." he asked smilingly
"By god! Main bolte bolte thak gayi thi... Par bauji aur maa ne meri ek nehi sunni... Uswaqt toh mujhe bahoot gussa aata tha par baad mein jab pata chala... Ki maa dobaara maa nehi ban sakti thi... Tab samjhi main" hearing her words Armaan became serious where as Shilpa's head also turned at her who was listening them but didn't said any word coz this news she already knew "But trust me Armaan is maamle mein tum teeno lucky ho" looking at him she said smilingly which made him frown where as Shilpa got what she is talking
"Teeno?" he narrowed his bows making her giggle
"Haan... Tum dono bhai... Aur Shilpa..." she answered coolly which made him to look at Shilpa who cursed Aditi mentally knowing very well now she will start her lecture (Actually now this topic is going towards Arsh unintentionally which Shilpa already guessed) "Tum dono ka toh thik bhi hai... But jabse yeh ladki mujhe mili thi mera mann aur karta tha bhai behen k liye..." looking at Shilpa she said in taunting way which made him chuckle while Shilpa held her head
"Kyun??" he questioned wd full interest making Shilpa to look away from both
"Aree kyunki... Jab hi mooh kholti thi yeh... Sirf apne bhai behen k baare mein yaah fir parivar waalo k baare mein bolti thi... Like Sukku ne collage mein yeh kiya Ridz ka dimaag kharaab ho gaya etc etc..." hearing her complain he laughed while Shilpa eyed Aditi coz indirectly she is making Armaan win in their fight
"Aisa kuch nehi hai... Main toh bas yuhin bolti thi" Shilpa defended herself while keeping her novel on her lap
"Haan pata hai kitna bolti thi... Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta tha ki kahin yeh mujhe jealous toh feel nehi kara rahi hai..." as she said in fake sad tone Shilpa's jaw dropped while Armaan was enjoying this scene "In fact main toh yeh bhi sochti thi... Ki kaash iski jagah main hoti aur yeh meri jagah..." she said wd a smile which made Armaan to look at his Stubborn Thik Headed Wife who now getting her answers "Par yeh bhi sach hai jabse yeh mili thi mujhe kissi aur ki zaroorat hi nehi padi..." she said smilingly staring at Shilpa who also smiled while Armaan shook his head wd a smile imagining Shilpa talking about her family like she used to do in their beginning of marriage "But trust me iklauta hona bahoot boring hai... Kyunki Papa toh hote the kaam mein busy... Maa bhi apne ghar k kaamo mein busy rehti thi bachi main jo sirf Toys k saath khel khel kar bore ho jaati thi... bahar k baccho se zara main dur hi rehti thi... Toh is maamle mein tum teeno zyaada lucky ho... Iklauta hona thik hai... Maa papa ka pyaar milta hai par... Akele rehkar bore bhi toh ho jaata hai insaan haina Armaan..." sharing her old feelings she looked at him who gave a nod in Yes
"Yaah... I completely agree wd you..." punching their hands lightly he said coolly
"I know... Isiliye main toh yehi suggest karungi... Ki Arshi ko ek chota bhai yaah behen zaroor de dena dono... Varna main usse apne jaisa dekh nehi paaungi" her teasing suggestion made Armaan smiled slowly thinking she unknowingly said something which he wanted to make Shilpa realise while hearing Aditi's words made Shilpa to think about Ohaana's position and Armaan's feelings
"Sahi toh keh rahi hai Aditi... Jab Ohnu badi ho jaaygi future mein... Aur khudko akela feel karne lagegi toh... Kaise hum handle karenge usse..." her heart said to her whose eyes fixed on the space "Kyun nehi kar sakti tu... Jab usse dher saara pyaar degi na... Toh usse kisi ki zaroorat nehi hogi... Aur raha sawaal bhai ka toh Anant aur Yohaan haina... Tu sahi kar rahi hai Shilpa... Abhi tujhe bura lag raha hai Armaan aur Ohaana k baare mein soch kar par baad mein dekhna tu hi sahi hogi" her minds words made her convinced about her decision when
"Vaise Ohaana k bhai k liye Yohaan aur Anant haina... Bas..." Armaan's chilled out voice made Shilpa a little surprise coz she was also thinking the same "Par tum unki chodo mujhe yeh batao... Us din tumne Anant ko kyun daata tha... Vo kitna ro raha tha pata bhi hai" he diverted Aditi's mind from their topic to Anant's topic which leaded them in a discussion while Shilpa was staring Armaan smilingly thinking about his feelings when Ananya called her so she went from there leaving both of them chating, her whole day passed wd these thoughts only but she didn't got any answer while Armaan was busy wd his old friends & family enjoying the time, night came Shilpa was making Ohnu asleep while thinking about Baby's topic where as Armaan was working on his laptop for his new hospital's project, they were sitting on same bed wd Ohaana sleeping b/w them (Actually since they fought she is sleeping like this only which was done by Armaan)

"Kya Armaan abhi bhi gussa hain...??" she thought patting on Ohnu's back who is sleeping soundlessly while holding her mother's waist "Nehi re pagal... Vo toh normal hai jaisa tha... Tu kuch zyada soch rahi hai... Humesha ki tarah..." her mind said coolly which made her to glanced at him whose full concentration was fixed on his laptop screen but what was making him adorable was his black specks on his eyes "Nehi mujhe kuch toh gadbad lag rahi hai... Jis din se humaara jhagda huaa hai yeh aise hi behave kar rahen hain... Matlab Normal jo bilkul normal nehi hai... Aur soch jis din se vo topic utha hai inka romantic side toh kahin kho hi gaya hai... Chal maana tujhe baby nehi chaahiye par tujhe inhe hurt nehi karna chaahiye tha... Specially vo Saath nehi hone waala topic... Tu kyun humesha inke pyaar pe doubt karti hai... Naa tune sorry bola us baat ko lekar aur naa hi clear kiya kuch... Bas normally baat karne lagi jo yeh bhi karne lage... Kyun ki yeh thak gayye honge teri humesha ki bakwaas sun sun kar" her heart took out the logical and truthful sides in front of her who gulped seeing his serious face whose phone started ringing
"Haan... Atul bol..." keeping his specs on nearby table he put the laptop aside and moved down from bed "Haan check toh kar raha hoon main details... Aage dekhte hain tum logo k Test ka kya hota hai" talking wd Atul calmly he moved out in balcony leaving Shilpa to think about this topic
"Kya karoon... Jaaun... Sorry bol doon ki nehi...??" sitting on bed she mumbled confusedly "Pagal... Jaa... Bol de... Kab tak tum dono aise bina clear kiye rahoge... Isse toh aur problems aa jaaygi na... Toh jaa tu" as her heart suggested she got up not before putting the quilt above Ohaana and correcting her sea green saari she walked in balcony wd careful steps "Yahaan nehi hain... Toh kahan...??" her sentence left incomplete as she saw their Heaven's door opened which made her guess that may be he is inside the room So taking a sigh she walked inside only to find Armaan's back facing her, he was staring the room wd satisfied smile coz he was reminiscing their old memories which happened here only
Koshishein zara
Hai nigaahon ki...
"It's still fresh here..." he mumble wd a smile while putting his both hands inside his joggers's pockets while Shilpa advanced towards him
"Direct Sorry bolegi... Toh kya pata gussa ho jaayen ki itna late kyun bola... Isiliye araam se acche mood mein... Aur thoda romantic way mein kehna haan..." her heart cheered her who slowly approached towards him who was rewinding the old times
"As if kal hi iska renovation kiya ho... As if kal hi humaare saare moments huye the" he thought wd a contented smile when he felt Shilpa's hand sneaked on his chest from back
"Kya soch rahen hain aap Armaan??" hugging him from behind she asked in loving tone which made him smile who puts his both hand on hers
"Yehi ki tum kab mere life se jaaogi..." as he said in teasing voice she pulled her hand back incredulously which made him chuckled who faced her wd calm look
"Matlab aap... Chaahte ho main chali jaaun??" crossing her arms she asked grumpily
"Ummm... Haan chaahta toh hoon... Par tum Ohnu ki Mumma bhi toh ho... So for Ohaana main nehi chaahta tum jaao... And for me... tum chali jao" he was trying to make her more angry just to see her cute angry face
"Yeh baat hai...?" her voice was challenging one which made him smile who gave a nod in Yes "Toh phir thik haina... Karlo dusri shaadi... Main Ohnu ko bich bich mein aapse milaane le aaungi" hearing her extra sweet voice he chuckled
"Main shaadi toh kar leta dusri... Par agar ladki tumhaari jaisi nehi hui toh... Kyunki tumne mujhe itna torture kiya haina ki main kisi aur ladki k saath rehne ki toh kya baat karne ki bhi nehi soch sakta" he was just trying to tease her but to his bad luck it made her heart sank coz already she was pessimist about herself and now it put more fuel
"Maine torture kiya hai aapko...?" she questioned slowly on which he started pretending to think
"Jahan tak mujhe yaad hai haan..." sitting on edge of the bed he replied thoughtfuly which made her to stare him quietly "Aur shayad itna torture kiya hai ki... Main count nehi kar sakta... But... Koi baat nehi itna bardaast kiya hai toh aage bhi kar hi lenge..." he said in simple way which was not at all a joke for her who became silent for seconds while he was smiling thinking she will retort like she used to do
"In short ab aap mujhse bore ho gayyen hain...?" standing in front of him she asked calmly
"Haan... Dekho na... Nine years mein hi main bore ho gaya tumse... Bas vo adaat si hai Sirf Tumhari..." Armaan didn't even has any idea about that What his words did to her, it directly attacked her heart which broken into pieces thinking She is only his Habit? now that Love vanished somewhere??
"Toh phir vo aadat bhi kyun hai...?" looking away from him she said in calm voice hiding her heart's weakness while wd a smile he layed straight on bed
"Kyunki tum saath ho... Agar nehi hoti toh vo bhi choot jaati" wd his eyes closed he teased her who wdout any reply sat beside his leg silently
"9 saal bhi nehi huye aur yeh bore ho gaye tujhse... Ab kya kahegi tu...?" her heart said sadly to her who looked down at the space while wiping her corner of tears, her back was facing him who had his eyes closed while waiting for her reply "Kya karegi matlab... Aise hi saath rahegi jaise sab aurten rehti hain... Aur vaise bhi isse yeh baat pehle si hi pata thi ki... Aisa ek na ek din zaroor hoga... Yeh pehle hi ho jaata agar Armaan vo teen saal bhule nehi hote... Varna toh shaadi k 6 saal mein hi vo bore ho jaata aur yeh phir bhi bardaast karti... Kyunki yeh toh baaki sab wives ki tarah vo jhoota dikhava karti sirf apni beti k liye... Isse acha yeh pehle hi vo Dehradun waali job accept karti aur yahan se bahoot dur chali jaati... Jahan hurt hone k liye kuch nehi hota" her mind burst on her who tried to gather some strength to retort him coz she can't let him know what he did to her "Mujhe toh bahoot khushi ho rahi hai... Ki aisa huaa..." as she said in fake normal tone Armaan put his head on his hand while laying on his elbow
"Really... Vo kaise??" he asked wd amusing tone which made her to stood up
"Vo aise... Ki isse aap humesha mere baare mein sochte rahenge... So no tension at all" looking down at him she said simply which made him chuckled
"Vo toh main vaise bhi sochta hoon ki kab peecha chootega tumse" he joked laying straight on bed but it made her more hurt "Aur i think mujhe ek solution mil bhi gaya hai... Par vo main bolunga nehi direct kar ke dikhaunga" closing his eyes he said in calm tone unnoticing the unsound break of her heart
"Toh Achi baat hai... Aur ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai toh good night" saying this in normal voice she turned to go but somewhere she is thinking he will stop her
"Yaah good night..." he wished tiredly still wd closed eyes where as she moved out of the room as fast as possible while holding her tears which flowed as she locked the washroom door from inside, sitting against the door she cried silently wdout knowing what hurted her the most
"Kya main itni buri hoon... Ki har koi sirf mujhe shuru tak pasand karta hai... Phir bore ho jaata hai..." she questioned while composing herself "Kya pata ek din Ohaana bhi... Aisa kare" she sniffed while trying not to cry loudly "Shayad main aisi hi hoon... Koi mujhe nehi badal sakta main khud bhi nehi... Aur agar kisiko mujhe accept karna hi hai... Toh aise hi kare varna rehne de" after composing herself she stood up while mumbling slowly and after freshening herself she laid back beside Ohaana who hugged her mother unknowingly which gave a piece inside her heart that may be Ohaana is always wd her and thinking this the night passed wd her puffed eyes closing down when in middle of the night she felt his hand from back which made her turn back at him who was sleeping soundlessly but seeing him beside her a tearful smile came on her face, she immediately hugged him while trying to compose herself but soon she felt he snuggled more closer to her which made her to think 'May be yeh bhi Armaan ki habit ho' and as it clicked she turned her back at him dishearteninglybut to her surprise he hugged her from back making her tired who at last fell in sleep getting tired, Next day was not at all good for Armaan who noticed her sudden change of behaviour who talks less works more but he tried to ignore that thinking may be she is busy in work where as here Shilpa didn't wanted to go Singapore wd Armaan at least not now So she thought to talk wd him but when she saw Ohaana & his excitement she dropped the idea and unheartly she got ready, bidding bye to everyone they left for airport where they were waiting for the flight in waiting area when Ohnu said something which made ArSh astonished

Tujhe dekhne ki
Ho khataa zaroor...

"Mumma... Usme baby hai..." Ohnu's voice made Shilpa to look where she is pointing while Armaan turned his eyes away from his phone
"Kismein??" he questioned in calm tone staring at Ohnu who is sitting beside Shilpa's other side (Shilpa was in centre)
"Aunty... Ki tummy me..." she pointed on a fat lady who is sitting right in front of them
"Baby vo healthy hain... Unmein baby nehi hai..." Shilpa replied in loving tone which made Ohnu more confused while Armaan smiled when Shilpa spotted a Pregnant lady who was standing wd her husband on corner side talking "Acha vo dekho... Un aunty k tummy k andar baby hai... Vo dekho vahan" pointing on that lady she said wd a smile which made Ohnu to stare the lady for minutes as if thinking something while he shook his head looking back at his phone when Ohnu stood on floor and directly came right in front of her parents who became confused seeing her
"Toh... Toh..Mumma... Aap... Vaise... Kab banoge...??" pointing on that lady she questioned innocently which made Arsh a little surprise who looked down at their daughter, Shilpa was a little flushed hearing this while Armaan grinned coyly noticing her beetroot face who tried to hide it as she saw his grin "Aapke tummy mein b... Baby hoga?" looking up at her she asked in her kiddish tone which made Shilpa wordless and hearing this he chuckled "Bolo kahan hai... Mumma??" keeping her little hands on her tummy she asked innocently again which made Shilpa flushed while Armaan adored his dollLOL
"Vaise Princess... Jab Mumma chahegi tab hoga... Vo kya haina... Yeh mumma k uper hai..." making her sat on his lap he replied meaningfully which made Shilpa to show him her glare "Agar vo kahengi toh vo bhi ho jaayga..." wd a smirk he winked at Shilpa who smacked his arm lightly while Ohaana became more confused
"Toh Mumma ko bhi... Chota... Baby hoga... Jaise... Maasi ko huaa tha... Yohaan... Jaisa?" she looked up at her father who gave a loving kiss on her cheek coz right now she is looking so Adorable that he can't express

"Aapko baby chaahiye??" he asked in loving tone while cuddling her where as Shilpa became silent for seconds Actually she again started thinking about his last night's words
"Nai... Pata..." her innocent answer made him smile amusingly
"Nai pata matlab??" he asked in cute voice playing wd her little palm
"Matlab... Ohnu ko baby... Chaahiye... Par vo Mumma k saath rahega... Toh mumma Ohnu ko bhool jaaygi" as she said in kiddish tone he smiled while it grabbed Shilpa's attention
"Mumma toh aapse bahoot pyaar karti hai... Vo kaise bhulegi... In fact mumma toh Papa ko bhi bhool jaati hai... Aapke liye... Vo toh mujhse zyada aapse pyaar karti hain..." he made her understand in her way where as Shilpa was staring both of them smilingly
"Haan Mumma...??" she looked at Shilpa who smiled kissing her cheek lovingly
"Haan toh... Mumma bilkul pyaar nehi karti... Papa se..." making a fake sad face he said which made Ohnu giggle while Shilpa shook her head smilingly
"Aisa kuch nehi hai... Mumma dono se baraabar pyaar karti hai" hugging them sidely she said in loving voice which made him grin while Ohnu giggled
"Acha... Then proove us" looking at her he said wd mischievous grin on which wdout saying anything she kissed his cheek lovingly and also did the same wd Ohnu who giggled
"See ab pata chala..." she beamed staring at him who have a triumphant smile on his face while Ohnu cuddled more into her parents
"Hmm..." wd closed eyes he hummed while nuzzling his face on her hairs who giggled forgetting about last night's conversation actually she knowingly ignored that topic coz right now she is in cool mood also she doesn't want any problem b/w them so she let it go
"Armaan..." moving her head back she eyed him who shook his head getting that she is hinting about they are in public place, few minutes passed Shilpa got busy wd Ohaana who was talking non stop still sitting on his lap while Armaan was looking here and there when something clicked inside his brain
"Vaise Shilpa... Finally maine tumhe mana hi liya na..." he said in chilled out tone while putting his one hand around her shoulder who narrowed her bows confusedly
"Kis liye...??" correcting his soft hairs aside from his forehead she asked smilingly
"Singapore jaane k liye..." as he said coolly she became confused "As always you forgot... Shilpa yaad karo jab bhi main Singapore jaata tha aur tumse puchta tha... Ki kya tum mere saath chalogi toh tum kya kehti thi...??" his teasing voice made her smile while pretending to think then corrected Ohnu's hairs lovingly who was busy in playing wd Armaan's hand's bands n all
"Yehi ki... Mujhe abhi nehi jaana hai..." wd a shy smile she answered which made him chuckled who put his back against the chair post
"Wrong... Tumne kaha tha ki... Tum abhi sabke saath rehna chaahti ho" he corrected in calm tone which made her to press her lips while controlling her smile
"Par dusri baar... Maine kaha tha... Ki jahan aap rahenge... Wohin main rahungi" she defended herself on which he giggle only to get her confusing expression
"Hmmm... Vo toh kaha tha tumne... Aur aaj finally tum chal bhi rahi ho... " pulling her closer to him he whispered softly near her ear "All thanks to me... Jisne apna Challenge finally pura kar hi liya" hearing this she looked at him wd a frown
"Challenge?? Kisse??" she exclaimed which made him smirk
"Apne aapse..." as he replied coolly she broke wd giggles "Nehi sach mein... Jab tumne pehli baar mana kiya tha maine khudko challenge diya tha... Ki ek din toh tum chalogi hi mere saath Singapore... And now see tum mere saath ho aaj" his voice was filled wd prideness which made her more giggle
"Hmmm... Mujhe lagta hai... Aapko koi award dena chaahiye is achievement pe" still smiling she encircled her hand around his arm and she said thoughtfully
"Of course... Tumhe mujhe humesha kuch na kuch seductive surprising awards dene chaahiye... You know meri mehnat rang laaygi tab" hearing his shameless words her cheeks reddened but she knew they need to be in their original lovers mood so she thought to play along
"Sure... Bas aap..." shifting more closer to him she moved her lips near his ear who grinned amusingly actually he always loved her this bold side "Ready rahiye... Apne seductive surprising awards lene k liye..." she whispered in husky tone while tracing his neckline by her index finger seductively which not only made him grin mischievously but also it turned him on
"I can't wait more... Now" nuzzling his nose tip on her neck he whispered dazedly which made her giggle who moved her head back making him again aware about the public "Yaaar... Hum kab pahuchenge.." as he said this in tired voice she shook her head smilingly when Ohaana moved down from his lap "Ab yeh kahan jaa rahi hai...?" pulling her back by her jacket he asked in calm voice to Shilpa who shrugged "Tch! princess... Kya huaa?" he asked calmly as he made her sat on his lap again who wriggled wd tired face
"Muje... Bore ho raha hai..." she replied in her kiddish tone while staring up at her parents who smiled understanding her boredom
"Awww mera babu... Don't worry abhi hum chalenge" caressing her hairs lovingly Shilpa said wd a smile which made Ohaana to stare them quietly while Armaan looked at the time of flight
"Toh hum jaayenge??" she questioned again innocently and before they could answer the announcement came for their flight making Armaan relieved
"Dekha... Princess na kaha... Aur humaari flight ka bhi time ho gaya..." giving a kiss on her cheek he said smilingly which made Ohaana smile and standing up he picked her on his arms while Shilpa also stood wd her hand bag, they took their flight and their whole journey went wd fun coz Ohaana & Armaan both were busy in their 'Masti bhare baate' where as Shilpa was calmly admiring their bond, their days in Singapore went jovially coz it was their first family trip together Armaan left no stone unturned to keep them happy, they were staying in that same Pent house where he was staying before going in India Anita already left Singapore wd her baby boy (When Arsh were enjoying their family trip in Kerala) but Peter was there for their help, Shilpa was very glad to met Peter coz of whom she got to know about Armaan's where abouts in fact she even got to know How he had buried himself in work so that he couldn't miss her but instead it made him more closer to them like he told once to her, In fact she also saw how he is famous here coz whenever they roam out every other person knows him and clicked pictures wd him, Singapore's every moment was very special & memorable for Arsha it was so special that Arsh's little fight was long forgotten even their romance was like before, Ohaana's birthday came which was very special for Armaan who had already made some plans for her while Shilpa was unaware of that, Arsh were going to wish Ohaana who was sleeping soundlessly in Arsh's room so when five minutes left for her birthday they both thought to surprise her


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