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Part 84 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"It's not what I feel for you;It's what I don't feel for anyone in this world BUT for you"

Deewangi kahun isey
Yaa hai mera fitoor...

"Sshhh Shilpa... Tum usse jaga dogi..." Armaan whispered in very low voice which made Shilpa to smack his head lightly
"How stupid! Armaan... Jagaane hi toh aaye hain" she whispered in low tone while glaring him who simpered "Ab uthao usse..." as she mumbled he sat on other side of bed accompanied by her and in excited way Shilpa nudged Ohaana who was not in mood to wake up but when Armaan tried to wake her; she woke groggly which made Shilpa amused "Aree... Waah.. Mumma utha rahi thi toh nehi uthi... Meri iklauti" caressing her hairs she said smilingly which made their little doll to hug her mother sleepily, she was laying b/w her parents who were admiring her "Ohnu utho naa... Dekho aapke liye kuch surprise hai..." trying to waking her she said in loving voice while patting her little back who snuggled more closer to her mother's chest

"Umm..." she murmured in sleepy voice still wd closed eyes which made Arsh giggle
"Princess... Happy birthday" moving closer to her ear he whispered wd a smile while waiting for her excited reaction instead she went in deep sleep
"I think yeh bilkul bhi mood nehi hai uthne k..." Shilpa looked at him who took a sigh and plant a soft kiss on Ohnu's cheek
"Rehende do... Kal subhe hum iska... Surprise denge" laying straight he said in calm voice making her laye comfortabely while humming Yes, they both were trying to sleep actually enjoying this blissful silence when something clicked inside Armaan's head who looked beside him where Shilpa was smilingly playing wd Ohnu's little fingers "Vaise Shilpa... Tumne toh kaha tha ki... Tum mujhe... Bahoot saare seductive surprises dogi... Par abhi tak ek bhi nehi diya..." his question was asked in innocent way which made her smile shyly
"Aapko surprise chaahiye na...?" she asked smilingly only to get an immediate nod from him "Toh bas have patience... Mil jaayenge aapke surprises" she said simply which made him grin
"Wohoo... Surprises... I can't wait for that" hearing his teasing voice she giggled and like this they both started talking nothing but everything, next morning was very surprising for Ohaana who thrilled happily as she saw lots of toys laying beside her even stars were falling from up and these all made her happy & excited, she got gifts from her parents also the 'Pamper Waali Pyaar' she was jumping happily as her day started which made her parents satisfied seeing her happy and Armaan took them to one of famous Amusement park & Zoo which was another big surprise for Ohaana coz she loves these types of places, their day ended wd full swing of fun and in night another surprise was made by Armaan which is also for Shilpa, he took them a new place on a beach side where a big Mansion type of a House was situated it was very beautiful house made up of glass & white paint Shilpa was first confused seeing it but when she saw the name plate of the house she was Astonished! Yes the house have name 'Arsh's little palace' and seeing it she got emotional when Armaan took them inside the house, as they stepped in hall Ohaana got curious to see the house so she ran to look around leaving their parents giggling there

Koi Hoor Jaise tu
Koi Hoor Jaise tu...

"Acha ab aap mujhe... Please explain karenge yeh sab..." as Ohnu started looking around the place Shilpa asked smilingly which made him to show his dimples
"Hmm... Karunga lekin usse pehle ek aur surprise hai tumhaare liye" encircling his hand around her waist he said wd a teasing smile which made her beamed
"Mere liye... Kyun??" putting her both hands on her hips she asked in calm voice
"Tumhaare liye nehi hai... Yeh humaare liye hai" hearing his chilled out voice she giggled and put her hands around his neck
"Thik hai... Mr Hubby... Ab chalo dikhao mujhe" saying this she pecked his cheek who wd grin gripped her one hand
"Toh fir chalo..." walking in front of a room he said smilingly making her to follow him but as they stood in front of the room he stopped her
"Kya huaa...??" she looked up him confusedly

"Kuch nehi..." saying this he put his one hand on her eyes who smiled slowly "Bas ab chalo andar" opening the door he said in calm voice
"Armaan..." she giggled at his childishness who wdout saying anything took her inside "Hmmm... Ab toh haath hatao..." she said curiously as he made her stop in middle of the room and hearing this he slowly pulled his hand down making her excited who slowly opened her lids only to find themselves in a beautiful land of heaven "Wow!" she mumble dazedly witnessing this mesmerizing view(the room was empty wd dim lights & candles on but what made Shilpa astonished was the sea side Yes the room was very big and had no furnitures except the candle stands wd white curtains on the big windows of the room even it has a big glass doors on back side of room from where the clear view of Sea, Beach, Moon & sky can be seen and it also has a attached small terece where she can see a big bed hided wd white curtains but coz of dark outside she can only see the shadows) "It's beautiful Armaan" looking back at him she said in happy tone which made him smile who in calm way pulled her closer to him by her waist

"Tumhe acha laga...?" tucking some strand of hairs behind her ear he asked smilingly on which she gave nod in Yes while putting her hands around his neck who pulled her more closer to him "Yeh humaara room hai..." whispering this calmly he twirled her around whose back touched his chest while hearing this news she was again surprised "Aur yeh ghar bhi humaara hai" as he whispered this slowly on her ear she looked back him shockingly
"Kya...??" she was completely shocked
"Haan... Yeh ghar humaara hai" making her face him he said wd a smile which made her to stare him quietly "Actually... Jahan main kaam karta tha vahan k senior doctors ki taraf se... Yeh ek gift hai mujhe... In fact vo toh yeh bhi chahte hain... Ki main yehin rahoon... Aur yehin kaam karoon" as he explained this carefuly her eyes became big "But don't worry... Maine mana kar diya hai... Par yeh ghar humaara hai" seeing her eyes big he soon cleard everything which made her to feel loved by him coz wdout asking her he decided that they won't stay here coz he knows she will never agree to stay in Singapore "I know... Ki tum agree nehi karogi kabhi... Main tumhe force bhi nehi karna chaahta tha kyunki main tumhe band karke nehi rakhna chaahta kahin.." cupping her side of face he said in loving voice which was enough for her eyes to get moist seeing his understanding towards her but what about him? What if he want to stay here but only coz of her he is refusing? She thought when pulling her more closer to him he gave a lingering kiss on her cheek "Aur agar tum dilse nehi chahogi... Toh yahan rehne ka koi faida nehi hai..." he whispered in loving voice making her to pull him in a tight hug "Wooo... Relax main yehin hoon bhagunga nehi jo tum jump kar rahi ho" he joked as her hold tightened on his back
"I love you Armaan... For understanding me" hearing her wet voice he smiled and slowly parted her only to find her eyes wet
"Shilpa... Kuch bhi bolti hona tum... Yeh sab main humaare liye kar raha hoon... Aur kuch nehi" cupping her face he whispered softly which was enough for Shilpa to smile
"Aur aap?? Kya aap nehi chaahte... Hum yahan rahen?" hearing this he started planting kisses on her face intensily who closed her eyes blissfuly
"To be frank... Yes i want to stay here... Par tab jab tum aur Ohaana yahan rehne k liye comfortable raho... Bas" he replied coolly while playing wd her hairs who smiled "Aur vaise bhi naa yeh ghar kahin jaa raha hai aur naa hi hum... Toh jab humaara mann karega tab aa jaayenge hum... Haina" gripping her hands he started dancing slowly which made her giggle while nodding in Yes
Bheege mausam ki
Bheegi subah ka Hai noor...
"Par tab tak jab tak... Ohnu thodi badi nehi ho jaati... Matlab jaise hi vo thodi badi ho jaaygi... Hum yahan shift ho jaayenge" he was twirling her but as he heard her words he left her who directly landed on his chest
"Kya kaha tumne?" gripping her waist firmly he asked unbelievingly coz he still didn't believed what he just heard which made her giggle seeing his face "Matlab tumhe koi problem nehi hai ki hum yahan rahenge...?" hearing his shocking voice she smiled and wdout saying anything she pecked his lips
"Mujhe kyun Problem hogi... Yeh ghar mere hubby ko uski mehnat pe gift mila hai... Toh yeh ek proud news hui naa mere liye..." pinching his news she said lovingly
"I love you..." he whispered delightedly while brushing their noses
"I love you too... Bracelet ki jaan.." brushing their lips she whispered huskily which made him to close his eyes while pulling her more closer to him intensily
"I just hope ki hum aise hi... Hamesha ek dusre ko samajhen Shilpa..." his nose tip was tracing her cheek while whispering this and feeling his seductive hands on her back she was getting aroused
"Hum karenge Armaan... Coz i trust us" moving her hands on his hairs wd closed eyes she whispered after kissing his side of neck who sticked her body wd his and was about to pull her in a kiss when they heard Ohaana's voice
"Mummmaaa... Papaaa..." seeing Ohnu running towards them Shilpa pushed him immediately who shook his head feeling disappoint coz their romance got disturbed
"Ohnu maarungi main... Agar daudogi..." she scolded as she stood in front of them pantingly "Aur kaha thi tum ab tak...?" she questioned while bending to her level whose face fell hearing her scolds which Armaan observed
"Shilpa ek minute usse bolne toh do... Tum bhi na" he took Ohnu's side who smile widely staring up at him "Acha aap batao kyun bula rahe the aap?" picking her up on is arms he questioned smilingly
"Vo... Ohnu k kapde...ttoys...aur...aur shoes sab udar rakka hai...toh hum...yahan rahenge?" holding his shoulders firmly she asked in her kiddish tone which made Shilpa to look at him quizzically
"Iske kapde yahan kaise aaye...??" looking at him she asked confusedly
"Main baad mein explain karta hoon..." he replied calmly which made her more confused but knowing he will explain she let it go "Lekin usse pehle... Princess aapko kaisa laga aapka yeh ghar...?" he asked excitedly to Ohaana who smiled
"Bahoot accha..." hearing her happy voice Armaan chuckled while Shilpa manage to smile
"Toh fir chalo... Mumma ko bhi ghar dikhaado apna..." dropping her down he said in excited voice which made her to look up at her mother smilingly
"Haan... Chalo Mumma..." gripping her mother's index finger she pulled her towards the door but Shilpa was only staring at him as if asking what's this all? But he gestured her to go wd Ohaana he will explain later so obeying his gesture she calmly walked wd her daughter who was super excited to show the house to her Mumma and it took them thirty minutes to explore the house by Ohaana Armaan Shilpa Malik but wd her father's guidance, Shilpa was surprised to find their bags here but knowing he will explain later she let it go and somewhere she guessed that may be they'll stay here from now onwards?? After exploring the house they stop on kitchen's balcony(which also has the same clear view of Sea) where their dinner table was arranged wd lanterns & lights but the only thing was missing their dinner

Kaise door tujhse
Main rahoon...

"Armaan dinner...??" she looked at him questioningly who smiled and looked down at his wrist watch
"Paanch minute mein aa jaayga... Tab tak main change karke aata hoon... Aur saath mein Ohnu ko bhi" picking Ohaana up on his arms he said normally while tickling Ohnu on her stomach who giggled loudly
"Thik hai tab tak main yeh sab arrange karti hoon... Jao dono..." saying this she put her duppata on one of a chair and went inside kitchen to bring plates n all while Armaan went to change wd Ohnu, there was no tension of utensils or anything coz it was already stored in the kitchen which was made up in very technical way, Shilpa just lit the candle on table when the door bell rang making her ran to take the food and paying the bill she took the food on dinner side, she was serving it when the duo arrived while laughing on something but seeing her working they thought to scare her
"Bo..." but before they could scare her she said something which made them giggle
"I know... Aap dono kya karne waale ho... Toh koi faida nehi..." wdout looking at them she warned on which still giggling they took their chairs(there were three chairs kept for their family)
"Aapko kkaise pata... Chala... Mumma?" keeping her hands on the table she questioned cutely making Shilpa smile who sat on chair after serving them the food
"Aapki mumma k paas... Third eye hai... So isliye unhe pata chal gaya" he joked while picking his folk only to get a smack on his arm from Shilpa
"Nehi baby Papa kuch bhi bolte hain..." showing a fake glare to Armaan she said sweetly to her daughter who looked at her parents confusedly
"Toh... Toh... Aapko kaise pata??" she again questioned which made Shilpa to put a morsel inside her mouth who was about to ask again when Shilpa interrupted
"Sorry secret hai..." as she said this coolly Armaan chuckled while Ohnu pouted
"Kyun...?" she questioned innocently making Shilpa giggle who wdout saying anything went inside kitchen as something clicked inside her head "Mumma kaha gayi..." she looked at her father who wd a smile inserted a spoonful morsel inside her mouth again shutting her question
"Abhi pata chal jaayga aapko" saying this coolly he leaned his back against the chair while Shilpa brought the cake which she forgot in kitchen and as she put the cake on table Ohaana's face glowed wd happiness making Arsh giggle
"Wow cake Mumma!" she looked at her mother who wd a smile lit the candle on cake and took her seat smilingly
"Haan... Toh ab jaldi se ek wish karo... Aur cake kaato..." she said in an excited way making Ohnu smile broadly when Armaan forwarded the knife to their one n only daughter who took it excitedly where as taking out her phone Shilpa put on the video to capture their moment
"Kya... Wish... Karuun main Mumma?" she asked innocently which made her giggle while shaking his head Armaan stood beside Ohnu's chair
"Vo wish karo... Jo aapko accha lagta hai... Yaah phir jo chaahiye" he knelt beside her and spoke in loving voice which made Ohaana to think something
"Haan.. Muje pata hai... Muje kkk...kya wish karna hai..." after thinking for minutes she spoke happily which made Arsh giggle at her voice
"Kya...?" both of them asked in unionism on which folding her both hands in front of the candle she closed her eyes making Arsh to adored her
"Muje...muje... Aao pao aur Eezer k paas jaana hai aur aur... Mumma k...b me... Ek baby ho... Yohaan ki tarah..." her cute innocent words made Armaan laugh while Shilpa held her head hearing about baby thing
"Wow kya wish hai... Princess" Armaan spoke smilingly while caressing her hairs who smiled widely where as Shilpa knew his words were q tease for her
"Haina... Toh.. Mumma... Muje b baby chaahiye...Yohaan ki tarah" looking at her mother she demanded which made Shilpa to hide her blush also to ignore his teasing faceLOL
"Vo sab baad mein Ohnu... Pehle cake toh kaat lo varna... Yeh kharab ho jaayga..." hearing her mother's voice she looked down at cake then at her father who forwarded the knife to her and excitedly cut the cake wd the help of Armaan while Shilpa took the video where Ohnu made him eat the piece of cake coz this moment is very special for Armaan-Ohaana who are together wd each other after two years of separation So it's very special & prominent for them, after celebrating her birthday they started their dinner "And now please... Care to explain me... Mr Husband" her extra sweet voice made him to look at her who raised her bows as if asking about their bags's thing which made him to put his spoon on his plate
"Actually... Maine socha jab tak hum Singapore mein hain... Kyun na hum yehin apne ghar mein rahen... So isiliye maine tumhe kal kaha tha ki humaare bags pack kardo... Aur tumhe laga main India wapas jaane ki baat kar raha hoon" as he explained calmly a smile reached her lips
"Matlab abhi aapka aur mood hai yahan rehne ka...??" she asked wd a smile on which giving a nod in Yes coolly he started eating his food "Par yahan kaise rahenge... Yahan toh koi furniture bed kuch bhi nehi hai" hearing her innocent question he chuckled
"Vo sab tum mujhpe chod do... Bas tum tension free raho... Aur kal yahan pe... Peter aur kuch servants aa jaayenge... Saath mein tumhaare furnitures bhi... Toh ab please humaare family date pe dhyaan dogi.." as he requested she giggled
"Sure Hubby..." inserting a morsel inside his mouth lovingly (who looked at her wd a grin) she said in cute way
"Mumma... Ohnu ko neenu aa rahi hai..." Ohaana's voice grabbed their attention
"Princess... Dinner karlo phir chalenge hum sone" caressing her hairs he said in loving tone knowing very well she is tired of her whole day's Masti
"Thik hai... Toh hum... Yehin rahenge Papa?" she questioned cutely which made Shilpa giggle seeing Armaan's face coz since the time they both entered here they both mother & daughter were asking this same question again and again
"Haan Princess..." he replied calmly on which she questioned again something which he answered calmly, So just like this their dinner ended wd fun coz of Ohaana who was constantly asking questions about this house and her gifts making Arsh to answer her lovingly, after dinner they went for a walk and came back after half an hour till then Ohnu was fast asleep on her father's arms but when they came inside Arsh's room Shilpa questioned about bed coz whole room was empty
"Armaan hum soyenge kahan...?" she asked in low voice trying not to disturb Ohaana who was sleeping peacefuly on his arms
"Bahar beach pe..." as he joked she showed her angry glare "Okay okay... Udhar vo jo switch dikh raha haina... Usse press karo..." he pointed on one of a switch while holding Ohnu firmly who snuggle more closer to him hiding her face on his neck where as shaking her head Shilpa pressed the switch only to get astonished in next seconds (as she pressed the switch the corner side of floor parted slowly and a big size bed came up slowly, it was big wd cozy white mattress pillows & sea green soft comforter) she looked back at him amusingly who showed his dimples and wdout saying anything made Ohaana to laye on middle of the bed while Shilpa thought to change
Khamoshiyan jo sun le meri
Inmein tera hi zikr hai Inmein tera hi zikr hai...
"Main change karke aati hoon..." saying this in low voice she turn to go when his voice stopped her
"Usse pehle jaao... Bahar k lights on kardo..." hearing his words she frowned while he normally pulled the comforter above Ohaana
"Kyun??" she questioned confusedly which made him smile who slowly advanced towards her
"Aise hi... Kuch rakkha hai tumhaare liye..." standing in front of her he said in calm way which made her to stare him amusingly "Ab jaaogi..." as he prompted she grab his wrist
"Jaaogi nehi... Chalenge..." saying this she drag him towards the terrece but as she stepped there that lights automatically lightened making her gasp wd surprise, the clear view of sea can be seen from there but what she liked the most was the tent type of bed which was hidden under the chiffon white curtains also the yellow shine lights were drapped around the curtains and the terrece was decorated like some wedding hall "Armaan yeh...??" looking back at him she asked wd flabbergasted look on which instead to answer her he hugged her from back calmly
"Aaj hum yehin soyenge... Tumhe khule aasmaan k neeche sona pasand haina... Toh yeh rahe hum..." keeping his chin on her shoulder he replied in loving tone making her smitten by him "Toh ab batao kaisa laga...?" kissing her cheek he asked in loving voice on which she gripped his both hands which were kept on her waist
"Umm... Speechless!" thinking for seconds she replied smilingly on which he bit her cheek lovingly from back making her smile "You are world's worst husband" facing him she complemented in indirect way which made him chuckle whose hands held her back more tightly
"I know... I am best... Par kya iske badle... Mujhe kuch milega" pulling her closer to him he asked carefuly which made her pretend to think "Agar nehi de sakti toh koi baat nehi" making a fake sad face he said slowly which made her giggle
"Haan... Nehi de sakti... Kyunki raat bahoot ho chuki hai... Toh mujhe neend aa rahi hai ab..." she lied in fake tired voice which made him disappoint who thought she is serious
"Thik hai... Tum jao change karlo... Main tab tak saare doors ko lock aur lights off karke aata hoon..." he said wd half heart while parting her slowly who knew that she made him disappoint but at this moment it's okay
"Thik hai main change karke aati hoon haan..." saying this sweetly she gave a kiss on his cheek and went inside to change where as feeling dejected he looked up at the sky
"Uff...! Har baar yeh nehi catch kar paati mere words" he sighed while putting the lights off of terrece except the bed side lights and walking back inside he checked all the doors of the house then picking Ohnu's toys he walked inside their room, he was arranging toys beside Ohaana so that she couldn't get scare feeling herself alone when he heard the click of the washroom door but he didn't looked back instead he removed his black leather jacket for comfort(he now have wore a black vest wd black half pant)

"Doors chek kiye??" her voice made him to look back at her only to left stunned for minutes the way she is carring the look was only making her Hot (who have wore his white loose shirt and light brown shorts which was reaching just above her thighs in fact his shirt's big size was also reaching till there but what is making Armaan turn on was her simple glowing face whose hairs are opened straight) Apparently she is making a powerful desire inside him by her Hot look "Armaan...??" her voice brought him back from his daziness who just want to claim her again & again till the time they both get tired
"Huh... Haaan... Kkar diye lock..." he fumbled while looking everywhere but not on her who wd mischivious grin advanced towards him(Actually she is liking his expression who is behaving as if first time seeing her like this but its true they still behaves like newly married couple; But now Shilpa is opening herself just because of his love)
"Hmmm..." sitting beside Ohaana she smiled while Armaan was standing near them trying to control that demons inside him "Good night Babu..." giving a kiss on Ohaana's head she said lovingly which made him smile too when she stood up and directly decreased the distance b/w them "Lights off karke... Ohaana ko check kar ke... Bahar aao... Main wait kar rahin hoon Mr Supercool Doctor Armaan" tip toeing her leg she moved her lips near his ear and whispered huskily while tracing his neckline who smiled wd closed eyes "Jaldi aana..." saying this teasingly she bit his earlobe seductively which was enough for his patience whose hand moved to grab her waist but immediately she stepped back "Bye... Mere iklaute Husband" winking at him she went from there wd a giggle leaving him dazed there who thought what has gotten inside her suddenly but feeling excited a coy smile reached his lips and shaking his head he arranged the pillows around Ohnu also two big teddies on her both sides then wd a calm smile he walk towards the terrece, as he stepped there his heartbeat jumped happily seeing the view, there was only one light was shinning on terrece was the lights around the bed wd chiffon curtains which were looking so mesmerizing & beautiful but what is more beautiful than anything is His Wife who is far more beautiful mesmerizing& gorgeous than anything, Shilpa was combing her hairs by her fingers when her eyes landed on Armaan whose clear shadow can be seen from the chiffon curtain and her heartbeat skipped as he slowly opened the curtain making her smile who extended her both hands to him coz he was only standing while staring her calmly wd a smile "Kya huaa??" as she questioned confusedly he gripped her both hands and slowly sat beside her who shifted closer to him "Armaan... Kya huaa??" she asked again seeing his silence who shaking his head in No laid down on bed while keeping his head on her lap
Khwaabon mein jo
Tu dekhe mere Tujhse hi hota ishq hai...

"Hmm..." taking a sigh he looked up at her smilingly who was already staring him wd confusion written on her face which made him chuckled "Kuch nehi huaa hai... Bas acha lag raha hai... Tumhaare paas" caressing her cheek wd his knuckles he answered lovingly
"Mujhe bhi..." pinching his nose lovingly she said which made him smile
"Acha yeh batao... Suddenly tum aise.. I mean tumhe toh neend aa rahi thi na..." hearing this she giggled
"Haan.. Aa rahi thina... Par phir socha kyuna aapko company de doon..." she said in cute voice which made him chuckle
"Acha kiya... Varna main toh vaise bhi jaga deta..." as he teased she kissed his chin "Oyyee hoyyee" he whispered as she sat up blushingly "Tell me... Itni hot suddenly??" he commented wd teasing grin which made her smile
"Bas yuhin mann kiya toh pehen liya... Par main hot humesha se thi..." she replied normally
"Haan... Vo bhi meri shirt haina" his sarcastic words made her giggle who started playing wd his hairs, till few minutes they were silently enjoying the moment when he broke the silence "Shilpa tum sahi thi.." gripping her hands firmly he said out of blue which made her frown "I mean Ohaana k matter mein... Ki hume abhi sirf Ohaana pe hi dhyaan dena chaahiye... Kyunki vo bahoot choti hai abhi... Aur usse saare pyaar aur attention ki zaroorat hai iswaqt" he said in calm tone while staring up
"Hmm..." wd a smile she caressed his hairs lovingly coz of his perspicacity towards her
"Aur... Tum ismein bhi sahi thi... Ki humari ek hi beti rahe..." this sentence was in very slow way which she guessed may be he said half heartly "Humaari choti si family" pulling her hands on his neck he said wd a small smile which she knew it was fake, she was about to discuss this matter when something clicked inside her head
"Aree haaan... Armaan" her excited voice made him startlet who immediately sat up
"Shilpa... Kya hai yeh...??" he looked at her wd a glare while sitting in front of her who giggled
"Mere paas aapke liye... Ek surprise hai..." moving closer to him she said excitedly which cool down his mood
"Really kya?" he asked mischievously on which wd an excited way she took out her phone under the pillow and showed this to him who narrowed his bows "Tum mujhe apna phone dena chaahti ho...??" he exclaimed
"Armaan..." she smacked his chest lightly "Main phone nehi dena chaahti... Uske andar kuch hai vo dena chaahti hoon" saying this simply she touched something on her phone's screen which made him to stare her amusingly "Hmm... Ab dekho aapke saare surprises" putting a video on she gave her phone to him who calmly took the phone
"Tum kuch bhi..." but his sentence died their as he saw a one and half year Ohaana was walking in her full speed 'Mummaa...mumma...' she was clapping her hands while running towards the camera which Shilpa was taking 'Aree nehi babu... Mumma toh roz bolte ho.. Say... Papa... Papa...' she teached in kiddish tone but from behind the camera while Armaan's eyes got moist seeing this scene who looked beside Shilpa as if asking something
"Ismein vo saare videos hai jo maine capture ki thi jab aap... Singapore mein the... Kyunki main chaahti thi aap ek bhi moment miss naa kare Ohnu k..." putting her chin on his shoulder she hugged him from side while saying this which made Armaan emotional "So dear husband... Ohnu k first walk talk school aur bhi saare moments isme hai... Jo sirf aapke liye hain..." giving a kiss on his shoulder she said smilingly
"I love you..." nuzzling his face on her hairs he whispered wd moist eyes making her to caress his cheek lovingly
"I know..." she whispered softly while ruffling his hairs who parted slowly when 'Ohnu bolo naa... Papa...' hearing Shilpa's voice from video they both looked down 'Auu...??' seeing Ohaana's confused face a chuckle escape from his mouth following by her 'Aree meri... Choti Tinkerbell say... Papa' he smiled at Shilpa's loving voice when ' Paaapaaa... Paaapaaa" Ohaana started calling out loudly making Arsh giggle who started enjoying the video, Ohaana's every phase was there in video which Armaan loved specially the name Shilpa gave to the video was commentable ShilpaArmaan' which made him laugh making Shilpa smile, Shilpa showed him Ohaana's last birthday video where Billy & Ananya threw a party for her and everyone were present there enjoying the party while Ohaana was not in good mood coz she was crying on Shilpa's hold who was pacifying her and at that time Dev took the video 'Aree... Is ghar ki Rajkumari kyun ro rahi hai... Vo bhi apne birthday k din' Dev asked from behind the camera while focusing on Ohaana who hide her face on her mother's chest still crying 'Nai...' Ohnu's push on camera made Armaan giggle
"Yeh ro kyun rahi hai... Shilpa??" looking at her he asked wd a frown which made her smile
"Aree pata nehi kya ho gaya tha isse... Bas ro hi rahi thi jabse party shuru hui thi... Sab log cake kaatne k liye madam ko bol rahe the par us din inka... Mood bahoot kharab tha..." tracing his tattoos on his arm she replied wd a smile making him to watch the video again smilingly 'Shilpa kya ho gaya hai isse... Abhi cake bhi kaatna hai...' Dev's question made Shilpa to look at the camera still patting Ohnu's back 'Pata nehi kya ho gaya hai isse... Dekhona Dev... Abhi subhe tak acchi bhali thi khel rahi thi... Par jaise hi sabko dekha rona shuru kar diya' hearing her reply Armaan got serious
"Kahin bukhar toh nehi tha isse...?" he asked in worried tone looking at her who giggled
"Nehi... Vo toh bas isliye ro rahi thi kyunki usse neend aa rahi thi..." Siding his hairs from his forehead she replied smilingly which made him to watch again the video 'Acha Ohaana idhar dekho... Chaachu ki taraf dekho...' hearing Dev's voice she wd tearful eyes looked back at the camera 'Dekho baby... Chachu bula rahen hai... Hi bolo unko' making her looked at the camera Shilpa said in kiddish tone which made Ohaana quiet for sometimes 'Aaauu...' wd a confused look she stared at the camera then at her mother who smiled seeing her quiet (Ohaana have wore a beautiful Plum frok wd a hairband on her head while Shilpa was wearing red & Navy blue saari wd opened hairs) 'Ddaadaa...' and trying to catch the camera she extended her hand to grab it which made Shilpa & Dev giggle (Even Arsh also giggled watching her cute face) 'Say hii to Papa... Baby... Aaj toh aapka birthday hai... Say hi Papa' grabbing her one hand she made her waved at the camera which she did wd a giggle 'Aaayyeee... Paaa...' and it made Armaan chuckle seeing Ohaana's smiling face
"Toh yeh soyi kab thi...??" looking at her again he asked smilingly
"Bas issi k baad... Main usse cake kaatne k liye le gayi... Jahan bahoot nakhro k baad usne cake kaata... Phir rone lagi... Tab main isse andar le gayi jahan... Isko sulaana sabse hard kaam tha..." she replied calmly watching the video where she was making Ohaana to cut the cake while Armaan also watched the scene where after cutting the Shilpa took Ohaana away from crowed when Dev again stopped her 'Acha birthday girl bye toh bol do... Sabko' hearing Dev's voice she first stared the camera then at Dev 'Naiii...' refusing she hide her face on Shilpa's neck who giggled while Dev laughed 'Bye main isse le jaati hoon... Good night' saying this to camera Shilpa waved and the video got over making Armaan smile
"Vo itna kyun cranky ho rahi thi Shilpa?" he again asked in worried tone which made Shilpa smile
"Aree... Ohaana k bapu... Vo isiliye ro rahi thi kyunki... Bheed dekh k dar gayi thi vo... Jab hum room mein gayye vahan apne aap shaant ho gayi... Aur so gayi mujhse chipak kar" she replied in loving tone while hugging him who smiled slowly and again concerntrated on Ohaana's another video 'Hello!! Aapko pata hai aaj kya hai... Aaj Ohnu ka first pre-school day hai... Jaha Miss Ohaana Malik bahoot hi beautiful lag rahi hain apne new school uniform me... Toh aaiye hum unse puchte hai ki vo excited hai ki nai...' he giggled watching this while Shilpa layed down on bed smilingly 'Toh bataaiye... Miss Ohnu' Armaan was enjoying her expressions and in a minute he also layed down while putting his head on her stomach who started playing wd his hairs 'Hello...!! Mai bahoot khush hoon... Ku ki... Aaj aaj mera... First... Day hai... Cool me... Aur mai ex... Ex... Cited hoon... Mai... Dora jaisi banungi... Aisa... Mumma kehti hai...' he laughed seeing Ohnu's adorable face while turning her position at the camera she giggled 'Vo... School aur Excited hota hai Ohnu...' he smiled
"Vo shuru se hi aisi hai Shilpa?" looking up at her he asked curiously
"Haan..." still playing wd his hairs she replied smilingly when they heard Ohnu's voice from the video 'Haa vohi...' they both giggled at the same time 'Ab dekhna hai... Miss Ohaana Armaan Malik ka first day kaisa jaata hai... Aage ki jaan kaari k liye.. Mera yaani Miss Ohaana ki Mumma ka wait kijiye... Aur dekhte rahiye... Ohaana's firsts... Only on ShilpaArmaan' Cyaa...' and like this he watched all the videos happily then laid beside her
"Acha mujhe yeh batao... Yeh ShilpaArmaan' kya hai... Zara explain karogi" keeping his head on her chest he asked affectionately while his one hand landed on her waist who started playing wd his hairs
"Yeh Ohaana ki website hai jahan uske saare moments hai toh maine yeh naam diya..." she replied slowly still playing wd his hairs whose hand caressed her bare waist under her shirt who closed her eyes dazedly when he realised it was only his shirt she is wearing right now no inside barrier was there on her top
"Tumne yeh video aise hi nikaala... Ki mere liye nikaala??" he asked another question while facing her who opened her eyes slowly and put her one hand on his cheek
"Dono... Kyunki main chaahti thi ki hum Ohaana k bachpan ki ek bhi yaaden miss naa karen... Aur dusra mujhe yeh bhi pata tha ki... Aap miss karoge vo moments jismein aap nehi rahoge... Toh capture kar liya... So that aap kabhi bhi un moments ko miss na karo" he was smitten by her words who giggled as he hugged her tightly
"How would i thank you... I don't know Shilpa" hiding his face on her neck he whispered softly which made her to part him slowly who narrowed his bows
"To loving me forever..." she whispered in dazed tone while rubbing her nose tip on his cheek who showed his dimples
"Yeh tum nehi bhi kehti naa... Toh bhi main karta..." nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered lostly while his hands moved inside her shirt to feel her curves who surrendered herself again to him "Vaise tumhe nehi lagta tumhe meri shirt ab wapas kar deni chaahiye" he whispered wd a smirk on her ear who smiled shyly and moved her hands on his back seductively
"Agar aapko aapki shirt chaahiye toh nikaal lo..." hearing this he grinned and stared her face who wd a smile looked at his face
"I don't mind..." entwining their hands he whispered teasingly making her to kiss his chin and soon they both landed in a world where their those Passion Love Need & Wants awoken again while taking each other... Their Singapore's trip was one of the best moments for Armaan coz for him this place was the place where he had spent two years wdout his family but now this place seems more beautiful than anything, every moment was special in there like once they went to roam the places which he loved the most Ohaana insisted for five colourful birds which were caged inside a cage as they passes from a bird shop and Armaan immediately bought wdout caring the price even he also ignored Shilpa's attempts to stop him for buying that but she failed, Ohaana was very happy for the birds but when she saw the birds were flying inside the cage she asked to Shilpa about this who replied 'Agar aapko hum andar band kar denge toh aapko bhi bura lagega naa... Mumma se dur Papa se dur... Aise hi yeh sab bhi andar band hain... Aur inko bhi apne ghar jaana hai...' hearing this Ohnu understood the meaning while Armaan knew what's coming up and in a moment Shilpa opened the cage freeing the birds to fly up on the sky, seeing this Ohnu started clapping happily while Armaan shook his head smilingly saying to Shilpa 'Ab mere paise kaun udda raha hai' she giggled hugging him and retorted 'Aap paise apne biwi aur baccho k liye hi kama rahe hona... Toh bas udda rahi hoon..' he laughed at it and they started roaming again... After a week they came back in Bhopal and started leaving their family moment like every ordinary family but it's also true they are an extraordinary family! Two months passed in a click wd fun & joy, everything was going perfect until Arsh fought Yes! From last two weeks Armaan was avoiding her unknowingly coz he was occupied in his Gaurdian hospital's case unaware of Shilpa's inner turmoil who first understood his work but last night when he said something which hurted her, Actually at 1 in night Shilpa was waiting for him but when she dozed up she didn't realised like today and at 2 Armaan came back home hurriedly for his important file, hearing the rustle bustle in room her sleep broke and seeing him searching his file impatiently she stood up to ask about it but he was so stressed at that time that he didn't want to talk wd anyone coz one of his patient is in critical condition

Ulfat kaho isey meri
Na kaho Hai mera kasoor...

"Armaan... Kya hua hai... Main help karoon...?" standing behind him she asked in worried tone
"Nehi Shilpa iswaqt main busy hoon... Toh thoda dur raho..." controlling his temper he directly refused but hearing his 'Dur raho' words her heart sank
"Dur raho matlab...??" she questioned hurtfully while holding his wrist whose anger rossed who shutting one of a file looked back at her
"Dur raho matlab... Mujhse dur raho iswaqt Shilpa... Kyunki main iswaqt bahoot busy hoon... Toh please mujhe disturb mat karo..." he just said in anger wdout realising it is hurting her
"Main Disturb kar rahin hoon aapko...?" her voice cracked sadly which made him to close his eyes to control his temper who ignoring her started searching his file and his ignorance made her angry "Yahan main pichle ek hafto se roz raat aapka wait karti hoon... Ki ab aap aayenge... But nehi aap subhe nikal bhi jaaten hain aur na hi phone karte hain na kuch... Ohaana ko jawab dena mushkul hota hai... At least mujhe phone toh kar dete..." she took out her inner feelings which only made his temper more high
"Maine nehi kaha tha tumse ki mera wait karo... Main kaam mein busy tha koi ghoom nehi raha tha Shilpa..." his voice was slow but his anger was on high which made her fear come true(that she will lost everything one day) "Please iswaqt mujhse dur raho varna hum faaltu mein jhagad baithenge... So harbar mere liye khudko jagaana band karo kyunki... Isse tum apne saath saath mera bhi time waste karti ho..." he almost requested coz he is getting late for his work but now Shilpa's fears & anger trolled inside her head
"Haan ab toh main time waste hi karungi aapka... Kyunki aap bore jo ho gayen hain mujhse... Haina" he was bewildered by her words "Jaisa ki main sochti thi aakhir aapne ek... Typical wife bana hi diya mujhe... Jiska kaam hai ghar aur baccho ko sambhaalna... Jab aapka mann karle romance karlo aur phir jab bore ho jaao toh dur raho usse haina..." she miffed making him stunned at her words
"Tum keh kya rahi ho pata bhi hai...?" pulling her closer by her her elbow he asked in controlled voice
"Haan pata hai... Ki aap mujhse tang aa gayye hain... Peecha chudhaana chaahte hain... Bore ho gayyen hain... Haina" he didn't believed on his ears what she just said
"Shilpa... Kuch bhi mat bolo... Maine aisa kab kaha... Aur tum khudko kyun bich mein laa rahi ho is topic mein" controlling himself he said in calm voice on which she pull her hand back hurtfully
"Laaungi... Vo aap hi the na jisne yeh kaha tha... Ki aap mujhse tang aa gayye hain... Peecha chudaana chaahte hain... Vo toh Ohaana hai isliye aapne aisa kuch nehi kiya... Aur uper se aapko Sirf meri aadat hai jo choot bhi jaaygi agar main dur rahoon aapse" she said in broken voice making him shocked coz it gotten inside his head she is talking about that night where he teased her in Mumbai
"Aisa kuch nehi hai Shilpa... Vo toh maine aise hi kaha tha... Mazaak tha vo itna bhi nehi samajhti.. " pulling her closer by her shoulders he said angrily "Kahin ki baat kahin par bhi add mat karo apne... Ghatiya soch ki wajah se" he pierced his teeth angrily coz her words hit his heart badly
"Ghatiya... Of course meri soch toh humesha se ghatiya hi thi.. Isiliye sab kuch bhoola kar aapko accept kiya... Yeh jaante huye bhi ki baad mein takleef hi milegi... Risk liya maine Armaan... Sirf aapke liye..." her voice was in broken way while pointing at his chest who just stared her actually he was trying to understand about their fight that Where it is leading?? "Agar meri soch itni hi ghatiya hai toh... Kyun hain aap mere saath... Chod dete... Agar Ohaana ki baat hai toh chod dungi main usse aapke saath... Bas khush" pushing him slowly she sniffed making him to stare her hurtfully
"Tum mujhe galat samajh rahi ho Shilpa... Aisa kuch nehi hai yaar... Kyun har baar mujhe hurt karti ho gussa dilaati ho..." he said in angry voice making her hopeless about them
"I know aap gussa kyun hain... Ussi baatko lekar ki maine kyun humaare dusre baby k liye haan nehi kaha..." he rubbed his temple to control himself hearing her Nonsense "Isiliye Armaan main ready nehi thi... Ki agar hum jhagad pade toh kaise sambhalenge... Aur see hum jhagad bhi rahen hain..." stepping back she said wistfully making him annoyed now
"Hum nehi... Tum Shilpa... Tum jhagad rahi ho... Main nehi..." pointing at her he said waspishly on which she gave a sad smile to herself
"Haan main hi toh jhagati hoon humesha" she mumble to herself pessimistily but he heard her voice

"You know iswaqt main tumhaari kisi bakwaas k mood mein nehi hoon... So stop your nonsense... Ek toh already vo Mr Lutra ki important file nehi mil rahi hai uper se tum alag hi mera dimaag kharaab kar rahi ho..." he spoke out of frustration making her to look away from him sadly
"Of course main hi toh aapka dimaag kharaab kar rahin hoon..." saying this calmly she moved towards a nearby drawer making him to ignore her coz he knew it's waste to argue so ignoring it he turned to search the file "Hmmm..." she kept the file in front of him who was flabbergasted by her coz it was the same file which he was searching since he came here, he looked up at her who sniffed and stepped away from him only to sat at edge of the bed lostly while he thought to apologise coz of his bad behaviour but before he could step ahead she said something which directly pierced his heart "Kash hum kabhi milen nehi hote Armaan... Kash main sachmein bhaag gayi hoti shaadi se apne... Kash jab main jaa rahi thi toh aapne roka nehi hota... Kash maine khudse kiya huaa vaada pura kiya hota ki... Main chod k chali jaati sabko... Aur Kash hum is rishte mein kabhi bandhen hi nehi hote..." wdout realising she is breaking his heart she said hopelessly which was a bomb for him
"You're regretting us??" he managed to ask still standing at his place
"Yes..." still staring at the space she blurted out making him to shook his head wd hatred
"Great...!" saying this hurtful he went out leaving her there who step off inexorably... So yesterday night was a big blunder for them coz both of them were badly hurt by each other's words, Armaan didn't came after that and was staying in Hospital (Occupying by his work) while here she was in some dilemma or something but today in morning she realized her mistake


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