Monday, 25 March 2019

Part 85: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Your LOVE and My EFFORT together will conquer the WORLD"

"Tujhe itna sab kuch kya zaroorat thi bolne ki... Armaan tension mein the aur uper se tere nakhre alag..." her heart scolded her who was making breakfast for Ohaana "Par usne bhi bahoot kuch bola tha isko... Tab jaakar isne apna hafto ka gubbaar nikaala..." her mind took her side who stared the space lostly "Jo bhi ho... Par ise vo regret waali baat nehi bolni chaahiye thi..." her heart reminded which made her to look at the wall clock waiting for him who still didn't returned from work "Armaan ab tak nehi aayen... Kya bahoot bura laga unhe.. Shilpa tu bhi na ek dum pagal hai..." scolding herself she took the breakfast plate and went on breakfast table where her daughter was waiting, her whole day passed cursing herself and also to apologise wd Armaan for her last night's words not to forget to celebrate their anniversary which they will celebrate after two years separation... Then she planned this surprise dinner for their anniversary keeping her all negativity aside also to apologise but she didn't know Armaan was not in a mood to forgive her for 'Regret' word, all day he was busy in work but on back of his head her words were ringing inside that's why he tried to avoid her when he came back home but Yaah he too want to short out this, By his behavior was hurt even she didn't wished him their anniversary or told him about the surprise which she made for them in their backyard... And now they both were laying on same bed but wd distance, Shilpa went into sleep wd broken heart but Armaan was only staring at her back then at the ceiling coz sleep was miles away from his eyes

"Tch!! Neend hi nehi aa rahi hai..." turning positions after positions he mumble annoyingly "Parso se busy hoon is kaam mein... Par neend kyun nehi aa rahi... Jabki bahoot thaka huaa hoon yaar??" he questioned himself confusedly while sitting up and tried to think something when his eyes landed on Shilpa whose back was facing him "Jab mujhe neend nehi aa rahi hai... Tab yeh kaise so sakti hai... Abhi tak toh wait kar rahi thi... Aur ab so bhi gayyi..." he thought wd angry look leaning a little on her who was sleeping tiredly unaware of his condition "Pata nehi kyun kabhi kabhi mann karta hai... Isko humesha k liye baandh k rakkhoon so that kuch bhi ulta seedha sochne se pehle... Yeh hazaar nehi lakho baar yaad rakkhe mere baare mein..." staring her calmly he cursed her mentally "Koi kahega aaj humaari anniversary hai... Uper se hum do saal baad saath mein hain... Par nehi isse toh uski bhi parwaah nehi hai..." keeping his back against the bed post he stared up while thinking this "Regret karti hai... Mujhse milna... Shaadi hona... Pyaar etc..." he thought wd sad look still staring up "Toh kyun hai mere saath...? Agar itni hi problem hai toh chod de... Maine thodi roka hai..." staring back at her he whispered wd moist eyes "Isse yeh yaad rehta hai ki usdin maine keh diya tha ki... Main bore ho gaya hoon... Jabki mazaak tha vo... Par isse yeh yaad nehi rehta ki... Main hazaar baar isse I love you kehta hoon... Iske bina nehi jeene ki baate bolta hoon... Pura future humaara plan karta hoon... Par nehi isko toh bas apne hi mann ki karni hoti hai... Stupid" he thought angrily watching her back who was unaware of his inner feelings "Rehne de Armaan... Isse jitna dekhega gussa aayga... Isse accha tu thoda bahar jaa fresh hawa k liye... Kya pata neend aa jaaye..." his mind said to him who moved down from the bed and walked out of the room "Hmm..." he sighed as he watched the silence of this night where the light of the shining moon was reflecting everywhere in their lawn, putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he started walking bare foot on the cold dew-drops which were resting on the grasses of backyard "Kitni thand hai yaar..." he mumbled observing the beginning of winter coz the cold wind is touching his skin who felt a little shiver inside him, he was looking around just for the peace of his heart (Which wants Shilpa's presence near him) when he noticed something on the tree & tent "Yeh...??" he frowned noticing the dinner table inside the tent which he can see in the light of the moon, he advanced there only to find the decorations which were shining in this middle of the night also, he saw two chairs wd decorated table where a candle wd roses put then he noticed the off lights which were decorated around tent's pillars when he saw a paper on the table which he picked but coz of dark he couldn't read so he kept the paper back on its original place and turned around to observe anything else "Yeh... Sab??" he knew who could have done this then also he didn't believed, his eyes scanned the tree & plants which were wrapped by the lights in fact it is also glimmering in this dark and knowing where the lights's switch board could be he immediately ran near the lawn's switch board wd an exciting happiness "Woo...w" he was speechless seeing the decorations which he saw after putting the lights on, he walked under the decorated tree wd astonishment coz every place inside their backyard was decorated wd lights & laterns when he saw something written on the grass near the tree 'Happy Anniversary Armaan' wd flowers and seeing it an unknown smile reached his lips who slowly slowy wd excitement reached on their dinner table where that note was kept "Hmmm..." taking a long sigh he picked that paper to read coz he knew there must be something good about them 'Armaan... Mujhe samajh nehi aa raha hai main aapse kaise Sorry bolun... Kyunki jo maine kal raat kaha vo bilkul sahi nehi tha... May be main hurt thi isliye kaha hoga yaa fir... Gusse mein... Par vo sach nehi tha... Mujhe kuch bhi nehi kehna chaahiye tha aapko... Par main kya karoon... Mujhe gussa aa raha tha aur samajh mein nehi aa raha tha... Ki kyun aap mujhpe gussa the... May be kuch kiya hoga maine jo mujhe abhi bhi nehi pata... Par jahan tak mujhe lagta hai maine koi galti nehi ki hai... Maine toh humesha koshish ki aapke saath rehne ki... Even aap last two weeks se busy the phir bhi main confident thi... But jab Ohaana puchti thi toh explain karna mushkil hota tha... Especially jab aap phone nehi attend karte the... Na jaane kya kya dimaag mein aata tha... Ki kahin aap gussa toh nehi ho meri us baat se... Jo maine humaare second baby k liye bola tha... I know vo aapke liye galat hoga... In fact mere liye bhi galat hi hota agar main ek normal ladki hoti toh... Par main Shilpa hoon jo normal nehi hai... Kyunki jo cheeze maine dekhi sunni aur padhi hai unse abhi bhi nikalna bahoot mushkil hai Armaan... Aur main chaahti bhi nehi ki main nikloon... Kyunki yehi main hoon... Jo badalna nehi chaahti... Par haan aapke saath ek normal life zaroor chaahti hoon... Main kuch nehi kar sakti apni soch ka... Par yeh bhi sach hai ki kitna bhi bura bhala bol doon aapko yaah phir soch loon bhaag k aapke paas hi aaungi... Pyaar karti hoon naa toh chod nehi sakti aapko... Par iska matlab yeh bhi nehi ki main humesha galat hoti hoon...' and reading the last line a chuckle escape from his mouth who calmly sat one of a char to read more comfortably 'Kuch galtiya aapki bhi hoti hain... Yeh apology letter sirf mere REGRET waale word k liye hai... Varna main galat nehi hoon apni jagah... Aapki kya problem thi aap kyun chillaaye vo aap hi jaano... Maine apni taraf se clear kar diya hai... Par dekho aaj aapki wajah se hum apne anniversary k din lad pade especially... Do hafte baad k long distance k baad bhi... Par jo huaa so huaa... Ab main chaahti hoon ki hum humaari anniversary celebrate karen saare problems bhula kar... Kyunki humaare bich sab clear accha lagta hai... Unclear nehi... So main is chote se dinner k aaath aapko humaari anniversary wish karna chaahti hoon... Saath mein sorrry bhi bolna chaahti hoon toh... Sorrry... Aur aapko bhi mujhse Sorry kehna chaahiye bhulna mat... Kyunki Shaadi sirf maine nehi ki hai... From your beloved wife Shilpa'he smiled as he finished reading her long Complaining + Apology + Regret + Scolding + Loving - Sorrry = Letter "Kyun ho tum aisi Shilpa..." keeping his back against the chair post he looked above calmly "Jab jab mujhe lagta hai... Main tumhe samajh chuka hoon... Tab tab tum aur strange ho jaati ho... Shayad puri life bhi nikal jaaye toh bhi main tumhe... Samajh nehi paaunga... Aur ab samajhna bhi nehi chaahta... Kyunki tum aisi hi mujhe acchi lagti ho... Complicated & Confusing" looking back on the letter he mumbled wd a smile He is happy now plus relieved from their fight coz one thing he got cleared about Shilpa is that 'She will never ever going to live him in fact he himself never live her' and today she prooved No matter whatever may problems will be they will ease that wd Trust & Love on each other, she tought him a lesson of Trust & Support "Humesha khudko bolti hai ki perfect nehi hai... Etc... Vo alag hai sabse... Normal nehi hai..." he thought staring at the space of the floor "Par vo khud nehi jaanti ki kitni perfect hai vo... In fact main imperfect hoon uske aage... Kyunki jab jab waqt aaya saath dene ka... Vo khadi thi... Bhale hi show naa kiya ho par vo thi aur abhi bhi hai... Acha hai normal nehi hai... Sabse alag hai... Varna meri life boring hojaati..." he smiled at his thinking then looked down on paper at her name which he traced wd his thumb when it clicked inside his brain that What he did today, which made him to smacked his head lightly "And now Armaan Malik messed up again" he mocked at himself as he stood up still holding the paper and started thinking something to manofy her "Acha khasa tujhe surprised de rahi thi... Wait kar rahi thi tera... Par nehi tujhe thodi dikha vo... Tujhe toh khudki ego dikhaani thi... Disgusting Armaan tu aisa kaise ho sakta hai... Mana vo thodi tedi hai... Tu toh seedha tha na toh tune aisi galti kaise kar di... Tujhe maafi maangni chahiye pehle... Usse nehi..." he scolded himself walking out of the tent "Par maafi toh vo bhi nehi maang rahi hai..." as his mind reminded a smile reached on his lips who was walking on the grass calmly "Par ab kuch toh sochna padega... Varna tum dono ki anniversary toh gayi..." he thought putting the letter inside his pant's pocket "Par kaise thik karoon... Khud hi toh gadbad ki hai... Damm!" getting frustrated he kicked his leg on grass coz of angry on himself that Why he didn't noticed her face when he came back from work today, she must be excited to all this? but Jerk he spoiled again Idiot Armaan, he was cursing himself while thinking something for next morning but nothing came except her angry look which he don' t want to see and his time passed there only until he realised its '3:45 AM' so switching the lights of he walked inside their room only to feel more guilty seeing her sleeping innocently while hugging one of a pillow making him remind of the times when she used to sleep under the numerous pillows to feel protected(when he forgot those three years) and unknown smile reached his lips who wd steady steps laid beside her, he was facing her back but shifting more closer to her he leaned on a little above her "Hmm... Yeh meri jagah hai" removing one of a pillow from her hold he mumble carefully when she turned her position at him who laid calmly on his place and in a minutes all her pillows were laying behind Arsh(Which was definitely done by him) while they both were laying in middle of the bed facing each other "I am sorry Shilpa... Gusse mein jo mooh mein aata hai bol deta hoon... Yeh bhi nehi sochta ki meri... Aadhi si zyada jaan par kya asar pad raha hoga..." tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear he thought wd a smile and grasping her one hand he kissed her cheek lovingly "Ab samajh mein nehi aa raha hai main tumhe manaun kaise... Kyunki khudke pairo pe toh kulhadi maardi maine... Ab bas chot ko thik karna reh gaya hai..." laying straight he thought meditatively still holding her hand who snuggled more closer to him for better sleep and still thinking how to manofy when he dozed of he didn't knew
Next morning @ 11:30 AM
Iss qadar tu mujhe pyaar kar, Jisey kabhi na main sakoon, Phir bhula...
"Papa..." hearing Ohaana's loud voice he looked at her who was coming towards him, he was sitting on couch while bending to tie his shoe laces but as he saw she entered inside the room he stopped his work (He was fully ready for the day... In white shirt wd black tie & denim jeans... Looking fresh as always)
"Sambhalke Ohaana lag jaaygi..." he warned as she stumbled a little but hearing his warn she slowed and stood in front of him smilingly "Toh kaha thi meri Princess subhe se...?" picking her up he asked in loving voice making her giggle
"Main mumma k saath... Park gayi thi... Beezer Shao Pao Toy aur Surbi aunty k saath bhi..." she replied in her kiddish tone as he made her sat on his lap
"Haww... Papa ko kyun nehi legaye aap... Papa ghar pe akele the... Pata bhi hai kitna bore ho rahe the papa aapke bina..." making a cute adorable sad face he complained which made Ohaana to looked at him innocently
"Sorrryyy..." she held her one ear making him chuckled who removing her hand kissed on her cheek lovingly
"Aapki thodi galti hai... Vo toh Papa busy the... Toh yeh Papa ki galti hai" tucking her long hairs on side he said smilingly making Ohnu smile
"Haan... Papa k exams haina... Toh... Hogaya... Aapka exam...?" hearing this he frowned
"Kya... Exams... Kisne kaha aapse...?" he exclaimed
"Mumma ne..." she said simply which made him confused "Ki aap abhi exams de rahe ho... Toh jab free... Ho jaaoge... Tab aap Ohnu k saath kheloge... Haina Papa" as she told cutely he understood why Shilpa lied to her coz he was busy in his work so she might had made any story of his exam so that Ohaana could understand, also it clicked inside his head about the letter in which she wrote about Ohnu, Godd!! What will he do wdout her who is an Angel Queen & Love for him in fact everything he thought "Bolo..." Ohnu's nudge on his shoulder made him come out from his thought
"Haan... Par ab papa ke exams ho gayyen hain toh vo... Ab pura attention Ohaana aur Mumma ko denge..." as he said coolly a wide smile reached on her lips
"Sachmein...??" watching her face's excitement he giggled while nodding in Yes"Yeeeyyee..." she clapped happily which was enough to make him laugh who soon hugged her smilingly
"Hmm... Toh ab mujhe batao... Aapne aaj kya kya kiya...??" making her sat beside him he asked normally and started tying his shoe laces again
"Aaj maine... Khub saari masti ki... Sabke saath... Park mein... Appko pata hai... Toy... Paa...paani mein gir gaya tha... Phir ek bahoot... Bade uncle ne bachaya usse..." she was saying this excitedly while he was listening wd full attention in fact loving her cute adorable face which he missed the most in these two weeks even today in morning also actually when in morning he woke up was confused coz no one was there in the house even Steve & Meethi was also not there, he tried many calls to Shilpa but she didn't received which was enough to tell him that she is still angry wd him so he directly called to Meethi who informed that Shilpa wd Surbhi Ohaana & pets went in park and gave one day leave to her & Steve, he was hurt a little coz why she didn't informed him before going but ignoring it he went in backyard only to find everything was removed from there which was not shocking for him coz he already expected this from her, he postponed his work for two days coz he want to spend this day wd his family and when he was getting ready to go out(To plan something for their anniversary and her gift) Ohaana entered inside
"Wow...!! Itna sab kiya aapne..." he asked in amused tone as she finished her today's story
"Haan..." she nodded happily making him to give kiss on her small nose tip who giggled
"Acha mumma kahan hain...??" he asked normally while standing up where as she also stood on couch facing him
"Mumma... Toh bahar hai... Fishes k paas..." she replied in her kiddish tone making him smile who moving closer to her corrected her red hairband who giggled seeing this
"Acha ab aap kya karoge...?" he just asked in calm voice when she slowly jumped down on floor making him smile
"Ab Ohnu... Dddr... Drawing karegi... Pir... Po...ems learn karegi..." hearing her adorable voice he smiled and bend to her level
"Iska matlab... Papa ki Ohaana... Apna homework karegi... Aur Smart banegi... Haina..." pinching her nose tip lovingly he asked which made Ohaana giggled who nodding in Yeshugged him
"Papa... Jaise" as she spoke happily he chuckled when Shilpa came inside for Ohaana but seeing the duo she stopped in middle coz according to her Armaan was left for his work but now seeing him she was confused
"Ab tak toh inhe Hospital k liye nikal jaana chaahiye tha... Phir??" she thought confusedly while stepping ahead, she only knows how she controlled herself not to push him out of bed in morning coz when she opened her eyes she found herself caged wd his hand & leg from behind which made her eyes fully opened who instantly faced him and as she saw his calm sleeping face her all anger vanished who noticed how her pillows were laying behind them she knew it was done by him, for few minutes she stared his face while thinking 'Why they always fight... Or couldn't understand each other's situation?' her hand automatically traced his face who pulled her more closer to him unintentionally as if she is some pillow, but soon she realised what he did last night spoilt her surprise and as this came inside her head she was out from the bed wdout disturbing him, she removed all the arrangements which she did last night and getting ready she woke Ohaana who was already giggling inside blanket which made her smile and soon the duo got ready for their small outing plan, Ohaana ran to wake Armaan but Shilpa stopped her saying he is tired coz of work(coz she thought he must be tired and also will leave for his work) so she didn't disturbed him then they left wd Surbhi)
"Mumma..." her chain of thoughts were broken by Ohaana whose voice made Armaan to look at Shilpa who tried to ignore him (He smiled at their coincidence coz they both have wore white, she had wore a White full flare dress wd her hairs opened)
"Haan..." moving towards them she said slowly making him to stood while watching her face
"Deko... Papa k exams ho gaye... Aur vo... Ab Ohnu k saath khelenge..." she told excitedly making Arsh smiled when he thought to ease the situation b/w them
"Haan... Sirf Ohaana k saath hi nehi... Mumma k saath bhi..." hearing his teasing voice she looked at him who wd a smile moved towards her "Haina Bracelet..." as he pulled her closer by her waist she looked at him incredulously while Ohnu giggled "Happy Anniversary..." giving a lingering kiss on her cheek he whispered softly on her ear who was freezed at her spot and was only staring him wd moist eyes which he noticed so he thought to clear it now or else they will missed this day "Hmm... Princess aapko homework karna tha na...?" bending to her level he asked smilingly on which she nodded in Yes wd a smile "Toh kyun na aap jaakar Homework karlo... Aur phir jab papa apna kaam karke aayenge... Tab Ohaana Mumma aur Papa aapki favourite movie saath mein dekhenge" hearing this she nodded in Yes wd wide smile
"Thik hai... Toh... Tohhh... Main...jaati hoon... Phir Dora ko dekhenge..." saying this happily she gave a kiss on his cheek and ran inside her room to finish her work leaving Armaan smiling there who taking a sigh looked at his wife who is standing like a statue or something but as she noticed Ohnu not around her she turned to go when he gripped her wrist stopping her
"Shilpa..." hearing his slow voice from her back she closed her eyes emotionally where as he is still holding her wrist "I know tum kal raat k liye... Gussa ho mujhse... Jo jayaz bhi hai..." stepping closer to her he started carefully still not leaving her hand and was standing behind her back who was blankly watching the space "But trust me yaar... Main itna occupied hoon iswaqt apne kaam mein ki... Mujhe kuch nehi sujha parso... Aur tumhe keh diya dur raho... Sirf isliye kyunki... Main nehi chaahta tha gusse mein tumhe kuch bhi bol doon..." he tried to clear himself which only made her eyes moist "Par phir jab tumne puchna shuru kar diya... Aur phir vo sab huaa jo nehi hona chaahiye tha..." he said in calm voice making her to pull her hand back slowly which made him realised that she is not in mood to listen anything "Okay fine... Agar tum nehi sunna chahti toh... Main tumhe bolunga bhi nehi... Aur space dunga jitna tum chaaho but..." he was saying this disheartly when he heard her sob which made him stunned "Shilpa...??" making her look at him he took her name shockingly only to find her eyes full of tears which made him to pull her more closer to him by shoulders "Kya huaa??" he was bewildered by her reaction whose tears wasn't stopping
"I hate you...Armaan..." she sobbed making him realise she is crying now "I hate you..." she sniffed staring up at him who was perplexed at her sudden reaction
"Shilpa yeh tum...??" he didn't knew what to say coz she is making him hell confuse now by her sudden meaningless words
"Aap bahoot bure hain Armaan..." looking down she whispered tearfully making him to watch her face calmly coz he was trying to understand whether she is angry or not?? "Aapko bilkul parvah nehi hai meri..." she sniffed while hitting his chest lightly who smiled slowly getting very well she is not angry but was hurt by him
"Ki..." wipping her tears he asked softly making her more angry who again hit his chest but this time a little hard "Aaawww... Shilpa..." he winced as she smacked again who slowly hugged him making him taken aback by her move

Zindagi laayi humein yahaan, Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala...
"I hate myself... To loving you..." as she said tearfully a chuckle escaped from his mouth who immediately hugged her back wd a relief coz he got now they won't fight over this topic and yet again she solved their problems
"And i love myself to... Getting your love" engulfing her more into him he whispered in delight making her grip more tight on his back... For him it's a miracle or something coz wdout his much effort she herself eased their problem in fact solved also, that's why he loves her coz she always vanishes their long problems in a click and like he used to say her Charismatic Aura which she spreads wherever she goes, always eased his spirits but the question ring inside his head was Why she did this?? and how sudden?? he needs to know "Abhi bhi gussa ho...?" still wd eyes closed he asked softly making her head back to stare his face who looked at her expectedly when she gave a nod in No which was enough for his smile "Hmmm... Acha bura laga... Meri us din ki baat ka..." tucking few strands of her hairs he asked slowly on which she gave nod in Yes like Ohaana making him smile who cupping her face kissed her both cheeks lovingly and before he could utter something her voice stopped him
"Ab.. Sorry kaho... Kal raat k liye..." wd a pout she almost ordered while playing wd his tie's knot who put his both hands around her waist
"Sorrryyy Armaan ki Jaan..." he stretched the words while pulling her more closer who was still not convinced
"Aise nehi kaan pakad ke..." hearing this he became stunned
"What...?" he exclaimed only to get her angry glare in return "Tch! Shilps... Kya baccho waali harkate karti ho tum..." he said in calm voice seeing her pouted face
"Armaan... Yeh aapki punishment hai... Kal raat ke liye kyunki aapne mera surprise fail kiya jo itni mehnat se maine kiya tha aapke liye..." stepping back she said in angry voice which made him to held his head who prayed for his safety coz when she gets angry she utters whatever rubbish comes inside her head "Aapse toh baat hi karna bekaar hai... Main hi pagal hoon jo aapko humesha... Maaf.." but before she could say more he immediately pulled her closer to him by her waist while banging her which left a soft gasp from her mouth staring him who smiled coyly
"Aapka huqum sar aankhon pe Mahraani sahiba" hearing his adorable voice a smile reached her lips while leaving her he held his both ears "I am really really sorry from my deeds... Sorrryyy" awe transformed on her face seeing him apologising like Ohaana which melted her heart who immediately pulled his hands down "Aur... I know kaam k pressure mein tumhe sideline kar deta hoon... Par main seriously nehi chaahta tha ki tumpe kuch bhi pressure nikle... So thodi distance kar li... And i am sorry about that... Coz i know... It was wrong move" he apologised while holding her hand who smiled slowly "And i..." but before he could complete his sentence she kept her palm on his lips
"Ssshhh... I know" she smiled seeing his questioning look who slowly pulled her hand down "Aur... Aap bhi kya yaad rakhoge... Ki kis Dayaalu ladki se aapne shaadi ki thi..." moving closer to him she said wd cute attitudish voice which made him chuckled who caged her in his arms
"Shaadi ki thi nehi... Hai" he corrected smilingly making her giggle who put her both hands on his chest and hugged him "Hmmm... I love you Shilpa..." taking a sigh he whispered indulgently while hugging her back "Tum nehi jaanti... Tum kya ho mere liye... Main tumhe bataana bhi nehi chaahunga... Kyunki tum mere saare expectations se bhi uper ho... Maine tum jaisi ladki aaj tak nehi dekhi... Aur chaahta bhi nehi hoon dekhna... Kyunki tum ek hi ho... Jo sirf meri hai... Meri" his heart praised her feeling loved by her gestures while he kissed on her hairs who snuggled more closer to him and after few minutes of peaceful silence her voice made them part
"Agar main... Parso raat k liye..." hearing her slow voice he parted slowly "Sorry bolun toh aap maaf karoge...?" and this made a small smile on his face who pulled her closer to him
"Emmm... Mushkil hai..." as he said thoughtfully she looked at him expectedly "Par Namumkin nehi... Hai... Toh tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi... Ki kis Mahaan ladke se tumne shaadi ki hai..." hearing his imitating of her she giggled
"Hmm... Meri line mujhpe hi..." as she said smilingly he pulled her closer by her face
"Jab tum meri ho toh line bhi tumhaari meri hi hai..." he replied smilingly while playing wd her strand of her hairs who opened her mouth to say something when he interrupted "Cheesy line... Mat kehna varna... Dekhna kya karunga..." pointing on her nose he warned wd cute serious look which made her giggle "No... I am serious" but his words went in vain coz she was not stopping giggling
"Yaah... Yaah i know..." still giggling she opened his tie's knot who circled her waist smilingly
"Achi baat hai..." taking her in a hug he said smilingly making her to hide her face on his crook of neck "Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki... Humaara confession har mahine hota hai..." he joked to lighten their moment while it made her giggle who have still held his tie on her hold
"Toh yeh acchi baat hai ki buri...?" parting slowly she asked wd a smile on which he started thinking
"Hmmm... I think acchi baat hai... Kyunki isse hume pata chal jaayga ki hum kya hain ek dusre k liye" encircling his both hands around her waist he replied thoughtfully which made her smile who again started opening his tie
"Kya hain??" she knowingly asked wd teasing smile
"Kya pata... Tumhe kya lagta hai?" he played along smilingly
"Mujhe bhi nehi pata..." she made a fake innocent cute face making him to move to bite her who giggled moving back her face and then both smiled when he noticed what is she doing to his tie?
"Vaise yeh kar kya rahi ho tum...??" blowing air on her face he asked admirely making her smile who moved closer to his face which made him to raise his bows questioningly when she gave lingering kiss near his lips leaving him dazed
"Hmmm..." she sighed seeing his face who grinned as if asking what was that?? "Mujhe acha nehi lag raha tha yeh tie... Toh nikal diya..." she was replying while removing his tie who wd a grin opened his arms
"Jo karna hai karo... Main yehin khada hoon..." as he said this coolly she shook her head and started opening his shirt's buttons who pulled her closer to him by her back "Vaise tumne mujhe kiss... Kyun kiya..??" he knowingly asked while again starting playing wd her hairs who looked up
"Har kyun ka jawab nehi hota Armaan" she said in filmy way making him chuckle
"Par mujhe toh tumhaare... Har kyun ka jawab chaahiye... Toh batao" he played along cheekly which made her smile
"Hmmm... Aise hi mera pati hai... Jab jo marzi aayga vo karungi..." hearing her authoritatively voice he smirked while she finished her work(Yes she left opened his shirt's first two buttons)
"Tab toh meri bhi... Bahoot si marzi hai..." blowing air on her face he teased which made her smack his chest lightly while staring his face who soon nuzzled his face on crook of her neck making her smile
"Armaan... Hatto... Mujhe aaj bahoot se kaam hai... Aur aap aaj kaam pe nehi jaayenge apne.." pushing him lightly she moved back in her usual way
"Naah... Maine do din ki... Leave li hai... And by the way konse bahoot se kaam hai tumhe... Mere siwa...??" replying her calmly he questioned to her who shaking her head walked towards the wardrobe to keep his tie who followed her "Aree bolo yaar...?" he again asked while blocking her way who just kept the tie inside his side of wardrobe
"Offo! Armaan... Mujhe aaj Ohaana k liye ek kindergarden project banana hai... Bas aur kuch nehi..." she replied simply while crossing her arms
"Hmmm... Aur tumne Meethi Steve inko chutti kyun di aaj k liye...??" he asked in calm voice as it clicked inside his head
"Haan... Kyunki aaj main chaahti thi... Main apna pura din Ohaana k saath spend karun... Toh maine un dono ko leave de diya..." she replied again in normal way which made him to pulled her closer to him by her waist abruptly "Armaan..." she gasped staring his face surprisingly
"Sirf Ohaana k saath spend karna chaahti thi... Mere saath nehi... Jab ki yeh day toh humaara haina..." hearing his complain she smiled and puts her both hands on his shoulders
"Nehi... Kyunki mujhe laga aaj bhi aapko kaam rahega... Toh sirf apni beti k saath socha..." she replied smilingly tracing his cheek by back of her hand which made him grinned coz another thing clicked inside his brain
"Aur tumne vo... Decorations kyun hataaye... Jo kal raat mere liye kiye the... And most important mujhe bataya kyun nehi.." she batted her lashes as she heard this "Kya...?? Mujhe kaise pata yehi naa...?" he giggled at her shocking face who managed to give a nod in Yes making him kiss on her nose tip "Aao batata hoon..." griping her hand he took her out of wardrobe and made them sat comfortably on couch
"Ab bolo..." she insisted taking a cushion on her lap while he removed his shoe laces
"Actually kal raat mujhe neend hi nehi aayi... May be tumse gussa tha..." staring at her he answered in calm voice which made her smile "So walk pe chala gaya... Aur andhere mein bhi mujhe samajh mein aa gaya ki... Tumne kya kiya hai... Phir lights on kiye... Tab dikh gaya... Sab kuch... Aur..." he was saying this coolly when suddenly he stopped making her narrow her bows suspiciously "Aur tumhara... Complaining + Apology + Regret + Scolding + Loving - Sorrry = Letter padh liya..." shifting closer to her he said normally where as hearing this she giggled "Phir kya... Jaisa ki tumpe humesha pyaar aata hai... Aur bhi aa gaya..." pinching her nose he smiled while she brushed his hand making a face "Ab tum mujhe yeh batao aisa kyun kiya... Vaise tumhaare past records ko dekh kar main samajh gaya hoon... Par phir bhi batao..." entwining their hands he asked calmly making her smile
"Aapko sab kuch jaanna rehta haina...??" she just asked to tease him who gave a prouding smile
"Obviously!! Mera right hai..." hearing this she shook her head smilingly "Ab batao mujhe..." taking her in side hug he asked coolly
"Aree... Mujhe gussa aaya aappe toh... Main nehi chaahti thi... Ki aapko pata chale ki maine kya plan kiya tha... So hata diya... Bas..." she answered simply while holding his both hands which were hugging her from side

Ki darkhast hai yeh, Jo aayi raat hai yeh Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Mean... Toh tum shuru se thi... So i don't blame you..." he joked kissing her temple who smiled cutely while putting her all weight on him "Vaise Shilpa... Ek baat puchoon...?" his earnest voice made her to hummed in Yes calmly when instead to question he put his chin on her shoulder while moving his both hands to circled her waist who got little confused and before she could ask something he spoke "Did you mean it... About last to last night?" she looked at him confusedly as she heard his slow serious voice "I mean... Kya tum sach mein regret karti ho... Sab kuch?" and this made her guilty who facing him stared his face who was waiting for his answers
"Armaan... Maine vo sab gusse mein kaha tha... I didn't mean any of word... Maine sirf vo frustration mein kaha... Sab kuch... Aap toh jaante ho jab main negative sochti hoon... Toh bahoot negative sochti hoon... So bol diya" she answered in very chilled voice while siding his few hairs from his forehead who smiled nodding in Yes "Samjhe Hubby..." koochi kooing his cheek she replied in loving voice and kissed his cheek who directly pulled her in a hug
"Main toh samajh gaya... Par ab tum bhi ek baat samajh lo... Yeh jo ulte seedhe khayaal hote haina vo apne dimaag se nikaal lo... Like tumne meri us baat ko serious leliya tha jo maine Mumbai mein kahi thi... Aadat waali jo mere liye mazaak tha par tumne serious liya usse... In fact tumne toh Baby waali baat ko bich mein laaya jo main bhool bhi gaya tha..." caressing her hairs he cleard her all 'Ulta Seedha Khayaal' making her to look at him guiltfully
"Sorryy..." holding her both ears she apologised cutely making him smile who soon pulled her hands down
"Yeh Sorry vorry na mere saamne nehi chalega..." making a fake angry look he scolded
"Toh kya chalega aapke saame...?" she also asked in same tone making him to hide his smile
"Tum..." hearing his cool reply a smile reached her lips who moving her face kissed on his cheek "Yeh hui naa baat..." taking her in a hug he said smilingly while she sighed blissfully closing her eyes and they stayed like this for few minutes when "Vaise ek baat toh pata chal gayi mujhe... Is baar" his words made her look up at him
"Kya...??" she frowned
"Yehi ki tum sirf kehti ho... Tum mujhe chod dogi... Yaah fir bhaag jaati n all... Par... Aisa karogi nehi... Kabhi..." he said in an uninterested voice which made her gawped him who grinned coz his plan is working to make her annoy "Like tum sirf kehne waale logo mein se ho... Aisa karti nehi kabhi..." and this definately made her angry
"Kya matlab hai aapka... Zara clear karenge...??" she asked in her cute anger making him smile
"I mean... Tum sirf naam k liye kehti ho ki mujhe chod dogi yaah chali jaaogi mujhse dur... Kyunki jab tumhaare paas mauke hote hain tab tum nehi jaati... That means tum mujhe sirf blackmail karne k liye bolti ho... Aisa tum karogi nehi" he told in normal cool voice which was enough to influence her anger
"Excuse me! Aisa kuch nehi hai... Main sach mein chod k jaa sakti hoon aapko..." she defended herself wd an attitude making him chuckle
"Wrong...! You can never do this... Kyunki jab tumhaare paas mauke the... Tab tumne vo steps liye hi nehi..." he disapproved still smiling making her annoyed now
"Konse mauko ki baat kar rahen hain aap??" crossing her arms she argued making him to sighed calmly while sitting against the couch post
"Hmm... Tum chaahti toh mujhe chod k jaa sakti thi jab Kiya aayi thi humaare life mein... Par tumne aisa nehi kiya... Kyun??" crossing his arms he asked wd calm look making her to open her mouth to argue when he again spoke "Aur Bhopal mein bhi tumhaare paas bahoot se mauke the par tum nehi gayi... In fact Avni k reception k din bhi tum jaa sakti thi... Mujhe ignore karke par tum nehi gayi... Kyun??" his every words were putting fuel on fire and again she opened her mouth to explain but he stopped knowingly "In fact tum chaahti toh bhaag sakti thi humaari engagement se bhi... Aur toh aur humaari shaadi se bhi... Par..." but before he could tease her more she interrupted
"Aur vo aapko kaise pata...??" putting the pillow on side she asked in angry voice making him to hide his smile
"Mujhe nehi pata hoga toh kisse pata hoga... Tum yeh chodo... Direct accept karlo... Ki tum mujhe chod k nehi jaa sakti" and it was enough for her who finally got annoyed
"Jaa sakti hoon... Proove karke dikhaaun?" pointing her index finger at him she challenged
"Haan... Karo na..." he spoke coolly making her to stood up
"Fine... Fir main jaa rahi hoon aapko chod ke... Aur rehke dikhao mere bina..." saying this she turned to go angrily when he waved saying bye while pressing his lips to control his laugh "Mean... Mujhe bolte hain aur khud..." but her curse left incomplete as she heard his laugh which made her to turn back at him who was laughing uncontrollably "Armaan...?" she got puzzled seeing him laughing who looked at her still laughing which made her realise he was knowingly teasing her "Armaan aap..." getting angry she stood in front of him wd grumpy look
"Kya huaa gayi... Nehi tum..." still laughing he asked which her more angry "Shilpa... Tum..." he said while controlling his laugh where as she got annoyed and picking up a cushion she hit on him who laughed while defending himself by his hands "Tumhe seriously... Koi bhi gussa dila sakta hai yaar..." he spoke after controlling his laugh but was still smiling
"Haan toh thik haina... Main ab sach mein aapko chod k jaa rahi hoon..." pointing at him she spoke angrily who gave a tumb up
"Acha jaao..." he joked making her annoyed more who smacking his shoulder turned to go when he gripped her wrist "Aree suno toh... Meri Chidchidi nakchidi wify" pulling her closer to him he said smilingly while she directly landed on his lap who caged her by his hands
"Mujhe aapse baat hi nehi karni..." making a pout she said wd cute angry face which made him chuckled

Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh, Bade hi khaas hai yeh, Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...(x2)
"Haan thik hai mat karo... Par Kiss toh karlo at least..." and hearing this she couldn't hold her shock "Aise dekh rahi ho matlab... Kiss nehi kuch aur karne ka iraada hai... But Shilpa abhi nehi... You know abhi Ohaana hai toh..." this made her smile who dragging his name smacked his chest lightly "Kya tum abhi chaahti ho...?" making a fake shocked face he said teasingly
"Haan... Chaahti hoon toh...??" moving her face closer to him she played along making him grin
"I don't mind... Toh shuru ho jaayen..." he knowingly teased her who tried to play along but his grin made her smile and in a minute they both chuckled hugging each other
"Kuch bhi bolte hona aap Armaan" she whispered while smacking his chest lightly who wd smile gave a nod in Yes
"Haan... Tum ho hi itni kamaal ki..." playing wd her hairs he replied calmly making her smile "Par yeh toh sach hai ki... Tum bhaag sakti thi par bhaagi nehi..." she rolled her eyes hearing his teasing voice
"I don't care..." she said in uninterested tone making him chuckled
"Nehi seriously... Tumhaare paas chances the..." he spoke in serious tone while hugging her from back
"Jaise...??" she looked back at him smilingly
"Jaise humaari engagement waali raat... Tum bhaag sakti thi..." as he said this meaningfully she looked at him uninterestingly
"Kyun aap the kya vahan... Saare doors aur hall ko check karne k liye... Hmm" she asked in sarcastic way making him to show his trumphant smile
"Haan toh... Kitna chance tha tumhaare paas..." he said in normal voice making her to shook her head coz she thought he is again trying to influence her anger
"Nehi liya maine koi chance khush..." as she said this tiredly he smiled
"Lena chaahiye tha na... Jab tum baarish mein bahar bheeg rahi thi... Usiwaqt bhaag jaati koi rokne k liye bhi nehi tha.." he said meaningfuly while watching her face
"Aree kaise bhaagti... Stupid Sukku aa gayi thi na... Aur uper se..." she blurted out annoyingly but stopped as it dawned inside her head that How did he knew this??
"Par uske aane se pehle toh bhaag sakti thi..." he suggested normally but seeing her staring him quzzically he raised his bows
"Aapko kaise pata... Main bheeg rahi thi usraat?" she slowly asked
"Maine bahar CCTV footage lagaya tha... Tumpe nazar rakhne k liye" his sarcastic words made her to smacked his chest lightly who smiled
"Sach batao..." pointing her index finger at him she almost ordered making him sigh
"Yehi ki... Tum baarish mein bheeg rahi thi... Red dress daale... May be mann mein bhaagne ki planning chal rahi thi... Nehi" and this made her shocked
"Aapko kaise pata Armaan??" she asked curiously
"Magic...!!!" he said amusingly making her to made a face
"Armaan please bolo na..." she whinned pulling him closer to her who smiled wickedly
"Kyun bataun..." making a serious face he refused
"Armaan please bolo naa..." she insisted while gripping his shirt's collar
"Naah... Nehi bataaunga... Kyunki mera mood nehi hai abhi..." he directly refused while holding her hands which were gripping his collar
"Kyun bataona...?" she requested while shaking him wd cute pout on which he nodded his head in No calmly which made her now angry "Bolo..." slapping his cheek lightly she almost ordered him whose eyes widen
"You... Sharam nehi aati apne husband ko thappad maarte huye..." making a serious face he glared her who rolled her eyes when pulling her closer by her waist he locked her in his arms
"Aaahhh... Armaan!" she got startled as he started tickling her who wriggled
"Nehi kya haan...?" still tickling her he teased making her wriggled and like this they both layed on couch wd him above her, they both were still busy on their work forgeting the cushions which scattered on floor now
"Okaayyy... Peace... Plsss..." she panted as he stopped while gazing her pink face which was done by his constant tickles
"Hmmm..." nodding in Yes he cupped her side of face and gave lingering kiss on her pink chubby cheek who smiled wd closed eyes also taking deep breaths
"Ab batao..." hearing her cute voice he looked at her who showed her puppy face making him smile
"Sab jaanna rehta haina tumhe...??" as he taunted she giggled following by him when she nodded in Yes making him smile "Toh suno mahotarma... Jab aap baarish mein bheeg rahi thi... Maine dekh liya tha..." playing wd her hairs he answered smilingly while hearing this her eyes widen "Haan main just kuch kaam khatam karke aa raha tha... Aur peeche k raaste se andar aane waala tha... Tabhi tum dikh gayi mujhe..." and in memorising way he narrated everything which only left her embarrassed "See... Tumhe bhaag jaana chaaiye tha usidin... Varna aaj hum yahan aise nehi hote..." saying this calmly he layed straight beside her who put her head on his chest
"Toh kahan hote...?" giving a soft kiss on his middle of the chest she questioned
"Main hota Dubai mein ab tak... Aur tum hoti kahin apne kisi sapne k paas" hearing this a smile reached her lips
"Mere bhaagne se aapke Dubai ka kya... Connection hai??" she asked slowly while playing wd his shirt's buttons who smiled playing wd her hairs

Raahon mein mere saath chal tu, Thaame mera haath chal tu
Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil, Saara mere naam kar tu...
"Aree simple hai... Jab tum bhaag jaati toh... Main mom dad se kehta ki... Dekho yeh toh bhaag gayi ab main kisi se shaadi nehi kar sakta coz i am badly hurt... Aur fir settled ho jaata Dubai mein humesha k liye... Paanch cheh saal kaam mein nikal jaate... Do saal bachelor life ko enjoy karta... Phir is saal shaadi karta kisi Dubai ki ladki se..." his unwished planning made her chuckled who laid straight watching the ceilling smilingly "Aur tum hoti Dehradun n all mein kahin... Just imagine tum ek bahoot bade Fashion house ki... CEO hoti... Aur apne sapne pure kar chuki hoti toh..." he spoke wd an exciting voice making her smile who stared the ceilling smilingly trying to imagine that scene which was not bad at all when out of blue he came above her making her frown "Par jo ab hai... Vo best se bhi best hai" entwining her hand wd his he whispered honestly making her smile
"Mujhe lagta hai... Aaj aapko leave nehi leni chaahiye thi..." as she said this slowly he narrowed his bows "Kyunki mujhe lagta hai aapne pura plan banaya hai mujhe pareshaan karne ka..." hearing this he grinned
"Exactly... Isilye toh decide kiya hai leave ka..." he said teasingly while nuzzling his face on her neck who didn't fought or respond to his words instead she directly surrendered herself to him "You know..." he whispered huskily while his face was hidden on her crook of neck when his cell's ring disturbed them
"Uthao..." as she realised she pushed him lightly who was ignoring the call but her nudge made him to attend the call
"Yes... Doctor Armaan is here..." he spoke in uninterested voice making her giggle who thought to tease him "Yaah... I think mujhe hi..." his sentence left incomplete as he felt her seductive hands opened his shirt's buttons fully and then moved on his back seductively still under his shirt "Aana padega..." he glared her to stop her torture but giggling teasingly she gave a nod in No and pulled him closer to her teasingly "Haan... Tum sab kuch ready rakkho main nikalta hoon.. Abhi" still managing to response the call he closed his eyes as she bit his earlobe teasingly "Hmmm... Bye..." as he said this she thought to push him but before she could take any step he threw his phone on corner of couch and caged her wd his arms "Ab toh tum gayi..." saying this wd a smirk held her both hands and moving his face closer to her he bite her cheek lightly who smiled shyly
"Acha... Aaahhh..." but before she could say something he started tickling her who got stunned "Armaaann..." she wriggled trying to push him who was loving her expressions
"Nehi kya huaa... Bahoot shauk haina tang karne ka... Ab dekho..." still tickling her he said in teasing voice making her to plead him who was not in mood to live her and just like this they both got involved in their cute teasing moment enjoying their togetherness!

Night time 00:45
Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil, Saara mere naam kar tu...
"Finally... Aaj kaam khatam huaa... Bas results aane ki deri hai..." gulping a chilled water from the bottle he muttered tediously and kept the bottle inside the fridge while taking a sigh "Shilpa toh so rahi hogi..." he thought looking down at his wrist watch and moved out from the kitchen while correcting his hairs then opened their room's door only to find the lights off, moving closer to the bed he looked at his side of bed only to find his wife sleeping there peacefully while hugging a pillow making him smiled who thought to see her face clearly So he moved to on the lights when by mistakenly he put on the night star lights(which he did for Ohaana once she insisted him for stars so he directly fixed the lights inside her room who became happy and just for Shilpa he fixed the lights in their room also) "Aree yeh...?" but his sentence left incomplete as he noticed the lights which were gleaming every corner of their room making him smile at this mistake so shaking his head he approached towards Shilpa who is unaware of his arrival "Yeh toh so rahi hai... Aur mujhe yahan neend hi nehi aa rahi hai..." sitting beside her he mumble smilingly and pulled the comforter above her who snuggled more inside the blanket making him smile noticing her glowing face "Hmm..." he sighed laying beside her while his legs were still hanging on side and he still didn't changed his clothes "Shi..." he moved his head to wake her but as he saw her sleeping soundlessly he dropped his idea to wake her and in very careful way took away the pillow from her hold who is unaware of everything "Jab main hoon toh tumhe inki zarurat nehi hai..." he thought wd a smile tucking some strand of hairs aside from her face which was glowing more by the luminous lights "Great ab main kya karoon??" looking up at the stars he thought wd bored look when today's all incident started revinding his head making him smile who watching the stars thought about today's moments which he spent wd his family... After their teasing & loving moments he left for his work coz it was important case not before changing himself in professional clothes, She was enjoying the time wd her daughter and pets but in afternoon there was power cut in society due to some fuse blast which became hard task for Shilpa to handle pets and Ohaana both together coz she was insisting for her Dora show, Shilpa somehow made her busy wd drawings n all then moved to check the inverter which was not working coz of unused so letting it go she went to ask about it to the Raju(Their watchman) who informed about the fuse thing and also told it will take time to remend may be night also and about inverter he directly told her not to touch probabily it can be dangerous, so ignoring the inverter Shilpa finished her all house chores till evening and when twillight started she lit candles in few places coz of her pets & daughter who were playing hide n seek in dark in fact Shilpa also joined them until Armaan's call arrived, Shilpa informed about the situation coz Armaan told her about his family dinner date plan in some good restaurant but when she informed that she can't let the pets here alone coz it will be risky for them in dark which he also agreed


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