Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Part 86: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Tum pehle Ohaana aur pets ka dhyaan do... Varna kahin bhi andhere mein jaayenge yaah toh lag jaaygi yaah dar jaayenge... Aur saath mein unhe candles se zara dur rakhna..." he instructed normally while reading a file which made her to shook her head coz she already did this
"Armaan vo sab main kar chuki hoon... Bas mujhe fikar is baat ki hai main khaana kaise banaaun kyunki yeh sab mujhe akele chodne se rahe aur saath mein... Kitchen le jaaungi toh kuch bhi touch karenge yeh log..." she put her tensions in front of him who smiled hearing her cute worried voice
"Vo tum mujhpe chod do... Main bahar se khaana le aaunga bas tum unka dhyaan do... Aur khudka bhi..." he said in calm voice while keeping the file on his cabin's table

"Thik hai... Acha aap kab tak aaoge...?" caressing Breezer's head affectionally she asked in normal voice also keeping her eyes on her daughter who was colouring something on her drawing paper while Breezer was laying lazily beside Shilpa and Toy wd Shao Pao was playing wd a woolen boll right in front of Breezer(They all were sitting on floor inside the drawing room where Shilpa was sitting in middle of them)
"Emm... Mujhe time jaayga... I think half or one hour..." he replied unsurely sitting on his cabin's table edge
"Hmm..." she nodded in Yes when something clicked inside her head "Accha aaj mujhe kisine kaha tha ki... Usne do din ki leave li hai..." hearing her teasing taunt a coy smile reached his face who shaking his head closed the laptop screen
"Shilpa yaar... Kaam hai kya karoon... Vaise aaj last day hai test ka jo Sid aur gang ne de diya hai bas kuch checkings hai... Phir main free humesha k liye..." he said in tired tone while rubbing his temple
"Accha matlab retirement lene ka plan hai..." she teased smilingly when Ohaana pick a wrong colour cryon
"Nehi meri jaan... Abhi retirement le liya toh ho gaya... Aur baccho ka kya hoga humaare..."as he joked she giggled while slapping Ohaana's head lightly who looked back at her mother wd a pout where wd his phone he sat on his chair "Vo toh bas yeh hectic overload thoda kam hoga... Aur main pehle jaise normal ho jaaunga..." he said wd a smile while leaning against the chair post comfortably
"Matlab abhi aap abnormal hain... Haina?" hearing her cute taunt he smiled while Shilpa forwarded the correct cryon to Ohaana who gave her dazzling smile to her and continued her work
"Tumhaare saath rehke yeh toh... Hona hi tha" he retorted wd teasing smile making her giggle when his pager rang disturbing both "Tch!" he made a face seeing it which she also heard
"Kya huaa...??" she asked frowningly
"Kuch nehi yaar... Kaam hai main baad mein baat karta hoon..." he replied in calm tone while standing up from his chair
"Thik hai... Aur haan thoda jaldi aana... Bye..." biding him she hung up the phone as he bid bye to her who concentrated on her lovely little family, till few hours she kept them busy wd some games n all but when Armaan arrived @ 9:13 wd food Shilpa was making Ohaana to have her milk which she was showing tantrums to drink while her pets were busy wd themselves, after changing himself he thought something for their anniversary So keeping the barbecue in their backyard he thought to make something for Shilpa who was busy wd Ohaana inside thinking Armaan was changing inside their room where as making some arrangements in backyard he took Shilpa outside wd others
Ki armaan hai yeh, Guzaarish jaan hai yeh, Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Armaan aap meri aankhen kyun band kar rahe hain...??" a confused Shilpa asked as Armaan tied her eyes wd a red cloth firmly while seeing this Ohaana got confused like her mother
"Aise hi... Mujhe nehi accha lagta jab tum mujhe looks deti ho..." hearing his sarcastic answer she elbowed his hand who chuckled
"Acha main looks deti hoon ki aap..." she taunted while trying to hold something fearing to fall but soon he gripped her hand who smiled at his this gesture when
"Papa main...main... bhi kelungi..." feeling a nudge on his leg he smiled
"Aree... Princess pehle mumma k saath khelte hain.. Phir aapke saath" picking her up he replied smilingly which convinced her who gave a nod in Yes
"Phir... Aap aur... Mummma... Muje b pakadna..." as she said in her kiddish tone Arsh giggled
"Haan... Bilkul..." giving a kiss on her chubby cheeks he spoke wd a smile while Shilpa held his arm for support
"Armaan... Ab please meri aankhen kholenge...?" Shilpa's request made him aware about her condition so he dropped his daughter down who immediately gripped Shilpa's other hand
"Oh... Sorrry... Main toh bhool hi gaya tha..." he apologised while gripping her hand
"Yeh toh hona hi tha.." hearing her meaning full taunt he smiled and quickly gave a kiss near her lips who smiled shyly
"Ab chalo... Mumma..." Ohaana's pull on her hand made both giggle coz of her excitement
"Bowww... Bowww" their pets also made them realise that they are also here
"Haan baba chalo ab..." Armaan spoke in surrender and soon took them in backyard where he have arranged something for his family, he have put a barbecue on one side for cooking something while in middle of the backyard there was a bonfire lit by him and little away from that he have made a sofa cum bed which was filled wd cushions & teddies, also there was a small dinner table inside the tent not to forget there was also some play toys for the dogs, this was done under the light of Moon and glittering Stars which are falling on them "Ab kholta hoon..." standing behind her he opened the blindfold making Shilpa to take sigh of relief
"Thank god...!" she sighed as the cloth was taken by him who chuckled seeing her groggling "Haan haslo... Mujhe toh lag raha hai... Ki abhi bhi andhera hai..." rubbing her eyes she said in a little painfull voice which he observed where as running towards the teddies Ohaana started examining them excitedly
"Emm... Shilpa maar khaaogi tum mere haath se kabhi... Aise karogi toh aankhen dukhegi..." grabbing her both hands he scolded making her to made a face coz of dark "Ruko... Main karta hoon..." cupping her face he whispered softly "Dheere se apni aankhen kholo ab..." blowing air on her eyes he said in calm voice on which she lifted her lids up slowly then blinked two three times only to find her life in front her who smiled seeing his face "Feeling good...??" he asked concernedly only to get a nod from her who soon gave a tight kiss on his cheek making him shock for seconds
"Yeh aise hi..." she answered his unask question who hearing this smiled when they both heard barks from their Pets
"Main toh inko bhool hi gaya tha..." as he said this she giggled when her eyes landed on the place which left her surprised "Wow!!" escaped from her mouth seeing the view
"Light jaane ka kuch toh faida hona chaahiye... Toh aaj hum dinner yehin karenge... Aur jab tak light nehi aati hum yehin rahenge" hugging her from behind he put his plan forward making her smiled
"Aur agar light aayi hi nehi toh...?" she raised her question while staring him who started thinking
"Tab ka tab dekhenge... Abhi pehle mujhe bahoot bhook lagi hai..." as he said coolly she smiled
"Acha vo sab toh thik hai... Par vo barbecue kis liye...??" turning back at him she asked wd a smile making him put his hands around her back
"Vo aaj maine socha ki main uspe kuch cook karunga..." pulling her closer to him he answered wd a smile making her giggle who circled his neck
"Ooohh... Toh matlab... Doctor Armaan Malik k andar ka Chef phirse jaag gaya..." as she joked he showed his dimples wd a nod and was about to retort when they heard Ohaana's loud voice
"Mumma yahan toh... Toh... Shaao pao toy...aur...aur beezer k toys bi hai..." Ohaana's excited voice made Arsh to noticed their daughter who is extremely happy by the surprise even their pets also who started playing around Ohaana
"Haan... Aur shayad aapke bhi hain..." Armaan approached towards her while leaving them Shilpa went inside to stir the food which Armaan had brought, their dinner went awesome wd Armaan's cooking on barbecue while Shilpa arranged the food on their dinner table... It was wonderful dinner for this Malik family who spent their time wd each other and after dinner their pets retired to their beds where as Ohaana wasn't in mood to sleep So Shilpa started teaching her numbers while making her sat on her lap and till then the lights came back but Armaan decided they will stay here for few more hours (Coz he is loving this peaceful time wd his family), Armaan was sitting beside both working something on his phone (They all were resting on that sofa cum bed) when Ohaana asked something which took his attention

Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh (Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh), Bade hi khaas hai yeh (Bade hi khaas hai yeh), Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Mumma... Aap...b... Subbi... Aunty ki...tarah Princess bani ti...?" her out of blue question made Shilpa frowned while Armaan smiled at her question
"Kya keh rahi ho aap... Princess kyun banegi mumma... Aur aapko padhai k bich kaise yaad aa gaya yeh sab..." looking down at her she asked in serious voice making her face fell
"Par mumma... Ohnu ka...jaannna hai... Ki mumma jab Princess bani ti...toh Ohnu kaha ti..." Shilpa became confused hearing her words who stared her innocently
"Baby aap kya baat kar rahe ho mumma ko nehi samajh raha..." caressing her cheek lovingly she said which made Ohaana pout while Armaan was fully involved on his phone's which was related to Singapore doctors so he unnoticed them
"Mummma... Subbi aunty... Ne princess waali dless pehni ti pe... Ohnu ne pinching waali dless penni ti" now she almost spoke loudly wd annoyance which made Armaan to hide his smile seeing her cute angry look while Shilpa now got She is talking about Surbhi's marriage
"Ohhh... Toh aap Surbhi ki shaadi ki baat kar rahe ho..." she giggled seeing her grumpy look
"Haa... Wohi.." seeing her cute angry face she giggled and cuddled her lovingly
"Oh toh mera baby... Princess waali baat kar raha hai" giving a kiss on her head Shilpa spoke in loving voice making Ohaana smile "Toh... Bolo kya puch rahe the aap uske baare mein" putting her clip properly on her head she asked wd a smile while Armaan put his phone aside concentrating on both
"Toh mumma aap bi princess bani ti Subbi aunty jaise...??" her innocent question made Shilpa smiled where as he waited for Shilpa's reaction over it
"Haan bani thi naa..." she replied wd a smile remembering her wedding when Armaan shifted more closer to them
"Aur bahoot beautiful lag rahi thi mumma... Ohaana ki tarah" taking her from Shilpa he answered wd teasing smile which made Ohaana happy coz she already wanted to sit on his lap
"Toh... Tohh... Muje yaad ku nai hai...??" and this made Armaan chuckled while Shilpa shook her head smilingly
"Kyun ki aap uswaqt nehi the baby..." pinching her nose she replied lovingly while Armaan kissed Ohnu's head
"Toh Ohnu kaha thi??" she questioned innocently making Shilpa wordless to answer while he smirked seeing her tongue tied
"Vo toh mumma jaane aap kaha the... Kyunki jab Papa aaye the toh mumma akeli thi... Unke saare friends aur family the vahan pe... Bas ek aap hi nehi the... Pata nehi kaha band kar rakkha tha aapko..." making a cute sad face he replied which made Shilpa to smack his arm lightly while Ohaana looked at her father innocently
"Toh toh...aapne Ohnu ko kyun nai dundha... Ohnu mil jaati" he immediately cuddled her hearing her adorable voice while Shilpa giggled over this
"Papa jaise hi aaye the... Unhone mumma se pucha tha ki kahan hai Ohaana... Par mumma ne Papa se baat nehi ki thi" Shilpa showed him her angry glare as he teased her
"Ku mumma??" she looked back at her mother angrily
"Aree kyunki... Ohnu uswaqt so rahi thi... Toh mumma ne usse disturb nehi kiya..." in Ohaana's way she answered smilingly
"Toh jaga deti... Konsa Ohaana nehi uthti..." Armaan almost said in angry voice but cutely when she showed her warning glare
"Haan toh toh jaga deti... Koo...oonsa Ohnu...nai...uthti" Ohaana repeated in same tone making her jaw dropped while he pressed his lips to control his laugh
"Hmm..." Armaan gave a nod wd teasing smile
"Par mumma uswaqt... Aapko kaise jagaati aap bahoot chote the... Toh aapko disturb nehi kiya" she replied smilingly tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear who nod in Yes
"Toh toh Ohnu ko...kaise yaad rahegi...jab mumma papa... Princess aur Prince bane the..." making a cute sad face she put her confusion in front of her parents who giggled hearing this
"Aree videos aur pics haina... Papa k paas toh aap usmein dekh lena..." he solved her problem in a click which made her smile
"Dikaao..." standing up she forwarded her little hand in front of him who held his head while Shilpa giggled
"Princess abhi nehi hai Papa k paas... Par kal subhe Papa zaroor dikhaayenge..." he tried to divert her mind who sat again on his lap
"Okay... Par kal dikaoge na... Promise karo..." in her kiddish tone she forwarded her little palm again making Armaan smile who looked at Shilpa
"Mumma Promise..." wd a smile Shilpa kept her palm on her while moving closer to them
"Aur... Aur papa..." she looked at his face innocently who wd smile held her hand from down
"Papa Bracelet aur Princess waala promise" as he said smilingly Shilpa smacked his shoulder lightly but there was smile on her lips where as Ohaana wd wide smile hugged him "Toh abhi aapko nehi lagta aapko sona chaahiye..." caressing her hairs affectionaly he said in calm voice while keeping his back against the bed post
"Mai ko...ooshish karu...ngi" closing her eyes she said cutely which made Arsh giggle while Ohnu kept her head on Armaan's chest and hugged him
"Thik hai... Chalo koshish hi karlo..." keeping her head on Armaan's shoulder Shilpa said smilingly and till few minutes there was silence which Arsh were enjoying while Ohnu fell in soundless sleep still hugging Armaan, Shilpa was playing wd Ohaana's chin when Armaan plant a kiss on her head making her look up at him wd a frown
"Kya soch rahi ho... Meri Tufaan?" looking at her he asked in calm voice on which she gave her beautiful smile and wdout replying to him she gave a tight kiss on his lips who looked at her astonishingly
"Yehi soch rahi thi..." she giggled seeing his grinning expression
"Aur kuch bhi soch rahi ho kya...?" wd a misschivious grin he moved his face near her who gave a nod in Yes wd teasing smile "Oyyye hoyyee..." he grinned making her giggle who wd seductive way traced his face which only made him closed his eyes in surrender, Shilpa pressed her lips to control her giggle when she saw Ohaana's head dropping down and slapping lightly on his cheek she corrected Ohaana's head where as he was stunned by her slap "Shi..." he was about to scold her when she gestured him to quiet while holding Ohaana's head which made him realised about the situation "Ruko main uthata hoon..." saying this in low voice he moved to pick her when his phone rang "Tch!! Yaar" he made a face
"Aap phone dekho... Main isse sambhaalti hoon" she whispered in low voice while taking Ohaana from his lap who gave a nod in Yes and recieved the call, it was emergency call from hospital so he had to live which he didn't wanted coz everything was still placed in backyard but when Shilpa assured she will manage then he left not before tucking Ohaana on her bed inside her room, after arranging everything inside the house Shilpa changed herself her night clothes then locking the doors she retired for bed while in Hospital Armaan finished his work and after two hours of Online meeting he came back home only to find his wife sleeping, he was thinking something when he felt Shilpa's hand on his chest which made him to turn his face at her wd a smile when
"Armaan... Aap kab aaye...??" he smiled as she asked in her sleepy tone still wd eyes closed
"Jab tum so rahi thi..." he replied calmly while grasping her hand who snuggle closer to him
"Thi nehi hoon..." she corrected still wd eyes closed making him giggle
"I don't think so... You are sleeping" he tried to irritate her who smiled a little wd closed eyes
"And... I don't... Want to proove you..." her retort made him aware that now her sleep is gone coz of him but still she is laying wd closed eyes, shaking his head he looked up at the ceiling wd a smile and lived her hand knowingly just to see her reaction who got confused hearing no response from him "Acha... Aapka kaam ho gaya??" he chuckled as she asked slowly but hearing him she opened her eyes wd a frown only to find him staring at her smilingly "Kya huaa??" she asked confusedly while rubbing her eyes when she realised the small lights of stars on his face
"Yehi ki tumhaari neend udda di maine..." he replied calmly while Shilpa looked up at the lights only to keep her hand in front of her eyes
"Ssshii... Yeh kyun??" she questioned while blinking her eyes trying to adjust the sudden lights making him smile who immediately kept his palm in front of her eyes who turned her face at him
"Galti se on kar diya tha... Phir socha rehne doon... Kyunki acha lag raha hai... Bas" he answered while tucking her strand of hair aside from her face who smiled slowly
"Hmm... Lagta hai aapko neend nehi aa rahi hai..." she asked smilingly making him to take a sigh while looking up at the ceilling mumbling Hmm "Kya hmm meri neende toh udda di naa aapne..." laying straight she complained making him smile who turn his head at her wd a smile
"Tumhe koi haq nehi sone ka... Jab main jaag raha hoon..." hearing his teasing calm voice she looked at him bemusedly
"Tab toh mujhe bhi kehna chaahiye... Ki aapko koi haq nehi jaagne ka jab mujhe neend aa rahi hai" as she retorted a chuckle escaped from his mouth who grip her one hand in his
"Are you sure tumhe neend aa rahi hai...??" locking their hands he asked smilingly on which she gave a nod in Yes staring his face "Toh bhool jaao... Kyunki main toh tumhe sone nehi dunga... Jab tak mujhe neend nehi aati" he almost ordered which made her giggle who stared back on stars

Lamz jismon pe aise sajaaye, Baarishon se bhi woh dhul na paaye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Main toh soungi... Dekhte hain kya karoge aap..." she teased knowingly when he layed by his elbow beside her who smiled "Ab kya...??" she raised her bows as his face moved closer to her who knew his intentions very well "Armaan... Agar aapke dimag mein kuch..." but before she could warn him he placed a soft kiss on her cheek who got surprised
"Main yeh karunga tumhe jagaane k liye..." his teasing voice made her smile shyly who moved her one hand to caress his face
"Par aapko neend kyun nehi aa rahi hai..." caressing his side of face she asked smilingly on which he kept his head on her chest and hugged her sidely
"You know jab tum saath hoti ho... Toh neend nehi aati hai..." hearing his words she giggled and started caressing his hairs lovingly who closed his eyes blissfully coz he was feeling her heartbeat
"Toh phir thik hai... Kalse agar aap soye naa mere saath hote huye... Toh aapko ek hafte akele couch pe sona padega" playing wd his hairs she retorted smilingly only to made his eyes snapped opened who looked up at her
"Whatt??" he raised his bows making her to cup his face lovingly
"Yes... Jaanu..." saying this she plant a kiss on his chin who showed his fake glare
"I was joking haan... Itna serious hone ki zaroorat nehi hai..." his cute grumpy voice made her giggle "Haan tumhe toh hassi aaygi hi..." saying this sarcastically he layed back on his side of bed while watching the stars
"Aww... Kya huaa mere... Shonu ko..." she knowingly teased him while turning her position at him who ignored fakely "Aree itna kya gussa hona... Aaphi toh kehte ho ki mujhe apne paas dekh k aapko aapka Chain aur Sukoon dono mil jaata hai... Phir yeh kyun kaha ki neend nehi aati mere saath" gripping his one hand firmly she knowingly teased him who wd a smile look back at her
"Par yeh bhi sach haina... Mera chain aur sukoon tab bhi chin jaata hai jab tum mere paas hoke bhi dur rehti ho..." his direct taunt made her giggle who shaking her head looked above
"Mujhe aisa lagta hai aap dheere dheere ziddi bante jaa rahe hain.." as she taunted knowingly he looked at her
"Ziddi ban nehi raha main... Ziddi hoon main hamesha se... Par tum meri chodo khudki dekho... Khud toh Selfish ho rahi ho..." his direct retort made her mouth opened who looked back at him but loosing not her cool she pretended normal
"You know what... Main selfish humesha se thi... Jo ki bilkul wrong nehi hai..." she defended herself only to hear his chuckle in next second "Armaan..." she lightly hit his arm who took a sigh and wdout wasting any minute came above her again who looked up at him surprisingly "Ab yeh kya hai??" trying to push him she questioned on which he gripped her both hands which were trying to push him "Armaan... Aap aap... Offo!" watching her cute irritated face he smiled
"Kiss Me!" hearing his direct demand she looked at him bemusedly
"Kya?" she whispered slowly making him to roll his eyes
"I said Kiss Me Shilpa..." locking her both hands on her face's sides he whispered back huskily while rubbing his nose tip on her cheek who closed her eyes blissfully
"I i...i think aapko ab change karna chaahiye..." trying to unlock her hands she tried to divert him coz she knew if they start where they can head which she don't want, reason; she want to sleep
"Haan toh kar lunga ismein kya hai..." saying this softly he bit her ear lightly making her smile
"Par mujhe sachmein lagta hai... Aapko change..." as he faced her she tried again to divert him who made a face
"Don't change the topic Shilpa... I want a kiss that's it... Aur uper se tumne mujhe humara anniversary gift nehi diya toh yehi sahi..." he spoke stubbornly making her giggle who encircled his neck by her hands
"Aapka asli gift toh main hoon... Toh aapko aur kisi gift ki kya zaroorat..." she said smilingly making him to shook his head while cupping her one cheek
"Yeh baat hai toh ruko... Main apna gift use karta hoon abhi..." brushing their lips he whispered huskily but before he could take his next step she smacked his chest "Aaaw... Shilpa" he looked at her incredulously making her to show her angry face
"Main koi use karne waali chiz hoon..." and it made him to held his head muttering 'Kya Yaar' "Mujhe aapse baat bhi nehi karni... How dare you to say this... Main yahan aapko" hearing her blabber he rolled his eyes and wdout warning put his palm on her lips stopping her whose eyes narrowed
"Chup bilkul chup... Bina baat k scene create karti ho... Mera matlab tha... Agar tum meri gift ho toh tumpe mera pura haq hai... Toh vo haq phirse le leta hoon that's it... But ek tum ho Selfish... Jisne ek kiss tak nehi di humaari anniversary pe..." he said in complaining voice making her to blink her eyes while griping his wrist to remove his hand who slowly pulled his hand away still staring her who smiled and entwined his fingers wd her making him bemused
"Aapko yaad hai Armaan jab hum Bhopal mein shuru shuru rehne aaye the... Aap Delhi gaye the mujhe yahan Surbhi Nazma Tanveer k paas chod k..." hearing her out of blue question he got confused but gave a nod in Yes "Haan.. Toh jis raat aap wapas aaye the aur mujhse Keys maangi thi aapne room ki... Same isi tarah" he got confused hearing her words
"Haan toh... Room lock tha toh maangli..." he replied in normal yet confused voice making her smile
"Haan par... Mujhe uswaqt vo keys nehi... Kiss sunaayi diya tha..." as she said wd shy smile he frowned
"What??" he looked at her to confirmed making her to nod in Yes shyly which made him grin "Oohhooo..." hearing his teasing voice she giggled loudly which made him chuckled "Hmm... Ab main samjha... Ki tum mujhe ghoor kyun rahi thi uswaqt..." as he said this thoughtfully she smacked his chest
"Aisa kuch nehi hai..." she turned her face away from him who shaking his head layed beside her
"Jo bhi ho... Yaani uswaqt tumhaare dimag mein mujhe lekar kaafi wild thoughts aate the... Wasn't it??" he knowingly teased her who wd a shy smile looked up
"Aisa kuch nehi hai... Vo toh sunaayi wrong diya tha... Isliye... Varna aisa kuch main sochti bhi nehi..." she defended herself but it not at all convinced him who chuckled
"Mujhe acche se pata hai tum kya sochti thi" his teasing taunt made her to shot her glare "Yaad hai... Maine kaha tha ki... Dekh lena ek din tum mere liye crave karogi... And i think vo huaa tha... Haina Shona..." his teasing words made her to hide her blush coz he is right She actually craved for him during that time
"Armaan aapko... Kuch aur kaam nehi hai... Mujhe pareshaan karne k siwa..." she looked at him wd cute face making him to shook his head
"Kaam toh bahoot se hain... Bas ek tumhi unhe pura karne mein help nehi kar rahi ho..." his shameless words made her to look up at the ceilling smilingly
"Acha vo sab chodiye... Mujhe humaari anniversary gift dijiye..." her order made him smile
"Bolo... Banda haazir hai..." he spoke in teasing way making her to shook her head coz she knew he is thinking something naughty
"Mujhse aaj dur rahiye kyunki mujhe nind aa rahi hai..." her words made his smile fade who immediately left her hand
"Fine... So jao phir" taking a sigh he said in an uninteresting way making Shilpa realise her mistake
"Tu bhi naa... Pagal hai... Dekh pura romantic mood kharaab kardiya unka..." cursing herself mentally she looked at him who was staring the stars calmly, she thought to apologise but seeing his calm face she let it go and she too started staring the stars while cursing herself inside, few minutes passed there was complete silence b/w them who were awake but was quietly staring the stars then Shilpa thought to break this silence coz she is not liking it at all but before she could utter a word his voice made her stop
"Shilpa..." his slow serious voice made her look at him who turned his head at her
"Haan..." she gave an understanding nod coz she can see his serious face who took a sigh making her scared now praying inside She don't want another fight b/w them
"Actually..." gripping her hand slowly he started making her heartbeat increased "Mujhe... Bahoot... Bhook lagi hai... Toh tum mere liye kuch bana dona..." hearing his words her mouth dropped opened
"Kyaa??" she looked at him incredulously
"Haan... Chalona kuch banao mere liye..." he requested in cute voice making her shock
"Armaan... Aap thik toh ho...??" sitting up she looked at him still shockingly which made him to shook his head who also sat up
"Shilpa ismein itna shock hone ki zarurat nehi hai... Its just a normal thing... Ab mujhe bhook lagi hai toh lagi hai... Chalo..." he almost spoke in hurried tone making her to stare him unbelievingly
"Armaan aapko..." but before she could scold him he moved down from bed making her stop
"Tum chal rahi ho ki nehi...?" he extended his hand for her who taking a sigh held his head
"Par Armaan abhi toh..." again she was stopped by his voice
"See main bahoot thak gaya hoon kaam karke... So mujhe bhook lagi hai... Coffee yaah phir sandwich bana do mere liye that's it" he almost ordered making her to stood on bed while crossing her arms
"Mujhe lagta hai aap Ohaana se zyada Ziddi ho gayye hain" she argued making him to roll his eyes still extending his hand
"Tum aa rahi ho yaah nehi..." he asked in calm tone making her to explain when "Haan yaa... Naa..." his calm voice made her to give up so wdout saying anything she held his hand calmly which made him grin
"Aapse koi nehi jeet sakta... Pata bhi hai aapko" she said wd cute angry look as she stood beside him on floor making him chuckle
"Of course pata hai... Tabhi toh tumhe mana liya... Chutkiyo mein" his cool chilled out voice made her smile while smacking his arm lightly
"Aapne manaya nehi... Main khud ready ho gayi..." she defended herself making him smile
"Ehsaan kar diya na aapne..." gripping her one hand he pulled her towards him
"Hmm... Par mujhe yeh bataaiye... Mere hubby... Ki aapko bhook kaise lag gayi..." keeping her hands around his neck she asked smilingly which made him smile who put his hands around her waist
"Lag gayi bas..." giving a soft kiss on her nose tip he twirled her slowly who giggled as she landed on his chest
"Awww... Mera babu..." kissing his jaw line she said cutely making him smile when she pulled his cheek lovingly
"Emmm... Shilpa..." making a face he pulled her hands down "Ab chalo..." he insisted while dancing wd her in slow manner
"Par yaad rakhna Mr... Mujhe itni raat ko jagaane k liye... Aapko meri conditions manani padegi..." as she put her condition smartly he getured her to go ahead "Hmm... Toh meri pehli condition yeh hai ki... Khabardar agar mujhe disturb kiya kal toh... I mean agar main kal subhe late tak soti rahi toh aap mujhe nehi jagaaoge..." pointing at him she almost ordered on which he gave a nod in Yes smilingly "Dusri yeh ki... Ohaana ko school k liye jagaana ready karna breakfast banana fir usse chodna... Yeh sab aap karoge.. Aur dhyaan rahe kal vo late nehi honi chaahiye..." hearing this he stepped back shockingly
"Par Shilpa... Main kaise... I mean yaar tum toh jaanti ho..." he tried refused but her angry glare made him quiet "Fine teesri bolo..." moving closer to her he surrendred himself to her
"Teesri nehi hai... Bas itna hi..." she said calmly which made him to take a sigh of relief
"Ho jaayga madam..." he said in chilled out tone making her to shook her head
"Dekhenge..." she gave him challenging look which made him smile who shaking his head stood behind her
"Acha ab chalo... Chalo jaldi karo bahoot bhook lagi hai mujhe..." holding her shoulders from back he took her out of the room while she giggled at his childish behavior, they reached inside the kitchen where Armaan switched on the lights while Shilpa started thinking what to make for him?
"Acha... Ohaana k Papa aap khaayenge kya... Zara farmaaiye.." turning at him she asked calmly on which he grinned hearing 'Ohaana k Papa'
"Ohaana ki Mummy ko..." wd a grin he pulled her towards him by her waist who smiled
"Acha..." wd a naughty smile she raised her bows making him move to bite her "Emmm... Armaan ab bataoge... Din nehi hai raat hai yeh" pushing him she said normally which made him smile
"Acha mujhe toh pata hi nehi tha..." in a teasing way he said sarcastically only to get a glare in return "Okay.. Peace... Tum mere liye sandwiches bana do aur main hum dono k liye coffee" picking up two mugs he said coolly making her smile
"I don't mind... But mujhe coffee nehi chaahiye..." saying this normally she took out the vegies from fridge
"Kyun...??" he frowned keeping the mugs on table
"Aree... Mujhe coffee nehi peeni... Kyunki usse mujhe neend nehi aaygi..." she replied wd a smile keeping the vegies on the table
"Par Shilpa... Main akele bore ho jaaunga... Company de dena..." he insisted as he took out the coffee
"Par..." she was about to refused when he showed his puppy face making her smile "Thik hai par... Meri coffee apni tarah kadvi mat banana..." she teased while picking up the knife
"Jaisa bhi banaunga... Tumhe peena toh padega hi" he said in chilled out voice making her smile
"Hmm... Par usse pehle apna blazer nikal lo.." pointing knife at him she almost ordered
"Kyun...?" he argued looking at her
"Kyunki... Aap phir ganda karenge blazer... Aur cheeze idhar udhar phekenge..." he rolled his eyes as he heard this
"So smart haan... Bracelet... Tum kitni acchi tarah se mujhe jaanti ho..." in a sarcastic way he said which made her giggle
"Of course... Aapki haraqte hai hi aisi... Jisse har koi nehi samajh sakta... Except me... And Dev" in an extra sweet voice she retorted which made him frown
"Dev... Kaise...??" he questioned while standing beside her who smiled
"Dev aise... Ki vo jitna aapko jaanta haina utna toh main bhi nehi jaanti... Jiska sabsa bada example hai..." looking back at him she answered which made him to raise his bows "Ki aapne kisiko nehi bataaya apne yaadaast aane k baare mein... Jo ki Dev ne mujhe pehle hi warn kar diya tha ki... Agar Armaan ko sab yaad aagaya naa... Toh vo kissi se puchega nehi kuch bhi aur naa hi bataayga ki mujhe sab yaad hai..." she spoke like Dev which made him chuckle "Aur jo aapne kiya bhi..." in a sweetest way she taunted which made him giggled
"Aww... Tum kitni pyaari ho tumhe pata bhi hai..." he tried to butter her who directly showed her warning glare making him smile "Okay I know Dev mujhe bahoot acche se jaanta hai... Par yeh bhi sach hai ki... Tum bhi kuch kam nehi ho" in a teasing way he spoke in extra loving voice which made her to take sigh
"Vo toh main hoon... Aapko bataane ki zaroorat nehi hai... Par ab agar aapne blazer nehi nikaala toh dekhna main kya karungi..." pointing her index finger at him she warned
"Kya karogi...?" he asked in teasing way but as he saw her cute angry look he shook his head "Fine as you wish... My Queen" saying this coolly he took out his blazer and keeping it on side he folded his shirt's sleeves till his elbow while shaking her head she started cutting the vegies for his sandwiches
"Mujhe aisa lag raha hai... Main Ohnu k liye morning breakfast bana rahin hoon..." hearing her words he chuckled while making the coffee
"Kya farq padta hai... Main aur Ohaana ek jaise hi toh hain..." he said in cool voice which made her giggle
"Nehi.. Mere liye toh dono hi alag ho..." she spoke smilingly while picking up the bread pieces
"Acha jaise...??" moving closer to her he asked teasingly
"Jaise... Meri Ohaana thodi sudhri hui aur sharif hai... Haan kabhi kabhi... Masti karti hai... Par meri humesha sunti hai..." keeping the knife back on plate she replied wd cute loving voice making him to stare her wd a fake glare
"So you mean... Main tumhaari nehi sunta...?" she hide her smile watching his cute angry face
"Nehi toh... Maine aisa thodi kaha... Ki aap meri nehi sunte..." putting his hairs aside she replied in loving tone making him to put his hands around her waist
"Toh??" he questioned while nuzzling his face on her neck who smiled
"Aap toh meri humesha sunte ho... Itna ki dekho abhi hum... Kitchen mein hai raat k 2 baje..." hearing her taunt he chuckled and moved his head back staring her
"See... Kitna pyaar karta hoon main tumse... Ki... Maine apna saara time... Tumhaare naam kar diya hai" pulling her closer to him he retorted smilingly which only made her giggle who put her hands around his neck
"Mujhe ismein koi doubt nehi hai... Ki aapka saara time mera hai... Kyunki vo toh main haq se chin bhi sakti hoon... Aur le bhi sakti hoon..." hearing this a coy smile reached his lips
"Oyyee Hoyyyee... Toh lello... Yeh banda bhi tumhaara hai aur raat bhi tumhaari hi hai..." kissing on her temple he whispered huskily which made her smile who clossing her eyes kissed his cheek where his dimple exist and slowly parted him
"Abhi nehi Mr... Pehle aap apni coffee pe dhyaan do... Aur main meri sandwich pe" saying this normally she picked the knife and concentrated on sandwiches while shaking his head he looked at his coffee machine
"Don't worry... I'll watch u later" pointing at her he warned wd teasing grin on which she showed her tounge making him smile amusingly
"Acha vo sab chodiye... Mr Armaan Malik... Mujhe yeh bataaiye... Agar hum abhi khayenge toh soyenge kab... Aur agar late soyenge... Toh late uthenge... Aur agar late ho jaayga toh Ohaana ka school miss ho jaayga... Aur aapka kaam..." she asked normally while cutting the slices of cheese on which he moved closer to her
"Tum itna kyun soch rahi ho... Kal bhi humaara hai aur raat bhi humaari hai... Toh kuch nehi hoga... Aur agar ho gaya toh ismein kya hua... Hum family day celebrate karenge..." his nonchanting answer made her smile
"Haan... Aur agar emergency aa jaaye toh chod k chale jaana... Haan" her cute complaining taunt made him to kiss her cheek lovingly from back who was taken back by his move
"Tumhe hi toh nehi chod sakta... Baaki sab ko chod sakta hoon" hugging her from behind he whispered calmly making her smile teasingly
"Chee..." his next sentence interrupted her
"Haan bol do Cheesy lines" he spoke sarcastically making her laugh loudly
"Aww... Mera babu..." pinching his tip lovingly she said
"Shilpa... Dare you... Mujhe ulte seedhe names diye toh..." he warned pointing his index finger at her who giggled gripping his finger by her finger tightly
"Kyun aap bhi toh mujhe... Bracelet Shona Tinkerbell Sleeping beauty Cinderella aur naa jaane kya kya naam dete hain... Uska kya haan..." she argued still gripping his finger who smiled showing his dimples
"Haan... Mera chalega... Par tum toh... Babu Shonu Jaanu Jaaneman aur bhi kuch stupid names deti ho... Uska kya" he too argued in same tone making her to show her glare to him
"Haan kyunki... Jab mera jo mood karega wahi bulaungi" she spoke wd an attitude making him to shook his head
"Same goes to me..." and here started their small banter over this topic, they were working but still bantering over that topic cutely and wdin fifteen minutes they finished off their work, wd their Breakfast Dinner Snack (Or call whatever you want to call) they sat on Lawn's tent stairs beside each other and started enjoying this peaceful midnight, Armaan was eating his sandwiches while Shilpa was watching the stars wd her coffee in her hands "Ummm... I love you for this..." he spoke blissfully as he took the bite from his sandwich while seeing his face a smile reached her lips
"And... I love you for this..." correcting his hairs from his forehead she showed the coffee making him to kiss her temple affectionally which made her giggle who kept her coffee mug on her other side and stared him smilingly "Acha Armaan... Aapne humaare last anniversary pe kya kiya tha...?" she asked in an excited tone while looking at him who took a sip from his coffee and kept his coffee mug on his other side

Ho.. naksh lamhon pe aise banaaye, Muddaton se bhi woh mit na paaye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Emmm... Kuch khaas nehi kiya... Kyunki busy tha kaam mein... In fact mujhe toh yaad bhi nehi tha... Vo toh jab raat ko main ghar pahucha aur Anita ne mujhse date pucha tab yaad aaya ki yeh date toh humaari anniversary ka hai..." he started calmly while she was listening him attentively "Us raat mujhe neend hi nehi aayi... Sirf tumhaare baare mein soch raha tha... In fact... Gusse mein phone tak tod diya tha maine" as he shared this she giggled
"Kyun... Mujhe phone nehi kar paa rahe the...?" she asked in teasing way while moving closer to him who smiled
"Haan... Isilye tod diya... Vaise tum batao tumne kya kiya...?" grabbing her hand he asked smilingly which made her smiled who picked a piece of sandwich and inserted inside his mouth
"Aapko bahoot miss karne k baad... Maine apna pura day Ohaana k saath spend ki thi... Aur usmein itni busy hogayi ki aap yaad hi nehi aaye..." in a cute way she shared which made him pout who just finished his sandwich
"Matlab tum beti k aage... Apne pati ko bhool gayi" he complained like Ohaana which made her awestruck
"Nehi aisa thodi hai... Pure din Ohaana mein busy hone k baad... Raat ko mujhe mera pyaara pati yaad aa gaya tha jab main Ohnu ko sula rahi thi..." pinching his nose tip lovingly she said wd a smile on which he removed her hand slowly and grabbed it firmly
"Phir??" he questioned while watching her face who smiled
"Phir kya main aapke baare mein soch rahi thi ki Ohaana rone lagi... Aur main usmein busy ho gayi phirse" she answered normally which made him smile
"See tumhare paas Ohaana thi... Aur main akela tumhe miss kar raha tha..." his cute angry face made her to hide her smile
"Acha jaise kya miss kiya aapne...??" she asked wd teasing smile only to get a glare in return from him "Batao na... Armaan..." she insisted while circling her hand around his biceps who sighed seeing her face
"Kuch khaas nehi... Tumhaari vo stupid si harqate yaad aa rahi thi... Aur vo jhoota moota rona tumhaara bina baat k... Tumhaari vo nakchadi mizaaz... Bina meri baat sunne rona react karna... Etc..." as he finished he saw her cute angry look which made him to hide his smile "Aur tumhaare saare nakhre... Tumhaara vo sad face jab tum humaari shaadi k din bina baat k ro rahi thi..." he smiled seeing her angry look
"Bina baat k nehi ro rahi thi main... Shaadi thi meri Armaan... Jo mujhe karni nehi thi..." she said wd an attitude making him chuckle
"Toh main konsa keh raha hoon tumhaari shaadi nehi thi... Meri thi... And most important baar baar sunaana band karo ki tumhe shaadi karni nehi thi... Kyunki sach toh yehi hai... Tum khush thi mujh jaise handsome ladke ko paakar..." her mouth hung opened hearing his pride filled voice
"In your dreams... Maine toh aapko notice bhi nehi kiya tha... Until aapne jab tak mujhpe chillaya nehi tha car mein... Uswaqt mann kiya kheech k maarun... Par kuch decency ki wajah se chup thi main..." he chuckled hearing this
"Haan thank you itna bada ehsaan karne k liye mujhpar... Par vo toh tum bhi jaanti ho ki... Tum aisa karti nehi... Chaahe tumhe chance bhi mil jaata" he spoke wd an arrogant smile which made her smile
"Aap mujhe... Underestimate nehi kar sakte..." she pointed her index finger at him who shook his head while putting his one hand around her shoulder
"Of course not... How can i forget vo tumhaara galti se mistake wala thappad..." and as he teased she giggled remembering when she slapped him on her second birthday after their marriage "So main toh tumhe galti se bhi underestimate nehi karta..." he said wd a smile which made her smile too who gave a kiss on his cheek making him to show his dimples "Vaise Shilpa..." pulling her closer to him by her neck he started on which she hummed "Tumne job ka kya decide kiya...?" and hearing this she parted slowly
"Armaan... Main nehi karna chaahti... Iswaqt toh bilkul nehi jab Ohaana ko humaari sabse zyada zaroorat hai..." she clearly refused which made him serious
"Shilpa yaar vo ab thodi badi hogayi hai... Aur kahan main tumhe keh raha hoon usse akela chod do... I just want to say... Ki jab main hospital mein hota hoon aur Ohaana school mein... Toh tum akeli hoti ho... So khudko busy rakkho aur job karo varna phir sochogi tum kuch bhi..." he tried to make her understand calmly which only made her annoy
"Armaan aapko aisa kyun lagta hai ki main kuch bhi sochungi..." she argued which made him to predict they are going to fight again "Mere paas iswaqt Ohaana meri responsiblity hai... Agar iswaqt maine usse akela chod diya toh baad mein usse lagega ki uske parents ne uspe dhyaan nehi diya jab dena chaahiye tha... Aur phir vo khudko akela feel karegi... May be usse lage ki usne kabhi bachpan jiya hi nehi... Sirf humaari carelessness ki wajah se..." she spoke in frustration which made him to rub his temple to control his anger
"Carelessness...? So tumhe lagta hai tumhaare job karne ki wajah se hum careless ho jaayenge... Ohaana ki taraf haina??... Then tum toh yeh bhi sochti hogi ki main careless hoon Ohaana k liye kyunki main usse time nehi de raha...?" he questioned in calm tone which made her to look at him wd serious look coz she guessed Now they are going to fight again!
"Maine aisa nehi kaha... I mean... Vo bahoot choti hai Armaan... Usse kahin se bhi yeh nehi lagna chaahiye ki... Hum dono mein se koi uspe dhyaan nehi de raha hai... Kyunki is age mein baccho k dimaag pe gehra asar padta hai... Aur vo khudko lonely feel karte hain" now she turned soft while grabbing his one hand coz she don't want another fight b/w them where as seeing her soft he also cool down
"Nehi yaar... Aisa kuch nehi hoga... Hum uspe pura dhyaan denge... Bas main yeh chaahta hoon tum khudko busy rakkho..." entwining their fingers he said in calm tone making her to listen him carefully "Kyunki... Tum akeli pad jaati hogi mere absence mein aur Ohaana k... Pura ghar sambhalti ho akele... Mera, Ohaana, Humaare pets sabka khayaal rakhti ho... Tumhaare bina koi ek chiz bhi nehi milti ghar mein... Tum meri Girlfriend, Wife, Best friend sab kuch ho aur mera Support bhi... Par tum sirf yeh sab karne k liye toh thodi ho.." a smile reached her lips as she heard his caring words "Tumhe bhi aaraam chaahiye hoga... Thodi indepence aur care chaahiye hogi... Jo ghar mein rehne se nehi hoga... Main toh tumpe ye blame bhi nehi daal sakta ki... Tum shopping pe paise udaati ho yaah phir careless ho hum sabko lekar" she giggled at his complaining words who pulled her closer to him by her shoulder
"Tab aap yeh sab kyun keh rahen hain...??" looking up at him she asked smilingly on which he pretended to think
"Kyunki main chaahta hoon... Tum bhi khudko busy rakkho so that kalko Ohaana ko sirf yeh na lage ki uske Papa ne hi uske liye kaam kiya hai... Usko yeh bhi lagna chaahiye ki uski Mumma ne uske Papa se zyada uspe dhyaan aur pyaar diya hai... Aur usse proud ho ki uski Mumma duniya ki kya is world ki best Mumma hai..." his words were the 'Biggest complement which she heard in this life for herself' and she was smitten by him that it made her emotional "Aisa nehi hai ki... Agar tum job nehi karogi toh vo samjhegi nehi ki tum kya ho... I just mean... Tumne kayi baar dusro k liye apne sapne chode hai including me also... Tumne apni job ki itni badi opportunity mere liye chodi... Tumne yeh shaadi apne parents k liye ki... Tumne meri success k liye mujhe Singapore bheja... Aur na jaane kya kya... Jo main count bhi nehi kar sakta... So ab main chaahta hoon... Tum vo job apni khushi k liye karo..." her eyes got moist hearing this coz she thought 'How he noticed everything about her?? Why?? Where as he was only staring at other side of tent "Regular na sahi toh online karo... Jisse tumhaara dhyaan kaam pe bhi rahega saath mein Ohaana aur mujhpe bhi... Aur vaise bhi jab main Singapore tha tab toh tum online hi karti thi job..." before he could looked at her she wiped her corner of tear coz she don't want to show him that she is getting emotional by his words "Bas main us self respected ladki ko wapas dekhna chaahta hoon... Jisse main shuru mein mila tha... Baaki aage tumhaari marzi... Kyunki main tumpe kuch bhi force nehi karna chaahta" staring at her calmly he finished while tightening his hold on her hand who smiled slowly
"Aapko jealousy nehi hogi??" hearing her out of blue question he frowned "I mean agar Ohaana mujhe aapse zyada pyaar karegi toh aapko jealousy nehi hogi...?" she asked wd cute smile on her face which made him to smile slowly which showed his dimples
"Hmmm... Ab itna toh adjust karna hi padega..." making a thoughtful look he replied in calm tone which made her giggle "Toh main samjhun tum ready ho job karne k liye...??" he asked in careful tone on which she gave a nod in Yes smilingly
Kaisi khushi hai jisme nami hai, Jaane tu ye ya jaane na, o...
"Ab kya karoon... Jab itna handsome aur smart husband samjhaayga... Tab toh karna hi padega..." hugging him from side she said in loving tone making him grin who pulling her cheeks affectionally gave a kiss on her cheek
"Shukar hai... Mujhe handsome aur smart samajhti toh ho... Varna mujhe toh lagta tha... Ki tumhe Allu Arjun zyada handsome lagta hai" he spoke in fake complaining tone making her giggle
"Haan... Yeh toh hai vo aapse zyada handsome hai par... Kya karoon itna toh adjust karna hi padega... Varna aapko bura lagega" making a fake sad look she said which made him to show his glare
"Accha... Abhi batata hoon..." pulling her closer by her neck he pretended angry
"Aaawww... Armaan" she giggled as he tickled her "Okay... Okay... I am sorry... Aap sabse handsome bas... Khush" she spoke while controlling her laugh which made him smile who giving a tight kiss on her cheek lived her
"Yeh hui naa baat..." he smiled watching at other side of lawn while Shilpa looked at their coffee mugs
"See aapki wajah se... Coffee bhi thandi ho gayi humaari... Aur aapki sandwich bhi..." she pointed at their mugs & his plate where a piece of sandwich was laying which he picked
"Toh ismein kya hai... Yeh lo..." saying this coolly he forwarded the piece near her mouth who making a face grip his hand
"Nai Armaan... Main already bahoot full..." but before she could finish her line he inserted that piece inside her mouth whose eyes widen making him chuckled "Arrgghh... I... Ate... U..." he laughed hearing her words who was strying to chew the sandwich coz he had inserted full piece inside her mouth
"Yaah... I love you too..." he said in loving tone siding her flicks from her lips who shot her angry glares which made him giggle "Kitni khubsoorat lag rahi ho... Pata bhi hai" as he said this mischievously she smacked his arm gulping the bite which made him laugh "Okay sorry... Par accha hi huaa na tumne... Sandwich khatam kardi varna tumhari mehnat waste jaati..." he said smilingly while watching her face who rolled her eyes hearing this
"Aur mehnat karaayi kisne...??" making fake sweet face she looked at him who chuckled giving a kiss on her cheek
"Armaan Malik..." he answered cheekly which made her smile slowly watching his face who kissed her temple lovingly
"Aap kabhi nehi sudhar sakte haina Armaan?" hearing her extra sweet question he smiled coyly
"Naaah... Tumhaare liye toh kabhi nehi... Chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye... Jhagde bhi... Main tumhe tang karna chod nehi sakta" his chilled out voice made her shook her head smilingly
"Haan vo toh dekh hi liya tha... Parso k jhagde mein" her taunt made him smiled
"Aur vo shuru kisne kiya tha" he spoke wd a smile while putting his one hand on her neck who looked at him wd cute smiling face
"Haan par... Aapki wajah se hua... Agar aap bina baat ke kuch nehi bolte... Toh vo hota hi nehi" she defended herself which made him to shook his head wd a smile when something clicked inside his head about her Apology letter


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