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Part 87: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It's not what I feel for you;It's what I don't feel for anyone in this world BUT for you


"Okay sorry for that... But tell me one thing... About your -Sorry Apology letter..." as he said this she wd pouted lips smacked his arm who smiled "I mean wahi tumhara apology letter..." he corrected carefully making her smile
"Haan... Aage??" she prompted smilingly on which he became serious
"Shilpa see..." looking at her he spoke in serious tone which made her to guess 'He is going to start a serious topic' so she silently gave a nod "Main jo abhi tumse kehne waala hoon... Usse please seriously samajhkar mujhe jawab dena... Kyunki mere liye yeh jaanna bahoot zaroori hai... Ki tum chaahti kya ho" she became confused hearing his serious voice

"Haan... Par kya Armaan...?" she questioned wd a frown which made him to sighed
"Accha mujhe yeh batao... Tumne kal letter mein jo likha tha... Vo mean bhi karti ho... Ki nai??" pulling her closer by her shoulder he asked in calm voice making her puzzled now "I mean tumne likha tha tum change nehi hona chaahti... Jaisi ho vaisi bankar rehna chaahti ho... Tum normal nehi ho... Apni soch nehi badal sakti... Jo cheeze tumne sunni padhi dekhi... Usse bahar nehi aana chaahti... Aur na jaane kya kya tha..." he said in serious voice leaving her shoulder who just stared him quietly "Par Shilpa mujhe ek baat batao... Kya sach mein tum un sabse kabhi bahar nehi aana chaahti... I mean kyun... Ab toh sab thik hai phir kyun... Tum nehi nikalna chaahti un sabse bahar...??" he questioned in confused tone as if he is getting fed up of her these thoughts
"Armaan... Trust me... Main har chiz se bahar aa chuki hoon... Specially apne past se... Jismein rone jaisa kuch nehi hai..." holding his hand she answered promptly which made him to stare her attentively "Haan problems thi jo... Har kissi k life mein hoti hai... Aur jiswaqt hoti hai usiwaqt tak vo problem badi lagti hai..." hearing this he got puzzled now
"Toh vo sab kya tha Shilpa...??" he interrupted
"Armaan... Jo maine likha vo bhi sach hai... Ki main apni soch nehi badal sakti... Kyunki main aise hi sochti hoon... Jo mere liye thik hai... Par iska matlab yeh bhi nehi ki main apne past mein jee rahi hoon... Iska matlab yeh hai ki... Main aise hi sochna chaahti hoon... Kyunki vo humesha mujhe aapke aur karib laati hai... Aur main chahoon toh bhi sab accha nehi soch sakti..." she cleared in uncanny way coz its really difficult to explain him this
"Aur agar tumhaari isi soch ne humaare bich koi problem khadi kardi toh??" his serious voice made her to kiss his hand lovingly
"Kabhi nehi... Haan thodi bahoot ho sakti hai... Par pura kabhi nehi... Aur vaise bhi problems toh kahin se bhi aa sakti hai... Aapki taraf se bhi" as she replied smilingly an unknown smile reached his lips who gave a nod in Yes "Aur maine yeh thodi kaha... Ki main kuch acha nehi sochungi... Aapko shayad pata nehi... Hope bahoot karti hoon main... Jo tute yaah pura ho... Phir bhi same rehti hoon main... Samjhe Ohaana k Papa..." clearing this in cheerful way she pinched his nose lovingly who finally smiled
"Iska matlab... Mujhe tumhe puri zindagi aise hi jhelna padega...??" entwining their fingers he asked in fake upset tone on which making a cute poor face she gave a nod in Yes"Hmm... Chalo koi baat nehi... Aage bhi jhel lenge.." pulling her closer he spoke thoughtfully which made her smile
"Haan... Jaise main jhelungi aapko aur aapke nakhro ko..." as she imitated him, he chuckled
"Par tumse thode kam hain..." he retorted hugging her sidely who giggled
"Wrong aapse kam hi hai mera" she argued cutely on which taking a sigh he shook his head
"Haan thik hai... Par mujhe naa ek baat samajh nehi rahi hai" pulling her more closer to him he spoke in confusing tone which made her to look up at him
"Kya??" caressing his cheek she asked in loving voice
"Yehi ki... Suddenly aap itni positive kaise ho gayi madam... I mean Surbhi k shaadi waale time pe bhi... Jab main nashe mein tha toh tum samjhi... Aur vo baat toh mujhe samjha di thi tumne... Par phir bhi yaar... Itna change... Kaise??" keeping his chin on her shoulder he asked in relaxed tone which made her smile whose hand moved inside his hairs
"May be aapse do saal dur rehne ka asar ho..." hearing her reply he kissed her exposed neck lovingly "Par meri chodo... Apni batao... Aap kabse itna sochne lage?" her question made him to look at her thoughtfully coz She is right, How sudden he started thinking too much??
"I don't know... I mean Yes you are right... Actually i am thinking too much... How??" he himself got puzzled which made her to hide her smile seeing his adorable confused face "Us din bhi main bahoot confuse tha... Jab Ajmer mein tumhe Anita ka sach bataane k baad tumhara reaction dekh k main sochne laga tha... Kya sach mein main bahoot sochne laga hoon...?" he looked at her quizzically
"Hmm... Shayad" giving a slow nod in Yes she smiled while hearing this he looked down on ground "Armaan... Kya huaa?" gripping his arm she asked in cute serious voice which made him to look at her slowly
"Kahin aisa toh nehi... Ki main tum ban gaya hoon... Aur tum main..." as he said this in serious voice she giggled "Nehi sach mein... Tum meri tarah sochne lagi ho... Aur main tumhaari..." hearing his amused voice she smiled "Strange na..." he himself smiled at this
"Hmm... Yeh toh ek tarah se accha hi huaa... Kyunki isse aap meri situation samjhenge aur main aapki..." she said smilingly which made him to hug her sidely
"Hmmm... Par aise kaise hum ek dusre ki tarah ban gayye...?" his this question made her to shook her head
"I think... Sangat ka asar... Janeman" saying this lovingly she moved her hand to pinch his nose tip but before she could touch he gripped her hand where he kissed lightly
"Ho sakta hai... Kyunki tumhaara asar bahoot jaldi chadhta hai..." as he said wd dreamy look she giggled and shaking her head she rubbed her arms coz of cold wind
"Kispe...?" she knowingly asked in teasing way which made him smile
"Hmmm... I think... Ab tak toh sirf mujhpe hi chadha hai... Aage pata nehi aur kispe chadhe..." replying her teasingly he smiled on which she smacked his arm lightly
"Acha vo sab chodiye... Aapko neend nehi aa rahi hai" looking at him she asked in tired tone coz the cold is increasing and also the fog in this moonlight night was making it more cold
"Haan... Aa rahi hai... Par main kuch der aur yahaan baithna chaahta hoon... Tumhaare saath..." fisting her hand in his he said in soft voice making her smile "You know aisa bahoot kam hota haina... Jab hum saath hote hain aise... Specially normal..." and hearing this she giggled while giving a nod in Yes "So thodi der aur hum yahaan rahenge... Phir chalenge andar thik hai" saying this softly he kissed her hand who was only staring him lovingly and gave a nod in Yes, So wd peaceful silence they started enjoying this weather but Shilpa's eyes were also fixed on Armaan who picking up a grass stick started playing wd it
"Aap bahoot acche hain Armaan... Itna ki shayad aaj main jitni change hui hoon... Aapki wajah se... Yeh baat main keh nehi sakti aapko... Ki agar aap nehi rahenge meri zindagi mein toh yeh zindagi kuch nehi hai..." looking at him wd a smile she thought "Kabhi nehi socha tha... Ki is qadar pyaar ho jaayga aapse... Ki main khudko bhi bhoola sakti hoon aapke aage... Zindagi bahoot ajeeb hai Armaan... Jahaan shuru mein socha tha chodke chali jaaungi... Wahin ab thodi si bhi duri se dar lagta hai..." her heart said to her who was watching his cute face when he blew air on the grass and seeing this a chuckle escape from her mouth coz right now he is looking soo cute while playing wd the grass like Ohaana does where as hearing her chuckle he gave her questioning look
"Tum thik toh ho...??" as he asked frowningly she gave a nod in Yes still smiling "Phir has kyun rahi thi...?" he asked wd a serious face which made her giggle coz an urge came inside her to Kiss him right now just coz of his adorable face "Shilpa...??" he became confused now seeing her giggling
"Hmm... Kuch bhi toh nehi..." making a straight face she replied which made him to narrow his bows
"Are you sure...?" he questioned again coz he knew something must be cooking inside her head when she herself gave a nod in Yes "I don't believe you" he is still not convinced so she thought to tell him
"Offo! Sab thik hai... Bas aise hi yaad aa gaya ki... Ohaana jaise bachpan mein... Yeh ghaans phoosh k saath khelti thi... Vaise hi abhi aap khel rahe ho..." hearing her answer he grinned
"That means... Main tumhe Ohaana lag raha hoon..." as he asked smilingly she gave nod in Yes and kissed his cheek which was enough for his smile to broad "Acha tum Ohaana se bahoot pyaar karti hona...?" his useless question made her frown
"Armaan yeh bhi koi puchne waali baat hai... Of course karti hoon" she replied in normal tone which made him to gave a nod in Yes
"Tab toh tum mujhse bhi pyaar karti hogi" and hearing this she gave him R-U-Mad look
"Nehi... Ohaana toh aise hi paida ho gayi hai" her sarcastic reply made him chuckle
"Phir bhi..." he insisted still smiling by her joke
"Nehi karti... Khush..." as she replied uninterestingly he shook his head wd a smile
"Thik hai phir... Chalo sote hain" taking a sigh he stood up while holding her hand who smiled seeing him now drowsy
"Par... Ab mujhe neend nehi aa rahi hai" facing him she said in fake serious tone which made him smile coz he knew she backfired him but making a fake sad face he kept his head on her shoulder and moving his hand on her back he hugged her tightly whose heartbeat skipped feeling herself stuck on his arms
"Please Shilpa... Please... Please mujhe neend aa rahi hai" he requested in kiddish tone which made her to held her head coz of his constant Pleases
"Okay okay fine..." pushing him lightly she agreed which made him smile coz he won again from her "Yeh acha hai... Pehle dusro ki neend kharaab karo... Phir... Jab saamne waala jaagne lage toh... Neend aane lagi haina Armaan" her taunt made him chuckle who encircled her waist while pulling her closer
"Haan kya karoon... Tum mujhe bore kar rahi ho ab... Aur uper se tumne yeh bhi nehi kaha ki... Tum mujhse pyaar karti ho... Toh... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai" siding her strand of hair he spoke in fake innocent voice which made her to move her hands behind his neck
"Pehle toh mujhe doubt tha... Par ab pura yakeen ho gaya hai... Ki aapko meri attention chaahiye hoti hai" she spoke in teasing way which made him to took a sigh
"I think tum kabhi nehi samjhogi mere Dil k Armaan..." hearing his dramatic words she giggled
"Shayad..." giving a nod she parted him slowly "And i think... Ab hume sona chaahiye... So aap jaao... Main mugs aur plate laati hoon..." saying this to him she turn to pic the mugs when he gripped her wrist stopping her
"Subhe le lena... Chalo abhi sote hain..." he insisted in tired tone which made her smile who carefully removed his hand from her wrist
"Aree Armaan... Jao bhi main aati hoon naa..." she said in normal voice which made him a slight disappoint
"Fine... Jo karna hai karo... Main jaa raha hoon" saying this tiredly he walked ahead to go which made her smile coz his every move was making her fell more so she immediately ran towards him and gripping his wrist faced him who stared her incrudously "Shii..." but before his word could finish, cupping his face she directly kissed him whose eyes widen by her sudden kiss, her passionating kiss made him provoked whose hands soon took the charge while closing his eyes and surrendering himself to her he participated more passionately and under the moonlight they started making out, her heartbeat skipped as the kiss was turning wild while her knees were getting weak So she tried to broke the kiss which was very hard for her coz of Armaan who didn't let her but soon she pushed him a little and broke the kiss, they both were panting wd their forehead sticked together when Shilpa hugged him still taking deep breaths making him engulfed her more into him "Yeh... Kyun??" still wd closed eyes he asked blissfully while caressing her back whose hold tighten around his neck
"Kyunki... Kyunki..." opening her eyes she looked at him who gave a nod in Yes smilingly "Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..." as she said this he wd a smile shook his head
"Copy Cat... Meri line chura li..." rubbing her swollen lower lip slowly he teased making her smile who lightly smacked his chest
"Kya farq padta hai... Aap aur main ek hi toh hain..." and this made him chuckled
"Ab kaun cheesy line bol raha hai...??" pulling her more closer to him he asked smilingly
"Main... Armaan Malik ki wife..." kissing his chin she replied smilingly making him smile too "Aur... Happy... Nehi... Be lated Happy Anniversary... Mere Supercool Husband" as she said in loving tone while cupping his one cheek he kissed her hand lovingly
"Same to you..." saying this smilingly he kissed her forehead Lovingly which made her to feel complete
"Ab chalen... Andar... Kyunki thand bhi bahoot lag rahi hai mujhe yahan..." parting slowly she said in soft voice and rubbed her arms which made him to shook his head wd a smile
"Acha thik hai... Par vo sab toh lelo... Varna baad mein sunaogi mujhe.." pointing at mugs he taunted only to get a smack in return on his arm "Chalo naa... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai" gripping her hand he walked ahead which made her giggle
"Par... Vo..." she turn to look at the mugs when he himself picked the plate and giving that to her still not leaving her hand he picked the mugs
"Ab thik hai...?" as he asked in tired tone she gave a nod in Yes wd a giggle "You know... Ab mujhe lag raha hai ki... Tum mujhse pyaar toh karti ho" they were walking inside when he said in calm tone making her to shook her head smilingly
"Acha ab... Lag raha hai aapko... Nau saal baad" her sarcastic way made him chuckled
"I think tum... Mere saath rehkar bigad rahi ho..." hearing his words she giggled
"Hmm... Ab kya kar sakte hain... Aapki sangat hai hi aisi..." making a pity face she retorted while they both entered inside the room
"Acha vo sab jo bhi ho... Yeh lo jaldi se jakar rakh kar aao... Phir soyenge kyunki main bahoot thak gaya hoon..." giving the plate to her he spoke in lazy voice making her smile while he stretched his arms tiredly
"Aapko bas apni chalaani rehti haina Armaan...?" hearing her sweet voice he gave a nod in Yes while sitting on edge of the bed
"Sirf tumse..." staring up at her he spoke in loving voice which made her smitten who bending to his level gave a kiss on his cheek who smiled wd closed eyes "I love... You... Shilpa..." nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered softly which made her smile

"I love you too... Main aayi" koochy cooing his cheek loving she stood straight making him took a sigh wd closed eyes and layed straight on bed while she went out to keep the plate & mugs "Hmm... Ab yeh bhi clean kar doon..." she shook her head seeing the kitchen which was a little messed up by Armaan and it took her fifteen minutes to clean everything, after doing everything she checked the room's locks also lights then moved inside their room only to left surprise "Lo yeh to so bhi gayye... Uper se shirt k buttons khol k... Itni thand mein" she smiled while walking towards him who was sleeping soundlessly on his side of bed, his shirt's buttons were fully opened almost showing his abs while his hairs were almost hidding his eyes "Sachmein Ohaana se kam nehi hain..." she whispered smilingly watching him when Ohaana's thought came inside her head "Ek baar usse bhi check kar leti hoon..." mumbling this she moved to check Ohaana once and walked inside her room where her daughter was sleeping, room's lights were off except the night bulbs which made her to walk near Ohnu's bed "Aww... Mera baby toh so raha hai..." she smiled seeing Ohnu sleeping on her bed when she noticed the coldness

"Hmm... Jacket toh band hai iski... Thand toh nehi lagni chaahiye... Par phir bhi... Dekhti hoon" she thought while checking her Blue winter jacket which was closed but thinking about her health she pulled the blanket more up on her and gave a soft kiss on her chubby cheek lovingly, also checking Toy & Shao Pao she was about to go when a noisy toy came under her feet making Toy awake "Ooopps..." she bit her tongue as she saw Toy's little shuffle
"Bowww" immediately he stood up making her smile
"Ssshhh... Sab so rahen hain..." bending down she whispered in low voice while caressing Toy's back who first stared her then barked again
"Bowww...bowww" he started barking loudly making Shilpa's eyes big also it disturbed Ohaana who got scared by the voice thinking about some monster
"Aree main chup hone k liye keh rahin hoon tumhe... Tum toh aur zor se bhok rahe ho..." she scolded in a whisper while caressing his back who finally realised It's Shilpa so sitting back on his place he again layed which made her sigh wd relief So she wd her soft caresses made Toy to went back in sleep but Yes hearing the voice Ohaana already woke up and now was scared thinking about monster
"Mumma..." hearing Ohaana's sleepy voice Shilpa held her head
"Lo... Ek ko sula rahi thi... Dusri uth gayi..." she mumbled tiredly when she heard Ohaana's scared voice
"Mumma... Mumma..." sitting up Ohnu spoke almost in crying voice making Shilpa to walked towards her worriedly
"Kya huaa meri... Babu ko...??" standing beside her bedside she asked in loving tone on which she extended her hands wd a sniff making Shilpa smile "Aww... Kya huaa baby... Aap ro kyun rahe ho...?" picking her up she asked again in same tone while patting her back slowly on which Ohnu hugged her mother scaredly
"Mumma... Ohnu dar gayi..." hugging her more tightly she replied in scared tone making Shilpa smiled
"Kyun... Kya koi bura sapna dekha meri Ohaana ne?" caressing her head lovingly she asked in kiddish tone on which she nodded her head in Yes while hiding her face on her neck "Ohh... Acha... Kya dekha aapne...??" parting her slowly she asked affectionally
"Mon... Mon...ster deka maine..." hearing her innocent reply a smile reached her lips
"Par yahaan toh koi Monster nehi hai dekho..." making her look around she said in kiddish tone which made Ohnu to hug again her mother tightly "Acha... Toh aap Mumma k paas soge aaj...?" rubbing her back she asked in loving tone making Ohaana to look back at her mother
"Haan..." as she replied innocently she smiled
"Toh phir thik hai... Aaj Ohnu Mumma Papa k paas soygi... Chalo chalen..." saying this lovingly she took her out wd careful steps so that it could not disturb the pets, entering inside the room she made Ohnu to laye on bed wd her when Ohaana crawled to Armaan who was sleeping soundlessly unaware of their presence "Ssshh... Papa so rahen hai disturb mat karo..." she gripped her little palm which was about to touch his face "Aao mere paas..." making her face her she said in loving voice on which Ohaana once again looked back at her father (Actually she was laying in center b/w her parents also wants his attention)
"So gayye...?" facing again Shilpa she asked cutely which made her to nod in Yes smilingly
"Haan ab tum bhi so jao chalo..." patting her back she said calmly and thought to pull the comforter on both of them when Ohnu's eyes landed on the stars above
"Mumma... Yahaa b... Sta...sta...stars hain??" Ohnu asked innocently as Shilpa pulled the comforter on them
"Stars??" she frowned but soon it clicked about the star lights which made her smile "Haan hai... Jo Ohaana k saath rehna chaahte hain... Aur yeh bhi chaahten hain ki aap so jaao kyunki raat bahoot ho gayi haina..." caressing her head lovingly she said in tired tone coz She is feeling sleepy now
"Toh...toh...Ohnu ko... Sto... Stooo...ry sunaao toh vo... So... Jaygi Mumma" and hearing her cute adorable words she held her head coz right now she is not in mood of any story
"Pehle baap ne sone nehi diya ab beti sone nehi de rahi... Dono milkar mujhe pagal kar rahen hain... Aur pata nehi kyun meri neend k dushman bane hain" she thought tiredly when keeping her one hand on her waist Ohaana hugged her which made her all tiredness vanished just coz of her daughter "Acha... Aankhen band karo apni..." caressing her head lovingly she said in loving voice which Ohaana followed "Hmm... Bahoot puraani baat hai... Ek chote se gaon mein ek chota sa baccha rehta tha naam tha uska Bholu..." she started almost in sleepy tone when Armaan turned his position at her and was about to keep his hand ahead but as she saw this she immediately gripped his wrist stopping it to land on Ohaana "Offo..." mumbling this she made his hand rest beside him who didn't knew about this "Yeh Armaan naa... Thik se toh soyenge nehi... Kabhi apna haath mujhpe rakhten hain toh kabhi pair... Par aaj unko bataana padega... Ki yahaan Ohaana hai bich mein" she thought while staring at his face who was sleeping wdout having any idea about this and in careful way Shilpa kept a pillow beside Armaan who gripped it Thinking about Shilpa who now concentrated on her daughter "Haan... Toh us gaon k..." but before she could start again she found Ohaana asleep which only left her awestruck who plant a kiss on her head lovingly when Armaan hugged the pillow tightly but as he realised its not her His hand started looking for her
"Emm..." Armaan's hand moved to search Shilpa still in sleeping mode but as his hand touched Ohaana's waist Shilpa gripped his wrist which made him to open his eyes groggly "Kya... Huaa...?" in sleepy voice he asked while blinking his eyes which made Shilpa to shook her head and kept his hand beside him carefully who finally noticed Ohaana b/w them
"Haath mat rakkho... Aur pair bhi mat rakhna... Kyunki yahaan bich mein Ohaana hai himaare saath" she whispered in low voice which made him to look b/w them where their daughter is sleeping then he looked up at her who shook her head which made him to keep his head properly on pillow
"Par... Ohaana yahaan... Kaise...?" closing his eyes again he asked sleepily
"Bas dar gayi thi Toy ki awaaz se... Jo meri wajah se jaag gaya tha... Par ab so raha hai... Toh maine socha isse yahaan laa doon..." caressing Ohnu's head lovingly she replied smilingly which made him smile wd closed eyes hearing her words
"I am sorry... Meri wajah se... Tumhari neend bhi gayi... Aur Ohnu bhi uth gayi" still wd closed eyes he apologised in sleepy tone making her smile whose hand moved on his forehead from where she sided his hairs which made him smile lightly coz of her soft gesture
"Hmm... Iska badla main subhe lungi... Abhi please so jao kyunki mujhe bhi neend aa rahi hai" as she said sweetly he mumbled Sorry making her smile "Ab so jao... Aur haan apne haath pair dur rakhna..." hearing her warn he moved a little away from them
"Toh tum beech mein... Kyun nehi... Soyi??" opening his eyes slowly he asked in lazy tone
"Aap so jao zyada accha hoga..." she almost ordered him who shaking his head mumbled Fine and layed straight wishing her Good night, for few minutes Shilpa caressed Ohnu's head when her eyes landed on her One & Only Husband who faced her sleeping peacefully "Kya yehi hai... Humaari complete family...?" she thought lostly staring at her two most important person of her life "Shayad yehi hai... Kyunki isse zyada mujhe kuch nehi chaahiye... Bas humaari khushi... Aur saath... Par kuch cheeze Armaan ko bhi toh chaahiye hogi... Jaise mujhe chaahiye thi... Toh mera bhi farz hai ki main... Vo puri karoon..." she said in her heart which made her to glanced him smilingly "Aur vaise bhi... Ab toh mujhe bhi lagta hai..." caressing his hairs lovingly she thought when he snuggled closer to her who taking a sigh finally closed her eyes for sleep and soon she dozed off, today's events made Arsh's relation more strong just coz of faith on each other which is very important for any relationship!...


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