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Part 88 (LAST PART) : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Next Afternoon 12:05
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de
Wo.. tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de, bhula de...
"Armaan... Armaan Ohaana kahan hai...?" an angry Shilpa walked inside the lawn where Armaan was playing wd a football, he was wearing a White sweat shirt wd black t-shirt underneath and dark blue joggers wd white shoes "Armaan... Main aapse kuch keh rahin hoon..." she almost yelled as he was not paying any attention to her and was busy on his football "Armaan..." getting angry she directly stood in front of him who stopped wd a frown looked at her then removed his earphones making her realise that he didn't heard her coz of earphones

"Kya huaa...?" he asked in calm voice when she showed her glare while glaring him "Vaise... Good morning... Nehi Good afternoon Wify ji... Toh kaisi rahi aapki sapnon ki duniya" pulling her closer by her waist he spoke in taunting way which made her to smack his chest lightly who smiled noticing How freshing she is looking right now (She have wore a Loose blue off shoulder top wd anklet length denim ripped jeans & white shoes, her hairs were tucked in a bun wd few strands falling, she had also applied scartlet lipstick wd less make up almost looking tempting for him)
"Mujhe uthaaya kyun nehi...?? Aur Ohaana kahan hain...?" in an angry way she asked on which he started thinking as if forgot something "Armaan bolona..." she insisted making him cage her on his arms
"Vo iswaqt kahan ho sakti hai yaar... School mein..." as he answered it clicked inside her brain "Usse subhe hi maine school drop kar diya... Jaisa tumne kaha tha Usse ready karke... Breakfast khila k... Chod aaya school aur tumhe nehi uthaaya... Kyunki tumne kaha tha tumhe sone de... Jo zaroori tha... Toh nehi jagaaya bas" hearing his chilled out reply made her more worried
"Par abhi usse lene bhi toh jaana hai..." looking at her wrist watch she spoke in worried tone which made him to held his head
"Shilpa usmein abhi aadha ghanta hai... So don't worry..." in cool voice he calmed her who finally got relaxed "See kitna acha Husband aur Father hoon main..." hearing his confident voice a smile reached her lips who put her hands around his neck
"Yeh bhi koi bataane waali baat hai... Yeh main jaanti hoon... Pehle se hi..." she agreed in loving voice which made him smile dimpily while pulling her more closer almost sticking together "Aur yeh batao... Aap subhe jaldi kaise uth gayye...??" keeping her hands on his chest she asked smilingly on which he kissed her nose tip lovingly
"Hmm... Pata nehi kaise neend khul gayi... Phir yaad aaya Ohnu ko school chodhna hai... Toh bas tumhe bina jagaaye... Uth gaya" tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he replied smilingly which made her smile who gave a kiss on his cheek making his smile broad
"Aur aapne breakfast kiya...??" parting from him she asked in normal voice
"Nehi... Jaanti hona tumhaare bina main paani tak nehi peeta..." hearing his dramatic voice she giggled
"Aww... Kitni parwa hai aapko meri..." she played along while playing wd the football by her legs
"Aur nehi toh kya... Yeh Lamhe... Yeh Baatein... Yeh Saansin... Din Raat... Sirf Tumhaara naam leti hain" hearing his cheesy line she showed him a look
"Armaan mujhe lagta haina... Aap bahoot filmy hote jaa rahen hain" she said normally which made him grinned who too started playing the football
"Aur yeh hua kiski wajah se..." he taunted while trying to snatch the football from her by his leg
"Mujhe kya pata..." she giggled as he tried to block her way while trying to take the football
"Haan tum toh bahoot sharif hona..." in sarcastic way he retorted which made her giggle "Haan hass lo... Tumhe maine hi sar pe chadha k rakkha hai... Kash tumhe aaj bhi dara k rakhta toh tum thodi sudhri hui hoti... In fact darti bhi mujhse" in fake thoughtfull way he spoke while snatching the football by his leg
"Dare meri dushman bhi nehi aapse... Kyunki aapne nehi maine sar pe chadha k rakkha hai aapko... Kaash kabhi aapko bhav diya hi nehi hota..." hearing her direct retort he hide his smile while taking the football she started playing
"Excuse me... Tum bhav deti... Vo toh main tha... Jisne tumme interest liya varna... Koi puchta bhi nehi tumhe" he spoke arrogantly making her chuckled
"Toh maine kaha tha mujhme interest laao?" she argued wd attitude when he pulled the football by his leg towards him
"Nehi vo toh..." he didn't know how to retort her who snatching the ball stood in front of him
"Rehne do... Koi faida nehi... Aap haar gayye ho... So accept it" in a cool way she said while pointing at his chest who shook his head and in an instant banged her wd his chest which left her surprised
"Accept kiya... Khush" opening her hairs in a second he accepted and threw the clutcher away
"Armaan..." she dragged his name as he threw the clutcher
"Haan.. Bolo Armaan ki jaan..." nuzzling his face on her exposed neck he whispered while pulling her more closer who was melting by his moves
"Acha aaj... Aap... Hospital kyun nehi gayye??" she somehow managed to ask coz he have started kissing her neck lostly "Armaan..." moving her hands on his hairs she pushed him a little
"Socha tumhe time de doon aaj..." caging her he replied in calm voice making her smile
"Ohhoo... Itna bada ehsaan... Thank you very much" he grinned as she said dramatically
"Any time... Meri Tinkerbell" kissing her cheek he spoke in loving voice making her to hugged him smilingly
"Armaan se abhi baat karoon...?? Ki nehi...?? Actually kar hi leti hoon... Time bhi free hai iswaqt" she thought still hugging him who was playing wd her hairs "Armaan..." moving a little back she started slowly
"Hmm..." he hummed while kissing her cheek who wd a shy smile pushed him a little "Kya yaar Shilpa... Bolona main sunn raha hoon.." banging her wd him again he spoke annoyingly which made her to smack his chest lightly
"Mujhe zaroori baat karni hai Armaan... Kuch important" she said in serious voice which not at all bothered him
"Haan toh bolo na... Main konsa rok raha hoon..." nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered lostly making her to step back "Shilpa...??" he looked at her annoyingly
"Pehle meri puri baat sunoge... Tabhi..." hearing her blackmailing he raised his hands in surrender
"Lekin jaldi..." moving closer to her he warned in uninteresting tone while she got happy hearing this
"Hmm..." nodding in Yes she stood in front of him who again caged her on his arms wd a smile
"Ab bologi bhi..." playing wd her hairs he prompted which made her to take a sigh "Aisi kya baat hai madam... Jo itna soch rahi ho" he was confused by her nervous face
"Vo... Aap sahi the Armaan..." playing wd his sweat shirt's zip she started slowly but the thing which he didn't noticed was her shy smile
"Hmm... Vo toh main humesha sahi rehta hoon... Shilpa... Par tum konse sahi waale ki baat kar rahi ho..." staring at her he spoke in cool voice which made her to shook her head smilingly
"Hmm... Actually aapne sahi kaha tha... I think ki... Hume..." not daring to look up at him she started shyly where as he was nuzzling his face on her neck wdout paying attention to her
"Hmmm... Hume..." he mumbled wd closed eyes while taking her fresh fragrance
"Hume..." she got shy coz its really difficult for her to Say this
"Hume... Kya Shilpa..." brushing his lips on her neck he said in lost voice making her to move her one hand on his hairs
"Hume... Humaara dusra baby plan karna chaahiye..." shutting her eyes tightly she said in quick way making him stunned whose eyes snapped opened
"What??" looking back at her he asked incredulously making her to give a nod in Yes Slowly plus scaredly "Tum thik toh ho... Kahin kisine Jaadu tona toh nehi kar diya??" checking her forehead he asked in serious voice which made her pout who smacked his chest lightly
"Armaan..." she whinned wd pout
"Nehi sachmein yaar... Zaroor kisine tumhe kuch.." but before he could say more smacking his arm she hugged him smilingly
"Nehi... Mujhe sach mein humaara dusra baby chaahiye ab..." keeping her head on his shoulder she said smilingly while he was really confused "Kyunki aap sahi the... Ohaana k saath saath mujhe bhi baby chaahiye... Phir humaari family complete" hugging him tightly she said delightly where as a smile reached his lips hearing this who soon hugged her back but soon a thought came inside his head What if she is doing this for him and later regret??
"Nehi..." breaking the hug he refused making her stunned
"Kya??" she looked at him confusedly
"Nehi... I mean... Main ready nehi hoon is baat k liye..." stepping back he instantly refused making her shocked
"Kya?? Par kyun??" she questioned stepping ahead coz now he have started playing again wd the boll
"Aise hi..." he replied in normal voice focusing on ball where as she was stunned by his way of reaction
"Par ab tak toh aap ready the Armaan... Par ab kyun... Mana kar rahen hain" making him looked at her by his elbow she argued
"Kyunki... Ab mujhe lagta hai tum sahi thi... Abhi hume sirf Ohaana pe dhyaan dena chaahiye... Aur like you said... I am happy wd my family" he replied in very calm way making her shocked
"Nehi Armaan... Mujhe time chaahiye tha is chiz pe sochne k liye... Aur ab mujhe lagta hai... Ki hume dusra baby plan karna chaahiye..." moving closer to him she said in serious voice making him to shook his head
"Yeh accha hai... Jab tumhe time chaahiye tha toh tumne mana kar diya aur ab jab tumhe lagta hai... Tab tum ready hogayi... Par ab... Main ready nehi hoon... So i am sorry" he didn't told rudely but yes he was strict which made her to feel bad
"Kyun??" she whinned wd a pout while smacking his chest lightly
"Kyunki... Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..." hearing his reply she smacked again on his chest where his heart exist "Aaaww... Shilpa" he made a face while caging her on his arms again
"Armaan... I am sorrryy..." she apologised in cute voice making him smile who tucked her hairs behind her shoulder
"Shilpa yaar sorrryy kyun... I know vo tumhaari marzi thi... But to be honest ab main nehi chaahta... So close the topic" saying this in loving voice he kissed her cheek who wd a sad look smacked his chest again
"Please Armaan... Kya aap nehi chaahte... Humaare do bacche ho...?" hearing her cute dramatic voice he chuckled
"Haan chaahta tha... In fact do se zyada chaahta tha... Par ab nehi... So please close the topic yaar..." in a loving voice he replied almost stcking to her who again smacked his chest wd grumpy look
"Please... Armaan... Please" she requested cutely which made him amused who just want to kiss her right here
"Main kya tumhe koi producing factory dikhta hoon... Jisse tum request kar rahi ho" he said in sarcastic way which made her giggle
"Haan..." hearing her quick answer he raised his bows amusingly "Armaan please na... Aap jo kahoge main karungi... Please" and it was a treasure for him who kissed her temple mumbling No "Kyun??" she whinned annoyingly which made him chuckle
"Har kyun ka jawab nehi hota Shilpa... Yeh tumhi ne kaha tha kabhi..." saying this coolly he moved to kiss her who moved her head back
"Nehi... Jab tak aap ready nehi ho jaate... Tab tak mere karib mat aana..." pushing him back she almost ordered him who was flabbergasted by her words
"Shilpa yaar... Kya bachpana hai yeh??" stepping ahead he asked confusedly on which she stepped back shaking her head in No
"Nehi... Ab mere karib tab hi aana jab... Aapka jawab haan ho... Varna mujhe touch bhi mat karna..." ordering him she started running backward which made him stunned
"Are you serious??" he asked in angry tone on which wd bright smile she nod her head in Yes making him annoyed "Stop this nonsense... Aur aise mat jaao girogi..." he warned as he saw she was stepping back
"I am sorry... Ab mere karib tabhi aana jab ready ho jao humaare baby k liye varna bhool jaana ki main aapke saath rehti hoon..." she spoke in chilled out voice which made him totally astonished by her words
"Ab kya bacche paida karne k liye bhi... Blackmail karogi??" hearing his cute angry voice she nodded her head in Yes wd a giggle "Agar main aisa karta toh...??" crossing his arms he asked in calm voice
"Toh vo aapki galti jo aapne nehi kiya... Vo aapka tarika tha aur... Yeh mera" in a relaxed way she replied which made his mouth opened
"Unbelievable Shilpa...!!" he shook his head in disbelief which made her smile
"Thank you... Par ab jao Ohaana ko lekar aao... Main lunch ready karti hoon... Bye" ordering him she ran inside still giggling where as he was still astonished by her behavior
"At least... breakfast toh puch leti yaar mujhe" he shouted loudly as she went inside "Ajeeb hi hai yeh... Ab tak nehi samjhi mujhe..." shaking his head he too walked inside to go and pick Ohaana from her school

Night Time 10:02 PM
Ki darkhaast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de...
"Ohaana... Cartoon baad mein dekhna pehle isse khatam karo... Chalo..." an angry Shilpa warned Ohaana who was engrossed on her cartoon movie while her mother was making her to have her lunch (She was sitting beside Ohaana on sofa, pets were busy wd each other on floor where as Armaan was talking wd Rehaan on phone inside their room, he just arrived from the hospital) "Ohaana... Maarungi main... Yeh lo khaao..." she scolded while forwarding a bite towards Ohnu's mouth whose eyes were still focused on LED screen where as her mouth was opened "Yeh ladki na..." inserting the bite inside her mouth she cursed when Ohaana's cartoon show took break which made her realise that she is feeling thristy
"Mumma... Paani..." looking at her mother she said in her kiddish tone
"Haan.. Ab zaroor yaad aaygi Mumma ki... Ki vo hai paas mein..." she taunted while making her to have the water who took slow sips
"Basss..." pushing the glass slowly she stopped coz the break of her show got finished and her cartoon started again
"Acha yeh last waala khalo..." forwarding the last bite she said like an angry mother
"Mumma... Ho gaya..." Ohaana pushed her hand slowly still eyes fixed on the screen
"Ohaana..." she glared when Armaan shouted from inside
"Shilpa... Coffee laana..." hearing his voice she took a sigh
"Lo ab... Coffee bhi lao..." she mumbled angrily and then looked at Ohaana who was calmly watching her show "Ohaana main last time..." but before she could scold again her voice made her stop
"Mumma dona..." she opened the mouth for last bite which made her mother smile at her cuteness
"Ab kyun...??" inserting the last bite she asked smilingly while Ohnu finished the food
" Dora... Katam" hearing this her mouth hung opened but seeing her cute face she shook her head smilingly "Paani..." she moved her hand to grab the glass which Shilpa made her drank slowly "Basss... Ab Ohnu ko sona hai... Mumma" keeping the remote on side she hugged her mother who just kept the plate on table
"Haan... Jab kaam khatam ho jaaye tab Mumma k paas aao haina...?" slapping her head lightly she asked smilingly on which Ohaana hugged her more tightly
"Nehi... Mumma... Acchi hai" as Ohaana said this in her kiddish tone she giggled cuddling her
"Haan... Bas mashka lagao tum bhi Papa ki tarah..." saying this she caressed her soft hairs lovingly "Acha chalo... Jaao so jaao... Chalo..." parting her she switched off the TV when Armaan entered there
"Shilpa... Kabse bola hai... Coffee k liye yaar..." entering there he said almost in angry tone which made her to look back at him who walked towards her
"Armaan yeh dinner ka time hai... Toh coffee kaise doon main aapko... Aur uper se main iswaqt apni beti k saath hoon toh aapko toh... Sideline hona hi padega" she replied in normal voice while caressing Ohaana's head who was staring at her parents innocently while Armaan sat beside their One only daughter
"Hey Princess aapne dinner kiya..??" making her sat on his lap he asked in kiddish tone on which Ohaana smiled widely coz she loves the attentions equally which her parents gives her
"Haan... Mumma ne kilaaya" looking at him she replied cutely while playing wd his denim jacket's buttons
"Haan... Par madam ne TV ko dekhte dekhte khaaya... Pata nehi thik se khaaya bhi hai yaah nehi..." interrupting them Shilpa complained while correcting Ohaana's hairs who kept her head on Armaan's chest feeling sleepy
"Acha... Toh Princess... Kya Mumma sach keh rahi hai... Aapne dinner thik se nehi kiya??" making her look up at him he asked affectionally where as Shilpa shifted more closer to them
"Nehi Papa... kiya maine... Pura kiya Mumma... Par...par... Neend aa rahi hai ab..." they both chuckled at her kiddish reply
"Thik hai aap so jaao..." Shilpa kissed her head lovingly (Which made Armaan grinned coz her cheek brushed wd his nose tip and like she said in afternoon that not to touch her until he get ready for their next kid) who keeping her head on her father's shoulder closed her eyes making Arsh to adored her "Aur... Mr Husband... Isse sulaane k baad chalo dinner karne" looking at him she almost ordered him who was caressing Ohnu's head but hearing it he turned his head at her
"Vo sab toh hum kar lenge tum pehle yeh batao... Ki main sideline hoon tumhaare life mein??" he asked in calm yet serious voice which made her to hide her smile seeing his serious face
"Haan... Sabse pehle Ohaana hai... Pets hain... Phir jaake aap ho" she replied in normal voice patting Ohaana's back but hearing this he shot her his lion eyes making her smile "Kya huaa??" she asked in teasing tone which made him to look away from her
"Soch raha hoon... Jab ek k aane se tumne mujhe Sideline kar diya hai... Phir agar dusra aayga yaah aaygi... Tab toh tum mujhe dekhogi bhi nehi" hearing his cute reply she giggled "I am serious Shilpa..." he spoke almost in annoying voice seeing her giggling
"I know aap serious ho... But trust me... Meri pehli priority sirf aap ho..." gripping his arm she said in her cheerful way
"Haan... Tabhi sideline kardiya haina?" in mocking way he loooked away from her who wd a smile coreected his hairs "Excuse me... Tumne toh kaha tha touch mat karna... Then how can u touch me" he taunted which made her to keep her chin on his shoulder
"Haan... Par vo rule sirf aapke liye hai... Kyunki aapko baby nehi chaahiye... Par mujhe toh chaahiye... So main jab chaahe aapko touch kar sakti hoon... Par aap mujhe" saying this normally she moved her index finger on his side of neck "Touch bhi nehi kar sakte" tracing his neckline seductively she ehispered on his ear who controlled not to react on her touch but it was getting really hard coz now she kissed on his neck near collar line
"Shilpa... Please yaar" staring at her he warned on which she giggled and moved back a little
"Toh batao... Ready ho ki nehi?" she asked in curious way making him to close his eyes
"Shilpa yaar... Tum samajh nehi rahi ho..." he tried to make her understand but she kissed his cheek making him smile
"Armaan please na..." pulling his jacket she insisted making him smiled who shook his head looking away from her "I promise... Main aapko sabse pehle rakhungi... Humaare dono baccho se bhi pehle... Pakka" hearing her extra buttering voice he controlled his chuckle
"Shilpa yaar... Itna easy nehi hai..." he again tried to make her understand but she smacked his arm
"Easy toh hai..." hearing this he shot his glare making her smile
"Nehi bilkul nehi..." he directly refused making her pout
"Kyun nehi... Aap kyun mana kar rahen hain..." she argued which disturbed Ohaana's sleep
"Mummaa..." she stirred rubbing her eyes making Arsh quiet
"Shilpa dekho kya kiya tumne..." he looked at her angrily
"Maine nehi aapne..." but before she could argue Ohaana opened her eyes
"Kya huaa... Princess..." rubbing her back he asked in loving tone making Shilpa guilty
"Sorry Ohnu... Disturb kiya naa aapko... Mumma ne" she apologised siding her strand of hairs aside who closing her eyes again kept her head on Armaan's shoulder
"So gayi...??" he looked at Shilpa for answer who gave nod in Yes and kissed Ohnu's head lovingly
"I am sorry Armaan..." keeping her head on his shoulder she whispered slowly which made Armaan to keep his head on her head smilingly
"It's okay..." he whispered softly and kissed her head lovingly who closed her eyes "Acha toh kya main... Yeh samjhun ki... Ab tum mujhe mana nehi karogi... Tumhe touch karne se..." hearing this a coy smile reached her lips who looked at him wd teasing grin
"Nehi..." she knowingly refused which made him smile
"Hmmm... How about... Tum mujhe gaal pe kiss karo toh main... Sochunga..." he put his condition forward in calm tone which made her smile amusingly
"Agar main na kahun toh...?" she knowingly teased making him to nod in Yes calmly
"Hmmm aur agar main kahun... Ki tum direct mujhe kiss karo... Toh main dekhunga..." she giggled hearing his cute thoughtful voice
"Aree... Isse acha pura haan kardona..." pinching his nose tip lovingly she said which made him smile
"Nehi... Kyunki ab mujhe lagta hai... Humaari yehi choti si family kaafi hai... Ek dusre k liye" playing wd Ohaana's little fingers he said in soft voice making Shilpa smiled
"Koi baat nehi... Mujhe pata hai main aapko mana lungi" keeping her head on his shoulder she said in confident voice making him chuckle
"Itna... Confidence achi baat nehi hai" saying this calmly he kept his head on her who smiled caressing Ohnu's cheek lovingly
"Kya karoon mujhe khudpar... Aur aap par pura bharosa hai..." she looking up at him she said in loving voice making him smile
"Dekhenge..." he whispered kissing her cheek who blushed
"Dekh lena... Par Dr Malik kya aapko bhook nehi lagi hai... Kitna time ho gaya hai" parting away she almost scolded him who looked at his wrist watch which was showing 10:50

"Haan... Tum ready karo main... Isse sulakar aata hoon..." saying this to her calmly he stood up in careful way so that it couldn't disturb Ohnu's sleep who was sleeping peacefuly, Armaan made her laye on Ohnu's room where as Shilpa here made the dinner table ready for them
"Hmm... Sab ho gaya na...??" she said doubtfully while watching the dinner when Armaan entered there and finding her thinking to himself he hugged her from behind "Huhh...!" she gasped as he hugged her "Armaan... Mana kiya tha na touch karne ko..." she faked in angry voice staring at him who just plant kiss on her bare shoulder(Which was exposed coz of her off shoulder dress)
"Kya karoon... Tum ho hi itni tempting" replying her he moved to kiss her who pushing him took a seat on dinner table
"Sorry... Par mujhe bahoot bhook lagi hai... Aur saath mein... Shart mat bhulna... Ab aap mujhe tabhi... Touch" but before she could complete her sentence he interrupted
"Samajh gaya main bas khush..." taking a seat he replied in uninteresting tone making her giggle "Ho gaya ho toh hum khaana shuru karen?" as he asked in extra sweet voice she nodded in Yes still smiling and they started their dinner where Shilpa was constantly talking which was calmly listening (even his dinner also got over) but as she announced a news he got stunned "What...??? Surbhi pregnant?? Are you serious?" he asked still in shocked mode
"Haan... Aaj shaamko usne mujhe bataya... Haina yeh Good waali news..." she replied in happy voice making him to stare her in disbelief
"Rehaan ne mujhe kyun nehi bataya...??" he mumbled confusedly on which keeping her chin on her hand she looked at him smilingly
"Shayad... Aap itne important nehi honge" as she said slowly he glared her who giggled "Offo! Armaan... Abhi tak Rehaan ko khud nehi pata... Kyunki Surbhi ne bataya nehi usse... Par shayad ab bata diya ho... Kyunki vo keh rahi thi mujhse ki vo raat ko bataaygi... Par in sabmein sabse pehle usne mujhe bataaya... Aapko pata bhi hai vo kitni khush thi... I can't explain in words... Usne toh pehle se hi decide kar k rakkha tha ki usse bacche jaldi chaahiye... Unlike me... I mean... How dumb... I was..." she was saying saying and saying wdout taking any break but it was making Armaan annoyed who rubbed his temple to control his anger coz first she was blabbering that to wdout taking any break second she forgot to finish her dinner plate "Aapko yaad hai.. Kaise maine saaf saaf..." but before she could say more he stopped her
"Shilpa... Khaana khatam karo pehle..." he directly ordered in stern tone which made her confused for seconds but as per her nature she opened her mouth to say something when picking her spoon he inserted a morsel inside her mouth making her ashtonished "Samajh gaya main sab kuch... So ab khaana khao..." saying this calmly he started eating which made her pout who started too her dinner who at last finished the dinner reluctantly and as she finished he thought to ask something "Vaise tell me... Kahin humaare second baby ka plan tumhaare dimaag mein Surbhi ko dekh kar toh nehi aaya...??" he asked suspiciously making her surprised at his question
"Armaan..." she looked at him incredulously "Nehi kyunki tum ho aisi... Jisse jab main samjhaaunga tab nehi samajhti par agar koi aur kuch kahe yaah kare tab tum zaroor karti ho..." hearing this her jaw dropped
"Oh Hello... Aisa kuch bhi nehi hai... Kyunki Surbhi waali news mujhe shaam ko hi mili in fact koi idea bhi nehi tha mujhe... Aur humaare baby k baare mein mujhe kal raat hi laga... Ki mujhe humaara second baby chaahiye... Specially yeh jaante huye ki jab main Breezer, Shao Pao, Toy, Ohaana, Aapko aur sabko sambhal sakti hoon tab toh baby bhi sambhal hi lungi... Aur ab toh main mentally ready hoon do baccho ko sambhaalne k liye... In fact aap bhi aur Ohaana bhi... So that's it" wd an attitude she explained making him to stare her smilingly coz its very rare when she discuss something about their personal matters
"Hmmm... I don't believe you..." he knowingly teased her while bending towards her who rolled her eyes
"Toh mat karo... I don't care..." giving a fake smile she retorted which made him smile who grabbing her one hand kissed her cheek making her confused
"Yeh kehna toh bhool hi gaya tha..." she raised her bows wd a smile hearing this "Yehi ki... I love you..." as he confessed teasingly her cheeks turned red "Par iska matlab yeh nehi ki... Main ready hoon baby k liye..." he knowingly said making her pout
"Armaan kyun... Please naa..." she whinned holding his arm who grinned nodding in No "Ab aap jhagda kar rahe ho..." pointing her index finger she warned making him chuckle
"Wrong main nehi tum... Kyunki... Its a waste of time... Main nehi ready hone waala... And most important... Tumhe toh khudpe bahoot confidence haina toh mana lena mujhe..." in a chilled out tone he told which made her grumpy
"You... Know what aap kabhi chaahte hi nehi ki sab thik rahe humaare beech..." hearing her complain he shook his head in No calmly
"Lo ab yeh kaha se aa gaya... Beech mein" he looked at her in disbelief
"Aapki wajah se..." she directly blamed which made him to held his head "Seedhi sharafat se maan jaao varna..." she ordered making him look at her confidently
"Varna kya??" moving his face closer to her he asked calmly which made her gulped
"Varna... Varna... Offfo... Armaan" getting frustrated she smacked his chest who chuckled and cupping her cheeks he pulled her in loving kiss making her eyes big who first tried to push him but coz of his sweet love she loosed the control, So she gave up and responded equally wd closed eyes which made his mind jumped happily coz he won!
"Varna... Yeh... Nehi... Haina.." sticking their foreheads he panted which made her to smack his chest wd a blush
"I hate you..." she whispered wd a pout making him smile who pecked her lips lightly
"I love you too..." as he said in teasing way they both giggled at the same time making Armaan to pull her in a tight hug which made her to feel complete in his arms, the warmth of his love have no comparison in this life of Shilpa who knows no one can love her like he does and the way he handles her she can never expect from anyone other than him coz he is the only one who knows her better than anyone also pampers her which no one ever did to her other than Shilpa's parents, Where as for Armaan she is so precious to share wd anyone coz whatever she does for him can never been wrong, Yaah she reacts in different way sometimes but its also true that she is also the first person who ends their major fight in clicks, for him she is his 'Sanjeevani Butti' coz she tought him to live this life wd Fun Fight Romance Banter Emotion Maturity Trust Support Care & Love which made his life more colorful than anything in his world and wdout her he can't survive on this planet, if he changed her then she also changed his life & him in more Happy way which shows how much they love & respect each other and this was a way for Deep Love...! So wd this their story ended here but... But its not the end of Arsh in fact its the New Beginning for them to their long way journey of Marriage & Love... Turning from two strangers to husband & wife they became friends, lovers, husband & wife and then parents for eternity!

So wd this their new beginning ends here... Thank you for all ur support and love for Sirf Tum... We both love this ff from depth of our hearts and never thought this will come this far... Trust me... It was heartaching for me to write this last post & end of this story and i am also feeling like crying coz its very close to my heart... But all good things needs to finish so wdout dragging it... We are ending here wd sweet love b/w Arsh... And if you all wants it's epilogue, you all have to comment and let us know your thoughts and moments wd Sirf Tum!


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