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Part 9 & 10 : AR ff Nashaa


Next morning.
Atul shook her arm that was hanging loose of the bed as she laid over her stomach in deep slumber, "Riddimaa – we have to discuss work here. Could you get up?" Atul shook her again

"did she got up?" Arman walked in restless, as they have been trying that from past 2 hours.

"No... I guess she is in deep slumber. !" Atul got up pulling his hand up in surrender,

"Sleeping beauty..! seriously now?" Rahul chuckled as he placed his weight over the side of door.

"Yrr... here she is sleeping and we are sooo worried about the work" Arman walked up to her and pulled the blanket away. She cared less about it and snuggled in her pillow, slightly wiggling her hip

"What is she?" he looked at his mates "A sleeping lazy bone?" arman commented, added

"Oyee... get up now..!!" Arman spoke in his grave angry loud voice.

"Let mee... sleep" she mumbled. Moving her hand over bed to get the sheet back on her.

"Kyun? Hotel hai yea? Are you on your vacation..? GET UPP!" he shouted.

"Ahhh..." she jerked up, keeping a hand on her chest and when she look up at his face "ahhh..." she kept her hands on her face

"Kya hua?" Arman asked "is anything on my face?" Arman asked Rahul and atul.

Riddimaa stood up on bed and stared at him in horror. "OH God... my whole day is spoiled... as I saw your horrible face in such a bright morning.!" she spoke, angrily and walked in the bathroom. Atul couldn't help but laugh Over Arman's face.

"Teri tou... ruk Saalaa.." Arman commented, Rahul laughed at what good time they were having around this girl they never felt like this in Anjali and Muskan company though Muskan his girlfriend bicker more harshly then Riddimaa... thinking if She(Riddimaa) could be hooked up with Arman than they would all be happy like 'old times'.

"Let see where God lead us too.." Rahul turned and went down behind the two.

"OMG? Who woke up from the wrong side of bed? Atul and Arman sitting together ? On same couch? With arms on each others back? WOW... thats a news...! surely a headline... should I call a news channel" Rahul exclaimed

"Shut up Rahul ! Stop over reacting... we Were friends... and had a bad fight but we USE to be friend... Weren't we Atul?" Arman spoke

"yes were... and I guess, we could give this another Chance?" Atul asked. "yea... sure mate!" Arman got up "Coffees?" Arman asked.

"Yea... make for her too..!" Rahul said and sat smiling 'look now she brought a change... a friendship that was broke an year a go... no matter how hard we tried but she brought us together. In a matter of days only.. I won't be shock if they neglected my opinion towards her' Rahul thought and waited for the meeting to began.

"Good Morning... why did you guys wake me up soo early.? Its only 8? in morning.?" she yawned as she walk down to lounge and made space on the couch in between Rahul and Atul.

"As I mentioned before This is NOT an hotel... We are here to work" Arman served mugs. "OMG... again...!" she rolled her eyes

"why don't you try to be nice, once in a blue moon... seriously I won't laugh or make fun of you … try to be soft and tender like your friends !" she scolded and grabbed her mug

"Riddimaa" he spoke softly – passing a sweet tender – dimply simple to her

"Ok I am Shocked" she said looking at him with open mouth "so are we..." Atul and Rahul who looked at him, as he still was passing a smile 'Omg.... he has soo beautiful dimples... he has surely killer smile... omg... control Riddimaa'

crush... her dream broke

"Shut uP!" he added cruelly.

"Jerk!" she mumbled.

"What did you said?" Arman walk up to her, again

"Nothing, I said... it was expected that you would end up being a jerk as usual!" she commented. "OK relax both of you... work … remember we had work down here.." Rahul stopped both. "Riddimaa we want you to collect more proves against your father. We want all his contacts, who ever he is connected – I mean, he delivers drugs to many groups... get hold of their places names.... address. Your father would have noted all this on some thing.." Rahul started

"Like Dairy?" she asked drinking the hot coffee.

"yea... exactly. You have to search and keep us connected. We will find a house near yours so that we could easily meet up." Rahul replied

"But... don't you think if my papa... is doing this for years, as per you. Tou he won't be such an idiot to keep such things at home.!" Riddimaa remarked

"That's where your part Comes... search. ! Try to eardrop in his conversation with your mom... !" Arman said standing on corner bar, of drink.

"What if he caught me?" she spoke with a bit scare.

"you have to work on your toes Riddimaa, its about the matter of Childrens life!" Arman walk up to her

"hmm..." pause "So... when would I go back home" she said with a smile

"You can't go like this... simply... Mom dad … look I am back, they said – you can go..!" Arman imitated a bit. To which she whirl her nose.

"then?" she asked. "well, it could be like this as she ran away from herE?" Atul helped.

"yea... this could be justified... but I am sure they will bombard you with question. Dont be nervous, shashank is not a child ! He will catch you in two seconds." Rahul spoke.

"What could Papa possibaly ask me?" she asked Rahul. "hmm what did they say? Like relative question he might check you if you know about his work! And you have to work normal, NOT to get sentimental.. and express your view! Or he might end up killing you" Arman spoke, ruthlessly.

"He won't kill me..!" She stood up behind him

"He might !" Arman turned and replied

"Why are you soo.." she stomped and went near the stairs.

"When am I going?" She asked Atul

"tomorrow at night!" Arman said. She ignored.

'Matlab calculably today's whole day and tomorrows... urghh I can't take him any more.!' she thought making werid faces.

"cAn I sleep again" she turned around. "No... you have to come along with us... we are going out!" Arman ordered.

"Where...?" she asked. "uhmm... Riddimaa, you just have to sit – we have meeting with our boss. As we have to inform him about the new plans." she nodded. "its in evening..." pause "soo she can sleep." Rahul looked doubtful at aRman...

"I am hungry !" He spoke. "Oh the lousy pig – is hungry yet again!" she mumbled. "I need to change... I don't feel good. In it" Riddima announced while Atul ran up to provide something to her. "Thanks Atul..." Riddimaa spoke as he handed her a pair of cloths.

"Your welcome." Atul went away from the room after giving her the cloths... She locked the door of the room, and changed quitely after having a good bath.


part 10 


"Riddimaa what is taking you soo long..!" Rahul asked. She opened the door softly "I was taking a bath, as I was in the same dress without bath for completely 3 days" she replied as she saw the two boys walking in.. "wohoo some is looking hot in that black shirt" Rahul commented while Atul made a nod

"thanks...!" she replied in her usual cute way as she stared at her image in mirror black shirt and a jeans folded up which landed right below her knee. She combed her hair. "whose cloths are they? Your Atul?" she asked

"No.." he pressed his lips together to control his laugh "Armans..." he added

"WHAT?" Riddimaa turned over her toes. Threw the hair brush at him. "

You serious?" she asked to confirm … "Yea..." Rahul replied giggling as he sat on bed.

"eww.." she shuddered her shoulders.

"i hope he washes his cloths..!" she said.

"Hey Riddimaa, try to act like Arman...! I mean copy him!!" Atul sat on bed jumping at his place in excitement.

"Ok... give me the gun!" she turned happy as she walked up to him. "Here..." Rahul pulled out all the bullets for safety and gave her.

"When I first met him na... he said 'Chup... ek aur awaaz aur yahin maar dun ga tumko samjhi?'"She tried to speak thickly.

"Bohat Saruu hai ! Pagal..Ghadha ! And remember that day when he said" 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? YOU BOTH? CAN'T EVEN HANDLE A GIRL'." pause

"i felt like kicking him on hhis ass... such a pain... all the time using his male power. Jerk hai vo ek number ka !" she talked to both boys, who were giggling at her sweet acts. "And that time ... when you brought food for me... what he said..? uhmm, haan!!!"pause

" 'Feed Her... if she doesn't eat Stuff in her mouth... I Want HER ALIVE ! YOU GOT THAT'... seriously... ! No one talk like him.... I think if her mom has spanked him in his childhood naa – than he won't have been such a pain !" Riddimaa ended

"ahhhh" she jerked and her hand exclaimed her hip, rubbing it with her palm she turned around to see Arman behind her, 'he just spanked me? Did he?' pause 'forget that... shit did he heard me?' she thought moving behind Rahul and atul got up too.

"Arman... we were only messing around – you know..!" Rahul started.

"Both of you out !" Arman spoke in his usual angry manner.

"Par...." Atul spoke. Riddimaa jumped from her place and literally ran, standing behind Rahul, clutching his arm. "Arman chod naa.. mazak tah" Rahul spoke.

"OUT !" Arman blasted over their faces.

"Riddimaa relax, he would scold you only, he can never harm a fly.." Rahul consoled and withdrew his arm. Rahul came to warn Arman when he saw Arman winking.

He Understood and strolled Atul out, who was stubborn not to move "Atul what are you doing? Arman is just teasing her... in this way they might end up getting closer and who knows that might get together.." Rahul mumbled in his ear.

"you mean as couple?" Atul whispered walking out of room. "yea... may be... I pray for it.." Rahul closed the door behind

Riddimaa walked backwards – still facing him . "Who Aloud you to wear my cloths.?" Arman asked angrily

"Atul..." she whispered honestly. Her head titled side way to notice the place was ending and her back was about to brush the glass window, he took big steps. Finally her body end up bumping with wall and his jammed up infront of her. Feeling his hands near her chest she gasped and looked up at him, her hands yanked his hands in fear

"Give my cloths back to me!" he glared at her. She fought his hands.. "Stop it!" she pushed his hands away, he cared less and began to unplug the jeans as she made it hard for him to pull the shirt.

"No... chodo.... You jerk... Stop it Arman !" She whispered, pushing his hands away as it brushed the jeans button. He withdrew his hand from her jeans and pulled her shirt out of jeans, as she had tucked it in the jeans

she looked astonish and scared, his hands were really close, she shivered – moaned... and kept fighting with her palms. He pulled shirt that opened up few buttons from down... she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him hard.

Eventually, he had began to loose all his sense, in same way he missed a step... she made a quick movement and opened the door to rush out when he closed it right on her face.

He Pulled out his shirt while riddimaa moved back wards. "Stop it.... why are you doing this?" she covered her body by wrapping her hands around herself,

"Mai Saarra hua hon? Pagal hoon Jerk hoon ? Rutheless hoon? My mom should have spanked me?" he threw his shirt on bed and walk up to her in his jeans – dark blue jeans with bare chest.

"Dheko.... Pass mat aoo! Warna.." she looked around and moved her hand over the table behind her.

"Warna kya..." his hand claimed her waist and yanked her closer. She groaned at her own weapon as she pointed a sharpen Pencil at him.

He chuckled "you will hit me a pencil – as if that would hurt me" Arman laughed and lowered near he face. Inhaling her breathe – his own breathes got sharpen.

She shivered – her skin hair stood up as she felt his breathe on her face

"I will hit you Sachi...!" she said

"OK..." he replied getting lost in her thick hair. He nuzzled in her thick jet hair , kissing her hair....

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Arman jumped on his feet and sat on bed clutching his arm. "KYA huaaaa?"both walked in

"What the hell?" Atul picked Arman's shirt.

"GOSH RIDDIMAA, I WAS JOKING !!" Arman shouted his lungs out. Rahul walk up to him with Atul – they gushed to see the pencil still in his arm- shoulder.

"Jeez... riddimaa!" Rahul looked back at her with horror and then Arman

"haan tou.. ? How the hell he touch me?" she turned her face around and looked outside the window bending over her stomach she looked around the place, informing everything that was happening behind her.

"Doo... something Rahul it hurts more than the bullet..." Arman said, as Arman moved his leg up in air to hit her hip and threw her out of that window but slumped back on bed with pain.

"Yea ok, wait!" Rahul came forward and pulled the pencil out

"Ahhhhhhh" Arman shouted which made Riddimaa's heart cry, she felt the pencil touched her heart "IS it hurting that much?" she walk up to them

"Soo? What do you think??? you seriously are a Bitc......." he stopped when he saw her glaring in anger.,

"Good … you deserve this... ! What ever you did a minute before, its the price bond for that !" she stomped over his toes and walk out

"owww owww" arman winced. "Arman beta..." Atul began just to get a hard punch from Arman's healthy hand. "Not a word Atul …! NOT a WORD !" Arman said.

"put something over it !!" Arman said to Rahul

"should I bring beer? As its gonna be acting like antiseptic?" Rahul said "ohh noo – it burns like hell !" Arman shook.

After 15 minutes cry Riddimaa walk in with a straight blank face.

"Rahul hatto.." Riddimaa moved and sat beside Arman on bed. "Whats that?"Arman looked at a glass and a small bowl in her hands. "this is an old medicine, My dadi use to make it – when ever I use to get hurt naa... she use to make it for me , especially. As Other medicine always burned my skin. And this always made me feel cool..." she fearfully applied at his wound with small blows, making Arman look at her with soft eyes for the First ever time. Rahul and Atul moved off the bed and looked at them while bending over the window, with their back

"Ok soo... done.? Feel good?" she asked looking at him, blushing a little as she saw his stares. "yea... its feels better" he looked away "Ok … now have this." She gave a glass of milk "Milk And Me?" arman replied with chuckle "I hate it !GET it away" he replied "Shut up and have it ! Its haldi Milk, Dadi gave that to me too... it isn't that bad. !" she forwarded the glass "No... Rahul throw it away !" Arman ordered.

"Atul help me... I will Stuff this in his mouth" she repeated it in his manner, grinning ear to ear

"Excuse me?" Arman looked at her with anger

"Whatever... come Atul, warna I won't help you with the case" Riddimaa said, making a warning

"Sorry Arman – I have to do this for the case" Atul tried to make it look serious but he couldn't hide his grin, as he was having a toll over the issue.

She stood on her knee on the bed, holding his mouth from chin, tilting it a bit, he was about smack her away but the moment her hands laid on his skin, he couldn't help but let her do what she was doing. Atul hold Armans arms from behind.,
After making him drink half, she allowed him to breathe. "Atul ? You seriously think you are holding me?" Arman asked, giggling. "uhmm.. welll no.." Atul felt bad and left his arms. "he is too strong... way above my size" Atul spoke to Rahul who laughed his head out.
"Ok now drink the rest too." she smiled at the three and made Arman drink the half of it, though Arman didn't like a bit but drank as 'She' made him drink. Rahul helped in wearing a vest as the wound was fresh and wet...


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