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part 9 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Months pass..say ummm 6 to 7..no..lets make it 6months 15days':D'

Everythin was jus perfect..armaan and shilpa hardly had any fites.. even if der were any..  everythin was resolved by the end of the day' shilpa knew armaan inside out and vice versa' dey understood each others feelings really well.. they knew wen to be notty and wen to be nice to each other' armaan loved shilpa uske jaan se bhi zyaada..and so did shilpa.. she was ready to do anything and everything only to see armaan smile..


After a tiring day at sanjeevni shilpa returned home early..armaans duty was ending at 9 tat dae..they exchanged goodbyes and shilpa took  leave..

At dinner:

(guys plz don't mind all tats gonna come up..bt I relli dislike her':D)

The scene at dinner seemed unusual today..it seemed like der was a lot of noise coming only from shilpa and anu.. noticing dis..

Shilpa: armaan?kya baat hai?wats the matter?y so quite 2dae?

Armaan: nothing..

Anu: jeej..kai hua?

Armaan: nothin swts..lets finish r dinner..

Bt armaan was not able to gulp even a morsel of hiz food..

Ananya finished her dinner.. whereas shilpa looking at armaan cudnt finish her food..

Shilpa: anu..drink water and go to bed.. il be there to tuck you in'J

Anu: ok di.. gud 9t jeej..

Armaan smiles weakly'

Anu goes to her room..

Shilpa holds armaanz hand..

Shilpa: armaan..temme'

Armaan: nothing shilpa'

Shilpa gets up and sits on armaans lap..and starts soothing hez hair

Armaan rests on her collar bone and closes hez eyes'

Armaan: *taking a deep breath* shilpa..i met dr.shashank today.. he called me in his office'

Shilpa: haan'tho?

Armaan: he wants me to get married to ridhimma'


Armaan: yep shilpa..u heard me rite..

Shilpa: lekin armaan'

Armaan: I dunno wat to do shilpa'

Shilpa:*taken aback*..dunno wat to do meaning'*she stands up*'

Armaan: *holding her hand* don't get me wrong shilpa..i love u baby'

Shilpa: den y do u hve to give it a second tot armaan?

Armaan: shilpa.. ridhimma is having a real bad time in her married life.. she duznt show dis to anyone.. however she broke down in front of her father..and.. dr.shashank cudnt bear to see her like tat'he blames himslf for all tat is happening..

Shilpa still shocked'her eyes turning moist..

Armaan: please shilpa..listen to me first'

Shilpa nods'

Armaan: itsemz..all that sid wants to do is hurt ridhimma in sum way or the other..  the other day itseems he threw hot water on her legs coz she din make him any tea'

Shilpa: den she shud have'

Armaan: shilpaaa.. don't say like tat.. she woke up late tat day..n..shilpa'I love you baby..but I also cant bear to see ridhimma in sucha mess..

Shilpa cuts him in the middle'

Shilpa: *crying*armaan I dunt wanna hear any of tis.. all I know is tat u know wat is right and wat is wrong.. I entirely leave dis decision in ur hands..i noe wat ul do is right'

And she turns  to go to the room..on the stairs she she looks back at armaan'

Shilpa: armaan.. and wateva ur decision is..il support it witout any complaints'J

The next few days were tuff for armaan and shilpa aswell'

She was hardly seeing armaan much.. n der was very less communication between them..

Everytime shilpa tried  to ease things out..armaan wudnt respond'

Armaan thinking..

I love you shilpa..bt.. ridhimma.. she was my first love..i cannot forget the fact that she is in pain..i just cant.. I tot she was in safe hands..  if I knew tat sid wud turn out to be like dis..i neva wud have left her..i wud neva have married you..oh gosh I jus din think tat..how can I think such a thing eva..i love u baby..bt tis a really a very difficult task for me..i know tis a very big decision to take..bt then..i relli don't know wat to do..

Shilpa lying next to armaan turns toward him'

Shilpa: kya soch rahe ho armaan?

Armaan says nothing and pulls her into her arms..

Shilpa tot tat everythin will b fine now..she kisses him on hez forhead and rests her head on hez shoulder..she felt to protected in hez strong arms..bt she neva knew tat it wudnt last foreva'L


Months pass by'.

Armaan is fast asleep..he din sleep the whole nite jus wen he was havin a shut eye'

Ridhimma: armaan..armaan..wake up armaan..i got u ur morning tea..

Armaan quickly sits up straight..

Armaan: woh actually ridhimma..

Ridhimma offers him the tea..

Ridhimma: gud morning..

Armaan smiles weakly'

Armaan: good morning.. and takes the tea from her hands'

She sits next to armaan on the bed'

Ridhimma: armaan, I just want to thank you for everything.. for taking me back into your life..i am really very greatful.. I feel sad for shilpa tho'..actually u know wat armaan..she deservas it..shez the one who came in between us in the first place.. if not for her.. we wud be together long back..

Armaan:*with anger*.. ridhimma please..

Ridhimma: im sorry if u felt bad armaan..but it's a fact'

Armaan with anger leaves the tea on the table and goes into the bathroom..

He turns the shower on and flashbacks hit him'

He remembers shilpa..*smiles*.. he remembers shilpa blushing wen he used to look at her wit eyes full of love and passion.. he remembers the way shilpa used to wake him up in the mornings.. he remembers the way she used to whisper in his ears saying "good morning baby"..and then scream "rise and shine"..  he remembers the time wen she actually poured water on him to wake him up..he remembers her gigles den tat wud make him want to pull her close to him.. he remembers the early morning cuddles..

Armaan: I miss you babe..

Armaan and shilpa were not in contact since the day armaan told her about hez decision..

Shilpa din say a word to him..shocked and broken wit hiz decision she quitely packed herz and anuz bags and moved out..armaan din have the guts to tell her to stay'

As soon as shilpa left..armaan..cried and cried..he cried hez heart out..

Shilpaz state in the opposite house was the same' she tuck anu to sleep...Went to her room and all tat she cud to was cry...Nothin else'

The very next day shilpa gave her resignation letter.. dr.shashank understood this..And soon after shilpa leaving his cabin he called ridhimma and congratulated her'

Dr. shashank: m so happy for you..

Ridhimma: thankx papa..it wudnt be possible witout you..

When sid learnt about all that is happening...he went to armaan'

Sid: armaan dude...y did shilpa leave?wats the matter?is everything ok between ul'

Armaan blaming sid for all that was happening din say a word to him and went from der.. sid din understand his behaviour.. Since then armaan stopped talking to sid.. sid many a times tried to talk things out.. But armaan refused'

A few days later..

Shilpaz house: When shilpa returned from her duty at vintage hospital at home.. He found a mail waiting for her'

Sidz house: While on the other hand sid also found a package for him...He picked it up'

Shilpaz house: she opened it up

Sidz house: he pulled out the papers...

Shilpa knew what was coming...But cudnt control her tears'

Sid was in for a shock..

Sid went to ridhimma

Sid: explain thins

Ridhimma: oh! So u got d divorce papers huh? Good'jus sign them noe please'

Sid:wa..wat?? sign them? Wats wrong ridhimma?y this all offa sudden..wen everything was so perfect' y ridhimma???

Ridhimma: oh..sorry sid..bt dint u know..i and armaan are getting married' d papers hve been sent to shilpa as well'as soon as she signs them..so will armaan' den v both..as in armaan and  me are free to do whatever we want..i have already  signed ours'tis just waiting for you..

Sid cudnt believe hiz ears..bt then sid being sid tot..m the one who came in between armaan and ridhimma in the first place..i suppose ridhimma was never happy wt me.. although I had her body mind and soul.. I suppose her heart still beats for armaan and armaan only'he quietly takes the pen and signs the papers and hands them over ro ridhimma..who with a sly smile on her face accepts them..

Shilpa picks up the receiver'

Shilpa: hello armaan..ya I got the papers u sent..il just sign and send anu wit them..

Armaan: shilpa..wa..wat papers?

But it was too late..she had already cut the line..

In another 10minutes the door bell at armaans house rings..armaan guessing its anu hurriedly opens the door..without sayin a single word anu hands the papers to armaan'

Anu: thnkx jeej..gud 9t..

Armaan: anu..wait up anu..dont go..please..anu anu'

But anu was long gone'

Armaan opens the envelope and is in for a shock himself'

Armaan: wat divorce papaers..but I never sent any..maybe she tot this is the right thing to do..but shilpa wud neva do sucha thing..but y would she do sucha thing..but she said I sent em..and I neva did,,,**sigh**..god..**closes hez eyes*

As soon as he closes hez eyes he cud see shilpaz smiling face..which makes him smile.."I love u shilpa"'

That night armaan was missin shilpa hell lot'

He goes out of his house..jumps over the fence and climbs upto shilpas balcony..

He sees her ther..

Shilpa totally shattered..was sleeping on the floor (baby sleepin in the womb posture) wit armaanz photo in her hand..crying bitterly..lookin at her in this state armaan tries to go in..but the glass door was shut..he cudnt enter..he looks desperately at her..he just wanted to go to her..hold her tight in his arms..and tell her everything is fine..tell her tat he was der with her no matter wat..tat dey will always be together' just then hez cell fone rings..

Armaan sees the name ridhimma flashing and ignores it..

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