Tuesday, 2 April 2019



Three years later
In Bhopal
@ Gleneagles Hospital
"Haan... Kabir details maine check karli hai... Bas tumhe dekhna hai..." walking inside his cabin he spoke in serious tone to Kabir who is reading a case inside his cabin
"Yaar... Armaan tum jaa hi kyun rahe ho... Bhopal chod ke... Kyunki tumhaare bina mujhe nehi lagta hai main yeh hospital sambhaal sakta hoon...??" Kabir asked in tensed voice which made him smile who finally relaxed on chair
"Tum kar loge... Mujhe pata hai... Aur agar nehi kar paaye toh... Tumhaari better half Dr Kiya haina... Vo sambhaal lengi... Aur main bich bich mein aata rahunga yahan..." he tried to make his tension vanish
"Kiya toh vaise bhi aaj kal meri band bajaati hai..." Kabir's complain made him smile when a knock came on his cabin's door
"Coming..." he allowed calmly but as he saw Kiya on door a grin formed on his face while wd a smile Kiya moved to give a file when "Haan tum kya keh rahe the Kabir... Kiya ke baare mein" putting the phone on speaker he said loudly
"Tumhe sunnayi nehi diya... Aree main yehi keh raha hoon ki aaj kal Kiya ne meri band baja ke rakkhi hai... Especially jabse usse pata chala hai ki vo ek mahine ki pregnant hai.... Main usse rokta hoon zyada kaam karne se toh mujhe hi sunna deti hai" hearing this Kiya's mouth hung opened
"Nehi yaar vo aisi toh nehi hai... Kitni pyaari hai..." Armaan knowingly defended Kiya who kept the file on his table angrily

"Lagta hai tumhe bhi doctor ki zaroorat hai... Kyunki tum nehi dekh paa rahe ho ki vo kis kadar pagal ho rahi hai... Main toh kehta hoon usko hospital se nikaal de vo bhi do hafto k liye kya pata ghar mein rahe toh dimaag thikaane pe aaye...." Armaan tried his best to control his chuckle while Kiya got angry and taking the phone from him she thought to teach him a lesson
"Dimaag toh tumhaara main thikaane pe laaungi... Tum bas dekhte raho... Aa rahi hoon main..." hearing her angry voice Kabir's eyes widden while she cut the call angrily "Yeh lo tumhaara phone Armaan... Main aayi" saying this hurriedly she turned to go when Armaan stopped her
"Aree yeh toh bata do... Is file ka kya karna hai...??" picking up that file he asked smilingly
"Check karlo..." replying him she moved out of the room leaving him smiling their who taking a sigh closed his eyes while keeping his head on chair post again (Yes Kiya & Kabir were now married and work here as senior doctors, everything is okay b/w them now even Kiya is pregnant now) Armaan's eyes flew opened as he heard his phone's ring which he tried to ignore but it was ringing continuously which made him to hide his face on his palms coz he want rest now so he shut his phone off and put his head on the table while closing his eyes coz of tiredness, Since last night he was busy on some critical cases even he didn't had his dinner or breakfast and now he finally got free from all the cases, he only wants to rest "Thaka diya yaar... Itna ki ab bas sona chaahta hoon..." he mumbled still wd closed eyes when again his cabin's phone rang "Kya yaar... Kya musibat hai" he cursed while picking up the phone "Hello..." he spoke in an uninterested voice as he recieved the call
"Congratulations... Dr Armaan... I saw your interview last night and again you did brilliant job...." one of a senior Doctor from Singapore wished him for his new achievement (Yes he won another award for the third time in these three years for his New Hospital's success & achievement even he also got Award as one of a successful Doctor in early age which happened two days ago)
"Yaah... Thanks..." rubbing his forehead tiredly he said in calm voice (In these three years he have became more young & fresh in physically but mentally he is still same like before except the fact that now he have became insecure in terms of his family)
"I think... You are shinning more... Day by day" that doctor joked which made him smile slowly who removed his light brown blazer, he is wearing white shirt & denim jeans wd his shirt's few buttons opened from front
"Yaah... All thanks to you all..." he said in calm tone while staring down at his off phone when his eyes landed on a photo frame which was resting on his table and seeing his wife's lovely face a smile reached his lips even he forgot that, what doctor was saying, he was only replying in Hmm Yes or No still staring at Shilpa's pic and after few more minutes of talking he hung up the phone wd a sigh "Zindagi ajab hai tumhaare bina yaar.... Yeh time kab khatam hoga...?" taking the pic he questioned tiredly "Bahoot time ho gaya tumse baat kiye ... Aakhir kab tak gussa rahogi..." caressing her face he questioned softly when again his phone rang "Tch...!" making a face he picked up the call then put the pic back on its original place "Haan bol raha hoon... Aree vo phone... Yaah.." hearing Sid's scolding voice he switched on his phone "Nehi... Vo battery dead hogayi thi... Tu bol" laying to him he asked in normal voice "Tu fikar mat kar maine kar diya hai tu bas check karle... Aur" before he could say more his eyes widen seeing 30 missed calls 12 messages which made him to check it "Sid main tujhse baad mein baat karta hoon... Abhi mujhe kuch kaam yaad aa gaya... Aaata hoon" he stood up immediately as he saw messages from Shilpa "Haan bye..." hanging up the phone he picked his car keys & phone then ran out "Jaan le legi meri agar pata chala... Abhi tak main Ohaana k Meeting mein nehi gaya..." he mumbled worriedly as he entered inside the elevator where everyone started wishing him good afternoon which he responded wd smiles and as the elevator stopped in parking lot he ran towards his car "Ek Ohaana ki wajah se toh madam call karti hain... Nehi toh puchti bhi nehi mujhe... Maana gussa hai.... Aur alag hai... Par iska matlab yeh thodi ki bhool hi jaaye mujhe...." he thought starting his car in speed and wdin ten minutes he reached on Ohaana's school, after parking his car he ran inside in full speed knowing very well his daughter must be angry wd him and as he reached in Ohaana's class room he found the class empty except Ohaana who was sitting on one of a bench wd sad look and her teacher who was sitting on her chair while reading something on a book but as they both saw him became angry "Sorry... Actually i was busy...." he apologised slowly after entering inside the class on which shaking her head teacher gestured him to take a seat, he gave an apologetic look to Ohaana who wd grumpy look walked towards her teacher and sat on chair which was kept in front of the teacher
"Toh Mr Malik... Aapko finally time mil gaya... Aane k liye...??" her teacher asked in taunting way as he sat beside Ohnu who crossing her hands looked away from him (Ohaana have turned 6 and half years but still she behaves like she does, Innocent... Yes she have gain a suitable height as per her age's kids but her features were still same of her parents even her hairs are grown more long and right now... She is in second standard which is very big thing for her coz according to her she is very big just coz of her class)
"I am seriously Sorry... But.." he tried to explain slowly when the teacher interrupted
"I know.... Mrs Malik ka call aaya tha thodi der pehle... Unhone hume bataaya ki aap busy hain... Par main aapse yehi kehna chaahti hoon... Ohaana aadhe ghante se yahaan aapka wait kar rahi hai saare parents aur students chale gayye... At least aapko kissi ko toh bhej dena chaahiye tha... Aur uper se aaj Meeting thi..." she spoke in polite tone which made him guilty who looked down at his daughter
"Actually it slipped out of my head... But then also i am sorry" he apologised again calmly trying to grip Ohaana's hand under the table but she pulled back wd her cute angry look making him disappoint
"Slipped?? How can you Mr Malik... Aapki beti yahaan wait kar rahi hai aur aap... I know aap kaafi successful doctor hai bahoot kaam hoga aapko... Par thoda time toh dena hi padega na aapki beti ko... Jo choti hai abhi... And she needs equal attention " she said in polite tone which made him to smack himself mentally coz its true but under the table he grabbed Ohnu's little hand and showed his apologetic face while mumbling Sorry which made Ohnu smile slowly "But anyways... I can understand your proffession... So here is Ohaana's progress report" giving him the reports she started saying about Ohaana's good performances in class but here the scene was different
"Sorry bolun toh maaf karogi..??" he whispered on her ear who nodded in No cutely "Acha kaan pakdun toh??" on this also she nodded in No making him to show his sad face which made Ohaana giggle "Acha aap jo kahoge vo main karunga..." hearing this she smiled widely
"Promise.." extending her little palm she asked which made him smile who gripping her hand mumbled 'Papa promise' when her teacher's voice disturbed both of them
"Mr Malik... Aap sunn rahe haina??" correcting her specks she asked normally
"Yes of course... Aage boliye" straightening himself he gave a sweet smile and concerntrated on her wd Ohaana who lightly slapped his hand under the table for fun which somewhere clicked his brain about Shilpa coz she also does the same
"Aur kya aapko pata hai... Isse football mein interest hai... Can you believe football kitni choti hai yeh... Toh main yehi kahungi... Iska dhyaan padhaai mein laaiye... Varna...." she was informing when hearing this Armaan became surprised and cutted her sentence unintentionally
"Really Princess...??" he looked down at Ohaana happily who wd wide smile gave nod in Yes while the teacher looked at them in disbelief "Aapne mujhe pehle kyun nehi bataaya... Papa aapki help karte... You know vo champion hain football mein...." he said in an excited voice which made Ohnu giggle
"Haan Papa... Aur Mumma bhi" she said in happy voice on which giving a Hifive he replied in Yes where as the teacher was staring him in disbelief
"I don't believe this... Mr Malik yahan main aapse itni serious baat kar rahin hoon aur aap..." hearing teacher' s serious voice they both also faked a serious look and seeing this teacher shook her head "Ohaana bahoot hi bright student hai... Aur inki koi complain nehi hai... Padhaai mein bhi acchi hai aur activities mein bhi... Bas ek hi problem hai aur vo yeh hai... Football" as the teacher said this politely he gave a smiling nod while Ohnu hide her giggle as Armaan patted her thigh under the table
"Don't worry usmein bhi champion ho jaaygi... Haina Princess" saying this to the teacher he looked at his daughter who gave a nod in Yes smilingly when Armaan forwarded his fisted hand which she touched wd her little hand giving a hifive where as seeing their bond a smile broke onto teacher's face
"Hmm... Main bas yehi kahungi ki uska addmission aap jahan bhi karenge... Vo acha hi karegi... Par yeh bhi sach hai ki yahan hum sab usse miss karenge... Kyunki main apni favourite student kho dungi" looking at Ohnu she said sweetly making the duo smile "Vaise aap kab shift ho rahen hain??" she asked normally
"Next week...." he replied in polite tone making her smile
"So Mr Malik bas yehi hai..... Bas main apni princess ko bahoot miss karungi." the teacher said smilingly handling all documents of Ohnu to him who thanking her talked few more minutes and then left wd Ohnu not before Ohaana met wd her all friends, they both were sitting inside the car when he apologised
"Acha bolo karna kya hai...??" he asked coolly while focusing on road
"Pehle... Bolo... Late kyun huaa...??" wd her crossed hands she asked in her cute kiddish tone making him smile
"Aree vo busy tha naa... Ek patient ko thik karna tha..." he replied in an innocent voice making her to look at him wd a pout
"Aur... Aur... Raat ko bhi nehi aaye... Pata hai Ohnu dar gayi thi kitna..." sitting properly on seat she complained like Shilpa which made him chuckled "Aapko hassi... Aa rahi hai..." she became angry on which he smiled and stopped his car on side
"Nehi toh... Main toh isliye hass raha tha kyunki... Iswaqt meri Princess bahoot cute lag rahi hai... Mumma jaisi" pulling her on his lap he spoke in loving voice making her to look up at him wd a smile "Aur kal raat k liye Sorry... Papa ko kaam tha naa... Vo dusro ko life de rahe the" cuddling her he answered lovingly
"Toh ab vo thik haina...??" she asked cutely while facing him who giggled kissing her cheek lovingly
"Haan... Papa ne thik kardiya... Par aap batao... Aapne kal kya kiya... Surbhi aunty ko pareshaan toh nehi kiya...??" he asked smilingly while tucking her strand of hairs aside
"Nehi... Main good girl thi... Aur Samaira (Surbhi-Rehaan's daughter) k saath kheli..." she replied in cute voice playing wd his Blazer's collar which made him chuckle
"Good girl toh aap humesha se thi... Acha ab thik se baitho... Hum dono driving karenge" saying this smilingly he made her sat properly on his lap and started the car
"Okay..." she also put her hands on steering making him chuckled "Papa main Mumma k paas kab jaaungi....??" hearing her innocent question his smile faded
"Aapki kal Mumma se baat hui thi...??" he asked in normal voice while focusing on road also sided her question
"Haan... Unhone kaha... Ki main Mumma ko... Jaldi milungi..." her words made him smile coz it is upon him to take her there
"Aur kya-kya kaha... Unhone...??" he asked another question in calm curious voice while looking outside for some ice-cream shop
"Hmm... Mumma ne kaha... Homework kar lena... Papa aur apna dono ki care karna... Shao Pao, Toy & Fishes sabka dhyaan dena..." he smiled hearing this while Ohaana was tapping on steering
"Acha breakfast kiya tha aapne...?" he asked normally when his eyes spotted an ice-cream parlour so he turned his car towards it
"Haan..." she replied normally while he parked his car on side of parlour "Ice-cream..." she looked up at him happily who giggled seeing her happy face
"Haan..." nodding in Yes he moved out from the car wd his little princess and ordered their favourite ice-creams "So Ohaana aaj ka... Plan kya hai...??" sitting on car's front bonnet he asked coolly on which she took a bite from her Chocobar ice-cream
"Ohnu ko... Papa k saath... Gumna hai..." hearing her cute reply he kissed her temple lovingly
"Gumna nehi Ghumna..." he corrected in loving voice while pinching her litlle nose tip who giggled
"Haan... Wohi..." she said still giggling which made him smile who finished his ice-cream
"Aur rahi Ghumne ki baat... Vo toh Papa yun kar denge..." he spoke in proud voice which made her happy "Toh... Kaha ghumne jaana hai...?" standing in front of her he asked excitedly on which wd her chocobar she started thinking making him chuckled and after spending few more minutes they went an Amusement park where they had lots of fun even Armaan also forwarded his work to another doctor just for Ohaana's happiness, In night time they came back home fully tired when Surbhi-Rehaan wd their little daughter and Ayaan arrived, so changing in his night clothes he got busy wd them in talking n all also pulling Ayaan's leg (Coz he is getting to marry Humaira after two months)
"Bhaijaan... Yaar please... Maine kuch nehi kiya... Vo toh Rehaan miya ne badi ammi(Dilshad) ko bata diya ki mujhe Humaira pasand hai.... Aur unhone rishta fix kar diya... Toh main kya karun..." Ayaan defended himself making the three giggle (They were sitting in Drawing room, Surbhi-Rehaan were sitting on one sofa while on one arm chair Armaan was sitting wd his laptop on his thigh and on other arm chair Ayaan was sitting wd popcorns where as kids were playing on floor wd pets)
"Haan tum toh kaafi sharif ho..." Armaan spoke in teasing way making Ayaan to ruffled his own hairs smilingly
"Ab kya karen Sheru bhaijaan.... Hum hai hi sharif..." Ayaan's words made Surbhi giggled
"Bas dinge haako tum..." she taunted in teasing way on which Ayaan showed thumbs down making Rehaan laughed "Haan tumhe zaroor hassi aaygi..." she smacked Rehaan's arm who shook his head when Steve came there wd coffees for them (Meethi got married so now she doesn't work here and on her place Peter came from Singapore coz Peter needs a permanant place to stay so Armaan thought why not give him a family & house)
"Hume toh tumhaari shakal pe hi hassi aati hai..." hearing Rehaan's joke Surbhi's jaw dropped
"Allah miya what's wrong wd you Rehaan... I hate you aise koi bolta hai apni wife ko..." Surbhi said angrily which made Rehaan to held his head
"Tum phir mat shuru ho jaana... Surbhi.." seeing him pleading Armaan Ayaan both chuckled where as a smile came on Surbhi's face
"Yeh hui naa baat... Rehaan bas tum aise hi mujhe humesha sunte raha karo... Toh zindagi khubsoorat rahegi... Humaari..." giving a kiss on his cheek she spoke wd an attitude making Rehaan embarressed while Ayaan hooted hearing this where as shaking his head smilingly Armaan looked at his laptop screen when Out of Blue! Shilpa's face flashed inside his brain which took him three years back when she was on her mission to make him ready for their second child and which she somewhere got successful also coz she always seduced him by her looks or clothes even she was not letting him to touch her at once also, and which was getting difficult for him to control his desires and at last he lost it!
"Haan bas nikal raha hoon... Dus minute de mujhe... Main pahuch... Raha hoon..." picking up his car keys he spoke on his phone to Rehaan (he was almost ready to leave for Hospital) "Haan... Details toh us file mein hi hai... Tu check kar tab tak main aata hoon..." he said in normal voice while checking himself last time in mirror (He was wearing a dark blue shirt wd white jeans) "Case read kar... Main..." but before he could say more his eyes landed on his 'Iklauti Wife' who just came out from washroom only in teal blue towel Yes! You read right she was only wrapped in towel, her hairs were wet which she was drying wd another towel making Armaan's heartbeat skipped "Not again..." he muttered under his breath while closing his eyes coz his self control was dying by her seductive looks also its been three weeks since he last touched her and now finding her like this he was loosing it when Rehaan's voice brought him back "Haan.. Main nikal raha hoon... Chal bye" saying this hurriedly he hung up the phone while turning his back at her who got stunned finding him here coz she thought he left for his work that's why she came out like this
"Armaan... Aap abhi tak gayye nehi...??" siding her nervousness she became cool coz of her mission 'Manao Armaan'
"Haan... Vo... Jaa hi raha tha bas... Par tum batao... Aise bahar aane ka kya matlab hai... I mean abhi koi andar aata toh..." turning at her he spoke in stern voice while sidding his desires but hearing this a teasing grin came on her lips who immediately decreased the distance b/w them and kept the towel(which she was drying her hairs) on bed
"Aree yeh mera room hai... Jab chahe jaise andar aaon.... Aur vaise bhi kaun aayga yahan... Steve toh bahar rehta hai... Meethi knock kiye bina andar nehi aati... Aur meri iklauti beti Ohaana jo iswaqt school mein hai... Toh kaun aata..." replying him coolly she directly stood in front of him who gulped seeing her this close
"Acha thik hai... Main jaa raha hoon..." before he could loose himself he thought to leave when moving closer to him she gripped his shirt from front which was making difficult for him to hold himself coz her fresh fragrance was making him crazy now "Shilpa yeh tum..." he looked at her wd requesting look which made her smile who staring him intensely closed his first's third button then kissed his cheek dazedly while moving her hands on his chest seductively where as his hands were itching to feel her
"Bye..." saying this huskily she stepped away wd a grin coz her effect on him was clearly seen who finally decided to try his luck for the last time
"Kyun kar rahi ho yeh...??" pulling her closer by her waist slowly he asked in calm voice
"Kya..??" playing an innocent look she asked when he almost pressed her wd his "Armaan... Aap shayad bhool rahen hain aapko mujhe touch nehi karna hai..." trying to push him she tried to remind him who ignoring her attempts hide his face on her neck
"Pichle teen hafto se torture kar rahi ho... Aur main nehi maanta tumhaari baat..." nuzzling his face on her wet hairs he whispered softly which somewhere made her forgot about her decision but hearing his last line she moved her head back
"Kyun nehi maanenge aap...?? Aapko maanna padega chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye... Varna bhool jaaiye koi wife hai aapke paas..." hearing her warn he shook his head when pushing him lightly she moved away from him
"Legally aur officially toh... Tum hi ho... Par mujhe samajh nehi aa raha hai tum kyun kar rahi ho yeh...?" stepping ahead he questioned confusedly on which she crossed her arms
"Kyun kar rahi ho matlab... Aree... Mujhe baby chaahiye aur aapko nehi... Toh kuch toh karna padega na apni baat manvaane k liye..." she answered while keeping her hands on her waist while seeing her almost exposed he thought to accept his defeat
"Toh matlab... Tum mujhpe zabardasti karogi...??" he asked in calm voice while trying to grip his hands which only wants to touch her
"Zabardasti... Thodi hai... Yeh toh mera pyaar hai..." keeping her hands around his neck she replied wd teasing grin making him to held her back slowly "Kyaa aap nehi chaahte... Ohaana ki ek choti behen yaa bhai ho... Kya aap nehi chaahte humaara ek aur cute sa yaa si chotu baby ho..." her cute adorable voice made him smile who pulled her more closer
"Of course... Chaahta hoon... Par..." he tried to make her understand when she pecked his lips mumbling please "Tum mujhe ab sachmein... Torture kar rahi ho... Shilpa..." closing his eyes he whispered in lost voice coz she was rubbing her lips on his cheek senseously
"Aur aap mujhe..." smacking his chest lightly she whispered near his ear who smiled still wd closed eyes when she kissed his earlobe making him forget every thing
"Okay fine... I am ready" and he lost it under her effect who looked at him shockingly as she heard this "Aisa nehi hai... Ki mujhe baby nehi chaahiye.... In fact bahoot chaahiye par tumpe trust thoda mushkil tha... Kyunki mujhe laga tum mere liye kar rahi ho... Par ab aisa nehi..." he tried to put his reasons forward when she giggled happily
"Yyeeeyee... I love you Armaan..." clapping happily she hugged him tightly who was first surprised but soon chuckled seeing her happy so he hugged her back smilingly
"Tum... Humesha jeet jaati ho mujhse naa...?" parting her slowly he asked wd a smile on which she gave a nod in Yes wd a giggle "Par ab bahoot ho gaya... Jao change karlo... Varna mujhse bura koi nehi hoga..." playing wd her wet locks he almost ordered her who made a fake thoughtful look
"Hmmm... Thik hai par ab aapko hospital jaana chaahiye..." pushing him slowly she said wd a smile making him grinned
"I think aaj... Mera mood nehi hai jaane ka..." stepping closer to her he said wd mischivious grin
"Par jaana toh padega... So bye..." saying this to him normally she turned away from him and picking the towel up again started rubbing her hairs where as shaking his head he hugged her from behind "Armaan... Jaaiye..." she spoke in serious voice as his face nuzzled on her neck from back
"Nehi... Ab mera mood sachmein nehi hai..." he whispered softly while tightening his hold on her waist who gasped as he bit her neck lightly
"Dr Armaan Malik... Aap shayad bhool gayyen hain... Ki aap ek Doctor hai... Jisko apne patients ka dhyaan dena chaahiye" somehow controlling herself she tried to move out from his grip who was seriously not in mood to leave her
"Thank you... Yaad dilaane k liye... Par..." he was saying this when she moved out from his grip but soon he pulled her back but this time facing her "Shilpa...." caging her he showed his angry glare coz she was trying to free herself
"Armaan... I think... Aapko sachmein jaana chaahiye.... Dekhiye late ho raha hai..." she tried to manipulate him who moved to bite her "Armaan..." she showed her glare which made him chuckled
"Tumhe nehi lagta hume... Abhi..." pulling her closer to him he spoke teasingly on which she smacked his chest lightly
"Nehi..." saying this she pushed him and ran inside the wardrobe room also closed the door making Armaan laughed who walking calmly to the door stood against it
"Shilpa... Yaar tum na... Bahar aao..." knocking on the door he knowingly said which made her to stood against the door
"Nehi... Aap jao hospital..." she almost ordered him who chuckled
"Toh fir shayad main... Phirse mana kar doon... Sochlo..." he spoke calmly while hidding his smile
"Koi baat nehi... Main phirse mana lungi..." hearing her confident voice he controlled his laugh
"Sorry par is baar main... Nehi maanunga... Chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye" saying this coolly he corrected his hairs which made her quiet for seconds
"Vo aap mujhpar chod do... Aap bas jao..." crossing her arms she spoke wd an attitude making him smile
"Dekhenge..." putting his hands on the door he smiled
"Haan dekh lena..." moving towards her clothes section she said coolly making him to shook his head smilingly
"Acha good bye kiss toh de do..." tying his shoe laces he spoke wd a grin to her who directly refused making him chuckled "Thik hai... Ab chaahe dharti gir jaaye yaah Asmaan... Yeh Armaan Malik nehi maanega... Bye" announcing this he moved out of the room leaving her giggling there, that day he cannot forget from his life coz when he returned in middle of the night left confused not finding Shilpa inside their room, he checked in Ohaana's room where their daughter was sleeping soundlessly so kissing her head lovingly he moved to search her outside the room "Kahan jaa sakti hai...??" he scratched his head confusedly as he entered inside the kitchen but it was also empty when someone put on the kitchen's lights making him frowned
"Main aapko... Pagal dikhti hoon...??" hearing her strict voice he turned back at her only to find Shilpa wd her crossed hands staring him angrily but what made him amused was her cute face (she have wore a white featherly sleeveless dress wd her hairs made in bun but few strands were falling also she have wrapped a red stole around her shoulders)
"Dikhti nehi... Ho..." stepping towards her he said smilingly making her pout "Kahan chali gayi thi... Kabse dhoondh raha tha pata bhi hai...." he started scolding her who rolled her eyes standing in front of him
"Jahan bhi jaaun... Aapko kya... Par aap bataaiye kahan the aap pata bhi hai.... Kabse main wait kar rahin hoon" hearing her complain he wd love caged her on his arms
"Sorry... Case mein busy ho gaya tha yaar..." he apologised wd guilt making her pout "Par tumhe dinner kar lena chaahiye tha... Itna wait karne ki zaroorat nehi thi..." playing wd her strand of hairs he said in soft voice on which she smacked his chest wd a pout
"Vo meri marzi thi... Par aapko toh sochna chaahiye... Tha" she said wd grumpy look on which he kissed her cheek lovingly mumbling Sorry "Hmm... Its okay... Par ab chalo dinner karte hain... Kyunki mujhe bahoot bhook lagi hai... Jo aapki wajah se nehi kiya... Even surprise bhi spoil kiya aapne mera..." she again complained while putting her hands on his chest who made a sad face
"Ohhh.... Sorry again..." touching her forehead wd his he whispered softly "Acha bolo toh kya surprise tha...??" he asked lovingly which made her to kiss his chin
"Bhool jaaiye... Kyunki yeh aapki galti thi jo aapne miss kardi surprise.... But now... I am hungry... So let's go" saying this slowly she gripped his wrist and took him towards dinning table
"Par yeh toh batao tum thi kahan...??" he asked confusedly as she made him sat on chair
"Offo!! Main Breezer ko check karne gayi thi... Bas" replying him annoyingly she went inside kitchen to brought the food and wd their Nok Jhok they had their dinner, after dinner Shilpa was about to go towards their room when gripping her waist he locked her on his arms
"Ainda se... Agar mujhe late ho jaaye toh... Khaana khaake so jaana madam..." he said in loving voice while pressing her more into him
"Thik hai... Par phir baad mein blame mat karna ki... Shilpa tum badal gayi ho..." hearing her adorable voice he chuckled and picked her up on his arms
"Nehi kahunga... Par ab toh bata do... Surprise kya tha...?" he asked normally while taking her towards their room where as holding his neck firmly she smiled
"Sorry... Aapki wajah se mera mood spoil ho gaya... So i can't answer" she replied in cool voice when he dropped her on bed who raised her bows questioningly as he came above her which was a surprise for Shilpa, she tried to sat up when he directly caged her on his arms while leaving an inch's distance b/w their faces where as she was laying by her elbows
"Toh... Mood main bana deta hoon... Ismein kya hai..." moving his face closer to her he whispered in husky voice and before she could open her mouth to say something he opened her hairs
"Nehi koi zaroorat nehi hai... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." trying to push him she said in an uninterested voice making him smiled who in careful way removed her stole who knows what could be his intentions "Armaan... Hatiye.." she commanded wd serious face which he ignored
"Kyun ab kyun... Ab toh main ready hoon... So now no conditions" hidding his face on her neck he whispered in loving voice which made her to push him lightly who looked at her incredulously when she moved down from bed and stood wd crossed hands
"Mujhe neend aa rahi hai bas..." she announced which made him smile who shaking his head removed his shoes and directly stood behind her who thought he is convinced (Its not like that she doesn't want this moment, but right now she is not in mood)
"We will see..." hugging her from behind he whispered huskily which made her to close her eyes in surrender coz he have started kissing her bare shoulder
"Armaaan..." she surrendered as he dropped her one strap down from her shoulder and started kissing her there passionately, she forgot everything under his spell even that now she was laying under him on bed... Their moment turned more passionate by each passing minute her deep breaths were not stopping as he was making her weak by his seductive moves, but he didn't made her his coz he wants to reminicise this moment wd her So right now wrapped in white sheet only she was sitting on his lap who was hugging her from back whlie his chin was put on her shoulder, he was sitting only in his white jeans
"Ab toh... Tumhe bata hi dena chaahiye... Ki kya surprise tha...?" tracing her shoulder line wd his index finger senseously he asked in calm voice which made her giggle "Shilpa..." he spoke in warning tone making Shilpa to kiss his cheek lovingly while facing him
"Sab kuch janna rehta haina aapko..." pinching his nose tip lovingly she taunted which made him to gave nod in Yes smilingly while circling her back "Vaise toh kuch khaas nehi tha... Bas ek small sa family dinner plan kiya tha... Even ek table bhi book kiya tha par aapki wajah se cancel karna pada..." she replied in cute voice as if complaining about it which made him smiled
"Ohhh... Sorrryyyy..." rubbing their noses lovingly he apologised making her kissed his cheek as in apology acceptance "Meri... Samajhdar Biwi..." cupping her face he kissed her cheeks lovingly who smiled
"Accha... Kal tak toh Chidchidi Biwi thi main..." tracing his neckline seductively she asked in soft voice making him smile wd closed eyes
"Haan... Par kabhi kabhi Samajhdar ho jaati hona... Toh Samajhdar Biwi" gripping her hand which was tracing his neck he spoke in loving voice
"Hmm... Iska matlab yeh hai... Ki aap humesha ki tarah phir haar gayye mere aage... Kyunki aap maan jo gayye ho.... Remember chaahe dharti jhuk jaaye yaah aasmaan gir jaaye.." circling his neck taunted in teasing way on which he traced her curves passionately while pulling her more into him
"Hmmm... Tum ho hi... Itni tempting..." wd closed eyes he whispered which made her smile
"Looser... Finally maan gayye na mere decision k aage" she teased playing wd his hairs who pressed her more into him intensly making her gasped
"Dekhte hain... Par yaad rakhna... Baad mein mujhse kuch complain mat karna" hearing his words she giggled coz it remind her about that time when they first time took decision for their first baby and like this he had warned her "Maine koi joke nehi maara.... I was serious....." leaning down wd her slowly on bed he spoke softly which made her smiled who closed her eyes as her head touched the pillow
"I know... Par kuch yaad aa gaya..." still wd closed eyes she mumbled where as staring her intently he opened her sheet's knot making her breath more deep
"Jaise kya...??" he asked in lost voice while hidding his face on her neck who opened her mouth to answer but was cutted by his next sentence "Rehne do... Baad mein bataana" entwinning their hands he whispered huskily and soon took her to an another world of love!
Flashback ends
"Samaira...!!" Surbhi's scolding voice brought him back from that love filled past which made him to shook his head smilingly remembering her "Kitni badmaash hogayi ho tum.... Idhar aao..." he smiled witnessing Surbhi's motherhood side who picked Samaira up on her lap coz she was eating that rattle toy, many things changed in these three years even Surbhi also who became more matured now
"Shilpa yaar... At least phone toh pick karo..." he thought looking down at his phone which was kept beside his arm chair on table but finding the phone normal he became disappointed "Itna bhi kya gussa... Vo toh main tha... Tum kaise ho gayi" his heart said sadly while his eyes were fixed on the laptop screen when
"Vaise... Isse sharif toh... Humaari Ohaana hai... Kitni masoom aur pyaari..." Rehaan's voice made him to look up at them
"Exactly... Par bachpan mein bahoot shaitaan thi... Aapko pata hai Bhaijaan... Hum dono milkar Bhabhijaan ko tang karte the... Humaari Crime partner thi vo" Ayaan spoke in happy voice which made him smiled
"Aur meri pyaari... Aur ek yeh madam hain jinhe sirf tang karna aata hai..." slapping lightly on Samaira's head Surbhi spoke which made Samaira to made a face
"Usse mat bolo vo tumpe hi gayi hai..." Armaan's taunt made both the boys chuckled where as Surbhi showed her cute glare making him smile when his eyes landed on Ohaana who was on verge of sleep
"Peter yaar... Dinner ready huaa...??" he asked to Peter loudly who moved out from kitchen
"Haan ho gaya hai... Aa jaao sab..." Peter replied wd a smile making Armaan to close his laptop "Aur janab tum toh khaa hi lo... Kal shaam se ab dikh rahen hai aap" his scolding voice made three of them giggle where as he shook his head smilingly knowing about Peter's nature
"Haan thik hai... Aap khaana lagaao..." saying this calmly he stood up to pick Ohaana who was sleeping slowly "Ohnu... Utho chalo khaana khaalo..." picking her up he spoke lovingly on which she kept her head on his chest
"Naaiii.. Mujhe... Neend aa rahi hai..." hugging him she refused in sleepy voice making him smiled while patting her back
"Awww.... Par Ohnu agar... Khaana nehi khaaoge toh strong kaise banoge..." Surbhi said lovingly while patting her back whose hold on Armaan's neck tightened
"Tum chalo baitho main isse lekar aata hoon..." he said smilingly caressing Ohnu's back on which Surbhi smiled
"Haan... Aur zara laad pyaar se laana... Kyunki kal vo aapko bahoot miss kar rahi thi..." hearing this he kissed Ohnu's head lovingly also engulfing her more into him coz from inside he is missing Shilpa more now
"Even bhabhi ko bhi..." Rehaan's meanigfull voice made him looked at Rehaan and gave a nod in Yes calmly
"In fact hum bhi unhe bahoot miss kar rahen hain..." playing wd Samaira Ayaan spoke in his usual way
"Yaar... Jab aap shift ho jaaoge main toh sabse zyada miss karungi.... Aur Shilpa ko toh kar hi rahin hoon... Bas vo milen mujhe tab dekhna Ayaan kaise hum tumhaari band bajaayenge" she challenged to Ayaan who made a face
"Unka toh thik hai... Par tumhaare liye problem ho jaaygi... Kyunki Samaira toh haath se jaaygi..." Rehaan interrupted making Ayaan giggle while Surbhi smiled
"Toh kya huaa... Maana mujhe problem hogi... Par dilse keh rahi hoon... Main unhe sachmein bahoot miss karti hoon..." she spoke in happy voice making Armaan to remember them
"Miss toh main bhi bahoot kar raha hoon unhe..." he thought wd grim look but soon became calm "Acha chodo... Tum log khaana shuru karo... Main meri Princess ko lekar aata hoon..." saying this to them coolly he concentrated on his daughter while they three wd smiles took seats on dinning chair "Princess chalo khaana khaalo... Papa ko bhi bhook lagi hai..." making her look at him he said affectionally on which she blinked her eyes twice
"Par mujhe toh neend aa rahi hai..." looking at him she said in her kiddish tone which made him smiled
"Haan jaanta hoon... Par thodi si khaalo... Varna Papa bore ho jaayenge... Kyunki aapke bina Papa ko maza nehi aayga..." walking wd her towards dinning area he spoke in same voice which made her to look at him innocently
"Thik hai... Par... Thodu saa..." her cute voice made him to kiss her cheek lovingly and he made her sat beside him as they reached in dinning area "Papa k saath khaaygi Ohnu..." this made everyone adored her
"Of course... Papa bhi khaayenge Princess k saath..." serving for them he said smilingly making her smiled too but she is still sleepy
"Aur chachu k saath nehi khaaygi...??" Ayaan asked in teasing way making Ohnu to look at him cutely
"Naii..." as she replied quickly they giggled while Ayaan made fake crying look
"But chachu loves you..." he said dramatically making her giggle which made everyone smiled when Armaan started making her to eat her food "Hassi toh fassii... Acha Ohaana... Chaachu acche haina...??" he asked just to see her reaction who thought for sometime coz the food was inside her mouth and as she gulped she directly told 'Naiii' which made Surbhi giggled even Rehaan also smiled and like this they finished their dinner wd fun, after dinner they talked for few more minutes then bidding bye to them Rehaan-Surbhi left for their house wd Samaira while Ayaan went one of a room for sleep and Armaan-Ohaana went in Ohaana's room (Which now have shift in front of Arsh's room also it turned more big)
"Ohaana... Ab aapko neend nehi aa rahi hai...??" Armaan asked in teasing voice as he saw Ohaana putting pillow under Toy's head who was laying inside his basket where as Shao Pao was jumping on teddy as if wrestling wd it
"Aa rahi hai... Par par... Toy ko sula doon... Phir so jaaungi..." hearing her childish reply he smiled while correcting her bed like a good father
"Acha... Lagta hai aap bahoot bade ho gayye ho... I mean aur bhi smart like a super girl" sitting on edge of the bed he said smilingly which made her giggle who stood up to pick Shao Pao
"Main Super girl nehi hoon..." watching her cute adorable face he smiled who picked a teddy to play
"Acha toh phir kya ho...?" playing wd the teddy he asked smilingly while Ohnu moved to pick Shao Pao who ran to save himself coz he is not in mood to sleep
"Main... Supercool girl hoon..." running behind Shao Pao she replied which made him chuckled "Shao pao... Nehi... Idar aao... Chalo sona hai... Raat hogayi..." she tried to pick Shao Pao who ran under teddies to save himself which made Armaan laughed coz right now she is looking so cute that he wants to cuddle her "Papa deko.... Shao Pao.... Ko..." she complained pointing at Shao pao which made him smile who shaking his head moved to help her
"Bowww...." Shao Pao barked while wirggling as he picked him up which made Ohnu smiled
"Chalo... So jaao Chote nawab..." making him laye on his basket he said smilingly while Shao Pao wd innocent look reluctantly layed making Ohnu giggled "Ab thik hai...?" he looked at his little daughter who gave nod in Yes smilingly
"Aur Shao pao... Tum bahoot masti karte ho... Mumma sunegi toh daategi... Ab chalo so jaao..." patting Shao pao's back she scolded in her cute tone which made him to close his eyes coz of her loving caress on his back while Armaan adored his angel "Main fishes ko... Dekh k aaun...??" looking up at him she asked which made him giggle who stood up
"Aree nehi yaar... Raat ho gayi hai... Chalo so jao..." he denied smilingly looking down at her
"Nehi mumma... Check... Karti hai..." saying this she turned to go when he wd a chuckle picked her up
"Aree... Mumma ka samajhdar baccha... Chalo so jao... Maine already check kar liya usko..." taking her towards the bed he said in loving voice
"Aur... Plants ko..??" he smiled hearing another question so making her laye on bed he sat beside her while putting his back against the bed post
"Unko bhi... Ab chalo so jaao..." caressing her hairs he spoke in loving voice on which she looked up at him smilingly "Acha yeh batao... Aapko kisne kaha ki aap... Supercool girl ho..??" pulling the blanket up on her he asked smilingly
"Aisa mumma kehti hai... Ki main Papa jaise Supercool hoon" as he heard her kiddish reply he chuckled and giving a soft kiss on her head lovingly he put teddies beside her who hugging it smiled
"No doubt aap Supercool ho... Isliye ek acche girl ki tarah so jaao..." caressing her hairs lovingly he said on which she closed her eyes making him to watch her face when she opened her eyes quickly "Kya huaa...??" he frowned as she sat up
"Aaj na... Teacher.... Ne bola ki... Babies... Sky se aate hain... Toh...toh...kya main bhi... Wahin se aayi... Hoon??" her innocent question made him smiled who made her sat on his lap
"Nehi aapko toh Mumma Papa laaye hain.... God se request karke..." kissing her cheek lovingly he answered on which she smiled and kissed his cheek
"Toh meri... Tarah sab... Chote babies aayen hain..." she asked in kiddish tone while playing wd his t-shirt's hem making him to gave nod in Yes "Ahaan Arhaan Samaira.... Shivya di... Anant bhai aur... Aur Yohaan bhi...?" right now she is looking so adorable like her mother that he wants to cuddle her and hearing this Shilpa's thought came inside his head
"Haan..." caressing her head lovingly he said wd smile while his mind went back one of a best moment in those three years where Shilpa gave him another happiness!
"Kya karoon... Kaise is buddhu ko bataaun...?" a worried Shilpa bit her nails while looking at Armaan who was working on his laptop and files, they were inside the study room where he was sitting on arm chair wd his files scattered on that small table which was put in front of his chair, he was fully engrossed in work wd his specks put on his eyes who was looking so serious right now(he have changed in night clothes which was a militry gray opened sweat shirt wd black t-shirt underneath and black joggers) "Ek toh jabse aayen hain... Itne busy hain ki mujhe aur Ohaana ko bhool hi gayyen hain" She mumbled while making the coffee also staring at him from kitchen(study room's door was opened so she can see him from there) "Lagta hai mujhe hi kuch karna hoga..." saying this to herself she picked the coffee mug and went inside the study room, she knowingly coughed so that he could hear but he was so lost in work that he didn't even noticed her who stood beside him wd coffee "Armaan coffee" she said wd an excited smile
"Haan rakh do... Aur jaate waqt door close kar dena" her jaw dropped hearing this coz wdout looking at her he said in serious tone
"Haan chali jaaungi pehle mere sawaal ka jawab do....??" keeping the coffee on side table she asked wd a pout on which he just hummed while checking a patient's details "Offo Armaan!!.... Acha kya aap mujhe abhi k liye time de sakte hai apna... Sirf thodi der k liye?" she asked again but this time wd nice mood
"Nehi main abhi bahoot busy hoon... Tum jao so jao..." as he said this she got angry
"I don't believe this...Thik hai phir jaa rahi hoon... Par yaad rakhna baad mein mere paas mat aana....." saying this angrily she went from there coz he hummed still concentrating on his work and after few minutes later she again came back wd four books "Aur haan ek baar... Inpe zaroor dhyaan de dena... Good night" almost ordering him she kept the books on his lap who looked up confusedly when she gave a tight kiss on his cheek and left from there leaving him stunned
"Yeh naa..." shaking his head wd a smile he kept the books on side table and again got busy in work, finally working from two hours he got free from his work "Hmmm... Thak gaya yaar..." stretching his arms tiredly he mumbled then removing his specks he closed his laptop "Bas yeh rakh doon... Lo coffee bhi thandi ho gayi..." he said to himself while arranging his files n all when his eyes landed on books "Ab in sabka kya matlab hai...??" he frowned picking up the books "Kuch bhi karti hai..." he was saying but stopped as he readed the name of the books 'How to take care of your pregnant wife'... 'How to understand your pregnant wife'... 'How to take care of your new born baby' & 'Pregnancy effects & deffects on women' first he was confused that why she gave these books but soon it started dawning inside his head which only made his eyes big "Kya yeh ho sakta hai...??" he thought wd mixed feelings when suddenly from flashback that day came when he surprised her before Ohaana's birth and that day only he questioned that if he didn't know about this news then how would she have disclose to him this news and her answer was same like she does today, May be?? "Puchna... Padega..." he was thinking this while playing wd the books when an envelope fell from it making him frowned "Ab yeh kya hai...?" he mumbled frowningly while opening the envelope but as he read that paper he stood up shockingly "I don't believe this... Main firse" he smiled wd happy heart again reading the paper where it was written about Shilpa's pregnancy news which is 'Positive' and kissing the paper happily he ran towards their room wd uncontrolled joy "Shilpa..." he smiled delightly as he entered inside the room and switching on the lights he ran near Shilpa who was sleeping soundlessly making him chuckled "Aww.... I love you..." saying this happily he laid behind her fastly and in a seconds hugged her tightly which only disturbed her sleep
"Ar...maaan..." still in sleepy mood she tried to remove his hand from her waist
"I love you.... I love you... I love you... And thank you..." hugging her tightly he spoke in an excited voice also in b/w kissing her cheek who got annoyed now
"Offo Armaan... Sone bhi nehi dete..." facing him she directly pushed him who chuckled and wdout saying anything pulled her closer wd such force that she almost banged wd him resulting her awake "Kya problem hai..." pushing him again she asked annoyingly which made him smile who calmly traced her cheek making her now fully awake now
"I love you..." as he said this she narrowed her bows when gripping her palm he kissed there lovingly mumbling thank you and then she understood he knows the news
"Ab kyun... Jaaiye kaam kijiye apna..." pulling back her hand she taunted teasingly making him to move more closer to her smilingly
"Naah... Ab saare kaam khatam... Biwi ki seva shuru..." caressing her hairs he said lovingly which made her smile who pushing him again sat up which he also followed
"Haan jab mann chaahe aao aur jab mann chaahe jaao... Koi parwa nehi hai meri haan..." she complained wd pout making him giggle who facing her moved to kiss when she put her palm on his lips "Nehi bilkul nehi..." she directly refused which made him to kiss her palm lovingly
"Seriously... I love you Shilpa... Tum nehi jaanti tumne meri life mein kitne colors bhare hain..." gripping her hand firmly he confessed heartly which made her smile who moving closer to him corrected his hairs
"Kitne??" in teasing way she asked on which he smiled pulling her on his lap also caging her on his arms
"Jitne ki main soch nehi sakta..." brushing their noses he replied smilingly which made her giggle "So tell me... Kya maine jo report mein padha vo sach hai... Ki bas aise hi... Ullu bana rahin ho...??" as he said this she lightly punched his chest
"Aise hi ullu bana rahin hoon khush..." she said in extra sweet voice making him to kiss her temple
"Emm... Shilpa bolo naa..." nuzzling his nose tip on her ear he mumbled impatiently making her to caress his hairs wd a smile when he looked at her for his answer which made her almost blush
"Haan... Dr Armaan... Aap phirse... Papa banane waale ho..." cupping his cheeks she whispered in slow teasing voice making him smile heartly "Sunn liyaa..." as she looked at him he gave a nod in Yes wd moist eyes
"I love you..." cupping her face lovingly he whispered wd moist eyes but yes there was smile on his face
"Awww.... Mera baby..." saying this teasingly she hugged him who immediately tightened his hold on her back wd closed eyes and hidded his face on her hairs "Armaan..." she caressed his back smilingly coz she knows he must be emotional right now
"Thank you... Shilpa..." he sniffed mumbling this which made her giggle who parted him slowly
"Thank you... Kyun...??" she asked normally on which making a calm face he was about to answer when "After all... Ismein aapka bhi toh haath tha" as she said teasingly he looked at her in disbelief
"Tum bigadti jaa rahi ho pata bhi hai tumhe...??" locking her again he asked wd a smile which made her giggle while nodding in No then kissed his cheek mumbling I love you too making him to pull her in a soft hug and for few more minutes they stayed like this "Hmm... So Ohaana ki Mumma... Yeh bataaiye ki kitne months huye is baat ko.... Nehi toh pata chala... Teesra month chaalu hai aur ab bata rahi ho..." parting from hug he taunted calmly making her pout

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