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"Armaan..." pushing him wd grumpy look she sat wd crossed hand making him chuckled who wdout saying anything layed down while keeping his head on her lap 
"Aree main... Toh isliye keh raha tha... Kyunki kya pata tumne socha ho... Ki main busy hoon abhi toh baad mein bataao..." gripping her one hand firmly he said calmly while staring up at her who smiled looking down at him
"Nehi... Mr... Yehi mera first month hai... Aur aaj hi mujhe pata chala..." caressing his hairs she said in loving voice which made him smile who traced her cheek by his knuckles
"Bahoot bahoot dhanyawaad aapka... Ki aapne mujh naachiz ko aaj hi bataaya..." as he joked she giggled still playing wd his hairs who wd smile kissed her stomach lovingly "I can't wait now..." hearing this she lightly slapped his head who chuckled
"Acha iska koi naam socha hai...??" tracing his face she asked wd a smile on which closing his eyes he started thinking which made her to control her giggle

"Mujhe nehi pata... Par tum bataao... Tumne kuch socha hai kya??" staring up at her he asked in calm voice on which she gave nod in No making him to kiss her hand "Koi baat nehi... Milkar sochenge... Jab vo aa jaayga yaa aa jaaygi... Abhi enjoy karte hain... Nehi?" she smiled while nodding in Yes appreciating his words "Tum khush hona...?" hearing his slow careful voice she frowned "I mean... Tum yeh sab mere liye toh nehi kar rahi hona..." playing wd her fingers he whispered softly still staring at her who smiled at his care
"Nehi toh... Mujhe jab laga... Humaari family ko aur ek member ki zaroorat hai... Tab agree hui... Aur vaise bhi Ohaana humesha aapke side rehti hai... Toh mujhe bhi toh koi chaahiye meri side" he chuckled hearing her complain
"Acha promise me tum iske aane k baad mujhe sideline nehi karogi..." hearing his question she giggled
"Sochungi..." she said in fake serious tone which made him to stare her wd cute angry look while she controlled hard not to smile seeing his face who wdout saying anything sat up and pulled her in a tight kiss almost making her shocked
"Armaan..." she gasped for breath as he lived her lips
"Dare you... Tumhaare liye sirf main... First number hona chaahiye..." rubbing her swollen lips he warned still pantingly which made her to look down smilingly "Acha batao... Aapke demands kya hai aaj kal...??" pulling her closer to him he asked smilingly still breathing where as circling his neck she kissed his cheek lovingly
"You... You... And only You..." as she replied softly a smile escaped from his lips who mumbling Oyyee Hoyyee hugged her tightly, that was one of a best moment which they shared on those days, And it is also special coz he got to know about their new member!
Flashback ends
"Papa..." hearing Ohaana's call he came out from the flashback and looked at her "Toh.... Aapko aur Mumma ko bhi... Dadu daadi aur aur... Nanu naani... Ne god se maanga hai?" at this he giggled hugging her lovingly
"Haan Princess... Acha... I think ab aapko sona chaahiye..." making her laye back on bed he said in calm voice on which she looked at him cutely
"Par Mumma... Ka call... Nehi aaya abhi... Tak...?" hearing this he gave a nod in yes thoughtfully
"Hmm... Toh hum ek kaam karte hain hum hi call kar lete hain unko...." saying this he took out his phone from his pocket and called Shilpa whose phone's ring was going but didn't got recieved, he tried many times but the response was still the same which made him disappoint
"Kya huaaa....??" in her kiddish tone she asked as he put the phone aside disappointingly
"I think Mumma... So rahi hai...." looking at her he replied in normal voice which made her sad hearing this "But don't worry vo jaise hi free hongi call back karengi...." laying beside her by his elbow he tried to cheer her who was about to ask something when his phone started ringing making both of them to look at
"Mumma ka hoga... Deko..." sitting up she almost ordered him who giggled while picking up the phone which showed Shilpa's name
"Aree waah... Aap toh bahoot smart ho... Mumma ka hi call hai... Yeh lo..." saying this smilingly he gave her the phone after accepting it while wd wide smile Ohnu took the phone
"Hello... Mummaaa...." hearing her happy voice a chuckle escaped from his mouth who was watching her "Main... Thik hoon..." Armaan can only hear one side's conversation but he can guess What Shilpa has asked by Ohnu's reply "Haaa.... Dinner kiya.... Aur aur... Meeting bhi accha tha.... Teacher ne mujhe Good girl kaha... Aur aaj se Holiday bhi.... Shuru ho gaya mera.... Aaap kab aaoge Mumma...???" she was constantly answering her mother's questions but her innocent question made Arsh smiled "Haan... Mera toh holiday... Shuru huaa.... Main bhi aaungi... Aapke paas...." at this Armaan made her sat on his lap lovingly
"Don't worry... Papa le chalenge aapko... Jab vo free ho jaayenge..." kissing her temple he promised in loving voice making her happy
"Sach... Papa...??" at her excited voice he gave nod in yes smilingly "Mumma... Papa ne bola... Vo mujhe aapke paas laayenge.... Jab vo free honge.... Toh main bhi aapke paas rahungi..." she said in an excited voice making Armaan to shook his head smilingly when Ohaana giggled which made him to look at her confusedly "Mumma... Ahaan ko story sunaado.... Toh vo so jaayga... Good boy ki tarah... Aur tang bhi nehi karega aapko...." hearing her cute suggestion Armaan smiled remembering Shilpa's annoyed face when Ahaan irritates her and as her face flashed he looked on side where their small family pic was hanging on wall, he smiled rembering her tantrums regarding their kids when Out of blue something came back from past moments in those three years!
In Bhopal @ 11:30 PM
Arsh's Home sweet Home
Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke...
"Thank god.... Tu aa gaya... Dekh kitna pareshaan karke rakkha hai mujhe isne..." an irritated Dev complained as he saw Armaan entered inside the house wd cool mood
"By god!! Kuch bhi mat bolo tum Dev..." smacking his arm lightly she defended herself (Dev & Aditi were sitting on one of a sofa while Ohaana & Anant were playing hide n seek)
"Acha haina tera entertainment ho raha hai..." he took Aditi's side who giggled seeing Dev's angry face when Anant bumped wd Armaan "Aree.... Kya hai yeh... Mere Iron hero.." holding him firmly he asked
"Main... Ohaana Breezer Shao Pao aur Toy ko dhoondh raha hoon..." he replied slowly making him smiled
"Toh... Dhundho usse... Yehin kahin hogi..." ruffling his hairs lovingly he spoke when they all heard Ohaana's voice
"Anant bhai.... Dho...ooondo....mujhe" at her cute little loud voice they all laughed while Anant smiled widely knowing she was hidding behind Dev Aditi's sofa so he immediately ran where as shaking his head he sat beside Dev's sofa on arm chair
"Sab kahan hain... Dikh nehi rahe??" looking around for everyone he asked normally while Aditi went inside kitchen to bring water for him
"Mom Dad aur Daadu Daadi so rahen hain dinner karne k baad... Shilpa toh bina kuch khaaye shaayad so rahi hai... Jiska matlab yeh hai ki raat ko teri neend kharaab hogi..." Dev's reply made him chuckle when Aditi forwarded water to him who drank in a go saying thank you "Yohaan bhi so raha hai... Bache hum log toh socha tumhara wait kar len... Aur in logo ko bhi neend nehi aa rahi thi toh khel rahen hain" he said normally on which he gave a nod
"Dinner toh kiya naa tum logo ne...??" sitting comfortably he asked in calm voice coz he is feeling sleepy right now
"Haan kar liya... Vo toh bas aise hi time pass kar rahen hain... Par tum batao party kaisi thi tumhaare Singapore doctors k saath?" replying him she asked in teasing way which made him to show horrified look
"Bakwaas... Main aaj tak zindagi mein itna bore nehi huaa... Jitna us party mein huaa main... I mean it was like... I am sitting in some Library or something..." they both laughed hearing his complain "But mera chodo... Tum batao Aditi... Aaj Shilpa k saath doctor k paas gayi thi naa tum.... Toh kya bola unhone sab thik toh haina" now his voice turned a little worried making Dev to hide his smile while Aditi giggled "Kyaa??" he frowned at their looks
"Vo toh tumhe Shilpa hi bataaygi... Par haan itna zaroor kahungi... Vo thoda... Nehi thoda nehi bahoot pareshaan hai toh tum sambhaal lena usse" her words increased his tension more
"Koi complications toh nehi haina??" he asked calmly but yes he was fearing from inside coz Her pregnancy stages were always risky for her health
"Nehi baba... Sab acha hai infact bahoot accha hai... Khush khabri hai... Par Shilpa ka tension kuch alag hi hai toh tumhi sambhaalo usse..." hearing her happy voice he got confused
"Kya kehna chaahti ho... Clearly batao na..." he insisted which made her giggle while Dev was enjoying this scene
"By god bola naa Shilpa se puch lena.... Abhi tum mujhe yeh batao... Khaana lagaoon tumhaara" she said in polite voice making him to shook his head
"Pagal ho... Ab toh yeh raatko hi khaayga... Jab Shilpa isse bich raat mein uthaaygi..." Dev joked only to get a hit by a cushion from Armaan which made Aditi giggle
"Nehi aisi baat nehi hai... Abhi mujhe bhook nehi hai... Neend aa rahi hai bas.... Toh main nikalta hoon usse check karne" he spoke almost in sleepy tone while Aditi noticed the kids who were running here & there wd their three little pets which made her to stood up
"Aur main inhe pakad k ab sulaati hoon... Kyunki raat bahoot ho chuki hai.. " saying this she went to make kids asleep while Armaan stood to check his Pregnant wife when Dev also stood up
"Aur haan... Congrats mere bhai..." hugging him he wished which made him frowned
"Pagal hai... Kitni baar wish karega..." parting away he spoke incruduously making Dev chuckled
"Jitni baar karoon kam hai... But genuinly... Yeh waala congratulation bahoot special hai..." punching lightly his arms he said which only made him confused "Ab jaa... Good night" as he said this smilingly Armaan shook his head mumbling 'Pagal' to him who smiled and bidding to them he went inside to look for his wife, Actually it was the scene from the time when she was pregnant of three months and his family visited them for the first time to their house, they stayed for two whole months "Pata nehi kya huaa... Hoga isse ab... I think" but his sentence left incomplete as he find his Chidchidi wify is crying which made him to ran towards her not before locking the room (She was sitting on the couch like a boll her head was put on her hands which were resting on her knees) "Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked concernedly while sitting beside her who hearing him sniffed and slowly lifted her head up at him who was stunned finding her in pool of tears "Kya huaa..." shifting closer to her he asked worriedly which made her cry more "Areee.... Shilpa batao bhi.... Tch!! Rona band karo yaar" trying to hold her face he requested but hearing her hiccups he got annoyed which made her more cry "Main pagal ho jaaunga... Kya musibat hai... Yeh" he thought while rubbing his temple coz she was not stopping so getting annoyed he jerked her towards him "Enough!" he almost ordered her who still wd tears sniffed "Acha bolo... Kya huaa... Main hoon naa... Kya pata main problem solve kar doon" now getting soft he cleared her face by his hands on which she hugged him tightly who really got confused now
"Armaan... Vo aaj main doctor k paas gayi thi..." still in sad voice she whispered on which he rubbed her back mummbling hmmm they are still on that same position "Unhone kaha.... Kaha... Ki..." gripping his shirt more tightly from back she started in crying voice which made his heartbeat skipped thinking about some bad news
"Ki??" parting slowly he asked in serious voice
"Ki... Ki..." she sniffed looking up at him who cupping her face encourages her to speak "Ki... Hume... Hume... Twins honge..." saying this she broke down and kept her head on his shoulder
"Koi baa..." but he stopped coz he registered her words inside his head which made him ashtonished "What??" parting her he asked for confirmation on which nodding in Yes she cried more "Woww.... Yeh toh bahoot acchi baat hai yaar... You know... Main bahoot khush hoon... Thank you..." cupping her face he said in happy voice making her stunned who stared him tearfully "I don't believe this... Mujhe twins.... Thank you Shilpa.. Thank you very much... I love you" kissing her cheeks he spoke lovingly making her cry more "Areee yaar Shilpa... Ismein rona kyun... Yeh toh khush hone ki baat hai" clearing her face he tried to make her understand who removed his hands from her face
"Par mujhe khushi nehi hui... Kyunki mujhe twins nehi chaahiye..." he was shock at her words who sniffed
"What do you mean... Khushi nehi hui...??" he asked shockingly to which wipping her tears she looked away from him "Tumhe toh humaara second baby chaahiye tha... Ab jab hai toh... Kya problem hai...?" he questioned in serious voice making her scared
"Haan... Mujhe chaahiye... Par twins nehi..." hearing this he got angry now coz this girl always make him to loose his temper
"Kyun usmein kya problem hai...?" controlling himself he tried to sound calm
"Problem hi problem hai... Armaan... Bahoot zyada ho jaayga... Aur..." she sniffed rubbing her tears making him to control himself
"Aur??" he questioned in serious voice but he can burst any moment coz According to him it is a good news and he is very happy wd this but by her words she is spoiling their unborn kids's moment of happiness
"Aap nehi samjhenge Armaan... Sambhaalna to mujhe padega... Mujhe baby chaahiye tha par sirf ek... Twins nehi... Isse sirf problem badhegi" hearing her words he was stunned which made him to loose his temper compeletly coz for him 'She is regretting their twins'
"Toh kya chaahti ho... Phek dyen ek bachhe ko yaah phir... Maar dyen ek ko.... Aur kaisi problem... Main mar gaya hoon jo sambhaal nehi paaunga tumhaare saath... Yaah phir ab tak tumne akele handle kiya Ohaana ko..." she looked at him shockingly coz she didn't expected him to react like this, it was her past which is making her insecure about their family and which she doesn't want b/w them, she too want their second baby but its difficult for her to accept they are going to have twins which means she would have three kids, before her marriage she always feared for having babies but when she lost their first child she realised the importance of it and when she got Ohaana she felt complete, but soon she realised Ohaana needs another sibling so she got ready but knowing about twins she got scared imagining what if girl twins born, she would have to handle three daughters which is very good for her but what she faced in childhood doesn't want wd her kids and what if she got twin boys it will be very hard for her to balance Ohaana & them which will put distance b/w Ohnu & Arsh
"Armaan main toh.... Sirf yeh chaahti hoon ki... Koi problem naa ho... Dono k aane k baad" she tried to explain her point when he stood up angrily which made her scared so she also stood up
"Tumhe toh har chiz se problem hai Shilpa.... Pehle jab maine tumhe kaha ki ab hume ek aur baby plan karna chaahiye.... Toh tumne mana kar diya yeh keh kar ki tum khush ho... Toh maine bhi accept kiya and trust me... Mujhe bhi laga ki tum sahi thi toh accept kiya dilse... Phir pata nehi kahan se tumhaare dimaag mein aaya ki ab hume second baby ki zaroorat hai... Toh tumne mujhe manaya iske liye... Aur ab jab hai toh tumhe isse problem hai ki... Twins hain..." he blasted angrily on her coz now he is frustrated wd her who got stunned "Tell me chaahti kya ho... Kyun har baar mujhe majboor karti ho ki main regret karoon apne faisle..." jerking her towards him by her shoulders he questioned while tears started rolling her eyes "See... Ab tumhaare saath main bhi regret kar raha hoon... Jo ab humaare babies ko face karna padega sab kuch" saying this tiredly he lived her shoulders who sniffed
"Main toh sirf... Is liye keh rahi thi... Kyunki teen bacche... Bahoot badi responsibility hai... Armaan... Aur..." she hiccuped wd tears while saying this but soon was stopped by him
"Mujhe nehi jaanna kuch bhi... Jo karna hai karo... Abort yaah kuch bhi... I don't care... Coz now i am fad up wd you... Do whatever you want to do... I am done wd you..." saying this gloomily he stepped back and before she could say something he was out from the room leaving her shattered there who collasped on floor crying bitterly, that's why she was afraid for second kid but she was also fearing for his reaction
"Dekha kya ho gaya... Issiliye nehi bataana chaahti thi main.... Kyunki mujhe pata tha... Armaan aise hi react karenge..." keeping her hand on her stomach she cried as if complaining wd her unborn twins "Maine kuch galat thodi kaha... Mere mann mein aaya... Aur chala bhi jaata... Iska matlab yeh thodi ki mumma tum dono se... Pyaar nehi karti aur nehi chaahti ki tum dono aao... Bas mumma k fears hai yeh... I am sorry..." she thought still crying and holding her stomach she laid on couch taking small hiccups she was badly hurt by his last words that he is fad up & done wd her, where as walking on the streets of society he was trying to calm himself
Tenu lakhan ton chhupa ke rakhaan
Akkhaan te sajaa ke tu ae meri wafaa
Rakh apna bana ke....
"Tujhe itna kuch nehi bolna chaahiye tha.... Aakhir vo pregnant hai aur kuch bhi aa raha hoga uske mann mein... Uper se vo humesha aisa kuch sochti hai..." kicking a stone he thought calmly "Par vo aisa sochti hi kyun hai... Kab samjhegi vo... Ki yeh sab sochne se nuksaan hi hoga..." his mind said to him who turned back towards his house "Humesha hum aise hi jhagadte hain... Aur phir baat dur tak pahuch jaati hai... Par is baar meri galti nehi hai... Kuch bhi bolti hai" he cursed her mentally still walking and it took him full one hour to convince his mind that she is pregnant and needs full care of him so digging his all anger inside himself he walked back in their house where everyone is sleeping, he carefully opened the door of their room and entered inside only to find his wife sleeping on couch wd her one hand on her stomach which made him to walk towards her calmly "Hmm..." taking a sigh he laid beside her who was sleeping tiredly while he stared the ceiling meditatively when he felt a light push on his arm who turned his head at her
"Umm..." still sleeping she tried to push him coz she was feeling suffocation just coz she was stuck b/w him and the couch post but her push made him face her wd a smile
"I am sorryyy..." tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he whispered softly making her snuggle closer to him when she felt suffocation again so she again tried to push but he clasped her hand wd his which resulted her eyes opened "I am really sorry... Bahoot zyada bol diya naa..." as he whispered this she looked up at him who noticed her puffed eyes and feeling guilty he kissed her head making her miffed
"Baat mat kariye mujhse..." hugging him she said sadly while hidding her face on his chest who smiled engulfing her more into him
"Haan nehi karta main tumse baat... Par ab toh tum mere teen teen baccho ki maa ho... Accept toh karna hi padega..." trying to light their moods he joked on which she smacked his chest lightly wd a pout
"Itni badi problem bhi nehi hai... Aap mat kariye... Bacche aapke paas hi rahenge..." looking up at him she spoke wd grumpy look making him to trace her strained cheek lovingly
"Haan... Par meri biwi bhi toh chaahiye... Jo sabse important hai..." tracing her puffed eyes by his thumb he whispered softly which made her to close her eyes heartly
"Jhoot... Aapne kaha aap tang aa gaye hain mujhse... Aur nehi..." wd moist eyes she complained when he put his palm on her lips stopping her
"Vo bas gusse mein kaha.... Vo kya haina tum mujhe itna majboor kar deti ho ki main kuch sochna samajhna hi bhool jaata hoon..." kissing her eyes he whispered lovingly which made her sniffed "Ssshhh.... Acha yeh batao... Actual mein baat kya thi...??" pulling her in hug he asked in loving voice while caressing her hairs
"Vo... Jab maine sunna twins honge... Toh accha laga... Par phir baad mein pata nehi kaise mann mein aaya ki ab humaare paas teen bacche honge... Jinhein hum thik se sambhaal bhi paayenge ki nehi... Bahoot badi responsibility hai yeh... Ladke huye toh kya pata Ohaana ko aisa lage ki hum usse neglect kar rahen hain... Aur agar dono ladki hui toh... Toh kahin unhe bhi vo face karna pada jo maine kiya tha... Yehi sab sochke mera sar dukhne laga... Aur phir... Sab... Puraana... Yaad..." she was saying tearfully which made him to understand her insecurity, it was not her it was her past which is making her insecure about their life which can be expected by anyone especially when she is in her pregnancy stage he thought but when he saw she is crying he hugged her more tightly
"Relax... Samajh gaya main... Ab chup ho jaao.... Varna dono babies ko problem hogi...." rubbing her back he spoke softly which made her sniffed who looked up at him "Bahoot roti ho tum... Jab bhi tum pregnant hoti ho... Agar aisa hi karogi toh aage se bhool jaana pregnant hone k liye" rubbing her tears he joked which made her smiled while smacking his chest lightly by her fist "Hmmm... Good... Aur main tumse yeh nehi kahunga ki tum kuch bhi soch rahi ho kyunki... Shayad tum kabhi change nehi karogi apne decisions... But itna samajh lo main tumhaare saath hoon..." saying this lovingly he kissed her nose tip who smiled heartly
"Nehi Armaan... Main kuch galat nehi soch rahi hoon... Bas aap toh jaante ho bahoot si baato mein yeh bhi mere dimaag mein aayi hai aur chali bhi jaaygi... Toh aap ignore karo..." as she said this slowly he chuckled pulling her more closer to him
"Soch lo... Response nehi milega toh gussa mat hona..." he teased to which wd a smile she laid straight while looking up at the ceiling
"Nehi doge toh dhakka de dungi..." she warned turning her head at him who smiled staring her by his elbow
"Ohhoo... Aisi warning se toh koi bhi dar jaaye... Par agar tumne mujhe dhakka diya toh mere bacche tumse baat nehi karenge..." hugging her softly he blackmailed which made her giggle who ruffled his hairs lovingly
"Main unhe sambhal lungi... Par Armaan... Main kaise twins ko handle karungi... Jab Ohaana hui thi toh bahoot mushkil tha usko handle karna... Jabki ek thi vo... Aur ab teen" facing him she spoke worriedly which made him to caress her cheek lovingly
"Hmm... Mushkil hai... Par na mumkeen nehi... Hum dono handle karenge..." playing wd her hairs he said smilingly
"Par agar vo bahoot masti khor hui yaah huye toh..." and it made him laugh who laid straight staring up at the ceiling "Armaan... Mujhe fikar ho rahi hai... Aur aapko hassi aa rahi hai" keeping her head on his chest she complained
"Don't worry yaar.... Sab acha hoga..." caressing her hairs lovingly he tried to make her fears vanish while she played wd his shirt's buttons
"Armaan.. Ohaana kahan hai??" she asked slowly still playing wd his shirt's buttons
"Aditi ne sula diya hai usse... Toh fikar mat karo... Par yeh batao... Bhook nehi lagi hai tumhe?" he asked in serious voice looking down at her
"Haan mujhe toh lagi hai... Par aap batao... Party kaisi thi... Aur dinner kiya aapne??" laying above him she asked concernedly on which he tucked her hairs aside smilingly coz she is glowing more now
"Boring tha... Toh dinner bhi nehi kiya... Yeh soch kar ki meri biwi raatko jaagegi... Aur usse bhook lagegi toh... Company dena hi padega" as he said this she giggled
"Cheesy lines..." she knowingly teased him who rolled his eyes
"Ab main aage se bolunga hi nehi... Chaahe tum kuch bhi karlo..." hearing his tired tone she kissed his jaw while cupping his one cheek and then lightly pecked his lips who finally felt relief
"Ab chalo mujhe bhook lagi hai..... Aur humaare babies ko bhi... Aapne bhi nehi khaya toh aapko bhi" sitting up she tried to nudge him who kept his head on her lap lazily
"Chalo tumhe realise toh huaa... Ki humaare babies aur mujhe bhook lagi hai..." he taunted in calm voice but soon got a smack in return on his head who hided his face on her stomach "Acha chalo... Par usse pehle... Baccho... Mumma bilkul pagal hai toh unki baato ko serious mat lena..." kissing her stomach he said in loving voice making Shilpa giggle while caressing his head "Hmmm... Toh chalo Mrs Armaan" saying this he moved down from couch and offered his one hand to her who gripping it stood up, walking inside the kitchen they had their dinner wd non stop banter over their soon to be kids behaviour, after dinner they came back in room where both of them soon retired for sleep coz of tiredness... By the passing of time Shilpa's fears also vanished coz of her one n only Saviour Husband who left no stone unturned to keep her atmoshpere positive, he handled Ohnu Shilpa & House perfectly even he sided his work also infact he made her busy on her online job which somewhere made her insecurities disappeared while his family was already there to care for them even Malhotras also visited them and seeing this scene Shilpa was emotional plus happy coz she always wanted to live a life like this..... When she was pregnant of seven months Ohaana questioned her 'Mumma ismein baby hai??' which made Arsh smile who were making her asleep
Main tere layi aan
Tere layi aan yaaran
Naa paavin kade dooriyan...(x2)
"Haan... Jo mumma ne aapke liye mangvaaya hai.. Apni zid pe" hearing Armaan's meaningful taunt Shilpa showed her glare while Ohaana became confused hearing this(she was laying b/w her parents who were sitting besides her)
"Toh... Toh... Mumma aapne kahan... Se manvaaya... Hai... Baby ko...?" she looked up innocently making Shilpa to look at Armaan for answer coz she don't know how to answer her question
"Emm... Actually Princess jahan se aap aaye ho.. Vahin se baby bhi aayga... Jo God bhejte hain" caressing her hairs lovingly he replied in her way who smiled while Shilpa giggled at his reply
"Toh... Jab main choti thi... Toh... Main bhi mumma k... Tummy mein thi??" staring up at Armaan she asked in her kiddish tone which made Arsh giggle at her word 'Choti' coz she is still small
"Haan... Aur aapko pata hai... Mumma ko pata hi nehi tha ki aapko god ne bheja hai humaare paas..." laying beside her he said in teasing way making Shilpa smiled remembering the time when she didn't know about her pregnancy
"Kyun mumma...??" she turned her head at Shilpa who just layed beside her
"Hmmm... Kyunki mumma ko god ne ek bahoot hi cute surprise di toh... Isliye mumma ko nehi pata tha..." kissing her little palm she replied smilingly where as Armaan smiled seeing them
"Toh.. Toh... Jab Ohnu aayi... Tab aap...bahoot...happpy thi??" Ohnu questioned innocently making Shilpa giggled while nodding Yes "Toh... Ohnu ko yaad...ku vo mumma k tummy mein...thi..?" as she asked cutely Armaan kissed her head from back
"Kyunki Ohnu uswaqt bahoot choti thi... Isliye yaad nehi par... Aapko pata hai jaise aapne Mumma Papa ko dekha tha... Prince aur princess ki tarah video mein vaise hi(Yes Armaan had showed their marriage's video to her few months ago)... Aap jab huye the... Tab Aditi maassi ne aapka video liya tha... Dikhaaon" Armaan answered smilingly which made Ohnu excited who immediately gave a nod in Yes happily making Shilpa smiled "Hmm... Ruko dikhaata hoon" saying this he took out his phone and sat up while making Ohnu sat on his lap "Ummm... Kahan hai... Kaha hai... Haan yeh raha" he mumbled searching the video and then at last he found it which was of hospital when Ohnu was born
"Mumma... Papa..." she became happy watching her parents who were smiling at a smally baby whom Shilpa was holding on her arms while Armaan was playing wd baby's little fingers trying to make her smile (It was taken by Aditi who captured their precious moment in camera)
"Aapko pata hai.... Yeh aap ho... Cute si..." looking down at Ohaana he spoke in loving voice making Ohnu curious while Shilpa was staring up at them smilingly
"Par yeh toh choti hai..." she got confused seeing Armaan kissing baby's head who giggled staring at her father "Muje... Yaad nehi...." she looked up at him wd a frown making him smile
"Aree... Toh tab aap chote hi the... Isiliye yaad nehi aapko..." caressing her head lovingly he said making Ohnu to look closely to herself and she became happy watching her parents pampering her, in b/w she was asking her innocent questions to Armaan who was answering calmly where as when Shilpa went into sleep she didn't realised
"Toh... Mumma k tummy mein bhi... Meri tarah.. Baby hai...?" after watching her videos she questioned to Armaan who made her laye b/w them
"Haan... Vo bhi do do..." as he said this cutely her eyes widened wd happiness
"Matlab... Twoo twooo Ohaana aaygi...?" hearing her cute question he giggled while laying beside her
"Haan... Keh sakti ho... Par aisa bhi ho sakta hai... Two two boys aaye yaah phir one boy or one girl..." playing wd her little fingers he replied doubtfully which made Ohnu giggle
"Matlab... Ohnu k... Paas... Twoo twooo... Babies honge" her cute words made him chuckled who cuddled her lovingly
"Haan... Isiliye toh... Ab hume mumma ki bahoot care karni hogi... Nehi toh babies nehi aayenge..." he said smilingly on which Ohnu turned her head at her mother who was sleeping soundlessly
"Ohnu... Good girl banegi... Aur mumma ki care bhi karegi..." Armaan kissed her cheek as she said this
"Ohnu pehle se hi good girl hai... Haan bas ab usse mumma ki care karni hai thodi si... Varna zyada kuch nehi hai..." tucking her hairs aiside he cheered her who wd a smile hugged him "Aur iski shuruaat abhi se karo... Toh so jaao ek ache bache ki tarah" caressing her hairs he said smilingly
"Okay..." closing her eyes she mumbled and tried to sleep while he watched both of his ladies smilingly coz now he is feeling complete wd the way their life was moving Yaah sometimes there are problems but together they managed everything... Their life turned more joyful when Shilpa gave birth of two bundles of happiness 'Ahaan-Arhaan' who only brought happines & joy in Arsh's life, before they born Ohaana & Armaan both of them took great care of Shilpa and when she was admited in hospital for delivery Armaan's heart was beating to the core coz he was fearing for his wife but when doctor announced she gave two boys his happiness has no boundries everyone congratulated him Maliks Malhotras & his friends all were present there, Ohaana was so happy to find two younger brothers even Anant was also happy and they both were watching the twins from outside the childrens care room where Dev showed them while here Armaan was wd Shilpa who was sleeping, she got surprised to find twin boys which Armaan informed
Main jeena haan tera
Main jeena haan tera
Tu jeena hai mera
Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke...
"Armaan... Twin boys..." wd thudding heart she tried to confirm on which he gave nod in Yes wd a grin "Kyun...??" she pouted keeping her head on his shoulder who was sitting beside her while hearing this he chuckled caressing her head lovingly "Ab vo dono mujhe pareshaan karenge..." she complained wd a pout which made him smile who cupped her face lovingly
"Vo sab mujhe nehi pata... Bas itna yaad rakhna... You completed me today.." as he said this heartly she gave a sweet smile "Thank you mujhe humesha khush rakhne k liye.... Tum meri zindagi ki sabse badi jeet ho... Aur jitna Ohaana ko dekar tumne meri duniya banaayi thi main chaahta hoon is baar hum dono milkar humaari yeh choti si duniya aur badi banaaye... Aur... Tumhaara main nehi jaanta mujhe bahoot maza aayga jab vo dono tumhe pareshaan karenge" he tried to lightened her mood whose eyes got moist by his words but hearing his last sentence she smacked his chest lightly wd a pout making him to pulled her in a soft hug
"I love you... Armaan..." she kissed his cheek while saying this
"Hmmm... Dekhenge..." his uninterested voice made her smack his chest lightly when two nurses brought their twins and was about to make them laye on crib when Armaan stopped her "Idhar dijiye..." hearing him the nurses give both the boys to Arsh
"Kitna chota hai yeh Armaan..." she giggled watching the faces of her two boys, Armaan was holding Ahaan & Shilpa was holding Arhaan
"Tum bhi naa Shilpa... Chota hi hoga yeh..." he smiled at her amusing words when Shilpa smiled coz Arhaan gripped her index finger wd closed eyes
"Awww... Mera baby..." she spoke lovingly watching Arhaan while shaking his head Armaan played wd Ahaan who was directly staring him wd smile "I think yeh dono same dikhte hain... Hume pata kaise chalega kaun kaun hai" hearing her confusing words he shook his head
"Aree meri... Teen teen baccho ki maa... Itna bada bhi issue nehi hai yeh... Kyunki dhyaan se dekhogi toh pata chalega... Iske sar pe thoda zyada baal hai aur iske thode kam... Aur baad mein hum inka naam rakhenge hi... Aur saath mein aisi chiz pehna denge jo ek ko nehi pehnaayenge... Baat khatam" he explained simply making her to give a nod in Yes smilingly when he noticed she was sitting from past fifteen minutes which is not good for her weak body "Acha... Tum thoda lait jaao... Varna baad mein takleef hogi" he almost ordered her who shaking her head laid down wd Arhaan beside her
"Vaise Armaan... Aapko nehi lagta yeh dono mujhpe gayyen hain..." as she teased he giggled
"Par dekhne se... Toh yeh mere aur Ohaana ki tarah dikh rahen hai..." caressing Arhaan's cheek lovingly he retorted her who rolled her eyes when her eyes finally landed on Ahaan who also looked at his mother and gave a dazzling smile making Shilpa simpered watching both her new born kids when Her Iklauti's thought came inside her head
"Ohaana kahan hai...??" she asked in curious tone coz she knew Ohaana must be excited for the babies
"Hmm... Ruko main lekar aata hoon... Dev k saath hai vo... Tab tak tum isse lo..." in careful way he stood up and forwarded Ahaan towards her whose eyes widened
"Nehi main dono ko saath mein nehi sambhaal paaungi..." she fearly refused which made him chuckled
"Abhi se dar gayi.... In dono se...?" making Ahaan laye beside Arhaan who was sleeping soundlessly, he stood straight while Shilpa really got tensed
"Nehi... Agar dono rone lage toh main kaise handle karungi inko..." making a cute serious face she almost requested which was enough for him to laugh
"Don't worry... Main Ohaana ko lekar aata hoon... Aakhir usko bhi toh dekhne honge apne chote chote bhai..." kissing her forehead he said lovingly which made her pout who disheartly gave a nod in Yes "Tab tak mere dono... Babies ka dhyaan do" as he said this teasingly she pouted
"Aur mera kaun dhyaan dega agar yeh dono rone lage toh.." she complained wd a pout which made him laugh who giving a flying kiss went to bring Ohaana while here she tried to focus on her kids "I think tum... Mujh par gayye ho... Shaant se haina..." caressing Arhaan's head lovingly she said in kiddish tone but finding his mother pampering Arhaan only, Ahaan tried to take her attention so he started crying "Areee.. Areee tum kyun ro rahe ho... Mumma yehin hai... Baby rona band karo varna bhai bhi royega" focusing on Ahaan she tried to console him but he didn't stopped "Babu shaant ho jaao... Vo bhi royga..." now she almost requested but it only disturbed Arhaan who also started crying and it made her worried "Dono ro rahen hain ab toh... Armaan..." her eyes also got moist watching both her babies crying "Chup ho jaao dono..." she requested while patting on both of them's chest when Ananya Dadi Aditi and Padma entered in room
"Tumhe kya huaa?? Aur yeh ro kyun rahen hain beta?" Ananya asked worriedly as she saw both the kids crying & Shilpa's eyes moist
"Maa dekho naa chup hi nehi ho rahen hain yeh dono... Samajh mein nehi aa raha kisse chup karaaoon pehle" she sniffed while trying to sat up which Aditi helped wd a giggle while everyone smiled at her
"Toh ismein rona kyun beta... Pehli baar thodi maa bani ho..." Dadi said affectionally while she picked Ahaan on her lap and Arhaan was picked by Padma who stood beside Shilpa and started playing wd him
"Twins ki toh first time bani hoon naa..." as she replied cutely Dadi & Ananya giggled
"Haan yeh bhi hai... Acha mujhe do usse..." saying this Ananya took Ahaan from her who immediately became quiet making everyone amused
"Hawww.... Aapke paas jaate hi chup ho gaya..." Shilpa looked at him unbelievingly while Dadi & Aditi giggled at her face "Aur yeh bhi chup ho gaya... Aapke paas" she looked at her mother as she heard Arhaan making happy noises on Padma's arms
"Lagta hai vo dono hi tujhse darne lage hain..." Aditi joked on which she made a pouting face
"Meri Ohaana inse lakh guna better hai tab toh... Aap hi dono sambhaalo inhe...." saying this cutely she crossed her arms but it made the ladies giggle
"Haan... Main toh sambhaal lungi... Par tum apna socho... Aage kaise sambhaalogi..." Padma pulled her leg teasingly while cuddling Arhaan who laughed where as Ahaan was smiling at Ananya
"Armaan haina... Vo sambhaalega in dono ko... Kyunki baccho ka bahoot shauk hai usse..." Dadi's joke made them laugh except Shilpa who smiled shyly when other male members entered inside and got busy wd kids except Armaan & Ohaana who still didn't arrived making her worried for them
"Yeh dono hai kahan...?? Aaye kyun nehi...?? Kahin Ohaana ko aisa toh nehi lagta ki hum in dono k aane k baad usko ignore karenge??" her mind started thinking negative while her eyes were fixed on the door waiting for two most important persons of her life
"Acha iski naak... Shilpa pe gayi haina?" looking down at Arhaan(Whom he was holding on his arms) Shashank asked smilingly which made Padma giggle who was standing beside him
"Haaan... Par aankhen... Armaan jaisi lag rahin hain..." caressing Arhaan's head Billy spoke lovingly which made Shashank smiled
"Aankhen toh iski bhi ussi ki tarah hai... Dad..." Dev spoke coolly while pointing at Ahaan whom Dadu was holding (Dadu-Dadi, Ananya & Aditi were busy wd Ahaan while Dev Shashank Billy Padma & Anant were busy wd Arhaan)
"Haan... Aur dekh lena Billy... Yeh Armaan ki tarah hi niklega... Kyunki isse sabka attention chaahiye" Ananya spoke surely which made Billy & others laugh
"Tab toh... Isska bhi yehi haal hoga... Kyunki Shilpa ko bhi sabka attention acha lagta tha bachpan mein" Padma too spoke in same tone which filled the atmosphere funny
"Iska matlab... Meri Arshi ki toh... Chutti hogayi phir... Kyunki usse tang karenge yeh dono..." making a cute pity face Aditi spoke which made them giggle while Shilpa smiled at her happy family when Armaan entered there wd a happy Ohaana who was giggling on something and a cute Yohaan who was enjoying his chocolate and seeing them her eyes shinned
"Armaan..." a relief came on her face as she saw him who looked at everyone
"Kya ho raha hai.... Yahaan...??" looking at everyone he asked coolly
"Kuch nehi busy hain tumhaare baccho k saath" in teasing tone Aditi replied while making Yohaan sat on her lap but hearing her tease he rolled his eyes where as Ohaana ran towards Shilpa happily
"Mumma..." walking near her bed she tried to climb up on bed but failed when Armaan made her sat beside her mother
"Ab aap dono baate karo Papa abhi aaye" saying this smilingly he moved towards others who started teasing & wishing him
"Mera baby kahan tha... Kabse mumma usse dhoondh rahi thi... Pata bhi hai aapko" tucking her hairs lovingly Shilpa spoke in kiddish tone while Ohnu hugged her mother smilingly
"Ohnu ko bhook lagi thi toh... Toh... Papa... Ohnu ko pizza khilaane le gayye the aur Yohaan bhi tha humaare saath" her cute kiddish reply made Shilpa cuddled her lovingly mumbling 'Mera baccha' when Ohnu looked back at the twins "Mumma mujhe bhi... Babies ko dekhna hai...?" pointing at them she said excitedly which made Shilpa pout
"Kyun... Mumma k paas nehi rehna... Aapko pata hai mumma ne aapko bahoot miss kiya in teen dino mein..." as she complained cutely Ohaana smiled
"Ohnu ne bhi mumma ko... Bahoot miss kiya..." cupping her mothers cheeks lovingly she replied which made Shilpa to kissed on her both palms lovingly "Par Ohnu ko babies dekhne hain... Ku ki durse... Chachu ne dikhaya... Tha... Tab dono so rahe the..." as she said this innocently she smiled and looked at Armaan who was busy wd others
"Acha jao dekh kar aao..." kissing her head she said lovingly which made her excited who moved down from the bed and ran towards her grand parents
"Muje bhi dekna hai... Naani..." pulling Padma's Saree edge she spoke happily which took everyone's attention
"Haan bilkul... Aao milaate hain tumhe..." picking her up on his arms Dev spoke smilingly and started introducing her to the babies while watching them Shilpa smiled and kept her back against the post when Armaan sat beside her
"Kya soch rahi ho...??" clasping their hands he asked smilingly which made her to gave him her beautiful smile "Oyye hoyyyee kya huaa...??" caressing her cheek lovingly he teased on which wd happy heart she kept her head on his shoulder
"I am happy... Ki aaj sab saath hain..." hearing her words he smiled and looked at her while mumbling Me too when her eyes landed on windows where she saw her reflection on mirror which made her worried about herself "Armaan... Ab main wapas pehle ki tarah patli kaise houngi... Kyunki is baar toh twins huye..." hearing her voice he chuckled knowing very well her insecurity against her weight
"Zyada mat socho is baare mein kyunki... Usko main thik kar dunga... Lekin usse pehle tumhaare maze toh lene do.." as he whispered this on her ear she smacked his chest lightly while eyeing about everyone's presence and watching her cute face he kissed her cheek who really got red pushing him little away
"Acha vo sab chodo... Aap mujhe yeh bataao... In dono ka koi naam soch hai...??" staring up at him she asked curiously
"Nehi... Tum batao... Tumne toh zaroor socha hoga kuch" parting little away from her he shrugged
"Nehi..." she gave nod in No cutely making him to think for something thoughtfully when her eyes landed on their families who were fully busy wd the kids and seeing them an idea came inside her head who wd an excited smile looked at him "Kyun naa... Hum yeh kaam... Malik family aur Malhotra family pe chod de... Ek ka naam Maliks rakhenge aur dusre ka Malhotras... What say?" hearing her excited voice he gave an appreciating nod
"Not bad..." giving a kiss on her cheek he teased when she smacked his chest wd a blush eyeing him about everyone which made him giggled and they both got busy discussing over their kids while their familes were busy wd the kids, Shashank gave the name Arhaan to their one son who is little calm, cute & innocent while here Ananya gave the name to the their mischivious, naughty & attention seeker son Ahaan who loves to grab his mother's attention also loves to irritate her while Arhaan is opposite to him, he is very cute & calm also hears his mother's words but one thing is common in them that they both loves Ohaana equally and wd Armaan they demand nothing except his all attention & love, So in all they only annoys & irritates their mother only especially Ahaan!
Flashback ends
"Papa... Ho gaya..." Ohaana's voice made him came back from past and he noticed that the phone was hung up by her
"Ho gayi Mumma se baat... Ab toh khush hona...??" keeping the phone aside he made her laye on bed back
"Haan... Mumma ne kaha... Main good girl ki tarah so jaaoon ab..." hugging her teddy she shared in happy voice which made him smiled who pulled the comforter above her
"Acha aur kya baat huyi mumma se...?" he asked normally while adjusting her teddies around her who giggled
"Unko... Ahaan... Tang kar raha tha... Aur Arhaan ko bhi... Jo so gaya tha...." as she replied he smiled knowing very well she must be annoyed now "Mumma mujhe miss kar rahin hai... Toy Shao pao... Aapko... Sabko Miss kar rahin hain... Aur Breezer bhi mujhe... Miss kar raha hai..." she was informing this in her kiddish tone while he was listening her attentively and after few minutes of constant talking she got tired on which he made her sleep, after making her sleep he moved out of the room when his cell phone rang making him to look at it but as he saw the person his anger rosed
"Ab kyun call kar rahi hai... Jab main karta hoon toh nehi pick karti..." he mumbled in an angry voice and tried to ignore her call while entering inside his room when again her call started which made him annoyed

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