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In Mumbai
Malhotra Mansion in Arsh's room

Dil diyan gallan, Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke, Dil diyan gallan...

"Yeh phone kyun nehi utha rahen hain...??" she mumbled wd a pout as he didn't recieved her call "I know soye toh nehi honge vo... Par gussa toh mujhe hona chaahiye vo kyun phone nehi utha rahen hain... Ek toh Ohnu ke PTM mein bhi late gayye... Aur uper se mera phone hi nehi recieve kar rahen hain... Huh...!" she cursed him angrily and kept the phone beside her(Under the pillow) when she felt someone tapping on her knees who smiled while picking him up on her lap (Actually she was inside Ahaan & Arhaan' s room) "Arhaan... Baby so jao..." correcting her two years small kid's soft hairs she said affectionately which made Arhaan laughed

"Mum...mum...mumummm" he started tapping on her cheek wd giggles which made Shilpa also giggle and hearing both of them's giggles someone really got jealous so crawling towards his mother he also tried to grab her attention

"Naiii... Muummmaa... Naiii..." by holding his mother's shoulder Ahaan stood up and started trying to push Arhaan who hidded himself on his mother's neck

"Ahaan maarungi main... Bhai haina vo..." holding Arhaan firmly she scolded Ahaan who is still trying to push him

"Naiii... Aaan... Mmmuuummmaa... Chaaahhiiiyyyee" holding Shilpa's one arm he almost shouted and tried to sit on her lap

"Offo!! Ahaan... Kya karoon main tumhaara... Pehle so nehi rahe the... Aur jab Arhaan so gaya tha toh usse bhi jaga diya..." slapping his head lightly she almost scolded him who giggled and standing more closer to her he also hugged like Arhaan while trying to melt her anger which worked also "Bilkul apne baap pe gaya hai.." she shook her head holding their backs firmly "Acha... Thik hai ab please dono so jaao kyunki Mumma ko bhi neend aa rahi hai..." making a cute face she made both of them sat beside her which made them giggle

"Mummma... Aaa..." laying on bed cutely Arhaan opened his arms for his mother who giggled watching his adorable face

"Awww... Mera baby..." bending down she pinched his nose lovingly which made Ahaan pout

"Naiii... Aaan... Biii..." he directly jumped on her trying to grab her attention who giggled as he came on her lap

"Aaawww... Ahaan... Tumna kabhi nehi sudhar sakte..." making him layye on bed she said smilingly on which he pulled her hairs lightly and made her hand touched his small nose tip hinting her that, she should also pinch his nose like she does to Arhaan "Ooohhh... Ab main samjhi..." she giggled as she understood what he was trying to say so she pinched his nose lovingly which made him giggle "Ab thik hai..." giving a kiss on his cheek she said smilingly but it made Arhaan worried so laying by his elbow he looked at her who just pulled the blanket above them

"Mummmaaa... Arrr...aaan... Biii" extending his hand he pulled her hands on him

"Haan... Baba... Tum bhi..." she giggled caressing his head and gave a kiss on his cheek who smiled widely "Ab bahoot hogaya dono ka... Chalo soo jaao..." pointing her index finger at them she spoke wd cute angry look which made them giggle who hidded their faces inside the blanket while giggling "Nautanki... Dono..." she smiled watching them laying by her elbow when out of blue Ohnu's antics came inside her head "Hmm... Main miss kar rahin hoon apni Ohaana ko..." she mumbled wd cute sad face when

"Booo..." removing the blanket from their faces they tried to scared her while giggling and seeing this she chuckled

"Tum dono nehi sudhar sakte haina..." still smiling she lightly slapped their cheeks who laughed "Acha ab so jaao varna peetungi dono ko..." as she blackmailed they both shut their eyes tightly as if they didn't did anything which made her smile when she heard giggles of them under the blankets and before she could remove the blanket from them, they again did!

"Booo..." they both again tried to scared her who held her head and seeing it they giggled which made her to pretend strict

"Ahaan... Arhaan... Maarungi main..." as she looked at them angrily they both again pulled the blanket above them still giggling making her smile who was about to laye down when she felt viberation of her phone under the pillow "Jaldi uthaaoon... Varna dono abhi uth jaayenge..." she thought while taking out the phone when

"Mummmaaa... Pooonee..." as they both saw Shilpa taking out the phone they sat up making her to held her head but phone's rings made her to look at it where Armaan's name was flashing on it which made her smiled

"Hmmm... Ab aaye naa line pe..." wd a smile she answered the call "Hello...!!" in a fake serious voice she spoke making him to roll his eyes who sat on couch

"Tum mujhse pyaar nehi karti naa Shilpa...?" hearing his cute angry voice she controlled her smile coz she heard his voice after fifteen days

"Nehi karti tabhi toh... Aapke teen teen baccho ki maa hoon aaj..." he couldn't stop his chuckle as she said this cutely while Ahaan started ticking Arhaan who was laughing loudly

"How mean... Shilpa... Ek toh mere phone calls nehi pick karti dusri sirf Ohaana se baat karti ho mujhe toh puchti bhi nehi... Ek mahina ho gaya naa tumhe gayye... Aur tum thik se baat hi nehi karti mujhse... Yaad haina... Main gussa tha tumse..." his complain made her smile who moved down from the bed leaving both her boys playing there

"Haan toh main call kar rahi thi... Toh phone kyun nehi uthaaya...??" she too complained

"Haan kyunki main tumse gussa tha... Lekin jab main call karne laga tab tum kyun nehi uthaati thi phone" he put his reasons forward

"Haan... Kyunki tab mera gussa tha ki aapne mere calls nehi recieve kiye... Lekin abhi jab main aapko call laga rahi thi tab toh uthaana tha naa..." she didn't gave up instead defended herself

"Haan... Kyunki tab mera gussa tha" he mocked which made her smile who knows if they keep arguing they will land in fight

"Jo ab nehi hai... Kyunki aapne mujhe phone kiya" hearing her tease he smiled while laying comfortably on couch where as here she sat on edge of the couch

"I hate you... Tumhara decision bahoot galat hai... Yaad rakhna" he said in calm voice which made her giggle

"Nehi Armaan... Mera decision bilkul sahi hai... Aap bas yeh batao... Ohaana k holidays toh shuru ho hi gayyen hain toh aapka kaam kab khatam hoga...?" keeping a pillow on her lap she asked in serious voice

"Hmm... Teen din baad..." he replied calmly on which she just hummed coz she is missing him right now even he himself is missing her "Acha Breezer kaisa hai... Dadi ko tang toh nehi karta...?" he tried to end their silence

"Nehi bilkul nehi.. Vo toh dadu aur dadi k saath roz morning mein walk pe jaata hai even Papa k saath bhi vo ghoomta rehta hai... Bahoot involve ho gaya hai vo unke saath..." she replied smilingly making him smiled who put the cushion under his head "Lekin aap batao mere dono Shao pao aur Toy kya kar rahen hai...?" she asked curiously

"Dono ko humaari princess ne sula diya... Vo toh mast hain... Par tum batao mere Heroes kya kar rahen hain... I am sure tang toh tumhe bahoot kiya hoga" as he teased she looked back at her sons who were busy wd each other and seeing this scene she smiled

"Lo khud sunn lo..." standing up she said smilingly which made him curious when she sat on bed carefully and extended her hand towards them

"Naiii... Aaannn..." Arhaan laughed while trying to push Ahaan who was giggling still tickling him and their voices made Armaan aware that they both are still awake also they are playing

"Booo... Booo..." Ahaan was doing this wd giggles and hearing their voices Armaan chuckled

"Sunn liya... Kaise yeh dono mujhe, naa raat ko sone dete hain aur naa din mein... Jab main kaam karti hoon toh disturb karte hain aur jab laptop pe job ka kuch karti hoon toh unko attention chaahiye hota hai" taking the phone back she complained wd pout which made him giggle "Haan hasso... Band toh meri bajaayi haina dono ne... Aap toh maze mein hain vahan" she taunted cutely which made him smile

"Aww... I am... Missing them yaar..." he sigh smilingly which made her smile too "But you know... Acha huaa vo tumhe pareshaan kar rahen hain... Kyunki tum deserve karti ho... Mujhe akele chod k gayi thi naa... Toh badla toh dono lenge hi..." he retorted wd a smirk which made her mouth hung opened

"Excuse me!! You mean... Yeh dono aapka badla le rahen hain...?" as she asked in fake anger she heard a Yes from his mouth "Haan toh thik haina... Mujhse baat kyun kar rahen hain aap... Baat hi mat karo isse acha..." hearing her grumpy voice he smiled while shaking his head

"Ab yaar please ladaai mat shuru karna ek toh bahoot din baad tumse baat kar raha hoon..." and this made her anger vanished "Kitna kuch kehna hai aur sunna hai... Tumse..." he said in calm voice which made her to hide her giggle

"Jaise kya baat karni hai aur sunni hai..." she teasingly asked which made him grinned

"Oyyee hoyyee bahoot jaldi hai sunne ki...?" he too teased which made her blushed but making a serious face she was about to reply when Ahaan's eyes landed on their mother who was smiling on the phone and according to them if she is talking on phone there must be their father on other side of the phone so he stopped tickling Arhaan who too sat up noticing his reaction

"Aaannn..." Arhaan called in his kiddish tone but as he saw Ahaan crawling towards their mother who was busy on phone he also stood up and before Ahaan could take the phone he snatched it

"Aap..." her sentence left incomplete as Arhaan took away her phone who became startled

"Aaaoo... Paappaaa..." a wide smile reached Armaan's lips as he heard his son's voice

"Arhaan..." he sat up happily taking Arhaan's name coz he knew about him who talks like this only while Ahaan always spoke in loud voice

"Paaappaaa..." he gigled hearing his voice and watching them Shilpa smiled while Ahaan stood up to take away the phone but she made him sat on her lap

"Pehle bhai ko baat karne do phir karna tum..." trying to calm him she spoke lovingly

"Naiii... Paapaaa... Chaaahhiiiyyeee... Muj...ko..." Ahaan wriggled under her hold who extended his hands to snatch the phone but Arhaan was much smarter than him coz now he sat a little away from them so that he could talk his father easily

"Kaisa hai mera... Champion...??" Armaan asked in loving voice which made Arhaan giggle

"Araaan... Chaa...p...inioon... Aai..." he repeated in his kiddish voice which made Arsh to adore him while Ahaan was getting impatient on Shilpa's hold

"Haan... Vo toh bahoot bada champion hai... Aur mumma ko pareshaan kiya...?? Ki Ahaan kar raha hai abhi?" still smiling he asked in teasing way which made Arhaan to look at her mother & Ahaan

"Mumma... Aaan... Kelll... Aaayee... Aaai..." Armaan chuckled hearing Arhaan's cute words while Shilpa was trying her best to hold Ahaan who now came on verge of crying "Ooo... Mummmaaa..." crawling back to his mother he forwarded the phone to Shilpa who adored his little kid and was about to take the phone back when Ahaan snatched it and moved away from them

"Aaooo..." Ahaan spoke wd moist eyes plus cracked voice which made Shilpa to held her head while Armaan got it was Ahaan's 'Nautanki' voice "Papaaa... Mummmaaa... Maaarriii..." he complained in his kiddish voice which made him giggle

"Yeh nehi sudhrega" she mumbled smilingly when Arhaan came and sat beside her who looked at him amusingly "Ab tumhe kya huaa..??" she asked cutely on which he kept his head on her lap making her smiled

"Mummaa... Chooo..." keeping her hand on his head he spoke almost in sleepy voice which made Shilpa Awe (It was his way of saying that he is feeling sleepy and wants his mother to caress his hairs slowly so that he could get good dreams, this is his habit infact Ahaan also followed the same just like their father)

"Aww... Mera baby... Abhi sulaati hoon" saying this in kiddish tone she kissed his cheek who closed his eyes wd a smile while she started caressing his soft hairs lovingly, meanwhile Ahaan was busy in complaining

"Haan... Baba samajh gaya... Don't worry mere rockstar aake mumma ki khabbar lunga..." Armaan said in cool voice which somewhere give satisfaction to him

"Aannaa(Ohaana)... Do...??" he demanded in his cute voice which made Armaan smiled

"Ahaan... Ohaana abhi so rahi hai yaar... Kal subhe baat karna..." he know its waste to answer his cute question but then also he replied "Ab acha mumma ko phone do..." as he said this smilingly Ahaan looked back at Shilpa and witnessing the scene his expression changed

"Naiii mumma... Aaan biii..." crawling back to his mother he shouted which made Shilpa startled who immediately put her one hand on Arhaan's ear coz he is sleeping while Armaan layed back on couch wd the phone knowing about Ahaan's trick

"Ssshhh... Ahaan... Arhaan so raha hai... Aur Papa se baat karli...?" gesturing him she forwarded her one hand for the phone which he is holding

"Lo..." giving the phone he also layed and kept his head on her lap "Cho... Mumma" keeping her hand on his head he also hinted her like Arhaan who is sleeping peacefully, Armaan was patiently waiting for her response

"Acha... Ab neend aa rahi hai tumhe..." caressing his hairs softly she scolded on which he snuggle closer to her who giggled and picked the phone "Mr Papa... Kya aap paanch minute wait karenge... Kyunki... Mujhe mere do shehzaado ko sulaana hai..." as she requested sweetly he smiled wd closed eyes

"Par... Zyada der nehi... Kyunki main bhi thak gaya hoon..." he spoke in calm voice but she can guessed the tiredness in it

"I'll try... Par agar neend aaygi toh so jaana Mr..." holding the phone by her ear she made Arhaan laye properly on bed while Ahaan himself layed beside Arhaan which made Shilpa smiled who also layed and pulled the blanket above them

"Main kuch nehi jaanta... Phone on rahega..." he spoke tiredly turning his position

"Armaan... Main shart laga sakti hoon ki aapko abhi neend aa rahi hai... Toh sojaaiye... Hum kal baat karenge..." caressing Ahaan's hairs lovingly she said to him in slow voice while Ahaan hugged her tightly and Arhaan was already sleeping peacefully

"I don't trust you... Tum bhool jaati ho... Mujhe... Kahin pe bhi jaane k baad" hearing his complain she giggled laying straight "Acha vo sab chodo yeh batao... Ahaan Arhaan aur Ohaana k room renovation ka kya huaa... Pura huaa ki nehi??" trying to divert her mind he asked normally which made her smile

"Aapko pata hai... Main iswaqt Ahaan aur Arhaan k kamre mein hi hoon..." she replied smilingly which made him smile too "Aur Ohaana ka kamra almost ready ho chuka hai just Anant k room k bagal..." she informed normally playing wd Ahaan's soft hairs who also went in sleep

"Toh tum iswaqt unke kamre mein ho...?" he asked in calm voice on which she answered Yes "Kyun... Isse acha tum un dono ko saathme hi room mein rakhti humaare" he suggested

"Nehi... Mujhe vahan kissi ki bahoot yaad aati hai... Toh main in dono k saath hi thik hoon..." her slow reply made him grinned

"Agar itni hi yaad aati hai toh... Kyun chod ke jaati ho humesha..." as he taunted she giggled

"Kyunki... Jab wapas milun toh vo tight waali hug... Aur kiss de sakoon... You know... Distance makes love stronger" he was surprised by her way of reply

"Kya baat hai Mrs Malik... Aap toh bahoot badi Philospher ban gayin hain mere bina..." he teased which only left her giggle "Vaise yeh huaa kaise??" he asked in teasing way

"Sorry... Par... Main aapke har swaal ka jawab dena zaroori nehi samajhti hoon..." she denied wd attitude which made him to roll his eyes

"Don't worry... Aane k baad saare sawaalo k jawab khud hi le lunga..." he warned cheekly which made her smile

"Haan le lena... Pehle aa toh jaao..." she knowingly teased making him to take a sigh

"Tumna... Bas mera mazaak banao... Aur koi toh kaam nehi hai... Tumhe.. Haina..." hearing his taunting voice she giggled

"Excuse me!! Mujhe kitna kaam rehta hai main hi jaanti hoon..." she took her side making him smile who looked at the moon which made him to remember her face who was constantly talking and just like this they both engaged into nothing but everything conversation... Its been fifteen days since they talked last and its been one month they are away from each other just coz of Shilpa's decision who now wants to stay wd their family... Yes two months ago a sudden thought came inside her that why they are staying away from their family when they have a beautiful and loving family So she thought to share this wd Armaan but before she could share this to him, he announced that finally they are going to shift in Singapore which made her disappoint who didn't said anything at that time but remain quiet which somewhere he guessed so one day he thought to ask as he entered inside the house only to find she was decorating the Christmas tree wd their kids


"Lo... Mumma..." picking up a star Ohaana gave excitedly to Shilpa who was decorating the tree while her three kids were helping even her three pets (But Ahaan & Arhaan were only playing plus helping her), wearing cute Santa hats they were looking cute even their pets also

"Oo... Mumma..." seeing Ohaana giving the star to Shilpa Arhaan also thought to help her so in his cute steps he also picked the stars

"Aww..." she smiled taking the star from him and again concentrated on the tree which was not big or small, it was medium and perfect, she was wearing a dark green full flare umbrella dress wd silver bangles on her hand her hairs were opened in straight wd little curls from down while a cute Santa hat was put on her head

"Boww..." barking loudly Breezer picked that small decorative bells and showed to Shilpa who wd a giggle decorated it while Ahaan was playing wd Shao pao & Toy (Ahaan was wearing cute denim playsuit wd red t-shirt underneath and same but wd white t-shirt underneath Arhaan was wearing the same wd Christmas hat)

"Mumma... Santa aaynge...??" Ohaana's cute question made her look down who just finished the decorations of tree

"Ummm... Shayad haan... Agar aap teeno good kids ki tarah rahoge tab vo aayenge..." bending to her level she pinched her nose lovingly

"Main toh good girl hoon pehle se" hugging her mother's waist she giggled cutely which made Shilpa to correct her hat lovingly (Ohaana was wearing a cute white & red printed flowery plysuit wd white shoes her long hairs were opened just like her mother)

"Haan vo toh hai..." caressing her cheeks lovingly she kissed her head and watching this scene Arhaan also hugged them from down

" Mummmaaa" hearing her two years kid's voice she giggled even Ohaana also

"Haan tum bhi..." giving a kiss on his cheek she said lovingly which made Arhaan giggled where as Ahaan was completely busy wd pets and was laughing or else he would have killed Arhaan, they were busy in decorating when the door bell rang "Tum log khelo main dekhti hoon..." saying this lovingly she ran to opened the door knowing very well who could be

"Surprise!!!" as she opened the door got startled hearing Surbhi Nazma Ayaan's voice while Tanveer Dilshaad & Surbhi's Aapi & Jeeju were giggling at her face

"Gosh!! Tum log naa..." she shook her head welcoming them

"Marry Christmas...!" Surbhi hugged her tightly while wishing her who responded smilingly

"Same to you... Par Samaira aur Adeel(Nazma's son) kahan hain...?" she frowned not finding Samaira there even Rehaan was also not there

"Samaira apne baap k saath aa rahi hai... Aur saath mein Adeel bhi" saying this she went inside making Shilpa giggle

"Aree waah kya handsome lag rahe ho yaar..." Ayaan picked Ahaan up smilingly who laughed playing wd Ayaan's hairs while Nazma started playing wd Arhaan, Surbhi got busy wd her Princess Ohaana and others sat smilingly when again door bell rang making Shilpa ran to opened it, as she opened find Rehaan wd Samaira and Adeel on door step

"Kuch zyada jaldi nehi aa gayye..." she taunted teasingly while taking Samaira on her arms, Adeel ran inside to meet Ohaana

"Hmm... Sorry vo Samaira ko ready karne mein time gaya..." he replied smilingly which made her giggle who played wd Samaira "Acha... Bhaijaan nehi aaye abhi tak...?" walking inside wd her he asked normally

"Haan... Kuch important kaam aa gaya shayad hospital mein" she replied normally playing wd Samaira who giggled as Shilpa was tickling her neck

"Vaise manna padega... Ghar sachmein bahoot accha decorate kiya hai..." Rehaan praised smilingly which made her smiled and they both got involve wd the family who were celebrating Christmas even few guests from society also arrived, when Peter came in Santa clause's clothes wd gifts and seeing this Kids got excited, after few hours Armaan came back only to find everyone enjoying the Christmas party he smiled seeing the kids happy even Shilpa was also giggling wd Surbhi on something, Everyone started questioning that where was he but excusing from them he went to change inside their room, Armaan was changing when he felt someone hugged from behind and he know who could be

"Marry Christmas... Shilpa ki jaan... Armaan" hugging him from back she wished teasingly which made him grinned who sighed, wearing a white t-shirt & white opened jacket wd denim jeans he was combing his hairs by his fingers but as she hugged him he grabbed her hands which has kept on his chest

"Armaan ki jaan... Aaj itni khubsoorat kyun lag rahi hai..." kissing her palms he commented smilingly which made her pout who directly stood in front of him

"Iska matlab main roz nehi lagti..." she pouted keeping her hands on his chest who held her waist smilingly

"Haan... Lagti ho... Par thoda thoda..." as he knowingly teased her, she hit his chest lightly who kissed her cheeks lovingly "Nehi humesha lagti ho... Khush" she giggled as he commented

"Vaise aap the kahan... Kabse main wait kar rahi thi...?" she asked like a typical wife

"Hmm... Ek case tha... Phir Singapore se call aaya ki humaara ghar ready ho chuka hai... Toh usimein busy tha" playing wd her hairs he replied normally but hearing this her smile faded which he noticed

"Acha hai... Chalo bahar sab wait kar rahen hain..." she faked a smile while moving away from him who shook his head getting very well she is not happy wd this decision "Chalo..." gripping his wrist she turned to go when he pulled her back firmly and caged her in his arms "Kya huaa??" she frowned watching his calm face

"Kya tum khush ho humaare Singapore jaane ke decision se...?" he directly asked in calm voice while her expression changed into serious one

"Armaan... Aap..." she was about to refuse when he interrupted

"Sach bolna... Shilpa" as he said this she gulped and was thinking to say or not

"Nehi mat bataana... Armaan ka dil toot jaayga.. Inka yeh humesha se sapna hai" her mind warned her who was watching Armaan's face "Nehi Armaan... Aisa kuch nehi hai main khush hoon... Ab chalo varna sab puchenge ki kahan hai yeh dono..." denying it immediately she moved away from him who was about to stop her but she moved out making him sighed

"Yeh kabhi nehi sudhregi..." mumbling this calmly he too moved out and got busy wd everyone who were enjoying the party which went wd full fun & joy, after party Shilpa made her kids asleep who were happy to got their favorite gifts even their pet also while Armaan bid bye to everyone meanwhile servants cleaned the other works and after everything got settled Armaan moved inside their room to think something for them coz he want clear decision regarding their shift in Singapore he was thinking when she came back

"Armaan... Aap aise kyun baithe hain...??" she frowned as she entered inside their room only to saw a calm Armaan wd his head put on his fisted hand(He was sitting on couch's edge) but hearing her voice he looked up calmly "Kya huaa...??" sitting beside him she asked concernedly which made him to sigh

"Kuch nehi... Par tumse kuch puchna hai... Toh sach sach bataaogi?" hearing this she got a little shock plus confuse that why he is reacting like this but soon she got that he is still not satisfied wd her answer

"Armaan... Aap kuch bhi puchoge toh main sach hi bataaungi... Kya aapko mujhpe trust nehi hai..?" gripping his one hand she said slowly coz somewhere she is fearing that what if he get angry if she shares what she want?

"Haan nehi hai... Tabhi toh puch raha hoon... Ki kya huaa hai...?" clasping her hand he directly asked in serious voice on which she stared him for seconds and was about to refuse when he interuppted "Jhoot nehi... Yaad rakhna main tumhe acche se janta hoon" pointing his index finger at her he warned on which she stared him who was almost glaring her "Tumhe nehi jaana toh batao.. Yun chup rehne se kuch nehi hoga..." he almost got angry seeing her silence who finally decided to share

"I am sorry Armaan..." she apologised slowly and looked down on floor making him to watch her face calmly

"Mujhe sirf reason batao... Maafi yeh sab mat maango... Direct reason do..." his strict voice made her to take a sigh

"I am sorryyy... Par main nehi jaana chaahti Singapore" closing her eyes she spoke in one breath which made him to shook his head who leaving her hand looked down on floor and realising she hurted him she looked at him "Armaan main vo..." gripping his hand again that to tightly she tried to clear herself but he stopped

"Kyun??" his serious voice made her looked down guiltfully

"Kyunki... Main nehi jaana chaahti India chod ke... Sabko chodke... Yahaan humaari family hai... Aur... Aur" she started sharing slowly while he was only watching her face "Aur... Main ab humaari family k saath rehna chaahti hoon Armaan... Mumbai mein sabke saath" as she said this he got shocked

"What??" standing up he looked down at her shockingly which made her to stood up while giving a nod in Yes "Shilpa tum..." controlling his anger he tried to sound calm "Tum jaanti ho main aisa nehi chaahta... Okay main samajhta hoon tum Singapore nehi rehna chaahti toh... I am fine wd it... But i can't stay in Mumbai..." he clearly announced his decision which somewhere made her hopeless

"I know... Aap nehi chaahte... Main force bhi nehi karungi... Par Armaan jab humaari family hai toh hum unse dur kyun rahen... Especially jab sab thik hai..." gripping his hands she moved closer to him while trying to make him understand who looked away from her "Aapko nehi jaana toh koi baat nehi... Main aapke decision k saath hi hoon... Par ek baat mujhe bataaiye... Kyun aap apni family se dur rehna chaahte hain jab vo aapse itna pyaar karten hain aur aap unse..." keeping her one hand on his cheek she made him look at her "Sirf is basis pe toh nehi naa... Ki aap apne relatives se dur rehna chaahte hain... Jo maana jaise bhi hain... Par vo hai toh humaari family hi... Aur ab toh Jai uncle bhi apni family ko lekar shift ho gayyen hain kyunki unhone apna puraana ghar jo khareed liya hai wapas... Tab kya problem hai...??" she asked in sweetest way which cool down his anger who removing her hand moved away from her

"Aisi baat nehi hai Shilpa... It just... I can't stay there..." getting annoyed he spoke on which she again made him face her by his arm asking 'Kyun?' and that made him more annoy "Kyunki... Mujhe pasand nehi kissi(Considering his Aunts) ki bhi kich kich meri life mein... And wahan ki society i just hate it... Main nehi bhool sakta ki kaise shuru mein tumhaare saath behave karte the vo log and most important wahan pe Shakti n all ka case etc. Vo sab main yaad bhi nehi karna chaahta... Isiliye toh main tumhe aur apni family ko in sab se dur rakhna chaahta hoon... Kyunki jab jab hum wahan gayyen hain... Sirf problems aur distance hi aayi hai humaare bich" moving away from her again he said in frustrating tone making her to understand him more now so wd slow steps she approached near him and held his jacket from front

"Main sab samajhti hoon Armaan... Par un sabke chalte hum apni family ko toh ignore nehi kar sakte naa... Jinhone hume sirf humesha support kiya hai... Aur vo kyun dusro ki wajah se aapse dur rahen hain..." staring him she tried to make him understand who was about to say something when she put her palm on his mouth stopping him "Kya aapko pata hai... Jab dadi yahaan thi toh unhone mujhse kya kaha...?" as she said this his expression softened while she removed her palm from his mouth slowly "Unhone kaha... Ki kaash Aap, Ohaana, Ahaan, Arhaan aur main unke saath rehte Mumbai mein jo humaara ghar hai jahan sab hain... Unhone toh yeh bhi kaha ki unhe Breezer Shao pao aur Toy bhi ab acche lagte hain... Even Maa ne toh yeh bhi kaha tha ki unhe Ohaana Ahaan aur Arhaan ko apne aankhon k saamne bada hote huye dekhna hai jaise Anant aur Yohaan hain..." she was trying her best to make him understand whose heart somewhere started melting "Aur mujhe laga vo hume miss karte hain jaise main unhe... Aur aapse toh Dadu ne bhi kaha ki ab wapas chale aao... Toh phir socho kitna chaahte honge vo..." as she said this cutely he remembered after Arhaan & Ahaan's born Dadu once said to him who in polite way refused at that time "Jab aap hostel mein the toh miss karte the naa unhein... Toh socho humaare bacche bhi toh chaahte honge ki vo apne Dadu Dadi k saath rahen... Vo bhi ek joint family mein rahen jo bahoot pyaar karte hain unhe" at her this words he lost all his words coz she is making him realise this important thing "Aur vaise bhi... Main nehi chaahti ki mere bacche unke dadi dada aur naanu naani k hote huye bhi unse dur rahe... Kyunki isse unhe sirf family ki kami mehsoos hogi... Jo hum chaah kar bhi unhe nehin de paayenge chaahe kitni bhi khushiyaan unhe de do" her every words were true which was making him no choice except to accept it "Main rahin hoon apne family se dur toh samajh sakti hoon even aap bhi toh dur rahe ho phir kyun nehi samajh rahe yeh baat..." staring him she questioned innocently

"Shilpa... Tum..." he didn't know what to say when she kept her head on his chest

"Armaan... Main aapki position samajhti hoon... Par ek baar baaki sabke POV se samajhne ki koshish toh kijiye" hugging him she almost requested which made him somewhere upset by her words

"Toh tumhe lagta hai... Main unki position nehi samajhta" hearing his serious voice she parted from him and looked up at him while nodding in No where as he was controlling not to burst on her "Tab toh tumhe yeh bhi lagta hoga... Ki main unse pyaar nehi karta hounga" she somewhere guessed that he can misunderstand her and hearing this her guess turned true

"Nehi Armaan... Main toh bas..." she tried to clear him but he stopped her

"Rehne do... Main samajhta hoon... So jo tumne faisla liya hai... Main usmein tumhaare saath hoon... Aur... Jaisa ki maine kaha tha jo tum chaahogi wahi hoga... Toh Yes i am wd you..." as he said this calmly stepping away from her she got he is saying this half heartly while turning his back at her he removed his jacket calmly and was about to throw when he felt she have hugged him from back

"Main toh bas yehi chaahti hoon Armaan... Ki main jahan rahoon aapke saath rahoon... Aapke paas... Bas aur kuch nehi chaahiye mujhe" she confessed wd closed eyes while tightening her hold on his chest who rolled his eyes and turning back at her he looked at her calmly

"Tum humesha yeh kehti ho... Par karti apne mann ki ho..." hearing his words she moved closer to him who threw the jacket on couch

"Kya farq padta hai... Mera mann toh aap hi ho..." keeping her whole weight on him she said in loving voice which somewhere cool down him but not showing to her he looked away from her "Thik hai aap nehi chaahte toh nehi hoga... Kyunki main apne Supercool husband k saath hi rahungi... So i love you..." circling his neck by her hands she said lovingly making him smile slowly who kept his both hands behind her back

"Buttering kar rahi ho...?" hidding his smile he asked in calm voice on which she blinked her eyes nodding in No

"Nehi... Pyaar kar rahin hoon..." saying this she gave lingering kiss on his cheek who closing his eyes hugged her tightly "Aap kitna apni family se pyaar karte ho... Yeh mujhe bataane ki zaroorat nehi hai Armaan..." nuzling her face on his neck she whispered affectionally making him to engulf her more into him "Main toh bas... Humaare liye keh rahi hoon" moving her head back she made a cute adorable face making him to cup her cheeks lovingly

"Tumhe lagta hai... Aisa karna thik hoga...??" giving a kiss on her cheek he asked in calm voice on which she thought for some time

"Pata nehi... Shayad main galat bhi ho sakti hoon" she herself got confused which made him chuckled who gripping her wrist made them sat on the couch and sitting against the couch post they wrapped in each others arms

"See tum khud sure nehi ho... Pata nehi kab sikhogi faisle lena" caressing her hairs slowly he teased her whose head was put on his chest and hearing this she smacked his chest lightly "Par actually mein tum sahi ho... I miss mom & dad sometimes especially Dev" hearing this she immediately looked at him wd surprise look "So... Hum chalenge..." tucking her strand of hairs aside he finally got ready which made her happy

"Sachmein??" as she asked excitedly he chuckled nodding in Yes "Kahin aap mere liye toh nehi bol rahe hona Armaan..." pointing her index finger she asked cutely on which he pulled her in his arms nodding in No

"Yeh main apne family k liye bol raha hoon... Kyunki mujhe yaad aaya jab main Mumbai aaya tha... Mom se promise kiya tha ki ab unko chod kar nehi jaaunga... Par kaam ki wajah se yahan aana pada... Lekin ab jab sab kuch mere haath mein hai to main seriously unke saath rehna chaahta hoon..." he explained wd a smile which deffinately made her happy "So thank you... Mujhe yeh realise karwaane k liye" giving a kiss on her head he spoke in loving voice which made her giggle who hugged him

"I love you Armaan..." she whispered wd a smile still hugging him who caressed her back smilingly "Acha main... Aditi ko bata deti hoon ki hum aa rahen hain..." looking back at him she spoke excitedly which made him smile at her face "Aur kitna kuch karna hai... Packing arrangements... Ohaana ke school se leave... Yahan ki taiyaari... Aur pets k liye bhi toh sochna hai..." standing up she spoke to herself excitedly while he was only watching her expressions smilingly "Sab kitne khush honge yeh sunke... Maa Papa Dadi Dadu... Sab khush ho jaayngi yeh sunke... Aur vahan ke saare log... Main abhi phone karti hoon..." watching her face he chuckled and in a minute pulled her wd such force that she directly landed on him "Armaan..." she gasped as she landed on him who wd a smile caged her in his arms

"Shaanth ho jaao meri biwi... Itni raat ko phone mat karo kyunki sab so rahen honge..." pecking her lips he whispered in calm voice which made her giggle at her excitement "Kal subhe bata dena... Thik hai..." saying this he moved to kiss her but she put her palm on his lips stopping him who frowned

"Kya aapko kabhi maine bataya ki aap... Duniya ke best husband hain..." hearing this he gave nod in No on which she giggled removing her palm "Toh aaj kehti hoon... Aap Duniya ke kya is pure Galaxy ke Best husband hain..." saying this cheerfully she looked at him who wd giggle pulled her closer to him and was about to say something when she cupped his face only to take him in a loving kiss which was another surprise for him, after few minutes they parted for breath while touching their foreheads when she hugged him tightly and till few minutes they stayed like this untill she parted "Muaaahhh... I love you.." kissing his cheek she spoke smilingly making him raise his bows

"Itna pyaar tumhaari taraf se... Suit nehi kar raha Shilpa..." as he joked teasingly she giggled and hugged him happily who responded equally, So that was the time when they took that decision to shift back to their family whom they informed after two days and hearing this Maliks had no boundaries of happiness, after few weeks Armaan started the arrangement but coz of his work & Ohaana's last exams they postponed it then Ananya suggested How about Shilpa, Breezer, Ahaan & Arhaan to shift here first and when Armaan's work get done He wd Ohaana and toddle poddle dogs will join but Armaan was not satisfied wd this coz he can't let them go away from him for single day also, but she made him understand that its only about for one month and when his work get finish he wd Ohnu will also join them, and finally he got ready but half heartly while Shilpa tried her best to make him understand who was almost angry wd her and after two weeks she left Bhopal wd kids & Breezer not before meeting wd everyone Yaah it was hard for her to live Ohaana here but her school was also necessary so knowing Armaan will handle her perfectly she shushed away all her tension, In Mumbai everyone were happy finding them back and finding them happy Shilpa also felt happiness but the thing disturbed her was Armaan coz he was not picking her calls, if she called him he gave to Ohaana which was a signal for her that he is angry but then also she tried her best and last got angry coz of his unresponse so she stopped calling him who started missing her, so he himself started calling but she avoided his calls and like this their indirect fight went on untill today!
Flashback ends
In Mumbai After three days
Night time @ Malik Mansion

"Ahaan... Chalo dudh pilo..." an angry Shilpa was running behind a mischivious Ahaan wd a glass of Milk while watching this Ananya Billy Dadu & Dadi giggled (They were sitting in hall after dinner, Ananya was making Arhaan to drink his milk who was sitting b/w her & Dadi while Yohaan already had his milk and was sitting on floor playing wd his toys... Breezer was sitting beside Dadu's side of sofa on floor Where as Anant & Dev were sleeping in their rooms)

"Naaiii..." Ahaan shouted while hidding himself behind Aditi who just arrived wd coffee for Billy who was working on laptop

"Kyun tang kar ke rakkha hai tune isko...?" Aditi scolded Shilpa in teasing tone while giving the coffee to Billy who smiled

"Main tang kar rahin hoon ki yeh kar raha hai... Sabko..." trying to get hold of Arhaan she spoke in an irritated voice making everyone giggle where as Ahaan was laughing at his mother (Wearing dark Navy blue umbrella dress wd silver earings & bangles she is looking Gorgeous as always, her hairs are opened straight wd little curls from down while her green eyes were shinning wd Mascara & khol the way Armaan loves her... Actually today they all went for a movie & dinner date just for small family timing)

"Mummmaaa... Aaa... Aa" Ahaan shouted while opening his arms gesturing her to come

"Haan zaroor... Aur toh kuch kaam hi nehi hai mere paas... Bas tumhari sunane k siwa... Isse acha main aaun hi nehi..." saying this in kiddish tone she kept the glass on table and sat on one of a sofa making Ahaan confused where as others were enjoying this scene

"Mumma... Sssooo..." as Arhaan finished his milk he moved down by Ananaya's help and opened his arms coz he is feeling sleepy now

"Aww... Mera baby... Ek hi toh acha beta hai mere paas... Aaja.." saying this lovingly plus in loud voice she picked Arhaan up and made him sat on her lap which made Ahaan jealous

"Mumma... Ho... Gaya... Chalo... Soo" Yohaan also stood up and sat on Aditi's lap who kissed his temple which also made Ahaan insecure

"Ab dekhna... Kaise yeh rona shuru karega... Shilpa ka dhyaan kheechne ke liye..." Dadi whispered to Dadu who giggled while wd grumpy look Ahaan stood beside Shilpa

"Maa... Aaa..." nudging Shilpa's hand he called in his innocent voice while Shilpa tried to ignore him knowingly

"Huh... Mera baby Arhaan... So jaao..." caressing Arhaan's head she said in cute voice while Arhaan hidded his face on her lap and as she kissed his head lovingly Ahaan got shocked which resulted him crying

"Mumaa..." crying loudly he slumped on floor while staring his mother who held her head

"Aree Shilpa tum bhi naa... Dekho rone laga vo..." Ananya got worried seeing him crying who called again his mother

"Maa... Aap iske nakhro ko nehi jaanti... Bahoot dramebaaz hai yeh..." slapping lightly his head she picked him up who immediately hugged her while sniffing "Acha chalo... Dudh piyo ab..." as she said this while picking up the milk again he started drinking like good boy which made everyone laugh

"Is maamle mein yeh Armaan par gaya hai..." Billy joked which made Shilpa smiled

"Aur Arhaan... Shilpa ki hi tarah hai... Moody.." Ananya teased her who shaking her head smilingly kissed Ahaan's head coz he finished the milk

"Aur Yohaan... Aditi ki tarah..." Dadi's words made Aditi giggle who cuddled Yohaan

"Anant toh humara... Dev par gaya hai... Haina maa" Shilpa too joined them while making Ahaan sleep who was trying to wake Arhaan who already slept

"Haan vo toh hai... Bas ek Ohanna hi apni... Kispe gayi hai... Yeh pata nehi" Dadu smiled remembering her

"Haan... Bahoot pyaari hai... Is ghar ke saare baccho se alag..." Billy also praised while shutting his laptop screen

"Bas teen din aur... Phir ho jaaygi humaari family puri..." caressing Breezer's head lovingly Dadu spoke which made them smiled

"Haan... Bas yehi ek sapna adhoora tha jo ab pura hoga..." removing his glasses Billy spoke smilingly which made Shilpa happy from inside coz her decision was right to shift here wd their family, just like this they talked for few more minutes and then retired to their respective rooms, Shilpa made her both the kids sleep in their room and thought to call Armaan

Raatan kaaliyan, kaaliyan, kaaliyan ne, Mere dil saanwle

Mere haaniyan, haaniyan, haaniyan je, Lagge tu na gale...

"Ab zara apne Pati ko pooch loon... Ki kar kya rahen hain vo" saying this smilingly she picked up her phone and dailing Armaan's number she closed the door of Arhaan-Ahaan's room

"Hello...!!" in a very tired voice he recieved the call which made Shilpa frown

"Kya huaa mere Swami ko... Itni thaki hui awaaz kyun hai..." hearing her loving voice a smile reached his lips who closed his eyes

"Aise hi... Ab tumse distance bardaast nehi ho rahi hai" she giggled at his flirting line

"Aww... Mera baby... Koi nehi sirf teen din aur... Uske baad main aapko itna pyaar dungi... Ki saara stress bhool jaaoge" she spoke in loving voice making him chuckled who caressed Ohaana's head lovingly coz her head was put on his lap

"Oyyee Hoyyyee... Ab toh wait nehi ho raha hai..." as he teased she giggled while walking on the balcony "Acha... Sab so gayyee...??" he asked in normal voice while checking his wrist watch

"Haan... Abhi ek ghante pehle hi... Aur aapke dono shaitaan bhi so gayyee... Par mujhe meri Ohnu ke baare mein janna hai" she spoke in authoritatively voice

"Haan... Vo bhi so rahi hai... Aur tumhaare Toddles bhi" informing her he caressed Ohnu's cheek who stirred a little "Acha Shilpa... Saari cheeze time par set ho gayi naa vahan... I mean rooms n all??" he asked normally while looking out of his car's window

"Haan sab set hai... Par Armaan aap kahin bahar hain kya...??" she asked wd a frown as she heard vehicle's voices behind him

"Nehi..kyun...??" he frowned looking at the streets of his old place (Yes he is on the way to their home... In Mumbai)

"Nehi vo... Gadiyo ki awaaze aa rahin hain.." replying this confusedly she sat on a chair making him grin

"Tumhe toh pata hai tumhaare kaan bahoot bajte hain bina baat ke..." he teased in normal voice when he saw Malik house from the window which made him smiled while the car reached there

"Very funny Mr Armaan Malik..." rolling her eyes she spoke in an uninteresting voice which made him chuckle when the car stopped in front of his house's gate "Acha suno ab mujhe bore ho raha hai toh main sone jaa rahin hoon kal baat karti hoon..." saying this in fake angry voice she walked inside the room which made him smile who making Ohanna's head laye on seat carefully moved out of the car

"Acha thik hai so jaana... Usse pehle zara ghar ke bahar jaao... Kuch bheja hai tumhaare liye" looking at the house he said in calm voice which made her frown

"Nehi chaahiye kuch bhi mujhe apne paas hi rakkho..." thinking he is just teasing her she retorted which made him chuckle

"Aree... Shilpa sach mein yaar... Aao toh sahi kuch hai tumhaare liye.." he said wd a smile as the watchman opened the gate recognizing him but he didn't went inside coz he wants to see her reaction so he was still standing beside the car

"Acha kya hai bhala..." picking up her navy blue duppatta she asked in an uninteresting voice

"Kuch bhi ho sakta hai... Tumhaara Pati... Tumhaari beti... Yaa phir tumhaare dono toddles" as he replied in slow way her expression changed coz she got 'Yes... He can do this'

"Armaan... Sach mein??" wd an immense happiness she asked wd mixed feelings making him chuckled

"Aakar dekh lo... Meri Chidchidi Bracelet... Aur haan... Daudna mat..." as he said this teasingly she threw the phone on bed and immediately ran out

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