Monday, 8 April 2019


_______LAST EPILOGUE_____________


"Driver car zara peeche lena... Aur vahan khadi kardo...Vo bhi jaldi" he instructed the driver who shaking his head reversed the car while wd exciting heartbeat Armaan walked inside and hidded behind the gate where as reaching out she looked here & there wd thudding heartbeat also she was panting now coz she came here in her full speed
"Armaan.." she called in low voice while approaching towards the gate and watching her after one month a contented smile reached his lips "Ramdeen kaka... Armaan aayen hain kya??" she looked at the watchman who gave a smiling nod in No coz before hidding Armaan instructed him not tell her "Nehi aaye..." her heart sank as Ramdeen nodded in No and wd sad look she looked at the gate "Kya pata bahar ho..." an idea came inside her head who immediately moved ahead to look for him, her heart was beating excitedly even the crazy butterflies also flied inside her stomach like a teenager "Iska matlab Armaan ne mujhse jhoot bola..." wd a cute sad look she looked down but again she looked around for him who wd careful steps walked ahead and stood behind her, getting disappointed she turn to go but as she turned bumped wd Armaan only to get startled "Armaan..." she sighed wd surprise making him to cage her in his arms

"Haan.. Bolo Armaan ki jaan..." gaving a kiss on her cheek he smiled which made her eyes moist who immediately hugged him tightly "Ooyyee Hoyyee... Araam se meri Bracelet..." responding her equally he whispered in loving voice making her emotional
"I missed you Armaan..." tightening her hold on his back she said emotionally which made him smile who caressed her back lovingly
"I missed you too.. Shilpa" kissing her head lovingly he mumbled wd a smile when she moved her head back staring him cutely
"Kahan the aap... Kabse dhoondh rahi thi main aapko" she complained while hitting his chest lightly wd a pout making him smile who cupping her face moved to kiss her only to stop by her palm "Armaan hum bahar hain..." as she gestured him to look back where Ramdeen was standing he chuckled
"Haan pata hai... Par kya karoon maine tumhe bahoot miss kiya..." grabbing her hand firmly he confessed in loving voice which made her smile
"Maine bhi... Par aap toh... Teen din baad aane waale the phir aaj kaise...??" moving closer to him she asked confusedly which made him smile
"Bataaunga... Pehle chalo apni Iklauti ko toh dekh lo..." as he said while pinching her nose lovingly a wide smile came on her lips
"Haan... Kaha hai Ohaana...?" looking around she asked in curious voice making him chuckled who entwinning her fingers wd him started walking towards the car which was standing outside the gate, Shilpa has no boundries of happiness as she saw her daughter who was sleeping inside the car and she immediately hugged Armaan for this sudden surprise entry which made him happy, trying not to wake Ohaana he lifted her up while Shilpa picked the toddles and wd careful steps they walked inside the house where as servants brought his bags inside, reaching inside their room Armaan made Ohnu laaye properly on bed while Shilpa made the pets rest on their baskets and after arranging everything perfectly they concentrated on each other
Mera aasmaan mausamaan di na sune, Koi khwaab na poora bane
Dil diyan gallan...
"So Mrs Armaan... Ab aap khush hain.." caging her in his arms he asked in loving voice on which giving a smiling nod she gave a lingering kiss on his cheek "Oyyee hoyyee..." he grinned as she looked at him smilingly
"Itna ki... I can't express in words.. Armaan... Aap nehi jaante aapne mujhe kitni badi khushi di hai.." staring him smilingly she replied genuinely making him smile while giving a kiss on her hands "Sab kitne khush honge naa kal... Armaan aur meri Ohnu bhi.." hearing her excited voice a chuckle escaped from his mouth "Acha ab toh batao.. Suddenly aaj kaise..?" putting her hands on his shoulder she asked curiously making him lock her wd his hands
"Maine tumse kaha tha naa... Ki agar main tumhaari awaaz sununga toh wapas aa jaaunga... So us raat tumse baat karne ke baad mujhe laga ki agar main teen din baad aaunga toh tumhaare vo excitement se bhari expressions nehi dekh paaunga... Kaam bhi pura ho hi gaya tha aur Ohanna bhi tumhe bahoot miss kar rahi thi... Toh bas maine socha kyuna tumhe surprise diya jaaye..." he replied in calm voice making her smitten who wdout saying anything pecked his lips which made him surprised "Dekha yehi toh dekhna chaahta tha main... Tabhi nehi bataya.." tucking her strand of hairs aside he said in loving voice
"Ab dekh liyana.. Toh chalo baitho main kuch khaane ko laati hoon.." saying this lovingly she turned to go when he gripped her wrist "Kya huaa...??" she frowned as he pulled her closer to him calmly
"Mujhe bhook nehi hai... Kyunki maine Ohnu ke saath dinner kar liya tha..." replying her normally he sat on edge of the bed and started opening his shoe laces while she sat beside him smilingly
"Acha kiya... Vaise Ohnu bahoot excited hogi naa...?" as she asked smilingly he smiled
"Nehi vo toh mujhe kehne lagi ki usse tumhaare paas nehi aana... Hum kyun jaa rahen hain etc.." hearing his sarcastic reply she smacked his arm who giggled and removing his shoes pulled her in a hug "Of course kar rahi thi.. Tum subhe uska reaction dekhna kaise khush hoti hai vo..." pinching her nose lovingly he said truthfully which made her giggle who hugged him back "Vaise tum bataao... Mere dono superstars kahan hain... So gayye ki abhi bhi jaag rahen hain?" playing wd her hairs he asked wd a teasing smile on which she smiled parting slowly
"Jaag rahen hote toh main... Aapke saamne nehi hoti.." he giggled hearing her cute reply "Aur vo dono apne room mein so rahen hain..." saying this she stood up to take out a towel for him "Aur ab aap jao fresh ho jaao... Main tab tak apni beti ko bahoot saara pyaar deti hoon.." walking towards her daughter she said in happy tone which made him smile who shaking his head picked up the towel
"Haan saara pyaar tum usse hi de do... Mujhe toh pucho bhi nehi haina.." his taunt made her smile who giving a flying kiss to him layed beside Ohaana and started caressing her hairs lovingly "Par yaad rakhna wapas aaunga.. Tab mujhe tum chaahiye..." warning her wd a wink he went inside washroom to change where as shaking her head smilingly she concentrated on Ohnu who snuggle closer to her
"Aww... Meri baby... Mumma ne bahoot miss kiya aapko..." caressing her cheek lovingly she said in b/w kissing her head "Ab jaake meri family hui complete... Thank you bhagwaanji..." she prayed admiring her one & only daughter, gone were the days when she used to get insecure on small things coz now she understood the meaning of life & trust on Armaan who made her all dreams real even if he don't want to then also he did only for her, she was thinking this wd dreamy smile on her face when he moved out of washroom in his casual clothes and finding her lost in Ohaana a grin formed his lips who wdout disturbing her approached ahead
"Mere baare mein soch rahi ho..." picking her up on his arms he asked in teasing voice where as she got startled
"Armaan..." holding his neck she looked at him surprisingly on which he mumbled 'I love you' making her smile and then putting her on couch he layed beside her who turned at him smilingly "Ab yeh kyun..?" she questioned wd a smile making him to sigh while facing her
"Aree... Tumne tumhaari beti ko time diya toh main apni biwi ko time de raha hoon..." making her hand rest on his waist he replied in cool voice which made her smile who immediately traced his side of face
"Yeh baat hai toh ab.. Main zara apne pati ko bahoot saara pyaar de doon.." playing wd his hairs she said affectionally which made him grin
"Toh phir karo maine kab roka hai..." saying this smilingly he hugged her who wd a giggle started caressing his hairs "Hmm... Peaceful.." he mumbled almost in sleepy voice coz of her loving caresses on his head which soothed his tiredness
"Haan... Peaceful toh hai.." she smiled as he put his hand on her waist and kept his head on her shoulder while closing his eyes coz its been ages for him to sleep like this wd her, they both were cherishing their reunion wd peaceful silence b/w them and wd the time when they dozed off they didn't realized!

One week later
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke...
"Armaan... Breakfast karke hi jaana..." Shilpa almost ordered him who was buttoning his Denim shirt while looking at himself on mirror "Roz dekhti hoon bina breakfast kiye nikal jaate ho... Aur phir aadhi raat ko aate ho.. Dinner bhi nehi karte..." she was scolding while keeping his things on bed and seeing her care for him a smile reached on his lips who thought to pull her on a soulful kiss coz she is looking stunning in her Sea Blue full flare umbrella dress wd silver earings & bangles her hairs are opened straight
"Tumne yeh nehi socha ki mera affair bhi ho sakta hai..." combing his hairs by his fingers he teased her whose hand stopped in middle which was about to pick his wet towel from bed
"Kya??" she looked back at him wd a frown which made him smile who turning at her wore his wrist watch and then wd fake serious look walked towards her
"Haan... Aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai... Ki mera bahar affair ho... Isiliye toh main breakfast nehi karta aur late se aata hoon dinner nehi karta.. Aur toh aur tumhe time bhi nehi de paa raha hoon baccho ko bhi time nehi deta..." standing in front of her he said in calm voice on which she looked at him wd crossed hand "Toh ho sakta hai mera affair ho..." as he said in fake serious voice she gave him a sweet smile to him
"Agar aisa hai toh.. Mujhe divorce de do.. Main apne baccho ke saath rahungi aur aap apni girlfriend ke saath.. Toh koi problem hogi hi nehi" hearing her nonchanted words he narrowed his bows "Samjhe..." giving him a beautiful smile she moved ahead to go when he stopped her by her waist
"Matlab tum mujhe jaane dogi..?" holding her firmly by her waist he asked in cute voice on which hidding her smile she gave a nod in Yes "How mean Mrs Malik... Itne jaldi chod dogi tum mujhe... Itna bhi nehi samjhi ki mazaak tha" locking her on his arms he taunted wd a pout which made her giggle
"Samajh gayi thi mere Hero... Bas yuhin socha masti kar loon..." correcting his collar she spoke smilingly which made him smile
"Masti... Ab dekho iski punishment kaise deta hoon..." saying this teasingly he nuzzled his face on her neck who closed her eyes in surrender
"Lagta hai aapko hospital nehi jaana... Haina.." she tried to push him but ignoring her words he gripped her both hands & hidded his face on crook of her neck making her gasped "Armaan... Aaapko shayad... Nikalna hai..." she whispered dazedly coz now he was giving passionate kisses on her neck who was trying to push him but he didn't paid any attention to her instead got busy in kissing her whole neck and before she could divert his attention he pulled her in a soulful passionate kiss which she has to respond, its been one week since he came back from Bhopal and they were living a happy family time Yes! In morning Maliks got the biggest surprise on breakfast table coz when they were about to start their breakfast Armaan arrived and wished good morning to them who were extremely surprised by this then Armaan told how he thought to surprise them which only made them happy while on other side Ohaana was so happy coz her mother woke her wd all the love even their twins were happy to find Armaan back wd Ohaana,One week passed wd happiness but then also Armaan was busy in settings of his Hospital so he was fully occupied by his work and today first time he is going late to his hospital coz now everything is in control of him who now wants to spend sometime wd his wife, after coming out from their longing kiss they felt complete in each others arms "Hogaya ho toh... Ab main neeche jaaun.." parting slowly she asked wd a smile on which nodding in No he moved to kiss her who eyed him while stepping back a little
"Tch!! Yaar Shilpa... Jab dekho tab bhaagti ho.." making a face he complained on which she giggled
"Aww.. Main bhaagti hoon.." moving closer to him she asked in kiddish tone which made him smiled who taking a sigh was about to hug her when Ohaana came inside their room
Pataa hai mainu kyun chupa ke dekhe tu
Mere naam se naam mila ke...
"Mummaa..." hearing her voice they both looked back only to find a grumpy Ohaana wd a painting paper on her hand
"Kya huaa Princess gussa kyun ho..?" stepping ahead he asked smilingly
"Papa... Ahaan ne meri painting par... Colors gira diye... Jo kharab ho gaya... Ab Ohnu kya karegi bolo..." her cute complain made Arsh smiled
"Hmm... I think Ahaan ko bahoot peetaayi ki zaroorat hai... Nehi" picking her up he said in kiddish tone which made her smile "Aap kaho toh Papa usko punish kare..?" sitting at edge of the bed he asked in cute voice which made Ohnu smile
"Nehi... Vo chota hai...toh...toh... Rehne do... Lekin meri painting...karaab hogayi... Uska kya" hearing her cute kiddish tone he gave kiss on her cheek while shaking her head Shilpa sat beside them
"Toh Papa help kardenge... Aapko pata haina kitne bade painter hain vo" she teased him who was about to refuse when Ohnu got happy
"Haan.. Papa help karenge... Haina Papa..." and now he can't refuse coz his daughter wants
"Aapke liye toh Papa kuch bhi karenge... Done" cuddling her he said in loving voice which made Ohnu giggle while Shilpa smiled and was about to go to look for her twins when they themselves came inside chasing each other
"Aaan..." Arhaan giggled as Ahaan was chasing him wd his little steps while laughing which took three of them's attention
"Lo aa gayye aapke... Superstars.." Shilpa taunted him who smiled watching both of their twins playing wd their small tiny steps
"Aaan..." Arhaan was running still laughing when he fell on floor making Ahaan's giggle vanish "Mummaa..." hearing his cry Arsh looked at him only to find Arhaan on floor wd tears while Ahaan was staring him innocently as if trying to understand
"Dekho gira diya naa..." saying this angrily Shilpa picked Arhaan on her lap while Ahaan looked up at her innocently "Aree kuch nehi huaa baby... Shaant ho jaao..." caressing Arhaan's head lovingly she tried to console him who sniffed hugging his mother while witnessing this scene Ahaan got jealous so approaching towards her he also made tearful face where as Armaan & Ohaana were giggling at this scene coz they knew how he will react "Kissi din tumhe peetungi main Ahaan.. Pehle Ohnu ko pareshaan kiya ab bhai ko... Maarungi tumhe main" caressing Arhaan's head lovingly she scolded Ahaan whose lips quivered wd sad look then to take her attention he also started crying loudly while holding her knees and watching this scene the father daughter duo hide their smiles but when his cries didn't stopped Armaan thought to handle now so he made Ohnu sat b/w him & Shilpa then picked Ahaan on his lap
"Aree... Aree kya huaa mere champion ko... Kyun ro raha hai...?" caressing his head he asked in kiddish tone which made Ahaan's cries stop while Arhaan was already consoled by his mother
"Mummaa..." pointing at Shilpa Ahaan complained which made her jaw dropped while Ohnu giggled
"Mumma... Kyun faaltu mein mere Ahaan ko sunaati ho... Yeh toh bahoot pyaara baby hai.." he scolded in fake tone which made Shilpa to shook her head smilingly
"Haan... Bahoot sharif haina... Yeh..." she taunted while slapping lightly Ahaan's cheek who hide his face on Armaan's chest making him chuckled
"Haan dekho toh... Kitna pyaara baby hai..." he knowingly said this while cuddling him who finally giggled
"Nehi Papa... Ahaan.. Roz masti karta hai..mujko aur..aur Arhaan ko bhi tang karta hai..." hearing Ohaana's complain he smiled
"Haan... Ab kya kar sakte hain... Yeh mumma par jo gaya hai... Aapke aur Arhaan ki tarah nehi jo mere jaise smart hain..." his knowing words made Shilpa to drag his name wd a warning glare while Ohnu got confused
"Par.. Par mumma toh kehti hai... Ohnu mumma jaisi hai..." her cute adorable voice made Arsh giggle
"Actually... Ohnu mumma papa dono jaisi hai... Isliye toh vo mumma papa ki princess hai" giving a kiss on her cheek Shilpa spoke in loving voice
"Exactly..." pulling her in side hug Armaan planted a kiss on her head who became happy hearing this while their two little devils got bored getting not any attention of their parents so they again started crying which made Arsh to handle them even Ohaana also who making them laye on bed started playing wd them wd pillows which made Arsh to cherish this moment and after sometime when Armaan reached downstairs for breakfast Ananaya announced something
"Acha suno dono... Kal free rehna..." hearing her announcement Dev & Armaan both frowned
"Kyun??" they asked in unionism
"Aree... Bas keh rahi hoon.. Matlab.. Tum dono ko free rehna hai..." she almost ordered which made both of them suspicious now
"Aree.. Aise kaise... Free rahen...?" Dev questioned while eating his breakfast
"Haan.. Reason toh hona chaahiye..." Armaan asked normally making Daadi smiled while Dadu & Billy shook their heads
"Reason yeh hai ki... Kal Mrs Shah... Ke bete ka reception hai... Toh unhone hume invite kiya hai..." Ananya answered in normal voice
"Toh phir aap log jaao... Hum.." but before he could say more Ananya interrupted
"Mujhe bolne do Armaan..." as she said in her strict tone he rolled his eyes while others hide their smiles "Haan toh hum nehi jaayenge... Kyunki maa ke ghootno mein dard hai toh vo nehi jaayngi... Billy aur Papa bhi nehi jaayenge kyunki unhe bhi kuch kaam hai toh main jaa kar akele kya karungi... Isliye tum chaaro chale jaana aur baccho ko hum sambhaal lenge..." hearing this they both made a face "Mooh mat banao dono..." as she scolded they all giggled
"Aree... Yeh reception kitna boring hota hai..." Dev spoke in annoying voice
"Exactly... Except couple sab bore hote hain... In fact couples bhi khud bore hoten hain.." Armaan agreed making the elders smile
"Haan tujhe yaad haina... Kaise ek baar hum dad ke friend ki beti ke reception mein gayye the... Toh kitna boring tha vo..." hearing Dev he gave a nod in Yes
"Haan... Itna ki ek ghante baad Ladki khud chali gayyi yeh kehkar... Bas ab aur nehi khadi rahungi..." as he mimicked Dev laughed even elders also smiled
"Haan kyunki..." Billy tried to explain but Dev's voice stopped him
"Rehne do dad... Koi faida nehi explain karne ka... Kyunki humne dekha tha" he spoke in cool voice which made Armaan chuckled
"Aree... Chale jaao na... Thoda fresh feel karoge... Dono" Dadi insisted
"Kya aap bhi dadi... Fresh feel karne ke liye... Reception hi milega hume..." Dev spoke coolly
"Isse accha... Kahin ghoom naa aayen hum" giving a hifive to Dev Armaan continued which made Dadi to held her head
"Kuch nehi ho sakta tum dono ka... Pata bhi hai..." Billy lightly slapped Dev's head who rubbed his head while making a face and at this Armaan chuckled
"Acha... In dono ko chodo... Yeh batao Shilpa aur Aditi kahan hai...?" Dadu asked normally to Armaan who took a sip from his juice
"Zaroor baccho ne busy rakkha hoga unhen... Varna inki tarah thodi humesha free ghoomte rahen..." as Ananya taunted in teasing tone both of them dragged 'Mom' which made everyone laugh even Ananya also and just like this their breakfast ended wd family time while Shilpa & Aditi were busy wd their kids, Now they have complete happy family who lives every moment like before that 'Happy Nok Jhok' type there is only difference is now they have few more little members who finally completed their fourth generation!

Night time 01:45 am
Dil diyan gallan, Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke, Dil diyan gallan...
"Sab so gayyen hai... Aur ab tak Armaan nehi aaye..." looking at her phone Shilpa mumble almost in sleepy tone(She was sitting on her bed waiting for Armaan who was not recieving her call) "Agar busy hain toh messege karden... Lekin nehi suspense mein jo rakhna hai.." she cursed while laying on bed but still her eyes were fixed on the phone which was laying in front of her "Dekh lena abhi jaise hi sone chalungi... Call karenge..." saying this to herself she closed her eyes and tried to sleep, few minutes passed she was on verge of her deep sleep when her phone's ring made her startled "Kya... Yaar.." she made a face hiding her face on pillow but the ring was still ringing which made her annoyed now and she knew who could be 'Mr Husband' "Tch! Kya hai Armaan.." hearing her annoyed voice he chuckled knowing very well she was sleeping
"Mujhe laga tha ki... Tum i love you kahogi... Par tum toh direct chillaane lagi... Not fair haan Bracelet..." he knowingly teased her while putting his head on the seat post
"Haan zaroor... Aap bahoot acche husband haina... Jo mera humesha call recieve karten hain aur meri sunten hain... Haina" her taunt made him laugh "Hassiye mat..." sitting properly she warned still in her sleepy tone which made him smile
"Okaayy... Sorryy par main kya karta... Kaam mein busy tha naa... Wify..." hearing his reason her heart softened who finally mumbled 'Its okay' which he heard "Oyyee Hoyyyee... Yeh hui naa baat... Accha sab so gayyen? I mean humaare bacche aur sab?" he asked carefully which made her smile
"Nehi sab Dandiya khel rahen hain.." her sarcastic comment made him laugh "Aap bhi naa Armaan.. Obviously so hi rahen hain sab aur aapke teeno bacche bhi..." this time she replied smilingly which made him smile too
"Hmmm... Thik hai... Aacha ab ek acchi Wife ki tarah bahar aa jaao... Kuch kaam hai..." as he said this she frowned
"Armaan... Aap ghar ke bahar hain...??" she asked wd a frown on which he replied Yes "Armaan... Agar ghar ke bahar hain.. Toh andar aaiye vahan kya kar rahen hain..." she scolded on her strict tone which made him to roll his eyes
"Shilpa... Zyada sawaal mat karo... Aur aao chup chap... Seriously mujhe tumse kuch kaam hai..." he commanded like a typical husband which was enough for her anger
"Sorryyy... Main nehi aaungi... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." she refused in her attitudish tone which made him to held his head
"Aree... Shilpa mujhe hospital se related kuch kaam hai... Ab agar main andar aata toh sabko disturb hota so... Tumhi aa jaao naa... Vo meri... Haan... Vo blue waali file lekar jo shelf par rakki hai books ke..." faking a serious voice he lied which made her to believe him so moving down from bed she looked for his file
"Kaunsi... Blue waali??" she questioned as she find three types of blue files on self while he smiled at her innocence
"Aree jo sabse pehle hogi wahi..." he replied in normal voice while looking at his wrist watch where as she found a blue file on shelf
"Mil gayyi... Aap ruko wahin main aati hoon..." saying this she wore her sleepers and picked her sea blue duppatta which was exact match of her flare umbrella dress where as hanging up the phone he gave a pride full pat on himself mentally, moving out of the house she looked for him who stopped his car in front of her and then opened the passenger seat for her who shaking her head sat inside the car "Yeh lo..." as she forwarded the file he locked the car from inside then started his car "Armaaannn...??" she looked at him shockingly who wd a smirk was driving at its fullest speed
"Thank you... File ke liye par vo tumse zyada important thodi hai..." focusing on road he said in loving voice making her to looked at him in disbelief coz she understood he lied
"Matlab aapne mujhse... Jhoot kaha...??" she asked wd a pout on which he gave a flying kiss to her while nodding in Yes
"Haan.. Kyunki tum seedhi sharafat se aati nehi... Toh jhoot hi bol diya..." he said in normal voice looking at her who smacked his arm asking Why?? "Aree mujhe apni wife ke saath time spend karna tha.. Toh socha kal kar loon vaise bhi kal mera free day hai... So no hospital..." saying this coolly he tried to grab her hand but she smacked on it angrily making him smile "Aur vaise bhi mujhe bahoot tez bhook lagi hai..." looking at her he said wd cute face making him gawped at him unbelievingly
"Toh ghar mein kyun nehi jaa rahe bhook lagi hai toh..." crossing her hands she scolded which made him chuckled
"Aree... Agar main ghar mein khaata... Toh apni pyaari Chidchidi wife ke saath time spend kaise karta..." kooching cooing her chin he said in loving voice which made her smile slowly
"Armaan phir bhi.. Aap" but before she could start her rant he put his palm on her mouth and stopped his car on side of road
"Bina jhagde toh tumse kuch hota nehi... Par aaj ke liye please chup ho jaao... Aur mere saath kuch pal bitaao... Khushi ke..." moving closer to her he almost requested which made her to hide her smile and seeing her smiling he started his car
"Acha thik hai... Par hum jaa kahan rahen hain??" as she questioned in her strict mode he started thinking
"I think... Main tumhe nehi bataaunga..." his direct refuse made her angry
"Toh phir mujhe kyun laaye... Khud chale jaate..." she taunted while looking out of the window wd angry look where as hidding his smile he stopped his car on the entrance of 'Khao Galli' which she didn't noticed
"Acha chodo... Aaao kuch khaaten hain..." looking at her he said in loving on which she didn't paid any attention to him who wd amusing smile gave a lingering kiss on her cheek which made her anger melt "Chalona.. Bahoot bhook lagi hai... Please" entwinning their fingers he made a puppy face on which giving a smile she pecked near his lips who grinned
"Chaliye..." pinching his nose tip she said in loving voice
"Zaroor..." saying this he removed his seatbelt following by her and they both moved out of the car, Shilpa was surprised to find he want to eat here in 'Khao Galli' and when she asked how sudden? His reply made her giggle coz he replied 'Actually yeh jagah mujhe tumhaari yaad dilaati hai.. Aur jab main yahan aaya tab mujhe laga... Kyuna khush kardiya jaaye isse ki finally tum yahan aa hi gayi vo bhi mere saath..' and like this Armaan ordered his desired food infact he ordered for her also
"Armaan nehi..." she tried push the spoon which have holding and now was forcing her to eat the plate full of 'Pav Bhaji'
"Aree... Yaar Shilpa... Khaao na... Ab aayi ho toh saath dedo..." he insisted cutely which made her left no choice so she inserted that morsel making him happy who again started eating also in b/w insisting her to company him... After spending time in Khao galli they went in Beach where they started walking on the wet sand wd entwinned hands and bare foot, the peaceful atmosphere of this night, the cool breeze of the wind and the shinning blue moonlight on the waving sea was making it more Romantic, few minutes passed they were quietly walking enjoying the weather when something from back came inside her head infact everything from back that...
How they met, How her Bracelet stuck wd him, How her Duppatta fell on him, How she mistook him as an electrician and How they ended up in marriage... How she didn't accepted their marriage & him, How he left for Singapore & came back wd different side, How he made her accept their marriage, friendship & him, Their confession, romance, love, their loss of their first unborn child, Shao Pao's death & his accident.. His gaining back his memory & How he turned in different shade, their main journey of marriage start there only like How his strict side always made her scared of him, then their Bhopal life which made them more closer & where she got the chance to know him more better, his care when she was Ill, his support to make her study for Fashion desgining, his Akdu side on her tantrums & How can she forget he gifted Breezer, and then came their obstacles their distance during Avni's marriage function, Kiya & Ansh's entry in their life... Her insecurities & misunderstanding which made them apart, His misunderstanding which made him to Slap her & as a result her hate for him grew more, then came Shakti's father & kidnapped Divya & Her, How he smartly rescued her & took her care in fact he also apologized for his slap & behavior, How she again mistook him wd a girl on Muskaan-Rahul's party in pub which resulted that goons & Armaan's fight wd them... Her broken confession turned everything in right place coz of it he realised his Love for her, then his tricks to make her close to him like their 4rth anniversary where he confessed about Kiya's truth & one chance to their marriage, Everything was turning confusing for her which made her to ran away from him who was trying hard to keep her close to him, And then came that night which made them One again but again she messed up & things turned bad... His distance then that riot scene, Kiya's entry & exit from their life, his anger, her emotions and then at last their Confession on Avni's reception night, and after that everything passed like a beautiful dream, a smile reached her lips as she recalled how they got to know about her pregnancy & how God gifted Ohanna to them... Then again came their two years's distance just coz of her stupidity but it actually made them more attached each other, their reunion, their twins and at last How she got her perfect family wd a perfect man!
"Kisine sahin kaha hai... Jo hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai... Aur meri life mein bhi yehi hua.. Agar Armaan nehi hote toh yeh rishta bhi nehi hota.." she thought wd a smile while looking at the sea where as Armaan got bored so he looked at Shilpa and finding her lost he frowned so he nudged her who looked at him smilingly
"Shilpa kya soch rahi ho...??" he asked normally making her smile who was about to reply when the waves of water hit their legs
"Sshhh..." she moved closer to him as she felt the coldness on her feet while he circled his arms around her waist and pulled her more closer to him smilingly
"Aaj itni shaant kyun ho... Kya soch rahi thi??" as he asked this smilingly a smile reached her lips who encircled his neck by her hands "Aree... Itne pyaar se dekhogi toh... Khaa jaaunga... Yaad rakhna..." moving to bite her he warned in husky voice which made her to adore him and wdout saying anything tip toeing her legs she gave a lingering kiss on his lips whose eyes lifted up surprisingly
"I love you..." staring at his astonished face she said in loving voice and an unknown smile reached his lips watching her teasing grin, wd a teasing smile she rubbed her lips tick mark from his lips who looked at her questioningly and as in answer she corrected his hairs from forehead
"Tum karna kya chaahti ho... I mean" but before he could say more she broke wd fits of laughter making him confused "Aree..." he looked at her confusedly coz she was laughing uncontrollabely "Shilpa maine.. Koi joke nehi maara... Stop it yaar..." now he extremely got puzzeled coz she was not stopping
"Armaan... Aaap..." she giggled moving away from him who getting annoyed pulled her closer to him
"Shilpa... Bolo bhi ab..." watching his serious face she controlled herself and then looked at him smilingly
"Actually mujhe kuch yaad aa gaya tha..." playing wd his shirt's buttons she said wd a smile which made him to narrow his bows "Aapko yaad hai... Jab shuru mein hume ghar mein sab date par bhej rahe the... Aur mujhe nehi jaana tha... Tab aapne kya kiya tha..." as she said smilingly he pulled her more closer nodding in Yes wd an amusing smile "Kaise aapne kaha.. Kya tum mere saath date par chalogi.. Aur jab maine mana kiya tab aapne.. Vo idea nikaala jo sachmein funny tha.. Kaise aapne sabke saamne call kiya aur mujhse kaha..." she was saying wd giggles and he was only staring her smilingly actually was admiring her "I am sorry Shilpa... Main chalta... Par kya karoon kaam haina... Mujhe doctor hona hi nehi chaahiye tha.." mimicking him she broke wd laughter where as he chuckled not because of their flashback scene it was her happy smiling face made him chuckled "Aapko... Pata hai.. Usdin main bahoot... Hassi thi..." still laughing she said which made him to shook his head smilingly
"Toh tum kabse yeh sab soch rahi thi...??" tucking her hairs aside he asked in calm voice on which she gave a quick nod still smiling "Tum kabhi mera peecha nehi chod sakti naa...??" as he taunted teasingly she giggled and giving a nod in Yes kissed his jaw line who grinned "Oyyee Hoyyeee... Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai... Mujh par.. Kyun" at his this question she circled his neck by her hands smilingly
"Aise hi mera pati meri marzi.." as she replied teasingly he made a face which made her smile "Aree.. Aaj maine naa humaari kahaani ko shuru se socha... Jo ab complicated nehi easy lag raha hai..." hearing this he smiled
"Haan vo toh lagega hi... Sab kuch maine jo sambhaala tha..." entwinning their fingers he said in loving voice making her to smack his arm lightly "Acha... Vaise humaari kahaani hai kya...??" walking again wd her he asked calmly which made her think for few minutes
"Pata nehi... Aap bataao..." as she shrugged he shook his head smilingly when something came inside her head "Acha Armaan socho... Agar maine kabhi aapko haan kaha hi nehi hota... Humaare first confession par...?" hearing her excited voice he chuckled while sitting on some dry place wd her who was waiting for her answer impatiently "Bolona..." she nudged him cutely
"Tab toh confirm tha ki main tumpe force karta... Kyunki jitni patience thi utni dikhaayi maine varna tumhaara kya hota tum bhi nehi jaanti... Vo toh humaare first kiss ne bacha liya tumhe.." her jaw dropped opened hearing his shameless reply "In fact jab main Singapore se aaya tha Avi-Shagun ki shaadi mein ussi waqt mann kiya ki tumhe is baar nehi chodunga par phir tum bach gayi.. Meri niyat toh humesha fisalti thi.. Vo toh tumhaare liye khudko roka tha.." he replied wd a teasing grin which made her to hide her blush and directly smacked his arm "Aur kuch??" he looked at her teasingly who shaking her head looked at him thoughtfully
"Acha Armaan... Aap jab vo teen saal bhool gayye the... Aur ghar aaye the apne Sadu look mein... Tab aap itne serious kyun ho gayye the aur mujhpe itna gussa kyun karte the... Jabki shaadi toh aapki marzi se hui thi... Tab aap kyun mujhse dur bhaagte the... Specially jab aapko yeh pata chal gaya tha ki Kiya apni life mein aage bhad chuki hai... Kya aapke dimaag mein ek baar bhi nehi aaya ki ismein is masoom ki kya galti hai...??" her long complaining question made him to held his head
"Yeh sawaal ab kyun pooch rahi ho... Vo bhi itne saal baad.. It doesn't matter now" looking at her he asked in uninterested voice which made her to smack his arm wd a pout almost ordering 'Bolo' which left no choice to him "Aree yaar... Acha ruko sochne do.." shaking his head he started thinking which made her smile "Actually pata nehi... Shayad tum mujhe pasand nehi thi" as he said this teasingly she smacked his arm wd a pout making him chuckled "Okay jokes apart.. Hmmm.. Toh... I think main tumhaare saath rude isliye tha kyunki... First main bhool gaya tha tumhaare saath bitaaye vo teen saal toh jab tumne kaha ki kuch nehi tha humaare bich mujhe doubt tha ki yeh toh pakka jhoot hai... Coz jahan tak mujhe yaad tha mujhe koi problem nehi thi tumse shaadi karne mein coz i was already attracted towards you so how can be... We were friends??" a smile reached her lips as he was saying this thoughtfully "Aur jab main sochta mujhe chid hoti tumse jo gusse mein turn ho jaati thi... Ki ek toh mujhe kuch yaad nehi hai aur uper se tum humesha kuch na kuch ulta karti thi... So that's why i was in distance wd you... Kyunki mujhe tumpar zara sa bhi trust nehi tha.. Aur saath mein ek ajeeb sa dar tha ki kahin..." he looked at her calmly while saying this on which she gave him a smiling nod in Yes as if encouraging him who smiled slowly "Ki kahin tum mere karib naa aa jaao aur mujhe tumse pyaar naa ho jaaye... Kyunki uswaqt already unsolved mistries thi meri life mein bahoot" pinching her nose tip he replied in loving voice which made her smile
"Par Bhopal mein toh main aapke saath akeli thi toh vahan kyun.. Sadu bante the...??" her next question made him to shook his head silently "Bolo Armaan..." shaking him lightly she insisted
"Haan kyunki... Vahan main tumhe aur humaare rishte ko samajhna chaahta tha.. Aur sabse badi baat mujhe tumpe trust nehi tha" hearing this she lightly smacked his shoulder who wd a smile pulled her closer to him "Lekin.. Ab un sab baato ka kya faida Shilpa... Vo toh past tha... Aur humaare present ka sach yeh hai ki hum saath hain.. Haina" grabbing her hand he said contentedly which made her smile who moved more closer to him mumbling Yes "Toh tum vo sab chod ke... Kyuna... Mujhpe dhyaan do" saying this sweetly he moved to kiss her who lightly slapped his cheek
"Aap par toh humesha dhyaan deti hoon... Aur ab raat bahoot ho chuki hai toh kyuna.. Hum ghar chalen..?" her scold made him shook his head in No "Aree par mujhe ab neend aa rahi hai..." making a cute face she spoke on which he pecked her lips who left amused watching his grin
"Toh mere liye apni neend bhagaao... Kyunki main toh der yehin rahunga aur tumhe bhi yehin rehna hoga mere saath.. Jab tak mera mood nehi karta.." saying this stubbornly he looked ahead on the sea while her mouth hung opened hearing this
"Aapka matlab hai... Ki jab tak aapka mood nehi karega ghar jaane ka tab tak hum yehin rahenge?" she asked in disbelief on which he gave a cool reply in Yes "Offoo!! Armaan... Aap toh dekh loge.. Aur mera kya... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai.." she made a grumpy look while smacking his arm lightly
"Aree kal maine leave li hai so no tension" hearing his cool reply she got annoyed
"Haan.. Zaroor... Aap aaram se sona... Aur main aapke baccho aur gharwaalo ko sambhaaloon haina..." her cute sarcastic way made him laughed "Haan hassoo... Meri neende chin ke hasso... Huh..." taunting him angrily she stood to go when he pulled back her by her wrist who directly landed on his lap "Armaan.." showing her angry glare she smacked his chest who kissed her cheek teasingly
"Tab tak kyuna tum mere paas raho... Aur yehin so jao..." as he suggested cheekly she slapped his cheek lightly who moved to bite her but she put her palm on his mouth stopping him
"Mujhe bilkul mood nehi hai mazaak ka... Mujhe sachmein neend aa rahi hai... Par haan mujhe thoda time spend karna hai.. Aapke saath" removing her palm she pinched his nose lovingly which made him grin who pulled her more closer to him
"Hmmm.. Chalo thik hai... Tumhaare liye yeh bhi... You know unromantic hona tum toh unromantic hi karna padega kuch" hearing his reply she giggled putting her hands around his neck
"Jaise...?" brushing their nose tips she asked in loving voice on which he smiled
"Jaise tumhaare liye hum yahaan se chalten hain..." he replied in loving voice which made her smitten by him
"Hmm..." giving a cute nod in Yes she moved down from his lap slowly which made him frown "Chalo aisa karten hain... Aapke liye thodi der aur yahan rukten hain.." as she said this smilingly while sitting beside him a smile reached his lips but making a serious face he looked ahead
"Nehi Shilpa mere liye apni marzi ke khilaaf mat jao.. Aakhir main tumpe kuch force nehi karna chaahta..." as he refused in fake innocent voice she smacked his arm
"Chalo acha.. Mr Nautanki Armaan.." she said in cute scolding voice which made him chuckle who pulled her in a hug lovingly
"Vaise kya maine tumse kabhi kaha... Ki tum duniya ki best wife ho?" still hugging her he faked a serious face which made her to hide her smile while giving nod in No "Toh ab kehta hoon... I have world's bestest wife... Even this Galaxy also" staring at her he said in loving voice while tracing her cheek wd his thumb which made her smile who cupped his cheeks lovingly
"Hmmm... And i think..." as she started he watched her face amusingly "I love you.." kissing his cheek she said in loving voice which made him chuckle
"You think... You love me..?" he asked in fake serious voice which made her to nod in Yes cutely "Hmm... Then i also think... I am in love wd you more now" as he said in calm voice she pressed her lips not to smile but in a second she chuckled which made he also followed after a second who pulled her in a tight hug while the cool breeze touched them in this moonlight night making the atmosphere Romantic for them who cherished their togetherness wd their Love! Its not the end of their story or problems, it's the new beginning for them, new journey to their new path, I won't say they lived happily after that but i can say they lived the way they were before this!


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