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Final part : Taken by Her

he looked at him dressed in jeans and a black tight fitted t-shirt with his sunglasses staring at her … as he placed his hand through his hair he looked at the way she was looking at him and did not seemed to happy to see him at all.

"Beta who is it?" Armaan smiled as he looked over Riddhima shoulder as he saw her mother walking towards them

"Ammy?… Riddhima let him in!" Padma looked at her daughter oddly as she turned around and walked into the house as she lead Armaan into there home… Anjali and Kirti looked over at Riddhima and knew that she was upset about something…

"Momma …why don't we help you with dinner?" Kirti looked over at Riddhima as she saw a gesture of thank you as they left them alone.

"You still mad?" he walked over towards her and looked at her.

"You uh…Do you like the flowers?" he moved closer to her as she lowered her eyes avoiding not looking at him.

"They are full of thorns!" he chuckled as he looked at her.

"That's a small price to pay for such beautiful flower…would you say?" Feeling his finger lifting up her chin she looked at him.

"What do you want from me? Another night in bed? Or is it my body?" he looked at her a little taken back as he felt her anger and stepped closer to her to see the pain in her eyes he had caused.

"Yes! ….for everyday of my life!" feeling his arms take hold of her ..she felt numb and closed her eyes as the tears ran down.

"I want you're mind, soul and that fighter spirit and innocence which I have fallen head over heels for…" feeling his lips on her forehead she opened her eyes and pushed him away.

"Stay away from me Armaan! …as I hate you!" he looked at the tears in her eyes and angrily approached her and took hold off her.

"When I want something I get it! Do you understand and don't test me!" she could feel his anger on her face as she looked up at him….to see the desperation in his eyes.

"You're hurting me!" he looked at the pain on her face and released her…. She looked at the guilt on his face as he stepped back.

"I am not an object you can pick up and abuse when you want too…" he looked at her sobbing with her hands cupping her face and closed his eyes.

"I am sorry I don't know what came over me… I love you and I cant get you to see that…" he looked at the flowers in the room and smiled.

"My mother loved flowers… when I was a little papa would get her a bunch of flowers and she forgave him…" Riddhima looked at him as he looked at the flowers in then room.

"I have never given any one flowers before not even Muskhan… I always thought I give them to my wife to say I love you and need you…" he looked at her wiping her tears.

"I uh…"

"You need sometime …to make your mind up… but believe me.. you have changed me…I have a big fight tomorrow night.. Will you come?" Why is it you can read my mind she though looking at him….. he looked at her and stepped closer to her…. Feeling him taking her hand she looked up at him..

"Please come! Its my last fight I'm retiring as I want to spend the rest of my life with you… I can give you a very good life!"

"Its Anjali Di's wedding soon and I am goin to be very busy…so I…" he looked at her choking on her words and smiled as he stepped closer to her.

"Shhhh…" feeling his finger on her lips again she looked at him as everything from that night came flooding back… Feeling his lips on her she closed her eyes longing for such a moment as he slowly released her… she looked like and angel with her eyes still closed…as he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek he felt her gasp and smiled.

"Please come!" he whispered as he released her… as she closely opened her eyes he was goin…..


"I don't think I can take anymore off this?" Riddhima stared at the commentators on the TV as they showed the highlights of the last round…

"For the last 3 rounds Ammy has been taken heavy blows like nothing I have seen before… I am total stunned… as to how he is still standing?" Padma placed a hand on Riddhima hand as the commentators spoken two one another.

"I mean what is he waiting for? And why is he holding back? His fans are totally stunned by his performance…"

"Tony! I hear what you are saying but that cut above his eyes he giving him trouble…Hand on we have Mickie over at the Ring side!" as the screen shifted to the ring she saw him sit slummed on the wooden stool as he looked at his crew.

"Well his team are out raged and he is not even listening to the coach! Minutes ago I hear him mumble 'she will come?' …. I think he will be dead if he suffers another lacking from the American champion Marcus Bolt! ….Ok looks like this time for round 4…Over to the sudio!" Padma looked over towards Riddhima as she got up from her seat.

"Ridz… the truth!" she turned to see Kirti looking at her

"Do you love him?" she closed her eyes she asked herself the say questions a thousand time but the truth was she did not know… the feeling she felt for him were strong… Strong enough for her to let him make love to her and now that she discover she was carry his child… in a heart beat she would say yes to him… but know there was someone else she need to think about… What if he decided to pack up and leave them… how was she goin to cope?… the rejection killed her the first time!!

"Riddhima?" she looked over at them and nodded.

"You do love him?" Anjali looked at her shocked… and was upset at her. She sneaked around everyone's back… dated a celeb and momma and papa have not said anything… Momma is over the moon and Dad does not care as he was happy when she was…

"I do?" Anjali frowned at her and looked over at Padma and Kirti

"OMG Ridz are you goin to go and save him?" Riddhima looked over at Anjali staring at her.

"He so loves you and getting a thrashing… I give you one one if you don't tell me in detail about your love story when you get back…" Riddhima looked over Anjali smiling cheekily at her.

"BTW… I moving that poster on your side of the bedroom wall and if you moan I …" Riddhima looked at her giggling and grabbed her bag…


"Armaan you might as well hand him the belt!" Armaan panted as he looked at the old guys and grinned.

"Over my dead body!" the coach shook his head as he chuckled.

"We need a medic to look at that cut!"

"Can I help?" Armaan looked at her as he moved closer and smiled.

"If you say yes! First!" she looked at smile on his lips as he looked at her get into the ring.

"Doctor they have special medics and …"

"Hmm I spoken to the Chief Medical officer… he is a friend of the family.. he right here!" the coached looked at her as she placed her bag on the floor next to his stool

"Armaan! Do you have a death wish?" he looked up at her as she placed her hand gentle on his forehead to examine the wound.

"My only wish is to have you with me forever… other words what the point?" She looked down at his haunting eyes and shook her head.

"Last fight! You said and I am here… so…" he looked at the glimpse of a smile forming on her lips as she looked into her bag.

"Was that a smile?" she looked at him

"No!" he chuckled as he felt her hands on his wound and closed his eyes… she looked at the pain on the face.

"We need to talk…" he opened his eyes and nodded his head.

"Ok give me five minutes and I meet you in my locker room!" she looked at him there was something in his eyes as he looked at the coach… as she heard the crowd coming to life … chanting Ammy Ammy she nervously placed her hand on her stomach as she stood in the locker room alone.

As the doors opened she saw flashes of camera lights as he walked in with his crew holding his belt.

"Omg Ammy what a performance in 5 mins you knocked him out!" Armaan grinned looking at Riddhima as he sat on the bench… his entire body ache in places he had never know before …She looked at the pain in his eyes and stood still in the corner as the camera crew and his people helped him off with his gear… Riddhima looked at the way he conducted himself… as he kept glancing over towards her as he spoke to the media… she looked over at the coach as he nodded to everyone and got them out of the room.


"Everything is ready Ammy!" Armaan looked over towards her and smiled

"Honey give me … 20 mins! I have to sit in the ice and …"

"Armaan its ok! Why don't you rest? I see you tomorrow!" he looked at her and shook his head.

"No wait! Please!" he sounded so helpless as if he truly did need her.

She looked at him dressed in his Nike outfit as he approached her… and smiled.

"Guys can you leave us alone please!" Riddhima looked over at him as he looked over at Amit and the coach.
"Armaan you look tired! Why don't you go …" he looked at her and stepped closer to her…

"Ok the limos outside we can meet over at our place?" she looked at him take hold of her hand

"No!" he turned and looked at her.

"You need to rest.. and we can talk tomorrow!" he looked at her as she placed her hand gentle on his face for the first time.

"Come home with me please… I just want to talk promise!" there was something so different about him … his voice and his eyes looked so weak as she nodded her head..

As she looked over at him in the limo he closed his eyes as he pulled her close to him…. She watched how Amit and the coach helped get him onto the bed as he was so tired …

"Listen Doc he loves you a lot.. …I spend so much time with him and has not stopped talking about you… he not even looked at another woman and I'm serious… he a nice guys.. so please don't hurt him.." Riddhima nodded as she looked over at Amit leaving her alone with him as he lay on the bed… Picking up his arm she felt his pulse and looked at him as he slept…

As he opened his eyes to the sunlight in the room he …felt his arms wrapped around a body feeling his tired arms aching as he adjusted himself he open his eyes to see her holding him in his bed and smiled….. he stared at her and felt her stir and closed his eyes quickly…. Feeling her body shifting away from him he pulled her back yo him and opened his eyes.

"Morning!" he looked at eyes lowered avoiding his eyes.

"I will take this as a Yes to my proposal!" he looked at the smile on her lips as she looked up at him

"I have a few conditions first!" she looked at him chuckling as he looked at her.

"If I say yes then boxing life is over… I cant see you like this Armaan!" she looked at him nodding his head at her….as the tears formed in her eyes.

"You WILL Never leave me!" he looked at the pain in her eyes and pulled her close to him and kissed her on the forehead.

"Never OK! Anything you say I accept but I have a condition…you have to tell me that you love every morning like this!" he looked at her blush and took hold of her smiling…

"I'll make breakfast!" he watched her smiling as she left the room

He looked over at her in the kitchen as she made tea and a light breakfast feeling his arms around her from behind as he placed his chin on her shoulder she smiled.

"I am going to convert one of the spare rooms into a nursery!" feeling his arms let go of her heart raced as she turned to looked at him.

"Who's the father?" she looked at the stern look on his face as the tears formed in her eyes… As he moved forward and took hold of her chuckling as she hit his chest with her fists… "Armaan?" feeling her warm lips on his he knew… this was the life he wanted to be taken by her.

The end

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