Monday, 1 April 2019

Intro : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

Overview or the basic story line

Arman and Riddima both are true believers of love but their perspective about love is completely different from one another'..

What if a normal life of theirs takes a Drastic Fairytale turn'.putting them in a dilemma'?

What effect does this turn have on them n their lives'.?

Does this turn make them take fairy-tale-type-decision'or do they stay into the reality ?


Arman ' Arman a cheerful lively ' joyful person. He had numerous number of girlfriends,currently dating Tiya. He is 23, his parents live in Foreign though they are not together, still he does not hate them. His mom in Paris n dad in Italy. He's in the last year of his medical.

Love ' As per him, Love could not be defined in one word, it's Everywhere in air ' in soul and he count him as a typical Romeo sometimes. Rahul is one of his close friend.

Riddimaa ' A sweet cute and sensible girl'though she is not a nerd type off but has not gone through any kind of relationships ' commitments. She keep a dairy which is not know to her surroundings. Romantic person, blindly believes in love. She usually wonders how people fall in love ' the feeling ' the desire ' the passion and dreams to feel this passion and desire once before death. Her closest thing is her Diary and a Soft Teddy.

Parents Dr. Shashank and Sis. Padma ' they both work in Sanjeevani as well. She has a sister Anjali, whom she loves from the core of her heart. Muskaan is her best friend. She's 22 and studies at the same place where Arman studies.

Anjali ' Currently, she's an intern doctor. She would complete her internship till Riddimaa join up. She's kind off in love with Atul, she like's him though she is not sure about it yet. A loving and caring sister n a great daughter. Lets see what changes does her decision make in her sisters life?

Atul ' A cute innocent-funny yet a decent guy. Works with Anjali in Sanjeevanias an intern.He is truly in love with Anjali and had told her that in many indirectly ways as he does not want to force his love on her and waits for her decision.

Rahul' Arman's close friend and treat him as his own brother, share a different fun-teasing relation. He is in love with Muskaan but the tragedy is that Muskaan has not realized it. Though he still keeps high hopes that one day she will understand. Rahul's mom and dad died in car accident, so from then he had been staying with the Arman. He is not a flirt kind off person.

Muskaan' Full too funny-going girl. She's a chatter box. She can not be counted as a secret keeper and she blurs it out. Close friend of Riddimaa and takes her as her own sister, she had even read her Diary. Inwardly, she is an emotional girl, coming from a conservative family. She shifted to Mumbai with her parent when she was around 12.She love's Rahul though she has a fear of rejection and still some where is confused whether it is love or just an infatuation.

Lets see how the lives of 6 people take turns and how it affects each other !


Vaishu and Maha.

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