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intro & part 1 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)




Ridhima.. rich girl. She loves jeans, t-shirts, sports, music, and other normal stuff. She's plain and simple.

But that's before she met him....

Armaan Malik. The playboy.... the full value package.
He's got the brains, the body, the skills, and the styles. He's every girls's dream guy. Not to mention the money too!!

It was then when Ridhima knew she had to get him! She needed him.

With that goal, Ridhima's planning to take every step and willing to do anything to win his heart.

And that means she will have to change everything about herself....

No more sports, no more jeans, no more simple and plain. She has to stand out. She has to be perfect.


The basket ball spun around the rim of the hoop like it was running the track. We all waited with wide eyes; this was the game point and I was the one to shoot it. All we could do was wait.
It seems like hours had gone by and finally, the ball made a turn.

Before I knew it, people where cheering and my team mates rushed towards me.
I smiled as I soon realized what had happened. We won. Again.

"Go Ridzi!!!" I could hear my best friends cheer for me.
They ran over to me and I was soon covered with tons of people.
"Congrats!" I heard a voice say behind me.
I frozed. His voice. He's here? What is he doing here? Ohh please don't tell me he was watching the game!! God no...
I slowly turned around

and saw his smiling face. He was so cute!! I swear I could love this guy until the last day of my life.
His soft blue eyes were worth more than gold. His sexy lips and cute dimple smile is so adoring that he could kill any human with it. How could I be that god give him so much power??

"T..t-thanks..." I mumbled. I can never speak right when he's near.
He flash me another smile and my already dying heart stopped.
Great! Now I'm dead!

"Armaan! There you are!!" Genie called.
That is his new girlfriend. Genie.

Armaan and Genie just got together... Armaan just got done with Riya. God was I gald they are history. But now it's Genie. Man I just hate her.... but only because she stoled MY Armaan.

"Hey baby.." Armaan said kissing her.

I turned away. My face was bright red from what I just saw. The stabbing pain dig deeper as I try not to show any emotions. I was about to run away when my best buddies stopped me.
" Ridhima!" Selina called.
I wanted to run.. but I couldn't.. they knew me too well.

I quickly wipe my tears away but I knew they saw it.
"Hey..." I greeted weakly.
"What's wrong?" Selina as worried.
"Tell us!" Ella press.
"Nothing... really."
"Armaan. It's Armaan right?!" Ella shouted.
I quickly covered her mouth. Not here. I mean... we are in the open! The worse thing is people knowing my secret.
"It is." Selina grin.
I blushed.


" Ridhima... I know what you can do..." Selina said sitting in my room with a book in her hands.
"What?!" I asked bored. It's not like I havn't tried. Trust me I did.
"Transform yourself..." She said lightly.
"Yeah... more girl-like." Ella added.
I cast her a glance. girl-like? Ohh please Ella... look at yourself! But of course, I didn't say that.

"Ohh.. " I said.
"Come on! It will be fun!" Selina cheered.
"Fine..." I groan.


It was the weekend and I decided to follow Selina's idea.
So, I called a few people and got started.

First... I got a hair cut. A whole new walk-in closet of 'girl' clothes; and lastly... I got a few makeup tips. Good huh...

So.... on Monday... I showed up to school like this!

I was wearing our school uniform. Red and black. We had to wear a white shirt with a colar. Then a red vest over it. The striped black skirt was up to your knees, but I pulled my up higher (like how almost every girl wears their's) (but I usually like mine a bit above my knees!!).
My socks were knee high ones and I wore cute black shoes to match.

Next was my hair. I use to have long black hair, but I cut them up to my neck and added color.
For the first time, I wore a thick code of masscara, eye liner, and a light purple eye shadow.
I also added a little foundation and blush.
I had light pink lipstick on with a code of lip gloss on.

I wore a beautiful necklace with tons of other things.

Instead of my ususal backpack, I had a bag with my stuff inside.
Overall.... I look like a slut!!!

Selina ran over to me and stared. Ella on the other hand had big eyes and I knew what she was thinking.


"Wow!! Ridhima... you look so pretty!" Selina said with a smile.
"Love the sluttish new look." Ella commented.
"Thanks!" I fake a smile. Inside, I felt like crap! Man all this makeup sucks!

"I have to go to class!" I said as I waved at them. Normally, I would always be late. But I've decided that a new look also goes for a new attitude!
Good right?

I walked into the class and I swear everyone's jaw broke off. Most of the guys were drooling and the girls just looked so shock... as if I was boy who turned into a girl. See.... I'm not that ugly!

I walked to my seat in the back of the room.

As I did so, I could see their eyes on me. It felt so weird. I think I should stop this! Arrrg... I hate their stares!

Just then the bell ring and everyone rush into their seats.
The teacher came in and everyone stood up. After she said it was okay to sit down, she started taking role.
I stared at her as she looked up. When she saw me in my seat, her eyes almost popped.
Yeah... not from my new beauty.. but that I was actually in class on time.
She pushed up her glass as if to get a better look. Then she shook her head in defeat and went on.

A smirk spread across my face as the door open.

And then my god walked in. My sexy god!
Armaan Malik.

His hair was messy and you could tell her over slepted. His eyes looked tired yet still dreamy. His clothes looked untidy but I just think it's a new style kids will copy later on in the school day. He had a notebook stuff between his arm. His hands in his pocket and he walked zombie style to his desk.

The weird thing is that he never gets in trouble... only I do. I hate that but then who could resist him?

Armaan didn't sit that far from me.
He sat infront of me and next to Genie. Great spot right?!?!
I know.
I spend most of my time staring at the back of his head, while the my brain daydream of us being together.

I can totally picture me and Armaan on a beach staring at the stars on a starry night. The waves crashing in and out makeing the feel very romantic.
I get to lean on his chest while he stroke my hair softly. I can hear his heartbeat for me.....

I snapped out of my daze and stared right at the teacher who was right infront of me.
"Yes... Miss. Sharma.." (yep. Miss.... that's just sad right?! I mean.. she's in her 40's!!)
"I said read the passage on page 42!" She yelled.
I bushed bright red as the whole class laughed at me.
I looked up and saw Armaan looking at me. He had a smile on his face and his eyes were so steamy!
He looked at me with a different look today. His eyes seem to be studying me yet not really.
I opened my book to page 42 as I see Armaan turn around in his seat.
I sigh as I started reading the passage.

It was soon lunch time and I headed to my locker. On my way there, EVERYONE seems to be staring at me! I swear.
Guys would be staring and giving me the 'call me' sigh. Yuck! Only if that was Armaan.

I opened my locker and stuffed my books in. Today, I carried my books because I decided to stay afterschool to study in the library.

I tried to find Selina and Ella but found no luck. Instead, I found myself infront of all these guys.
"Hey baby girl..." One of them said. And he was not bad looking at all. Actually.. pretty cute.
"Where are you going?" Another asked. Now this one was ugly!
I ignored them. I tried to walk past them but the cute one grabbed my hand. Darn, why is it that stupid pig head guys only see what's on the outside?
"I'm sorry.. I have to go." I said.
"What's with the hurry?" His grip tighten on me and I got scared. If could take him if I was normal Ridhima. But being slutty Ridhima.. I couldn't!

"Get away from me!" I yelled.
"Why? Where's are you going?"
I tried to push him away. Now I was really scared. What does he want?
"Don't touch me!" I scream.
"What are you guys doing?" That faimilar voice snapped. His powerful voice sent chill through all of us and the guy dropped his hand.
I covered myself with my arms as the guys ran away. Never had any guy approched me in that mannor. I mean.. I was just an ugly plain girl....
"Are you okay Ridhima?" His soft voice was my cure.
Wait! He... he... he knows my name?
I nod.
He took off his uniform coat and covered me with it.
"You'll get in trouble." I mumbled.
"It's okay..." He smiled.
I could feel my heart melt. How can he do that?
"It's okay." He said as he walked with me.
When we were in the lunch room, I gave him his jacket and he left to join his popular friends.
I on the other hand, just went back to my locker and grabbed my math book. I went to class early and just sat there.


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