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Intro & part 1 : Our Ways


"so... hmm Miss. Gupta u ready to teach my son and take hold of our house ?" a guy quite similar to her age, settled on a cozy seat -opposite to her and she stood nervously in front of him.

"yes sir" she said looking down at her trembling hands, clutched together.

"good... I be waiting for you tomorrow morning sharp at 7" pause "your salary would be settled up by Mr. Khana my assistant" pointing his hand towards a guy, who stood right behind her '

she looked back and made a slight nod with a sweet small smile.

"Miss. Gupta you can leave now..." passing her file towards her. She stretched and took hold of it. Her long hair fell of her shoulders, making him look at her precisely.

'innocent' he thought

she turned and walked out..He kept on staring at her disappearing body- he himself didn't knew what made him look at her, it had been years, he had starred at a girl. Well, actually he knew, he was checking her out but didn't accepted it.

getting to know about karan rite now !! - i don't even want to rite FF any more but this is for u ppl only - don't know will rite further or not !CryCry

~||PART 1||~

 "Eshaan.... Meet her, she is Riddima. She will teach u and help u in every way." Arman said , while pulling him up in his arms and looked at Riddima precisely,who stood in a plain pink dress and her duppatta was placed neatly on her neck.

"Hi Eshaan" Riddima said, while taking hold of his hand and shaking it lightly but- but he pulled it back away and glared at her angrily.

"Eshaan" Arman said, in a warning voice "Riddima, he might be a bit nasty and hard for a while." he looked at her with a clam look and trying to hold Eshaan, who continuously fidgeting in his lap.

"Dad. U putting me down or I shout" Eshaan spoke up, while Riddima could not help but chuck

"Shout at whom?" Arman asked, with a strict face.

"Off-course at her ' so called nanny or maid of the house" Eshaan spoke rudely

"Eshaan" Arman voice turned in to grief voice and Riddimaa look down, feeling ashamed by what the little kid said. "Say sorry to Her. Right Now!" putting him down and making him stand in front of Riddimaa.

"Never !" Eshaan walked away. Not even giving a second look at her.

"GOD...!" Arman exaggerated. "Riddimaa... I ' I mean.." he was afraid, that she might leave the job, as he didn't want that.

"Its ok Sir." she looked down and played with her hand nervously.

"I know ' It will be hard for u but seriously, he need some one to take care of him. I being out whole day has made him very unpleasant with people. He had got no ethics. I myself have been ashamed of his behavior. He was too small, when he lost her mother and I think, u r the one, who is quite similar to her mother ' I mean in nature, so u could teach him and feel him the need, he had missed from last 7 years." Arman tried to make her understand the need of her was so important.

"I understand Sir" she said, with a smile and looked up at him with a sorry look.

He smiled and blinked his eyes in a thankful way.

"So, from where should I start.?" she asked, getting comfortable in the environment.

"Hmm... there are three servants in the house and they will surely help..." he said while she made a small nod and then asked the way to kitchen and soon left him alone.

And Arman, he stood their ' thinking 'why only she? I can get many more... why she? May be she resembles Ayes-ha?' a tear came out and he smiled with pain in his eyes.


"Eshaan can I come in..." Riddima peeped in Eshaan's room, after meeting the servants and roaming the place nicly.

"If I say no, u won't stop yourself from coming in my room right?" Eshaan said, still lying on his stomach on the bed.

"hmmm...." she walked in. and closed the door lightly. "U don't like me?" she stood beside his bed looking at him coloring the picture, he had just drawn.

"i must say, u r intelligent" Eshaan said, with sarcasm.

"Look Eshaan. I m here to teach u ' and take hold of the house. And it really does not matter u like me or not. I m doing this job because I need money and u have to co-operate because u r turning out a bad boy." she said while looking at his huge bed, and blue color used abstractly on walls.

"as if I care. And u need money. You could have simply asked for it. My dad could had given u lots of money with out even doing all this drama..." Eshaan stood up on the bed in his pajamas.

"That's what the difference is... I m working to get the money. I m not begging for the money beta" walking up to him and taking hold of his arm, lovingly "you are living a very pleasant life Eshaan. You have never seen the tough life, we people go through." Riddima said, while rubbing his arm slightly.

He looked at her for a second. And then brushed away the thought he just had.

"look, I Can't do any of my home work. My teacher, God they don't even take notice of me." he blurt-ted out through frustration.

"That's why I m here Eshaan. And I m promise, I will help u" Riddima walked behind him to his study room with a small smile as the small boy lead her to the study room.

"Don't come to close to me Nanny. I get hurt, when people forget me. So, its better we maintain a distance." Eshaan walked in his study room that was in between his and Arman's room.

Riddima stood their for a while and thought, how mature that 7 year kid was, how hurtful his childhood had gone. Having everything on his feet but still their was the word Love missing in him.

She felt bad for the baby, that just asked her not to get close or else, he might get hurt due to closeness if he got attached to her.

"ma'amm" one of the servant patted her back that brought her back and she went in the study room after telling the maid to cut the veges... till she make Eshaan complete his homework


"thank Nan..." Eshaan stopped and looked at Riddima, who was packing his bag according to the timetable. "What should I call u?" Eshaan asked, from nowhere.

"Hmm ' Nanny I guess" Riddimaa said. While zipping the bag and putting, it on the side.

"I m sorry about the morning" Eshaan said.

Riddima took his hand and took him down stairs and made him settled on the dining table and brought food for him, knowing very well that his Father will come late after 10 and the baby might be hungry.

"U forgive-d me?" Eshaan asked, and smiled looking at the plate filled with food.

"I was never angry at you." she moved a spoon full of food close to his mouth. He looked at her for a fraction of moment and then took the spoon in his mouth.

"promise me, you won't leave me." Eshaan asked, at the end of the food and a slight pain ached his small heart of being alone all over again. He felt hope of some one to be with him now.

"I don't know Beta. I won't lie. I will be here or not does not matter. But I will be here, when ever u want me. Life is too short to make promises. We should live the moment we r in.... hmm?" looking at his gloomy face.

"hey... want to play foot ball?" Riddima asked, while walking in the kitchen.

"Yes Yes..!" he jumped of the chair and ran after her.


"I m tired yaar" Eshaan said, while lying on the green grass.

"Me too...yaar" copying him and lying beside him. Both giggled and looked up at the sky that was filled with millions of star.

"U resemble my mom. U know?" Eshaan leaned closer to her to smell her fragrance.

"really...?" looking straight at the sky. Knowing very well he want to be in her embrace. She moved her hand from the back and slightly pulled him closer. His head banged against her shoulder and he took a long sigh. And closed his eyes. Feeling the happiness that took place in his heart.

Riddima smiled knowing how relax he got due to a the embrace. Soon, she got to know that he had drifted of to sleep. with lot of difficulty, she took hold of him in his arm.

'God, he is heavy.... God he is hhhheeeeavvvy, he is 7 year old. He is not to be taken in arms 'repeated' Not to be taken in arms. urghhhh he is heavy.... my arms...' she thought and walked in the house.

When she was walking carefully up the stairs, she just skipped a stair. Her eyes pop out in horror. She felt her heart ache when a hand brush against her spin and grabbed her waist tightly. Pulling her weight on his body. She gasped ' their body touched each other making them feel the gust in their hearts.

"ahh..." she hissed and Eshaan stirred in his position the lights were off as it was the routine of servant to close the light by 10 and walk out of the house to the servant quarters. "Who is it...?" she asked, taking a gulp. She shivered feeling Eshaan's nose rubbing on her beauty bone and a hand on her waist moving his fingers with delightful.

"I asked who is it" she walked up the stairs with help of a person. Soon, she on the light that was beside the stairs. Her eyes pop out "Sir app?"

"jee... mai" he smiled,and looked at her how nervous she was "give me Eshaan" he asked in a helping tone and moved his hand further. His finger lightly brushed her bosoms, not making it notice he moved Eshaan in his arm. "i will make him sleep on bed, can u settle up my food" he made a baby face.

"yes sir." she smiled and went away.

'Mann... why am I getting so cozy with her ?' Arman thought and walked in Eshaan's room.


"So, Riddima tell me? What have u thought? Are you ready to stay here? Or will u go home at night and then come back early at 5?" he asked seeing her placing food for him on the table.

"sir ' I will go home and then come back at 5!" she said while walking in back with a glass of water

"i don't get it why?" Arman settled and asked her to join but she said no to it.

"Join Riddima..." he again said.


"Its an order." he interrupted her while she nodded.

"I think, I can provide a room here for u Riddima. Seriously, you will get everything you need." Arman again tried to persuade her.

"Sir... I don't think I can do that" she said, while eating the little food she took

'seeing her eat that much food ' surely prove why she is so thin' he chucked at his thought while she cocked her eyebrows....

and he shook his head nervously.

"But its not safe to leave the house at this time." Arman spoke while eating the food

"i can take care of it sir" she said while taking her plate in to wash it

"U finish?" he asked astonished. She made a nod and took hold her things and walked out of the house.

While he looked at her for a second, putting another spoon full of rice in his mouth and saw the door shut and she was gone.....

He felt bad and shook his head in disappointment.

Soon, the door opened with a bang and she ' yes Riddima came back in and closed the door hurriedly.

Touching her back with door. Her eyes were close, she banged her head with the door. Her duppatta was scattered. He looked at her horrifyingly and walked up to her.

"Riddimaa kya hua...?"he shook her... and placed his hand on her arms, just to feel goose bumps all over the area.

"sir..." she took a sigh and tear oozed out "sir vo bahar...." she said

"shh... move let me see it..." he said moving her away from door. He saw the roads were filled up with silence and she peep out from his shoulder.

As he moved in ' Riddima got knocked out and was about to fall when his hand moved from beneath her arms.... to take hold of her from falling and pulled her up. Her arms took hold of his shirt in her fist. He looked at her face, that was glowing with fear. Her breath higher than a normal pase.

"Riddimaa...." he whispered. "no one is out their any more. You r safe." pause " safe with me." he moved a hand on her back calming her down. But he himself was confuse with the change that was developing in him.

After showing her a room and telling her to shift here the next morning as he knew, she was alone is this world and he won't mind keeping her in house till she make his house heaven.

Yes he was being selfish because he knows after ayes-ha everything has turned out to be wrong. Eshaan had turned out to be wrong. His world has been turning to wrong ways. And due to Rahul, his buddy, who suggested to keep a girl for household and for Eshaan. For now Arman is relax to know that there is some one to take care of Eshaan.

And today, he is going to have a peace full sleep; where as Riddima, who was firstly scared by the people, who tried to harass her when she came out of the house and secondly the way her sir touched her whole day; unintentionally, was leaving a damp on her heart. She knew, she was thinking wrong but she kept on tossing in bed and remembered, how his hand clutched her tight on stairs... and then on the door clutching her tight in his arms and how he made her calm.

She knew she will be heart broken in the end as their ways were different... she promised herself, to keep her self away from her boss charms and soon she drifted off, thinking what will the next day bring for her...!



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