Friday, 19 April 2019

Last part : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

"Ridhima... feel free to speak your heart..."
I shook me head and forced myself to push him away.
I looked at him and he gazed at me.
More tears rush out of my eyes as I sigh.
I wipped away the tears and fake a smile.

"Thanks Armaan. I feel much better now."
He didn't buy it. Armaan gave me a hard look.
"I was just crying because my parents couldn't come see me. And seeing your parents come visit you didn't make it better."

Now he looks like he did buy it. Stupid Armaan.
Honestly... I didn't want my parents to come. They would over react like Rahul.

"Don't be sad... are they away?"

"Yeah... they are in France.."
"Ohh..." Armaan smiled a warm smile at me and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes. God... please let this be real. He really kissed me on the forehead! I felt like the luckiest girl on earth.
I opened my eyes to look at him and he still had that warm smile on his beautiful face.

I fake a smile for him and we went back inside.

I got changed and came back. Rahul, Mike, Muskaa, and Nick were all here to pick me up.

Armaan was still staying. I think he's leaving tonight.

"Wow... I love you outfit." Mike smiled.
I couldn't help but blush.
I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, my hair was pulled back and I have on a small amount of make up. I know.. It's normal right... but then I never really like showing off my legs.

"I have the perfect place for us to go today..."
"How about the fair?"
"The fair?"
"Come on Mike! She just got out. Do you want her to end up here again?" Rahul joked.
I made a face and they both laughed.
From across the room, I saw Nick laughing at something Armaan said. He was showing Armaan his new toy. Rahul and Muskaan spoil him too much!!

"How about a basketball game?" I asked with a smile. Finally... I can play basket ball again!
I was so happy.... I loved the sport and after Armaan told me he didn't think girls who played sports are... yeah.... I was happier.

Mike raised an eyebrow.
"You look like you might break a bone if I play too rough!" He smirks.
I punched his arm and he laughed.
"Okay... Never mind."

I laughed.... Bichung said I punch like a girl.... but Mike said it hurts.

"Let's go."
"Hey.. How about I play too!" Bichung said coming through the door.
I was confused. The prince of soccer could play basketball?

"Sure..." Rahul said. Ohh god.. my freakin brother is so competitive!!
"Cool... it's fun with more people!" Mike said holding my hand.

" Armaan, you should come.." Bichumg said walking over to him.

"Nah... I..."
"Come one whimp!" Bichung said dragging him out of bed.

So, we waited for Armaan and then all head out.

Rahul is over obsessed with basket ball and he had a handy one in his car so we all piled in and head over to the nearest park. I hopped on a ride with Mike, Armaan with Bichung

We got out and it was now that I noticed how nice the day was.
It was so bright yet just warm.

Muski took Nick to the swings while we all get ready at the court.

"How about we play 3-2." rahul said.
"Works for us.." Bichung said.
"I want Ridhima." rahul called.
I smiled at walked next to my brother. He's protective in a way too... but after he got married and moved out, he finally got over his protectiveness..... kind of.

"Okay..We call the ball." Rahul said.

Mike checked to me and Armaan guarded Rahul while Bichung ran towards me.
"Shoot it!" rahul shouted.
I sigh as I grip onto the ball.
I concentrated on the hoop and made my shot.

Too bad I missed and it bounced off the rim. Mike jumped up and grabbed it out of the air, He shot it and it went in.

Rahul groan and I could feel them playing for real. That's why I hate playing with guys. They take the game too real.

"One..." Mike said checking to me.

As soon as the ball was back in my hands, I shot it and it went in.

Rahul cheered and we high fived.

"I'll check." Rahul said checking to Bichung.

I was blocking him while Rahul blocked Mike and Armaan.

"Your too short kid." Bichung smirk.
I snapped and he laughed.

Bichung dribbled the ball but since he forgot to do small dribbles, I stole the ball.

"HEY!" Bichung shouted.

Now it was my time to smirk.

"Put it in!" Rahul yelled and I did as I was told. I ran at full speed to the hoop and tossed it; it hit the back wall and then bounced in.

"Two-one." Chun said checking to Armaan.

Once again, I was blocking the guy with the ball.

"Pass it!" Mike yelled.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw that Rahul already has Mike covered.

"Hurry!" I said annoyed.

Armaan smiled and dribbled the ball in and out of his legs.... show off.

I sigh as I grabbed the ball and turned away to make my goal. But Armaan spun next to me and took the ball so fast that I didn't even get a chance to realize what was happening.

Armaan ran for the hoop and threw it in.

We played an intense game and we scored 21 to 19.

Me and rahul got 19 and he was complaining. I sigh... I thought it was a great game but all he thought about was winning.

"Gah!! Get away!" I yelled and he smiled. rahul walked over to the playground where his wife and kid was.

I took a seat, unable to move and Bichung joined me.

But Mike and Armaan stayed. I watched as they start a new game, one on one.

"How could they still play?" I asked out of breath.
"I have no idea. Must be because they didn't play as hard as us." Bichung joked.
I laughed.

"We need to get back to studying..." Bichung said and I nod.
"I know..."
"Are you going back to school?"
I looked at him. Of course!

"Yeah.. why?"
I nod.

"You know.. Ridhima...."
I looked at him. Bichung had a calm face that was hard to read. I didn't know what he was about to say. But I honestly didn't want to know either.

"Do you like Armaan?"
I frozed. What? How... how'd he guess? But can I admit it? I mean.. I have Mike now right?

"No... why?"
He was silent for a moment.
"Tell me what's wrong?"
He grins at me... "So... do you like me?"
I let out a loud laugh and he wrapped an arm around me, Bichung lean his head on my shoulder and sigh.
"Bichung... your my teacher!!"
He chucked.
"I lied to you Ridhima..."
I looked at him.
"I became your tutor because I wanted to get your friend's number..." He blushed madly.

I couldn't help but smile. How stupid could you get?

"Then why not just ask?!" I yelled.
"Because I was afraid she wouldn't like me..."

I nod.... I totally understand him. Liking someone from afar is so hard.
"So.. Which one? Riya?"
"NO! The cute one."
I laughed... Bichung referring to Selina's cute was totally cute.
"That's her name?"
"Well.. I know her last name..." He pouts.
"Yeah.. Selina Ren."
"So... can you give me her number?"
"Sorry dude... but you're not good enough for her."

Bichung looked hurt by my lie. But that's not what I think at all. I think Selina needs someone speical like Bichung in her life. Bichung has the power to make anyone happy.

"You have to contuine to tutor me... deal?"
He took out his phone and I punched in Selina's number.

"Speaking of Selina... I need to call her..." I mumbled.
"Don't worry.. I'll call her for you." Bichung teased. I punched him.
"Now.. you punch like a man." He grins.

I laugh and concentrated on the game.

Boy.. Both Mike and Armaan are sweating like crazy and they both look so damn sexy.
I tried to listen to the score but every time someone scores, Bichung would scream so loud that I couldn't hear.

After a while, Armaan and Mike joined us.

"What's the score?" I asked Mike as he sat next to me on the bench.

"Wow! You guys only went up to ten?"
"Who won?"
"Arron... he is really good player."
I nod.

Who would of known that player knows how to play.

"Are you tired? Hungry?" Mike asked.
I smiled.
"Nope... perfectly fine."

We sat a while longer and then went to the playground.

Rahul was in a swing next to Nick and Muski was pushing Nick.

They are such a cute family.....

"Tag." Bichung said as he touched me.
"No fair! I wasn't ready!" I busted. I knew I was being so loud and not proper but I didn't care. I decided to let myself slid just once.

I ran after Mike and he was way too fast for me. Lucky!

Then I decided to get another person.

I ran towards Bichung and scared him, which caused him to trip.

I started laughing and he made a face.
"It hurts!" He shouted.

I sat down next to him and he rubbed his arm.
He got a few scratches but no blood.

"Are you okay?" Armaan asked.
"He's fine." I said before Bichung could reply.
"No I'm not!"
"You look fine to me."
"But your not me.. how can you tell?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Hey! Let's go!" Rahul called.
We all got up and followed them to the parking lot.

Mike and Bichung were chatting about soccer while I walked behind with Armaan.

We were walking in silence when Armaan spoke up.
"Can I like... umm... have your number..." He said a bit in low voice a bit. Ohh god.. I thought you'd never ask!
I smiled and nod.
He handed me his phone.
I insert my number and he smiled.
I nod.
I wanted to ask him for his.. but chicken out.

I went with Mike and we left for my house.
I dropped off my stuff and went with Mike to the car dealer.
Like he promised.. I get to pick out his car.

When we got there, Mike dragged me over to a car.
"Sorry.. Ridhima.. but I'm just so in love with this car." He said.
I looked at it and I also loved it too. It was silver 2010 Lexus. It was beautiful...
"I like it!" I said.
He smiled.
Then he handed me the keys.
"Check it out."

I opened the door and sat in the drivers seat. I loved the smell of new cars. haha.

I rubbed the leather seats and held on to the steering wheel.
Then I went to the back seats. It was so nice.. a hot car for a hot guy.
I smiled as I got out.
Then I closed the door. Lastly, I went to the back and opened the back of the car. When I opened it, white balloons flew out and my eyes widden.
I looked at Mike and he smiled. He came up to me and held my hands.
When all the balloons left, there was a single red rose laying there with tons of pink flower pedals.

Mike took the flower out of the back and handed it to me.

"I'm sorry for my one year absence." He said as he kissed my forehead.
I smiled. I feel so lucky.... Mike is such a great guy.


Suddenly my phone ring went on

"Hello?" I answered my phone.
"Ohh... hey Ridhima..."

Ohh god.. it's Armaan....

"Ohh... Armaan...."
"I was just... ummm... bored."

I glanced at the wall clock in my room. It was 9:18 PM and I smiled. He's calling me before going to bed.

"Same here.... so what are you doing?"
"Umm.... trying to finish up some homework..."
"Ohh... what?"
"Tell me... maybe I can help you." Ridhima I only got it done because Bichung helped me!!
"Nah... I don't want to talk about it. It only gets me more mad."
I lightly laughed. My heart raced hearing his voice.
"Ohh... I see...."
"You umm.... want to do something tomorrow?" He asked suddenly.
My heart raced faster. Off course...spend time with Armaan!!

"Ummm yea... sure." I tried not to sound so happy.
"How about the fair?"
"Sounds.... cool."
"Okay.. do you want to meet there or do you want me to come pick you up?"
"I can get here."
"Okay... cool.... how about a seven?"
"Well.... good night..." Armaan said.
"Good night." I said as he hung up.
I kept the phone pressed to my ear. This is too good to be true..... me and Armaan.... on a date??? Well... not really but.... wow!!


I woke up the next morning and was so happy. I dig in my closet for the perfect outfit!! God.. Everything has to be perfect!!

I tried again, looking over and over again but found nothing good enough. I mean... I wanted to wear a nice summer dress... but maybe I'm over dressing. How about a mini skit?? But then it's that fair... who wears that?

With myself all confused, I grabbed my keys and drove to the mall. That sounds great!!

I was looking through all the summer clothes and was so lost. Gosh I hate when this happens. Never had I faced such hard questions!! I mean.. being normal Ridhima.. I never really cared about what I wore.

I spent two hours and still found nothing. I gave up and went to the food court. I ordered a smoothie, fried rice, and sweet n sour chicken.

I started eating until my phone rang.

"Hey... what are you doing?"
"Ohh... want to hang out?"
"Sorry.... I'm booked." I said laughing.
Mike pout and I thought it would be so cute if I was there to see it.
"Sorry..." I said again."
"Fine... how about tomorrow?"
"Well.... I have school... And then I should be free for the afternoon..." I said.
He seems happy and I could tell.
"Okay... so I'll call you afterschool then babe."

I hung up and finish eating.
After eating, I contuine to find something to wear.

Finally... after another 3 hours, I settled with tan colored shorts, and long white strapless shirt that hugged my breast, but is more wavy and opened at the end, and white boots that ran up to my knees.

I smiled at my reflection and thought it was okay. I was too tired to shop anyways.

I went home and took a shower. After my refreshing shower, I changed into my clothes and then dried my hair.

I couldn't decide what to do with my hair. I mean it's short and the best I could do was just put it down.

I brushed my hair nicely and then started on my makeup.

I started with a face cream. Then another cream used for my eyes. After the cream dried, I put on a light layer of foundation and a small amount of blush. Then I put on a dark eye shadow. I outlined my eyes with black eyeliner. Lastly, I went with a thick code of mascara.

I smiled at myself and then checked the clock. It was now six thrity!! My heart fluttered at the though as I grabbed my purse.
I took out me keys and then went to our garage. Which car should I drive?? My red sports car?? Or my black convertible??
How about my silver BMW?? I sigh... gosh this is harder than I thought. Or my green Acura?? I finally settled for my black Lexus.

I clicked auto lock on the house door and then opened the garage door. When I drove out, I clicked to lock botton for the garage and then drove off.

I arrived exactly at seven. I waited for Armaan at the opening since he wasn't there yet.

I waited.....

And waited......

And waited......

At first, I thought he was just running late on traffic.... but soon I ran out of hope.

I checked my phone and it was eight. I watch as people enter and they were staring at me like I was crazy.
I felt so alone and so lefted out. Yet I waited. He must come... he's the one to make the call right?

I tried to hold back the tears of being forgotten.

I waited and waited longer and longer.

Soon, people started coming out and I just sat on the grass at the opening.

I checked my phone and it was ten. I sigh, not wanting to go home. What if he comes after I left?

Soon, I found the place emptied... all but me.

I looked at the time and it was eleven.

I sigh as I stood up. I simple tear ran down my face and I wipped it away. Ohh god.. who am I kidding? He's not coming now.... stupid me. How can I wait so long for him?

I got in my car and started driving home.

I smiled to myself. At lease I have a real reason to be mad at him.
I grin happily.... now I get to play the 'I'm mad at you' game.....

I arrived home at eleven thirty and crash into bed. It's been a long day...

It was Monday, time for school again. I sigh as I tried to cover my slightly puffy eyes with makeup. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and then head off to school.

When I first entered the class, I heard tons of rumors going around. I took a seat and then listened closely.
"I heard Armaan and Genie broke up yesterday..." A girl near by mumbled.
"I also heard that too... that's why Genie's not in school today.."
"But who's Armaan 's new girlfriend?"
"I heard it's this girl called Jade."
"Ohh her... come on... Armaan should have just asked me!"

I started getting mad and I wanted to so badly rip Armaan 's head off. Armaan came into the classroom and took a seat. The teacher wasn't here yet, so he turned around and stared at me. I pretended not to notice him as I kept drawing.

"I like it." He said. I kept my gaze down.

After I didn't try making a conversation, he sigh and then turned away. I didn't look up until the teacher came through the door. The rest of class was like always. The teacher picking on me because she just knew I was stupid and wants to embarrass me. The good thing was that I actually knew what we were doing today.

When the bell rang and saved all the students for suffering any longer, I gather my stuff and was about to leave when Armaan grabbed my arm. The teacher had left and all the students rush out like there was a bomb planted inside the classroom ready to explode.

"I'm sorry.." He started.
"It's okay. Save it." I said jerking my hand away. I didn't need him to explain how he just forgot me and went on doing other things like breaking and hooking up with girls.
"Ridhima.. I didn't forget you." He said as he followed her out of the room.
"Then what?!"
"I... I had unexpected plans for the night..."
"Ohh... well, Alexander Gram Bell didn't invent the phone for no reason did he?" I snapped. Usually.. I would play sweet with Armaan.... but he was getting on my hanging last nerve and that was a bad sign.
"I'm sorry.... it's just that... I couldn't-"
"I said save it!" I snapped as I turned around. Armaan stared at me. And somehow, now that I've started... it was impossible to let go. "Do you know how long I waited for you?! Did you know how much it hurts to feel forgotten? Do you?! And look at me god damn it! Can't you see how slutty I look?! This is not me Armaan! I'm so done...." I said tears slipping. I promised myself... these are the last set of tears for this pretty boy.

Armaan was speechless. He just stood there.

"I've changed so much Arron, and yet I'm still not happy. Can't you see? My looks, my attitdue, my life! I can't understand myself anymore! I don't even know who I am anymore! It's as if I'm a stranger to myself.
I wanted you to notice me Armaan. All this... just so you would love me. Even if it's just for one day... one hour.... one single minute.... all I wanted was your love. And look at me now.... after all this, I'm still here; I'm still just some random girl to you. I hoped and dream that maybe... just maybe, one day you'll wake up and notice the girl who ment nothing to you. But life don't work that way it seems.
I.... don't to be this anymore. I want to be Ridhima.... the Ridhima I've always been. I don't want to be someone speical for you anymore... because... in the end, you'll just go back to her." I said as she turned away. I shut her eyes tightly and walked fast out the door.

Armaan followed ridhima out to the student parking lot and ran towards her.

"Ridhima... I have something to say." Armaan said not giving up.
"I have nothing more to say! Just.. leave me alone!" I yelled as she started running away.
Armaan suck in a deep breath, trying to stay calm.

The tears were blinding me and I just kept running. What I didn't know what that a car was coming. I tried, but I couldn't stop in time. The last thing I remembered was the loud sound the car made trying to break. And the that voice of an angel, calling my name.... one last time.

Armaan ran towards her when he heard to loud break of the car. His eyes went wide as he picked ridhima up off the ground.
"Ridhima..." Armaan called her name. "Ridhima... please, wake up..."
" Excuse me ... what should I do?" The guy driving the car asked as he came out.
"Call an ambulance!" Armaan shouted.
He nods as he started making the call.
"Ridhima…. I called softly. She looked like she was already down. The blood started dripping from her head and she had her eyes closed. Her face quickly paled and her lips were almost white. Her body was cold and no matter how much he called, she just wouldn't wake up.

Armaan felt tears in his eyes. No... This can't be happening... not to Ridhima. Now when she's still mad at him. What about his side of the story? How was he supposed to tell her now?
If only she knew how he feels. It's true he hurted her, but he wanted to tell her that he did loved her. And it's not the change that caught his attention. It was her true self. She tried to become someone she's not... but sometimes she slipped and a bit of her true self shown through all that lie. He loved her when she played basketball.... she was so cheerful, so easy going. And in the hospital... he learned that she's a very strong girl. Ridhima would throw her medicine away when the nurse came over to him and him his, yet she still recovered. And her kind heart when she came back and help him in the abandon place. Her tears of fear and love were more than enough for him to ever ask for. And in class, sometimes she would slip up and fall asleep. The way the teacher make fun of her infront of the whole class. Yet she learned to live with it. And in the library that night. When she was sleeping. He loved seeing her asleep. She looked so peaceful and so innocent. The way she's not scared to speak to others, and how she, like every other teen find her family so annoying.
Only.... only if he could tell her all that...

The sirens echoed in the distance and students start to gather around the crime scene. The police started pushing people away and the students were forced to back away.

Armaan watch as Ridhima was put on the stretcher and lifted up inside. His heart flushed in pain.

"Are you in anyway related to her?" One of the police asked.
"I'm her boyfriend." Armaan wished.
"You can go in if you wish to." He said.
Armaan bow a thank you to the man and then climbed in. They but on an oxygen mask for her and Armaan felt some weight being lift off. He held her hand tightly as the closed the door and drove to the hospital.

When they arrived, they brought Ridhima out and rush her into the emergency room. Armaan followed, still holding her hand. He said a silent prayer as he stopped running. They had passed the point where familys and friends were allowed. Armaan felt another stabbing pain in his heart as he watch Ridhima disappear behind the closed doors.
He gave a deep sigh as he dropped into one of the seats. He wipped off the tears and lean his head back on the wall. He wanted nothing more, than to let her get better.

I woke up in darkness. Fear ran through me and I wonder if I'm dead or still alive. Dead or alive... I didn't care. Life is so messed up I wouldn't mind dying.
I heard the beaping sound of the machine and I hate to admit it but I'm still alive.
My whole body hurts. It all hurts so bad. I felt so weak, all my strenght drain from my body..... but still, it all couldn't compare to the pain in my heart.
I felt a drop of tear slip and I knew I broke my promise. I cursed under my breath, not that I could speak anyway.

"How are you feeling?" The angel asked. I suddenly felt a bit closer to heaven. The pain suddenly knew how to fade and I felt as if I was somewhere eles... far from here... far... far away.
I realized he was waiting and I turned to see Armaan and his smiling face. I knew he was trying so hard... but I've been there. I knew that his smile was so fake. But he wanted me to be happy.
Once... I've done that.... and I knew how much it hurts.
"Are you feeling any better?" He asked as he lean over me. His face was so close to mine, his scent filled my nose and I felt so over whelmed.
"G-good..." My voice sound bad. I sounded like an old dying man.
His smile turned into a grin. One that was almost real.... but he could never fool me.
Armaan brush my banes away from my face and kissed my forehead, which made my heart stopped beating. Damn it. I'm just going to wake up and realized this is all a dream!!!

"W-why..... I here?"
"You got hit by a car....."
I saw how hurt he was just by looking at his eyes. They were so full of love that I just couldn't help but think that love was for me.
There was a long silence as we look at eachother. I was no longer mad, just depress and sad. But when I gaze into his eyes.... I felt like a blank sheet of paper.

"I was really scared..." He mumbled as he took my hand. "Please.... don't run from me ever again."
"You can go now. It's late."
"Ridhima. I-"
"Good night Mr.Malik." I said as I closed my eyes. Let's wait and see how long Mr.Maik can hold up...
"Ridhima move over." He said and my eyes snapped open.
"Move over." He repeated in that sweet tone.
I gave him a confused look and stay frozen.

Armaan sigh as he moved me over and got on the bed.
Ohh god... what's happening?!
"You can't sleep here!" I said a bit too loud and it made my throat hurted.
"It's now our first time sleeping together..." He mumbled as he turn towards me.
My eyes widden.
"What did you do to me?" I said in a deadly tone.
It took him a moment to realize what he just said and he smiled to himself.
"What do you think?" He asked as he wrapped is arm around me.
"Get away from me." I said as he held me tighter.
"I'll make everything alright again. Everything is going to be just fine Ridhima."
His voice was like sweet music to my ears and I loved it.
I couldn't help but snuggle closer to him.
"Please.... don't just try to make me happy Armaan. I don't need you." Ridhima said in a tired voice.
"I love you Ridhima. Before you know it."
With that, he kissed me forehead and then I fell asleep in his arms. Hearing the light beat of his heart and feeling so loved that it felt weird.

The next morning, I woke up alone on the bed, but with many people around me. Rahul with Bichng, Selina, Muskaan, Mike, and of course Armaan.

I looked around and Bichung was holding Selina's hand while she sat next to him. Those two are really made for eachother.....

"How are you feeling?" Armaan asked.
"Good..." I mumbled.

Just then, Mike came to my other side and took my hand.
Ridhima... everything's going to be alright. We can make it through." He smiled as his brush hair away from my face.
I gave him a weak smile and notice Armaan stiffen. It's funny how I get to watch Armaan kiss other girls and flirt with them, while Armaan can't stand Mike at all.

"Thank you Mike." I croaked.
"Your parents will be in tomorrow."
I rolled my eyes and he chuckled.
"I'll keep them off your back. Okay?"
Mike lean in to kiss me and when our kiss broke off, I notice that Armaan was already gone.

I was happy that I made him jealous, but he needs to keep in mind that I'm still Mike's fiance. And just because we confess, it doesn't mean we are together....

"Are you hungry?"
Now that Mike said it, I am. I'm starving!!
"How about pizza?"
He gave me a grin as if I've just read his mind.
"I'll be back."
I nod.
"Ohh I want to go too!" Riya(friend) said.
I saw Bichung and Selina stood up to go with them.

"Ridhima...." Chun said as he came up to me.
"What?" I asked annoyed.
"Your too clumsy. We should make you wear an I'M STUPID sign so people will know." He teased.
"Ohh please!"
"Look, we have to go, we'll stop by tonight to stay over and tomorrow mom and dad will be home. Good?"
"Don't come over tonight. I'll make one of the others stay."
"Don't bother them. Muskaan and I will stay."
"Go home! And don't come back will you? Besides, I know you care...." I joked.
"Yep. You know who's the best brother!" Rahul wink at me and I groan. Jerk.
"Okay, later." He said as he pick up his boy and they started for the door.
"Ridzi, get well soon." Muski said.
"Thanks.muski and plz take care of jerk opps I mean ur huband" I smiled.
She laughed ans I joined too

"Rahul and I will stop by sometimes."
The happy family waved as they left.

I sigh when they were gone.
Now that everything's solved (almost) I can finally get back to school.
I didn't get hurt badly and would get out of the hospital by sometime tomorrow, so no need for that. And I need to get school work done.

The door opened and I looked to see if Rahul had forgotten something. But it was Armaan.

He walked in and took a seat on my bedside.
I sat up and he fixed my pillows for me.

"I thought you left."
"I just went to get air."
I nod not looking at him.
"Are you better?"
"No need to worry Armaan. The real Ridhima is stronger than you know." I grin as he took my hands.
"I don't like Mike." He said straight out.
"I noticed."
"I don't want him to steal you away from me."
" Armaan he's my fiance."
"I know. But you love me." He said innocently as he capture my gaze.
We both were silent for a bit.

Then Armaan sigh and lean in to rest his head on my chest.
"I only want it to be you and me. No third party.... no one eles."
I laughed and he looked up at me.
"In this case, your actually the third party, believe it or not."
"Mike is my fianc. You're..... errnn....."
"Your lover." He finished.
"Yeah.... so.... you're the third party."
"I don't like it. Switch it!" He pouts like a kid.
"Sorry.... that's the truth."
He smiled that adoring smile and stood up.
"I have to go check at home. I haven' t been home since yesterday. I think my mom already called the police on me." He smiled as he waved me off.
"Okay. Thanks."
"Anything for you ridhima." He said as he left.

It felt so weird hearing that from him. But it was..... nice.

I'm out of the hospital now! Finally. I think I've had enough of that place. Never again do I want to go there.
My parents are back and now we are eating lunch together.

"We are so sorry Ridhima, that we couldn't be home sooner!" My mom said for the thousandth time.
"It's okay. Look, I'm still alive!" I joked.
"I think you guys are old enough..." My dad started.
"Old enough for me to move out?!" I asked brightly.
"Well, yes and now." He looked serious.
My mom cast a worried glance at me and then my father.
"Why don't we start planning for the wedding?"
I started coughing and set food flying everywhere. What? Wedding?
"Dad! Who's wedding?!" I snapped.
He shook his head and my mother sigh.
"Ridhima honey, yours."
"Mine?" I pointed to myself. "Ohh who would want to marry me?" I asked blanked.
Mike started laughing and that's when I finally got it. They are teaming up! SO not fair!
"NO!" I yelled and all three pairs of eyes lay on me. "I...I mean I'm not old enought... to... umm..." I gave them a sheepish smile.
"We know." Mike nod. I gave him the death glared and he smiled

"Prove to your dad how much I want you?" Armaan asked.
Ridhima nod and Mike smiled.
"I know how." Armaan gave them his evil grin and they both stared, confused. "Just watch and learn." He said as he turns to make a few calls, leaving Mike and Ridhima blank.
When he was done, he turned around and held Ridhima firmly.
"It's all done."


The next morning, at breakfast, Ridzi was ready for school for when her father sat down on the table, he gave her a hard stare.
"Ridhima Gupta, will you please explain this to me?"
Her father asked throwing the news paper infront of her.
In the front page in bold letters: MISS Ridhima Gupta AND MR Armaan Malik ARE GETTING MARRIED.
Ridhima looked shocked and Mike burst out laughing.
"Ridhima what were you thinking?" Her mother asked a bit shock too.
"She's getting married." Mike said as he calmed down.
Her father glared at him and he looked serious

MIke had figured out that ridhima and Armaan loved each other on the basketball match and he didn't had any problem as he also loved some one else when he was away and they both told each other as they were friends first than they were anything else sooo problem solve.
"Uncle, I think they are a perfect match."
Her father didn't look happy but Ridhima knew they got him. Her parents would never go through the trouble of trying to fix this scandal.

"How'd it go?" Armaan asked huggin Ridhima at school.
"They want to kill you now." She said honestly.
"Come on. I'm their son-in-law."
"How about your parents?" She just wanted to know if his partents objected like hers.
"They are very happy. My mom wants you over for dinner."
Ridhima nod and smiled. At least they have one pair of parents with them.

~~~ One Month later ~~~

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The preist said as Armaan lean in to this his new bride.
They shared a hot passionate kiss and then broke free.
They smiled at eachother as the walked away from the chruch.
Ridhima tossed the flowers behind her and didn't bother to look who got it. All she wanted was Armaan and she got her fantasy now.
But she just couldn't help it. It was her flowers to began with! Ridhima glanced back to see Selina holding the flowers and Bichung holding her hand.
What a perfect match.
Armaan tug her inside the car and she got in.

Armaan drove as he place his hand on her knee.
"We're finally married."
Ridhima nod, glad the wedding was over.
"Where are we going?" She asked.
Ridhima cheered as Armaan smiled.
"I knew you would love you."
"Now, I'd go anywhere, as long as I have you with me."
Armaan kissed her and then quickly drive past the yellow light.

They boarded the plane and left to Greece


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