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part 1 : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"I wish, I could catch Miss. Ahuja on time or else I have to hear a long lecture tomorrow morning.' a girl mumbled under her breath while running

* Thud *

"Ouch" both mumbled ' bumping each other

"Hey watch ou-" the person replied, as he took hold of her in his arms, which crawled around her waist, protectively.

She felt her weight being float in air, as a moment pass and she opened her eyes to see his ocean-blue eyes boring in her greenish eyes. She felt like drowning in it.

"Angel" he whispered

"I'I am..Sorry?" she whispered with a little frown - feeling his hot breathe over her face.

"hmmmm its okay" he replied in a dizzy way and kept looking at her with a stupid smile on his face. Coming back to her senses, she realized the incident. She being collapsed and falling in his arms... and

"Oh no Ms. Ahuja" she smacked her head repeatedly.... cursing her luck ' standing straight on her feet."Huh?" he frowned, not liking Ms. Ahuja's interference at the moment

'Oh am sorry....I need to go." she crossed him with in a second after mumbling a thank you."hmm... ya its okay" he gave a confused.... while ruffling his hair.

Just when she was about to pass him, he pulled her towards himself by her wrist, almost thrashing her into his chest. They were just inches away, she could feel the passion in herself too. His breath were playing an havoc on her.

"Hey I am Karan" he whispered, looking straight in her eyes.

"Huh'hhm'Shi'Shilpa'I am Shilpa" she whispered softly which took hold of his breath for a second.

"You look gorgeous as an angel' he replied in a husky voice... touching the tip of his nose with hers. She was lost in his touch, she just could not respond -she felt her world still... but still she managed to reply in a trembling thanks...

"Shilpaa" a person with grave voice shouted ' and the T.V screen wrote.....

To be continued......

'Awwwwww, why the hell does she had to come in between their lovey moment I hate her. I soo hate her" the girl sitting in-front of a flatron ' T.V set with Cross legs, her hair float by her side and her eyes totally glued on the screen and cursed the characters and production to end the Episode at wrong time...

"Riddimaa, give me the Remote now! Why do you waste your such precious time on such show's ..." Anjali said coming from her bedroom, and jumping over the couch beside Riddimaa '

"Ohh Di... just forget that ..."she replied dragging herself a bit down in the couch with a gloomy face.

'yea Right !!' replied changing channel "well, do you remember about the medical review that we had to watch.' Anjali spoke.

"ohh haan di, lets watch it " she sat on her couch cuddling cushions... a few moment later "di, I guess, I would be going upstairs now"pause "though I want to watch this but as I am feeling sleepy" Riddima excused herself, while getting up

"I know ' I know how sleepy you are!!" Anjali laughed wished her good night.... Riddimaa ran off after pecking her a kiss, on cheek.

"Acha di between, when will be mom dad coming back?" Riddima asked while climbing stairs

"Well, Dad had a night duty and Mom might return around mid-night" Anjali informed her'

" I so wish, she had not disturbed Karan Shilpa Moment." she talked to herself while tucking herself in the bed.....

She sat on her soft bed ' thinking of the show that she just watched few minutes before, today too mom -dad not at home,she thought and placed a teddy in her lap

'how would it feel when people fell in love. I wish ' I could feel this feeling...' she wished and looked down at her teddy '.while making a cute-pout face...

'Urghh, why do I get this show into me so, seriously I have to get my self busy before I lose myself' She said ' picking up her phone she called Muskaan to divert her mind and heart...

Mu: Hey Riddima.

Ri: Hey Muskan, yaar I kind off ' in a bad mood

Mu: Kyun? Kya hua?

Ri: yaar, the show what else ' the girl ' destroyed their lovey-dovey moment...

Mu: OH God, not again...Riddimaa why don't you keep your Romantic thing a side please.

Ri: what eve.... I be hanging up now...

Mu: Acha listen - I m soo gonna miss college and all ..

Ri: yea yaarr ' its so gonna end up ' and we be going to our own ways..

Mu: hmm-- chal, buy for now.

Next Day

"Oh Arman, Where were you ' I so missed you.." a Girl ran towards a man named Arman and pounced on over him ' making herself comfortable....

"Hey Tiya sweety! How are you?"Arman said feeling breathless, moving a bit 'Tiya ' could you please ' get up' saying with a sugar coated voice .She left him immediately and took a seat close to him "Why are you late again Arman'' pause 'don't even try to make any false excuses again!' she crossed her hands on her chest.... 'I m really upset and angry with you and your behavior towards me' she added

'Oh beautiful, how will be I able to life with you being upset with me.. hey please.... its was a honest mistake' he made a puppy face 'ahh ' I was with Rahul, he wanted my help in selecting some books from Library.' He made an excuse.

'ohkay, u r forgiven ' but I would not leave you so, easily' she smirked.

"anything for u sweety" he said making a flirtatious face

He was the hot ' handsome, most wanted guy in his college, who was surely know in girls, recently dating famous hot girl of college Tiya. He was tried with her silly ethics ' and her ego that he was the lucky one to have her but it was vice versa, according to him. Still Arman was no where in mood dump her ' as if not for now...

His heart always urged him to leave her ' but he had never let his heart wander over him ' he had always done what his brain has told him"Hey we all be going tonight at Blue Moons'" Tiya broke Arman's trance of thought and announced further "Its Armans treat tonight, so guys be ready' she smirked

"Oh yeah sure - guys anything for....." before Arman could complete'

"Tiyaaaaaaaa" everyone cheered and banged the tabled with their fist

"Man she is gonna kill you one day..." Rahul said, making an annoying face to Arman"shut up Rahul" Arman defended'"what-eve" Rahul went off...

Rahul always told him not to indulge with all these type off girls so much, as he knew they were after the money ' and once they get what they wanted they would never give what actually they want 'pure-love'.Rahul himself was like Arman, but soon getting Muskan's presence in his life and changed him a lot.

"Bye babes." Arman gave a quick peck on Tiya's cheek n started to walk.


At Night 9:00

'Riddimaa, Ready for the party?' Muskan said.

'yea, but whose party is it?' Riddimaa asked, coming out of the bathroom.

'Aree, wooh Rahul hain na' she blushed. 'he invited us...' Muskan fumbled with words

'us or U?' Riddimaa smirked, 'hows the dress looking?' she asked while pulling the strips of her dress 'You look smokingly Hot in this white long dress yaar, I guess you r gonna kill some one today' Muskan whistled.

'she is My sister and she has too Look Hot in every way...' Anjali walked in

'oh Di you are back. Di I m already nervous in this This dress' Riddimaa walked up to her and pulled her dress down...

'You look beautiful Riddimaa' Anjali said, straightening her dress and cupping her face. She pecked her forehead and dropped them off to the Blue Moons

'Hey Muskan...' Rahul fumbled moving his arms forward to hug her but withdrew but then again moved to hug her moved back, at this Riddimaa could not help but giggle while Muskan turned red and glared at Riddimaa - Rahul ruffled his hair with geeky smile.

'uhm... u r Riddimaa Right?' Rahul spoke.

'yea' she suppressed her life and made a nod.

'Hi Muskan... u also.. came' he hit his head and Riddimaa laughed out and walked in - 'I meant Hii..' pause 'I mean...Oh what eve' he walked in with her while the girls laughed out at his stupid antics.

'Girls why don't you join us there' Rahul said, while pointing to his so-called group.

'uhm... I can't come their but if Muskan wants to go she can...' Riddimaa took a stool on the bar.

'if, Riddima is not coming then I would not come either...'Muskan pouted while crossing her arms on her chest.

'come on Riddimaa...' Rahul pleaded.

'Ok fine...' they walked up to them. Riddimaa frowned when she saw some of them having cigarette and some had drinks in their hands. 'Oyee Muskan, I kind off don't like these People.' Riddimaa pulled Muskan and whispered but Rahul Heard and smiled at Riddimaa 'Riddimaa, some of them are not that bad..' he peeped in between making Riddimaa embarrassed a bit 'sorry' she mumbled 'its ok...' rahul smiled

'Hey guys, meet my friends ' Riddimaa and Muskaan' Every one turned to see them, girls frowned while Guy grinned but one ' one was busy kissing a girl on her kiss, going down to her ear lobe whispering something while the girl tried-to-blush. 'Hey Arman!' Rahul called 'do what eve you are doing afterwards first meet my Friends' Rahul broke his moment and made him look at the two.

'Hey...' he said with a smile... 'uhmm whats was her name? I didn't get it' he asked with a cheeky smile, Rahul Shook his head and settled two stool for the girl and one for himself on the other side of muskan.

'Hi I m Muskan and that's my Friend Riddimaa.' Muskan spoke in her sharp voice while Rahul looked at her with a dreamy face that made Riddimaa Chuck, which made Arman look at her while cocking his eye-brows he followed her gaze, soon his blank face turned to grin.

'Man, Rahul ' Behave !' Arman smacked his back... making jolt off the seat a bit '

'Huh?' Rahul said with a shock face and Muskan looked away ' totally embarrassed... 'uhmm muskan... will u come and have a dance with me...'Rahul forward his hand for Muskan, who happily accepted and went away ' leaving a shock Riddimaa behind.

'Shit, she left me?' Riddimaa thought with a gulp. 'hey beauty ' have a dance with me..' she turned her face to see, who offered her for dance 'ewwwww' she thought

When a guy stood really close moving his face closer to hers. He had beard and wore a black leather jacket 'that sooo did not suit him' she thought.....

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