Wednesday, 3 April 2019

part 1 : Taken by Her

'The new kickboxing champion! ARMAAN MALIK!'  as the referee held up his arm in the boxing ring' his entire body ached as he panted to catch his breath back'. As he turned around to hear the cheers of the crowd he blinked his eyes at the flashing cameras' 'AMMY! AMMY!' as the crowd screamed he looked over at his coach as he bragged his aching body over towards his corner'

'We did it Ammy!' '

'Coach get me out of here ' I cant breathe and my head feels like its going to exploded'' seeing his distress he nodded as the Ammy team go him ready to leave the ring'

As he opened his eyes he saw a light in his eyes'

'Mr Malik?'I am Dr Riddhima can you hear me'!' as he closed his eyes on the hospital bed she looked over at the concern coach..

'I need to get some test done.. we have to keep him in until we find out what is wrong?'

'Fine Doctor but no one should now he is in here the press will have a field day..' she looked over at him

'At Sanjeevani we care about nothing but the patients welfare and we will be very discrete about the whole matter!'

As the morning sun seeped through the blinds he looked at the unfamiliar surrounding and got up holding his head'

'What the hell?' as he removed the covers and walked over towards the door he closed his eyes feeling the pain.

'Omg what are you doing?' feeling someone take hold of him he opened his eyes to see her angel like face looking at him confused'. As she laid him down back on the bed he looked at her pulling up the covers.

'Mr Malik we have discover some pressure on you right temple and you need complete bed rest'' he looked at her grabbing hold of the charts at the end of the bed and looked at her.

'Ok I guess that explains the head aches but I am getting a strong feeling in here 'what do I do about that?' she looked at him with his hand on his heart.

As she placed the stethoscope on his chest he felt her soft hair on his face and closed his eyes'

'You're heart is beating rapidly'' feeling his hands on her waist she turned to look at him'

'Did you say complete bed rest?' Feeling his strong arms pulled her on top of him she looked at him totally confused.

'Mr Malik?!'

'Come on! Baby I have what you want right here!'  feeling his lips upon her she struggled and broke free from him.

'How dare you?!' seeing her struggle he looked at her as he chuckled.

'That what the girl say initial and slowly is Armaan please don't stop!' feeling her anger taking over as she felt like hitting him she pulled away from him and stood up to see a smile of victory on his face.

'Mr Malik if you could kindly keep your hands to yourself''  he looked at her as he closed his eyes.

'You know taming wild cats is my hobbies!'  she looked at him looking at her up and down and felt like she wanted to remove his nasty aura from her body' He looked at her leave the room and laugh evil as he closed his eyes'..


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