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Part 14 : AR ff Nashaa

At 7:00 am. Riddimaa opened her door and looked around the place. The home was quite may be all were sleeping. The rooms were in order; First her, than her parents and than Rohails which had stairs which led down stairs and Another stair infront of Her room which led upstairs to an open terrace.

She walked up to Rohails room when she heard some sound.Instantly walking back foots to her parents room. She felt awkward to ear drop but she did

Padma: Shahank... if we both left this place right Now. In front of her; she might get suspicious even more … as YOU don't work, officially. That's what Riddimaa had been told..... she spoke in hush voice still in panic.

Shahank: Volume slow, please... but we have to go now... the Blue gang... has marked the time of 13:00... that mean 1... pause

Shahank: and the place is 3 hours away from our place. They need it – its urgents, the kids are ........

Shahank Abruptly stopped as Padma kept her palm over his lips, and mumbled

Padma: shh...

Riddimaa heard her parents quieten up, she almost ran past the place and opened Rohails door.Speaking loudly.


Rohail: Dii... let me sleep

Rohail moaned wiggling under his sheet. Her eyes felt her parents behind her.Gossebump appeared but still to keep up she ignored their existence

Riddimaa: Rohail get up... today I will drop you off to school before going at work..

Riddimaa walk up to him and woke him up.

Padma: Riddimaa you woke up early? Why don't you take leave today... rest for a day... Padma kept a motherly hand over her head and smiled.

Riddimaa: haan mama, I just woke half hour back, took bath and came in here when did you guys woke up... I thought you were sleeping? Acting while frowning.

Shahank: Oh I was... but your sweet Shout woke me up. speaking in sarcastic fun

Riddimaa: Oh Papa..! Riddimaa laughed fake and pulled Rohail out of bed, as he dropped himself back on bed as they got indulge with eachother "GET UP! Now..!" Riddimaa said

Riddimaa: mama... breakfast please... Riddimaa made a puppy face. as she saw Rohail in washroom

Padma: Ok beta.. Padma went away smiling.

Riddimaa: Kya hua Papa?

Riddimaa began to clean Rohail's bed when her eyes fell on Shahank, who stood by the door and staring at her.

Shahank: kuch nahi beta – bass happy to have you back, the happiness in house is back. Shahank walk to her, kissed her temple and walk away.

She looked at his back and felt disgusted as What ever Arman said was coming true... she Has to tell them by phone?? nooo' she thought. 'Why papa? The truth of you being involved is in front of me? My all doubt of you NOT being criminal is wrong..."pause, tears brimming out... "no matter what... but I know now ! And I won't let you get away Papa... you destroyed mine and rohails future.... you destroyed us... I hate you.... and I lead you prison !' she thought firmly, shivering with fear..

As soon she left Rohail to her school, she was about to sit on her bike to go around at cafe when some one tipped her shoulder

Riddimaa: Oh tumm..! I got scared I was about to call you !

Arman: We can't talk here... lets go.! jumping at the back seat of her Scotty.

Riddimaa: Arman I should sit first!

She looked at the left over place, 'How will I climb on the front seat...?hello ? I am driving??' she thought looking at him with curiosity.

Arman: climb Riddimaa.... we don't have time to chit chat.

Shook her head, she tolled her leg up and jumped the front seat, thank God that she wore a skiny color trouser with a white full-sleeves shirt and her hair were in a pony tail. Arman smiled all the way as he told her direction, his nose brushing her tail, inhaling the smell made him close his leds for a moment till she asked for next direction.

He felt her moving further in her seat, as her spine portion kept on brushing his. He chuckled and thought to get close

Arman: Oh you drive fast. Moving in his seat by dragging his hip a bit further. His thigh end up enveloping hers on both side, she almost lost the Scotty's balance as his body jammed up with her, Their was not a single place between them till Arman's hard big palm walked up and circled her waist.

Very softly yet firmly his fingers claimed her abdomen. Making her brush her entire back with his. She could feel every part of his body on her skin, she felt he was close to her skin, Really close that she felt his skin might be Her own second skin !

Riddimaa:Arman ! she tried to drive at her speed, as she made her way to His place.

Arman: Kya hua Riddimaa? Drive properly ! I don't wanna die virgin.. ! Turning Riddimaa Red, her neck got heated she felt few sweat drops over her forehead that drove down pass her face down her neck, making her shiver

Arman: Kyaa... hua.

He whispered near her ear, as he kept his chin over her shoulder, digging his finger in her abdomen. Feeling her and looking her chest breathing out heavily. Loosing himself in the moment he moved his hand up to hold her beauty.....

She tried to speak up but her tongue left her side, she frowned but her led got heavy as she felt his fingers over her abdomen, she had almost closed half of her when.


Riddimaa: What are you doing, I can't drive..! Leave me. She almost shouted as she speed her car on door.She felt his hands moving on her side waist

Riddimaa: Arman matt karoo

Why didn't she felt too slap him? He was touching her? And that to without her permission she could hand him to Police... Alas... he was The Police !

she breathe hard. This was it, Arman felt something unusual. He had been with many girl for dates parties but when ever he touched her his breathe would get out of hand and he would always loose himself in her.. what was this? He thought, moving her hair of her shoulder he kissed her neck, not caring what people around them would think – he was sinking in her beauty. He thought to hold her Lushness, again but......


Riddimaa jerked her bike, jerking her body further along with Arman's over her.

Arman: Kyya kar rahi hou Riddimaa? Arman eyes fell over his sides to see few more bikes. 'its a signal - dum head!' he thought

Riddimaa: WHAT? Arman stop drooling over me! Move AWAY !" she shouted, pushing his hand of her body and pushing his back on his seat. The other bikers looked at them. Arman blushed, getting his body heated with embarrassment and similar happening to Riddimaa when she saw the onlookers

Arman: What? I was doing noting? I was just holding you – I fear to fall you know

flicking in his eyes with an innocent puppy face.

Riddimaa: Arman... Please, Stay in your limits ! don't do it again, I don't want people to get any wrong ideas.... and I can't drive.. She pleaded, maturely

Arman: but.... He circled his arms and landed his palm over her abdomen – feeling it jiggle he moved his fingers over it.. as she started the bike

Riddimaa: Armann... she whispered

Arman: Left... he told. "Now right" he gave her direction, ignoring her pleading. He jumped to other shoulder, leaving kisses over her bare neck.

she kept on moaning while wishing the journey could end or else she might die in middle of road

Arman: Stop. he ended, moving his hands of her and jumping of the Scotty. He lowered close to her face. And kissed her cheek.

Arman: We are here. he whispered in her ear, cheekily smiling at her red face. He tortured her whole way. But the thing which confused her why didn't she stopped? Was she enjoying...?

She jumped of the Scotty on the other side and glared at him

Riddimaa: I Will NOT LEAVE YOU!Riddimaa shouted

Arman: Come on – hold me? I am soo handsome that girls actually die to hold... nothing different ! Come on don't be shy. Arman walk to her side and stood shamelessly in front of her, with open arms

Riddimaa: How dare you touch me? How dare you kiss me?

She blasted her fore-finger near his nose.

The next second, she saw him smiling, moving a hand behind her head he movind it down to her nape and pulled her face close, claiming her lips in a kiss. She looked in his eyes totally startled – he stared back in her green ocean eyes.

She tried to push him away but he jerked her head in for deepening the kiss, his lips brushed her upperlips wetting it – making wet noise.

Moving his other hand on her hip, he jerked her body up, and than finally pushing her slightly away as he ended the kiss. He rubbed his own lips with his wrist, shamelessly and pulled Scotty in the house after winking at her. Riddimaa stood their damn rooted.

Atul: Hey … Riddimaa come on it." Atul walk out and pulled her in by holding her wrist

Rahul: Kya huaa esa kou? looking at her red face.

Arman: Kuuchh nahi..

Arman spoke in a fun tone, parking her scotty at corner he turned around to see her staring at the beautiful garden inside the home, her eyes fell on Aarman who was still having a stupid grin on his lips.

She bend down pulled her puffed heal shoe of her feet and threw at Arman, which ultimately hit his nose.

Arman: owww Fu** he shouted.

She picked out another shoe of her feet and walking up to him she hit him harmly and badly, making him fall on floor she jumped over him sat on his torso and she hit his face with her shoe while Arman tried to save his face. Rahul and Atul stood shock when they saw shoes threw up at Arman

Riddimaa: HOW DARE YOU KISS ME ? WITHOUT MY PERMISSION !! She kept on hitting him.

Rahul and Atul ran and pulled her away

Riddimaa: leave me... I will kill him today

As Rahul and Atul pulled her up, she use her feet and kicked him somewhere she shouldn't have, as it was matter of his Future.

Arman: Owww

Arman moved his body legs up like a snail, his hands between his leg as he winced in pain.

Rahul: Riddhimaa!!!!

Rahul pulled her up and took her in the house while Atul stayed with Arman and laughed like hell on Arman, who still on floor trying to relax himself and cursed Her as she was doing the same on the other side.


Next Part: Planning to catch Shahank.... will they be able to that?

Love Maha

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