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Part 15 : AR ff Nashaa

Finally when after an hour, Arman walked in with Atul – Riddimaa looked calmer.

Rahul: WE Will Discuss about the CASE RIGht NOW ! Nothing Else !

Everyone nodded, but Arman kept a hard glare on her ' I will punish her bad... really bad !' he thought.

Riddimaa: I heard them...

she pulled a paper from paper mate ... and wrote

Riddimaa: they said Blue Gang. Today at 1 in afternoon and its away from my house uhmm papa said 4 hours, approximately no noo sorry 3 hours. writing the small details

Arman: Venue? Arman snatched the paper angrily.

Riddimaa: i don't know/ she replied, angrily

Atul: But yrr... Riddimaa haven't your parents left... How will we reach there? Atul felt detached at loosing such a good opportunity.

Riddimaa: OK wait...!i have an idea...she picked out  her home mobile, from her pocket and called her mother

Riddimaa: Hello, mama? Mama I was thinking to come back home, actually the job I was doing naa, they had fired me... due to my absence... tou are you both at home... Leaving? When? After 30 minutes... pause.

She got up as the boys got up from the seat making calls and getting their things.

Riddimaa:OH soo Mama... I will go at mall but when You return home call me – I will come back and we would sit together. Riddimaa ran behind the boys as they ran out of the house. "Ok mama bye" She hung up, hurriedly.

Rahul: Thanks Riddimaa.! Rahul hugged her and jumped on the driving seat .

Arman: I WILL Drive.!

Rahul: No.. You and Riddimaa sit here at home!

Rahul: Me and Atul will go... Arman he has seen you. And atul -" pause " and Atul will be settled in car while I get out to get hold of them...

Arman: No I am coming along – I will sit in the car... I will come out only if you need it... the team is coming too..." Arman pulled himself at the back seat.

Riddimaa: Should I come?" Riddimaa asked standing outside the car, as the guards opens the door  of house.

Arman: No. Its not Safe...and  its not a play ground

Rahul: Get in Riddiz

Arman: WHAT? Shouted, his heart sink as he was scared if something happened

Rahul: We will drop her at Shubhankar Sir, she can follow up with Him – and police. We won't be able to arrest them soo easily Arman ! Pause

Rahul: there will be whole pile of gang don't forget – we three can't handle !

Arman closed his mouth as saw Riddimaa jumping in the car and settling beside him. Rahul went to the road behind their hide out house, where Riddimaa lived. Yes Her and their House were opposite to eachother but on different Roads, The Back of the boys house Faced her house.

They stopped the car two house away from Her house, after good 20 minutes, she saw her parents coming out and jumping in a red big car... and went away …

Rahul turned his car black car, cover with black mirrors all around, driving behind them a liitle far so that they don't get suspicious. After a while when they moved out of the main city Rahul dropped her somewhere between the city and undeveloped area place and told Shubhankar to pick her up and told her the way that they were leading too, as it had two ways

Riddimaa waited on the empty road when she heard Police saron. Getting up from the foot path, she Saw Shubhankar in same type of car as the boys had

Shubhankar: Get in.. ! Shubhankar spoke in hurried tone.

Riddimaa: You know the location? Riddimaa asked and told the path by her hand.

"Heello Riddimaa?"She heard the voki toki on dash board

Riddimaa: Hello Rahul? Yea I am With him – don't worry ! Riddimaa replied

Rahul: We were worried he replied through it

Riddimaa: don't be... where are you ?? Riddimaa asked

Rahul: they are in front of us.. Sir, Get here quick … before they run out. Rahul spoke in hurdle.
Shubhankar: Rahul don't let Arman jump out of car – I will kill him, if he did anything stupid... I want them alive !

 Shubhankar took hold of Voki toki,spoke through it, strictly.

Rahul: Yes sir... where are you ??" rahul spoke, again...

Shubhankar announced: We are here...

Shubhankar Shuts all the police sirens.... as they got near the place. A jeep of rangers stopped behind his black pardo.

Shubhankar stepped out and locked the car. Riddimaa sat there in car – with Black Mirrors all around even the front mirror one was black – no one could see her.

With a Snap back doors flung opened, she jumped in her seat to see Arman Atul getting in
Arman: Sorry scared you. Arman spoke, seeing her scared face.

Riddimaa: Why are you here ? He stared at her chest which moved rapidly

Arman: WE three can't show are faces... as we both are your kidnappers and you are his daughter... Your father and mom ran away 15 minutes a go... a police car is falling them but I am sure Shahank will go away with filled hands of money !" Arman punched the front seat. Atul, who sat behind Riddimaa looked around the place as the rangers worked in holding the criminals and pushing them in van.

They sat their and saw many people getting arrested. Riddimaa looked at the pile of 10 children. After an hour Rahul jumped on the driving seat.

Rahul: All are arrested except your parents, no one saw them at the spot but I clicked some pictures … here, look at it ! Rahul passed his digital camera to Riddimaa –

She saw her father holding a brief case and passing it too other while the other did same
Rahul: Your father gave him drugs in brief case – while he gave your father money and 5 kids as to balance the deal. Your Father called another gang of Farooq one of the most wanted man...and sold the five children that he bought each in double amount...." pause " and was going back with lots of crore in hand" pause "and other 5 children were given to Farooq by the Blue gang... for money.... in short money and kids were exchange for gambling money !

Rahul: Good Job Riddimaa – you helped us and proved yourself innocent. Rahul patted her shoulder as she looked at pictures.

Finally her door opened by Shubhankar told her to come out...

Shubhankar: All the criminals went away in police van to the city jail. children are here... you wanna meet? She nodded and stepped out to see them soo weak and tired of life.

Shubhankar: Hello bacha party? Feeling good?Shubhankar sat on ground infront of them

Child: Uncle.... whom are we sold too?

Riddimaa couldn't see this – she turned and bumped in Arman's arm. Pulling her arms up wrapping them around his neck she hugged him and cried. He felt bad and hugged her back, circling her frame, rubbing his warm palm over her back.

Arman: Shh its ok... we caught them.. Riddimaa the babies are safe...he hushed her.

they felt a tuck on Riidima's pants...

Child :Dii... app kou darr lag raha hai? A girl of about 7 in tore dirty frok pulled Riddimaa down to her level

Riddima: haan... Riddimaa sat on her knee

Child: Mujha bhi The girl flung herself in Riddimaa's arms.... She picked the girl and stood in corner while looking around the quite place.

Arman, Rahul and Atul Stood behind with other children, staring at the the same thing that riddimaa was looking, it was sunset.... The day was healing down – she prayed that tomorrow's light can bring light in these childrens life too...

10 at night Riddimaa reached home worried was she going to say? What if they suspect her... After all the consolation from the guys – she walked in with her spare keys to see Rohail watching T.v munching chips

Riddimaa: Rohail?what you doing... making Rohail turn and look at her while settled on couch.

Rohail: Watching T.v Finally you are home. Where were you?

Riddimaa: i... I was with Pinky... she called me... as it was her birthday. Riddima lied "she Forgot to inform me about her birthday – even I forgot to inform you all..." she giggled making it obvious that she WAS with her Friend.

Rohail: Really – I thought you were with Mom dad...? getting up from the couch, he walk in the kitchen for water..

Riddimaa: No... Mom told me in morning that she and dad are going some where... and when they come they will call me... soo first I went shopping with Pinky and then at her home. Riddima made up a perfect story. She Rohail in the Kitchen.

Rohail: Acha... But yrr Di... they aren't home." pause "should I call?

Riddimaa: Yea.. call ! she passed him the 'home' mobile phone set.

Rohail: No one is picking..! Rohail kept the phone down on counter . Her mobile rang – home mobile, the very next minute

Riddimaa: Hello mom? Where are you? Riddimaa tried to sound worried. 'What? Not coming home? But where ARE you?' she tried to ask... 'Ohh... I hope she is not Serious mom...?'

Riddimaa: hows dad?? Is he ok? I am worried now! pause "OK... yea I will take care of him don't worry.

Rohail jumped: THEY AREn't coming home tonight

Riddimaa: Yea. Grinning at his enthusiasm

Rohail: Wohhhoo. Rohail jumped on couch and then climbed the stairs.

Riddimaa: Rohail !! Stop That ! Stop being a pain... mom said her sister Gyatri massi she fall ill badly as she had fallen of her head in washroom – they will be in shimla for last 1 week"

Hearing one week Rohail ran up to his room more faster. And on his speaker to level of 8 out 10.
Riddimaa hit her head as Barracudda song hit her ears...


(It's time to learn, the Barracuda)


Everybody do the
(Do what, baby)
Come on and do the Barracuda


Here's a dance to do
Here's a dance that's new
The Barracuda

Once you get with it, oh, oh
You know you can't quit it, no, no

Come on, give it your all (??)
We're gonna have a ball

Form a big loss line
And keep in time
The Barracuda

Jump up, baby, jump back
Jump up, jump back
*something something love ??*

(Baby) Kick it to the left
Kick it to the right
Move up, move back
Move up, the front (??)

Now you've tried it, baby
Now you've learned
The Barracuda, ooh wee

Ooh wee, ooh wee
(oh yeah)
Ooh wee
Ooh wee
(Oh, baby come on)

Ooh, ah ah, ooh, ah ah
Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh ah


Here's a dance to do
Here's a dance that's new
The Barracuda
(*Repeat and fade*)

to be conti.... :P

Next Part: More Suspense to open up about Shahank... behind him...

Love Maha

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