Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Part 16 : AR ff Nashaa

Arman's mind was master mind behind most of the plan. Similarly getting a house whose back faced Riddimaa's house was not a coincidence... they had been living in this house for last 6 months.... ! Riddimaa herself didn't saw him ! he surely was a mastermind.

or Else she knew every one around her house, then why didn't she come to know about the front of house a road path away only ! it was all Arman's plan to keep his personality hidden till the time he wanted.

Similarly, a door was their too which connected them from her road. in other words, Backyard door!

That Night all the boys were using telescopes to look in her house to see Rohail dancing, as he was enjoying that his parent won't be back home for 7 days.

Rahul: He proves to be her BrotheR ! chuckling they moved their telescope down at their door. Few cars stopping outside her house... and girls and boys jumped out and shouting in Garden

ROHAIL.. ! one of them shouted

Rohail: COMING GuyS!

Ar, At, R. Place.

ARman: Whats going on ? A partY? for what reason..?" Arman frowned. All three of them rush up to their home terrace. They stopped and saw small kids partying in the garden with loud music blasting in Rohail's room, who is unknown to the truth.

Arman:Wohhoo... ! Arman smiled looking at the group enjoying and dancing... while Rahul and Atul shook their heads.

Riddimaa: SHUT UPP !!! Girls and boys stopped dancing

Riddimaa: ROHAIL GET IN RIGHT NOW ! shouted her lungs out.


Riddimaa: What the heck Rohail ..?? Get in your room..! NOW ! shouted snatching her hand away.

Rohail: But dii...... he stopped himself seeing her temper

Riddimaa: Shut up not a word... I swear I will call mom ! Riddimaa scolded, knowing that he would stop.

Riddimaa: Shame on You! What was this haan?" pause "How could you party around with out any reason .. NOT a word in your room !" Rohail felt bad and walked back in the room.

Riddimaa Went out huffing and puffing and told his friends to go home back... and apologized them. On the Other hand,

Arman: I know what must have happened. Knowing that parents left the house – Rohail must have thrown a party but finally Riddimaa being a girl – turned out to be pain for that little boy... and he end up getting thrown in room while Riddimaa bid his friends bye...he concluded as he saw her waving at rohails friends by zooming his telescope on her..

Rahul: Hmm...still Call her.. ask her!!

Arman: Ok wait... Arman was about to dail when Atul came in. he had went down to bring his ringing phone.

Atul: Yrr... talk to muskan she is eating my brain now - why did you switch off your phone tell her!!" Atul threw his phone at Rahul

All walk down to the the room, whose window faced directly at her house.

Rahul: Hey Muskan... uhmm listen … magar... meri baat... suno tou... par... Shit!" Rahul gave phone back to Atul "cut kardiya.." Rahul flung over bed while Arman called riddimaa too and moved away as he heard her voice on his mobile.

Arman: Riddimaa... pause... is everything ok?

Arman: hmm... he replied, as she told about the current event..

Arman: After dropping him at school come here... ok ! Arman said. "ok bye."

At the same time, Shahank and Padma place.

Padma: shahank.... I think its high time to just leave Children aaway... get them away from ourselves... and send them money every month...!" Padma paced in the cottage where they stayed

Shahank: I can't live with out my children..standing up from his chair he fought with her

Padma: I can't let My children die because of Our deeds... they should get a comfortable life.. a peaceful Life.. !!

Padma spoke again with tears: When Rohail was Born …. I told you to leave this things... this field... but you were soo greedy to earn more... that you end up killing three people.." Padma sobbed

Shahank pulled her towards him: What do you expect Padma ? That …. He... Killed my parents.. in front of my eyes.. 6 bullet right on moms chest... ! I had to avenge their deaths... and I did that!" pause " I wanted to leave this... and we left it for 3 months Didn't we?" he glared at her wife, clutching her shoulders

Shahank pushed her away: What WE GOT? Nothing... Riddimaa slept 5 days with out food and Rohail he got feed from you … but that too stopped !! whose fault was it? I tried to work... People !this WORLD ! never let me do things easily... Shahank paused as he remember his miserable days, lid his cigar.

Padma: I understand shahank... that's why I am here with you... but we will NOT destroy are children's life... if Police found out about us... about our family... they would dig Riddimaa and Rohail … they wouldn't leave them in peace... they would interrogate them every minute... WE have to take them away from us... and from our house... Bass... this is final … I want my children to lead a free life...! Padma walked away in a room


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