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Part 17 : AR ff Nashaa

After Dropping Rohail at school, Riddimaa went in the boys house with her extra keys given by Atul. As soon she opened the lounge door she saw the house messed up. Frowning she stepped in and switch on the lights. Her mouth fell a bit open when she saw Atul on floor, Rahul on one couch and Arman on other couch sleeping over his stomach.

Riddimaa: Cough Cough... pause "GUYS WAKE UP ! Riddimaa jumped over Atul and shouted her lungs All three pulled their guns and marked it at Riddimaa, who looked astonish and a bit fear in her eyes.

As her eyes First fell on Arman who stood facing her, ShirtLESS..... and the gun fear was followed later.

Arman: I swear, I will shoot you next time for this so unappropriated deed of yours ! Arman walk up to her, leaving 1 feet distance. She moved away and turned her face around, when Rahul and Atul stood their looking at crimson face. She walked out in the garden of the house.

Riddimaa: Forgot sake Wear shirt!... " she mumbled before going out, making Arman grin...

she waited outside in garden when she saw them coming out freshened up, but Arman choose to wore vest NOT Shirt. As his muscled pumped out.

Riddimaa: Jerk... trying to tame me... huh? she mumbled, crossing her leg over the other, as they walk up to her. "Good Morning..." they spoke taking seats in garden around the table.

RiddimaaL soo... whats next? she asked, looking away from Arman. As he stared at her body that she felt her black baggy pants and black tee would tear apart through his gaze only.

Rahul: Your parents ran away. Telling matter of fact.

Riddimaa: yes.! They said My Massi got injured that's why they went to stay with her.

Atul: I wished they get back quick soo we can arrest all the other gangs.


Riddimaa: just a sec... Mom? Its mom!

Arman: pick it up, replied restless in his seat.

Riddimaa: Hello Mama? Mai... I was looking around the news paper.... at Friends house.

Rahul mumbled a name in her ear

Riddimaa: Muskan Mama.... I met her yesterday at mall – nice girl.. helping me find a new job.Arman and Atul nodded at her lie.

Riddimaa: Yes Mama... i am listening. Riddimaa turned silent after hearing what her mom said. Finally ending the phone after good time she said

Riddimaa: yes i will wait for your call. Riddimaa closed the phone and looked at the faces

Arman: WHAT? Riddimaa stared at him angrily as his loud voice.

Riddimaa: She.... she said, she will sent me and Rohail somewhere away from here... and they can't live with us now. She said not to ask why? she said, she will be always around us but we all will not live as a family any more... they will send us money every month. And by night a car will pick me and Rohail up and drop us to more safe place from where we would start all over again" Pause "they are separating us...!" she added.repeating her moms strict words like a monosyllables. Her eyes got moist remembering her sweet past ! Her memory haunted her during the call. She and her little brother would never live with their parents like a family.... she hated this fact and cursed her fate, silently

Arman notice her expression, he always noticed it – the smallest turn over her face would be soo expressive that he would understand her thoughts through it too.

Atul: What is all this? Atul banged his fist in his other palm

Rahul: So does that mean, you would be cut off from your parents?

Riddimaa: Yes. she said, she won't talk or call us - and be with us like old time but she will look up for Our safety. Why are you making me REPEAT THIS FACT !!" she pushed her seat away and walk few feets away to a corner and sobbed softly, getting emotional.

Arman:Shit... now how will we get whats there next move." Arman hit the table in front of him, and saw her back at them..

After a while Riddimaa walk in the house for making tea for everyone.... they all settled in the garden with their cups and thought what could they do now, possibly.

Riddimaa: Room... my Papa's room ! Riddimaa stood up, dropping her tea over Arman thigh.

Arman: urghhhhhhhhh ! Even Arman stood up dropping his own tea over the same place

Riddimaa: OMG.... sorry … sorry. She kepy a hand over his thigh and rubbed the place.

Arman pushed her hand away and stared at her with an unnoticeable desire in his eyes, to which she looked up astonish...

Cough Cough ! Rahul brought them back. Arman got up from his place and stood setting his back at them and lit a cigarette to stop his unexplainable desires..

Rahul: uyhmmm what were you saying Riddimaa Shahanks room?

Riddimaa: uhmmm vo..Raahul....... haan remember you said you want the detail things... Papa never knew that he would have to leave like this suddenly. So may be the dairy or something like that... could be in the room still ?? and after that you all can search other bad guys too.... My work will be done too...I won't have to act any more around my so-called parents... feeling hurt and exhausted as every end had a tight knot and it was hard to open it and free herself. She wanted a free open life for herself and for her brother and break all the contacts with her parents once and for all. She didn't wanted to act any more ! She even hate to call them parents now.

Atul:Well Done riddiz... ! Patting her head.

Arman: No NOt like this !! Stopp Atul ... we can't walk in her house.! Its 2... Rohail must be at home and we have time for about till night only. Arman stopped Riddimaa and Atul as they turn to leave

Riddimaa hitting her head: OH i forgot... Listen, i will try to get him out... When i give you a miss call ... only one of you come to my home ok" arman nodded and saw her running out of the back doors.

Arman: How many times do I have to remind her not to use back yard door !!! Arman groaned as she ran out.

Rohail: Hey... Di.. Rohail greeted; stood in the kitchen. Rohail looked strange... and from past two three days very much mature... young, this is the first time she noticed.. His way of greeting had changed - he use to stick close to her in past, but all that had been stop why?? he never said hi too her – always hugged her !. He was not a kid any more. he looked a mature man. The word man hit her ! He was 17!

Her eyes grew bigger and bigger - she walked up to him in a pace and touched his cheek

Rohail pushed her hand away: DII...

Riddimaa blasted: OMG...YOu TRIED TO SHAVE??

Rohail smiled bitting over his peanut butter sandwich: Yea... i thought the beard would come... and it came. replied, cheekily


Rohail: Well, whateva!.. think what ever you want to..." Rohail turned away and walk out of the kitchen.

Riddimaa got tense with his attitude and stopped him in lounge: Rohail.. .whats wrong?

Rohail: NOthing is wrong... replied thickly.

Riddimaa: Talk to me..." Riddimaa walked behind him, helplessly... as he started to go out of house

Rohail: TALK ABOUT WHAT DI? went out on road

Riddimaa: ROhail Stop... i need to know whats going on in your life?" Riddimaa turned him around both stood in front of their house

Rohail: OHhh... so now you wanna know? Dii .... you stopped that long time back... I DON'T THINK Now I WANT YOu to dig me up any more ! I AM A BIG BOY ... I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF....... Rohail shouted and went away on walk.

Riddimaa: Please understand me.... please, she saw his back... as he walk away.Riddimaa silently cried, and turned in the house when Arman kept a hand over her shoulder.

Riddimaa: ITs all my fault... we use to sit together whole day ... from last week, i havn't even sat beside him - or talk to him.. everything change at a matter of snap my world had changed. she cried engulfing herself in his arms. Something she had been loving to do these days, but was not accepting this fact to herself also that she felt secure and safe in these two arms, only... and yet again she leaned hre body in him to find peace !

Arman: shh.. its not your fault... its your parent.. You really are a good sister. Believe me i know... Arman consoled her by hugging her, crushing her in his arms ,he kept on running his palm over her slender back..

Riddimaa: NO arman... you dont know... he never spoke like this... I am worried what friends he had made that made him shave and all, I don't him to indulge in bad things.... ab tou mom dad bhi nahi honga too take care of him.... she cried keeping her face in his neck.

Arman: Riddimaa I will help you promise... but we seriously need to get to Shahanks room ! Please... I promise to help you with Rohail !

Consoling her for a time being, she moved away and spoke

Riddimaa: I am sorry i got carried away..." She tuck her hair behind her ear.

Arman: ITs ok... i enjoyed it any way. she shook her head and lead him to her parents room.

Shahank – Padma room

Arman: So from where? Arman looked at the room.

Riddimaa: You search the bed.... ! i will look in the cupboard" Riddimaa suggested.

Arman: keep the things back in same manner!

Riddimaa: Arman the drawers of cupboards are locked. As she tried to pull out.

Arman: One minute. He tried to pull it out by holding it from below. "Ahh." he winced a little and it opened up with a thud.

Riddimaa: yea tou srif files hain.... Arman picked one file to see records pictures of man, and their names written behind every photo..

Arman: Bring a bag... small bag hurry! she ran to her room and brought a bag.. her old school bag.

Riddimaa:HERE... "she passed it by opening it zip.. he shuffled all the file in that bag... opening one more drawer he picked all the things - all the papers and put it in the bag

Riddimaa hold the bag in her hand when Arman walk up to the dressing table. and opened drawers.. finding nothing her he bend down, lower on floor and felt a thing attached to table with tape. Pulling it out - he saw a dairy

Arman: FOUND IT!. He genuinely smiled she smiled back...

Arman: check below the bed.... Arman jumped over the bed and look behind the bed and saw something that made him curse the devil

Arman: SHIt... crap.!" Arman cursed and almost stumbled back on the bed.

Riddimaa: KYa hua.." she asked stopped looking beneath the bed and tired to gave him hand as he was about to fall

Arman: its riffles.... guns... ! pause with bombs... here" Arman jumped of the bed, zipped the bag

Arman: Its not safe.... … lets get out of here ! pulled her daze shocked body out of the place.

to be conti.....Tongue

Next Part: Rohail coming to know about the truth.... what will happen? Leave her sister?

Love Maha

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