Friday, 5 April 2019

Part 18 : AR ff Nashaa

As Arman and Riddimaa ran across the road and reached his place. Rahul, who stood guarding at the backyard door of his house, opened door and pulled both of them in the house.

Arman: You won't believe what we found! bombs guns, rifle all in that damn house he closed the door behind, breathing in and out, while Riddimaa walk in the sitting area in garden and throw herself on her chair with shame.

Rahul: Shit...Lets settled down.... first! let me make calls, I will call police at her house immediately – its high time Arman we can't risk their life any more... ! I will tell Shubhankar sir to bring Search warrant and he can go inside …! before Shahank gets the things away. Rahul went and began to make calls as Arman nodded his head in agreement...

Atul took the bag from Arman and poured glass of water for both of them. All four of them sat in garden, two civil constable were called who stood near Arman's place for safety purpose. Arman turned the bag upside down.. all the things came over the table picking up the dairy he spoke

Arman: Dairy tou half hai... its tore off from middle !... where IS THE OTHER HALF" ARman kicked the ground. he lit up a cigarette and closed his eyes - remembering the view of room he thought what had he missed.

"WANT THIS?" The four turned to see Rohail and half piece of dairy in his hand. Two guards holding him from his arms

Riddimaa: ROHAIL? Riddimaa walked up to him but stopped in her tracks as rohail stopped her by his hand movement

Rohail:I am coming over there dii... but tell your people to put away their guns off me!

Riddimaa: PUT YOUR GUNS OFF HIM - HE IS MY BROTHER! she pushed the guys off him..

Rahul: RIddimaa relax, guys both of you go out. Rahul walked in and tried to take dairy from his hand when

Rohail: ah haa... Not soo easy dude" Rohail replied and walked in towards the sitting area in garden

Rohail:SOoo... what are you doing here di? tell me.. pause " I won't be astonish" he said angrily. "

Riddimaa: Rohail give that dairy to me.? Arman stood there quitely studing every act of the boy.

Rohail: Dii... i really hate it..! whats happening? where's mom dad.? what ARE you doing here? WHO ARE They?" ROhail shouted at her sister. Stepping closer to her

Riddimaa: I WIll explain -- just give me the dairy trying to take dairy at the same time felt helplessly. "NO... you are against us! you are back stabbing mom dad.... ! you are making them involve in wrong things... you are a bluff. !! ,you are making my parents get arrest ,in FALSE CASE... IN FRAUD THINg.. !" he shouted, pulling the dairy out of her range "YOu don't love us any more ! You cheating mom dad?? how could you" Rohail shouted at her, keeping the dairy behind his back

Arman's hand circled his neck like snake

Arman: Not a move, mate."

Riddimaa spoke in tears as her brother accused her: Arman Leave hiim !

Arman: Quite Riddimaa.... he glared at her, pulling the dairy out of his hand.Arman: Hmm... thanks for the dairy.... moved away...Rohail turned and stared at him for a second.

Rohail: You tried to be smart with me? Rohail pointed the shot gun that he had pulled from Armans pocket the same moment, Everyone looked at Him

Riddimaa: Rohail noo..! she trembled in fear.

Rohail: Stop there dii. ... !"pointing her gun at her and than at Arman, who a second before had already told Rahul from eyes the next movement which Rohail was unaware off......


Riddimaa: ROHAIL !" Riddimaa shrieked as he fell down in front of her. Rahull had hit his head but his gun back and he fainted

Ridddimaa: HOW DARE you Rahul... Riddimaa cried hitting rahul with her fist. Arman picked his gun that was on floor and placed it back in its place.

Arman: Atul take the papers up in room... all .!" spoke angrily.

Arman: I Will pick him up...! Arman picked Rohail in his arms and lead him in the house, while Rahul handled a crying Riddimaa and brought her in with consolation that nothing would happen and he did only to safe him from doing anything wrong.

After a moment all of them in the lounge fighting blaming each other... while Rohail laid on the couch, his head on her lap as Riddimaa kept on placing an ice pack over his head, he still Not Conscious enough. A ball of wound has appeared over the corner of his head.

Riddimaa: COULD YOU THREE JUST SHUT UP! Riddimaa shouted, as she saw Rohail moving but Looking at Riddimaa angrily as she shouted.

Rohail: Dii !! shut your big mouth! Rohail groaned.

Riddimaa: Sorry... sorry Riddimaa apologized, kissing his forehand. She packed his wound with pack

Rohail: ufff put that away.. urghh ! Rohail tried to sit up properly but couldn't

Riddimaa: please....Relax Rohail..." she massaged his shoulder

Riddimaa: ARe you ok?" she asked, making him sit while Atul as always brought water.

Rohail: hmmm.... he said with close eyes. "I wanna sleep..." he said, dropping his head back on her lap he fell a sleep.

Arman:why do all the Gupta's feel sleepy around us. Arman commented.

Riddimaa: Shut up Arman ! if HE want's too sleep HE WIll Sleep ! Riddimaa shouted again

Rohail: STop shouting at my ear diii Rohail groan trying to move away by her side. He turned his head and leaned his head around her stomach and straightened his leg on couch and dosed off.

"aww so cute.." Atul looking at the site as Riddimaa ruffled his hair with moist eyes.Arman heard the police cars.

Arman: Rahul - Police is here... you go... and tell Shubhankar sir... everything. we both stay in here !

Rahul: OK....

Riddimaaa: Arman, I want water...

Arman: Atul bring for her ! Arman shudder and took a seat in front of her, staring at her softly

Riddimaa: You are useless..! she commented.

Arman: I don't get paid for serving a women...! pause "On second thoughts, I would love to serve YOU for like matter of hours? ONLY and pay you around...some notes... he spoke as he saw Rohail sleeping and Atul went to bring water

Riddimaa: YOu BAST***.... she closed her mouth angrily as Atul came up close.

RiddimaaThanks Atul" Riddimaa drank and kept it on the table beside couch, her own eyes went off while ruffling Rohails hair, huffing an puffing in anger, glaring at Arman at every interval. And he could help but gave her a silent – torturing, smug !


Love Maha

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