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Part 19 : AR ff Nashaa

She had fallen a sleep along with Rohail who lay his head on her lap. She woke up seeing Rohail getting up
Ridimaa : let me help you... she smiled and made him sit, she looked around to see Rahul and Atul laid on floor carpet while playing video game and Arman still staring at her but he broke his trance as she glared at him

Rohail : HEY, Thats mine!" Rohail got up and pulled one of the video game of Atul hands while RAhul backed away

Rahul : Man... i am not giving you... i am bored ! Rahul went up to Arman while playing game

Rohail : DII tell HIM TO GIVE ME MY THINGs BACK. ON FIRSt thought how did you get my belongings? You stole them from my room??? Rohail said making a shock face and looking at Riddimaa for help

Rahul : No buddy, we just took them....! finding at the lounge area of your home! Rahul mockingly laughed at him, while Atul walk up to Rahul and kept on looking how good he played. Arman sat quitely still praising Riddimaa's expression, she tried to hold back her laugh and looked angry proving Rohail she was on his side.

Riddimaa : bass karo...Rahul give him back! she scolded and pulled the video game from his hand when he was engrossed

Rahul spoke offensively : Heyyy!!

Riddimaa : Here she passed it Rohail, who passed a victory smile to others and holded both the video games near his chest.

Rahul complained glaring at rahul : But... Riddiz yrr i was playing! and felt like break Rohails neck.

Arman : Could we get to work please.?Arman spoke

Rahul made a funny face : WHAT work?

Arman : tell the boy ... everything..? remember?staring at Riddimaa, whose color turned pale.

Riddimaa walk up to him as he sat on the master seat :is it important...

Arman : Yes... he Should know ! he is a big boy ... and can handle this much ! getting up he told Rohail to take a seat, who did....

Rohail : soo you mean my mom dad are not nice people.." Rohail spoke once Arman ended the whole truth..

Arman : Yes... and your sister helped us... she is not back stabbing your parents Rohail – its your parent who destroyed your family... she is helping so that she could give you and herself a better life" Arman took a seat beside him as he saw Rohail getting sentimental

Rohail pushed his consoling hand away : i don't believe you... he tried to suck his tears back

Riddimaa: Please … apni di... ki

Rohail : don't talk to me dii... I need proves ! Whipped the corner of his eyes, Riddimaa fell back on the single seat and cried silently.

Arman : here... i can show you proves...! Arman picked the same packet which they showed to Riddimaa

Riddimaa snatched it from his hand : NO... he is TOO SMALL for that things.. KEEP IT BACK... she blast at arman...

Riddimaa gained her role as elder sister and shouted which she should have done way back :ROhail... YOU Believe or not... WE ARE OVER FROM OUR PARENTs. ! Riddimaa scolded him, who backed away in his seat

Arman got up to take the packet back :LEt him see Riddimaa

Ridddimaa blast over his face : NO NO NO! Arman, who got angry but stopped to say anything as Rohail was there too.

Rohail confessed : Ok..o ok ... Fine !! don't show me what ever is in that stupid packet... ! And I wanna confess something.... " Rohail groaned as he wanted to see

Arman: what?

Rohail : I heard mom and dad... talking secretly while holding the dairy when Dii was kidnapped.

Rahul : what did you heard. Rahul interrogated.

Rohail : uhmmmm about drugs.... He whispered, shamed to which ever one nodded.

Rohail : then later I stole that dairy after they fell sleep.... I didn't get any of it till date.

Arman :Acha Rohail .... LEave this... come with me... i will show you something real... regarding your parents. Arman pulled Rohail up and told him to follow him...

Riddimaa ran and stood in front of him :Arman... where are you taking him!

Arman got really angry at her insecurities : Rohail you move up a bit... to doors. I will look up to your sister for a second ! Arman turned grave and looked at her angrily. Seeing a silly Rohail walking at main door of House with a cheeky smile. 'hmmm something cooking up between the two ..! I was worried that will my sis have a boy friend or not' he giggled and turned his back at them.

Arman :ONE shitty word more Riddimaa and i would forget all my barriers!" his hand clutched her both arms from below her elbow, pulling her closer..

Riddimaa : stop it..! You Rasc** !" She punched his chest with her fist

Riddimaa :YOU ARE A RUTHLESS PERSON AND I HATE YOU !"she shouted at him with tears, as he pulled her closer.

Riddimaa was shocked! as his firm male lips pressed down on her soft lips. Her eyes closed, unwilling she fell in the moment. Feeling his kiss – learning to live the moment and the feeling how it felt soo delicate over hers, again! He pressed harder leaning his lips lower over her lower lips, Eventually forcing her lips to open. She Breathed hard and finally allowing him to taste her...

The reality fell over her and she tried to push him away, struggling under his hold – wiggling under him she moan to push her lips away but all her trying were invane, his mouth throb over hers even more : UUhmmmmmm !!! He hold her cheeks in his hands at once,holding her face he kissed her further.... a sweet feeling was felt in her body, her legs and thigh were feeling watery, she felt she might fall.

For getting her self over her feet her hands holded his collar for support while his hand went over her back making his chest beat over hers, his body softly yet passionately touching her, at the end he fell her lips wet and swollen due to kiss and licking. She unintentionally has given or allowed him to kiss her . And Now she couldn't even shout for forcing her as at point she herself began to enjoy. Rahul Atul stood behind Riddimaa 10 feets away, shocked. and Rohail Stood behind Arman near door but he couldn't really seriously see him forcing her sister in kiss. It felt a normal kiss with out force in it.

he knew something was between this guy and her sister... he didn't minded it... as she was 23... not a kid anymore.. he sighed and looked away.

Arman :Stay here I be back to get equal with you... i will show your parents room ... to him. Arman broke the kiss leaving a daze Riddimaa there.... they both gasped for air, especially the way their chest pumped up and down made it more irresistible, for both of them, his eyes fell over her chest for a second

Arman : i wish too continue this.... but This is the Not the best place in whole world." he winked and turned to go, her weight fell on the door... she stood there staring at his back... trying to gain enough courage to face both the guys behind her. Who even had started to whistle ! As her neck cheeks turned heat up with his witty and suprising comments.... which always made her go red but she showed her blush as Anger....


Rohail : soo why not from the back doors?

Arman pulled his collar up and so did Rohail : Not to make people - media know that we live here !

Rohail : hmm.... You are police?

Arman : no... and yes, A Civil officer -- DCP Arman Malik..! Arman introduced proudly

Rohail : woohoo.. great name.! Rohail patted his back, which arman hated but ignored

Arman : You are my cousin if ANY one ask you!.. AVOid Media!... don't get carried away... and began to tell them about your parents!... you are missing for the world ...from now on! Arman instructed

Rohail : What about di..?

Arman chuckled : She is missing too! ARman grinned and wink at him as he laughed loudly.

And then quieted as they walk pass the media... avoiding there questions regarding their identity.Reaching in the house, Rohail saw dogs... police man with checking machine. Arman and Rohail stopped at kitchen as one of the metal checking machine began to buzz below the sink. when other police opened - they found lots of shot guns... and gernade in wrapped in a black shopper...

Rohail : shit... rohail curse

Rohail : Mom use to keep it lock due to sink had got weaken... and we never thought to look in it.. Rohail told as they turned to go up stairs. Arman nodded in an understanding manner climbing stairs.

Rohail : Where are my and Di's Pictures? astonish to see walls empty...

Arman : We moved it away... my secret workers came - searched the home before the police and i guess burnt them.... sorry about the loss Arman whispered slowly circling his arm around the petite shoulder and entered his parents room

Rohail sobbed softly but looked up shock when They pulled the bed

Rohail : CRAP !! whispered as the police worker took out guns...

Rohail : I don't believe this... I had been living here for 17 year and didn't find any of this things? Rohail turned angry ...

Rohail cursed them : Mom dad... destroyed us !

Shubhankar tapped Arman : Oh look who is here... Both of them turned to look at shubhankar

Rohail : OMG... is he Shubhankar? Is hee? Is he? Rohail clutched Arman's arm forgetting the past he interrogated

Arman : yea... our boss..! Arman chuckled

Rohail gave a million dollar smile : OMG... i am his die heart fan!

Shubhankar :I heard that son...! Shubhankar joined the two.

Rohail :I am ... honored to meet you sir... I am...,

As they all walk down stair, and Rohail felt as he was leaving his past …. his memory right from this moment he passed a last glare at room with dis grace and turned his back at it. Promising not to look back AGAIN !

Arman : Sir, he is my cousin.. Rohail ! Arman put his arm around him and consoled him silently..

Shubhankar : OH nice too meet you... Shubhankar shook hands as few camera shined over them.

Rohail : Sir i need an auto graph... Rohail asked. As they came out on empty road.

Shubhankar : I be meeting at the secret hide out today... will give you there ! Shubhankar whispered

Rohail : You know about it?" Rohail asked when arman made him shhihh !

to be conti..........
Love Maha

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