Sunday, 14 April 2019

part 2 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

Dad... I think I need a tutor.." I said and my dad blanked at me surpised.
"You want one?" He asked happily.
"Yeah..." I mumbled.
"Great! We can get that settled!" He said proudly.
I fake a grin as I went to my room.
Gosh.. winning Armaan's heart will be hard....
*** Part 3

It was finally the weekend and I was sleeping in late. Well... that's what I thought.
"Ridhima... wake up..." my maids called.
"Saturday...." I mumbled.
"Yes... but your tutor is here..."
My eyes snapped open as I rush out of bed. I need to get ready! The old lady or man will get mad waiting!
I didn't bother to brush my hair but I did change. I also brushed my teeth and smiled at myself. Ohh well, my hair doesn't look that bad!

I rush out the door.
"Miss Gupta!! In the library!" The maid yelled after me.
I smiled as I grabbed my books in the hallway and rush to the library. I must be a good student for Armaan! I need to get high scores so his parents will like me!

I open the door to my father's oversized library and looked around. I went to the round table and set my stuff down. There I saw my teacher has the same books as me. Although there was no one there yet.
I looked around. Still... no one.
I saw a jacket there and then I knew my teacher was a guy.... but who ever this old guy is still has taste in style....

I waited for ten minutes and then got mad.

I stormed towards the door when he still wasn't here. Where is he?!
I was about to push the door open when a hand grabbed my arm.
Eeewww.... an old guy touching me!!

"LET GO!" I snapped as I turned around to see is ugly face.

Well.... only to find him NOT ugly. He was DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then it hit me.
I knew I said that Armaan was my everything..... but he was my other half.
Bihchung .
Star soccer player!
Armaan was the playboy..... but Chung was my soccer prince.
He's the one who scored the winning game for our school. And since I love sports... I also love him too.
WAIT! But.... but.... he's my tutor?? Really??
" Ridhima... right?" He asked in that sexy voice of his.
I blushed as I realized he was staring at me.
"Ummm... yeah...." He knows my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Ohh... well... I'm Bichung.. your tutor." He said with a killer smile. Gosh he's melting my heart.
"Nice to meet you..." I mumbled. Then I remembered I forgot to bursh my hair!! Ohh god! I'm so lazy!!! What do I look like now?

"Shall we start?"
I nod as I followed him to the circle table.

He sat down and opened up his book.
I did the same.

We spent a good two hours studying... well... one hour studying and one looking at him.
I swear I wanted to tackle him!
"Is there anything eles?" He asked.
"Yeah... why are you tutoring me? I mean...." He's rich. Why does he need money??
"Ohh... it's required for me to do community service if I wanted to attend the university I want to go to. It's a require thing..."
Ohh.... duh!! But why would daddy be so cheap to get a student to teach me??
"Are you playing soccer for the university?"
He nod. "I hope so." He smiled that heart melting smile again.
"Cool..." I mumbled.
"What about you?" He asked. (he ment for basketball)
"Ohh.. I'm not a senior yet.." I pointed out.
"Ohh.... great!" He flash me a smile as we both stood up.

We chat some more and I walked with him to the door.
I waved him off and then sigh.
What a lucky person I am.

The next day, I sat in my desk like a zombie.
I was so tired that my eyes kept closing on me. I was only starting to really zone out when Miss. Sharma threw the eraser at me. I quickly look up and saw the whole class staring at me.
Gosh... stupid annoying teacher!!
"Miss. Gupta.... please try to stay with us!" She yelled.
I nod as I rest my head on my hands. She's too old to be yelling that loud!

The rest of class time was a blur. I tried to ignore the fact that Armaan was passing love notes to Genie and I ignored the fact that it hurted my heart.
It was finally lunch time and I ran to my locker. I need to speak to Ella and Selina! Those losers!
I went to my locker and opened it. When it finally opened, tons of letters fell out and I grabbed one off the floor.
What the heck?
Love letters?
I couldn't help but blush. Wow... people actually noticed me for once!

I brush them all aside and put my book inside my locker.
I was about to close my locker when someone pulled the door from behind.
"What... what now?" I groan as I look to see who it was.
Bichung? What is the soccer prince doing here?

"Hey." He smiled brightly.
"What?" I asked in a mad tone.
"Study..." He held out a book.
"Aren't you like... always practing during this time?" I asked.
He smirk.
"You noticed?"
My cheeks heated up as I realized what I just said.
Suddenly, I saw Armaan and his popular crew walked by. He stared at me and Bichung. Our gaze locked for a moment and I looked away. But I could still feel his eyes on me. Ohh and did I mention that those popular people walk REALLY slow? Yeah... they walk like there's forever!!

Just then, Bichung lean towards me.
My eyes widden as I froze. My heart raced and my brain was lost. Ohh god.... he's even hotter up close.
From the corner of my eyes, I watch as Armaan turn away and walked past us. I suddenly felt my heart dropped.

"There." Bichung said as he lean back.
He was waving my math book in front of him. Ohh... he was helping me grab my book from my locker. Good way to get my hopes up only to bring it down.... you go stupid Bichung!

"Let's go." He said as I dragged myself behind.

We went to the school fountain and sat on the rim of the fountain... what a good place right?

We both started with chapter 8 and I watch as he did the math problems. For this moment, I understood everything Bichung was doing. But later when I do it myself, I could never figure it out!

"The last step is to graph it." He explained.
I hate graphing. They eat up so much time!
I sigh as I doze off. I looked at our surrounding and noticed that we were all alone. I sigh again when I noticed a couple sitting under a tree. Too bad that was Genie and Armaan.
I wanted to start crying. Why is everything still a mess? At first I thought I was getting somewhere.... but I guess after my major makeover... I'm still not there yet.

I groan and Bichung looked at me.
"Are you paying attention?" He sigh.
I nod as I return to look at him.
"I'm bored... and hungry.." I complained.
He looked at his watch.
"We still have twenty minutes..." He said. "Want to find something to eat?"
"No.... I'm fine."
"You just said you were hungry...."
"Not anymore." Yeah.. after I saw Armaan feeding something to Genie! That kills.


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