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part 2: On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"no ' thanks" Riddhima answered pulling the strip of her purse on her shoulder and clutching it under her armpit'.

She looked at Armaan, who was having fun with his girl-friend but he had an eye on her too as she stood just few feet's distance'

"Come on, One dance" the guy said, rolling around her back ' his beard slightly touched her bar-shoulder making her move a bit from her place' she turned aside and looked at Muskan. She looked busy'

Riddhima without wasting any moment makes her way out ' and ran with her heels on

"Ouchh'" her feet turned making her heel broke. She took out the broken shoe and looked at it, astonished. "SHIT- Curse u" she pointed at her shoe and threw backwards'

"OEEEE'" a voice shouted. Riddhima Turned and saw a man, Armaan Rubbing his hea "Why the hell you threw the shoe on me?" Armaan walked at her with her shoe in his hand

"Oh I m sorry, I apologize. I didn't mean" riddhima took the shoe and threw on the other side, just to hear a Dog howl feeling the shoe' "shit!" Riddhima hits her head

"Bechara dog'" Armaan made a sympathy sound. Riddhima frowned and bit her nail.

"I said Sorry'." Riddhima repeated.

"its ok" Armaan smiled and Riddhima smiled back. And turned walking with a left one part of that shoe in her hand ' "Hey YOU WALKING BARE FOOT?" Armaan shouted.

"yea I guess so'." She shouted back and walked away'

Armaan sighed and turned to go in when he heard her shrink'. He ran to see Rohail, the same man, who was flirting in the pub'.

"Chodo'. Idiot ! MORON'."Riddhima twisted and hit her shoe on his head ' while sitting on the bonnet of his car. Armaan chucked and walked up to her

"Leave him ' Riddhima. Kitno ko is shoe se marro gee???" he holds her from her wrist, and pulls her off the car'

"You don't know ' he tried to touch me.... Idiot" Riddhima came down, after giving a tight slap on his face' she cleaned her hands with each other and flicked her hands back and started to walk to wards her home when

"HEY strong GAL --- Wait I will give you a lift !!!" HE SHOUTED

"NO thank-----" he rushed back and brought his bike'

"Come' hoop in.." Armaan said.

"look A'.." she bit her lips "Armaan'" he helped her '

"yea Look Armaan, I don't even know you ' and"

"Chill ' I don't want to get beaten up with your shoes '. So relax and let's go" Armaan raced the bike and Riddhima soon settled behind him'

"so Riddhima rite?" Armaan asked' "yea' juhu block 6' my address'" she said keeping a hand on his shoulder

"Acha, so as our college is over ' what have you thought about future?"  Armaan asked, seeing her face through the side mirror, her hair flew with air'

"Why should I Tell u? I don't even know you'" pause "Left Lefttt" she shrieked "Stopppppp" she bumped in him "urghhh bike chalani nai atii tou Kyun chalte ho ' Pagal." She straightened her hear and walks towards her home'.

"Oee Thank you tou bolo'" Armaan shouted

"Thank you bola meri jutii" Riddhima replied and went in ' Armaan went away with a smile on his face'.


Meeting up every one in Sanjeevani was a shock to her ' well specially Muskan ' her best buddy was their too --- they all hooked up soon'. But Armaan, was still keeping a distance. He talked minimum' he liked everyone but he wanted to concentrate on his internship rather than making up friends'.

"All interns should join their duty after 30 minute' " the nurse announced and walked away from the locker room'

"Riddhima tum kal kahan gayi thi ' I was searching for you idiot'" Muskaan said wearing her lab coat while Rahul was staring at her' with love'

"Yea right !" riddhima said with sarcasm' "I know what were you doing'!" she added "With '.." riddhima trailed off and saw Muskan blushing in reply Riddhima rolled her eyes and shook her head in dis-approvement'

"Get ride off Him Muskan ' he is using you'" Riddhima whispered which was quite clear to Armaan as his locker was beside Riddhima's ' he crocks his eye- brows and stares at her strangely while Riddhima looked away and walk to her duty'


"Rahul Likes her a lot'." Armaan ran up to her in the corridor.

"yea right --- You boys need time pass'!" Riddima took her files from the reception and so did Armaan. They were assigned same cases'

"that's not True '!" Armaan said.

"yea that's true ! didn't last night that ' that friend of your came close to me for Time pass ' HE didn't Love me --- but wanted to make himself pleasure'! And so is this ' Rahul using Muskan'. Which is not gonna happen !" Armaan frowned and walked quietly behind her to their ward'

Both focused on their work till they got break

"Still Rahul is not that bad ' he likes Muskan from a long time'" Armaan spoke up again while walking up to the canteen'

"I don't believe ' he is just finding a moment and when he gets what he needs he will leave her as all people do ' and I guess Love does not even exist in today's world ' its just a affection which ends up when time passes on '" Riddhima took a seat and Armaan took an opposite seat to hers'

" I don't agree with this --- Love exists, but today's girl has made it a joke it self ' they say I love you to everyone passing by --- they them selves are not faith-full what should boys do now " Armaan said "And attraction always turns to Love when the feeling is true Dr. Gupta" Armaan added

Riddhima looked at him for a second and was lost in his words her eyes were fixed on his face but her mind was boggling with his words'.

"Helllooo" he clicked his fingers in front of her face'.

"huh?" riddhima jolted just to see a smirk on Armaan's face

"mujh mei kho gayi kya ?" Armaan laughed

"Shut up Armaan'." Riddhima made disgusting face "Well I guess, some girls are not like that ' who say I Love you to every one passing by" Riddhima spoke confidently.

"yea right !!" He spoke with sarcasm' "they just need a boy to come up to them and smile at them and they go crazy behind them '." Armaan added'

" I agree but still there are some girls not like them '." Riddhima sipped her coffee completing it'

"You count your self in it?" Armaan looked at her boring his eyes in hers'

"Yea off-course I count my self in it !" Riddhima went away and Armaan's eyes followed her retreating body and at last he shook his head 'distracting his mind away from her '.


"HEY Riddhima ' Come I will give you a lift'." Armaan came up to her in his bike '. As they were going back at home'

"no thanks Armaan ' I be going by my self Thank you '" riddhima spoke gently'

"Come on'" Armaan said again while she shook her head and sat in the taxi'. And went away'

"Bhaiyya ji ' I guess, aap ne galat road liya hai'" she looked around to see no home around her'

The taxi man didn't reply and when some one knocked on the left door . she was seated on right side..

"Bhaiyya ji ' chaloo" riddhima Said slowly' but she got no response, the left side door of back seat opened up and I guy came in and settled beside her ' she gulped and opened her side door and went out when at a corner four five boys were standing'

She knew she had to reach home now. Trying her best to not let her fear n worries come on her face. She went up to them

"Suniye Bhaiyya ji yahan bus stand kahan hai'.? She asked nervously to the stall man, which was beside the group of boys'

"Kaho toh hum chod dete hain" a man popped in front of her, she now began to panic. She turned and started moving from there as fast as she could

'Arey kahan jaa rahi ho..Ruko toh sahi' He grabbed her hand n pulled her in the middle of the gang'.She forcefully took her hand back... She pushed one of them and ran from there; she thought to slow down as she felt safe '. But when she turned around she saw them just few feet away'.

Horrified at the sight...She tried to move but the men surrounded her in a way she could not move and banged her to the wall behind her ' she had tears in her eyes ' she kept on twisting in their hold ' they kept her hands up and locked them on wall.. Two of them had surrounded her and touched her body making her shout with disgust'.

She called for help when a man neared her '. She knew there will be no one around in this place ' how she wished she had went away with Armaan' how she wished he comes up this time too ' to save her' how she wished that someone comes up to her and takes her away from this ' she felt a tuck on her neck

The man pulled her dupatta out n threw it on the floor and breathed on her face... She protested hard and tried to push them...She did all she could but nothing was helping'

*Thud* *Thud*

The 3 fell down on floor and the one who were clutching on Riddhima turned to see who it was just to a punch on their face and then was down to the floor, But soon, the other, who fell first got up and called their other friends,

Riddhima dragged herself down on floor and rolled her arms around her chest'. She opened her eyes slowly to find Armaan right in front of her and the gang was about to get up

"Let's Go --- time nahi hai hurry up'" he grabbed her hand and pulled her up' Armaan turned to see whole gang in front of him "uh huh" he made a sound and pulled riddhima at his back, who was frightened by the sight in front of her. She kept a hand on his arms and was thinking how they will get out of this mess' and pressed his hand and mumbled 'Armaan ' no fight please'

He looked at her not to worry when a man comes to hit him but Armaan punches him back  and make other beat when all came up to hit him ' he with full pressure pulled riddhima and ran'. She could not do anything but ran as fast he was making her run ' it hurt her under her armpit ' as he pulled her arm with full force ' she kept on whining in pain but he was thinking far more than that to how to come out of this mess'.. Looking back she saw they were still behind them, she was giving it up ' she thought there  was no way she was going to be safe tonight, but somewhere she had a hope Armaan will save her in one way or other '. She trusted him '

She thought over what she said '. 'I trust him?' she frowned deeper ' when he pulled her in the jungle beside the road and banged her with the tree and overlapped her with his body

He saw them coming near he pressed his body with hers by making it invisible in dark behind the tree'

"Yea KYA KAR RAHE H'." she shouted and Armaan crashed his lips on her's for making her quite - His eyes went on road behind her ' He saw two guys standing few feets away ' and were catching their breath

Her Eyes popped out - she was petrified to what just happened''He kissed me' she thought' 'No ' he is kissing me' she thought and hit him on his chest but he holds her hands and kept in behind her waist'

She felt disgusting ' she felt ashamed of herself..Being kissed by a person she merely knew was something not her cup of tea. She wanted to protest' she wanted to break away just then' but he was not just moving away -- he held her petite figure under his toned broad chest. Her senses went away'

Tears were rolling down; she wasn't just able to digest it...When from the corner of her eyes she saw, the gang fade away. They walked away...Silently.

He wasn't leaving her, he was pressing her lips hard with his, she was out of air but he didn't even care a bit'

Slowly, when he realized the danger is out. He slowly raised her through her waist...Still not breaking from the kiss, as he made her stand straight'Looking straight into her eyes he left her lips after stroking them for the last time --  She huffed as she breathed heavily. She tried to stand with help of tree on which she had been leaning - he took a deep breath and


'What the hell ? I saved her I guess.' He thought, his eyes fell on the tears rolling out from her eyes. She couldn't accept the whole kiss thing ' she raised her hand to hit him when he grabs her hand and rolls it behind her back ' making her moan in pain'She was crying badly now -- he twisted her

"How dare u" she shouted to which he tightened the grip on her hand "Ahh"

"HOW dare You ' hit me '. As I guess I saved you" he retorted, while making his hold loose at her; she relaxed a bit too as he realized her situation ' she leaned on his chest just to get support as her body ached with pain ' he left her hand ' and the next second her knee went weak and she kept on going down holding him through his waist and then on his leg'. And then cried badly ' keeping her hand on her face

She was ashamed of herself' She banged her head back on the tree when Armaan settled in front of her on his knee ' "Let's Leave Riddhima it's not safe here" he brushed her hair away'.Seeing her in this state...He felt his heart bang too

He made her stand and caressed her back and she came in his embrace and cried there ' none of them spoke for a second "riddhima its ok" he walked taking hold of her through shoulder not getting any response he looked at her. She was leaning over him with close eyes. He shook her "Riddimaaa"

"Why Armaan --- Why me'.." she spoke with hiccups'. "It's ok Riddhima u are safe" he told her walking slowly to his bike'.

"Why did you kiss me Armaan !" she shouted hitting his chest ' he was taken back, he didn't expect that to come out like this way ' he thought she might be cool with it '

"Riddhima, that was the only way to safe ourselves ' and on the top it ' I wanted you be quite but you were shouting and" pause , he saw her crying more loudly "ok ok sorry ' I am sorry, I didn't know you didn't like it ' I am sorry 'I promise I wil'.." she fainted in his arms and he took a deep sigh

'Man ' Armaan , Kahan fas gaya tuu' he thought and picked her up while walking to his bike'.. 'sorry Riddhima ' I didn't mean it' he added in his thought'


Vaishu and Maha.

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