Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Part 2 : Our Ways

"Bye Eshaan..." she waved at the duo, who was leaving for work.

"Sonali...." she shouted, calling one of the maid and walked in the kitchen "I m going to my apartment to bring my things and will be back by 1 before Eshaan OK?" the maid made a nod and went back to her work.


After taking all the things she might be needing, Riddimaa moved in and shuffled her things at the proper place. Soon she helped the servants in preparing food.

"Ridddimaaaaa" she shrieked at her name being shouted with joy and happiness

Riddima made her way out of the kitchen and took hold of Eshaan, who ran straight in her arms. And kissed her cheek number of times.

"heheee.... aree ajj tou bara pyar araha hai." she took him up to his room.

"yes..! u know what I got an Excellent from my teacher..." Eshaan spoke with thrill.

"reallly? Thats great...." she withdrew him off the bag and cloths and told him to take bath till she take some cloths out for him.

Soon both made their way down to kitchen

"u know, today a girl.. really got impressed by me." He blurted

"ah-an..!" Riddimaa cocked her eyebrows

"yea..." he mumbled and blushed a bit. "and what u did whole day?" he changed the topic

"nothing brought my things to ur place." she placed another spoon in his mouth and in reply he made a small nod.

"bass..." Eshaan spoke up.

As soon, Eshaan and Riddima were making their way up, the door bell rang and Arman, yes Arman with a gloomy face ' entered the house and threw his coat on the near by chair and bag their

Eshaan ran up to him for a hug but that merely went un-notice by Arman. Eshaan made a face, kicked the door to shut off.

"Eshaan..." Riddimaa gave a glass to sir and spoke Eshaan's name in a warmly tone, a tone that promised everything will work out.

"i want to sleep. Lets go Riddimaa." Eshaan Grabbed her hand and pulled her up stairs, while soon Arman came to notice that Eshaan came to greet him and he just ignored and then he saw Riddimaa leaving with Eshaan and giving him a disappointment look.


"Arman Sir, u need anything to eat?" Riddima immediately came down after making Eshaan sleep.

"yes please" Arman said, while changing the channels.

"Is every thing OK?" she didn't knew but felt like asking and soon felt awkward feeling his eyes on her.

"hmm...." he diverted his attention. Riddima was now sure that something surely had happened, but will he tell her? She brushed away the thought and placed food for him.


at night, after completing Eshaan's home work, the duo made their out in the garden. Arman, who sat in front of the TV hold day. Took a notice of them going out. He frown a bit and then heard a loud shriek. He went out to see, Eshaan, shouting and trolling in the rain while a figure right next to Eshaan was trolling in the same way.

Closed eyes, head tilt up to the sky. Water drops kissing her face, her dress had cling to her body. Making a clear view of her curves. A feeling aroused in him, he made his way towards her and stopped her from trolling. Riddima looked at him strangely, and soon she felt his cold fingers on her cheeks. She shivered and placed her hands on his wrist and moaned his name and he ' he quickly placed his lips on her and smudged them till the were swollen

"Dad...." he heard a light voice and soon a bulk of water was thrown on his face. "Dad...." Eshaan shouted and laughed when he saw, his dad had got wet.

Arman smiled at his son and soon frowned 'waiit ' did I just dream about me kissing Riddimaa?' Arman thought 'shit shit... shit....'

"Dad? Where were u lost...."Eshaan asked while pulling him out.

"No where..." pause " and now get in... Riddimaaa" he shouted his name and gave her look to get in !

Just to a get pleasing look in return

"NO... get in both of u!" he spoke sternly

"Arman sir please '." "Yes dad please" both requested while making puppy faces.

"No... now get in before I give both of u a spank.!" he took hold of Eshaan in his arms. And said Riddimaa to come in Right now and she quietly followed him in the house with a gloomy face.


Giving a hot glass to Eshaan, Riddima made him change and made him sleep...Riddima on one place thought where her life was taking her. She lived in an unknown house, took care of every little thing here. It had only been 2 days but the thought of working as nanny, filled her heart with guilt. Was that her dream? That what she wanted ?? she came from a small town to work ' to do something big but guess life is tough ' she had to work to get a good degree. And if not, then she promised to be a good person and gain enough for an independent life.

She drifted off with the same haunted-guilt dream...

on the other hand, Arman, was wide awake. Thinking over things. Things that were said by people. Saying that people remarked on him. On his character.

He is gay.

Her wife ran away may be she was afraid of him.

Didn't u saw him staring at Rohit, at morning today.

Whole office is busy talking about our boss being gay.

God, Rohit is a dead meat today he had been called in the room. Alone.

Comments, wondered in his head and the very next moment Riddimaa's face ' figure came in his eye. But soon, he shrugged and made himself lay down on bed and went to sleep.

'Miss u Ayes-ha' he whispered.


next week went by, Arman use to come late that Eshaan use to be off to bed till he reach and Riddima wondering over her studies ' in her room, as she had asked Arman for loan for further studies.

"Sir, I won't leave I promise till I pay u back." she made a pleaded back

"i will not let u leave !" he remarked seriously, seeing how change his son was. He was happy to see Eshaan in good hands.

Riddima looked at him strangely but brushed off the thought as he placed a cheque in her hand, that had the equal. She needed for completing her bachelors. She smiled wholeheartedly and he blinked in return and went off to his work.

From that day, her most time went off in studying. She was giving private papers. In that she would be sitting at home and just go uni. For the papers.

"hello? This is Riddima speaking" Riddima said while placing the call-less on her ear and wondering her pencil on book.

"this me Arman." he smiled, after hearing her adourable voice.

She fumbled and her book fall on the floor "yes-- yes sir"

"relax Riddima" he chucked

"je sir!" she asked picking her book and placing the phone straightly on her ear

"acha listen, I have some work here ' will be coming back in morning. Soo ' hmm do drop Eshaan, to school... can you?"

"yes ' I will do that. Do u want me to bring food for u their.. sir?" Riddima frowned.

"Armann" a little moan came from behind.

"hmm no... .ok bye" Arman hung up

'is he ..? is he with a girl?' her eyes pop out 'I knew it. !! he is such a ' urghhhh.... well forget it. He is a shameless man. And I don't care.' she thought and made her self busy in her studies.


'Why can't I SLEEP? DOES IT MATTER that he is with a girl ?? NO it doesnot ' I M NOT his wife , WHY SHOULD I get worried if he is doing something or anything with a girl or boy '! I Dont CARE '! AND I M GOING to sleep '' she kept on tossing in the bed while her brain was getting werid imagination of Arman with different girls '.


"Arman sir is still not here?" she tossed in the lounge a bit worried of him being out of the house.

Just than the door bell rang and she ran to open with a big smile

"Hello Sir" she welcomed him with a huge smile and felt embarrassed when he cocked his eye brows

"Hi" he twisted his nose and made his way in. she bowed her head down and took his suit case and coat from him. And brought water for him.

"Riddima, I wanna talk to you." Arman said, while giving her the glass back.

"yes Sir..." she smiled and took a seat on the opposite couch.

"I need a favor..." she made a nod in a way to tell him to contine. "aaa... dont take me wrong but" he placed his hand on his head and rubbed the sweat off " how do we say this.... Gossh" he said, while riddimaa frowned and looked at him waiting for him to continue. "Riddimaa let me get this straight and simple -" he stood up

while Riddimaa got nervous, she was afraid that is he going to throw her out or something ' he made his way up to her, and moved his hand further to make her take hold of it.

She looked at him strangely and confused but soon placed her trembling one in his strong hand.

"Riddimaa..."he pulled her up with a force, her body slightly brushed with her ' making her shiver a bit.

"y-yes ' sir..." she looked down at her hand in his and soon pulled them out.

"Riddima will u Marry me...." he whispered. Her eye grew bigger with a slight mouth opened- she had hold her breath in her throat.... he placed his hand on her hands. He knew it will be hard for her to digest the proposal ' so, he kept quite.

Riddima, she didin't knew what to say, how to feel.? She had been dreaming about him, but that does not mean she should marry him. Though, she knew, he was handsome ' adorable but was this enough.? It had been a week and here she is standing. She had her future in stack. She had a wave of joy that touched her heart but soon, turned in a scary shiver.

'He was already married and had a son too' she shrugged.

"Riddima, don't take me wrong. It will be a ..."

"Arman sir ' I dont know, what to say? I mean, all of a sudden" she interrupted him. And looked at him with numerous questions in her eyes.

"Look Riddima thats what I m saying ' I don't Love You." he said with a sigh.

Her head jolt up and a gasp came out from her mouth, her eyebrows merged together

'Then, why did he proposed me?' she thought.

"I don't love you" he turned and gave her his back. "I only ..." he took a slight hiccup "I only love Ayes-ha" pause, she gulped with pain "she was my first love and giving some one her place in my heart, is wrong... totally wrong." he turned towards her and saw her looked at him shocked.

An anger took place in her, she just couldn't hold her self back "Then, why did u asked me for marraige" she spoke in anger.

"Listen, Riddimaa its a bit complicated"

"DO u want me in ur bed??" she asked this from nowhere.

"Riddimaa" his voice aroused up from soft. She looked at him scaredly. "how could u say that..."

"Than WHAT Sir??" she matched his voice the next moment.

"I want to marry, because people say I m '. I m gay. And Ayes-ha went away because I m gay. I want to tell people that I m not that. And I want to show them I m bloody Normal. And I ' I think u should help me ' U can take it as an Order" he finished not making any eye contact with him

"NO way" she shrieked.

"listen..." he made a step towards her, with a pleasing look

"no sir !" she moved back.

"I dont care with ur no's ..! I have granted u a loan of 78,000 and u have to pay back till then u will do -Exactly, what is told to u ..GOT IT" he shouted the last phrase and holding her tight from her shoulders.



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