Saturday, 6 April 2019

part 2 : Taken by Her

She touched her lips with her finger, tracing where he had placed his lips and could not get over how he had violated her by groping her and then kissing her' as she looked in the mirror of the changing rooms she closed her eyes and collected herself.

'Dr Riddhima this is your final warning! ' if we find you have lost your temper with a patient then we will have to reconsider your final year here!!'' Seeing the look of shame on her fathers face as Dr Kirti informed her in the board meeting about what Sanjeevani thrives to achieved 'she could not get over why they where listening to a patient and not her' but the evidence pointed at her being liable as everyone witness her rage'but it was the only way Samar would understand she was not interested' Now she was feeling those same feeling of victimization and this time with a celebrity'

As she pulled the curtain she saw everyone step into the locker room

'Omg Rid what is he like?' she looked over at Atul and Anjali staring at her as she opened her locker


'Arre yaar Ammy?' she looked over at her sister looking dreamy eyed at her.

'He is a hunk and'so good looking!' Riddhima rolled her eyes and closed the locker door and looked at Anjali and the other female interns looking at her as she gave them a 'are you serious' look.

'He thinks he gods gift' seriously Di? He just a normal male chauvinist pig!'  Anjali looked at her as Riddhima pager went off.

'Riddhima you just hate MEN' but Ammy is a hunk and a stunner admit it!'  Riddhima shook her head as she opened the glass doors.

She looked at him as he pouted his lips' as he looked down at the food in front of him and crossed his arms looking at her.

'I can't eat this crap!'  she looked down at the food on the small table in front of him and moved towards the bed.

'Mr Malik!' this is what's give to all the patients and because your blood pressure is slightly high I have order less salt in your food'' she looked at him narrowing his eyes at her..  she looked at him when crash'. She looked onto the floor and saw the food everywhere'.stunned she looked at him as he looked at her.

'Firstly 'don't call me MR MALIK and secondly I want a menu and I am fit enough to order my own food''  feeling his voice booming in her ears her heart raced looking at him as he looked at with the most deadly of looks.

'Mr Malik'' seeing him raise his eyebrows she looked at him

'My Name is Ammy or Armaan!' taking a deep breath she looked at him feeling her blood boiling avoiding looking at him and picked up the empty plates from the floor.. He stared at her in disbelief as she totally ignored him and was occupied in picking up the food from the floor' feeling his anger boiling up he looked at her as she walked over towards the small sink and grabbed the paper towels '. 'ok don't look at him!' she told herself as she picked up the food from the floor.  ' Armaan looked at her as she picked up the food from the floor silently and placed the plastic plates on the table.

As she got up carrying the tray she moved towards the door as she struggled to open the door she felt a hand reach forward and reach for the handle.

'I am sorry!' she turned to look at him grinning cheekily as he stepped forward.

'Can you get me a sandwich'as I'm starving '' seeing her nod her head at him he opened the door and watched her leave.

'Dame it you idiot!' cursing himself he go back into bed.


'I am so bored out of my head Amit!' Armaan looked at Amit as he sat on the bed and ate all his grapes'

'I have won the title of my life and I'm stuck in this dame hospital'. I could murder a beer and some tandoor chicken!' instead the warden gives me a cheese sandwich and fruit!' Amit looked over at Armaan and smiled.

'Hey Ammy you're right!  I have an idea''  Armaan looked over at him and smiled wickedly' as he raised his hand up at him to get a hi five.


Riddhima walked down towards the cafeteria and heard a big commotion as she enter the caf' to see Armaan dancing with the nursing staff as the music pumped out of the place' she looked to see Atul, Anjali taking part in the party as she was pushed by the crowd coming into the caf' leaving her behind'

Tenu Ki Dil Da Haal Sunaawa
Tenu Mein Itni Baat Bataawa
Tenu Mein Door Kahin Lejaawa
Tenu Mein Apni Hir Banaawa) - 2
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Tenu Mere Dildaar
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Dekhu Mere Dildaar
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Tenu Mere Dildaar

She looked at him dressed in black jean and a white hooded top as he took hold of Anjali close to him and danced with her' Atul looked over at the way everyone looked at them not pleased as she was grinning and looking into Armaans eyes' Riddhima looked over at everyone dancing and enjoying the mini party'.

'Ammy is so great the food on the house'. And there is alcohol as well!' she looked at the porters and looked at the food and moved forward' looking at the state of everyone in the evening she moved forward to see Anjali spun round and in Atul's arms as he steadied her up'Armaan picked up a beer bottle and placed it to his lips as the celebrations where final on there way and he was having fun at last' As he turned around he saw her standing there with her arms crossed as she looked at him not mused .'.as the smiled formed onto his lips she looked at him as he moved towards her grooving to the music'as he looked at her in her white doctors jacket and greeny blue salwar suit 'he let out a sigh as he turned around and looked over at Amit and the boys mouthing 'Warden' pointing behind him'She looked at him quickly turning around to face her as the beat of the music '.

Who' S That, Who' S That Girl (check Her Out)'.she watched him mouth the song as he moved towards her and swayed to the music'.As she felt him move around her she looked over at everyone's eyes upon her as he sang to the music and words

Aa Haay, Ari Sun Le Nakhrewali, Aur Bun Le O Matwali Hay
Meri Bechaini Nahi Ghatati, (meri Tujhse Nazar Nahin Hatati - 2)
Haan Meri Tujhse Nazar Nahin Hatati.........

Tuk Tuk Dekhe, Pal Pal Dekhe, Dekhe Aankhe Phaad Ke - (2)
Dur Dur Se, Ghur Ghur Ke, Maare Najariya Taad Ke
Arre Yeh To Bata -2 Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Khul Ke Bata De O Rasiya, Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya

Feeling him take hold of her and moving her to his sway she looked into his dazzed eyes and could smell the alcohol from his breath'

'Chill babe' don't you ever relax!'  she looked at him as he pulled her close to him..stuggling to get out of his hold.

'DR RIDDHIMA GUPTA!' the turned to see Dr Kirti and Dr Shanshank looking at her in Armaan's arms as he released her with her eyes closed.


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