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part 20 & 21 : Nashaa

Part 20 

At night, same day.All of them settled in lounge except Riddimaa, who was told Shubhankar would be joining for dinner and if she cook..

Rohail rushed in the kitchen : Dii... i met Shubhankar sir ! I actually met Shubhankar sir! Can you believe that?

Riddimaa working around the chorus : Rohail this is the umpteenth time you told me ... now go away and let me work ! Riddimaa pushed Rohail out of the kitchen by holding his arm and pushing him out as she was really busy cooking up for half dozen people.

Rohail frowned, disentangle her arm of his and walk back in kitchen again, standing behind her with his hand over his hips : Why are you taking sooo long... i am damn hungry... and you know.. i met.... Rohail began his chant but was interrupted.

Riddimaa hit her own head with frustration : I know... You met Shubhankar sir...!! I Know..! I just Know it... rolling her eyes as she tried to calm herself

Rohail : Why are you getting Jealous di?? **Sniff Sniff** Some one is burning.... Rohail moved to door with back feets; as he knew Riddimaa was going to attack any moment..

Riddimaa : Shut Up Rohail I am not burning and oh so NOT jealous! She shouted turning around with big eyes, flaming with fire.

Rohail : LAIR LAIR pants On fire... Rohail laughed, running while chanting the line, as she ran behind him with the wooden spoon.

Riddimaa : Stop there you brat ! riddimaa ran after him, following his traces out of the kitchen but eventually on her way she collapsed in Arman's arms, his palm reached down to her lower waist clutching her – gripping her as to prevent her from falling, he made her stand... both of them kept on staring – her head tilted up to his level and staring at him and then on his manly lips, she wanted to kiss and feel the softness of it again, but soon her eyes got full of confusion at her own thoughts...

Was she in Love with this cruel guy? She thought when Someone Whistled...

Shubhankar : Wow...yahan tou film chal rahi hai bhai ! Shubhankar was the one, who remarked and made his way in the house and was welcomed by Atul and Rahul at door.

Shubhankar asked a smiling Rahul and Atul : I guess you guys having a toll ?

Arman lodging his boss presence and got himself unravel from her. Walking up to Shubhankar he greet him while Riddimaa tuck a strand behind her head and walk back to kitchen with a slight blush at out spoke comments and whistles.

Arman : Good Evening sir... Arman wished making a formal hand shake.

Rohail popped up in middle : My Auto Graph.? brought a paper in front of Shubhankar

Shubhankar : Ok... Give me that... Shubhankar smiled happily moving his face towards kitchen to see Riddimaa bending her side body on kitchen door and giving a watery smile to Rohails excitement.

Shubhankar : Hey pretty lady How are you? Shubhankar ruffled Rohails hair and went up to Riddimaa, who straighten up and walk up to him... Rohail walk beside Shubhankar; as he made his way to Riddimaa, who was cleaning her slight tears

Rohail: you already met her? She nodded cheekily to Rohail's shocking face

Riddimaa took his blessing : I am good... how are you uncle.?

Shubhankar : I am good...and the Kitchen smells good..! Shubhankar sniffed. she chuckled and walked in to complete her chorus. Shubhankar kept a hand over Rohails shoulder and walk back to lounge.... listening to Rohails non-stop banter.

Arman shouted looking at her retreating figure, and made her remind his need : I am hungry!

Riddimaa shouted back : WHATS New in that? arman made face and went in the kitchen leaving others in lounge..

Arman spoke arrogantly : Riddimaa, why do you keep on getting irritated when ever I ask for the dam* food !" Arman spoke arrogantly.

Riddimaa : First Don't dam* over food... she point her wood spoon at him.... 'And Arman, have you ever talk to me properly? About Anything Except Food? All the time Food Food .. I am Hungry I am hungry! Am I your wife? Stop behaving like an Dum-as*. she shouted, not even knowing what she said.

Arman grinned and spoke way to cheekily : Riddimma, I do much more things with you except asking for food, Lately.... he remarked drinking a glass of chilled water. He saw her back – her curvy back, her perfect molded figure and caressed it with his eye ball, chilled water pushed down his desires too.

Riddimaa : Arman we do nothing ! Nothing at all ! Except fighting for sure ! Now stop eating my brain ! as she got herself engrossed in cooking, not even knowing his two way words.

Arman : Wrong Riddimaa, we do many thing should I make you count ?Well who wants your Permission! Lets count(walking close to her with heavy foots). We kiss each other... ( she turned and stared at him with nostrils fuming) we touch each other we console... no I console you at times and I hold you as no had ever hold you (he passed a soft smile while standing right near her, his lower abdomen brushed her as he moved a bit in his place... her mouth was opened up a bit low, due to his out spoken way.)

Riddimaa gaining much of her sense she pushed him slightly from his shoulder : Arman this is the Last time I am telling you to stay AWAY from me ! You can't force yourself on me ! I won't accept this behavior ! Riddimaa grew serious, Her lips parted in a slight gasp as his both hand went around her slim waist and brought her body closer to his. she became breathless with confusion.Arman gazed at her moist lips, he couldn't help himself, as his lips lightly brushed hers, he suddenly pushed her back and turned away – controlling his demons.

Arman chuckled, looking back at her : sorry about that..... she remained quiet, shocked at what had just happened yet again and she stood their still feeling his strokes over her lips, trembling a bit she heard him continue.

Arman : and I really don't care what behavior you accept or what you dont. He licked his own lips – making her know that he actually loved it !

Riddimaa : I Give dam* about what you care ! Stay away from me ! She pushed him angrily by keeping her hands over his chest. Arman stumbled back a bit...and frowned at her behavior, hardly any one spoke to him like this.. except ' His beloved' .... Riddimaa turned her back at him and began to cut some vegetables.

Arman finished the distance between them yet again, facing her back : As if you are the only girl in the world left and staying away from you will leave me dishearten! Arman remarked in his own arrogant manner, bumping his body with her, intentionally.

Riddimaa turned and stared at him with utter hatred in her eyes : Well, looking at your ugly face I can say that you have already began to feel low about the fact !.... she retorted back

Arman pulling his forefinger near her face: Listen.. he was interrupted

Riddimaa twisted his finger away in anger : No I don't want to listen and Get out ! she snapped back

Arman : You little brat !(he stepped forward) … don't forget this is my place..! walking more close to her, holding her by waist he brushed his waist with hers.Riddimaa hit over his palm with her wood stick making him move back and rub his hand in pain...

Riddimaa: And I pity over your such thought as this is the house Given By "Your boss" as a hide out ! So its not mine and equally NOT Yours. she walked a step close to him.

Arman grew less at words for the first time: You!!!(glaring at her) ... I feel like putting you over stove and burn you up... Arman glared at her pointing out a finger again which was mistake

Yes a mistake, she brought that finger close into her mouth and bit it cruely. And he cried in pain.

Riddimaa:Fine.. I will embrace you in an ultimate hug and burn you up along with me , and on second thoughts thats what you are dearly waiting for JERK!" she snapped back and turned his finger away

Arman : Oye dream on Bitc* ! my house sweeper will be more beautiful than you........ Arman snapped back and walked out.

Riddimaa : DOG! huh! she stomped her feet on floor.

The fight was clearly heard by every one but they thought to ignore it as fights always end up turning in to love.. more fight more love was the thought rang outside in peoples' brain.

Riddimaa : I swear I will teach him a lesson for comparing me with a sweeper! Riddimaa mumbled and took the red chilly powder box in her hand. She smirked and brought 5 glass out of the cabinet for juice.

Riddimaa thought :Now you will understand what Riddimaa actually is ! poured a spoon of Red chilly powder in one glass and filled all the glasses with orange juice. She smirked and lead it out...

It happened as per expected........

One Shouted and other Laughed was seeable in the lounge. Riddimaa fell over Her brother while laughing. Soon Rohail pushed her off him as he was laughing at more higher peak to loose his balance too and she landed on floor... All laughed while Arman jumped off the couch and ran in the kitchen. Riddimaa got up, getting hold of herself and took a quick pace, leaving Arman few steps behind – Getting the only cold jar in her hand she ran away from him

Arman spoke gravely with burning mouth : Give... m..e

Riddimaa stood a particular distance away from him : OH soo NO Mr. Asshol* she shouted and ran away out of the kitchen while he ran after her. – Arman ran after her as there Was not a single bottle in fridge..

Arman : Riddimaa give me that

Riddimaa : Nooo. she shouted and showed him tongue. She jumped over the stair as he followed her. She reached the third floor the open gallery sort of place, both huffing puffing as they were out of breathe
Part 21

Riddimaa stopped few feets away in the open terrace and drank from the jug. She felt a hand over her abdomen from behind, holding her tight – her body jerked backwards, she spilled some water of her mouth still holding up to the jug. Her back was pressed with his well toned chest the next moment. His other hand grabbed the jar, almost snatching from her hand as she had turned daze due to his fingers caressing her toned soft stomach... her hands softly let it go of jug.

He pushed her away, harshly making her swipe twice and lastly her back went and banged with a wall that was their .. it was a room's wall she winced slightly in pain – arching her shoulders backwards, opening her eyes she saw him drinking water, hurriedly and soon a lit burp out of his mouth

"Arma..." she tried to walk up to him when he stopped her; by showing his hand at her, she gulped and stayed by relaxing her back on wall. He took slow steps to her while drinking water from the jug. "You have to pay for this hard ! Really hard Riddimaa Gupta!" he spoke gravely making her nervous

"it was a … joke." she stammered.

"I won't forgive you for this." Arman pressed his weight on her.

She gasped at closeness – keeping her hand over his chest, she pushed tried to push him away "Get away...! from me" She spoke, moving her face away from his reach.

"I feel like throwing you off this terrace" he glared at her

"Arman ??" she looked astonish at his thinking.

"What Haan?" he threw the jug on floor

Thrush (jug broke)

The soft body cuddled up against him, he felt her warm, soft – desirable ! Curvy body against his!

He was fully conscious and now completely aroused! Her soft skin began to get more arousing when her skin hair raised up due to goose bumps. Leaning near her side face he breathed in the sweet fragrance of her hair, feminine smell of her body. His hand began to trance her long arms, which laid down straight , getting her fingers entwined in his fingers, he pulled her arms up on wall. Hearing her gasp every second – he looked up at her eyes shedding down...

leaving her hands he traced her curves, from armpit down to her hip sides. Her her moan in a seductive manner ".... Arman..." he looked up at her, ruffling his face more into her hair.

Riddimaa.... he groaned, nuzzling her long neck.

Arman... she whispered, slightly hitting her head back on wall, as his lips kissed the curve of her neck,she shuddered and tried to pushed him by keeping his hand over his upper shoulder. He was completely holding her... her body was banged with wall and he mounded his whole body over hers....

"uhmm" she moaned as he bit her nose tip. Moving down he kissed her lips, softly. As if picking her lips, soon she moaned harder as he bit her upper lips. "uhmmmm" she winced with close eyes

"you will be punished no matter what you say!" he whispered bending near he ear he bit her ear lobe, making it got red, she hissed every moment. Feeling her wiggling under his hold, he pushed her duppatta of her from one side; it laid on her one side of shoulder, exposing her long neck with a bit of her blossom and shoulders.

bitting her nap, sharply – he heard her soft cry. "there will more, sweety" he whispered licking her ear with his tongue. Riddimaa who stood in his arms feeling the soft – tender torture. It would be a joke if she said she wasn't enjoying all this... but the ego would never let her say that.

"You want more...?" he whispered turning to her other ear, he bit it too,once, twice and thrice.

"yes... I want to hear here you moan and groan as I do this..." he pulled her duppatta of her fully and threw it on floor.

She gasped as his hand pulled her body away from the wall and claimed her hip from one side, he squeezed it and Snapped it"ahh.. "She groaned and tried to push him away with close eyes.

"Not so soon, Sweety. " he bend lower in her neck, licking all the way down to her cleavage, he felt her soft finger holding his hair and pushing his face close to herself.. her head tilted up, giving him a better position. He went up and teethed her throat making her pull his hair in pain

Next moment he left her body and pulled her hands off his hair and locked it on the wall beside her face. Pressing his body with her, he kissed her hungrily. Pressing his rough and tough lips all around her face, bitting her on the place where he had bit her already. Making it go red – than purple marks over her pure white body

"Please... no more.." she mumbled pulling her head up – trying to free herself for the sweet wild torture....

"You should be bitten more... but I guess everyone is waiting for us down stairs !" Arman moved away leaving her on wall.she stumbled but rested her back on wall. They stared at eachother for a matter of few seconds.

She bend down with shaky legs and picked her duppatta, looking up she wasn't astonish for not finding him there... she gave him red chilly powder and he punished her 'fair enough!' she thought.

She walk up towards one side of open terrace from where she could see the front of her Parents house.. where she had spend 23 years. She look at it with watery house, it was her childhood house – she was born here, though she felt the most unlucky person to be daughter of such parents... she turned her face away, pulling off her past from her soul as a bad night mare.

"Riddimaa... I have been calling you … and" she felt a hand, she turned her head around to see Rahul

"Kya huaa..?" he asked as tear shed down

"Did Arman..?" Rahul asked, angrily.

"no.. no .. Arman na kuch nahi kiya" she shook her head, with a glint of blush over her face, and neck.

"I was just looking at my house... remembering past and staff... you know...." she mumbled. Rahul Understood and took her in a side hug with a nod of understanding,while staring at the same house, and then his eyes fell on her neck...

"You need to cover this" Rahul grinned. She stared at his eyes which trailed down to her neck.She blushed... she pushed herself out of his hug and ran down.

"Hmm.... finally they are close.. I am sure they didn't realize that they are in love...!" Rahul mumbled and went down.


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