Monday, 8 April 2019

part 22 : Nashaa

"so.. whats next...?" Riddimaa walked in the lounge wearing her night pajama suit, pink dress. She had covered all the marks, thanks to Foundation cream. She thought.

"Rohail?" atul asked

"he just slept... !" Riddimaa settled on the floor as they all sat thereexcept shubhankar, who sat on couch.. looking at things that they found out from Shahanks room.

"You?.. don't you feel sleepy?" Rahul asked

"I don't feel like... !" she replied, picking up a photo... of a child.

"Sir, look at this.... Sandeep gang... As per this he is in that Bandra place. Where more than 1000 poor people live... what do you think should we go and get him?" Arman asked passing his picture along with his information.

"hmmm... he is one of a bad criminal.! But if he found out – he would get away in a click! You know... if you guys targeting him as next in this assignment then we have to be really focused" Shubhankar spoke, seriously - grabbing all the related document...

"What did he do..?" Riddimaa asked, sitting close to Shubhankar's feet. Arman sat right in front of her and eyed her every body part; when ever she changed her way of sitting, she felt his steamed eyes over her – making her uncomfortable but she ignored it fully.

"Here..." Shubhankar bend a little low, close to her face and showed her Sandeeps criminal record. "see this ..." Shubhankar first showed his face to her and then his crime

"he killed a man and took her two daughters with him – he kept them with him for I guess, 2 months and .. uhm... tortured them till they took their last breathe." pause "they were twin's only 10 year old baby girls....." he saw Riddimaa looking away from the picture as it was the picture of girls dead body.

"thats not the only thing he did Riddimaa..! he is in drug business too... which is our ultimate case for now; for almost 25 years he is one of the ruling man in drug business and god knows how many girls have been used as garbage for his pleasure.!" Rahul commented.

"Why are they like this? Why do they do all this?" she asked.

"Money... Fame... ! And desires.. for wrong things like one is very much famous Drugs.. Nashaa... !! they all do for a nice life !" Arman replied, looking at her with a different desire popping up in his heart, shaking his head he looked down at papers. While Riddimaa was getting to know more about their work...

"Sir, recently he is even filed for raping a married girl... he abducted her on her honeymoon and raped her – ultimately after killing her badly he threw her body in the same hotel where her husband was waiting with police!" Arman gave a file to shubhankar.

"So .. ok lets get hold of him now.!" Shubhankar said, getting up, stretching his arms up.

"Where are you going..?" Riddimaa asked getting up too on her feets.

"home..." Shubhankar picked up his coat from the couch

"Why don't you stay here tonight, its already past 1..." she stopped him at door.

"no... some one will be waiting dearly for me... will make you meet her.. soon" Shubhankar walk out after ruffling her hair.She smiled and turned to go in after locking the main door, she turned  and bumped and as usual his hand landed on her waist

"your room... my room"he asked, seductively - boring his eyes in hers.... she always thought why did she always loose her sense while staring in his sensual eyes...? gaining her senses she turned her eyes somewhere else and commented .

"Get lost" she pushed his hand off her body but he stopped her again by pulling his arm out straight in her way.

"your room... my room? Punishment is still not over ! You should be punished whole night, for your deed" he grinned as she moved his hand away and tried to slap him across his face...

"uh-hu! Bad... don't do it again" he kissed her wrist, trailing his lips up to her palm, he smooched her wrist and left it, smashing his lips over hers once only and then left the placeleaving her behind with boiling eyes....

she got angry and walked behind him,picking her shoe off her feet, she threw on him which went past his face to the person in front of him facing her.

"ow... what did I do...!" Atul who was coming to check doors got a shoe right over his face, Arman Rahul laughed whole heatedly.

"sorry Sorry.. it was for Him.. not for you" Riddima picked another shoe and smacked the shoe over Arman's arm

"oww ! Stop that" Arman glared at her, threw her puff shoe of her hand on floor.

"sorry Atul... sorry..." she stood up on her toes and blew ear over his nose...

Arman didn't like this closeness, he looked away, finally couldn't resist it – he pulled her away from atul...

"he is fine – he is man... he doesn't get hurt of a shoe!" Arman said.

"whats your problem haan?" she shouted over his face

"You ! You are my problem" Arman snapped back and went in his room.

"Why is he always fighting..!" Riddimaa stomped her feet on floor and went in her room. Arman got a room and so did Riddimaa, while The other three had a separate room to but they insisted to use the same room for fun... !

Whole night was Sleepless for Riddimaa and so for Arman... they knew but still didn't knew why? And STILL they whole heartedly wish to lean over eachother on same bed.

'Why do I feel for him soo much? He does not respect me ! He is soo mean to me! I always try to keep distance for him but he act with me as if... as if I am a slut... whom he could sleep when ever he wants too .. and the most annoying thing is that I don't feel bad about it anymore' she thought twisting around the bed.

'why am I soo affected by his every move... every touch... it leaves me sooo weak in the end.. as if I am ready to give what ever he wants' she thought turning over and laying over her stomach.

'the way he touches makes me groove over him more. Am I attracted to him that much?? or is it more into this?' she thought

'is it Love?' pause 'No... Its just a mere attraction.. once I find my new house... I will forget him as abad dream...' she thought

'and on second thought he is NOT worth me !!!' she again deceided and finally dozing of in his dream

Similar thing happening in the room upstairs,

She is not going to make me fall for her ! Ok Arman get this clear – you Can't be in Love... keep her away from yourself.' Arman thought as he sat on his bed, feeling restless.

'You can't marry any one … you can't have a normal life … don't forget that!' Arman cursed himself.

'if she began to love you 'too' than you won't be able to control your self... ! Be mean as much as you can... be ruthless as much as you were in past... or even more ! If needed...' he thought

"And forgot Sake STOP kissing her all the time" Arman hit his head with his palm, speaking loud enough in frustration

"And and … and what was Your room … my Room??... Are you are a jerk.. ! Riddiimaa is soo right … I am such a pain ! I am suck a jerk... I want to keep her away and every time I see her I looose all my bloody senses" he spoke to himself, scolding himself and walking to the window... staring at sky...


"whose it ?" Arman turned to look Rahul,

"Don't tell me you heard me..? Were you ear dropping!" Arman asked, glaring at him.

"yes!" pause "i heard" Rahul went and smacked Arman on forehead hard

"ow.. !" and he cried, with squeezing her eyes and making a O face.... "Jerk !" rahul mumbled....


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