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part 23: Nashaa

"Rahul i am sleeping ... go .!" Arman said, walking to beb, climbing up on bed with knee, he laid straight on bed.

"Arman just listen" Rahul said.

"No... now go.. i have to sleep !" Arman said pulling blanket upon his face

"please, for Old sake!" Rahul tried, looking teared up.

"No... no.. .and no for Old sake too !" Arman pulled his head out and blasted, as he settled himself on bed, huffing in anger

"You know - she likes you too... you could confess your feeling and live together happily." Rahul tried again... not caring that Arman really wasn't in mood to hear !

"huh, Whom are you joking to Rahul ! you know what happened a year ago... and still" Arman looked with acusation in his eyes

"Arman we never intend to make you go through the pain. it was a Mistake. !" Rahul said, sitting near his feet on bed

"Huh... ! Rahul you all made joke of my life ! my life is just a mistake by God and i don't want to ruin any one's life by including that person in My Life.... its better the way it IS !" Arman said, pulling himself out of the bed

"Its better that you stop getting worried by that Man... and live the life !" Rahul walk behind him, making him understand

"I WIll not Confess anything to her and nor will you !" Arman ended...

"fine, live a life of hell than !" Rahul stomped away, while Arman silently sobbed in the dark room, all alone as he was from last one year....

It was still time for morning to appear when, Riddima softly walk up to kitchen to notice Arman there, sitting. "What are you doing here" she asked softly standing beside him

"Go away !" Arman looked away, rubbing his dry moist tear of his cheek

"PAr... Arman.. mai tou bass...." she darted her eyes at him with pain – ignoring his moist look...

"GOO !" Arman spoke thickly.

"Mai tou bas..." Riddimaa tried to talk by keeping her over his shoulder, noticing he was sad about something... when Arman pushed her hand off his shoulder and scolded her,

"Why don't you get it... GO away ... ! from here.. from my life ! i don't want you near me HERE ! GO NOW !" Arman said, glaring at her. Tears stream out as he shook her by her shoulder all the time. Finally as he left her - she ran away....


Four days went by shubhankar stayed nights here, as they had planned to get hold of one small group before Sandeep's group... They all had got small enjuries... not much but a bit here and there... which was taken care by themselves.... finally with a fair morning they started discussing the up coming case of Sandeep !

Riddimaa had been ignoring Arman the whole time... staying away from him – not answering his any question … keeping food in front of him with out any word....

Until there was a blast of knocking on inner house door.

"Who could it be...?" Arman thought and walk beside Riddimaa till the door as Riddimaa was going to open the door, he stood behind the door with a gun while others stood behind Riddimaa at lounge area marking their guns at door. Rohail stood at Kitchen door, quitely looking at the everyones act.

"open" Arman said, she gulped and opened it.

It opened with a thud Pushing Riddimaa away as three ladies walk in. "aahh.." She winced as she closed eyes, but was protected by two strong arms. They stared at eachother for eternity... she was not any more shy to encircle her arms around him, why? She knew the answer... Arman could read that in her eyes... and could she... no spoke... no dare to tell each other that they actually had fallen for each other, his hold tightened around her...

From that fight which encountered that night; after it, they didn't fought as they didn't talk, at all ! They had already started missing the spice in their relation... finally making up her mind she concluded to her heart that it was more to this than an attraction…. his hand tighten around her waist. She gasped and looked at him with love, her eyes relaxed as she found her soul.... she explored his eyes, trying to know what was he thinking at this moment – the same????

The shouting made Arman come back to his senses – he made her stand on her feets and walk away leaving a confuse Riddimaa Behind !

"Muskan !" "Anjali !" "Keerti?" the name echoed.

"YES !!" was replied by three women

"How did you come to know about the address ?"shubhankar asked, engulfing her in a hug.

"missed you" he whispered, kissing her cheek.

"Shubhankar... why didn't you call me? I was soo worried." keerti hugged him again, she was a middle age women.... in simple sari... with few white hair.... but she still looked young... and had that seductive looks...

'I know you love me... why do you act like this than' she thought, and followed him to the group...

"I missed you Atul – you know I was soo worried... sick and tired... ! I hate this job of yours, always thinking to end this relation with you but only end up liking you more and today I was soo worried that made me realize how deeply I had fallen in love with you" Anjali confessed and hugged him, not caring about the people around here!

"Anjali? I love you too and thanks for understanding my job..." Atul rubbed her back with a smile "and about not informing you – about my whereabouts... its prohibbited...! its wrong... right shubhankar sir" Atul pulled her out of hug

"Yes, Anjali..." Shubhankar spoke, holding her wife in side hug. Before Anjali could talk, Muskan shouted

"Oye … ! Rahul k bacha ! Yea kyaa baat hui? Haan ! You could have told me about this place before..!!! and look at this... you got soo many injuries !!" exsarating the wounds topic "did you go to the doctor? Ahh let me think... you guys are hiding, Shubhankar Uncle – I never expected this from you – you could have told them to call us... you always reminded them to do soo.. .and this time... you know we all were freaking pacing in your house, consoling eachother" Pause "is this a way to deal with your family? Haan" pause, questioning Shubhankar bolded which made Riddimaa and Rohail utterly shock

"And where Is that idiot Arman ! Ohhhooo hidding behind me.." Muskan found him right behind her as she turned "You idiot Jerk … dum-head... pain in as* …. I feel like killing...." she stopped kicking arman, as she saw Riddimaa "and you are?" Muskan asked smiling.... that Surely was werid one moment she was liking Kicking Arman on his leg – shouting her lungs out and next moment she passed the most bubbly smile to Riddimaa

"Muskan.! Stop freaking out !! look you scaring her..." Rahul stepped in

"no no... its ok.... hie.... uhmm Riddimaa" Riddimaa introduced herself, gulping afraid that she might hit her too.

"Oh … so you are Riddimaa..." Muskan moved forward and sudenly took her in a bare hug

"Nice to meet you ji... heard you take care of these three idiotS?" muskan broke apart

"uhmm … I try too" Riddimaa pulled her strand behind her head, getting all shy at her praise..

"Hey Riddimaa I am Anjali, Atul's girlfriend." anjali came forward and shook hand.

"and I am Muskan … Engaged too that stupid Rahul for past 3 year... I don't know when will we get married" Muskan said making every one giggle and making Rahul go red.

"and thats keerti aunty wife OF Shubhankar uncle" Muskan said as Keerti walked up to girls

"nice too meet you beta, shubhankar talk about you a lot !!" keerti moved a motherly hand over Riddimaa's head, to which Riddimaa just made a nod... her eyes went up to Arman, who was smiling at her.... for the first time... he actually like her being praised.... taking a sigh he looked away.

"Ok take seats guys... with your loved ones only !" Shubhankar announced and took her wife in a hug as he took seat on the couch.

"Rohail.. come here" Riddimaa called him as she wanted to introduce him.

"hey..." he said, smiling at everyone

"he is my brother... Rohail" Riddimaa said and took an empty seat beside Muskan. Arman sat on a single couch and Rohail settled himself on the arm of Arman's chair.

"So... what happened? Did you completed the operation?" Anjali asked

"noo... and yes a bit... ! We got hold of 4 groups I guess, and 5 our left on wanted list...! DSP... has been informed about are progress... lets see when our whole assignment gets finished up!" arman said giving his gun to Rohail as he had asked for it...

"Rohail give that back to him.. !" Riddimaa spoke firmly, interuptting Arman.

"Dii... I am just looking at it ok !" Rohail replied, frowning

"What if you get hurt or get some one hurt ! Give it back to him !" Riddimaa snapped.

"Its doesn't have bullets Riddimaa, Relax !" Arman looked up at her – showing her, his straight palm to just stop it. Riddimaa got silent at once, she move her face away with pain.

"cough, soo Keerti... you know, when we completed the last case last night... she made us Drink milk !!" pause "like maa use to do remember in our early age? Scolding and making us drink haldi duda(Milk)." shubhankar laughed remembering his young age.

"hmm... Riddimaa what do you do beta...?" Keerti asked

"aunty for now they have locked me up here ! So I don't do much !" Riddimaa spoke sarcastically

"Its for your own good !" Arman retorted

"I know whats good for me !" She had it enough.

"NO you don't, if you knew – you won't ask for going out... its dangerous out there You know that!!! Don't you?" Arman glared at her.

"I know... ! But how long are you all goning to keep me and Rohail locked up in here.. !Mom dad are a closed chapter for us! We need to get our lifes started again with a new beginning! Don't youu Know that???" she stood up "It gets suffocated in here !!" she shouted and ran in her room, with tears..

"She is ALWays like this !!! such a pain !" Arman lit his cigreate. Every one was dum-folded. Keerti got up and went after Riddimaa, followed by Muskan and Anjali

"I feel like kicking your as*" Muskan said to Arman

"Go on do that... as if … that hurtS!" Arman commented.

"i will make sure it hurts !!just wait !!" Muskan shouted and ran up to Riddimaa's room.



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