Wednesday, 10 April 2019

part 24: Nashaa

Shubhankar who was quite all the time thought to talk and help the poor boy

"Arman..." Shubhankar started

"No Sir, please.... let it be the way it is !" Arman got up, ignoring Shbhankar for the first time that left him disappointed as he saw Arman softly walking in his dark room,

"what am I missing Rahul? Could you help me up with this? I have been noticing Riddimaa getting cranky .. and Arman getting angry ! Though he had been angry from the past events but not as much as he does in Riddimaa's presence now a days...." Shubhankar asked. Rahul took a seat beside him and told him everything about why Arman is behaving like this! , atul sat there while making nod at few intervals.

"I can't believe... he is being coward of that guy? I mean – he loves her and can't accept her because he is Afraid of That Guy?" Shubhankar said, annoyed... walking up to the beer bar.... and picked up a glass filled by Atul

"Sir, as per him Riddimaa's life is at stake... he don't want to take risk .. thats it … I guess, thats what holding him from confessing..." Rahul ended, sipping up a sip from his glass.

"Is he that stupid THAT "Rishi Malhorta" Fu**ing Dog would never get hands on Arman till I am alive ! I will never let that happen. Arman is a stupid fellow !" Shubhankar got up making a drink for himself, again

"Sir, he is Not worried about himself... he says, Rishi will get his revenge by doing anything to Riddimaa... ! He is really afraid...." Rahul defended Arman...

Shubhankar was quite over this discussion at the loop ends would remain at its previous position till the Enemy of Arman's Life Rishi Malhotra is arrested and killed in Encounter

Yes, a Person named Rishi Malhotra is on Hit list – the biggest Don – Drug Mafia of India was After Arman's Life … and his beloved ones... he had everything... but something Really precious to him was Stolen by Arman... whose Revenge he is trying to get from him – from last 12 months...

Shubhankar Shook his head forgetting the event that occurred 12 months back and ordered Atul to bring all the papers that they had collected from Riddimaa's papa room.

"Call Arman .. we need to get back to work." Shubhankar said, keeping his feet steadily. While on the other hand Riddimaa openly confess to Her NEW friends that she love him but he is way to harsh with her... she can't take it any more. After hearing her miffs and crys keerti tried to tell her the reality of life...

"Boys are like this... Riddimaa, When I met Shubhankar – he was the same, he had make me run away from house as my family was never happy with our relation. First Shubhankar showed interest in me... and then ignored me... and then stopped talking too me... he use to stay away from me... after lots of moments... and confession – he just told me that he can't lead a life with me... as his own life is at stake." pause, keerti stood by window remembering her time. "

At that day, I promised him – I won't leave him even if he kept on working this dangerous profession. He said, he didn't knew about his tomorrow. … I made a promise that I won't look for tomorrow when I can live today with him...He really tried to persuade me and tried get me out of his life. But I was abandoned to be part of his life... as I had never felt for some one as much I felt for him" pausing with a smile at the corner of her lips, she stared at Riddimaa who looked up at her with interest....

"and then Finally with lots of persuasion we ran together and got married.... we never had children of our own Riddimaa.... but see I got three son and two daughters from god... what ever God has decided – it will happen we people just have to choose the Right Person !" Keerti ended.

"they do love us but they ran away from us when they think that due to them our life could be crushed like paper" Keerti portrait it by taking a paper and crushed it in her palm

"and once the paper is crushed – it becomes useless and its better to throw it in dustbin" Keerti ended it by throwing it in dustbin

"you see Riddimaa, you have to make him confess.. make him believe... you won't stop him from working in this field... few promises and confession is all he needs... I can see Arman do have some feeling for you but he Would not take any initial's that I am sure off !" Keerti moved a hand on a sobbing Riddimaa's head.

"I will cook foood for all of you, today" Keerti walk out, eyeing Muskan and Anjali to help her sort out her mind.... a girl always needs a girlish opinion when it comes to commitments...

"You know I met Atul 5 years back... and at first few intervals we just got hooked up with each other and landed up in his Room" Anjali chuckled as she saw Riddimaa looking at her shock.

"What?" Anjali laughed, at Riddimaa's out burst

"ok … Riddimaa people do 'IT' ok... its common!" Anjali and Muskan giggled

"You virgin?" Muskan asked nudging her elbow.Riddimaa got red, and ran outside the room.


"Why don't you look where you are walking?" Arman pushed her slightly away and made her stand, her smile vanished but she began to blush as for the first time the proximity made her think beyond the thoughts – she smiled looking down as her body slightly brushing his. The thought began to display infront of her eyes... as when they do IT. She blushed like hell – bitting her lower lips,she pushed him away as she ran in kitchen

"huh?" Arman smiled confusingly seeing her blush. He saw Muskan and Anjali coming out laughing among themselves

"what did you guys say to her?" Arman asked asked with a grin – and a bit of disappointing look visible on his face..

"whats that with you?" Muskan blasted at him.

"uhmm … nothing just asking..!" Arman stammered, his smile washed away

"then dont !" Anjali said, aiming him.

"by the way, Arman – let me tell you what I asked her...." Muskan kept her arm around his shoulder and bend him lower to her level.

"I asked her" she leaned near his ear, making arman grin. "that are you virgin..?" she whispered

"WHAT?" Arman shouted pushing her away and looking at her with half mouth drop down

Anjali Muskan laughed and walk up to kitchen "What WHAT?" Rahul asked from lounge as the other guys worked while Rohail kept on nagging them..

"nothing.." arman said and ran up to Muskan, before she could get inside the kitchen

"What did she replied?" Arman asked, impatiently – with a cheeky smile

"She ran away.." Muskan rushed to kitchen, pushing Arman away. Arman felt disappointed with the answer and walk up to boys with half of his brain not working.... he was not working with his heart as thought of making her loose her virginity to him – was making him restless.

In kitchen Anjali and Muskan made Riddimaa understand... how to actually live life, according to THEIR perspective... which had a conclusion "to just do It... !"

"Tonight? Have you lost it? I am not ready !" Riddimaa whispered taking care that keerti doesn't hear them."noo.. I am not readdy. !" Riddimaa shook her head and came out of the kitchen.... as she made her way to Rohail but was stopped by the other two devils.

"aree yrr Riddimaa.. come with us !" Muskan placed a hand over her shoulder and took her in her room. Anjali followed them. Arman was thinking fast at what could they be planning? His mind was of the work …. . Who knew they were getting a girl ready for him!... for tonight???

"Muskan what if he doesn't love me..." riddimaa said sitting on bed as the other two sat beside her

"it is the only thing I am left with!" Riddima thought.

"Riddimaa look you already lost your heart to him and if you loose your virginity to him... you won't regret it... I am sure about it.. !" Anjali said, talking as if that is some sort of Fact!

"i mean, do you think of getting married to some one else except Arman? And if yes – I am sure you would regret that you didn't done that with Arman... its your First Love.. Riddimaa... don't miss it... You know, you feel it as true love... give it try." anjali gave her a different view of life.

"You know... I was afraid too … at Rahul's time... But Anjali help me up, but soon after it – the next Morning... he placed a ring on my finger and asked me to marry him...!" muskan said, making Riddimaa think or imagine a similar thing....

"Ok... if you all say soo...! well, later or earlier – I only belong to him, from mind and heart he ruled me from day one I never accepted this fact... but I guess now if he owns my soul – body too that wouldn't make much of difference....... I don't think I will ever love some one else more than him." Riddimaa said blushing.

"See... I knew. I said the same words at my time... live the moment yrr .. I know you don't wanna die virgin now want you?" Muskan asked, chuckling

"no..." Riddimaa shook her head while blushing. And than laughing away with the other two.. "Not as virgin... least...." Riddimaa fell back on bed as she laughed with them

"ok … please... no mmore of this laugh... my stomach hearts... lets get started with your night plan???" Anjali hold up her abdomen as she got up from the bed... Seeing Riddimaa look up with anxiousness they began to babble slowly among themselves....



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