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part 25: Nashaa

At 8 in night...

"Can't we … I mean, I do this tomorrow... I need time to think over it..." Riddiaa said after hearing Anjali's plan for 'seducing Arman'.

"No... we might not be here tomorrow." pause "and why are you afraid – I am still shocked that you are virgin... I lost mine when I was 16..." Anjali spoke boldly.

"and me at 21 with Rahul...only" Muskan blushed, as she leaned on bed beside them...

"whats your age?" Muskan asked "21..." Riddimaa mumbled, as she pulled away a strand behind her ear.

"Perfect – arman is 26...." Anjali nudged her elbow with Riddimaa making her blush "i.... I still need to think, I am not ready" Riddimaa got up and stood by the window of her room. Stared at the moon, soundlessly.

Finally anjali headed to her with a thought"Ok. I guess she is Right Muskan, WE should not force her into this – You should do thiis only when you feel so.. Riddimaa, we thought this would lead Arman forget past..." Anjali said standing behind she kept a hand on her shoulder with an understanding look

"Forget Past? What happened in Past!" Riddimaa turned and asked.

"yea .. well, don't know much … rahul and Atul hooked him up with Mishti named girl... very mordern girl... and she had surely jelled with Arman in matter of days. Arman liked her too, as his open nature – he flirted with her she replied evenly, though they never had se*."

"One day, me and Muskan found out Mishti dumped Arman... why? How...? know one knew...! Its a Mystery in it self.... and from then Arman had a huge fight With Atul and Rahul as he thought is was their fault. Which surely end up their child hood friendship but inwardly they all love each other a lot... they could die for each other... why did she dumped arman? What happened between the two? And why Arman became soo arrogant angry .. ruthless person is a mystery... he never let any one close to himself now..." anjali, breathed

"As if he had built a wall around him and afraid to let some one walk in... he is afraid of making relation..." Anjali added with tears

"We love him – he is like a brother to us, but he stopped talking to us also, after a very important person of his life went away some where – her name was Priya – Atul and Rahul always says us NOT to ask where Priya went... .both the girls were missing from Arman's life.... in mater of few days both the girls were missing.... everything change... we stopped going at partys – pub...even" pause

"With out Arman everything felt useless and worthless... I want him to be back as he was before... and looking at you, I thought you could or You are the one and only for him.." pause

" Not to forget I surely saw a change in his behaviour after an year..." Anjali finally ended.

"Who was mishti... And who was Priya??? where is are they...? you guys didn't met her after … all this?" Riddimaa asked with curiosity.

"Well, we asked Rahul and Atul but they remained silent about the matter, and told us to forget it too...." Muskan said, walking up to them

"Riddimaa about we forcing you have it with Arman, I apologize... I guess, I was – we were Wrong at point... We can't force you to do it... only because we want Arman to be back on track... I am feeling guilty for be such a selfish person" Anjali cried as She landed in Riddimaa's arms.

"Yes, I guess Anjali is right ! We should not have encourage such things at all... we really do feel guilty..." Pause "Can we Forget about all the stupidity we talked, go with flow hmmmm???" Muskan looked at Riddimaa, who passed a understanding nod

"and now lets go out and enjoy with boys... oh I missed them sooo much." Muskan pulled both of them out.

'I want to do this... I love Arman. I know this, after this our relation will be at total different level and I personally want it to go at that level... Is it right??' Riddimaa question herself again

'Yes, in love nothing is wrong... Dadi always told me never to think so much in that way you end up loosing a true love... and I won't fool around to loose my precious love... I want Arman to be mine... and I would be over the moon if the next morning he purpose me like Rahul did to muskan !' she thought with a smile, dreaming herself at Muskan's place.

settling for dinner, all began to praise keerti and ate to the fullest....
'I won't be shy – claiming that I do carve for his lips... his touch...! and I would do it with him only... and if it didn't work out between us – I will cherish the moments... only, atleast I wont die virgin..' Riddimaa giggled which made every one look at her... as they all stared at her

"sorry... i .. uhmm remembered a joke" Riddimaa stammered in finding a excuse

"Tell us tooo !" Atul said. Making Riddimaa fumble in herself

"its ... not that.. good" Riddimaa said, looking down at her plate.

"let us decide..." Rahul teased, as she grew red

"no... i don't want to share..!" Riddimaa said.

"Was it thattt.... vulgar..." Rahul grinned. making Riddimaa open her mouth is shock while other break out at her fface.... Arman, who sat beside her, chuckled.

Riddimaa got up to go "Ok ... sorry... please don't skip food due to me" Rahul said holding her hand to stop, as he sat on the other side of her. Riddimaa sat quitely and ate less, thinking what to wear...

'i will do exactly what Anjali planned for me ... it would be less embarrassing.' she thought finally.

Late at 12, Girls took their boys away to their respective rooms but Rahul some how stopped himself for one more drink...

"You not going to bed?" rahul asked pouring a glass for himself and for Arman

"will ... in a while..." Arman said, sadly. 'i hate to be alone... how should i tell you' Arman thought

"You want me to stay" Rahul asked gulping his drink in one go...

"NO...!" Arman said 'yes.. please.' he thought.

"Ok..." Rahul turned to go... when,

"uhhmm.. Rahul... I needed a strong one" Both turned to see Riddimaa in one of night suit. it was black silk pajama suit. that made her face glow more.
"you sure...?" Rahul asked while Arman frowned

"have you drunk before...?" Arman jumped in the conversation.

"No..." she replied with a cute smile.

"Rahul don't make it strong... give her a regular drink... and Just tell her that its strong" Arman whispered. to which Rahul Nodded.

"what..? what...?" Riddimma moved her head close to hear..

"NOthing !" Arman glared angrily...

"Aakkaruu !" She twisted her nose at him and grabbed the glass from rahul 'Tumko tou mai raat mai seedha karti hoon !' she thought giggling slightly.

Drinking it in one go, she twisted her nose and clear her lips with her wrist. "It was ok..." pause "i didn't liked it a bit !" Riddimaa commented and walk away.

"Whats with her...?" Arman asked looked at her retreating figure. Shuddering his shoulder Rahul walked away.


After an hour, Arman went in his room and close the door softly.
After 5 to 10 minutes later, Riddimaa walk slowly to wards his room

"Oh god i hope he hasn't locked it." riddima prayed and walk in his room, opening the door, she thank God for letting it be open; she stepped still to see his back at her, he pulled his shirt off him and then pant. She turned her back at him as she felt shy to see him undoing his clothes in her presence and hid beside the cupboard. It was dark in the room the moon's reflex's glowed on his skin like diamonds as her eyes softly laid on him from back....

she peeped through one eyes to see his back his manly well build back which had a beautiful cut at waist sides... fully worked out, her eyes glowed with desire... she wanted to go and touch it... but shaking her head she threw her desirable thought away for a minute, only.

she saw him walking in the washroom.

'now what should i do...' she thought,forgetting all what Anjali told her – her mind was blank – she lost her senses the minute she entered his room... she did knew what to do next.... as she fumbled with fear and nervousness.

she ran fumbling her feets over his cloths that were piled on floor, soon she covered herself behind a curtain, knelling down on her knee she waited patiently, her color turned crimson looking at bed for a second.

'i guess i came too early....' she cursed her self... and waited for him to come out.

she began to visualize herself tangled up in his arm, blushing she shook her head - and controlled her urging heart.... her heart was busy breathing....

Feeling the door open up of washroom, she peeped through curtains and saw his semi body; half covered with towel. she bit her lips, as desire began to pop out in her heart with a voice of drums....


He locked his room door,his feet began to walk up to the window: where actually she was settled and unknowingly he stood right infront of her, she was kneeled on floor while he stood infront of her, he smiled as if remembering something

'i love her soo much.... but can't tell her.... I can't let her die for my deeds....' Arman thought

'Riddimaa i wish to hold you in my arms...' he prayed with close eyes. Keeping his hand over window – he prayed to god....

With an instance, he felt something near his feet, he flunked up his eyes open and cocked his eye brow - he tried to look down by keep his head straight.... feeling the curtain move, slightly... he knew someone was here. but the question was who?

Lowering below he found an arm from behind the curtain... pulling it up, roughly

"Ahh..." she mouthed.

"Riddimaa?" he frowned at her with a grave look. she looked at him, nervously

"What are you doing here?" Arman asked with a frown which was getting deeper...

"ahh.. uhmm. voo..." she stammered, she tried to pull her elbow out of his grip...

"Kyya...?"he asked, softly this time, seeing her scared.

"Arman ... mai tumse... vo..."She moved closer to him, gasping at her own act – she breathed heavily – don't know how to spell it out that she actually love him....Her hands - fingers went to his waist side. she touched his abs.

"Riddimaa" he let out a soft moan – seeing him moan she closed her eyes – gulping her sallow back, as he felt her small long fingers trailed beside his wet waist line.

"Arman... i really... love you"she whispered moving in his arms, her face touched his bare chest, she snuggled her nose on his toned chest. his hands were still holding her by her shoulders.

Recklessly, he pushed her back. "What...?" pause "i don't love you...!" Arman turned around leaving her behind at window, a tear escaped from his eyes. Only he knew HOW much he admired her - How much he Loved her with soo much depth in his love... Only he knew...

"I know you love me too..." she leaned over his bare back. she circled her arms around his bare-waist and brought her arms up to his chest - moving her hand, admiringly. she placed several kisses on his back afraid to let go of him.

"I don't !" Arman replied,aggressively and tried to move her hands away but snake her arms down to his abdomen, feeling his abs, as she kissed his back again.

"Arman... why are you lying to me... i know you do! something is holding you back... please don't do this - i will never come in between your work... i really love you" her kisses never stop trying to melt him. his slow moans and her groans made both both have them close their lids, loosing in the moment - kiss him more, he was surely loosing it but stubbornness ran in his blood too...

Gaining conscious - he Remembered the past, he had to tell HER that he didn't love he, which was lie.... Turning around, he took her hands in his hand – engulfing them in his palms, and grinned as he made a plan in his mind -

'TO break her Heart in this way she would go away'.

"Riddimaa, you really are beautiful... did some one told you?" Arman said, huskily. standing in front of her - he took her hands and place soft kisses over it.

She looked up with shine in her eyes "No... i wish you tell me..." She replied happily, as she found him responding....

"You really are more beautiful than that moon." Arman turned her around and showed her the moon, standing behind her - he shift his hand around her petite waist. claiming it in a hug from behind, he kissed her ear lob.

'Ohh... i love her.. .damn i love her' he cried in his heart, sucking her ear lobe between his lips... biting, licking it down to her shirt collar. Her hand arched and she placed it over his head, digging it in her nap, with close eyes.

Pulling her collar, which opened up two button of her top, reaching near her neck, kissing licking it with his tongue he bit her sensitive spot of her neck. her breathe hitched.

"Arman.... make me yours...." she whispered, grabbing his hair in his fist

"Yes... i willl" he mumbled and picked her up, he lost... he forgot what he planned a minute a go... his heart conquered his mind......

Placing her on bed and landed right beside her, slowly softly he opened rest of the buttons of her shirt.

"You nervous...." he moved his hand in her shirt and holded her bare waist, pressing it with palm as he rubbed his thumb over a corner of her abdomen, he stared at her as she shivered.

"Yes....." she whispered and kept a hand over his hand as he rubbed her curvy body. bending over her face he rubbed his lips over her lips

"I have dreamt to kiss you ! In bed" he whispered, loosing himself to her.

smooching her lips - he licked it softly, hearing her move in her place as he sucked her lower lips and then softly he bit her lips, she moaned and threw her face away from his lips. pulling her head up giving him a proper space to own her.

Kissing her throat he placed few kiss over her chin and then moving down he kissed her throat licking up till her neckline. he tried to bite her beauty bone but she hold his hair in response. Not caring a bit he lead down to her cleavage, he unbuttoned her whole shirt and parted it....She hissed and holded a bed sheet in her arms. When she felt his hand fondling, squeezing – touching her over her inner wear ... her face was over pillow – she kept on shaking it to left and right......

Moving his hand on her back, his hand snapped and opened the clips loosing her inner front wear, she gasped and her eyes flew up as she groaned and felt his warm palm pressing her bare bre****

"Stop it .... Arman...." she shook her head trying to hold something in her palms – as she felt his lips clamed it,

"Bas.... Arman..." her body jerked with sudden pressure. As she pulled herself up, gasping for breathes... she clutched her shirt around her chest which was beside her on bed...

'i need to stop... i can't do this...' Arman held his face close to her face and tried to do something which would make him run away from here.. He LOVED her, he knew this but he could risk her life for himself....

"You know, ... i have always wanted you in bed" pause, again followed his brain and tried to break her heart.. "only" he said, pushing her down on bed – he pulled away her shirt and began to nibble her Skin down to her ribs.

Her hands stopped at it place, as his words touched her brain, she thought – 'no riddimaa, you know he loves you... don't stop... its the true love. he is THE one...' Riddimaa thought his hand throwing her inner wear and cherishing her front part open to him.

"Make me yours Arman" she tilted her head back and felt his lips brushing her body till her abdomen.

'I can't stop....' he breathed kissing her inch by inch.

Arman didn't knew he could stop after this. having her like this wasn't a joke ... he was a man; and she was soo pretty even if he hadn't fallen in love with her - he Would have at this moment. The trust Riddimaa showed him was quite enough to make him fall. He forgot about his worries – and went to cherish what his heart always wanted to cherish !

His hand went on her waist. he once again pulled her up while kissing her Bre***

"ahh...." she tilted her head back more his lips sucked the ti*s in his mouth"omg...." she groaned as her fingers went and tangled up in his hair."No... Arman..." she gasped as he sucked all of it in his mouth.

Her half body floated in air. he pushed her hand away – pulled her hands apart from her body...... - putting soft kissing at places. he touched her ribs with his fingers, rolling his finger around her navel he felt her shook in pleasure

"you sure are a virgin aren't you" he asked walking up to her face, claiming her lips.. later he dragged himself down and pulled the thread of her pajama.

"Uhmmm" she moaned as she felt a tuck on her pajama. soon it laid near her ankle, as Arman had pushed it down.Finally kicking it of her legs. He went down - kissing her Navel -grabbing her waist.

"how do you feel...?" he licked her navel"stop speaking Armann..." she whispered shaking her head in the process with close eyes.

"I have this habit..." he chuckled. leaning on her side. he sat on his elbow and kissed her while his one hand went and approached her thigh - inner. "Stop..." she moaned, feeling his hand pressing - squeezing her inner thigh.

"No..." he whispered ducking his head in her neck, he bit her making her skin go red

"Ohh... Arman, Please..." she moaned tilting her head back as his hand touched her feminiehood. "oh..." she let out an anger groan moving her hand in his hair. she cried as he pulled his finger in her, playing with her harmlessly, Her toes curled down... her moans and breathe hissed as he explored her every inch.

"Uhn -- hmmm" she hissed bitting his earlobe, she scratched his back, which led his mouth explore her beauty... "stop this tease ... arman... .... " she moved along the way with his finger. "I will ... Riddimaa..." Arman whispered "You have to wait for it..." he chucked, her groans touch the heights her body began to feel a burn. finally after few more teasing moment; he moved his body closer to her he brushed his every possible part with her, his towel was long lost thrown away in the room. Tangling his leg with hers he softly claimed her...................

Kissing her every place closer to his lips... to ease her down - the moved in a rhyme... touching and possessing each other completely...

"I love you arman... Love you and only you" she kept on confessing while making love and surrendering her soul to him .. dropping his head over her shoulder as he make his way out.

"I love you too..." he whispered, breathing heavily his kissed her shoulder - rubbed her bare arms as goose bumps came up.

her eyes got moist and she circled her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, taking the moment in her heart.

' i don't regret.... i love him... he owns me, what else could i ask for !' she thought and cherished the moment to fully.

laying beside her, he pulled her naked body on him and pulled the white silk sheet over them, he kissed her head as they drifted to a small nap.


Love Maha

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