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part 27: Nashaa

weeks went by, Riddimaa and Rohail got adjusted in their new lifes. Riddimaa got a fair job as per her eligibility and Rohail got an Admission in pretty good college.

They started to spend more time with each other, once returning home – the rest of the time of the day belong to them. Riddimaa took care of Rohail's every need NOT to make him feel low about the fact of not having parents around him now, as Rohail was in a growing age and he required things – to fulfill is need, Riddimaa always put her hard in it !!.

Similarly, a fine Sunday was going on – when Rohail made break fast for her sister and placing it in front of her. Riddimaa was happy but the pathetic thing happened was that she ran away, in a horrifying way, leaving Rohail startled behind.

"huhh.?" he frowned and saw her rushing to a common loo.

After 20-25 minute Riddimaa came all drained

"I puked like hell... call nancy from neighbor please. My stomach its … hurting !" Riddimaa commented falling down on the sofa with a thud. She groaned every second till Rohail ran and brought the neighbor doctor.

"Hello Riddimaa, I heard you have pain?" Doctor Nancy asked sitting beside her

"Yes.... its hurting, lower part...!" Riddimaa clutched her belly.

"ok let me...." nancy touched it to feel a bit swollen at places,

"I would like you to test Riddimaa." Nancy got suspicious.

"what test.?" Rohail asked, as his nostril began to flare up..

"Pregnancy Test, son" Nancy smiled and took a scared Riddimaa to a adjoint room 'oh no... no God Please..!' she thought

After 15 minutes,

Nancy came, deposit the the tester in the near dust bin and went in washroom, smiling. Rohail dismissed the thought and walked in the room to see Riddimaa laid and looking at empty space.

"So..." Rohail stood at the door leaning on the latch of door, staring at her...

"she is Pregnant." Nancy stood beside him and kept a hand on his shoulder. "but still I would prefer to consult me at my office for proper test !" Nancy added

"Really?" Rohail spoke sarcastically still staring at her sister, who look pale, ashmed as she saw her brothers accusatorial eyes.

"You have to take care of her Rohail... she is Your responsibility now. And yes, call me immediately if any sort of pain happens ok?" Nancy said, nanacy a fair middle age women Kept an understanding hand on Rohail's shoulder and went out....

"Off course. Let me drop you off..." Rohail turned towards the door with nancy.

"Look Rohail – being your neighbor from past few weeks, I could just say – Riddimaa do love that guy, so do be with her or else she might shatter...." Nancy kissed Rohail's cheek and bid bye....

He knew how she cried every night in this new house from last '1 month',

he knew it was related to that Bast***. He hate him – he loathe such guys...

sleeping adjoining room – he heard her waking up at night and calling Muskan – keep on asking about his well-being.... he had even tried to bring up the topic but she just walk pass him all the time....

He had been trying to make her forget him – but from last One whole month she has been crying weeping – sobbing at different places of house....

but she slept with him was totally not what He Thought – Yes coming to be a brother – he was Disappointed, highly disappointed in her....

Walking in the room with his own hand made breakfast with a milk glass added

"Now... come on have this – then we would go out for a good walk." Rohail kept it in front of her "we really need to talk it out !" he added... placing the tray in front of her

"come on DI … its ok. You are behaving as if something big like death happened. Relax... ! Ok we would take care of the baby together.It would bE OUR baby ! And don't worry once you leave job for maternity case - I would start a part time job till the baby, finally comes out ! I won't be hard on you promise" Rohail pulled the skin of his neck, making her go more teary....

Riddimaa turned at him, took a hiccup in breathe and pulled her knee up to her face – soon began to cry.

"I love him..."She cried for him

"I know...." Rohail got up from her front and sat beside her "But … he is not worth it !" Rohail spoke angrily, getting up on his feet – turning his back at her.

"He is... he will be till my last breathe." she mumbled, rubbing her nose due to nausea.... making Rohail astonish. he came to realize how much his sister is yearning for him....

"Ok now enough of crying I don't want my baby girl inside you – getting weak." Rohail got up and sat at his previous place with the tray in between. She smiled at his cute brother

"i want a boy...." she replied, cheekily rubbing her teary cheek

"Am I not enough? Again a boy? Lets have something different naa" He said making pleading face, making Riddimaa shriek in laugh....

Soon Riddimaa shudder her laugh.. "Ok... pray to god for a girl" she teased, as she shed more tears, thinking what if Arman came to know … will he accept her or leave her....

"Bass... di, its harmful for the baby" Rohail rubbed her cheek and made her eat the breakfast

After a week,

Rohail became really mature, he studied hard - worked a part time already with out telling Riddimaa in a cafe - and began to save money, along with taking care of her.
Home Phone buzzed in lounge and Rohail walk up to pick it u

"Its Muskan" Rohail gave to Riddimaa and saw her baking the cake...

"Hey Muskan... I am good, How are you and others. Good, nice to know that – so finally, there case is getting to a good end... hmmm, I hope so, they will do it … don't worry. Ohkay Muskan, I would hung up now... Oven ringing... yea bye, say hie to Anjali too..." Soon Riddimaa cut the call and pulled a bake cake out.

Riddimaa began to plate out her hot cake over a white plate …... Rohail stood near the table bar counter behind her, in kitchen.... staring at her glowed face – he was really excited about baby – wanted to have the baby soon in his hands....

"Did you saw Television...?" rohail spoke gravely as she pulled out all the necessary things out of fridge for decoration

"no..? Kya hua...?" Riddimaa tried to act innocent here. Turning around she stared at his serious face for a second and turned around back to cake decoration

"Don't act innocent di. I know you know ! And you tried to hide from me... Muskan called right? She even confirmed the news didn't she?. But you didn't bother to inform that Our Parents died in Encounter.!" Rohail said thickly, and almost shouted at her

"Don't shout" Riddimaa mumbled, she approached a chair leaving her bake cake on counter.... her mind began to retrieve.... she didn't wanted to remember the event at all.... it pained her

"Yes... I saw them on T.v …. their..... dead.... bodie.s... what do you WANT? Haan ? To come and tell you? Come rohail see mom … and dad... lying on floor covered with blood... ! See Rohail..." she got up pointing at empty floor and dragging him close to her by other hand "see …. they were running with lots of money and were encountered while running by police agents..." pause "can you ssee? How do you feel...? haan ??? why do all of the world is against ME" she pushed Rohail away as she stumbled over the chair of breakfast bar table behind her....

"Sorry... di... Are you ok? Should I call nancy?" Rohail sat on knee in front of her. … "Relax Dii.. I am here for you … sorry... please forgive this stupid brother of yours.... please di...." Rohail holded her palms in his... and kept on saying sweet words... to console her

"I …. found out last night..... Rahul called.... I ran to .t...v and saw them... I .. I didn't had... the courage to wake you..." she cried, Rohail got up and hugged her... hiding her face in his embrace

"Sorry … Di... please forgive me... I upset you on such a beautiful day of OUR life... I am sorry..." he ruffled her hair...

"*Sniff* Rohail lets... forget this... I don't want to spoil today's day of Ours.... and thats why, I avoided... it was meant to happen. They were not good – there scary end was already return" Riddimaa sobbed with tears, rubbing his brother cheek who was having dry tears – over his parents death

"we should stop thinking about them – they turned our life up side down in matter of days, only" she cried

"OK... we won't talk about them, they are past.Went! Gone! ... Now don't cry...." Rohail hushed her softly, hugging her... once again "You ok?" she asked coming out of his hug

"Yea.. perfect … now get up... !!" Rohail helped her have some milk … and they began to cream up the cake.....

He heard an impatient knocks and bells at door "Let me go and check – you ice the cake please" he made baby face and kissed her cheek.

"sniff, ok..." stared at the Television headline from her open kitchen Counter that displayed the Television straight to her...

"who Is it?" she blasted a loud sniff, rubbing her nose

"You got cold?" She turned at the grave voice, astonish to find him their.

"Arman..?" she Let out another loud sniff.

"Di, when did you got cold? You were ok a minute back" Rohail asked standing with Arman.

"don't Know" Sniff "I guess, now..." she rubbed her nose feeling another blow approaching but it vanished. Her eyes were over him... all the while... 'was he here for condolatory of my parents... or is he here for me?' she thought, with a faint light of hope in her heart......

'don't keep hopes Dii........' Rohail shook his head as he thought.....Arman stared back at her....

to be conti....

Love Maha

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