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part 29 : Nashaa

He heard an impatient knocks and bells at door "Let me go and check – you ice the cake please" he made baby face and kissed her cheek. "sniff, ok..." she got up from the chair and stared at the Television headline from her open kitchen Counter that displayed the Television straight
"who Is it?" she blasted a loud sniff, rubbing her nose "You got cold?" She turned at the grave voice, astonish to find him their. "Arman..?" she Let out another sniff. "Di, when did you got cold?" Rohail asked standing with Arman. "don't Know" Sniff "I guess, now..." she rubbed her nose feeling another blow approaching but it vanished.

"what are you doing her? Arman?" she asked him, coldly. As Rohail brought a tissue box at her range...

"Came to meet. Can't I?" Arman approached her in kitchen, 'he don't look usual... weak, pale... ' she thought

"No..!" she looked at Rohail, who understood and took a seat in lounge.

"you turned as me... hard, arrogant.. !" he chuckled. "Ruthless !" he added, backing at counter as she began to do her work

"and I hate that about me!" she retorted.

"You look …. beautiful" he can't help but comment over her natural beauty.

"Wow, Arman Malik being polite that's a news!" pause "…..What do you want?" she glared at him. Throwing her knife at counter....

"three days?" Arman spoke standing few feets away.

"WHAT?" she stared at him "AM I SLUT?" she almost shouted... making Rohail step in the kitchen Again....

"Rohail – please could you leave us alone... I won't hurt your sister..." Arman turned around and saw Rohail looking at him with accusational eyes – he was a 17 year old boy – and he above 25 … ! what could rohail possible do? Stumble a knife in him – but thats wrong – going for other option he left the place and let them handle it by themselves...

"Riddimaa you taking it wrong... lets just spend three days together... I … can't .. explain why....!" he spoke, stammering

Riddimaa got shock to see him in such state.... she didn't not want him here but still wanted him here... she love him should she say yes?

"No...! I am busy." she replied, holding her tears as she turned her back at him.

"Ok, we don't need to go any where... can I live in this house... with you for three day?... here at your place – with Rohail... too" Arman said with a hope "if you don't trust me..." he whispered standing behind her.

"No... !" she replied "Forget it Arman – !" she walk to fridge...

"Don't be so ruthless..." Arman said, pain visible in his eyes.

"I have learnt this from you Arman" she spoke, teary. "You have turned me into this" she turned stared at him... "Look at me! I am not the same Riddimaa – I m just living for sake of living ! I want to die this moment ! I just hope God takes me up !" Riddimaa leaned back on counter as she cried – covering her face with her palms.

"I am sorry... for what ever happened, for all the pain I gave you but I just can't explain my hands are tied up simply as my mouth." he spoke, moving a step to her.

"Then I have nothing to talk about, you know the way out !" She replied walking pass him to her cake and began to cream it up.Rohail came in and stood at door – worried as he heard her crying...

"I just came because, I may not come come after this.... I am going away to Goa for a case – its a very dangerous case – don't know …. about my return.......I am sorry thought to spend some days with you but I guess you have moved on... --- and i shouldn't leave you wrecked again.." Arman turned and went out of the house when Riddimaa ran slowly till the door as he stepped out. Seeing him leaving her heart raced.....

'don't know about my return' his words wandered in my head...'don't know about my return' pause 'don't know about my return'

she cried falling down on floor – as Rohail holded her from behind.... his heart cried seeing her sister yearning for that guy....

"Stop him di, he might never come back... make him stay – live three days of your life to fullest dii … this might not come again – stop him or else you might regret this all your life.....!." Rohail stood behind her, pushing her to go...

Riddimaa, whose eyes got moist she stared at her brother "Goo... stop him" rohail encouraged her.... she smiled – rubbed her cheek and ran bare foot to him and hugged his back as he was about to sit in the car....

"Don't go.... " she cried, Arman turned around, he sighed and circled her frame, pulling her up in his arm up,he kissed her all over the face,urgently - proving that he loved her but he was not going to make her die because of him. He was a coward bast***, he agreed to it.

Wetting her cheeks, forehead – eyes, he smacked his lips on her.His mouth closed over hers, sealing her lips with a hard, aggressive kiss. Her eyes closed on their own, feeling the thing she desired for most … He pressed harder forcing her to open – she slightly opened and let him taste her – in response she let out a moan with tears brushing off her cheek, with happiness.

Suddenly her legs began to get heavy – falling her weight on – Arman holded her waist in his arms and probed her deeper in kiss … "uhm …. I love you" she spoke between the kissing... He grasped her cheeks in his hands at once, cupping her cheek aggressively.... he pulled her face close to him in kiss...his chest crushing her softness!

Though she was getting weaker every moment – she could help but say that she saw a light of happiness that moment...she began to feel same as she felt that night... that precious night when she felt helpless – passionate – desirable.

When ever he kissed her – she felt as a complete woman – and today it was same, Riddimaa hid her face in the curve of his neck, breathing in his scent, her arms went around his neck

Arman caressed her hair smiling with a relief................................

"FORGOT SAKE – GET HER IN... she is not fine !" Rohail shouted from door. Making Arman conscious of the world, picking her up – he led a crying Riddimaa in, in his arms, she rolled her face in his neck and sobbed softly... as she felt the moment touch deep in her heart......

"Let me prepare the cake today, as its her birthday" Rohail spoke it loudly, deliberately.

"Its your birthday today?" Arman asked still having her in his arm, as he finally reached the lounge of her house, settling himself first and then made her sit in his lap, she still was sobbing and replied

"no today....After 12 ... at night."

"Ok... so i havn't missed it" he rubbed her cheek, removing her tears

"I will stay..." pause "here for three days.. Hmmm?" he asked...

"Kyun... you don't have too not night" she became stiff at the mention of Night.

"I want too!" he replied kissing her lips, again – smooching it "Please Riddimaa..." he begged...

"Oh.. God, Di even has a Room upstairs - why don't you borrow that Arman?" Rohail shouted from the open kitchen

"Thats a good idea, i will keep that in mind" Arman shouted "but for now, we Need to talk - i want to tell you everything Riddimaa. Everything, i was fool to hide it at first place, i should have told you before and stopped you from coming so close which had left both of us heart broken !" pause "I know after knowing my deed you would be hating me - but i am doing this only for you - for your safety." Arman began holding her in his embrace, she felt his lips brushing her neck, kissing her softly she asked

"what do you mean Arman?" she tried to get apart and hear him......

"Can i join too?" pause "only if you want too?" Rohail cleaned his hand and took a seat.

"hmm....before i tell you, you have to promise me something." pause

"What?" she asked

"Riddimaa i am going to Goa after three days. The last target case of Drug on our list, is Rishi Malhotra! And his gang. I am leaving - and this one is NOT easy, and i am not sure if i would ever re...." Riddimaa kept a hand over his lips

"You will return !" she spoke, orderly "you have too !" she added …. she shook his head in no...

"You don't know about him Riddimaa – I do know about him....!" tears stroke out of his eyes... as he remembered the past.....

"Its about a year back... i was a fun loving person.. i dated girls, i had flirt but never led them up to bed, had my own principles you know" he chuckled, growing serious he started

"One girl - priya... My life My Jaan My baby." Arman said, growing moist in his eyes at the very mention of the name, Riddimaa looked at him, with a heart break ' he had some one to love .... no...' she thought.

"After mom dad, died in plane crash - i did hard and completed my degree, Shubhankar sir was the one, who paid my fees as he was my Fathers childhood friend....... Finally getting selected in armyforce, I tried to find out how my parents died as it was a mystery too - getting hold of old newspapers running from place to place, i finally found out it was murder ! and that to planned for my Parents ONLY, my father was a Army Officer and worked with Shubhankar sir, while my Mom and Keerti Aunty were doctors in Army, both best friends." he smiled.

"Anger grew in me... i wanted to get hold of them and kill them the most worst way possible" Arman spoke aggressively "They made me orphan at the age of 14... i cried... i needed a mom, always, at bed times she use to make me tuck and make me sleep... i loved her alot you know - she was my first girlfriend" he smiled with tears.

Rohail had started sobbing, remembering the good time with his parents and now? they were dead too. He was an orphan too, but he didn't regret to be orphan then a son of Terrorist. !

"when i finally got hold of them and killed them by my own hand, there was a satisfaction that i avenge my Parents death. I was happy, i made friends - Rahul and Atul, and their girlfriends we were best buddies, we went on parties - disco nights - and played at important role in Army, what a perfect life and that to at 21 !" Arman said.

"It was a fine day when i found Priya, a white green eyes girl outside my house, with cross leg crying. she hardly looked of 12 years." Arman said, Riddimaa took a sigh of happiness - her doubts went away.

"I asked her what was she doing here..."

Love Maha...

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