Monday, 15 April 2019

part 3 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

"You want something fun?" He asked. I guess he notice the sadness in my tone.
I looked at him and he closed my mathbook for me. Then he tossed both our books aside and took off his shoes.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
He smiled at he took off his socks and jumped into the fountain.
Ohh no!
Bichung splashed water all over me and I screamed.
At the moment, Armaan seem so far away from me that I didn't even care.
I splashed water on him and he smiled. I knew we would get in trouble but I didn't care. As long as I'm having fun.
I stood up as Bichung grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I didn't take off my shoes so I got my shoes and socks all wet.
"BICHUNG!" I yelled.
He laughed at he splash more water on me.

I did the same. No one challenges me and gets away from it.
I was splashing water on him when he tackled me and we both fell into the water. I struggled to get up but Bichung pulled me up and I suck in a deep breath.
"It's all your fault I'm all wet now!" I yelled.
He smiled his killer smile and I was melted.
"Sorry my dear." He said as he stepped out of the fountain.
I rolled my eyes as he offer to help me.
"I don't need your help!" I yelled.
I was a bit mad but he seems to be just happy.
I was about to step on the rim when he slid his hands around me and lifted me out of the water.
I blushed madly but turned away so he wouldn't see.
"Sorry.." He mumbled.
I fake a huge sigh and wring some water out of my clothes.
I watch as he took off his school jacket and wring out the water.
He laid it down and took off his white colar shirt. Ohh god!
He unbottoned it and showed off his abs. I swear my eyes almost popped out. He is so damn fine!

He noticed me staring and smirk.
"I know you like me but did you have to look so long?" He teased.
I blushed as I punch his arm.
"Yeah right.... your not even cute!" I yelled as I grabbed my math book and walked away.
"Hey!! Ridhima!! After school in the library today!" He yelled.
I didn't turn to look back. Instead I smiled to myself. Even if I didn't get Armaan... Bichung would be just fine too.

In my afternoon classes, I was sleeping again. I of course got in trouble.

In my last period, I have science with Armaan. And in this class... Genie was not in it!
Today, we were working on a project about leaves. Weird right? Well... Mr. Joshi loves nature. I think he loves nature more than his kids! I swear it's true. I mean.. he talks about nature every day and we always go walk outside in this class! You can call me crazy but based on my observations, he loves nature just a bit too much!
"Okay... since I let you guys picked your partners last time, this time I get to pick!" He called.
"Calvin and Angela!"
I heard Calvin groan and Anglea scream. Everyone knows she has the biggest crush on him. I think she's more obessed about him than I am about Armaan.
"Wu and Charlene."
They both didn't bother to sigh. Mr. joshi loves pairing girls to boys because he claims we work harder that way.
" Ridhima and Armaan." He said.
I sigh. Darn.... I wonder who get Armaan now!
Just then my eyes widden. Did he just say Ridhima and Armaan?
Ohh my gosh! I'm Armaan's lab partner?!?!

I tried to hide my happiness... but it was hard.

I didn't pay attention to the rest of the class since I was with Armaan. I'd rather spend time daydreaming!!

"Okay, now we are going for a walk. I want you guys to find as many different leaves as you guys can and then we will bring them back here and identify them." He ordered.
We all nod as the class stood up and go to their partners.
I was still gathering my stuff when Armaan stood infront of my desk.
I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. Gosh he's so hot!!

I stood up and we both followed the class outside.

Since I was still damp, I was so cold. Stupid teacher always makes us go on walks. Now it's fall and getting colder too.

"Are you cold?" Armaan asked.
"No.." I lied.
"You look cold." He commented.
I smiled. He noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Here." He said taking off his school jacket.
"!" I said pushing it away. I didn't want him to get sick!
"It's okay. Your still wet." He said.
Do I still look wet? I looked down at myself and noticed that I'm no where near dry yet. Stupid hottie Bichung!
I took his jacket and thanked him. We were the last ones and everone was already on the search for leaves.

"I saw you at lunch with Bichung." Armaan said.
Wait... do they know eachother??
Just then I remembed that Bichung was the Prince of soccer. Who wouldn't know him?

"Yeah..." I said smiling.
"He... pulled you into the fountain..." Armaan said the smile on his face now gone.
So.. he saw that? I thought he was too busy with Genie to ever notice me.
"Yeah... stupid Bichung..." I laugh remembering him.
"Are you guys dating?" He asked out of no where.
"Ohh no! He's my-" NO! I can't say tutor!! I can't let him know I'm that stupid with my subjects!
He looked at me, waiting for me to finish.
"He's my... friend..." I finished.
"You know... sports people... we have a lot in common..." I lied. But guess it's true.. I mean, I play basket ball right? Or... at lease I used to.
He nod.
Just then I stopped and reached down.
He looked at me and I stood up again.
"Leaf!" I grin.
He smiled as he picked one off the ground too.
Mine was red with a stain of yellow with it; while Armaan's was half green and orange around the tips.
We contuine to look for leaves like the rest of the class.


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