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part 3 : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"Yaar' Open THE DOOR'." He shouted kicking the door hard.

"Kaun hai Batameez''" pause "Riddhima' ???"Padma cried' seeing her daughter in an unknown person's arms.. "Shashaankk" she shouted while Armaan slightly moved forward to which Padma made way for him'
"Kya huaa isaa'" she asked as Arman made her lay on the couch.

"Aunty, relax' kuch nai bas she'."

 "Armaan? Riddhima oh my God'. What happened to her?" Shashank moved forward and holds her wrist to check her heart beat.

"Kuch nai, sir. She fainted'" Armaan said settling on the moving chair ' to take a deep breath'

"Iska duppatta?" Padma settled on floor massaging her head with tears' Armaan sighed and felt like killing himself to forget the duppatta'

"Aunty app please ' get up.." Armaan holds her through shoulder

"did anything happen to her" Padma got up while looking up at Armaan with a fear filled in her  eyes.

"NO..!!!" Armaan replied the instance. "app bhaetiye' relax aunty' Riddhima is fine and nothing happened'"

"per hua kya Armaan will you let us know?" Shashank placed a shawl over Riddhima and settled besides Padma' who soon fell in his embrace while Armaan pulled a chair in front of them and settled on it, itself.

"woh' Actually'." Armaan fumbled.

"Truth beta" Padma pleaded.

"Yes Aunty, well I asked her to come with me' I would have dropped her, but she said no and went by taxi' where some people tried to ' uhmm uhmm' I was just few miles behind and I knew, the taxi had Riddhima in it'  but the taxi went wrong way and that time I felt to go and check out where Riddhima was being forced uhmmm so I help and saved her ' thats all' I did all to save her ' not having any bad intentions " he spoke remembering her -  words that she said after he had kissed her '

"Thanks Armaan" Shashank got up while Armaan stood up as they shook hands.

"No need Uncle' I would have done if there was any other girl in place of her' I think - I should take a leave sir' and Aunty, don't worry' everything is fine 'Hmmmm" Armaan hugged her lightly ' as he felt her going weak' "Aur aunty.. I m like superman... I will always be there to save her ..." he said, but was astonish in himself ' seeing Padma frowning "and many other, girls, who are hot hot hottt.." all laughed and soon Armaan left after bidding bye..

Riddhima slept in the lounge on couch though He asked to make her lay on her bed' But Shashank said ' it's ok ' as the day will come in few hours and thanked Armaan for everything'


Next Morning' Riddhima woke up to see her parents sat in front of her with concerned eyes' embraced in side hug of each other'

"Good Morning Maa' paa.." she felt the shawl falling off her as she got up ' just to put around her the instance... seeing the inner condition of her torn dress. "maa.."

"Its ok Riddimaa' tum theek ho naa" Padma asked cupping her face as tears made their way down'

To which Riddhima nodded. "toh bas' next time never come alone' please' even if, me ' Shashank or Anjali is not around you ask someone to drop you 'ask Armaan to drop you ' but beta'" she was interrupted

"Armaan?" Riddhima frowned'

"Yes' Armaan. He was the one who saved you' and I now Trust him beta'. It's a humble request from your parents NOT to come alone' am I clear Riddhima?" He copped up as he saw her protesting' but hearing his grave voice she nodded and walked up to her room'.


"Hi guys' " everyone replied back to Riddhima.


"haan Muskan bol'?"  Riddhima said while digging her head in her locker'

"Vo '. Vo Mai.. naa'" Muskan fumbled when Riddima turned and cocked her eye brows when Rahul stood behind her ' pushing her lightly to say it'

"vo ' Riddima'. Me and Rahul'"

"Love Each other?" Riddima completed.

"Yes'"Rahul said, with a sigh.

" I really love her' and she said its important for her to know that you are ok with this relation." Rahul said'

"Oh ' come on guys' this is your personal thing' and Rahul, you are nice' and I know you will never cheat Muskan. Though in past, I never got good vibes from you that's why I always told Muskan to stay away from you from college times' but seeing how crazy you are to get her'. That you stayed in touch with for almost 5 years' made me prove myself wrong I guess' I hope you guys stay together for ever'" Riddima hugged both of them when Armaan entered to see Riddima smiling, he smiled back just to see Riddima's smile fading'

"Congrats once again' And Muskan, I m sorry for always giving my stupid doubts of love to you'" Riddima Chucked while wearing lab-coat.

"No need Riddima, you are my best friend' and I like you're authorisation over me' I mean ' I feel I have some one of my own, who I have to answer'." Muskan said'

They passed a warm smiled and walked out, together while Rahul stayed to tell everything to Armaan, whose thought process were soon broken' 'Thinking why she behaved like this '

Lunch Time'

"Hii Riddima" Armaan walked in the caf just to see Riddima twisting her nose at him.

"Whats wrong'?" he asked with frown.

"Nothing'" she answered, while sipping her coffee.

"Why you behaving like that' I thought, you'd be nice and thanking me for yesterday'!" Armaan said

"Huh..! You kissed me'. And you want me to thank you'?" pause "shameless" Riddima walked away as her eyes got moist'

"What the hell'. Ek toh bachao.. aur uppar se'. Urghhhh" Armaan got up and followed her.. "What's your problem haan? Who the hell do think you are? Why the hell do you keep on showing me your so called sort of Attitude'" not getting any response he pulls her in the store room' she fumbled over things when he angrily pushes her behind the wall' the room was dark and had things over its corners'

"Armaan!!!" she frowned hard and stared at him astonish'

"I just kissed you' what's the big deal? And that too for not my own satisfaction... But to make you quite As you shouted in front of them.. if I hadn't they would have raped you ' till now you'd have been warming their body'" he retorted angrily'

"Armaan'." She chocked with fear'. Her eyes had tears in it' when he realized his mistake' soon Riddima fell in his arms' "I m ' sorry'." She said.

"No Riddima, I am sorry' I shouldn't have said all this" trying to control an unknown desire popping in his heart' but soon his heart ruled over his mind, who was stopping him' his hand crawled over her back ' pulling her in his embrace' he felt her sobbing ' he hushed her'rubbing her back to relax her'    "shhhh ' bass'" he parts her' to see her innocent face' which always behaved bold 'tight' in front of him ' just due to one incident' she had a different look over her face' which was as innocent as rose' it was red and drops of water fell over her face through her eyes'. Her eyes shined, but with fear' his mind went loose and soon his palms cups her face' her eyes locked in his eye'

They were brought back to world as their pagers rang' Armaan moved back... moving his hands up ' and mumbling sorry' he left the place leaving a dazed' Riddima back'

Till night they avoided each other ' cause the last interaction they had was quite awkward' and different' though they worked whole day but their mind cherished That moment'

"Armaan?" she spoke while fidgeting with the corner of her duppatta to which Armaan smiled as he had never seen her in this way' it was totally different

'I guess this her real.. hahaa' he thought with a smile. Pulling his lab-coat, out.

"Woh. ' Maa paa said, if they all are busy toh ask'. Anyone to drop me '. Toh I was thinking'." Riddima said, but he interrupted.

"Nahi, I can't ' I have to go to Disco." He said' walking up to her. Her face changed ' a bit angry ' a bit sad' a bit heart broken'  she turned her back to him and made her way to changing room when he holds her wrist '

The moment he touched her ' he felt the world still '.. As soon, he left her hand and shook his head '

"Mazak kar raha tha chaloo" He said walking out ' while Riddima, shook her head and ran behind him'

The journey was quite, their mind were filled with utmost thoughts' where in Riddima, was whining as her TV show time was gone' now she had to see it in repeat' which will come after an hour' seeing her making faces'

"kya hua? he asked.

"I missed my show' it's over time now' it must have been finished'" she pouted, making him smile with a chuck.

 "Which show?" Armaan asked while smiling to himself

 "Dill Mil Gaye ' it's a great show ' totally Romantic kind off and I m like hawww'." She told with excitement and daydreaming face to which Armaan cocked his eye brows 'hmmm' will watch it now!' he thought. 'Thinking to join my dill with this Jhalli girl..' he thought while imagining himself with Riddima'

 "Thanks Armaan''" Riddima came out after telling every bit detail about the show'due to which Armaan even slowed the speed of his car '.


Vaishu and Maha.

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