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Part 3 : Our Ways

 want to marry, because people say I m '. I m gay. And Ayes-ha went away because I m gay. I want to tell people that I m not that. And I want to show them I m bloody Normal. And I ' I think u should help me ' U can take it as an Order" he finished not making any eye contact with him
"NO way" she shrieked

"listen..." he made a step towards her, with a pleasing look

"no sir !" she moved back.

"I dont care with ur no's ..! I have granted u a loan of 78,000 and u have to pay back till then u will do -Exactly, what is told to u ..GOT IT" he shouted the last phrase and holding her tight from her shoulders.


~||PART 3||~

"U can't force me" she tried to dis-tangle her self.

"Yes I can.... and I think – u should leave to ur room now. And think over things, I won't have any problem, if u tried to create a mess." gripping her tight from shoulder and moving his face near her ear "I would just – just call ur university to cancel ur form !" she looked up at him shocked

"believe me sweetheart – it won't be hard for me." he smiled at her scary face.

"u r a devil." she remarked, with disgust and pushed him off her

"the circumstances had made me look devil, but I m not." he looked at her sympathetically.

"why me?" she frowned, falling on the couch as tears fell down. Feeling how unlucky she is !

"Riddimaa, please understand. U have changed Eshaan. He is turning out to be a good person. I don't know, how long u will be here but still till u pay me back – till …. till then Eshaan will be a good person. And I want good for him..."

"and what about me? My life will be destroyed sir" she interrupted and looked up at him helplessly.

"i won't do anything that will destroy your life. You just had to pretend in front of the people that u love me and I … I love u.... and we r living a happy go life but soon when u pay me off – we will create a scene as if --- ahh as if if u love some one else and u want a divorce from me. Or something … something else that would be thought later..." he walked in the hall in to or fro. Thinking over things.

While Riddimaa looked at him shocked.

"Sir, its reality – u know what does that mean? Its not film !" she blurted angrily.

"I think – we should leave things here for today. I will talk to u tomorrow." he said as he heard the door bell ring.

He frowned, as he looked at the his wrist watch with stroked to 1.

"TUM?" he said shocked seeing a girl in mini skirt pushing him on side and walking in, just to be pulled back by his strong arm

"hey watch it man!" the girl commented

"what the hell r u doing here?" Arman shouted, while Riddima saw the girl wearing mini-skirt and looked as

'prostitute?' Riddimaa thought.

"well I came here to take my money!" she commented in the same voice which made Riddimaa shock to death.

"I did not Even touch u bitch !" he pushed her back from shoulder.

"Keep your hands up to u ! and I want my money because a bas***d like u wasted my time … and did not had the guts to sleep with me !" she retorted, soon Arman threw the money on her face – and told her not to show her face again.


Arman, went and settled on the couch where Riddimaa was seated before. He looked around to find no one. This darkness and quietness was killing him. He placed his palm on his face and rubbed it frequently.

"why Ayes-ha ? Why?" he mumbled. He crawled on the couch,cuddled alone in the couch. Pulling his knee close to his chest, a tear fell down from the corner of his eye and disappeared in the couch and soon, he drift off with a pain that ache his heart.


"Eshaan, r u sure your Papa won't mind u going out to your friends house for a night stay?" she fiddled with her fingers as she looked at him picking his small bag, cloths stuffed in it.

"No... he had never really cared about it." he remarked as he made his way down to hall.

"But still, I think we should tell him..." she said pressing her lips together

"okay, if u want to" he smiled and hugged her tightly and went in the kitchen to ask for food from servants.

"hello Arman sir" she was nervous to talk to him after night

"yes Riddima" he frowned a bit, as he was busy in his work and hated calls.

"sir, Eshaan is going out for a night stay in his friends house... is it ok?" she asked.

"yes." he said as a monosyllables. She cocked her eyebrows in shock.

"OK then bye."she said and cuts the phone call

"now r u happy? Didn't I said u Riddima, Papa won't even care a bit !" Eshaan said and cuddled in her lap.

"awww... but I care. U know, I m gonna miss u" she pouted and kissed his cheek.

"i know, but u know my girlfriend will be coming their to meet me" she kept his face under her neck and smiled a bit.

"achawww" she said in a teasing way and placed her arm around him. She knew he loved her touch. He felt comfortable in her embrace.

'whats bad Riddima? Look how happy he is, he likes you and want you to be close to him. Look at him how peacefully he just drifted off in your arms! Can't u give your life to make his life better?' She asked her self 'but my life? After I get a divorce from him, no will accept me. I will never get a chance to love some one ! No one will love me knowing I m a divorcey.' she sobbed slightly and pulled Eshaan close and leaned on the couch.

'I don't even have a choice ! I have to get in this or he might stop my degree form. And if I don't marry him, I will be having my dignity but no job, no house, no food and not even Eshaan' she thought further and soon went to a nap.


"bye Eshaan. Take care of yourself. OK and eat properly. And call me when u reach their"

"yeesssssssss" he shouted back as he went away with the driver and his friend in a car.

"Sonali.... please go buy the necessary grocery. So we can make the dinner now. As sir might be coming soon..." Riddima said and trailed off in her room after passing the list to the maid.


"yes.?" Riddima said as she felt the knock on her door.

"its me Arman !" he said slowly.

"wait !" she said, as she zipped her dress and pulled her towel of her hair. And pulled a duppatta over her.

"yes..?" she said as she opened the door.

He stood their holding his breaths, her hair sticking on her bare neck. Water drops making their way downwards. His eyes went on to her chest that was jumping out, he knew – she felt his eyes on him but still he didn't backed off from checking her out. Her dress cling-ed from her waist, his eyes trailed off down wards and then he looked in her eyes with lust. She gasped and moved back to make distance, he looked at the drop brushing off the cheek-bone, her lips pressing together

"sir ??" she looked down and moved back a bit more. Arman took advantage of it and came in and shut the door slightly. She looked at him shocked...

"don't worry. I m here to make u sign these papers." he passed a file towards her.

"whats in it?" she took a sigh and took hold of the file. Soon, she frowned as she read the file and looked at him shocked. "what is this Sir?" she looked at him shocked out of her fits.

"what? Its an agreement. That u have to pay off the debt and till u don't … u have to continue this job. And marriage is done on mutual understanding. And if u want a divorce, you will get only when, when u pay off the debt. And like not crossing limits... and all." he placed a pen in her hand "sign and give it to me by night !" he went out not even giving her another look.


"papers?" Arman asked as they settled to eat. she stood up quietly and went to bring the papers. "thanks." he took hold of the file and checked it carefully.

She didn't even said a word, settling back on the chair, she ate her food. Arman had been looking at her from the corner of his eyes. But she was so, engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't even notice.

After dinner, she was making her way back to her room, she heard him offering Coffee 'together'

she nodded and went to make two cupps.


"hmm... thanks" he said in double meaning while holding the glass and looked at her sitting on the opposite couch. He frowned when she focused on her glass. "Riddimaa" his voice jolted her out of her thoughts.

"y-yess.?" she looked at thinking have she missed something .

"u look lost? Kya hua" he stood up and sat beside her on the three-seater. She moved a bit – not liking his idea coming over here

"hmmm?" he again asked and smiled at her uncomfortableness.

"kuch nai." she replied concisely. Soon Arman played the television.

"why did ayes-ha left?" she asked.

Minutes went by and there was a complete silence. He surely had mute the T.V. "Is it important?" he asked.

"Well, it depends...." she pulled her one knee up to her face and sipped her coffee. "hey heey.... go back" she looked at the t.v and said him

"Cartoon?" he asked, seeing the channel !

"yup." she pulled the remote from his hand. He twisted his nose and frowned.

"i have to watch the T.V Riddimaaa." trying to get hold of the remote.

"Nope my show … my show" she replied keeping her eyes locked on the screen. She laughed and giggled while he slipped down on the couch angrily.

"THATS IT.... no more..!" he said angrily as the cartoon started again after 30 mins.


"no... pleaseeee" soon he begged … "Ok..." she replied "u telling about Ayes-ha?" she again asked "or u being gay is true?" she chucked and kept the remote on side and stood up to go. "ahhh" she jolted in surprise

"U think its funny?" he turned her around in that way she bumped on his chest " u think its all funny ? Don't u?" he asked angrily. His voice had turned in a grave voice. She gulped and looked at his red-shot eyes, who stared in her eyes with pain "u think Ayes-ha left because I m.. gay?" his finger digged further in her arms, she sequenced her eyes in pain but not even said a word.

"I was … I was.... kidding.." she mumbled.

"how could u even joke about this Riddima" he pushed her back on the wall behind her hard..

"ahh...." she closed her eyes and felt the pain brushing her veins.

"I love her .!! I loved Her from my school days... SHE WAS MY LOVE- MY liFe... I was made for her .!! I can EVEN DIE for HER … and she --- she took me granted !! that BITCH LEFT ME BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT I M NOT THE ONE … She Thought I am not the One after Eshaan turned out .! She did not Even stay for her Son !! That bitch" he hit the vase kept beside Riddima.

Riddima, she had closed her eyes as he kept on shouting at her. And soon the vase broke.

"Sir..." Riddimaa tried to control.

"Shut up !!" he shouted and hit the wall beside and moved closer to her

a tear, came out from her eye.

"you r bad Riddima... u r bad. Same as other. You hurt-ed me a lot today !!" he moved back and walked up to the couch. " u – u think I m gay ! I loved her God -dammit … I m carving for her...." he sobbed lightly and leaned on the floor backing the couch. While Riddimaa looked at him sympathetically.

"How could u …?" he kept his face in his palm. "i m dieing to meet her from past 5 year..." he mumbled and soon felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Arman..." Riddimaa whispered, who settled on the couch beside him. "i m sorry!" she rubbed his shoulders corner.

"i think you – you should go to your room... and leave me alone right now..." he brushed off his shoulder and walked out of the house.


"Eshaan... today when your papa comes, you will wish him and present the gift we bought and promise me you won't be fighting with him. Remember how much he misses Ayes-ha mom.?" Riddimaa said while making his ready

"yea – I miss her too." Eshaan said and looked down.

"i love you" she said in a cheeky way and rubbed her nose chest that made him giggled.

"I love you too..." he placed his arms around her neck and soon she picked him up and went down...

"Gossh... Eshaaan u r heavy." she said while keeping his down and pressing her back in pain "one day you will break my back.!"

"DAD..."Eshaan said, seeing Arman stood at the doors, shocked to see. His home decorated lightly. A cake kept in the middle of the room.... balloon on floor. Lights were kept on... making it look more beautiful. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad..." Eshaan ran while for the first time Arman picked him and embrace him into a rip-crash hug.

"thanks Eshaan." a tear touched Eshaan's shoulder.

"Dad... no rona ...ok … today celebration day lets go now" Eshaan pulled himself down and took him to middle of the hall "Riddima wish!" he made her remember.

"happy birthday Arman sir" she said with a guilty smile – he blinked as if accepting her sorry from eyes.

"OK now that's my gift ! Take it" Eshaan gave Arman a box in his hand.

"awww thanks ..."Arman bend down and gave him a wet kiss which made Eshaan giggle to heights."Ur turn Riddima" Eshaan said, Riddima nod and went to kitchen to bring the box for him "here" she passed it

"thanks." he mumbled and pressed his lips together. ' she looks beautiful in sari.' he commented in his thoughts ' did she got ready for me?' he again thought and sudden happiness crossed through his heart.

After cutting cake, they had a superb dinner with lots of masti and then they watched movie, then Eshaan retired to his room with a satisfying smile and Arman, leaned on the couch with a wide smile.

"Sir u need anything?" Riddima said while making her way to kitchen, fiddling with her earring.

"no..." she stood and walked behind her kitchen.

"do u want anything...?" she asked seeing him coming in the kitchen, while she kept on trying to toake off the earring.

"yes...." he mumbled and walked up to her- she nod him to speak. Her back touched the fridge and he moved more close, she looked at him confused. His hand brushed her cheek towards her earring, she closed her eyes with a gasp and withdrew her hand away. "thanks." brushing his body with her. She didn't spoke a word her gasps were even louder than before.

He had never thought that his presence left so much of damp. ! "thanks for today.!" he rubbed her cheek through his knuckles..... and looked at her face precisely. His hand made his way to her waist

Riddima, opened her eyes in a shot and looked in his dark black eyes with a sigh. "sir ..." she shivered, feeling his fingers brushing her bare-waist.

"Armann" he said, in a passionate voice and placed his lips on her cheek while she pulled her shoulder close to her cheek.

"please … sir" she shivered again.

"Arman.... call me Arman" he mumbled while rubbing his nose on her cheek.

"Leave.... Arman ..." pleading him. Soon, he moved away and stared at her in 'aww'. She opened her eyes after a minute or so. He kept his hand in front of her which had her both earrings. She look down, blushing to core – she took hold of them and ran away to her room.


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