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part 3 : Taken by Her

She opened her eyes dreading to turn around and face them when she looked at him looking at her confused ' feeling his arm pull her close to him he looked up at everyone..

'First off all I want to thank Amit and the Manager of the canteen!  For this wonderful surprise!! ' Now the lovely Dr Riddhima Gupta is goin to escort me back to my room to rest! YOU GUYS PARTY ON!!'  Everyone looked over at him as he pulled Riddhima close to him looking sick'

'Dr I am feeling a headache shall we go back' thank you for escorting me here on my request!' he looked at Ridhima looking surprised at him as she nodded her head as he made himself heard to everyone'

'Dr Riddhima!' they both turned to look at Dr Kirti and Shanshank

'Hi I am Armaan Malik!' as Riddhima struggled to get away from him he pulled her back and smiled looking at the senior management.

'Mr Malik what is all this?'  Riddhima looked at her father as he did not look happy at the site of canteen.

'My friends threw me a celebration party and I convinced Dr Riddhima to let me attend she was all against the idea '.Please its all my fault and I forced her to let me attend' I will pay for all the costs''  He looked at them all sly and pinched Riddhima she looked at him as she was going to kill him as he smiled.


'Could you kindly release me!' she looked at him in the corridor as they head back' as she struggled to break free from him she could not as he was pulling her back.
'If I like something I simple take it' and Ammy does not like to be told what to do!' his voice was aggressive and she looked at him open the door to his room.

She looked at him as he turned her around to face her'

'OK I am going to make your night' you have the opportunity to have Ammy for the rest of the night' not everyone is that lucky!' she looked at him totally shocked as he sat her on the bed' seething with anger she looked up at him as he removed his white hooded top' 'deep breathe Ridz and no you cant kill him'control''seeing his naked top self sit next to her she felt his fingers move her hair back'

'Ammy why don't you get in the bed while I'' seeing the smiled spread across his face he looked at her get up from the bed'

She looked at him get into the covers and walked over towards him'. As she bent down moving slowly towards his lips'. A smiled formed on his lips' as she pulled back and looked at the needle in her hand' 'Honey this will not hurt a bit' I promise!'' as the needle enter his bloodstream a evil smiled formed on her lips'. As he opened his eyes to see her smiling waving the needle at him as he closed his eyes.

'That will help you sleep '. And I see you in the morning!'  As she moved from the bed she stopped feeling his hand grasping her wrist tightly' as she tried to remove it she could not'

Ammy opened his eyes to place his head on his head as he got up he noticed her asleep on stool with her head resting against his arm' as smiled formed on his lips as he gentle loosened his grip on her' 'Ok! Baby.. lets see your Jalwa!' he chuckled silently not wanting to disturb her has he got out of the bed and gentle picked her up 'feeling her head resting on his bear chest he stared at her' she was so stunningly beautiful and he had never met anyone like her in his entire life'.placed her on the bed and looked over at the door' he looked at her snuggling into the warmth of the bed'Locking the door.  He walked over towards the bed and got into the sheets' Feeling her body next to his he closed his eyes'he looked at her stir and closed his eyes quickly'

'How did I get here and ??' as she moved to get out of the bed she felt his arms around her and pulling her back.

'Oh darling last night you made my whole world move!' she looked at him open her eyes at him'feeling his warm breath on her face he looked at her lower her eyes.

'How was it for you?' he looked at her as she raised her eyes at him angrily.

'Get your hands off me!' as she broken free he looked at her a little taken back.

'First of all! Don't ever touch me' you creep! I would be caught dead with a A list asshole like you'. You care about nothing but yourself!!  Yesterday the party was out of order and then you have the nerve to think I would sleep with you!!' feeling his own rage building up he looked over at her marching over towards the door.
'I am you're doctor and my job is to make you feel better' that does not mean im an a pieces of flesh you want to grope and talk down to like some bar girl!' seeing the tears form in her eyes' his anger melted away'as she walked out of the room.

Atul looked over at Riddhima as she slammed her locker door shut.
'Atul you take my case and I will explain to Dr Kirti' Atul looked at her sit down on the bench and place her hands on her head.

'Ridz?' she looked up at him looking worried as he sat down next to her.

'Atul he is driving me case and talks to me like I'm nothing! I can't take it anymore.. these types of patients make me question why I am a doctor!' as she felt Atul hand on her shoulder he nodded' He looked at the tears running down her cheeks..

'You're been here all night! ' go home and get some rest.  I have a word with Kirti and I will spilt the case you have with the rest of the team' As for Ammy don't worry I will take his case!' Riddhima looked at Atul' he was always supported and a team leader of the team' he was like everyone protector and big brother'


'Where is Dr Riddhima?' Armaan looked at Atul as he read his chart.

'She was not feeling well so she gone home!' Atul looked at Armaan close his eyes and bang his head on the metal bed post in anger.

'You know she a sweet girl! But has a lot of pressures at the moment' Her father's the Senior doctor of the hospital and Dr Kirti is her big sister' as they both can be a little hard on her' as for her twin Anjali she does not have it so hard'But everyone expects a lot out of her'so she feeling the pressure' Armaan looked at him as he handed him his tablets.

'Wow a family of doctors!' Atul smiled at him.

'Yeah but Riddhima is on her last yellow card one more mistake and she out of here'' Atul watched him place the glass of water to his lips.

'Why is that?'

'She had a patient called Samar ' who grew fond of her! But when she refused him as she was just doing her job and nothing else' he tried to kill himself! In anger she told him off and they made an example of her in front of the entire hospital as she should have know his mental state and reacted better!' Armaan looked at Atul as he placed the chart at the end of the bed.

'They gave her your case' know what you were like! Just to test her!' Armaan looked at Atul as he walked over towards the door.

'I guess in the boxing ring you fight just to win but here to fight and save lives it's a different story as we are not always the winners'' Armaan closed his eyes thinking about her'.


'Ridz?' she turned to see her eldest sister walk towards her in her bedroom

'You ok?' Riddhima smiled looking at Kirti'. At home she was the sweetest person'but in the hospital with all the pressure of making sure things ran well she was a different person 'as she rested her head on her shoulder feeling Kirti arm around her she smiled.

'Di I am fine! Just a little stressed!'  Riddhima looked at Kirti as she nodded her head.  House rule was to never to talk about the hospital at home'Momma had forbidden the topic'

'Ridz you have some leave owning I have told you to take some time out!' Kirti looked over at to see her eyes closed.

'Di I want to keep them for when 'you gettin married!' Kirti shook her head at her.

'Shub still in London and will not be here until next year!'  Riddhima looked over at her to see her eyes sadden.

'Missing him!' She looked at the smile form on her lips and nodded her head.

'Ok I came you to get you'for dinner!'  Riddhima looked at Kirti and smiled

As she sat down for dinner with the family the emergency pager went off as they looked over at Padma sighing and looked over at them all giggling.

'Riddhima its Armaan' do you want to join me beta?' Riddhima looked over at her father as he placed the pager on the table getting up.


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