Tuesday, 16 April 2019

part 30 : Nashaa

"The thing that wrecked my heart was that she sat there with cloths torn at places.... she wasn't even looking neat – mud over her face... arms... and very pale..." Arman described the moment...., as he holded Riddimaa close to himself....

Flash Back....

"Here... have water" Arman said, after picking her up in his arm, he lead her in the house and made her sit on the counter of kitchen.

"Bhaiya.... vo log... outside.. following me... they tore my cloths too look" she cried, showing her back to him – his eyes grew with anger – her dress kept on falling of her shoulder...

"You wait i will check! Ok have this milk" Arman gave her a glass of milk - tightened his fist and walk out with heavy foots, calling his guards he went out of the house, with four guards.

Pointing at a group of mavali. "Run - catch them and throw at the nearest police station - don't let them free, i will handle them in morning." Arman ordered, The four silently walked up to them so that they won't run, finally holding them from back they took the three boys in custody.

Back in the house Arman gave her food – and began with his doubts...

"Beta, where is your home...?" Arman asked, and to which she cried more loudly and left her food...

"Shhh... tell me... mai tumhari madat karun ga" Arman hushed her by keeping a hand over her forehead as he stood by her side...

"Bhaiya... my papa... sold me..." she cried pulling her little palms over her face.. Arman's heart broke he picked her up from behind – hiding her in his arms – he took her to his room.

"Now First go and change !" Arman said, giving her a shirt of his only.

"you have inner wear?" he asked, softly.

"hmmm" she ran away in the washroom, with shyness.


after she was changed up and freshen up too he broguht her back to her left over food.... and began to interact with her....

"SO ... tell me whats your name...?" Arman asked placing heated food in front of her.

"My name is Priya... i am in 6 class." She replied, gobling the food.

"Where is your mom Priya?" Arman asked.

"she died at my birth..." she replied, turning pale – but ate her food.... with a blank face...

"OK... no more tears priya ! will you be my sister? and live with me forever?" Arman asked, seeing her nodding in yes, with happiness - she pulled her arms up in air for him to pick her up... "awww.. you don't want to eat more?" Arman smiled and asked

"Nae... pick me up bhaiya...." she smiled and soon he picked her up, after few jumps in air - he finally with little bit of talk – he took her to his room and told her to sleep well on his bed

"Tomorrow we would find a room for you in this house.. Ok... Good night" Arman kissed her forhead and tuck as his mother use to do

"Good night bhaiya..." she replied and kissed his cheek, snuggling she went to sleep.

Flash back over

"Thats how me and Priya met... it was all destined ! i had everything done for her Riddima, her pink room was made in my house, i took her guardain and punished the criminals and even his father. !" Arman said, still holding her in his embrace as she wiggled little in his lap.

"world had never been more beautiful ... Me and Priya had a blast ! we use to go shopping - i use to buy for her and she use to boss over me... i found my mom in that small angel . my angel !" Arman smiled feeling tears, he hugged Riddimaa, who began to ruffle his ear – to enocurage him – to reassure him that she was with him....

"phir..." she asked rubbing the back of his head, as if ruffling his hair, with love and affection

"Phir... that happened that i never wanted, we all friends went to party; as i dropped Priya to my neighbour house. Rahul and Atul found a girl for me, After priya i hardly dated girls... my respect grew up for them, finding a random girl - they tried to hook me up, i did kept on saying no, but that girl 'Misti Basu... she wanted me... i could see it in her - but why? was a question That time." he said, frowned – and his eyes disable the unspoken anger....

"we grew over each other in a small span of time, approxemately 4 months, when i finally decided that she should Meet Priya - if i wanted this relation to be serious, she HAD to know about Priya... i really was thinking of settling, but the question was will she except Priya?" Arman said, looking at Riddimaa who look sad.

"Really Riddimaa, any one at a age of 25 would like to settle... and priya also needed a hand, she was turning to 16.." he added rubbing his palm over her back, to soothe her up – she didn't like the fact of him being settled up with someone else …..

"uhmmm so yea Priya really like misti... i was really, happy. one more month went by we three live happily going for shopping !enjoying ! Having fun... masti.. pulling each others leg...." Arman chuckled.

"Priya was growing over misti... she needed her every moment... every second of day... when Rahul suggested me to finally Propose her..." Arman said, sighing – he heard riddimaa sucking her breathe in her throat back – her eyes grew bigger... she wanted to get off his lap that moment...

but Arman tightened his hold around her waist and began to talk while looking at Rohail, who grinned shamelessly – enjoying the whole damn thing...

"That was a day, man - i tried - learnt all the useless line in the world for proposing a girl !" Arman said making Rohail Giggle.....

Riddimaa abrutly got up making Arman and Rohail look up to her "Can't you cut that part !" Riddimaa settled few feets away on a arm chair, and moved it as swing. Making the boys chuckle.

"No.." Arman teased

"you need to know every detail... Thats what you wanted The truth Right Rohail?" Arman winked at Rohail

"Yeaa... I mean, damn - tell me every bit of it.. !" Rohail teased Riddimaa.

"fine ... then you hear the useless part ... i be making my self a coffee... my birthday is gonna start after an Hour and i don't wanna waste it over a girl named Misti !" Riddimaa walked away in kitchen.

Coming back with the coffee she gave them and took one,

"Phir..." she asked excitdely... "What did i miss?" she asked.

"But you didn't wanted to hear... remembeR?" Arman teased.

"Arman, shut up and tell me..."pause "fine!! i guess, i over reacted..." she bit her lips. "Ab tou batoo what happened that?" pause "Did ou proposed her?" she impatiently asked...

"OK, but after you are done with the coffee you have to take up your previous place over my lap Deal?" Arman smirked

"Fine ! Deal ! now contiune From where you stop." Riddimaa said crossing her legs on the chair.

"haan, well i proposed her and she said yes, we kis.... oh forget that." he saw Riddimaa fuming while fuming her nostrils and almost stumbling over her place..

"and then, i planned a surpirise trip for me, Misti and Priya." Arman said. "We all went to Goa.... i took a leave from Office for a week !" Arman said but stopped as the word TRIP made Riddimaa boil up … her eyes showed emmensive anger – she felt throwing her hot coffee over Arman's head !

"STop it dii !" Rohail said, Winced – at her sister being nothing but a hell possessive woman ! "Please Arman bhai contiune !" Rohail said...

"there... in Goa, i got a phone call by Shubhankar Sir, that a group Gang - named Rishi Malhotra was in Goa too... ! and i had to find him... and they canelled my trip the very moment" Arman saw Riddimaa giving a wide smile

hE shook his head at her act..... and thought to ignore her undecent expressions... which was turning him on every moment – God knows how he stopped himself back and continued with the story


 Love Maha...

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