Thursday, 18 April 2019

part 32 : Nashaa

After confession, he continued with the remain information....

"your parent got fired in encounter ... Your father, confessed before dying - he wanted Rishi to die too... Your father told me... Rishi was responsible for his sudden death, Actually Rishi was the one who leaked out the address to 'us' of your parents.... and before dying your father confessed that Rishi is in Goa... waiting for me !" Arman said almost ending

"Before dying atleast he did something good" Riddimaa chuckled with tears.

" I am leaving to Goa after three days......" Arman said, looking at her with small smile. "once Rishi dies – priya's soul will get peace..." Arman added, with fresh tears

**TINGGG** The wall clock shriek a bird came out 'its 12... !' bird spoke.

"Happy Birthday, Riddimaa" Arman kissed her on lips, hurriedly, Rohail worked quickly in kitchen. While Arman kissed her, happily and she responded happily, they winced and moaned, as it had been almost month to that beautiful night.. they had been away from each other.

"cut the crap guys !" Rohail shouted and kept the cake on the table...
"lets cut it... i am famished !" Rohail said, Arman made her stand and both stood in front of cake.

Bending down she blew the candle and She took first bite herself and saw two mouths open. IT felt like a test for her. Whom she loved the most?Getting confused she ate it herself again....

"What the heck di.. ?" Rohail snatched the half from her hand and ate

"Happy birthday" moving forward he gave her a hug

"Thank you Rohail... i could never choose one from both of you - so don't play such stupid games with me !" she glared and cut a piece and literally stuffed it in ARman's mouth, who choked up. - while giggling a bit...they ordered pizza and sat together watching a film. at night, Arman was waiting for Rohail to go...
While Watching Movie Rohail sat in between the two love birds and kept on drinking his coca....

Arman push his head back on couch and tipped Riddimaa's shoulder, who moved her face back and asked her by her eyes.... 'what?'

Arman glared and pointed at Rohail with eyes... she giggled and shuddered her shoulder....

"rohail do you mind... ? If I could sit at your place?" Arman stammered...

"Yes I do mind ! I want to have a better view !" Rohail concentrated on the movie, seriously. "Did you saw that ?? wow man !" Rohail commented...

"Uhmm... Riddimaa – can I get a glass of water?" Arman grinned – and he smiled more cheekily as Riddimaa glared

"Sure...." she got up and walk up to the kitchen

"I be just back..." Arman flanged over the couch and ran in the kitchen – making Rohail giggle under his breathe...


" Lets go to your room?" Arman stopped her from filling the glass and stood behind her.

"No..." she grinned and distangled her arms – and passed him half filled glass

"Kyun?" he frowned and gulped the water, in hurry – holding her arm wrist from behind – he pulled her in the kitchen again

"Armann !" she winced... Arman bend his back on counter and pulled her in his arms... pulling her really close, he rubbed his long pointed nose over her cheek, making her close her eyes in process "armannn......" she whispered feeling his arms circle around her waist.... her hand s circled over his.....

he nudged her hair away from his nose – kissed her cheek and lower over neck.... "uhmm.... Arman...Rohail kya socha ga!" she got all shy.... she nudged his ribs by her elbow...

"Oww... that hurts …" he complained

"tou chodo warna…. !" she grinned.

"naee ! Abhi abhi tou haath aye ho !" he spoke cheekily

"Arman !!" she spoke as if a warning tone.

"Kyaa...?" he bit her ear lob making her hiss.....

"Dheko ab bass karo --- you said no hanky panky !" she told him, straightly

"did I said that...?" pause "when.... ?" he looked at her still holding her in his hug... as his chin was dropped on her shoulder – she pulled her shoulder up as his beard made her ich....

"Arman – u said in evening ! That you just wanted to spend time …. with me and Rohail !" Riddimaa made him remember and kept on hitting his abdomen with her elbow as her back faced him....

"Stop that... and I am spending time with you only... see" he grabbed over her body and jerked it back... "and Rohail well we were together a minute back !! remember?" he kissed her cheek, making her smile.

"You acting like a changed person Arman" she whispered relaxing in his arms.

"Am I ?he registered her words

"yes.... you were soo ruthless in past.... and now... look at you – trying to come close to me – in past it was vice versa... ! You know from the very first day till date – its for the first time you confessed !" Riddimaa pointed out

"its the first time you said … I love you too me... no actually 2nd time... first you said... that..." she whispered the last word.

"1st time I wasn't even conscious of what I said... !" Arman whispered pushing her hair off her shoulder making her neck bare him to him – staring at her milking nap... he looked up at her calm face – it felt she was lost in some moments....

"yea exactly ! You didn't even remembered that you confessed ! But today..." she smiled and closed her eyes as he smooched her neck with his manly lips, making her shiver in her place....
"I love you" he whispered kissing "I love you" he whispered again teething her nap "I love you a lot " he whispered licking the mark that he made....

"st..op..." she stammered and ran out …... making Arman bang the counter with frustation yet with happiness swelling up in his heart !

one more Hour ! Arman kept his patience... after when he Saw Rohail pulling up another film cd – Arman stood p walk to other side of couch where Riddimaa was settled.

"Rohail, enough of teasing - YOu sit ... we are going !" ARman got up picked up riddimaa in his arms and flung her on his shoulder as she protesting

"ARMAN ! you ARE A SHAMELESS PERSON !" she shouted, she kicked his ribs with her legs.

"No DIii... you both are a hopeless case ! ENjoy Arman !" Rohail laughed and went in his room too switching off the television.

"PLease don't moan loudly guys, there is a virgin boy.. in the house" Rohail shouted as aRman closed the door of Riddimaa's room over his face.

"Good night !" Rohail shouted again but went in his room as he heard no reply.

"Kya yrr... rohail, you don't have any such luck. I wonder why? do i have to wait till the age of 26?" pause. "Naahhhh will find a girl once i turn 20" Rohail locked his room, giggling over his thoughts and sat on his bed, soon drift off.

"Arman.... don't throw me... please" Riddimaa spoke nervously, holding his neck – as her head float up side down over the other side, his back.

"I won't Riddimaa." he kept a hand over her hip and other on her back. Softly he pulled her off his shoulder and made her sit on bed.

"Your brother is a pain in ass !" Arman got a smack over his arm.

"don't bitch over my Brother !" she glared, as she relaxed her muscle at bed and then rubbing her abdomen...

"What are you hiding?" Arman asked, he started it...

"I will tell you first promise me... you will take me with you to GOa!" Riddimaa got up from the bed as she saw him pulling his shirt of his head

"HAVE YOU LOST IT?" Arman shouted, ARman thew his shirt on floor and stared at her shock. It was Totally not expected !

"Shhh... slow !" she kept a hand over his lips, as he sat in front of her on bed, glaring at her with anger, he pushed her hand away

"I WILL, NOT take you... get that straight. I already lost Priya there ! i am NOT gonna loose you - You actually want me to take you to the prey myself????" Arman pushed her hand away and walk over to beds other side.

"Arman I be careful Don't worry !" Riddimaa fought and saw him leaning on one side of bed in his jeans only.

"Forget it Riddimaa – you actually spoiled my mood ! I am in noo mood to talk to you !" Arman spoke, backing her back at her...

"Arman look – don't do that – talk to me... we have met after a month and its my birthday you have to listen to me !" she nudged his arm.Arman turned around getting up on his one hand

"Fine we met after a month – its your birthday ! But the thing you asking is utterly unacceptable ! You get that"

"NO I don't get that" Riddimaa got up from the bed.... and went in the washroom...


Love Maha

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